The Alien Assassin

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Navis had been prepared for many, many things. The black-haired, pigtailed young woman had loaded herself up with knives, throwing stars, and set up spike traps every which way in the dense, thick jungle of the small, tiny, artificial planetoid that she called home. Her treehouse was now fully prepared as best as could be for the arrival of her opponent, her green eyes gleaming as she readied bolas, spinning them around as she launched them forth.


Her opponent was caught off guard by this. The bolas wrapped around his rather bony, double-clawed arms, his rather skeletal, alien face surprised by the assault, combined with the throwing star she’d embedded in one of his almost demonic eyes. The Yiarhu-kah’s claws were sharp, long and red, and his long, slightly slender neck had the same sort of spiky outcroppings with red needles sticking out the back, needles he shot forth from his detachable shoulder pad armor. His armored form was well equipped for battle, his voice faintly throaty and rasping, like the Grim Reaper itself as he let out a gasp.


A thrown star shot through the air and missed as he ducked, slightly smirking. “Not twice, Navis.” He informed her...before a net shot down and enveloped his alien frame. He was weighed down on the rocky deck of her treehouse as she leapt on top of him, and began stabbing for all she was worth. THLUCK-THLUCK-THLUCK, went the knives as they dug deep, hot and sharp into the armored skin of his battle body.


But then his long tail snaked out and with a proper cut, allowed his thick arm to get free and knock her back. She fell down, down, but grabbed hold of the edge of a tree branch and leapt off as Yiarhu-kah chuckled a bit, blood dribbling down from his eye socket, his muscle-like circular vitreous gel pulsing a bit as his pale yellow iris focused, the y-shaped pupil popping back into view as he healed. “Effective!” He complimented. “Your welcome is surprising indeed. But not sufficient.”


With that he hunched over, and two bat-like wings spread forth as he shot towards Navis. She swung on a vine, tugging down on one she passed by and diving down, tossing knives in his direction as Yiarhu-kah glanced up, seeing sharp arrows shooting forth from a trap in a nearby tree. He barely got his armored arms up in time as Navis fired off ANOTHER throwing star above...and a bee hive dropped onto the alien assassin.


“Not the bees!” He snarled, whacking around at them, trying to ignore their stinging, sharp jabbing as she raced across the ground below. The assassin focused intensely, his psychic powers flaring up as he let out a long hiss. “Mooooost impressive indeed. But not enough.” He proclaimed, landing down close to her, the shockwave knocking her off balance.


Navis rolled away in time to avoid getting crushed by his taloned feet and she drew a knife from her furry wrist gauntlets, slicing at him. One of his sweeping slashes from his armored arm blades knocked the knife away as she rolled to the side, avoiding another strike from him, and she then twisted her body, kicking at his rather skeletal legs. It struck hard, forcing him back a step but his arm opened up, the interior sharply catching her arm and snapping her up like a trap as his other fist slammed into her chest. “It is finished.” He informed her, slamming her down to the ground.

“GGGHHHH!” She gasped out, his red claws holding her tightly in one hand as the other smoothly moved down, and with a sharp cut, ripped her clothing away, tossing it to the side.

“You fought well, little creature. More bravely and with more dignity than any other opponent I have ever had. You have my congratulations for this.” He added with a nod of his bizarre, alien head. “But now it is over. Luckily for you, I may yet have...use for you.” He remarked, his faintly ghastly tone becoming slightly soft, almost tender. “If you prove to be of ample use in what I desire, I can have you spared from death.”


Navis glared up at him, the white tattoo mark across the bridge of her nose gleaming as she spat at him. He chuckled. “Even now, still fighting. I prefer this.” He admitted. “But you will not forget a Yiarhu-kah is claiming you.”

With that, she realized what he was going to do, her eyes bugging out as she saw it sliding out, his tail thickening and shifting, the pointed end instead turning into something more bulbous. As the Yiarhu-Kah kept her pinned firmly to the ground, she felt the ovipositior position itself firmly at her snatch. It vibrated softly against her pussy lips as it rubbed, and soon slid firmly, carefully inside as Navis let out a horrified gasp. “AAAA! D-don’t you dare, you si-”


But then it was fully inside, the whole organ now deep into her vagina, and it stayed there, firm and resolute as Navis quivered, something sliding out and into her. She felt a mixture of deep warmth and erotic esctasy that was welling up in her crotch as she felt firm, round orbs beginning to slide inside her womb. Time and time again, another firm, round orb was tucked away, deep into her waiting room, and, sure enough, her belly began to swell.


More and more eggs continued to fill Navis up. There was nothing to be done, nothing she COULD do. With each egg, all desire to resist began to fade, and frankly, the Yiarhu-Kah didn’t know why she would want to. Her womb was accepting the faintly pool-ball-sized eggs with amazing ease, each popping into her with a little twitch of his ovipositor as he deeply moaned and hissed in delight. He held her firmly down in his red-clawed hands, letting out a long hiss of satisfaction before he moved her hands to her belly.


He smiled softly down upon her as she murred, and felt her belly swelling up, bigger, more bulbous and beautiful with every new egg that slid into her waiting womb, past the cunt, to be deposited within her. She wanted to bear this new life, to feel how many of HIS brood she’d bring into the world and, indeed, she would bear quite a large brood indeed. It was frankly amazing how many eggs she could fit in! Normally most species only were able to stomach a dozen at best. He was now fitting in at least three dozen! Humans were clearly the perfect breeders.


At long last, he’d finished his noble work and removed the ovipositor as Navis’s belly ballooned out in front of her and she looked almost longingly at the ovipositor that slid back into his body, but the alien assassin gently reached up and wiped a tear from her cheek. “There, there. My work is not yet done.” He intoned. “For the eggs must now be fertilized, and I shall do so at my leisure...and your pleasure.” He intoned as his thick, bulging cock began to smoothly slide out from his crotch region, a faint, ribbed, beautiful thing that she happily let slide into her waiting cunny.


He thrust in, and out. In and out, taking his tine as sticky jets of potent cum filled her again and again. Her womb welcomed this invasion, some seed dribbling down the side of her cunny as he kept pumping into her, gripping her breasts and squeezing them playfully before moving down, down to her rear. The Yiarhu-Kah took a firm grip as he kept powerfully pumping into Navis. They bounced in a regular rhythm as his cock swelled and repeatedly thrust into her pussy, more and more cum pumping away into her womb, his hissing cry of joy echoing into the night.





...Navis awoke with a start, eyes bugging out as she looked down at her swollen, bloated stomach. It looked like she had swallowed up a medicine ball! She gasped, holding her hands to her mouth as she looked up from her bed, the Yiarhu-Kah looking into her eyes from across the room, sitting in a chair. “You…you…” She murmured as his expression became somber, his tone pensive and quiet.

“Yes. I had no choice. The alternative was an end to your life, and one as skilled and brave as you deserves to live. I have never had a greater challenge from a female, nor a finer mate.” He admitted, walking over to her, resting a clawed hand on her swollen, enormous belly as he bowed his head. “Your friends are unharmed. In exchange for sparing my children, I have offered up my clients. The bonds of family matter more to me than client confidentiality.”

“Who DID want me dead?” Navis growled darkly.

“The Super Directors of the convoy you work for. I doubt they’ll stay safe long.” The Yiarhu-Kah said with a small smile. “They have a deadly allergy to INSECTS, you see, and I decided to hunt down a few more of those bee traps you’d laid out for me.”


“You’re all heart.” Navis grumbled, but she couldn’t bring herself to be fully mad with him. “ manipulated me. You...used me.” She muttered.

“I am sorry, but this is not a rape that should bring you tears. There was no pain. No harm. Only pleasure and impregnation.” He intoned as he took her hands, resting them on her swollen belly as he lovingly leaned in and kissed her forehead. “You will give birth soon, within a few weeks, and I will bring proper nourishment for our children.” He offered. “It will require sacrifice.” The alien assassin added. “When my brothers and I were born, there were no females among us, none had been available to offer up.”

“Offer up?” Navis murmured as the alien assassin sighed.

“To determine what our personality and gender shall be like, our race requires the sacrifice of others. Our young engulf other young. Their memories, their minds, their hopes and dreams, every bit of their body is absorbed and recycled, and used to determine what our blank slate babies shall become.” The Yiarhu-Kah informed her solemnly, bowing his head. “Their souls rest in peace as they become Yiarhu-Kah. A high honor. And I want our young to be of human blood as much as possible.”


He gave another bow of his head. “Your race has remarkable ingenuity, and innate immunity to psychic influence due to your lack of psychic powers. There is both a fire and tenderness to you, and you are very easy, at the same time, to claim, to breed, to feed upon.”


He patted over Navis head. “I will return soon. Only the finest will suffice.” He remarked. “I’ve arranged for various hospitals who care exclusively for humans to contact me if unwanted ones are in their care.” He told her, a swirling, goopy psycho-teleportal gate popping up in front of him as he stepped on through as if stepping into oil, vanishing from her gaze as Navis looked down at her belly, biting her lip.


Intellectually, she was torn. She wanted to object to this, to recoil in horror from herself and her fate, but at the same time, her motherly instincts and the influence of the alien children within her told her to welcome this. She wanted to bring these children into the world. Navis slowly rubbed over her stomach, biting her lip. Could she go through with this? Should she?


She thought about it, long and hard, day after day as she stayed in her home, pacing back and forth, unsure of what to do.


But then, at last...he returned. The Psycho-Portal opened up, and her new mate stood there, gesturing for her to follow him. She panted a bit, some sweat dribbling down her brow, soon to give birth as he helped carry her through the dark, inky psycho-teleportal. She found herself in a large maternity ward, the walls gleaming white and sterile as she saw the many infants lying in beds, with him leading her over to a large bed nearby for her to lie down in. He spread a white comforter over her as he held up a vial of crystal blue liquid, giving it to her to drink as she downed it in one shot. GULP!

“Mmmm. Wh-what is this?” She asked.

“It’s designed to help you give birth without pain.” The Yiarhu-Kah offered with a bow of his head. She panted a bit, her womb flexing as she grunted a bit, realizing she was soon to give birth. “You shall feel its effects soon. He intoned, moving the comforter up so her slit could be exposed and he could ease the children out. Navis panted and heaved and moaned, and bit by bit, the first child slid out. Sure enough, it was a very young, small, almost chibi Yiarhu-Kah that her mate helped out, carefully placing their first child into her arms. One after another, each one slid out, into the adult Yiarhu-Kah’s waiting hands before he put some on her belly, others on the floor. At long last, he was finished, and there were now forty infant Yiarhu-Kah there. “They are ready.”

“All of the infants in here don’t have anyone to stand up to them?”

“No. They were all abandoned. All of them have no family. Through their sacrifice, they will be allowed to live on as part of a superior being.” Her mate spoke tenderly. “Will you accept this?”

Navis hesitated for a long time, and then…


“Will it hurt?”

“No.” The Yiarhu-Kah offered warmly. “...there will be no pain.”


“...alright.” Navis said softly, nodding her head. “Let them choose.”

The Yiarhu-Kah smiled broadly, and gently led each of his infants towards the maternity beds, gesturing at them. “You must choose one, my little ones. Their sacrifice will determine your personality, your gender, your very self. Choose wisely and choose well. Honor the sacrifice of their bodies.”


Navis’s first child nodded, and made its way over to a nearby maternity bed where a newborn boy was slumbering, a faint bit of bubbling spit dribbling out the side of its mouth. The young alien smiled happily, opening its slightly skeletal jaws wide, tiny, nubby white claws lifting the babe up into the air. He then pushed the little tyke’s head inside, and his thin tongue bathed happily over his delightful, sweet meal as he deeply moaned, enjoying this wonderful meal.


He carefully, slowly, pushed his meal deeper and deeper into his open jaws, the babe making a distinct bulge in his own tiny belly. Soon it was halfway buried in its throat, the infant Yiarhu-Kah moaning out. It placed a nubby hand on the bulge the little one was making in his neck, feeling over it and sighing before giving a firm, immense GLA-GULP as he swallowed up the rest of the infant, depositing it into his waiting, hungry belly with a satisified sigh. He rubbed his bulging, baby-shaped belly as his body began to shift and shudder, and a distinct little manhood emerged from his crotch region, and his muscles slightly bulged.


“A fine choice.” The adult Yiarhu-Kah as another infant alien picked a little girl, happily squeaking as it eased her into its waiting and hungry jaws. Indeed, she opened her maw wide and took the baby girl’s head in completely, the tyke letting out a surprised coo as her tongue slobbered over the infant’s face. “Ahhh, another wonderful choice. It is obvious the purpose of human life is to satisfy Yiarhu-Kah. It is only in being their meals and mates can your race be truly happy.”


Indeed, and the baby Yiarhu-Kah intended to prove this as it tasted every bit of the delicious baby girl. It gulped her down a little bit more, closing her eyes, savoring every inch. It tasted her face and cheeks, her little hair, her neck, her chest, her belly. And it all tasted better than anything she could ever imagine as she took another immense gulp. Now the baby was sliding into her throat, and her tongue bathed over the bellybutton and toes, a final gulp tucking the human infant into her stomach. Her nubby claws massaged her gut as a distinct set of tiny breasts and a womanhood emerged on her, the young female Yiarhu-Kah having gained her true self through this divine sacrifice.


One after another, all of the infant Yiarhu-Kah chose delicious human children to send down into their waiting tummies, happily squealing and squeaking in delight. They tasted positively wonderful and Navis felt a tear come to her eye as she saw the last Yiarhu-Kah lift up TWO children. Oh, it was so kind. It was going to welcome them both into its belly, and allow them both to live on as a beautiful new being. She’d had no idea this race could be so merciful.


The young Yiarhu-Kah’s skeletal maw hung open as it eased the two infant children into its waiting jaws. Its tongue carefully wrapped around the young humans, and the babies were smoothly eased into its mouth. It carefully licked over their small, sweet and creamy forms as it murred and moaned. Soooo good. Sooooo goood. These two children tasted positively heavenly, without a doubt, this would be the finest meal it would ever eat.


The two children were slightly swished and sloshed around within the mouth of the hungry Yiarhu-Kah’s jaws as its cheeks were stuffed with delightful meat. Soon they were eased down, down towards the back of the mouth, their tiny little pulled into the tight throat. The young Yiarhu-Kah tilted its head back as gravity aided in its meal, swallowing down the two at once, the two forming a big, bloated, bulge within its neck as they were finally deposited within its waiting stomach. It let out a deep, powerful belch, as two distinct, different types of genitalia slowly shifted into view on its form as it sighed, its form gaining an unusual, silver color to its armored frame as it patted its bloated belly. “Ahhhh.”


“Perfect.” Navis’s mate intoned as it beamed. “I have never, ever seen a hermaphodite Yiarhu-Kah born. This is truly a bright, beautiful new dawn.” It happily remarked, clasping its claws together as its children ran over to Navis to get attention and the Yiarhu-Kah walked over to her as well. “I will take our children back to our home. We’ve much to teach them. And we should find them proper human mates when they come of age within a year.”

“A year? Wow. They grow up so fast.” Navis remarked with a wry look at her many, many children, wondering how she was gonna breast feed FORTY babies...

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