The Trap

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The Secret Society.

A cohesive, secretive organization built solely for the downfall and subsequent destruction of the Justice League. Formerly headed by Gorilla Grodd, the psionic gorilla with the mental capability of putting others under his telepathic control.

The membership consisted of the League’s most dangerous foes, most of them archenemies of the respective Leaguer. At one point, more than 30 meta-criminals had joined their ranks, creating a roster that nearly toppled the original JLA.
A unified front for tyranny, they spanned entire networks across all continents. Thanks to the genius of Grodd and the more intelligent criminals like Sinestro and the Calculator, crime didn’t just go up, it evolved.
Bank robberies became battlefields, simple hit-and-runs even ventured into outer space towards the Watchtower, even run-of-the-mill weapon deals decimated entire city blocks.

Sinister apart, but together, they were unstoppable.


It took almost a year for the Justice League to weed its way into the nexus of the Society. Through undercover stings, Martian interrogations, and teamwork, the League was finally able to stop Grodd and his Society, but not without costs and casualties on both sides. Finally, thanks to the combined forces of the Original Seven Leaguers, Grodd was defeated, and his Secret Society disintegrated.

At least, that’s what we thought.

Cheetah. Volcana. Star Sapphire. Knockout. Livewire.

During the collective roundup of Grodd and his constituents, those four metas managed to escape. With the League off planet to battle Mongul’s empire, you figured you would tie up loose ends. As one of the last remaining cells of the Society, they had evaded custody, until tonight.

The Batman is on the prowl.

Out of the shadows came a single figure, soft footsteps silently padding across the wet concrete. A brown trench coat was her only article of clothing, hiding her feminine figure. Running through the narrow alleyway, old newspapers fluttered about in her wake as she continued to sprint through. Bare feet splashed against water puddles left by the rain. The nightly breeze revealed her long mane of fiery red hair, which hung down from her shoulders.

Exiting the alleyway, she finally came to a halt, leaning against a lamppost to catch her breath. Her body deflated like a paper bag as she panted, taking in breath after breath. The light emitting from the post bathed her in light, revealing some...peculiar features.

Glaring back at the alleyway, her mouth curled into a seething snarl, revealing razor-sharp teeth. To add further credence, a long, prehensile tail protruded from a small opening in the back of her trench coat, resembling that of a feline cat.

The slits on your cowl narrowed with a firm resolution.


You had been trailing her for five city blocks now, waiting amongst the eerie darkness of night, hopefully without any indication of your presence. It was only then that your suspicions were confirmed.

After casting another suspicious glare from the alley, she pushed off the post and continued her path.

You stood up from your vantage point on the ledge of the rooftop, letting your cape flap behind you. Your costume was a sleek black, fitted with several armaments at various sections of your body as well as added padding in your lower back. Twin antennas protruded from your cowl, giving off a sort of otherworldly look. Your chest emblem was a bat with its wings extended, a symbol of justice in Gotham City, as well as the world.

Zeroing in on her current position with your built-in night vision, you continued observing as she turned around a corner.

Before you could proceed, you pressed two fingers against your cowl, activating your comlink.

“Oracle, I’ve found Cheetah,” you stated simply.

“Here? In Gotham?” came her surprised reply.

You almost smirked for a minute at Oracle’s naivety. Of course they'd take refuge in a city protected by the most prominently non-superpowered member of the Justice League. 

“Where else but Gotham? With the entire Justice League after her, the last thing she’d want to do is get Superman’s attention. But unfortunately for her, she got mine,” you remarked.

“Don’t you think you should radio Wonder Woman in for this one, Batman? Or at least Green Lan-” she started to advise.

“My city, remember?” you reminded her.

An audible sigh escaped her lips before the sound of her furiously typing on the keyboard filled the frequency.

“She won’t be alone, you know. Interpol still reads Volcana, a.k.a Claire Selton as MIA and Star Sapphire is still wanted by the Green Lantern Corps.”

“The more the merrier,” you deadpanned, before reaching into your golden utility belt. Opening a leather pouch, you brandished your coveted grapple gun, your primary means of transportation on foot.

Aiming the gadget at a menacing-looking stone gargoyle, you pressed the trigger, releasing a grappling hook that knifed through the nightly sky, a sleek black cable attached to its end.

It lodged itself within the stone gargoyle, before suddenly propelling you forwards. Lifting you off the ground, your cape folded behind you until you reached the gargoyle. Climbing up, you continued to observe Cheetah in a predatory fashion from your new vantage point.

Leaning up against a closed store window, the super-villain glanced up at the skylight, perhaps out of sheer instinct. Thankfully, the darkness surrounding you clouded you from her sight.

“Oracle, search abandoned locations on 23rd Howard Avenue, warehouses, apartments, anywhere with a roof on it,” you instructed, before aiming your grapple hook.

Firing it once again, you waited until hearing the familiar clink before jumping off the gargoyle. Swinging through the air, you released the grapple hook within the first initial seconds, maneuvering your body so that you would land feet first.

“There’s not many, but Daggett Industries had a subsidiary north of your current location. It’s been abandoned for years now, but it still holds up,” she reported.

Spreading your arms out, your cape suddenly became rigid, allowing for you to glide back down to earth, slowing your descent. The shadow of the Bat looming high in the moonlight, you continued gliding after Cheetah, who was presumably unaware of your presence.

Landing on another rooftop, you rolled to your feet upon impact, letting the momentum carry you a good few feet ahead. Pocketing your grapple gun, you silently crept along the ledge of the rooftop, watching as Cheetah finally approached the Daggett Industries shipping warehouse.

Your eyes narrowed into slits as you scanned the warehouse. It was a pretty sizable establishment for one of Daggett’s leading subsidiaries, with the giant rusted letters spelling DAGGETT INDUSTRIES still present. A large skylight window was stamped on top of it. The windows boarded up, it projected a very Gothic atmosphere, just from its exterior. But that wasn’t your main point of interest.

Without any hesitation, Cheetah clambered into the front entrance, pushing back the double doors and disappeared with a flick of her tail.

Crouching down on the edge of the rooftop now overlooking the warehouse, you held your fingers up to your cowl.

“Its a trap. They’re waiting for me,” you told her simply, simply going off of sheer instinct.

“No wonder they call you the World’s Greatest Detective!”

Your eyes widening, you instinctively twirled around, a steel Batarang in one hand, as the figure made herself visible.

Star Sapphire.

Outlined by a mystical violet aura that surrounded her entire body, her costume was the very epitome of sexualized. 

She wore an armored pink corset that stretched all the way down to her hips, while also wearing arm sleeves and gloves. Incidentally, her midriff was exposed, revealing her stomach in which the symbol of the violet sapphire was emblazoned in. Long, black hair hung down from her mask. Her thighs were bare, capped off by matching violet thigh-high go-go boots.

A mystical violet aura surrounded her body, acting as a protective shield as well as enabling her flight. Her pink “crown” traced her eyes and hairline, but most importantly was embedded with the Sapphire gem, enabling her to assume the powers of the Sapphire Corps.

Like her namesake, love, or rather infatuation was the central motif. Her body was slender, complete with a light athletic build and curved hips. She leered at you with a playful demeanor, her hands at her hips.

Levitating above the ground thanks to the Sapphire power gem embedded within her stomach, she clicked her lips together in a taunting tone as her eyes glowed in a violet flash.

“All alone, are we?” she purred in a sultry drawl.

“I’d say the same for you,” you responded plainly, standing up. Letting your cape conceal your costume, you pressed a dial on your Batarang.

“My capacity to love stretches every corner of this pathetic planet. I’m never alone,” she smirked.

“Says the woman who can’t even get Guy Gardner to fall under her spell,” you pointed out, causing her nostrils to flare indignantly for a second.

“You’re pretty bold for a mere mortal in a bat costume opposing the wielder of the most powerful object in the known universe,” she taunted, punctuating it with a dismissal chuckle.

“I’m sure the Green Lantern Corps would disagree,” you retorted.

She pursed her lips together irritably, before reaffirming her glare with a coy grin.

“I’ve looked in your heart, Dark Knight. You may think yourself untouchable, but I can assure you, love conquers all,” she smiled, before leveling her right arm at you.

Lifting herself even higher in the air, she tilted her head to the side curiously before focusing some of her violet energy into her right wrist.

“I’m giving you one chance to surrender, Carol,” you said, glancing up at her.

“Poor delusional Batman. All alone. Without the Justice League, you’re just a man.” Her smile grew even wider as she focused her energy into a pink fireball engulfing her hand.

“And all men, must eventually, see our light.”


Author's Note: The story is told from Batman's perspective, so I figured that writing in 2nd Peson would be allow for more introspection and insight into his thought process. Besides that, please review and let me know what you think so far! Thanks! :)


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