The Birthday Present

BY : Helga Black
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AN: Hi all this is a story I will most definatly be finishing, unlike the others. There is probably more plot involved. It started as a fantasy where Batman is caught and given to some mafia boss to rape. And that is your final warning that this is a rapefic lol :) The Twins are OCs created specifically for this story. Please review.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from DC, or Batman and make nothing from this fic.

He had chosen the wrong outfit to wear today.

It was a shame Batman had to interogate him on a rooftop. He looked like a slutty version of the Jokers goons. Maybe he was trying to be the next colourful Gotham Ganglord or something. But in reality he was just some wannabe street thug dealing for someone else. Maybe just trying to impress someone.

And now he was dangled upside down by his foot until The Dark Knight was satisfied.

So far he confirmed the usual suspects weren't involved. This was something new.

“The Twins!” he called it. That was all the guy knew from his boss, who in turn worked for these 'Twins'.

“Who are they?” Batman demanded.

The same nightclub Batman had picked this unfortunate soul from. An alternative place, one of many in Gotham.

(That would explain this boys clothes.)

Batman knew these clubs existed, but that was as far as his research went. Most of their information could only be found in the Dark Web. There was a lot of gang activity and trading of illigal goods. But some went a bit darker...

This was probably something he needed Nightwings help with. Maybe Catwoman. The magirity of the information must have been word of mouth, and if it was, they would have overheard something.

With enough information, he dropped the boy into a rubbish tip. Just high enough to injure him, not enough to kill.

He returned to the Batmobile.

The Twins. A pair of nightclub owners. Obviously the kinky type. Very rich. Commisionor Gordon told him of the latest bust of one of their under-bosses. Guns, hidden in packages of...'toys'. Batman couldn't decide what was more concerning. Then there were the rumours of people 'dissapearing' from their nightclubs and buisnesses. Who knew how many dissapearences around Gotham could have been related to the Twins.

He met Nightwing sometime later. Nightwing did know about these Nightclubs belonging to the Twins. All Batmans sucpicions were correct.

“You really need to loosen up, Bruce.” he finally said.

“Maybe.” Batman replied.

(Maybe I'm just old and jaded)

“Maybe I have a bad feeling about it.” Batman said, “Sometimes we need to trust our instincts.”

Sure enough, more people went missing. Some would randomly turn up, but refused to speak of what happened to them. The only ones that returned were young regulars at the venues owned by the Twins. People involved in the Twins busness, or enemies of the Twins, or nosey police detectives never returned.

Batman finally got his hands on images of the twins. Mid thirties, blonde, good looking. Each had one white eye on opposite sides. He had seen them at parties before, when he was socializing as Bruce Wayne. They were favorates among swinger couples. They had prepositioned him many times before, but every time he politely declined. He didn't like the intense stare they both gave through their white eyes. He didn't like their tone of voice, too flat, their smiles too pleasant.

Thats when contact with Robin suddely dropped. So Batman figured if he found the Twins, he might find Robin.

He was led to a warehouse, owned by the Twins. He made sure he had taken enough photographs of the truck parked outside before getting closer.

There was one of the Twins and one of their thugs. No doubt that was illigal goods they were loading.

He waited until the thug was gone before he quietly moved towards the truck. The twin would not be expecting him to drop from the roof.

The twin turned when he heard him land. He did not have time to recognize Batman before he was suddenly yanked off his feet.

“Where's your brother?” Batman demanded.

The twin wore one of his usual eerie smiles, one Batman didn't like. Then Batman felt a knee collide with his stomach. The twin wasn't going without a fight. Something struck his back from behind, sending him into the side of the truck. That answered his question.

(Should have expected to fight two at once)

He turned to face the twins.

“Not bad, I suppose.” said one.

The other grabbed him by the cape. Batman caugh the twins fist before it collided with his face.

“Shall we take turns, brother, or both do him at the same time?” one chirrped.

“I think for a start it will need to be both.” The other replied, “It might take both of us to show him what we have stored in the truck. That's what he's here for, after all.”

“Yes, brother, that's a good idea.”

Batman squirmed to fight them, but they suddenly rushed him ad shoved him face first against the side of the truck, arm pulled painfully behind his back.

“What do you say, Batman? We will show you the contents of this truck if you ask nicely.” One twin said.

The other giggled, “Yes, if you ask nicely.”

(What kind of game are they playing? I need to be a few steps ahead of them.)

“What is it?” Batman growled, “What are you carrying?”

“Looks like he really wants to see it then, brother.”

They finally released him.

“Come along then, you can even climb up inside if you wish.” one twin said as he headed to the open back door.

The inside of the truck was piled with boxes. Batman touched his utility belt.

(Batarang, emergency beacon to the Batcave, remote for Batmobile)

The twin kicked one of the boxes over. Out spilled what looked like a number of weapons, confirming Batmans suspicioun. He reached for the Batarang. But as he looked closer he saw something that turned his stomach.

A vast collection of sex toys.

“All perfectly legal in Gotham, Batman.” a twin said.

Out of the corner of his eye, Batman saw the other twin reach for a gun.

“Why exacty is it that you wanted to catch us with all this?” The twin continued, “We sell these in our busnesses. This is perfectly legal product! Unless you're now going after people for what consenting adults do in the bedroom. That wouldn't be fair, though, would it?”

Fingers tugged at the string of his Baterang.

(Then why is there a gun pointed at me?)

“Maybe they're right, maybe you are more violent thug than town hero.” the twin said.

The twin raised the gun.

Batman let the Batarang fly. The gun weilding twin was down. He went for the other twin. He manadged to strike the twin once in his perfect face. But the twin was fast, diving down to collect the dropped gun. Suddenly the twin was behind him, the barrel of the gun placed against his back. Pain exploded and spread throughout his body. Then in less than a moment it was gone.

(Not a gun. That was a taser)

That meant he would be concious but mostly parylized for a minute, and afterwards they usually made him a bit numb. After so many years on the job he was used to it.

He heard one of the twins murrmer, “Let me help you first, brother. I insist.”

He must have untied his brother because they both returned to Batman.

“Here. Try this on him.” One suggested.

The feeling returned to Batmans legs and he suddenly began to leap up. Arms pinned him down, restraining his wrists. He felt a knee over his leg. A rag found its way over his mouth and nose. He recognised what it had been doused with.

(Chloriform. They've used it before)

He screamed behind the rag, refusing to inhale the strong smelling chemical. He could hold hs breath for two minutes. He wondered how long they could keep him down for. He kicked and sqirmed, they refused to give.

“Taking a little longer than usual.” the twin said.

“Keep him still.” the other said, “He has to breathe sometime.”

His lungs burned. Just a few more seconds. If he could only fight them off before then.

“Should have used what Ivy gave us.”

“We can use that later, dear brother.”

The fight drained his energy. His lungs protested. His body automaticly gasped and he felt the chemical enter his lungs. Finally his energy dropped. His heavy eyes closed.


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