Tainted Minds

BY : Madame_Anarchy
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Disclaimer: I don't own Batman's Universe or any of it's characters. I'm not writing this story for money.

Author's note: The first chapter is the heavies one and other aspects of the story are introduced later.

Warnings and tags: rape/sexual content/abuse/violence/yaoi/self-harm/slash/psychological trauma/psychological drama/fluff

And there he was again, his heart and pulse accelerated in anticipation as he watched a familiar shadow appear down the street. Batman's pace was firm and determined, and him, the Joker, was not sure yet of what to do. Running? An exercise of futility since this last season of encounters with the bat had taken his health, both physical and mental, to an end. He knew he wouldn't stand a run for more than two blocks from where they were. The rain, threatening to fall in what was now their personal arena, brought a promise of brutality.

Joker decided to hide in the shadows of the corner of an alley, at the end of the street, where not even the moonlight could reach the darkness. It was getting colder and the wind would have no mercy over Joker's now so fragile frame. Batman came closer, enjoying his little nocturne hunt like he always did. Getting every time closer, and for the clown's misery, more aroused.

It has been quite a while since things changed between them and even a longer time since Joker's sick sadistic games became a twisted affection for the vigilante. What started as a selfish need to amuse his unquiet soul, with time developed into every time more desperate attempt to get Batman's attention. Joker would wait impatiently for his presence in the shadows, this was the only thing that gave meaning to his existence since random killings and robberies were making him bored to death. But all these unspoken truths never changed the fact that for Batman, their antagonism has always been about power and domination. The Joker remembers bitterly the night everything changed. He was being followed by poisoning a random politician, one just Batman would care about. Batman trapped him in an alley, that same alley, and whispered a couple of things to his ears.

"So, you like to terrorize these people?" he asked in his usual growl, coming dangerously close to the Joker and making the distance between them so small that even the clown noticed something was different.

"Don't make it bad, Batsy, I was just having fun in this tedious night" The Joker answered with a grin, but deep down, feeling some discomfort for being in his position

The Batman was every time closer to the Joker's painted face. He was looking carefully at every inch, trying not hold his breath for how much he liked his nemesis scent. It was a mixture of his expensive stolen perfume and sweat from their run. The Joker was starting to understand what was going on, not knowing how to respond. He had developed an aching desire for him as well. Yes, you can put desire on that; stroking himself every night and wishing his hand were the bat's mouth around his cock, sucking and sucking him to the point of no return.

But what was happening in that alley was nothing like any of the Joker's fantasies. He was far from being aroused, he was scared. He had never seen Batman stare at him with those eyes filled with hate and thirst for revenge. Batman soon realized he was intimidating his enemy, who had lost his mocking attitude.

"I'm sick of running after you and sending you to Arkham just to find a corpse with your makeup a month later and start this all over again," He said grabbing the other man's throat and lifting him in the air. "I'm going to make you remember this time, I'm going to make you feel sorry"

While he said those words, he was crushing and squeezing his body against Joker's, making him feel his erection pressing on this stomach, while Joker began to shake in pure fear. The clown could be mad and twisted, but nothing could have prepared him to have Batman, that he desired so much, to be right in front of him, ready to rape him in some street like he was nothing but a piece of meat.

Batman let him slip to the ground liberating his throat, making the other man cough harshly and hurt his left knee in the fall. He was now unable to run, something to add to his own terror. Batman got to the floor, putting himself over the Joker and pressing his strong tights against Joker's waistline.

"Humm, look Batsy, there is no need for…" he thought for a moment "this, whatever you're doing" He smiled nervously, getting desperate and trying to break free from the Bat's tights.

"You think so? I think we've passed to point of negotiation a long time ago" He growled back placing his lips close to Joker's ears, making him feel his hot breath in his neck.

By then, nothing else could be done, for the Bat started biting the other's neck very hard, sucking it painfully and leaving bruises everywhere. The clown protested and beat Batman hard each time, but nothing would take him from that place. He felt Batman's cock get harder and harder as he rubbed their bodies together, only waiting for him to violate him. Which he did without waiting much, pulling out the crotch area of his black armor, revealing a big erect member.

"No please, Batman, don't do this… Not like this"

But Batman never cared about the meaning of those last three words. He just pulled out Joker's purple pants and underwear and without any kind of preparation, forced his length against the other man's tight hole. The pain made the man underneath him twist and curse, but he didn't care, this felt too good to be interrupted now.

Batman was taking all his anger on his nemesis at that moment. Every frustrated investigation, every clue leading to nowhere, all the deaths, but especially Rachel's death.

Meanwhile, all Joker could feel was pain. Not only the pain of having such a big man thrusting his cock in his hole with no preparation, but also the pain of having someone he wanted close to hate him enough to rape and humiliate him that way. All he wanted was to stop all that, stop the pain, all of it. Take Batman away from him just to say how much he regretted everything. He regretted everything ever since he understood how much his actions hurt Batman's feeling. He just wanted to say he didn't want to be enemies anymore.

But that was all left aside when Batman started to fuck him harder against the floor, his rhythm accelerating and cock going faster in and out of Joker's ass.

"Batman, please stop it's hurting too much," He said in pure pain, "I think I'm bleeding, stop, please, I beg" He said in an almost crying tone as the bat ignored and got closer to his climax.

Batman groaned and cursed as he came inside his nemesis, filling him with his seed and not stopping until he had gotten all the pleasure he could from the other's body. At last, he pulled out, leaving a mess of blood and cum behind.

As he cleaned his cock and got dressed again, the Joker just curled into a ball, hiding his expression with his arms. Batman never bothered to give him a last look before vanishing into the darkness, leaving Joker behind.

All that was on Joker's mind right now, how much he felt used that night and all the other nights Batman found him and raped him. All that weakness, all that disturbing exposure, all those bruises he acquired in the last months. He got to the point where he would be so wasted he couldn't eat or sleep anymore. All he could think of were those encounters at night, that over time brought him more insanity than he was used to.

He was now sitting in the corner, his legs closer to his chest, protectively, as Batman came closer with a smirk on this masked face.

"Did you think you could hide from me that easily, Joker? How disappointing" He said mockingly

"Sadly, I knew running would only make me tired" The clown said with a voice filled with misery

"Let's get to it then" Batman said with a mischievous look

"I guess so" The Joker answered trying to sound numb, but revealing an obvious tone of anxiety and bitterness.

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