No Bat Condom to be found

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Batman scouted out the factory where he had trailed Harley Quinn to and where she had been transporting extremely dangerous weapons out of and then they found themselves in the streets of Gotham which had killed numerous innocent people and being aware of his own past in dealing with guns this was to much to bear for the dark knight. He began slowlly but surely taking out Harleys goons by various stealth techinques learned over an exnteisve experience fighting and training to end criminals reign of terror.  

Batman eventually found Harley in the center of what had once been an abandoned factory with her signature bat and in her new red and black corset which barely held this insane womans significant chest within it. "Get a move on boozos move it move it damn I can't believe I hired any of you numbskulls to do this job." Now the dark knight had to figure out how to take out her cloeset bodyguards and while he thought of taking out each one in order to isolate Harley he felt if he took any more time it gave her more time to put guns out on the streets creating more orphans like he had become as a young boy.

So he decided to get on the toop of the factory and then land in the middle disabling the crazy crowns bodyguards and then ordering Harley to stop at once where she'd realize once alone there was no hope for crown princess of crime to win. Batman got into place and then landed in the center of the factory taking out several bodyguards through skilled close combat. Once that was taken care of he looked directly into the eyes of Quinn and stated " It's over Quinn your time in becoming a significant player in the underworld." "No No No No damn it Bats you weren't supposed to be here right now but it doesn't matter now he he because I have a gift from Red that even you can't stop."

Harelly took out the aphrodisiac vial from within her bra and thew it on the gound causing the gas to spead around the factory and Batman didn't have time to put his gask mask on and began to cough along with beathing in this gas which he hoped didn't cause him to get sick or die. Unfortunately for batman the gas was already spreading throughout his body and the part of his brain that dealt with desire and lust went into full overdrive  being best symbolized by constriction of his suit in a certain place so much so that he felt he needed to relieve that pressure. While this was happenng this geniius of a man was still struggling for control and could see in addition to hear everything was going on but he felt that this dick was crying out for release and just when he didn't bring protection with him. 

"What did you do to me Quinn I'll make cough cough sure you get the best treatment in Arkham." "Well Batsie that gas that's even now coursing throughout your body causes men to lose control over their how should I say head he he and overwhelminig desire makes your not so liittle head by just the outline I'm seeing he he he he well wish to plunge deep insdie a sweet girl like me and give me a special gift only a man of your talents can provide." Harely was right he had to make love to her as soon as possible his cock was about to burst out of his suit so he as quickly as possible began to initiatie codes on his suit to dismantle leaving him left in nothing but a work out shirt and boxers. The various pieces of his armor one by one started to come apart leaving him completely vulnerable along with his secret identity to this insane woman. 

"Bruce Wayne no way I really hit the jackpot he he not just will I have a constant reminder to have my revenge but after I'm nice and preggers with a bat in oven I'll be set for life he he. Well Mr. Wayne you look like your in pain around one particular area so why don't you take off those boxers and show me that hard member you got to knock me up! Bruce just didn't know what to say except in a completely uncharacteristic manner. "Please Harley I need release so bad I'll give you whatever you want but I need it now."" Harley went right up to Bruce and reached for his boxers pullng them down and seeing her golden ticket to the good life that were in the form of this rich mans seed that had a perfect place to reside in her womb due to being fertile. "Mmmmmm you look just appetizing Mr Mayne so I think I'll be a good gir for once and help you out." At first he didn't know what she meant by that but then after standing back up strated removing her clothing with first her corset relasing those significant breasts that only her puddn had seen and many men dreamed about touching along with her pants and panties which stated Im crazy but you love me. Leaving her completely naked but in absosolute control of the situtation since it seemed Bruce was now very erect and willing to forgoe any protection made him vunlerable to this woman.

Having illegetimate children out of wedlock wasn't exactly unusual for this highrolling playboy he had left many a beautiful supermodel after a druken one night stand with a child but the deal was they'd take a large sum of money in terms of a check for the rest of their lives and leave him alone and what they did with the personal decisions concerning thier body after that was up to them. Now Harley knew though that not only would she have a child by her geatest enemy which made her body feel a sense of desire it hadn't felt since last seeing Mr J. Well I am a doctor Mr Mayne and I'm diagnosing a wet sloppy blowjob the affected area while coaxing those balls of yours to produce the maximum amount of sperm he he oh Mister J will be so angry when he finds out I'm carrying your bat baby." Harley bends down sexily and takes Waynes cock into her tight hot mouth leaving him to breathlessly grunt and moan periodically his affirmation of pleasure. "Oh god Harley I need to cum your so fucking good ohhhhhh yeah." He places his hands on her head allowing her to go at her own pace but being in a relative position of control. 

Due to the gas his normally long stanima process gave in much sooner than he had dealt with and his balls rose up slightly to dilver his signifiant payload into her mouth. "Ohhhhhhhh I'm cummmmiing Harley I'm cummmmmmming!" Harley felt the short but constant streams of cum fire into her mouth and even down her throat and it felt so good to realize she had gotten the dark knight himself to be completely within her power. She removed her mouth from his dick but left some white hot cum on her tongue to show him that she loved it all the same. This action made what had been befor a deflated cock going to right back to being rock hard and wishing for release that would aid Harley in her master plan. Now that I've given what you want bats I want you to come with me and give me what I want above all else and that is you to cum deep inside of me. She took his dick by one hand he he men were so easily manipulated and led him to a matress close by their original location she had place for just this purpouse. 

"Well on this night the dark knight himself will make love to my body and give me a child that will be his very doom but you have no bat condoms in sight Mr Mayne and I won't use a morning after pill so you will cum inside my hot pussy he he oh Mr Mayne I can't wait to be a mom." "As you wish Harley I need to cum and I don't care anymore." Harley got on the matress first and brought him down with her making it possible that he would inject his little wrigglers as deep as possible into her assuring her of conception but she'd take all night if need be. She brought her hand his considerable dick already leaking with precum and lathered her pussy with some hot spit and fighers positione just right to make sure she was nice and wet and then assured his defeat by bringing her legs over his lower body. 

She got his cock in one hand and led it to her pussy which he immediately thrusted into feeling such a tight and hot place that he didn't know was right there in front of him in the form of one of his villans. Harleys cosiderable breasts began to move up and down erotically with every thrust so Bruce grabbed unto both while tweaking one with his fingers and the other bedinging down and licking making his thrusts sync in combination with the considerable pleasure she was recieving. With no condom to stop his sperm from going deep into a woman millions began to travel up into her just by his pre cum alone. "Yes Yes Yes Yes Bats give me a bat baby, knock me up' put a bun in my oven, cum deep inside of my fucking pussy." " I ahhhh know you want to just let go B-man your balls are ahhhhhh yes so swollen with seed it has only fuck one place to go and that's deep inside of me." "Fucking hell Harely you feel so damn good I can't believe I never oh god did this before not much longer and I'll cum.

Yes Bruce give me that cum and the wayne legacy will be assured I'll be getting part of that extensive fortune and it will feel so ahhhhhhh shit to cum just give in Mr Wayne and you can ohhhhhhh lord have your release. Bruce Waynes legendary willpower finally gave out with a constrticting and tight pussy urging him to let go and give up his seed he finally started to cum to the hilt of this beautiful woman leaving his dick in completely and firing right up against her cervix making sure in a biological reaction that she would become with child  Harley felt it as well and started to cum around him forcing his considerable amount of cum to keep going into her womb that felt so good and hot right at the center of her belly. "Fuck I can't hold it anymore Quinn I'm cummmmmmmming ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss! Harley was estatic and in the midst of her own orgasm to think about anything else where her eyes literally rolled into the back of her head and began to see stars so blinded by the pleasrue.  "Yes Yes Yes Yes Bruce I'm cumming to and your cum feels so good right where it belongs mmmmmmmmm." As both were in a mutual orgasm and were prey to their bodies waynes sperm was even now close at hand to finding a suitable egg to impregnate thus making certain Harley would get what she wanted.

Well Mr Wayne woooooof you sure know how to leave a girl feeling out of breath in more ways than one but just to be sure were going to keep this up until those balls of your are empty as possible he he he he. So Harley pushed Bruce down and she got on top where her body looked incredible with sweat running off her breasts leaving him to reach up and cup both while she impaled herself upon him numerous times. The night wore on until both were exhausted and smelled of sex and after going through many different positions she felt sure that his seed had taken root and so he would be forced to give her a considerable fortune. "Wowwww Bats that was amazing but don't be a strager and call me he he if not I'll defintely find you since where you live isn't exactly conspicous he he."

After the gas had worn off and calling alfred to send him another suit he had hoped after Harley left the weapons factory that would be the last he had heard of her. However about 5-6 months later Bruce Wayne was hosting a gala  in order to raise money for his good friend Commissioner Gordon and everything about the party was going pretty well until Alfred got a knock on the door indicating that perhaps one of the donors had come late. He went to open the door and instead of a donor was greeted by the sight of a pregnant Harley Quinn and was pushed aside despite her new weight leaving her off balance a little bit. Everyone at the Gala including Bruce turns towards the door to find a happy and smiling Harley rubbing her extended belly. "Well Bruce why don't you tell all these good people how you couldn't keep your pants on and now lo and behold he he here I am with a bun in the oven but don't worry I don't want all of the Wayne Fortune only half for me and Bruce Jr to be thats right Mister B I'm having a boy and your a Dad ha ha ha ha.

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