Mad Love

BY : Praetor
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harley Quin or anything from DC Comics, nor Nicki Minaj and Kim K, who are referenced by name. I derive no profit, monetary or otherwise, from this work. I wrote solely for amusement.


This project is an excercise in depravity and features excessive bodily fluids, impossable mechanics, extreme proportions, beastiality, degrading actions and language and possible neglect or abuse.  Proceed with caution.

Harley Quin panted like a bitch in heat, mostly because that’s what she was now.

The better to serve me…’ echoed in her mind, the words the Joker used to entice her

She had given all of herself to the Clown Prince of Crime, but he wanted more.  He suggested, and she agreed, that she should undergo a radical series of procedures to make her into the ultimate fuck toy.

A world of pleasure and glee, for you and for me…

She gulped and moaned ‘Oh Jokey… for you and only you…’

She walked about the lair in his absence, boredom antagonizing her almost as much as her hypersensitive pleasure organs.  She’d been post op and discharged weeks ago but still unused to her new body.  Joker already prepared her outfit, the skimpy parody of a Jester motley, fit to her new proportions.

The biggest change was up top, her chest was enormous.  She was already fairly busty, but her double D cup breasts now sat at a hefty J cup.  The mad scientists at his disposal didn’t merely insert larger bags, they had ways of expanding the breasts naturally.  A great heavy duty half cup bra held her tits up and together, still allowing plenty of room for the white flesh to jiggle.  Each boob was bigger than her head and capped with a small dish sized nipple that was itself capped with a pink pert nub.  The mammeries were also active.

Her tits produced milk now, and lots of it.  Genetically and bio engineered milk that was nutritious enough to live off of.  She could pump over a gallon of the stuff herself but usually used it to feed her hyenas and some of the minions as a reward for excellent service.

Those were covered by her black and red top that had covered her upper chest, with a black mesh covering the top and keeping the massive tits in her top.  She still had her toned abs exposed and fit, thick legs under the fishnet stockings that went to the booty shorts.  Her booty now was massive, Kim K and Nicki Minaj couldn’t compare.  Each cheek was bigger than a basket ball but all natural, wobbling with every movement though firm to the touch.  The red shorts invariably wedged between her cheeks, letting over half of the white ass hang free as delicious under cleft.

They were shaking in a hypnotic two step dance as she walked now, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek right… it was feeding time already.  She panted with a lapping tongue, her body now in constant heat.  Her sweet pussy was now several times more sensitive.  Allegedly several hundred times more so and she didn’t doubt it.

She was sensitive to her own heat now, every movement, no matter how slight, made her tingle down there.  The mere grinding of her nether lips together and against her panties, especially in the tight confines of her shorty shorts, drove her half to climax just conducting her daily business.

Her core temp was always up, she was always panting, she was always wet, she was always leaking, and she loved it.  Her body was a weapon of mass seduction, and the modifications made her even hotter, plump lips, bright eyes and blond hair that was easy to die and style in her multitudinous ways.  She painted her face, eyes and lips in wild styles to accentuate her expressive face.

It was time to feed the pets.  She pulled two dish bowls out of the cages in the Joker’s throne room deep under one of the many caves in Gotham.  She got on her knees, reinforced with nanofibers to she could stay on them for hours and hours without discomfort, and pulled her tits out of her top.

One after the other, each boob requiring two hands to manipulate controllably.  She could almost feel the sloshing from the milk built up in the luscious breasts.  She messaged them briefly, loving the sensation of her hands on her chest.  She lifted and dropped them, rubbed them, pinched the nipples and bounced them against each other as her head rolled back with her eyes.  She was constantly being distracted by her new redesigned body.

She remembered what she was there to do then, and bent over the dishes.  With both hands on the left breast, she squeezed lightly and pushed down towards the cap.  She almost squealed as streams of thick milk shot out in thin arcs from the ducts.

‘Oh fuck yeah…’ she moaned as she got off from her own milking

She repeated the process, harder now with more explosive results.  The streams were thicker and made a running sound as they splattered into the dishes.  The warm white milk pooled in the dishes as she pinched the nipples and squeezed even more from the breast.

From the inside of the kennels, her hyenas watched.  Joker kept them primarily for symbolism, something about their mad laughter.  It was her job to take care of them.  Clean them, bathe them, and all their other needs.  All, their other needs.

She repeated the process with the other tit, the left one not drained completely but now less aching from fullness.  She groaned again as she leaked into the dish, filling it almost halfway with her squeezing.  She then doubled over the dishes, dangling one of the massive melons over each of them, and with one hand on each tit, squeezed the nipples.

The hyenas began licking their lips at the sight of the jester milking her tits one handed, filling both of their bowls with her exudate.

‘Lunch time…’ she moaned

She went over to the kennels and raised the gates, the large lion like animals leaping out and eagerly dashing to the sweet smelling dishes.  Long tongues lapped at the warm white cream she freshly squeezed out for them.

She watched with a dazed smile as they drank, eying their long, leathery tongues as she palmed her pussy.  Unable to take the heat anymore, she undid the barely there zipper and slid the short down her legs enough to get a hand on her pussy.  She was altered to where she no longer produced hair except for just above the snatch that she could trim or shape as she felt.  The hair was currently a small triangle and as blonde as the rest of her hair.  The lips were swollen and already slick, with the distended clit almost an inch out calling attention to itself.

She pat herself down there, huffing as each hit send pleasure waves through her body.  She could get off just patting her pussy now in no time.  She'd also been recalibrated for long sessions and quick recovery though.  She didn't miss beats between orgasms and could go all day if she had to.  The only limit was her own will to fuck and the incense of own need to cum.

Which was the most subtle but important change.  Her brain chemistry had been altered by the Joker's mad doctors.  She craved sexual pleasure as much as her hypersensitive body, she needed it almost like water, food and air.  If she wasn't occupied by some kind of phallus, she was seeking some manner of relief, keeping herself ready for whenever the next fucking came.

A small stream of cunt juice poured from her lips as her fingers played with the pussy, pooling on the floor between her legs.  She could feel her orgasm mounting, a big one too.  She had so many small ones throughout the day just from walking in shorts that she only noticed the heavy ones now.  Three fingers worked their way into her pussy, the walls clamping down on them and milking the digits as her thumb played with the clit.  The elasticity of her pussy was another change, it could stretch to any feasible width to accommodate any invader, then clench back down with virgin tightness around and suck in whatever that thing was.  Any dick felt like it was the biggest in her life, and anything invading always felt like it was a fresh tight virgin hole.

Her panting increased as she began rocking her legs and pelvis, grinding herself against her diddling fingers as another trailed up her hot body to grab a massive tit.  Her head fell back and eyes rolled up, tongue flopping out as she came softly.  A wordless groan escaped her mouth and her cunt clamped on her fingers, the stream turning into a geyser as pussy juice streaked between her legs and landed by her ankles.

The hyenas turned to the sound of splatter and moaning, seeing the jester seated on the bare floor with her fingers in her snatch.  The made their mating call, the laugh like cackle as they got a wiff of her love juices.

They prowled over, tongues tasting the air and smacking their lips to clear any remaining milk.  Harley opened her eyes in time to see them walking around her on opposite sides.

'Ooooh, play time already?' she asked as she crawled forward onto her hands and knees

One barked a kind of 'Fuck yeah' and got behind her

She felt the nose prod her cunt and then the long leathery tongue lap at the sopping wet pussy.

'You shouldn't exercise after eating.' she said as the other walked around in front of her

One began licking her face as she laughed, wagging her ass as the hyena pulled her shorts down her thick legs with its mouth.  Her massive ass wobbled with every movement, the cheeks spreading and slapping back as she arced her back enticingly.  Her huge boobs hung like udders under her, the nipples dragging little streaks of milk as they grazed the surface of the cold floor.

She felt paws on her back and then arms on her sides, the warmth of the fuzzy medium sized dog like animal on her back.  She knew what was coming next and braced herself with a wicked grin.

'Oh... fuck!  Yeah!' she squealed as she felt the head of a large member pierce her from behind

She was pretty sure their dicks were altered by the same mad doctors that did her in, as they were uncharacteristically large, being over 8 inches long and very thick.  They also lacked the typical barbs and had a swinging set of oddly human looking.  She didn't care, she loved all the dicks in the world and wanted them all.

The hyena wasted no time, immediately bounding into her, bottoming out.  She felt its heated breath on her back and head, no matter how she turned her head she could smell the wet dog scent even over the ever present reek of sex that permeated her these days.  The dog whimpered in glee as it rutted with her, short, hard thrusts into her behind that bounced off her incredible ass.  Her cunt gushed fluids with every pull back and push in, leaking all around the impressive cock in her.  Her whole body shuck, tits shaking under her even as she bent her elbows to lay on them a little.

The hyena in front of her would not let her wait though.  It got up in front of her and set its paws on either side of her from the front, sitting back on its hind legs almost as it fought for space above her with his partner.  Her wide eyes gazed upon the large hybrid monster cock looming in front of her.  Knowing what it wanted and secretly wanting it herself, she opened her mouth and blew on it to signal she was ready.

With a snort, it thrust.  The cock missed and bounced off her cheek, sliding up and jabbing her in the eye.  She giggled and closed it reflexively.

'Naughty dog.' she said as she reached up and grabbed it

Savouring the heat of the insanely muscular organ while stroking it a couple times, she aimed it at her mouth and took it in the second time the hyena thrust.

She loved how pungent it smelled, reeking of sweaty musk, wet dog and animal jizz.  Its scent over powered her mouth and nose.

She tried to squeal around it to no avail, the organ splitting her throat and filling its mouth even as it was thrusting.  He was going at the same pace as his counterpart on her ass, the two hyenas' heads side by side as they shared their milk jog/sex toy.  Her eyes went blood shot as she was overloaded with pleasure.  They rewired her circuitry, so to say, she now could get off from any orifice.

Her tongue was as sensitive as her clit used to be, her throat as sensitive as her vagina used to be, and she had always been multi-orgasmic.  Even her anus could feel pleasure comparable to her pussy now, were it occupied by something big and warm.  She tasted the heat of the large cock advancing down her throat, stretching her neck out from the inside.

She bounced between them like a battering ram as she was driven past her second orgasm, eyes rolling around as her body was used like a pair of Chinese finger cuffs for the hyena's cocks.  Her tits even began leaking, the milk mixing with the puddle of girl cum pouring from her crotch as she came again and spittle that was running down the dick in her mouth and trickling from the flapping sack between its legs.  The puddle was more of a pool now, stretching all the way from her ankles to the feet of the hyena in front of her.

No wonder Jokey wouldn't get a carpet for his throne room.

She heard the hyena make the telltale cackle again and felt another presence in her cunt.  She was filling up, this time from the inside as hot goop filled her womb.  The pussy clamped down, milking the cock as it came, the Hyena collapsing onto her, resting its hips on the cushions of her ass cheeks.  His cock was expelled from her cunt by the pressure of the goop as soon as it wilted.  Unable to maintain shape, her tight vagay ejected its latest tenant.

It got off her and walked around her, laying down by her side.  There it curled up and began lapping at the standing pool of milk under her.

Now not fighting for space anymore, the hyena in her throat doubled over her and went ham, fucking her face like it was its job.  More saliva built up as her cunt continued leaking cum and girl juice.  She began humming and swallowing, milking the cock even more as it fucked her warm and wet throat, drooling all the while.

With no other warning besides a grunt and laugh, it came.  Hot spunk was shot directly into her stomach down her throat.  She wrapped her lips tight around the member as it was pulled from her mouth, not wanting to be alone without the hot cock again.  She sucked and it escaped with a pop as it continued shooting, decorating her face with warm cum ropes.  Her mouth was full but she kept it closed, swishing the nasty cum around in her mouth with her tongue before sitting back up on her heels.  She swallowed it whole and then gasped, finally breathing unobstructed.

'I needed that as much as you guys, thanks.' she said with eyes closed and a thumbs up, cum dripping from her face

She opened them again and only saw one hyena though.  Before she could ask, she felt a bump from behind and fell back onto her knees.  The first one was ready again.  She looked over her shoulders and saw him mount her from behind, now an expert on this process.  She wiggled her bum for him and spread her legs excitedly, never getting enough and eager to have the fire in her loins stoked.

Then it did something a little weird, getting up higher on her behind.  She felt the cock bounce off her cheek and knew what he wanted.  She got her arms off the ground and reached behind her, sinking her fingers into the meat of her ass and spreading the magnificent cheeks for the hyena.  Her bleached white asshole was unobstructed by the fat of her finger streaked cheeks now but before she could emotionally prepare, he got it in on the second try with a sudden thrust.  She squealed as her ass was speared.  The hyena laughed as it bottomed out in her ass, bouncing off the cheeks with its hips as its cock was engulfed by her ass muscles and hot core temperature.

It went straight to bounding again, eager to get off once more.  Even if it didn't have cum and cunt juice on it, her ass didn't just feel like a pussy for her, it worked like one too.  Now that it was excited and occupied, she began producing the lubricating juices in her bum, making her tight, rough anal wall muscles slick as a seal for her pets.

As it rutted against her behind, the thrusts bowed her back and drove her face first into the floor.  She turned her head and smacked into the puddle of milk, juice, drool and cum under her.  She began to slide along the floor this way as she let go of her butt and stabilized herself with her hands again.  Her tits were covered in the gunk now and she looked like a slutty version of Two Face with half of it smeared with thick frothy white gunk.

‘Oh, oh, ah, ahh ahhh, fuck me, fuck fuuccck…’ she babbled incoherently

Her eyes rolled around behind the mask of gunk on her face as the hyena kicked up its pace.  Her ass hole pulled and squeezed with its rough muscled grip, the tight sphincter clenching like a vice around the invading organ.  The huge cheeks began to glow red as they smacked against it and each other.  Pussy juice leaked from the open snatch between her legs as the swinging sack of the hyena smacked it and from the bioengineered ass hole that prepped itself like a functioning pussy.

She felt the heat of the cock increase as it swelled some more, her body being so sensitive it could feel the minute changes in a climaxing dick.  She knew what was coming next and licked her lips in wild eyed glee, gathering spunk and milk off the plump membranes of her mouth.  The heated breath of the hyperventilating hyena washed over her head and neck as it came closer to its second orgasm.

Then she felt it, the heated jizz pouring into her ass, filling her bowels and painting the intestines white on the inside.  Its huge organ throbbed as it went numb with pleasure and was swallowed by the tight muscles of her as that milked it for all its worth.

As she was shaken all around by the still rapidly thrusting hyena, she heard the huge double doors to the throne room open.

‘That was NOT a two minute response time.’ said a man as another laughed

‘Does it matter?  We still smash and grabbed over five hundred thousand dollars of jewelry, not bad for an afternoon of work.’ said the other

‘Hey, look.  The Jester slut is getting fucked.’ said the first

Harley heard laughter at her plight as the hyena rode out its orgasm, cackling laughing as it drained its balls in her ass.  The swelling maxed out, feeling bigger than every as it filled her bowels with hot, white jizz.  She screamed as she came again.

‘Oh Fuck Yeah!’ her face went red with pleasure, cheeks glowing as her eyes rolled up past her semi closed lids and tongue flopped out

Her cunt and tits gushed, milk shooting in streaks from the jugs as clear fluid poured from her snatch.

‘Man, I can’t believe this bitch.’ said one of them

‘Now now…’ said a third voice

Her heart stopped at the voice of the man she loved.  For whom she did this to herself, in whose name and image she pledged herself.  The Joker.

‘That’s our bitch.’ he said

As the hyena pulled out, she got up onto her knees, sitting on her heels.  The other hyena had curled up and was napping.  The one that just busted off a nut in her ass walked back around to finish his bowl.

‘I was planning on offering you her body as a kicker for your most excellent heist, but it seems she has already given herself to the pets.’ he said

‘It’s no problem Jokah, I can clean up.’ she said as she stood

She hastily shoved her tits back into her top, the orbs barely fitting back in and covered in the various slimes.  She then pulled her shorts back up and zipped them even though they were saturated in the middle and her ass was still leaking hyena jizz from the hole.

‘Yeah, no thank you.  Don’t want sloppy seconds.’ one mook said

She looked at the two henchmen, generic looking thugs.  They had cargo pants, cheap boots, hoodies, gloves and ski masks.  On their backs were slung large packs that probably held the jewelry they stole.

‘Sloppy thirds…’ she giggled as she raised three fingers to indicate that she’d ben fucked twice by the pets

‘Yeah, still no.’ said the other

‘No matter,’ said the Joker as he stepped around them

She visibly fawned.  His long, curly green hair a barely kempt mop around his head.  His face was painted white with red lipstick smeared around his lips and those iconic grin like scars that extended from the corners of his lips.  His costume mismatched suit outlined his shape in the darkness, and he spoke with a cool nonchalance though she knew how unhinged he could in fact be.

‘Take her to the hot springs and wash her off, and remind me to have a pressure hose installed in here for just these instances.’

He hoped on his throne made of cash stacks and melted down guns, a parody of the Iron Throne, as the two men took her in arms and hauled her off to the side doors.

‘My love, will you at least be joining us?’ she asked

Even in her disshelved fluid soaked and cum gorged state, the men hauling her had fun with her body.  She felt a hand alternating between strong gropes and light smacks to her half exposed ass as she was held over his shoulder.  The other mook made the small effort to pull a tit from her top and was playing with the large knocker as it dangled below her.  Her half cum streaked face was on the underworld’s king though, as he leaned back in his throne with the hyenas at the heel.

‘Perhaps later, I have business to conduct now...’ he said as he wiggled his fingers, admiring a tacky, expensive looking ring he likely picked up from the heist


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