Young Justice Genderbend Part 2

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Young Justice and all characters portrayed are the rightful property of DC comics, Brandon Vietti, and Greg Weisman. I make no money from this submission.

Apollo hated performance briefings. More than anything, more than covert operations in remote countries, more than getting shot at by psychotic lunatics, more than even being referred to as "just a sidekick," he hated these meetings, sitting across from Bryce Wayne and Dylan Lionel Lance. It wasn't the fact that the two League members spent hours meticulously pointing out everything they had gone wrong on those covert missions while they were getting shot at, so much as the fact that it was hours that he could have spent doing literally anything else. He was always tempted to just go to sleep or to stare at the clock, but Batwoman was scary enough when she didn't have a reason to be angry.

"Take your seats." She hardly raised her voice, but her words carried such authority that none of them even thought of doing anything else. At the head of the table, she sat, and Black Eagle followed suit.

The brooding vigilante insisted on this weekly ritual, using footage taken from the satellites on the Watchtower. It was educational, she said, part of, "helping you to come together as a single, cohesive unit." Honestly, though, Apollo wasn't convinced that it wasn't her own subtle way of reminding them of their positions and lack of experience. Even the room seemed designed specifically to bore and depress, with its bare grey walls and the plain, rectangular table at its center.

Apollo sat down at the other end, directly across from the two heroes. It meant being in Batwoman's direct line of sight, but on the other hand, the closest seat to the door meant that he was the first one out of this hell the second they were released. Behind him, M'att M'orzz passed, whispering frantically to Cassie Kent.

"I'm telling you, last night, Bobbie and Diane were in the halls, naked! They went into her room and…"

Apollo's ears tuned in at the mention of "naked," but the two quickly passed out his earshot. Talking as softly as they were, the only reason he'd heard that much was because they'd gotten so close. He was pulled back when he felt someone sitting down on his right.

"If I had known that being a hero entailed this kind of torture, I would have stayed in Atlantis."

Apollo turned to regard Kala'ahm. He noticed right away that she had chosen to wear her civilian clothes, the navy blue pants with the sweater that covered her arms to the wrists. Her long, silver hair hung to her shoulders and framed the dark oval of her face. In contrast, like everyone else, Apollo wore his costume, a skintight green shirt with the arms bared, joining the mask that obscured all but his eyes, mouth, and short-cropped blonde hair, together with the baggy trousers tucked into dark boots. Already, the young Atlantean woman looked as bored as he felt.

"Sometimes," he said. "I wonder if Batwoman was trained to kill fun in all its forms."

Kala giggled, then sighed as she stretched, bringing her arms up and over her head. It gave Apollo a nice eyeful as her breasts bulged against the fabric. She noted his gaze, and when their eyes met she gave him a playful wink.

"Well then, I guess that means we will have to make our own fun," she said, her voice low.

"Enough," Batwoman said, once again dominating the room with sheer presence. "Let me begin by saying that your recent mission to Bialya was less than satisfactory. You were sloppy, careless, and you just barely obtained your main objective. We'll start with you, Robyn. Your failure…"

Apollo stopped listening, while giving every outward appearance that he still was, nodding every now and then as if listening intently. God, it was like having all of the joy siphoned out of every molecule. He could see the need for these meetings, but did it have to be led by Batwoman? She expected absolute perfection, and picked up on even the most infinitesimal mistakes.

Apollo wasn't the kind of person to sit and take notes. He learned by doing, by being out on the streets, gaining experience and kicking ass. Stuck in here, listening to constant criticism for two-to-three hours was borderline torture. Sure, there was an occasional praise thrown in whenever one of them did something exceptional, but the woman somehow managed to turn even those into backhanded compliments.

"…brings us to you, Kid Flash. You rushed in again without proper reconnaissance, and it almost…"

Inwardly, Apollo sighed and allowed his mind to wander somewhat. It fixated on the small scrap he'd overheard from M'att. What were Diane an Bobbie doing naked? The obvious answer came to mind, but in the halls? He hadn't known the petite, dark-haired girl for long, but she couldn't be that insane. Or maybe she was. Apollo shook his head slightly. Whatever floats her boat, he thought idly. God knows I have no room to judge.

"...completely reckless, Supergirl. You may be invulnerable, but your teammates aren't, and charging in half-cocked like that..."

Suddenly, the blonde archer became aware of a dampness in his right boot, as if it were full of water. What the...? When did I step in water? Under the table, he shook his foot, trying in vain to dispel the moisture. Wait, he hadn't stepped in any water. At least, he would have noticed walking with a bootful of water, so it couldn't have been there before he'd sat down. So where had it come from, and how had it gotten into his boot?

"...did a passable job clearing your sector, Aquagirl. Now, if only you could turn that level of attention to being an effective leader..."

Apollo barely managed to stifle a yelp when that puddle of wetness shifted suddenly against the motion of his foot, and instead began slowly climbing up his leg. A less disciplined person might have made a spectacle of themselves, leaping up and shouting at the feel of cool liquid slowly oozing up their leg. However, if there was one lesson that Olivia Queen had instilled in the young man, it was maintaining calm under extreme pressure. Still, even though he was composed on the outside, his mind raced like lightning on the inside. Never mind the fact that there was water in his boot, how was it climbing up his leg? Water just didn't...

Suddenly, Kala's words slammed home in his brain: Well then, I guess that means we will have to make our own fun.

He turned his head enough to glance at his team leader out of the corner of his eye. Outwardly, she seemed just as engrossed in the meeting as he pretended to be, leaning backward in her chair with her arms in her lap, nodding ever so slightly. However, from his seat right next to her, Apollo could see her hands, hidden from everyone else's line of sight. They were both open, palms facing outward and toward him, and her fingers moved subtly. She was controlling it.

Apollo brought his gaze back to the center, out of fear that Batwoman would call him out for being distracted. By now, the slithering mass of water was midway up his thigh, and he had to suppress a shiver at the coolness. His thoughts raced faster than ever. Was she really doing this, here, now? Of all the...he thought, clenching his jaw. She's even crazier than Diane!

Suddenly, the water flowed forward, unexpectedly quick, and he couldn't help a sharp intake of air as it pooled in his crotch.

"Everything all right, Apollo?" Black Eagle asked. Beside him, Batwoman shifted her attention to the young man.

"Yes, sorry," he replied, trying to force casualness into his voice. The water didn't move, just sat there, suspended around his most sensitive area. "Please, continue."

"Good," Batwoman replied coolly. "Because we need to discuss your mistakes as well. You were on perimeter duty, and yet you let three guards slip past you. That was careless. Check, double-check, then triple-check."

"Understood, it won't happen aga-" He cut off with a choke as the water shifted, becoming firmer and more tangible. At the same time, the entire mass began to stroke and caress his cock. He covered himself with a cough. "It won't happen again, ma'am."

"Additionally..." He was starting to respond, growing stiff and straining against his pants. The temperature had changed, he noted, now pleasantly warm. It felt like he was engulfed, cock and balls, in a hot, impossibly smooth mouth. "...When you encountered hostiles, you abandoned your team to give chase. You left everyone vulnerable."

Apollo was sweating. He tried to keep himself relaxed, but every stroke of that water fired his nerves. Every inch of his cock was being stimulated at once, and he felt a smooth, steady suction on each of his balls. He felt like a wire, pulled taut and twisted tighter and tighter until it was just on the edge of snapping.

"I-uh, I d-didn't want anyone calling back-up," he said. Keep it together, he thought frantically.

"Back-up would have taken a half-hour to arrive." Batwoman retorted. Under the table, Apollo held his armrests in a white-knuckled grip. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the first reaction from Kala: a tiny smirk, barely quirking the corner of her mouth. "And that's not a valid excuse for endangering your teammates."

He had to admit, the young woman had planned it well. From where they sat, at one of the narrow ends of the table, no one could see her hands, or his now-obvious erection begging for release. No one could see the squirming in his lap as the water delicately coaxed him closer to orgasm. The only thing that would have been visible were her tattoos glowing down the lengths of her arms, but her sweater neatly hid that, and if she was the only member not in uniform, it wasn't necessarily mandatory.

"And finally," Batwoman said. Jesus, had she been talking the whole time? It was hard to think with that warm wetness wrapped around his dick. God, just a little more, just a little longer... "You broke radio silence and nearly gave away the team's location."

This was it. Apollo could feel the pressure deep in his balls. Somehow, the water sensed his approaching climax, or maybe Kala did, because the efforts redoubled, stroking and sucking languorously up and down his hard shaft. He tightened his grip, straining with every ounce of strength he had not to move, not to give away any sign of what was happening to him.

He blinked, realizing that the older woman had stopped talking, and that she and everyone else was looking at him expectantly. Kala watched him too, and a small, knowing smile teased on her lips.

And then his orgasm hit.

Apollo shuddered slightly as he let go, and he felt his cock begin to twitch, spurting into the waiting mass of water encircling it. If possible, his muscles strained even higher as he rode out the waves of his bliss, and he couldn't help the soft grunt of pleasure that escaped his lips. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the tension left him, and he would have sagged in his chair with relief were it not for the intently watching eyes.

"Apollo?" Black Eagle frowned. "Do you understand?"

"Y-yes," he replied somewhat shakily. "I understand, ma'am." He had no idea to what he'd agreed to, and right now, he didn't care. Softly, delicately, the water pulled away from his deflating cock, taking his load away with it. It slid down and out of his pant leg, then was gone.

"Good," Batwoman replied crisply. "Now, Mr. Martian, we need to talk about..."

Apollo stopped listening. Despite himself, he was impressed. She'd timed it perfectly, so that he was the center of attention while she..."administered" to him. He turned to shoot a playful glare at her, and was met with a devilish grin, flashed once and gone before anyone could see before turning back to feigning attentiveness. Inwardly, Apollo smiled as well. Make our own fun, he mused to himself.

This meeting hadn't turned out all that bad after all.

To Be Continued

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