The Angel and the Fire God

BY : SandmansAngel
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Chapter 1:  Passing through the night


On Top of a building of Midway City

Beth’s perspective:

We finally showed up in this strange world that looked like a city from Chicago; I looked at my brothers as I said “We’ll need to find the process location of where the crystal will be.”  Ratchet looked up from his device as he said “It looks like it might be in front of a museum, but there is a person in front of it.  I can’t help but feel worried about this. . . . . . . .  There is something wrong with this” Clank was next to say “There is something falling down from the sky” the minute he said that a helicopter came crashing down with a puff of smoke but it wasn’t totally damaged as the door of the helicopter came undone.  Sly looked down with us as he said “Wait those people don’t look like normal people” as then there was a lot of people coming out of the helicopter.  The first one that came out was a man in uniform that looked like he was FBI; the next one man that came out of the copter had a red and black outfit with black armor with guns with him also he was bald.  I looked at Jak as I said “I sense that he’s a hit man, sniper” as then a woman with pick tails where both of the ends of her hair were dyed with blue and red which matched her very little outfit that she was wearing was the next to come out.

As then we all heard her say “Wow what a ride” with Ratchet whispering out “Damn she’s a crazy nuttier” then a man with a beanie and a waist coat came out next.  Then a woman that looked like a samurai followed after her was a man that looked in human with an animal features to him.  The next person that came out of the copter I could feel the entity that was is inside of him for he had tattoos all over his body and he had a gangster jacket but wearing jeans with a tank under the jacket.  The entity inside of him was a fiery type that I could feel for some reason a god like entity.  I stepped back as Jak said “Beth what’s wrong?”  I looked at him as I said “It’s nothing. . . . .  Let’s just get to where the crystal is being held at” as we all were about to go we all heard the Aussie say something as then a man in a black armor suit appeared in front of us when he said “Hey who the heck are you guys” but before we could say anything the man’s head blow up in front of us and fell over the building that where we were.  We all looked at each other as Daxter said “EEEEEUH” Clank was next to say “I believe that Mr. Flag must have implanted something in them to have it blow up their heads.”

I looked at Sly as I said “Do you think they noticed us” Sly looked over the edge of the building that we were on as he said “No they seem to be shaken up by how dead the guy in front of us was.  I don’t even think that they noticed us” I looked at Ratchet as I said “Alright this is what we’ll do, Ratchet and I will grind the rails while you and Jak flow behind us.  As long as we keep ahead of them and get to where the crystal is before they do we should be fine.”  Jak looked at me as he said “Are you sure you’re okay to do this?  The way you were looking at the guy with the tattoos seemed like we need to worry about him.”  I looked at Jak as I said “I’m fine now let’s going” as then Ratchet tapped his foot on the floor as the railings appeared as him and I started to grind them while Jak and Sly followed behind us.

El Diablo’s perspective

I got out of the copter when I saw something on the top of the building; so I looked to what I thought I saw was a beautiful angel on that building.  I looked away feeling like it was just my imagination and just followed through of the crew where we were sent to the city to stop whatever it was that we had to stop.  As we continued to walk down the street of Midway City I looked around at the scene as I noticed that it looks like a ghost town.  Flag spoke out to the missionaries “Hold your fire” as he brought out a device as he pressed the device as we saw Boomerang and Slipknot trying to escape as Katana pinned Boomerang against the wall.  We all looked as Slipknot was on top of the building when we all watched as his head blow up; making us all know that there was no way we were going to escape from this, and that we were going to die.

Flag finally looked at us as he said “Do we keep playing a Hollywood Square version of ‘I’ll blow up your heads’?”  Then Flag looked at us as he said again “Are you next amigo?”  I looked at him as I said “You’re trippin homie” as we watched him walk over to Deadshot as then he said “You next Deadshot?”

Deadshot said “You threading me” it was then Flag said “Oh yeah seeing that I have your life on the line.  Now let’s move” as.  Deadshot waited for a couple of seconds before Flag could hear anything as he looked at some of us as he whispered “I’m going to kill that guy when this is done and over with who’s with me” I looked at him as I said “I’m not a killer I’m sorry but I don’t kill” as I started to walk away from them.  After a while we all finally got to a spot where there were cars in front of us.  It was then that Flag went up to one of the missionary person with him.  I watched from a far as Boomerang said “I like these odds” then Harley said “Come on” but Deadshot said “Yeah wait a second” I watched him walk up to Flag and Katana doing something.

All of the sudden I heard a beautiful voice whisper out “Watch out and be careful” I looked up for a brief moment as then a weird railing appeared with two people on it.  It was then that the creatures were attacking us but I was so focus on the two people that were doing something weird on that railing that had appeared.  After the attack Boomerang went up to me as he said “Hey, you were some help princess.” I looked at him as I said “Its better this way. . . .  Trust me.”  As then Boomerang then said “Oh, yeah, you’re the fire bloke aren’t eh?”  I then said “I was yeah” then Boomerang mocked me with “Right, yeah, hey. . . . . .  Looky here it’s fire ooooo” I just looked at him annoyed as then one of the missionary person yelled out “What the heck was that” Harley was next to say “Oh look at that it’s a railing in the sky” we all looked up to see that the railing was still there.  Flag then said “Does anyone know what that thing is?”  I spoke out “I don’t know what it is but I saw two people going by it.”

Flag then went up to me as he said “You saw two people go by on that thing right there” I looked at what he was pointing at as I nodded.  Flag then said “Did you see what they were wearing?”  I looked back at Flag as I said “No” then Flag was talking on his walkie-talkie as he said “Keep an eye out for two people up on that railing.”  Then looked at us as he said “Okay let’s move” and so we did in the direction that Flag wanted us to go.

Beth’s perspective

We finally got to another building as Sly said “I think we lost them. . . . .  Do you think they’re going to follow us” I looked at the direction of where those people were as I said “I don’t think so but why would they. . . . . .  I mean they don’t look like they care about anything except getting the job done.”  As then Jak looked down from the building as he said “These weird creatures are going to be a problem if we don’t do something fast.  I can’t help but feel like that if we go farther they might follow us” I went to the edge to see what Jak was looking at when I saw it the creatures as a head with full of eyes around it but had a human’s body with it.  I looked at my brothers as I said “They’re from the Enchantress, she must have done something to them to make them that way.”

Ratchet was next to say “Uh I would never have thought she would have followers. . . . .  I wonder what would happen if I turned them into chickens” I laughed as I said “Now behave Ratchet” as then Clank said while on Ratchet’s back “I don’t think they will notice us if we are up here.”  Sly looked down from where we were as he said “I don’t know Clank they really look like they might follow us. . . . .  Sadly I can’t reach Bentley and Murray from this world so we’re on our own.”  I thought for a second when I looked at them as I said “I know what to do” as then I whispered out the spell that we need as then all the creatures down on the floor stood still.  Ratchet looked down as he said “So what did you use” I responded back with “A station spells as long as they’re under the spell they won’t be able to move.”  Jak looked at me as he said “So if we move they won’t follow us” I nodded as Ratchet yelled out in laughter “Ha you stupid monsters can’t move can you” as then someone from the distance came walking through as they said “Up ahead let’s keep moving”.

I looked at Ratchet as I said “We need to keep moving” as then we all moved from the spot that we were as the ‘Suicide Squad’ came in to the very spot that we were at.

El Diablo’s perspective

As we finally got to the next spot we all heard Rick yell out “What the Hell happened here!”  We all looked at what he saw as we all notice that all the creatures were standing there still not even moving.  Not even an inch from us as Boomerang spoke in shock “Wow some freaky shit happened here!  Are they not moving mates” Deadshot looked at them with his eye piece as he said “Yes, it’s weird but they aren’t moving. . . . .  Um Flag do you know why they aren’t moving.”  Flag looked at them a little closer as he said “No I don’t know why they’re not moving. . . . .  But I have a feeling” as then one of Flag’s men came running up to him as he said “Rick you are not going to believe what I just saw on the roof tops of the building. . . . . .  There was the most beautiful lady in a trench coat with jeans, a guy looking very futuristic with a weasel on his shoulder, a raccoon with a cane, and a cat looking thing with a robot on his back.  They are the ones that did something with the creatures” Flag looked at the man that was talking to him as he said “Wait what you just said”.

I looked up to at the building as Flag was talking to the other guy as then a voice inside of me whispered ‘Your angel has come, she has come’ I looked at the creatures as Deadshot said “Well we might as well take this chance and go with it” so we all started to walk through the streets maneuvering around the creatures in front of us.  We finally got out of the way as we all continued the direction of where Flag wanted us to go.

Beth’s perspective

We finally got to the next building as Ratchet said “I don’t think we can grind the rails from here. . . . . .  We’ll have to go by foot from here, and just make sure that they don’t notice us.”  I walked over to the edge of the building as I could sense that someone was there waiting for someone.  Jak walked up beside me as he said “Don’t” I looked at him as I said “Don’t what” as Jak replied back with “Look I know that we sometimes go save people, but I can’t help but feel like that whoever this person is will be a real pain in the ass if we go save them.  Just leave them be and let those people that came here to take care of it.”  I looked back at the building in front of us as I said “I wasn’t thinking that” as Sly said “Then what were you thinking about”.

I replied back with “Of how are we going to go through this place without this person seeing us. . . . . . .  Whoever this person is they will probably be interested in what we do.  They will try to get us once this is over” Sly put his hand on my shoulder as I sensed him close to me as he said “We’ll figure it out when the time comes but for now we’ll need to get through this.”  As then we came down from the building that we were at and walked through the streets of the city.

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