The Twisted Loves of the Flash and the Arrow

BY : NelleBlack
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The familiar perky click of Felicity’s heels announced her presence as she entered Star Labs. Caitlin and Cisco turned away from the red blur on the treadmill to wave at their friend and guest. The treadmill began to slow until Felicity could make out a human running along. Barry looked over to the blonde with eyes that smiled through her black-rimmed glasses. Felicity’s deep purple sundress framed her breasts and skimmed over her hips in a way that made Barry’s already fluttering heart skip another beat. Besides Iris, Felicity was the only girl that could make Barry lose his focus. As he drank her in, his toe skidded on the treadmill; he went down with a hard thud and shot to the back of the room.


Barry looked around dazed. The same pair of ample breasts that caused the stumble greeted him as Felicity knelt to help him up. Like I need anymore help getting up, Barry thought to himself. The pressure in his groin increased as Felicity rubbed her hand along his back.


“I am so sorry Barry! Did I come too soon for you?” she stammered, and then silently scolded herself for saying such awkward sexual innuendos. “I meant, dammit, I caught an earlier train from Starling City, so I am a bit earlier than expected.”


“No, no it is great to see you Felicity. You are right on time.” Barry smiled. I wonder how fast I could make you cum though…


Felicity must have read his mind because her cheeks transformed into a scarlet red. Barry felt his thin running shorts growing taut. She was looking directly at the package hiding under the red fabric. Luckily, Cisco was preoccupied with the treadmill and Caitlin had run off for the portable CT Scanner, just incase Barry had a concussion from his tumble. Felicity couldn’t help but notice how sexy, in a lean and lanky way, Barry was in his shorts and t-shirt. Usually he was so covered up in the Flash suit. Barry blushed under her sultry expression. He needed to be alone with Felicity Smoak before he really embarrassed himself.


“Do you want to see my new Flash suit? Cisco upgraded the traction pads on my shoes.”  Barry inquired to Felicity. “It will make it even easier to run vertically, I can take you to a rooftop.”


“I would love that Barry. Let’s see what the Flash has got.”


Caitlin returned with the CT Scanner, “Before you go showing off, let me check your head!”  But the head she was referring to was not Barry’s main concern; his other problem was growing impatient. Before anyone else could interject, Barry had his suit on and Felicity was in his arms.


Barry raced through the streets of Central City. Felicity was not lightweight, but Barry liked how she felt curled in his arms. He felt the beat of her heart against his chest and each breath as they landed along his neck. He needed to get this suit off so his skin could be against hers. Barry had never tried to run with so much pressure in his pants before, and it was making things more difficult. Maybe I should ask Cisco for a little more breathing room in the suit. Why is it so skin tight anyway? Seriously, skin tight.


After what felt like a century to Barry, and a minute to Felicity, Barry arrived on the rooftop of Jitters. He wasn’t sure why he had taken her to this rooftop, perhaps it was the view of the city, or perhaps it was the only place he felt at home. Either way, Jitters was closed and he knew Iris would be at home with Eddie by now.


“Whoa, I will never get used to that,” Felicity gasped as she caught her breath. She looked out toward the city pensively. “There is something so different about Central City. Starling City can be so cold and unforgiving, but Central seems--- hopeful.” Barry considered if she was not just talking about the cities.


“So, uh, how is Oliver?” Barry ventured.


“Oliver Queen is… well Oliver. Always too focused on his next target to notice who is around him. Maybe it is for the best that he stays focused; a distraction could get him killed.” Then Felicity added, “and Iris?”


“Living with Eddie and happy as could be. I mean I am happy for her of course, and Eddie is a great guy. Excellent cop. Handsome. Buff. So nice…. He is great.” A pang of jealousy hit Barry right in the gut.


The conversation fell. For a second Felicity and Barry silently reflected on their unrequited loves; both of them considered that maybe what they wanted was in clear sight in front of them. Felicity’s pulse quickened. Barry reached out to tuck a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.


“That was really cliché, I am sorry.”


“Barry, shut up.” Felicity whispered as she closed the distance between them. Her lips collided with his, perhaps a little harder than she intended, but the rush sent a jolt up her spine. His mouth devoured hers with a hunger that she hadn’t felt in long time. Felicity knew Barry wanted, maybe even needed, this release. His tongue parted her lips to explore further. She gently bit his bottom lip, sucking until a low growl escaped from Barry.


Barry stepped back, he needed to feel Felicity’s skin against his own. He craved her. He needed her. In a flash he got his suit off. While running he took the liberty to admire the purple dress covering Ms. Smoak. What treasure was hidden underneath? He decided he would take his time discovering her.


Barry stopped behind Felicity. She felt the whoosh and then his breath on her neck. He slowly, possibly slower than he had ever moved, unzipped her dress. He kissed along her shoulder as the straps slipped off. Sucking on her earlobe, he pushed the rest of the dress down her body. With a moan she stepped out of the purple pile to turn towards Barry. They took each other in, Barry in his briefs and Felicity in in a deep purple bra and matching lace thong.


“I always wondered what you had on under that suit.”


“I always wondered what you had on under everything you wear.” Barry cheekily replied. “You are absolutely beautiful, Felicity.”


They collided once more. Barry ran his hands down her back, cupping her ass, and pulling her against him. Felicity tangled her fingers in his shortly cropped hair. Coming up for air, Barry kissed down her neck. He meant to unhook her bra in a swift, smooth motion… but instead fumbled with it until she chuckled. “Don’t worry Barry, I will save the day this time.” Felicity had the clasp undone before she finished the sentence.


With her breasts free, her erect nipples welcomed Barry. He gently suckled them, swirly his tongue around the bud. She felt the stirring in her own groin as his fingers and mouth worked. Her eyes closed and she felt her knees beginning to buckle. Suddenly, the sensation stopped. Opening her eyes to another familiar whoosh, Barry stood before her with a blanket and pillow. Where did he get those? She wondered, but didn’t ask because Barry was laying her down on the makeshift bed. He resumed his delightful assault on her breasts until she begged him to touch her lower. She wanted to feel his tongue between her legs.


Barry gladly acquiesced to her pleads. He licked down her stomach and along her hip bone. As he hovered over her most sensitive area, he could smell how much she wanted him. Her thong was damp with desire. Swiftly pulling them down he breathed on and barely kissed her slit. Felicity thrusted her hips toward him. She wanted more and he knew it. After teasing her a few moments longer, he dived into her folds. His tongue explored and he listened to her moans. When she let out a gasp, he knew he had found the buried treasure. He wanted to feel, and taste, her cum. Barry moved his tongue faster and faster. His super speed was unlike any vibrator or toy she had at home. Felicity felt the orgasm coming. It began in small waves but grew quickly. When Barry slid a finger inside of her, she could no longer hold it off. The orgamisc wave washed over her causing all of her muscles to contract. Barry felt her legs squeeze around his face and then go limp. Her breathing was ragged. Her pussy glistened with her own cum. The same cum he could taste on his lips. His cock pressed against his briefs. Seeing how wet he had made her only increased his own desire.


Gathering herself, Felicity sat up to reach for Barry. She kissed him hard, noticing how she tasted on his lips. Barry slipped his briefs down to release his throbbing member. Felicity's hands caressed his package and gripped his cock. Although he was already so hard, she wanted a turn to taste him. Pushing him onto his back, she licked up and down his shaft. It moved under her tongue: asking for more. She traced the head with her tongue until he groaned. It was her turn to tease him. When he could no longer take it, she plunged his cock deep into her mouth. He felt the tip on the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down, tasting the length of his cock, and licking the pre-cum. If she continued this he would not be able to take it much longer.


Flipping her onto her back, Barry reached for the box of condoms he had grabbed with the blankets. Sheathing himself, he looked into her beautiful eyes. He hadn’t noticed she had taken her glasses off at some point. He saw the need and desire looking back at him, matching his own feelings. With a firm thrust, he was deep inside her.


She was tight and wet against his cock. Barry could feel Felicity stretching around him so they molded together perfectly. Her breasts jostled with every thrust; her back arched in pleasure. As he moved inside of her he could feel the walls tightening. She was on the verge of cumming once again. Barry quickened his pace and held Felicity close. She was panting into his ear as another orgasm shook through her. He noticed how she tightened and quivered around his cock. Feeling her lose control Barry came with her. Together they pulsed in ecstasy.  


When the pulsing subsided, Barry slowly pulled out of her. “Hope I didn’t cum too early for you,” he coyly smirked, although only half kidding. Felicity nodded her approval and released him with a heavy sigh.


“I suppose we should get back to Star Labs.” With that, Felicity rolled over to put that purple dress back on. Barry blushed and averted his gaze. A few minutes ago he was revelling her naked body, but now he couldn’t bring himself to look at her. Was this a mistake? He wondered. How could something that great be a mistake? What would it be like with Iris though? As soon as Iris entered his mind, he knew it wouldn’t never work with Felicity.


Felicity found the dress and began zipping herself up. Would Oliver make me feel like that? Why is he the only man I can ever think about? She had been avoiding Barry’s gaze. When their eyes met this time, there was no lust--- instead they felt a pang of guilt. Scooping up Felicity, Barry flashed back to Star Labs with a heavy mind.

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