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Chapter One: Birth


He smiled as he looked at his home from the outside. It wasn’t a brand new house but it was the first time in a while that it was lived in. The very idea warmed his heart to the fullest. After so long, he had a home to go to. He had a wife yet again; a stubborn one, but he loved her all the same! And soon, he would be a father once more.

He shifted into his actual Martian form as he closed the door. He didn’t expect the clichéd welcome kiss at the door; J’onn knew that he would find her in their bedroom or in the living room, watching TV. She was in neither spot; he watched in curiosity as his new wife frantically cleaned the living room.

“… Honey, I’m home?” he tried to break her out of her trance.

Tabitha J’onzz stopped dusting and greeted her husband with a smile. She admitted that it was still weird to refer to him as her “husband”; a mere three years ago, they were only dating! Now, not only had they been married for two months but they were expecting their first child any day. That was another weird thing to her: she had carried the half-Martian child for over a year!

“Oh, you’re home early!”

“Am I? Was this supposed to be a surprise?” J’onn continued to eye her strangely as she went back to dusting. He watched silently as she finished but grabbed a ladder from the utility closet; she was now dusting the ceiling fan.

“What? Me cleaning? No… just not used to you being home this early!”

“I see. My love, I hate to sound oblivious but… why are you cleaning? The house is tidy enough and…”

“Are you kidding me? This house is a mess! And there’s no way my family’s gonna live in a filthy house!” Tabitha gave him a look before going back to the ceiling fan. She checked each blade before she climbed down and moved to the next room. J’onn followed her into the kitchen.


“Shit… dinner! It’s gonna be late, okay?”

“That’s… fine. My love, would you please…”

“I knew I should’ve made that crockpot one!” Tabitha grumbled as she went into the freezer, “I know you try to stay away from meat but it was gonna be this chicken soup one and it sounded good! Well… I could put it on now and we’ll have it tomorrow. I mean, I ain’t gotta put chicken in it…”

“I will eat chicken but Tabitha…”

“Oh, wow; I got a bunch of it frozen. Guess it’ll be chicken tonight, too!” she pulled out two bags of chicken and a package of vegetables from the freezer. J’onn held in his chuckle as she opened the vegetables and popped a couple of pieces in her mouth, “So long as you’re okay, I’m gonna snack a little.” Tabitha prepared the sink to unthaw the meat. She busied herself with franticly cleaning the kitchen. J’onn went back in the living room and clicked on his communicator.

“Oh, my God; you’re calling! It’s time?!”

“… No. Jamila, I believe I need your help.”

“… My help? What’s wrong?”

“You will see when you get here.”



Jamila joined J’onn in watching Tabitha go around cleaning the house. She finally looked up at him.

“Question: what’s she doing with the frozen vegetables?”

“She’s eating them.”

“Wait, what now…?”

“It’s one of her cravings. And by your reaction, it’s now confirmed as an odd one.”

“Well… it’s not a normal one, that’s for sure!”

“That isn’t what’s bothering me. Why is she on a cleaning tirade?” the two had followed her down the hall and into a room, the baby’s room. Jamila smiled as she watched her best friend straighten and dust in there; for someone who was over a year pregnant, she only showed a small bump.

“Hey; she’s finally showing!” her voice made Tabitha stop and smile wide.

“Doc! What’re you doing here?”

“Was in the neighborhood…” the professor winked. She gave J’onn a small laugh, “It’s perfectly fine. She’s just nesting, is all.”

“Nesting…? But… I am almost certain that even though we are two different species, both give live birth. She is not giving birth to some sort of… egg…” J’onn gave his wife a puzzled look. Jamila’s laughter filled the room.

“That’s not what it means! It’s a phase that most pregnant women go through, particularly first time moms. She’s just making sure that the house and the baby room is sterile enough for the little one. Which, um, hon?” Jamila directed her attention back to Tabitha, who was cleaning the actual ceiling, “Unless you’re giving birth to Peter’s child, I highly doubt the little Martian will be up there!”

“But… all of that dust up there! What if it falls into his crib? He could get sick! He could be allergic to dust! Oh, no…” Tabitha gasped and looked at J’onn, her eyes suddenly tearful, “What if… he can’t breathe this air?!”

“Uh, Tabs? J’onn breathes this air…”

“… Did you say… ‘he’? You are giving me a son?!” his red eyes widened at Tabitha.

“Wait; how do you know? You don’t even know when the kid’s gonna drop!”

“Oh…” Tabitha stopped cleaning and looked at the two, a slow blush forming across her cheeks, “I wasn’t supposed to say nothing.”

“How long have you known?”

“Um… kinda before I got pregnant.” she gave them a shy look. Tabitha went on to explain about her time-traveling mission with Bruce, Diana and John. While she mentioned meeting their son, she left out other details; particularly the untimely deaths of the Lindseys.

That is why I could not contact you! It still puzzles me. If Bruce made sure that this Clinton will never be able to travel through time… what makes you so sure that our first born is a boy?”

“I… I don’t think that it stopped anything else. Or that it would. The rest is up to us. And… I’m pregnant, now! Oh! And, after you left, he visited me in a dream. If he wasn’t meant to be… why would that happen?”

“She actually has a point. We’re always in control of our own destinies.” Jamila nodded.

“Hmm…” J’onn laid a hand on Tabitha’s belly, “You could’ve changed everything. And yet, you didn’t.”

“I… I don’t know. We were already… seeing each other by the time that happened.”

“In other words, you two were already having plenty of Martian sex so she could’ve already been pregnant!”

“Oh, we wer…” J’onn started but Tabitha quickly covered his mouth.

“Oh, my God; don’t make it worse!”

“Really? You’re married and pregnant; how long are you gonna blush at the mention of sex?!”

“J-J-Just… shut up! I gotta get dinner ready…” she rushed and made her way into the kitchen. Jamila gave J’onn a shocked look.

“She cooks?!”

“I heard that!”



Jamila had to admit that Tabitha wasn’t a bad cook. She loved to tease the lightning woman about numerous things however she never actually seen her cook. The professor automatically assumed that she couldn’t! She apologized after eating the meal.

Tabitha cleaned the kitchen while her best friend and her husband talked in the living room. She didn’t mind; they were talking science, as she liked to put it! She thought about everything that she went through and a smile appeared as she washed the dishes.

In a way, she wished that her military career hadn’t ended so abruptly as it did; she really wanted to make it into an actual career. But it was for the best. She was a member of the Justice League and Monitor to Metro Tower. She didn’t go on many missions but she learned to live with that; it was much easier for Tabitha to do her upgrades and instruct others on where to go. Several years ago, if someone told her that she would fall in love with a Martian and marry him, she would have them committed! She stopped washing the plate and smiled down at her stomach; things had certainly changed!

Tabitha’s brow crinkled as she felt sudden movements from her unborn child.

“Ooh… what are you doing in there?” she smirked. It had been a while since the child spoken to her; before J’onn came back, there was a long period where the little Martian would make sure that Tabitha would take care of herself. The whispered reminders had worried her a bit but once she figured out where they were coming from, she didn’t mind them in the least.

“…… Mom… I’m scared. Something is happening…” the whispered voice was indeed a bit frantic.

“Something like wha-aah!” the plate that she held in her hand shattered as the sharp pain coursed throughout her body. She tried to gather her senses but another jolt of pain hit her, making her double over.

“Tabs? You okay?” Jamila called from the living room. Tabitha tried to answer but the only thing she could do was scream as another wave of pain hit her. J’onn was immediately by her side before Jamila could get up. Tabitha shook and clinched at J’onn’s arm as she was hit with more excruciating pain.

“F-F-Fuck!” she breathed out. Jamila rushed into the kitchen and ran cool water on a dish towel.

“I can’t believe this is happening while I’m here!” she carefully dabbed her best friend’s forehead.

“What? What is happening?”

“She’s having contractions! Hon… you’re gonna pass out if you keep breathing like that! Do what they taught you in Lamaze!”

“I-I-In wha-AAAH!!” tears sprout out of her eyes.

“You didn’t go? How are you supposed to know what to do?!”

“To be fair, Jamila: this is not a normal pregnancy… no one knows what to expect.”

“… True. Okay! Well…”

“Can someone do something; he’s gonna split me apart!!” Tabitha cried.

“Yep; she’s about to have him!” Jamila beamed. J’onn gathered his wife in his arms.

“Jamila, you will join us?”

“Pfft! I’m not missing this!”



Michael Holt looked up from the console in time to see J’onn materialize onto the teleportation pads. The dark skinned man, known as Mr. Terrific was named Monitor of Watchtower over a year ago when the Martian took a leave of absence. Now that he was back, the two became co-Monitors.

Mr. Terrific watched as J’onn carried his wife, who was in obvious pain, followed by an excited professor. J’onn rushed past everyone and headed straight to the infirmary.

“Jamila…” he grabbed her attention before she could follow them.

“Mr. Terrific! It’s finally happening!”

“Well… it’s about time! Should I announce it?”

“No! She’ll kill you! Where’s Wally?”

“You called?”

“Jesus-fucking-Christ, Wally!” Jamila jumped and turned around.

“Sorry! You wanted me?” he gave her a wide grin.

“Calm yourself! Tabs is in labor!”

“Whoa… really?! Yes! About time! I’m on it; go back to our friend!” both left the control room. Jamila was lucky to catch up to the couple just as they were entering the infirmary. One of the guards stopped her.

“Sorry, ma’am; you can’t enter.”

“But, I have a badge! And that’s my best friend! And she’s about to have my god baby!!”

“Let her in; I need her!!” Tabitha cried out. Jamila threw the guards a smug look as she pushed her way through.

“I’m here, I’m here!”

“Where were you?! It hurts and I’m all… slimy… down there…” Tabitha cried more as J’onn laid her on one of the cots.

“I’m so sorry! Stupid Wally held me up! Oh; your water just broke! But… slimy? It’s not supposed to be slimy…” Jamila moved out of the way for the frenzy of medics that came over. When they stripped her of her clothing, small murmurs escaped everyone’s lips. A pale blue substance trailed down her inner thigh.

“Okay! For right now, we’ll treat this as her water breaking.” one of the medics instructed. They put Tabitha in a gown and prepared her to give birth.

“Um, sir: we’re going to have to ask you and the civilian to leave. We don’t know what to expect…”

“Leave? No way in hell!”

“I will agree with Jamila. I am her husband and the father of that child… my son; I will be by her side.”

“No one’s going nowhere! If you make them leave, I’ll hold this kid in!!”

“Okay, okay; it’s fine! No one is leaving unless things become dire. Tabitha, how are you feeling?” the head medic tried to calm her down. The lightning woman shook as more tears sprouted out.

“Oh, my God; I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die! The baby’s killing me… this shit hurts! Please, someone, just take him the hell out!”

“…… I don’t know what’s going on, mom. I’m moving and I’m trying not to…” the whispered voice matched the panic in Tabitha’s. She felt a sudden jolt of pain and screamed, currents of lightning traveled all over her body. Jamila and the other medics quickly moved away from her.

“We’re not going to be able to do anything while she’s like that…” another medic said to no one in particular. Even as more electricity coursed over her, J’onn kneeled and grabbed her hand, wincing as he received painful jolts.

“I know that we agreed that I would not use my abilities on you again. But… I will block your pain receptors.” he told her as he ran his hand over her forehead. The lightning ceased as Tabitha relaxed. She gave her husband a grateful smile.

“Okay… that was worth it…”



When Bruce saw Wally speed up to him, he had a feeling that he would be glad he was aboard Watchtower. After speaking to him, he was glad for his instincts; he and Shayera made their way to the infirmary. Tabitha J’onzz was finally going to give birth.

He usually had no regrets with any decision that he made. However, a part of him wanted to linger on one as he joined the others who were crowded around the glass panel. Less than a year ago, he was set to finally wed. He didn’t want to say that Tabitha was the love of his life. He did love her and looked forward to being married. He never expected for her to already be pregnant, carrying a half-Martian child. Bruce Wayne’s only regret was making the decision to end things. There was no way he would be able to raise a half-Martian child, though. He slightly smirked as he watched the Watchtower medics fuss over her, a couple giving J’onn a look as he didn’t leave his wife’s side. He had to admit that the two belonged together.

“Is everyone here to watch her give birth?” he looked at the crowded hallway.

“How many times will we get to see a human give birth to a Martian?” Shayera smirked at him. Bruce laughed.


“You know what I meant.” she rolled her eyes and laughed, “This is exciting for everyone to witness. And, it means that J’onn is no longer the last Martian. This is history.”

“That is true.” he agreed. He raised his brows as his attention went back to the room, “Something’s happening…”

Tabitha cringed a bit as the head medic checked her cervix.

“Okay, we’re just going to check to see… oh…” the medic shot a quick look at Tabitha, “Do you have the urge to push?”

“Y-Y-Yeah. He said… he’s moving…”

“Okay, I need you to start pushing then!”

“Wait, what? It’s happening now?! Tabs, you want me to record?!”

“I don’t care…” she grunted at her best friend as she began to push. She sighed out as her body relaxed after ten seconds.

“Doing good, Tabitha. Just let me know when you feel the need to push again and we’ll do it.”

“Okay… I need to push again…” Tabitha didn’t wait for the medic as she began to push yet again.

“Wait… oh, okay. I guess… keep pushing, then!” the medic prepared to grab the baby. Her own eyes widened as she saw the start of a tiny, green head, “Excellent; here comes the head. The baby’s almost here, Tabitha…”

The crowd outside the infirmary murmured and gasped, a few onlookers recording the birth, themselves.

“That is amazing. She was pregnant for an entire year… and this kid takes five minutes to come out!” Wally shook his head as everyone got a glimpse of the baby’s head.

“That’s definitely got to be a record. Speaking of… pay up…” Green Arrow looked at Black Canary. Diana looked at the two.

“You made a bet on the birth…?”

“She said Tabitha would be in labor for days. Two, to be exact!”

“I can’t believe I didn’t know about this bet. I would’ve lost as well; I was certain it would’ve taken longer!”

“That’s a bad habit you have, betting against Tabitha.” Bruce shook his head.

Tabitha gave out a loud grunt as she pushed hard. She couldn’t push anymore and leaned back into the cot, exhausted. She smiled as wide as she could when she heard crying. She wanted to have a look at him but her eyelids grew heavy; all she saw before she closed her eyes was a tiny, wrinkled green body.

“And, it’s a boy! A very loud boy…” the medic flinched slightly as the baby wailed. J’onn couldn’t help it; his attention went solely to the newborn, a look of amazement planted on his face.

“Oh, my God; he’s beautiful, guys! Got a nice pair of lungs on him, too! Or… how many pairs of lungs does he have, J’onn? J’onn…” Jamila looked at him. All he could do was stare as the head medic placed his son in Tabitha’s lap. After so many centuries lamenting over the loss of his family, his entire race, he had a true need to smile. The love of his life made him a father, again. J’onn took in the whole scene and didn’t care who saw the single tear rolling down his cheek. As he smiled at his son, Jamila smiled at him, wiping her own tears, “Congratulations… dad. Damnit, Tabs, I can’t believe we finally found something to make him cry and didn’t get it on… Tabs…? Tabitha!” her panicked voice put his attention back to his wife. He sighed for relief as his hand ran over her forehead.

“It’s fine. She’s… asleep.” he reassured and gave her a loving kiss on her forehead.

The Martian watched as the medics busied themselves cleaning and running tests on the baby. He stood beside one of the medics as he finally wrapped the baby in a blanket.

“How is he…?”

“We… well, sir, we don’t know anything about Martian children. So, if you don’t mind taking a look at the blood tests later…”

“Of course.”

“Other than that, he’s healthy, physically. Would you… like to hold your son, sir?” the man asked. J’onn’s eyes softened as he nodded, carefully gathering his son in his arms. As he ran his finger gently across the baby’s cheek, he slowly opened his eyes. J’onn let out a gasp. Jamila came by and looked.

“What? What’s wrong with him…?” she asked. J’onn finally smiled, more tears threatening to leave his own eyes.

“There is nothing wrong. His eyes. They’re… brown.”

“Are you sure? You usually can’t tell until… oh… they are brown! Aw, hi, little one! You’re the cutest little Martian baby I’ve ever seen! Well… you’re the only Martian baby I’ve ever seen but whatever; you’re precious and you’re finally here!” she cooed. A light tap from the panoramic window made J’onn look up. He was so wrapped up in watching the birth of his child, he had no idea that there were others who witnessed it as well. J’onn was surprised to see nearly all of the Justice League members crammed in the hallway, anticipating a closer look at the newborn. He smiled as he approached the glass, proudly showing the baby to the others. Everyone gave the newborn loving looks. J’onn looked down and smiled at the small bundle in his arms.

“Welcome to the world, my son…”



When she finally stirred, she slowly stretched and opened her eyes. She smiled as her husband’s red eyes met hers. Tabitha kept her sigh to herself; she hated blacking out and waking up in a hospital bed. She quickly remembered the reason why.

“Finally…” J’onn grabbed her hand gently. Tabitha laughed weakly.

“A few hours without me won’t kill ya…”

“My love, you were asleep for two days…” he simply looked at her. Her yawn was interrupted by the urge to laugh fully. She opened her mouth to speak until the door to her infirmary room opened; a guard ushered Jamila in.

“Oh! You’re alive! About time; I was beginning to think you were in a coma!” Jamila smiled widely at her. She made her way past the bombardment of flowers and balloons, looking for a place for her own.

“Oh… you wasn’t joking…” Tabitha looked at J’onn.

“Then again; I think I would’ve been knocked out, too if I pushed out a ten-pound baby in five minutes. Still trying to figure out how you never showed until right before you had him…” Jamila laughed and sat down on the other side of her best friend.

“My son already has one of my abilities; he adjusted to the confines of her womb.”


“Okay, enough science talk; where’s my baby?” Tabitha grunted as she sat up. J’onn nodded as he went across the room to the basinet and picked up their son. Tabitha’s eyes immediately moistened when he placed the baby in her arms. No sooner as he felt the warmth of her skin, he yawned and opened his eyes. Tears finally fell from her eyes as she slowly caressed his cheek.

She knew that he would be green. She knew what he would look like when he became older. Seeing him as an infant was another thing. He didn’t have those angular features of his father’s although the beetle brow was present. The baby seemed to be a smaller version of J’onn’s humanoid guise; the only difference were the brown eyes that stared back at her.

“Oh… don’t be disappointed. I know that he might not look at all what you’ve imagined but keep in mind that he’s a mix of…”

“What the hell are you talking about? He’s perfect…” she cried as she kissed him on his forehead.

“… Yes. Yes, he is. A perfect and healthy Martian.” J’onn smiled down at his son, “You fell asleep immediately after giving birth. I… they asked for his name and I did not know. I didn’t want to make a decision without you.”

“Oh. I named him after my best friend… the one… I killed.”

“I see.”

“I mean, if you have a problem with it, we can think of another…”

“No. If that is the name he told you when you went to the future… then that will be his name. I knew that you would honor him in some form.” he told her as he kissed his wife on her forehead. Tabitha relaxed and smiled fully at her child.

“Then… his name is T’ony. T’ony J’onzz.”

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