Ms. Americana/Green Specter: Political Landscape

BY : FireDragon400
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Disclaimer: Ms. Americana, Green Specter, Flag Girl, & Specter Girl are property of Mr. X & Danger Babe Central. The Democratic and Republican parties are owned by themselves. This is a non-profit story.

Ms. Americana/Green Specter: Political Landscape


By FireDragon


Author's Note: Just to forewarn people, this story is based on the 2016 election and some of the stuff that came afterwards and doesn't feature the good guys winning. If you don't want to see evil victorious, leave now.


Also, this does not reflect my actual political leanings in any way. While I've never been a big Hillary Clinton fan, I'd vote for her 30 times out of 10 when she's opposing Trump. This story is just taking a kink and applying it to this situation. This is not a commentary or intended to make like I agree with what is happening in real life. This is meant to be a fap story. Nothing more, nothing less. Hence why I de-aged both the Hillary and Trump analogues, since thinking about Donald Trump having sex is enough to make me vomit.


Most of the personalities have changed a bit too. The Trump analogues are all working together and are quite a bit more cunning and smarter in this than they are in real life. The female members of the family, particularly the Melania and Tiffany analogues, also love their husband/father, which is obviously NOT true in real life.


Finally, all the analogue names were picked mostly so they start with the same letter as the person they're representing and any matches to any real names are pure coincidence.


This story contains non-consensual sex, enslavement, bondage, and mind control.


Ms. Americana, Flag Girl, Green Specter, and Specter Girl are property of Mr. X and Danger Babe Central. The Democratic and Republican Parties are obviously owned by those corporations. All other characters are my own. Send feedback to





It was quickly becoming one of the most contentious elections the country had ever seen. The Democratic nominee, Holly Clayton, seemed to be a shoo-in. Her predecessor had rebounded the economy and introduced a number of legislations that benefited the American people, she had a the support of her base not only from a successful career as a Senator but from those hoping she would become the first female President of the United States, and she spoke clearly and with a purpose at all her rallies.

But it wasn't the cakewalk she was expecting. The Republicans ended up nominating successful businessman Daniel Triumph at what seemed like a joke at the time. However, he was amazing at stirring up people and inducing deep emotional reactions, both positive and negative. Even if what he said was literally all bluster and had no facts to back him up, it seemed to energize his base and caused a groundswell of support. No matter what Triumph did, nothing seemed to faze him or his fanbase, which was causing problems for the Democrats.

“Ugh, I can't believe he's gotten this far.” Holly Clayton said, looking at the latest news reports. She wiped back some of her short, blonde hair as she leaned back in her office chair. Holly was not only trying to be the first female President, but the youngest at 41. While she figured it would be an uphill battle, deep down she hoped her looks would sway some of the more “emotional” men in the middle. She was skinny, was only 5'7” tall, had wide hips, and while her bust wasn't as big as some of her business colleagues' at only 34C, she considered herself to still be extremely attractive. She even used to be a cheerleader back in high school and college. Her white blouse crinkled as she slouched a bit in the chair, as did her black dress pants.

She was seated in her campaign headquarters conference room with her closest allies. At the boardroom was her VP pick, Trina Klein, an attractive, 36-year-old, 5'11” black woman with long brown hair, a petite figure, and B-Cup breasts. Today she was wearing a grey business suit with black heels and white blouse. The Democratic Party had wanted Holly to choose a white male to be Vice President to try and gain some voters who were racist, misogynistic, or both, but Holly wanted to bring new blood into the White House and picked Trina, especially as a role model to young women everywhere. Trina had proved herself capable enough, but has been largely brushed over in this campaign by the media in favor of the main candidates and Triumph's VP pick, Mitchell Prinich.

Seated next to Trina was Holly's daughter, Christine Clayton. The 19-year-old brunette wore her school uniform consisting of a button-up white blouse, pleated gray skirt, knee-high socks, and brown slip-on shoes. The blouse strained against her 32C breasts as her skirt rode up her legs and halfway up her thighs. Her long hair framed her exquisite face perfectly. Sitting next to her were her friends and colleagues Lydia Willis and Summer Morgan. Both women were 18-year-old blondes, Summer had her hair loose while Lydia tied hers into a ponytail, and wore the same school uniforms as Christine. Lydia's blouse strained even harder to contain the 5'6” woman's 34D boobs, which were the envy of all the women on campus and the object of a lot of lusty men. Summer was no slouch either, with her 36D breasts looking even bigger with her 5'4” frame.

On the other side of the table were Holly's closest advisers, Brenda Wade and Axanna Morgan. Both were among the richest people in the world, male or female, and held a great deal of influence. Brenda, founder and CEO of Wade Enterprises, was a 6'1” goddess with magnificent 38G breasts that not even custom-made clothing could hide fully. Her long, black hair cascaded down past her shoulders, resting along the blazer of her navy blue pantsuit. She also wore red high heel shoes and a white blouse. Lydia was her ward and accompanied her everywhere. Axanna was the head of the Delta News Network, or DNN, which started as a local paper to Delta City but expanded to become a national network. After a damning report on the Republican party years ago they tried to shut her down but Brenda saved the day by buying the Network and folding it into the Wade empire. Axanna then had the freedom to go after the Republicans with impunity, rarely saying a kind word to any of them. Her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair fell down past her shoulders. Today she wore her standard dark green pantsuit with black heels and white blouse, which also struggled to contain her 38DD breasts. She briefly glanced at her daughter Summer as the group surveyed the landscape.

“I can't believe he's still gaining ground after what he said last week!” Lydia exclaimed.

“If anybody on our team had said anything close to that, your campaign would have been sunk!” Christine said, frustrated.

They were talking about the huge news story a few weeks prior where a tape was obtained of Daniel Triumph talking with a few celebrity friends of his privately and exclaimed how awesome he was with women. “All you have to do is grab 'em by the pussy and they'll do whatever you want!” he said excitedly.

“It's all because of Wolf News,” Axanna mentioned, “They are all in on the Republican cause and have made us Democrats out to be demons who are only interested in destroying the country when it's the other way around. They quickly denounced the footage as 'locker room talk' and spun it as the Democrats using spy techniques to illegally grab footage. Unfortunately, their conspiracy theory mindset has gained them a lot of attention these past 8 years so they have way more influence than they should have.”

“Still, Holly IS leading the polls of every independent source and a number of people have come out criticizing both Triumph and the Republicans for not doing anything to curb this behavior. I think we can still win this easily. The people in Triumph's court are just a vocal minority.” Brenda chimed in.

“But Triumph managed to win the nomination despite making obvious racist, misogynistic, and insulting remarks about everyone. He's called people stupid, he made fun of disabled people, he ridiculed all of you multiple times on many occasions, and once claimed he could shoot somebody in broad daylight and not have any negative consequences. And he's right!” Summer shouted.

“There's gotta be something going on here. Something deeper we don't know about!” Lydia said.

“Isn't there talk about the Russians getting involved with the elections back during the primaries?” Christine asked.

“Yes, there was, but we could never find proof and Wolf News raked us over the coals for that one. All it did was divide the country even more.” Axanna said.

“Well, the debate is next week, and judging by how he did in the last debate, Holly should be able to win easily. Triumph was a terrible debater and every time he went off script it got worse and worse. Hopefully, that's enough to sway voter's minds in time for the election next month.” Trina said.

“We have to hope,” Holly said, “And hope that the American people can make the right choice down the road.”

The women discussed their battle plans for the next few hours, and then got up to leave in order to rest up for more campaigning tomorrow. As they left, Brenda motioned for Axanna and Summer to meet her and Lydia by their limo.

“You haven't been able to find any proof legally, have you?” Brenda asked Axanna.

“Nope. You thinking what I'm thinking?” Axanna inquired.

“Yep. I think it's time for Ms. Americana and Green Specter to officially get involved.”

“Oh! Can we come as well?” Lydia asked.

“We really wanna help out!” Summer pleaded.

“Sure thing. We need all the help we can get. We'll show these men not to underestimate superior women!” Brenda said, pumping her fist.

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