Joker's Paradise (Flash, 1k words)

BY : Will-Ladd
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Disclaimer: I do not own Lex Luthor, The Joker, the Justice League. or the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

Jake is sitting with the CEO's personal laptop in the outer office installing monthly updates. The boss it out of the building and his personal assistant is at lunch already. Things are much more casual when he is away. There are rumors that there is a Black Ops version of the company too where special projects are done. When he leaves, people say he goes there to check on his special toys like robotic suits, rocket ships, mind control devices.

The updates are made and before Jake reboots, he gives into temptation. He scrolls through the boss' browsing history. Email, Netflix, links to technical research journals. In the bookmarks there are more of the same until Jake gets to the bottom.

"Joker's Paradise: See Your Enemies As You've Always Imagined"

Interested, Jake clicks on it. A black screen come up with a white silhouette in the middle of two figures. The left has a hat split in two and a feminine figure. The right has a large fedora with a feather and a puffy coat. Jake rolls the mouse of the figures and they pop into color. The women has white skin -- makeup, Jake hopes -- and a halter top and pencil skirt all in a red-back geometric patterns. The man also has white skin, green hair and lips, and the coat is a floor-length mink. Jake almost drops the laptop from his knees when seeing this. Fortunately it goes away quickly.

The next screen has boxes of New Releases. The top box automatically increases in size and starts to play. The word "DENIED" is stamped across the screen three times. As it fades, there is a very well muscled naked white man shown from thighs to belly. He has a large erection. A gloved hand takes the penis, pulls and releases, over and over. Grunts are heard. The camera pulls out to see green glowing cuffs holding the man spread eagle to some sort of metal frame. The gloved hand reaches under him and pulls down on a green glowing cylinder that must have been inside his rectum. "Let me cum, please, let me come!"

That video stops, minimizes, and the second one plays. "Wonderous Threesome" has a white women on her back with a large green penis in her mouth. The camera slowly pans down over her breasts, muscular stomach, and to her spread legs where a blonde has her face buried.

The third video's title is "Cat on a Hot Asphalt Roof." This video is shot in night vision and everything is green. Two dark-clothed figures landing on top of a building and throw kicks and punches at each other. The larger one has pointed ears on the top of his head while the thinner one has rounded ears. The big one has a cape that soon gets ripped off by the other. Each are wearing masks to cover the eyes and foreheads.  The exposed jaws glow brightly in the nigh vision. When one figure takes the other by the hips and pulls down the pants, white skin seers the screen and the big guys' large erection is covered by the smaller one's mouth.

Fourth video, "Fountains of Love," shows a dozen naked women laying on gurnees in a circle. Their legs are in the hair, gyrating, and liquid is shooting from each vaginas simultaneously. The video plays at normal speed, then slows to frame-by-frame. In each frame, there is a blurry man in red popping around from one women to another in random order, touching the vagina, the breasts, the mouth. The video cuts back and forth from normal speed to frames.

"I Gotta Go!" is the next video. A woman on top of a cement wall has a shirt but no pants. A person on the ground is in a green and black suit. "Try it," the man says. "Try to pee standing up!" he woman gets into position and suddenly a green mirage shapes like a urinal appears between them. Golden urine arcs into the air, through the mirage, and on the man's face.

"Orgy at Seaworld" is the final video. Shot underwater, a school of dolphins bump and nuzzle a naked blonde man. Before this video can finish, a new window pops up.

"Lex, my friend, you haven't paid your dues this month!" The white-faced man with the feathered fedora from earlier is speaking. "I would hate to take away your security deposit -- and SPREAD IT AROUND THE WORLD!"

A picture of a bald-headed man appears, then a pic of the same man shirtless and holding his erect penis, also bald. Then comes a live feed of Jake's face, eyes wide, mouth open. It takes a few seconds for Jake to tear his eyes off of the screen and see that the green webcam light is on. He slams down the lid, jumps to his feet, and thinks fast.

"I need to destroy this laptop, NO! My face loaded on the network, it's too late! I need to disappear."

Jake leaves the laptop on the chair and runs to the elevator. When the elevator door opens, Jake sees the CEO.

"Uh, good afternoon, sir, your laptop is finished. It's sitting in the outer office."

The bald-headed man looks at Jake with an expression that says "Who are you?" He nods and walks past Jake without a word being said. Jake boards the elevator. Having a second thought, Jake follows the boss and tries to explain that a window popped up by accident and a white-faced man was talking about blackmail.

The boss stops and turns to Jake.

"On my laptop? You saw a white-faced man?"

"Yes sir."

"Did he have girlfriend that was also white? Was his hair green?"


"Well, my boy, looks like you've volunteered yourself for a job in my Skunk Works. We always need mind-control testers. Too many of them go comatose before we can get any usable data."

Jake gulps.


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