Mary Marvel Joins Booster Gold’s Conglomerate

BY : NightCreeper
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Mary Marvel Joins Booster Gold’s Conglomerate

by: Night Creeper

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Mary Marvel Joins Booster Gold’s Conglomerate

By Night Creeper

“I’m not joining, Booster Gold!”

“Oh come on, Batgirl!” Booster Gold pleaded.

“I’m going to try to say this as nice as possible . . . but I can’t. Look! You’re an idiot! Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, you should have recruited people for your own team before you made one?” Batgirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

Booster Gold could feel his pants get tight around his crotch area. The man shook his head and pulled his eyes back to Batgirl’s face. “The Conglomerate is new. We need a face like yours,” the man smiled.

“Just because you weren’t happy when Batman assigned you to crowd control, doesn’t mean that you should form a new team. The Justice League will take you back.”

“I don’t want to go back to the Justice League!”

“Your loss. But I have to go. The Justice League is fighting villains tonight,” Batgirl spoke as she took her leave.

“Batgirl!” Booster Gold yelled as the woman walked away without even looking back. “This sucks,” the man snarled.

A few minutes later, a crowd of screaming people ran by him. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“The Justice League told us to run this way!” a man shouted as he ran by.

“It figures. I guess . . .” Booster Gold sighed as he looked up in the sky and saw something that resembled a comet hurtling toward him and the retreating crowd.

“LOOK OUT!!” people screamed as they darted away.

The object hit a building, crumbling a whole side. Luckily no one was hurt. Booster Gold scratched his head as Mary Marvel stumbled out from the collapsing building. “You okay?” he asked as he helped the woman stabilize her feet.

“Yea. I just got the wind knocked out of me,” Mary Marvel mumbled as she tried to shake the cobwebs.

“Batman is approaching,” Skeets spoke as he hovered next to Booster Gold.

“Thanks Skeets.”

“Are you okay, Mary?” Batman asked, not paying any attention to Batman.

“Yea sure.”

“I told you that your idea was a bad one. Next time, listen to me.”

“But . . .”

“People could have been hurt. You’re just lucky that you’re not.”

“Okay. What do you want me to do?”

“Stay here.”

“But I . . .”

“Stay here!”

“I want to help!”

“You can stay here and help! Don’t be like him and cause trouble!” Batman spoke as he pointed at Booster Gold and walked away.

“Don’t worry. He talked to me like that all the time,” Booster Gold tried to comfort a sobbing Mary Marvel as she wept.

“I was only trying to help,” the woman sobbed.

“So was I, but he always talked to me like that.”

“How did you get him to stop?”

“I left.”

“So it’s true?”

“Yes. I formed the Conglomerate. We’re a substitute to the Justice League and one day, it will surpass the Justice League. We’ll fight crime without taking Batman’s crap!”

“How many members do you have?”

“One so far.”

“Uh . . .”

“Two if you count Skeets there.”

“How about three?” Mary Marvel asked as Booster Gold smiled and nodded.


Three Weeks Later

“Why are you with Booster Gold?” Batgirl asked as she stood in an alley with Mary Marvel.

“Batman hasn’t been very appreciative of my efforts in the Justice League,” Mary Marvel replied.

“Batman is hard on everyone. He’s been insulting me for years. I think he would even insult Superman if it wasn’t for the fact that the man would knock his head right off. But he has been known to insult Supergirl,” Batgirl spoke as she placed her hand on Mary Marvel’s shoulder.

“You don’t understand.”

“Trust me, I do. He’s just being hard on you in hopes that you will improve.”

“No. He’s being hard on me, not because he wants me to improve, but because he wants me to leave.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“I’m not.”

“Care to tell me about the Conglomerate then?” Batgirl asked, trying to change the subject.

“We haven’t done much.”

“That’s because Booster Gold is the leader.”

“No. That’s not it.”

“Care to tell me the real reason then?”

“It’s Batman.”


“He’s trying to stop everyone from getting their due in the spotlight.”

“Now hold on there. I don’t know what kind of garbage Booster Gold has been putting in your head, but that’s not true!” Batgirl snapped.

“It is true! Why do you think none of our commercials have made it on the air?”


“Booster Gold is trying to market our new organization to the world. The Conglomerate is going to a substitute for the Justice League. It’s going to be an organization where egos don’t get in the way!”

“But commercials?”

“We’re trying to sell self-help books, CD, and DVD’s. There’s even special drinks and supplements. By the way, Booster Gold told me to give you this,” Mary Marvel said as she calmed down and handed Batgirl a card.

“What is this for?”

“Booster Gold knows that you and everyone else has a secret identity and wouldn’t be buying things off the website. So he created that card. You can use it to things online without giving up secret identity.”

“How thoughtful,” Batgirl said sarcastically.

“He even created one for Huntress, Black Canary, and even Batman.”

“Mary . . .”

“I have to go. If you decide to change your mind, feel free to join the Conglomerate,” Mary Marvel said as she flew off, not even waiting for Batgirl’s reaction.


Two Days Later

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Huntress sighed.

“No. This is his web site,” Batgirl replied.

“I can’t believe how many times his own portrait appears here,” Black Canary spoke.

“It’s wallpaper. He basically assigned his own picture as the wallpaper. It’s really easy.”

“But how big is his ego?”

“His ego is amazing big. Too bad he doesn’t have much of a brain in that big head of his,” Batman spoke as he entered the room. “Did you talk to Mary Marvel?”


“What did she say?”

“She said that you wanted to kick her out and that Booster Gold said that you’re blocking his commercials from airing.”

“Commercials?” Black Canary and Huntress inquired before bursting into laughter.

“This is ridiculous! Booster Gold can do and say whatever he wants, but he can’t drag other people down with him. Talk to Mary Marvel again.”

“You want me to order more crap from this website?” Batgirl inquired.

“If she’s the one delivering the garbage then yes,” Batman replied.

“Why don’t you order something, Batman?” Huntress asked.

“He can’t. Mary Marvel refuses to deliver things to him,” Batgirl answered.

“Looks someone is trying to avoid you, Batman,” Black Canary uttered.

“Just talk to her,” Batman spoke as he left the room.


A Week Later

“Is something wrong?” Mary Marvel asked.

“It’s Batman! He’s stopping us at every turn! Remember last night? We were just seconds from capturing Grodd, when Batman and the rest of the Justice League showed up with cameras in tow! Of course, Batman then took the time to steal our spotlight by taking all the credit even though we were the ones that tracked Grodd down!” Booster Gold fumed as he sat in front of the PC.

“Batman is annoying, but we’re still fighting crime. That’s what we wanted right?”

“It is, but it doesn’t pay the bills.”

“I thought the website was moving goods.”

“It is, but not enough.”

“How far are we?”

“Well . . . couple rental space for our headquarters, which doubles as our living quarters, add in food, water, electricity, cable connection, and web space, we are a few thousand short.”

“Boss. We can start auction off items on E-Bay,” Skeets quickly suggested.

“I tried selling my autographs on the site, but there aren’t any takers. I bet if we cracked a case or caught a villain, we would be raking in the dough to pay for all this.”

“But I thought we were in this to fight crime, not to make money.”

“We are. We just need to be able to pay for expenses. Besides, the most frequent shopper on the site is Batgirl. But she uses the card so she’s getting things extra cheap.”

“We just need to step up our own investigations in order to stop crime then,” Mary Marvel said proudly.


“Boss . . . the lights seems to be flickering.”

“Oh great! The cable connection is out. So much for paying bills online. I’m going down to the power plant and paying the bill. You two stay here and think of a way to generate more money to pay for things. We can’t fight crime if we can’t turn on the power,” Booster Gold spoke as he left the building.


Two Weeks Later

“Seriously Mary Marvel, Batman wants to see you back at the Justice League,” Batgirl uttered as Mary Marvel continued to fumble through the cardboard box in her hands.

“No dice. We made our first bust a week ago and we’re getting some interviews. The site is now getting more traffic and soon we’ll be capturing criminals left and right.”

“Catching a former kidnapper, who just happened to grab a dog is hardly a major bust,” Batgirl corrected.

“I expected that from Batman, but not you,” Mary Marvel growled as she handed Batgirl a Booster Gold Power Drink Mix.

“I seriously don’t know what you see in him.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“I don’t know what you see in him.”

“Are you implying that I am in love with Booster Gold?”

“Aren’t you?”

“No. I only believe the same ideals as he does.”

“And those are?”

“We are trying to stop crime!”

“By catching a man who stole a dog?”

“It was still a crime!”

“But it was a dog.”

“It’s a major crime to the little girl.”

“But it was a dog.”

“Don’t be jealous, Batgirl.”

“I’m not. It’s just that you two have been unable to catch any villains except for someone who happened top grab a dog. But I’ve noticed that the picture on these drinks have changed. There seems to be a picture of him on one side and you on another,” Batgirl spoke, deciding it was best to change the subject after seeing Mary’s facial reaction to her comment.

“It’s to show that we’re a team.”

“You’re blowing a kiss on the logo.”

“That’s to the fans.”

“You don’t find that exploitive?”

“No. I’m just thanking the fans. It’s not like I’m in a new outfit.”


Two Weeks Later

Bizzaro smashed Mary Marvel in the gut, sending the woman crashing into the building. The doppelganger charged, but Mary Marvel moved out of the way causing Bizzaro to topple the entire building.

“Looks like your friend is dead,” Cheetah purred at Booster Gold.

“I doubt it,” Booster Gold replied as he threw baseball at Cheetah. “I just can’t believe you two would rob a sporting goods store. What’s the matter, running out of funds?”

“Out of funds? We’re not the one with a website!” Cheetah roared as she dodged the ball and dove through a window.

“Bizzaro smash!” the villain growled as he tried to punch Mary Marvel, who dodged the punch.

A few feet away, Booster Gold picked up another baseball and was about to throw it when he saw Captain Cold hiding behind a cut-out of a basketball player. With a smile on his face, he threw the baseball at Captain Cold, who fired his gun at Bizarro’s feet. Bizarro then slipped and rammed into Mary Marvel, who flew back and knocked Captain Cold off his feet, landing in his lap.

“Bizzaro feet cold. Cheetah gone. Bizzaro go find Cheetah,” the villain spoke as he flew into a wall and out the store.

Captain Cold tried to get up, but he felt Mary Marvel’s breasts against his chest. The warmth of her panting mouth was raining down onto his throat. Captain Cold could feel his heart race as he continued to lay there. And he was glad he did, especially when Mary began to stir. The barely conscious woman touched his face over and over again as she tried to get her bearings.

“Got you!” Booster Gold exclaimed as went up to Captain Cold and slapped on a pair of handcuffs just as the police poured into the sporting goods store.


The Next Day

“I’m telling you, Mary! You did a great job! But I now know why we’ve been having all those problems nabbing bad guys!” Booster Gold spoke like a giddy school boy while watching the surveillance tape from the sporting goods store.

“And what is that?”

“We need you to change costumes. I’m not saying that you need to ear something as revealing as Wonder Woman’s, but you definitely need to get a smaller top. Maybe even showing some midriff.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“But we caught Captain Cold because of it. It’s our first major bust!”

“We got the dog . . .”

“He’s small potatoes. We caught Captain Cold!”

“I’m not changing my costume.”



“Please with sugar on top?”


“How about a cherry on top?”


“Okay. Okay. I hear you loud and clear.”


A Week Later

“I can’t believe we let all those villains get away!” Booster Cold yelled as he slammed his hands onto the table.

“Boss . . . I was able to record some of their conversations.”

“I know, but they’re all at a gentlemen’s club. We can’t get inside without being spotted. I think we should just let it go.”

“Wait,” Mary Marvel spoke. “Where are they?”

“The escaped super criminals from Gotham City are going to be holding a meeting at a gentlemen’s club,” Skeets reported.

“If we can get in, hit them with this stun grenade . . . we’ll have them all.”

“Let’s just burst in and nab them.”

“Too many of them. We’ll never get into the door. And if we did, they’ll be out of there before we can nab them.”

“There has to be a way.”

“There is.”


“You have to pretend to be one of the girls.”


“You distract them and throw the grenade. They’ll think it’s part of the act and before they know what hit them, they’ll have a nasty headache and we can bust them then. Think of the publicity after the catch.”

“I don’t know . . .”

“Think of how many villains we’ll be able to lock up.”

“I . . .”

“Think how much it’s going to hurt Batman when he finds out that we caught the criminals from Gotham City before he could.”

“But . . .”

“Batman would be incensed!”


“I’m not saying that you have to take off your clothes. Just something skimpy. Tease them before you knock them silly.”

“It has possibility,” Mary Marvel spoke as she pictured an angry Batman.


Six Hours Later

“That was amazing you two! You captured Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Harley, Clayface, Bane, Killer Croc, and Two-Face all by yourself,” the police chief spoke as he looked at an elated Booster Gold and Mary Marvel, who was dressed in a trench coat, which she clutched tightly as if her life depended on it.

“All in a night’s work,” beamed Booster Gold. “But honestly, it was all Mary Marvel. She set them up and knocked them down. I only got the chance to call all of you.”

“I’ll make sure that hits the papers. If you’ll excuse me, I have to help process these criminals so we can ship them to Gotham City. I have to hand it to you both! Batman has been trying for weeks to catch these crooks with no success. I’ll definitely call the Conglomerate in the future,” the chief spoke as he walked away from the duo.

“You did great!” Booster Gold yelled as he patted Mary on the back.

“Thanks!” the giddy woman replied.

“Okay. Let’s get you back to headquarters,” Booster Gold spoke as he offered his arm to Mary Marvel. The young girl gave him a peck on the cheek right before she took his arm. She then placed her head on his shoulder as the pair walked back toward headquarters.


Two Weeks Later

“Our luck is truly changing and it’s all because of you!” Booster Gold spoke happily.

“It’s not all because of me, you’ve helped too!” Mary Marvel replied happily.

“To us,” Booster Gold spoke as he raised his wine glass.

“To us,” Mary Marvel spoke as she clanged her glass against his. Then both drank the contents down. Booster Gold was the first to finish as he took a glance at the video playing on the PC. He could see Mary Marvel coming out in a wet t-shirt and shorts. The men’s eyes were transfixed on the woman even though she was wearing a white bra underneath her t-shirt.

“What are you looking at?” Mary asked as she put her glass down.

“Look at those jokers. Their eyes are transfixed on you for obvious reasons.”

“That’s sweet,” Mary smiled.

“Just a few more busts like that and we’re on the map!”

“What do you think Batman is thinking about right now?”

“I don’t know, but Batgirl is calling again. I bet she’s gotten word from the Bat to bring you back. That bum probably doesn’t approve of what we’re doing because it makes him look bad,” Booster Gold spoke as he pointed at the vibrating cell phone.


A Few Hours Later

“I really think you should rejoin the Justice League,” Batgirl spoke right before she took a sip of her Booster Gold Power Drink.

“Is Batman jealous?” Mary Marvel inquired.

“I don’t believe he is, but he wanted me to extend the invitation to rejoin the league.”

“I bet he’s steaming mad.”

“I doubt that.”

“Then where is he?”

“He’s trying to catch some crooks.”

“I bet he is after seeing how many crooks I was able to catch with Booster Gold.”

“All the crooks that you caught within the last two weeks have escaped already,” Batgirl corrected the young girl.

“I can’t stop them from escaping, but I can put them back where they belong. Batman only wishes he can do some of the stuff that I have been able to pull off.”

“Wet t-shirts and jeans hardly make a crime fighter.”


“I’ve seen some of the pictures.”

“You’re spying on me?”


“Batman is spying on me?”

“No. But he definitely doesn’t approve.”

“Then . . .”

“Cops like to talk.”

“Eh. They risk their lives, let them talk.”

“This is a dangerous game that you’re playing with these criminals.”

“No one is getting hurt. Just some bruised egos when I take the crooks down.”

“Booster Gold is trouble.”

“No he’s not.”

“He’s asked me to join, but I’ve always flatly rejected him. You should tell him that you’re rejoining the league.”

“Thanks, but no thanks!” Mary Marvel spoke as she stood up and walked to the door. The woman opened the door, grabbed a bag, and tossed it to Batgirl. “The contents of the bag are compliments of Booster Gold. Feel free to share the Booster Gold Power Drink Mix with the rest of the Birds of Prey. And tell Batman that he can’t stop us from fighting crime our way. Tough crap if he looks bad because of it,” the woman scoffed as she left.


Two Hours Later

“You were right, Booster,” Mary Marvel spoke softly.

“I was?”

“Batman is jealous.”

“The Caped Crusader is always jealous. He sees himself as the only crime fighter. Superman is more like his muscle and Wonder Woman is an added enforcer. The man is always creeping in the shadows. Basically, he’s just mad that you’ve been able to outsmart his greatest enemies. Now that they’ve escaped from prison, he wants to catch them so he doesn’t look bad. If I was getting shown up as badly as he was, I would want to recruit the person too. That’s why he wants you back with the Justice League. He wants to look good again!” Booster Gold exclaimed at the end before slamming himself onto the couch.

“I’ve never seen him this jealous before. He didn’t even show up. He just asked Batgirl to convey his message.”

“Always using someone! That’s Batman for ya. But seriously Mary . . . if you want to join the Justice League . . . I won’t stop you. I mean . . . you’re the reason why the Conglomerate has been so successful. I have to give Batman credit. He knows talent when he sees it.”

“But that’s the problem. He never saw any talent in me until now. You’re the one that helped trained me and get it out.”

“You’re giving me way too much credit. You’re the real reason why we’re successful. You’re the one risking your life to enter the clubs. I just rush the place with the cops. I have protection. You don’t.”

“I do have protection.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I have you,” Mary Marvel spoke as she sat next to Booster Gold.

“Once again, you’re giving me way too much credit.”

“I don’t think I’m giving you enough,” Mary Marvel spoke as she pressed herself against the man and saw that he was reacting the same way that Captain Cold had reacted. The young girl liked the effect that she had him. However, she didn’t stop as she placed her hands on the man’s head and brought him close to her face. That’s when she began to kiss him squarely on the lips.

“Mary? What was that for?” Booster Gold asked once the woman broke the kiss.

“That’s for believing in me. Don’t worry either. I’m not leaving. We’re partners now. Agreed?”

“Agreed!” Booster Gold replied enthusiastically.

“Good. Now I can do what I wanted to do before Batgirl called.”

“And what is that?”

“Some people call it sealing the deal,” Mary Marvel cooed as she pressed herself against him and restarted the kiss. This time, it didn’t just stop there.


A Week Later

Cheetah was busy packing the money into a bag as Captain Cold stood guard. The man watched the two security guards, who were nothing more than large blocks of ice. “Are we almost done?” the man asked.

“Almost,” Cheetah purred in response.

“Almost busted!” Booster Gold yelled as he stood at the doorway with Mary Marvel.

“Looks like Captain Cold has also escaped from prison. I guess we’ll just have to send you back!” Mary Marvel exclaimed.

Without warning, Cheetah pounced on Booster Gold, knocking him to the floor. Before Mary Marvel could help him, Captain Cold fired a shot fro his ray gun. Luckily for Mary Marvel, the man missed. The young girl flew toward him and knocked the ray gun from his hand. The two began to struggle on the floor, trying to get the gun.

“Do you need help?” Skeets asked Booster Gold as he hovered over him and Cheetah.

“I do . . . but I rather Captain Cold not get his ray gun,” Booster Gold panted.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Skeets spoke as he flew toward two bodies struggling on the floor. Skeets was just in time as Captain Cold tossed Mary Marvel into the air and grabbed his ray gun. But before he could fire, Skeets ran into the back on his head, causing him to drop his gun. At the same time, Mary Marvel fell on top of him and knocked him to the ground. Her breasts were pressed against his face as the man froze in place.

“Are you okay?” Booster Gold inquired as he helped Mary Marvel to her feet.

“I am, but he seems to be out of it,” Mary Marvel spoke as she pointed at Captain Cold, who had a huge smile on his face.

“I can’t blame him.”

“You’re such a kidder.”

“Enough laughs!” Cheetah warned as she held the ray gun. She pointed it at the two heros, giving Captain Cold a chance to get up. “Take the gun and keep them covered. I’ll get the money and return.”

“No problem,” Captain Cold spoke as he aimed his gun.

“Perhaps we should distract him?” Skeets asked.

“And how are we going to do that? He’s looking right at us,” Booster Gold informed Skeets.

Mary Marvel thought about what Booster Gold said and how Captain Cold reacted. The young woman stuck an innocent looking face as her hands shoot up to her breasts. She smiled internally when she saw the ray gun begin to shake. “Please Captain Cold . . . don’t freeze me,” she spoke in a girly voice as she took slow and steady steps toward Captain Cold.

“I . . .” the evil man stammered as his eyes were glued to her chest. Before he knew it, Mary Marvel was standing right in front of him. The ray run wasn’t even pointed at her when she lightly bumped him in the chest with hers. Then with a wry smile, the woman knocked the ray gun out of his hands and then knocked the man to the ground with a quick punch.

Booster Gold immediately grabbed the ray gun and pointed it at Captain Cold. “Freeze!” he shouted as Mary Marvel shot him a quick smile.


That Night

“It’s a shame that Cheetah got away with the money,” Mary Marvel spoke.

“But we got Captain Cold. And best yet, you got him to reverse the polarity of his ray gun. Those two security guards couldn’t be happier,” Booster Gold replied.

“Hopefully, Captain Cold will stay in prison this time around.”

“I’m just hoping that no one calls you in the next few minutes.”

“Don’t worry, the phone is off. Batgirl is right though. The Booster Gold Power Drink really does give you energy,” Mary Marvel spoke.

“I might have to drink some of it to keep up with you,” Booster Gold panted.

“That’s sweet,” Mary Marvel smiled at Booster Gold, who was lying beneath her. The woman was slowly oscillating back and forth while his manhood was deep inside her. A week ago, she was a virgin. But since then, she celebrated the night in Booster Gold, her lover’s bed. She could feel his loving hands holding onto her hip. The young girl could see his adoring gaze as he watched her every move, trying to enjoy every second of it. Mary Marvel brushed her hair away from her face as she lowered herself and gave Booster Gold a playful kiss.

“I love you,” Booster Gold spoke, trying to keep from panting.

“I love you too,” Mary Marvel replied, meaning every word of it.


A Week Later

“Did Batman tell you to call me?” Mary Marvel asked.

“No. But I noticed that some of your other crooks have also escaped from prison,” Batgirl replied.

“If you called me to give me crap, I don’t want to hear it.”

“No. I called because I wanted to know what was going on.”


“I’m glad that there aren’t any more busts at clubs. It’s much safer to catch crooks at a robbery then it is to be wearing a wet t-shirt.”

“And how would you know? Have you tried?”

“I haven’t and I don’t intend to. But I know it’s safer.”

“I think the criminals have smartened up.”

“Perhaps. They’re not criminals for nothing. If they were smart, they would have stopped years ago.”

“I’ll give you that.”

“So how is Booster Gold?”

“He’s good,” Mary Marvel replied with a smile.

“It must be good if you’re smiling. I haven’t seen you smile in a while.”

“How can I when you’re asking me questions that the jealous Batman wants you to ask?”

“He didn’t send me.”

“But you’re always asking questions on his behalf.”

“He wants you to rejoin the Justice League.”

“That’s not going to happen. I like the Conglomerate! Booster Gold and I are a real team unlike the Justice League!”

“Calm down.”

“This is pointless. You’re never going to understand. Here! Take your Booster Gold Power Drink Mix!” Mary Marvel yelled as she slammed a bag onto the table.

“I didn’t mean to get you worked up about this. Sorry,” Batgirl apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. Just tell Huntress and Black Canary, I’ll make drops for them when they need it,” Mary Marvel sighed as she left.


That Night

“Huntress and Black Canary are calling me directly now,” Mary Marvel moaned as she slowly pumped herself back and forth on Booster Gold’s tool. The woman was planting kisses on his head as he sucked and kissed her breasts while his hands groped them. “Batgirl is getting on my nerves and Batman is dead to me now. His jealousy is just too much to bear.”

“I . . . I got some information about some criminals today . . .” Booster Gold panted in between kisses.

“Really? We could use another bust.”

“A cop . . . told me . . . that they’ll . . . be at a club.”

“Great! I’ll don the t-shirt and jeans!”

“No dice.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a different club.”

“How different?”

“Wet t-shirt, but no bra . . . no jeans either . . . tight short shorts . . . all strippers . . .”

“That is different.”

“I told . . . told the cop . . . that we . . . we would not accept the case.”

“You did what?”

“Too dangerous.”

“But who is there?”

“Joker . . . Riddler . . . Penguin . . . big names.”

“We have to get them!”

“Too dangerous.”

“That’s not the issue. We have a duty to protect the public. If we know they are there then we need to catch them.”

“Too dangerous . . . don’t want . . . to see you hurt.”

“That’s sweet, but I won’t get hurt.”




“Then I’ll just have to convince you to agree with me,” Mary Marvel replied with a mischievous grin.



Mary Marvel wore a blue tube top and blue hot pants. She walked uncomfortably on her high heels and the mask she wore, limited her vision. The young woman saw the various club members. She couldn’t pick out any famous criminals, but she did notice that several of them all belonged to various mobs and gangs. The woman felt cheap in her outfit and felt even worse when one of the criminals would touch her legs. Some even went as far as spanking her ass. Each time, the woman fought the anger and shrugged it off. She knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would be able to bring them all down as Booster Gold and the cops stormed the place. All she had to do was wait.

“Nice ass,” one of the mobsters spoke as he slapped her ass. Instead of beating the man senseless, Mary Marvel turned and smiled at the man, burning his face into her mind before she walked away.

“Damn man, you scared another one away,” one of the man’s friends blurted out.

“Whatever. There’s plenty of bitches in here,” the mobster laughed.

Mary Marvel wanted to shake her head as she walked by a sentry, who was holding a gun. The man was standing next to one of the few windows. The glass prevented outsiders from seeing inside, but gave anyone inside a clear view of what was happening outside. At that very moment, she could see a few police cars with their lights off, drive by the building. The young woman’s eyes lingered a little too long as the man with the gun tried to peak out the window. Sensing his move, Mary Marvel remembered the effects of rubbing herself against Captain Cold. Without any hesitation, she pressed herself against the guard. “Say big boy, what’s with the gun?” she cooed.

“I . . . I . . .” the man stammered.

“You’re cute,” she smiled as she touched his face with her hand. She could feel man’s face beginning to warm up.

“I . . .”

“Shhhhh,” Mary Marvel spoke as she moved her head from to side to side to see who was watching them before catching a glance at the window to see where the cops were.

The guard was about to say something, but, the doors to the club flung open. “Everyone freeze!” Booster Gold shouted as several SWAT team and regularly uniformed officers stormed into the room. The guard tried to use his gun, but Mary Marvel easily wrestled it away from him and punched his lights out while some of the people inside tried to flee. The woman looked and saw the mobster from earlier. Within seconds, she tackled the man to the floor and slugged him in the back before giving his butt a good kick.

“What part of freeze didn’t you understand?” Mary Marvel said sarcastically.

“We got them!” Booster Gold exclaimed as she ran up to Mary Marvel.

“And you said it would be dangerous,” Mary Marvel smiled back at him before she leaned up and pressed herself against him, feeling incredibly safe.


Two Weeks Later

Batgirl was a little surprised by the outfit that Mary Marvel was wearing. She was use to seeing the woman wearing a one piece uniform, but now the young heroine had opted for a two piece. Mary Marvel’s top ended a few inches below her breasts and showed off plenty of skin around her stomach. Her skirt was also half the length of her old uniform. She still had wrist guards and cape. “Is everything alright?” Batgirl asked.

“Things are great!” Mary Marvel replied excitedly. “We’ve busted an entire mob family and several families are going to go under since we caught numerous informants and money collectors. We busted about eight clubs!”

“I heard about the series of raids on gentlemen clubs. I’m telling you to be careful.”

“I am careful! Besides, Booster Gold is always there with the cops to help me out.”

“He might not be able to help all the time.”

“Stop being jealous!”


“You heard me. You don’t want me to be happy. I’ve found someone that cares for me as much as I care for him. You don’t have that with Batman. No one does. The Conglomerate is a true team. The Justice League is not!”

“Wait a second.”

“NO! Here’s your mix! I’m outta here!” Mary Marvel yelled as she tossed a bag at Batgirl and left.


Two Weeks Later

Mary Marvel had been in over ten clubs in the last two weeks, wearing skimpy outfits, but always with a mask. She had allowed the sleazy criminals to touch her, much to her chagrin, but her saving grace was that each one was arrested within a few hours and best of all, she would celebrate the arrest with Booster Gold in his bed. Currently, she was wearing a red mid-drift top, a red micro-skirt, and a red mask. She had to constantly change her outfits from club to club in order to get in. Not to mention the fact that she wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be identified. Thus, she had increased her wardrobe over the last few weeks, often parading the outfits for Booster Gold. Before she could look around anymore, a commotion started behind her.

A few feet behind Mary Marvel, a mobster hit another woman and was pointing a gun at her head. Suddenly, Mary and some of the other girls rushed to the woman’s aid by begging the mobster to put the gun away. “Shut up! She’s the informant!” the man yelled as his friends watched without reacting.

“She’s not! She’s not!” the women replied, trying to defuse the situation.

“She is!”

“No! She’s not!”

“Please! Put the gun down!” Mary Marvel pleaded.

Eventually, the owner of the club came over. “I’m sorry, Mr. Baines! But she’s been working here for years! She’s not an informant!” the club owner tried to convince the mobster.

“She was asking me all sorts of questions!” Baines growled.

“I just wanted to know what he wanted to drink,” the woman sobbed.

“It’s an honest mistake. I understand. Please . . . put the gun down. No one has to get hurt. If you put the gun down . . . I’ll let you sleep with one of the girls,” the owner spoke.

“How about that one?” Baines asked as he pointed at Mary Marvel while taking the gun off his hostage’s head..

“You got it!” the owner quickly agreed.

“I beg your pardon,” Mary Marvel said to the owner.

“What is this?” the mobster asked as he pointed the gun at the woman’s head again.

The woman shrieked in fear as Mary Marvel took a deep breath. She didn’t want to sleep with the man, but she wanted to save the woman’s life. “Okay,” she reluctantly agreed.

The mobster holstered his gun and tossed his hostage to his friends. “Boys, these two maybe in cahoots. If I’m not back in a thirty minutes, feel free to shoot the woman,” Baines sneered.

“What if you’re still riding the bitch hard?” one of his friends asked.

“If it exceeds thirty, I’ll give you a call. Either I’ll call or this moaning piece of meat will do it,” the man laughed as he gave Mary Marvel’s ass a good swat. The woman wanted to hit him, but restrained herself. Instead, she pushed up against him, allowing him to escort her away from the table.


Minutes Later

Mary Marvel was in a hidden bedroom with Mr. Baines, a mobster. Unlike the times she spent with Booster Gold, the man was not lying on the bed. Instead, he made her move in front of him and drop to her knees. The man then unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. There were hairs around the base, but that was it. “Go ahead,” the man spoke.

“I don’t do this,” Mary Marvel replied.

“Then that girl is dead in thirty minutes.”

Mary Marvel thought for a few seconds. She had never done this before and Booster Gold had never asked. The young woman was unsure what to do and yet, she didn’t know how to do what he wanted either. However, she didn’t want to see the young woman get killed. “I don’t know how,” she meekly replied.

“What?” the man scoffed.

“I don’t . . .”

“I’ll teach you then, but you have to follow my orders or the girl dies,” the man spoke as Mary Marvel reluctantly nodded. “First things first. Kiss the head of my cock, bitch!” Mary Marvel hated what the man was calling her and telling her what to do, but she complied. She gingerly kissed the head of the man’s dick, only to receive a hard slap. “Not good enough! Try again!” the man snarled. Mary Marvel took a deep breath and pretended that she was going to kiss Booster Gold. She smacked her lips, wetting them before wrapping them around the man’s dick and kissing them, slobbering her tongue all over the head.

“Better! Now, lick it like an ice cream cone. And I want you to lick all of it,” the man spoke. Once again, Mary Marvel complied. She wrapped her right hand around the base and licked his dick like an ice cream cone. Some times her lips touched the member, some times it didn’t. Some times, she turned her head and some times she didn’t. Regardless, the woman’s tongue was feverishly moving along the sides of his dick.

While Mary Marvel sucked, the man reached down and pulled up her top. Then he began to squeeze and knead her breasts. “I’m doing this to save the girl’s life,” a disgusted Mary Marvel repeated again and again in her mind.

“Nice tits,” the man commented as the woman continued to lick his dick, reminding herself why she was doing it so she wouldn’t stop and gag since his dick was getting larger and larger, not to mention that she could smell his foul stench.

After a few more minutes, the man couldn’t wait any longer. He released her tits and grabbed her face before ramming his dick into Mary Marvel’s mouth. The young woman had to fight her instincts to prevent herself from gagging and biting his dick off. But before she knew it, the man was violently ramming his dick in and out of her mouth, blocking her air supply at the same time. The woman would grunt every time he rammed his dick into her mouth. She could also feel his hairs scratching against her chin with every thrust. Eventually, she begins to taste something salty in her mouth as the man is grunting loudly.

“Get ready, you fucking bitch!” the man growled as arched his back and shot his load into the woman’s mouth.

“Agggg!” Mary Marvel screamed as she inadvertently swallowed his seed again and again to prevent herself from suffocating. And when he pulled out of her mouth, she collapsed onto the floor, coughing repeatedly as his seed dribbled out from her mouth.

The man didn’t hesitate as he pushed her onto the bed. The still coughing Mary Marvel tried to stand, but the man kept on pushing her back down. “Hands and knees, bitch!” the man growled as Mary Marvel complied. She then felt the man place his hands on her panties, squeezing her butt cheeks. “Nice ass,” complimented the man. Mary Marvel didn’t reply and the man didn’t care as he tore off her panties in one mighty tug. Then he slapped her ass a few times. “Very good ass,” the man snickered as he parted her cheeks.

“Please,” Mary Marvel begged.

“You want it long and hard? Well babe, I can do that,” the man laughed.

“No you won’t!” a man shouted from the doorway.

“Holy shit!” the mobster exclaimed as he tried to pull up his pants. But it was too late. Booster Gold had charged and knocked him unconscious.

“Thank you!” Mary Marvel exclaimed gleefully as she hugged her lover.

“Glad to help. The cops have arrested everyone and will come get this guy in a few minutes,” Booster Gold spoke. “Which is a good thing because it will take a few minutes before I can hide . . .”

“We’ll put that into good use later,” Mary Marvel smiled as she pulled herself away and saw her lover’s huge boner pressing against his costume.


Two Weeks Later

Batgirl sat in her seat, drinking Booster Gold Power Drink with Mary Marvel, who was decked out in a red mid-drift top and a red micro-skirt. Neither woman said a word as they watched the TV reporter, who was showing another bust by Booster Gold and Mary Marvel. When the reported stopped talking, Batgirl pulled her gaze away from the television set. “Is that mid-drift outfit really working for you?” Batgirl asked.

Mary Marvel didn’t reply as she thought of the numerous criminals she had caught in the last few weeks. She remembered how they dropped their weapons when they saw her. Some kept a hold of their weapons, but were unable to fire them. Others simply stood frozen in place, their eyes locked on her. Regardless, their hostages were never hurt and Booster Gold had been able to nab every single one of the criminals.

“Mary. Earth to Mary. Is that mid-drift outfit really working for you?” Batgirl asked again.

Once again, Mary Marvel didn’t reply. This time around, she was busy remembering how accessible her body was for Booster Gold. The night they returned from the club, she was so hot for him. She basically pulled her top up and assumed the position that they mobster wanted to fuck her. This time however, she was fucked by Booster Gold. She remembered his dick pumping in and out of her dripping sex while he held onto her breasts, using them for leverage. Her thoughts then drifted to other places were she was fucked from behind. There were the numerous tables, the staircase, an alleyway, the shower, and the bed to name a few. She had even resorted to drink the Booster Gold Drink to keep her stamina and energy level up.

“Is that mid-drift outfit really working for you?” Batgirl asked.

“What?” Mary Marvel inquired.

“Is that mid-drift outfit really working for you?”

“Have you seen the number of criminals we caught in the last two weeks?”

“I couldn’t have missed it if I wanted to. The news have been reporting each one. However, they aren’t as concerned with the busts as much as the outfit.”

“Don’t be jealous. Batman may be able to catch more criminals if he got some implants,” Mary Marvel snickered.

“Batman isn’t happy about your . . .”

“Who cares! Batman is washed up!” Mary Marvel yelled as she stood up.

“Wait!” Batgirl spoke as she stood up.

“Don’t worry. I’m leaving the bag with the mix. I only need two containers for Black Canary and Huntress. Perhaps I’ll stay longer next time. Just don’t bring up Batman,” Mary Marvel spoke as she took two containers and flew away.

“Whatever,” Batgirl muttered, knowing full well that it was Mary Marvel who brought up Batman and not her. In fact, she hardly ever spoke of Batman. She was no longer passing on Batman’s messages to Mary Marvel. Now the only times that she saw Mary Marvel was when she ordered the mix from Booster Gold’s site.


Later that Night

“Come on Booster, it’s time for bed,” Mary Marvel spoke in a soft sweet voice.

“I can’t,” Booster Gold replied.

“What’s wrong?” a concerned Mary Marvel inquired.

“I can’t seem to get these books to balance. We’ve caught criminals, but we can’t seem to make enough money. We may have to shut down operations and go back to the Justice League.”

“Honey . . . we can get through this.”

“We can’t. The numbers don’t add up. I’m going to have to cancel the web page. The domain name should fetch some money since we’ve had made a name for ourselves in the last few weeks. It’s either the site or no running water or power our home. The contract for the mix will have to be cancelled. Hopefully, they’ll waive the early cancellation fees and . . .”

“I’m not going back to the Justice League. There has to be another way,” Mary Marvel spoke as she gripped Booster Gold’s shoulders.

“I don’t know. I have Skeets doing voice overs and recordings for voice mail messages. I’ve sold my name for some small endorsements with the pizza company down the street. I have an offer to do some paid appearances and some commercials . . .”

“Excuse me sir. The pizza store owner is here to see you,” Skeets said as he appeared in the room.

“Hope it isn’t too late to bug you,” a short fat man spoke as he entered the room, wearing jeans and stained white t-shirt with an apron over his left shoulder.

“What can I do for you, Steve?”

“It’s about our deal. Your name isn’t moving my pizzas. I was hoping that you can do some promotions. I can’t pay you until you move a thousand units.”

“You said I had to . . . wait . . . a thousand units.”

“That’s right. That’s less than the original agreement.”

“That’s great!”

“Yes it is. But I need to sell that many by week’s end.”

“What? I can’t do that.”

“You’re going to have to or you owe me double.”

“No way!”

“Read the contract that you signed.”

Booster Gold didn’t say anything as he glanced at the contract on his desk. There in small type were several amendments. “I can’t do that,” Booster Gold replied weakly as he shook his head.

Mary Marvel’s heart almost fell onto the floor as she heard the defeat in her lover’s voice. She wanted desperately to help him out. Then an idea dawned on her. “What if I help?” Mary Marvel inquired.

“I . . .” Booster Gold stammered.

“You can work at the restaurant, delivering pizzas to the customers like a waitress except I wouldn’t pay you,” Steve replied.

“Why wouldn’t you pay me?”

“It’s not in the contract. Booster Gold agreed to help me sell pizzas. It was three thousand by the end of the month, but I am willing to knock it down to one thousand by the end of the week. I figured he needed the money so they amendment clause could come into play. Anyway, you two can talk about it. I’m going home. Besides, if this deal dies, my restaurant will go under and I’ll just have to sue you for breaking the contract,” Steve spoke as he turned and left.

“Great guy huh?” Booster Gold groaned as he slammed his head into the table.

Mary Marvel didn’t reply as she surfed the web for several fan sites. The woman glanced at several sites before finally addressing her lover. “Look at these sites, they all sell autographed pictures. We can sell some autographed pictures from our site,” the woman said cheerfully.

“But we already do. They’re not selling.”

“Take some pictures of me in this outfit.”


“I’ll make some suggestive poses too.”

“But . . .”

“It won’t matter. It’s not like I making out with them. It’s just a tease . . . kind of like this outfit.”

“I will not agree to such a deal.”

“Don’t be stubborn. Remember when you forbade me from going to that club?”

“So what?”

“I convinced you didn’t I?”

“I . . .”

“And you have to admit that our sex life has been way better since.”

“I . . .”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll tell Steve tomorrow,” Mary Marvel spoke as she kissed Booster Gold passionately on the lips as she helped him to his feet, where she pressed her covered breasts against his chest. The man simply kissed her back and slowly moved toward the bedroom.


The Next Day

Mary Marvel was flabbergasted. She would have never thought that Steve would make such a request. She was willing to deliver pizzas to the customers, but not this. Worse yet, she read the contract that Booster Gold had signed and it was filled with impossible benchmarks. There were a number of amendments and clauses that would screw him and his efforts. And the penalties were insane.

“Look lady, I didn’t point a gun to his head. He signed it, not me. I have a family to feed you know,” Steve spoke.

“I can’t believe he signed this.”

“He did and if he wants to back out, he owes me a lot of money. If you agree to deal, I’ll give you half of the money now. That way you can pay your bills and I won’t have to close my shop due to lack of funds. However, that does mean that you will have to guarantee that I sell a thousand units.”

“I . . .”

“Men salivate at the site of you. You’ve been able to catch crooks like Killer Croc and Bane without throwing a punch. Batman can’t do that. If I have you pose for a picture to go with the pizza and if you walk around my restaurant in the outfit I have in mind, moving a thousand units will be no problem.”

“No deal!” Mary Marvel exclaimed as she stomped out of the restaurant.


A Week Later

Mary Marvel walked around Steve’s small pizzeria wearing her red mid-drift top and a red thong. She had a short cape and boots, but it was the thong that had feeling incredibly self-conscious. Worse yet, she had to move two thousand units since she had rejected the original deal and then waited so long to come back to Steve. The woman was now regularly getting patted on the ass whenever she walked by. It disgusted her, but her tips were really good. She also learned that if she flirted with the men, she could get better tips as well. That and if she autographed and kissed the picture that came with the pizza. Of course, she wasn’t crazy about the picture as she wore a red string bikini. Her legs were spread as she bent forward, allowing the camera to get a shot of her breasts, which she was clutching with her hands. This also gave the impression that they were bigger. Additionally, she was licking her lips in the picture, which made it look like she was begging for a man to take her. However, the pizzas were being moved and she was content with it especially since the check paid to turn the water back on at home.

“Thanks for the pizza,” a man spoke as he slapped Mary Marvel on the ass. The woman use to jump, but she was almost use to it now even though it was just her second day on the job.

“Hey Mary,” Steve yelled as he motioned for the woman to come over.

“What is it, boss?” Mary Marvel sighed as she stood next to the counter.

“One of my regulars left a fifty dollar tip for you. I thought I should give it to you before I forget. By the way, we’re moving an incredible amount of units. I think Booster Gold will be back soon to pick up these deliveries. However, tables eight through nine want their pizzas,” Steve added.

“They’re not actually tables. There stools at the counter against the wall.”

“Do you have a problem with my numbering system? I mean, I was doing fine before your boyfriend showed up. He wanted a deal so I gave him one. It’s not like . . .”

“It’s like you held a gun to his head. I know. I know,” Mary Marvel said impatiently as she picked up some more pizzas and returned to the customers, where she would surely get a few more slaps across the ass.


The Last Day of the Month

Mary Marvel couldn’t believe she had sunk so low. She hadn’t seen Booster Gold in over three hours. The woman knew that he was even busier as people all across the city were calling. And since he was the only delivery person that meant he often had to zip from one side of the city to another, which was very time consuming. But the worst part was that they only had an hour before the deadline and the customers at the restaurant had dwindled to zero. No one was coming to the pizzeria. Part of it was because the local bars were offering free drinks to celebrate the latest capture of the Joker, who had terrorized the bars. Turns out that Booster Gold had plowed into the criminal mastermind while delivering a pizza. And without customers, Mary Marvel couldn’t sell pizzas. Thus when a regular offered to buy the much needed one hundred pizzas, she still had to think about it for a while before reluctantly agreeing.

“You’ve got great tits! They’re incredibly hot!” the man spoke as groped her nude breasts. He was squeezing much harder than Mary Marvel preferred. The man even went as far as twisting and pulling her nipples. He also licked, sucked, and kissed them as well.

Mary Marvel felt incredibly cheap. Adding to that sense was the fact that man was sitting on the closed toilet as she sat on top of his legs. But a deal is a deal. “Harder. Harder,” she groaned in a sultry voice.

The man responded by squeezing harder with his rough hands. He even tweaked her erect nipples, moving them up and down, causing Mary Marvel to yelp. The man brought her tits closer and closer to him. Within seconds, he released her nipples and began to lick her tits, determined to cover every inch with a second layer of saliva. Mary Marvel responded by wrapping her arms around the back of the man’s head, which allowed her to squish the man’s head with her tits.

“How is the slut?” Steve asked as he walked into the restroom.

“I’m not a slut,” Mary Marvel panted.

“Sure you are,” Steve whispered into Mary Marvel’s ear. “Your boyfriend is gone and you’re in the restroom with someone who isn’t your boyfriend. You’re letting him play with your fat tits. And you didn’t even lock the door. I bet you’re wet as hell right now too.”

Mary Marvel didn’t reply as her face turned a deep shade of red as she realized that she was in fact wet. Instead, she released a low moan.

“Okay. You’ve earned the one hundred pizzas. Steve! I’m giving you the money. You can keep the pizzas,” the man spoke as he slowly stood up and walked out of the restroom funny.

“You have the money now and we met the number of units,” Mary Marvel spoke as she wiped the saliva off her tits. She used her hands and toilet paper to complete the process. Once complete, she put her top back on.

“Actually . . . Booster Gold took too long to deliver some pizzas. The man was bumped by a car and had to go to the hospital. He’s okay, but the customer’s don’t want their pizzas now. Since it’s a small number. I’m willing to forget those ten for a price,” Steve spoke. Mary Marvel looked down at the floor and held her breath. Without saying a word, she pulled her top off again and waited for Steve’s next order.


A Week Later

Mary Marvel walked around Steve’s store, passing out pizzas while wearing a red string bikini and a short white cape. She still wore her old boots as she walked around the restaurant. The woman had a smile on her face as she pranced around the restaurant even though men were now slapping her on the ass, groping her bare thighs, and grabbing her breasts. Steve had encouraged her to flirt with the customers even more, which she did. And the only reason she tolerated the treatment was that she had doubled and sometimes tripled her tips. Mary Marvel was willing to put up with the crap due to the fact that she could not leave the job even if Booster Gold was able to return.

“Mary! Pizza, table three!” Steve shouted from behind the counter.

Mary Marvel rushed to the counter and grabbed the pizza. She quickly made her way to table three, where a gruff looking man sat. “Hi ya sugar,” Mary Marvel smiled cheerfully as she placed the pizza on the table.

“Nice and hot,” the man smiled as he placed his hands on the oily pizza before sliding his greasy hands all over Mary Marvel’s left tit. The man was pleasantly surprised to see that the woman hardly even flinched. Instead, she was still smiling. The smile gave him the courage to slide his hand over to the right breast, where he gave it a mighty squeeze before letting go. The man then dug into his pants and pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to Mary Marvel, who gave a bright smile as she snatched the money and walked away.

A few seconds later, she was standing behind the counter with Steve. She poured herself a Booster Gold Power Drink. The young woman was now drinking quite a few every day to keep her energy level up. As she drank, Steve began to shutdown the ovens. He then walked toward the customer with a carry-out box. “It’s time go,” Steve spoke softly as he handed the man the box.

“Come on! I just paid for this pizza,” the customer replied.

“The store was closed ten minutes ago. That was just a treat for a steady customer like yourself. If you don’t go now, you might as well not come back.”

“Okay,” the customer replied as he slid his pizza into the box and left.

Steve then locked the door and shut the blinds to the windows. He then walked back to the counter and stood next to Mary Marvel, who was drinking her second glass of a Booster Gold Power Drink. Steve didn’t say anything as he opened a drawer and took out a video tape and a laptop, which he placed on the counter. Mary Marvel glanced at the tape and rolled her eyes as she chugged the last remaining drops of her drink. She then placed the glass down and dropped to her knees. Within a few seconds, she had unzipped Steve’s pants, pulled his dick out, and was lapping at the sides and head of his dick. Once it was covered in her spit, she took his dick in her mouth and began to bob her head over the entire length of his shaft. “Good girl,” Steve spoke as he glanced down at the woman.

Mary Marvel didn’t reply as she continued for a few more seconds. Then the woman stood up and undid her top as well as her bottom. She then planted both hands on the counter and spread her legs. Her eyes glued onto the laptop screen as Steve positioned himself behind her. Within seconds, he was pumping his dick in and out of Mary Marvel’s pussy while his hands smeared the pizza grease all over her tits. “The customers are right, you have great tits and your ass is nice and firm,” Steve panted.

“Of course,” Mary Marvel replied.

“That’s not how I want you to talk,” Steve objected.

“Sluts always have firm tits and ass,” Mary Marvel quickly replied.

“Go ahead and press F2, slut,” Steve panted as Mary Marvel obeyed. Suddenly, the laptop screen came alive with an image of Steve fucking her against the counter. “We’re recording this, so smile for the camera.”

Mary Marvel glanced at the tape on the counter and remembered that Steve had taped their first encounter behind the counter. He had taken her out of the restroom and fucked her while his security camera recorded it all. The man then threatened to release it to the public unless Mary Marvel agreed to wear whatever he desired and that his customer were allotted an unlimited number of ass slaps and boob grabs. Mary Marvel reluctantly agreed since Booster Gold was in the hospital with a broken leg, a broken arm, and a broken hip thanks to the car accident. Thus the tape was stopping her from returning to her old life as least for now. The second part of their agreement was that Steve could have free access to her body as well as record their fuck sessions. Thus, every night consisted of spending an extra hour at the pizzeria, fucking and sucking. And every night, she had to pretend Steve was her lover, Booster Gold, to make it through the ordeal.

When the hour finally came to a close, Steve was busily trying to catch his breath as Mary Marvel began to clean her legs with a wet rag. “You don’t need to do that, doll,” Steve panted as he pointed to the back of the kitchen.

“You have a shower back there?”

“I just installed it,” Steve spoke as he walked to a new walk-in-freezer. He opened it, revealing that it was empty. He pressed a button on the side, which caused the back to open up. Mary Marvel followed him through the back and saw a large rectangular structure. Steve walked to the back and opened the door, allowing Mary Marvel to enter. The woman stepped inside and saw numerous nozzles on three sides of the structure whereas the front of the structure was made completely out of glass. She didn’t have much time to think inside the structure as jets of warm water were fired from the nozzles. Mary Marvel welcomed the water as she washed herself inside the structure.

After her shower, the woman stepped out of the structure. Steve was fully dressed by now. “You know that you’re still two hundred dollars short this week, right?” Steve grunted..

“I’ll make it up to you, big boy,” Mary Marvel smiled.

“You know some of my customers want to see you dance. Might be nice to give them a quick striptease for money inside this thing.”

“I don’t think so,” Mary Marvel quickly replied.

“Suit yourself then,” Steve spoke as he walked away.


One Week Later

Mary Marvel tugged on her g-string as it bit into her pussy. Her top had been off for some time as she danced to a pulsing beat. The woman’s lips were as red as fire as she smiled and danced. The woman then moved closer to the glass. She released her g-string and began to grope her tits as she licked her lips wantonly. Then she released her tits and plastered them against the glass. She moved from side to side while her tits were mashed against the glass. The young girl even slid up and down against the glass. Eventually, she moved back from the glass. She stood perfectly still with her legs spread. Then as the music was right about to stop, she ripped her g-string off, revealing her shaved pussy while an imprint of her breasts remained on the glass. After a few seconds, the lights faded as Mary Marvel stepped out from the structure. She quickly got dressed in red bikini top, a red thong, a short white cape, and her red boots. Mary Marvel then returned to the kitchen area.

“The customer just gave you enough money for last week’s debt,” Steve announced as Mary Marvel sighed wearily and picked up a pizza.

She delivered the pizza to a customer, who immediately pulled her onto his lap. The man then kneaded her tits and slid a five dollar bill under her thong strap before letting her go. “Thanks sugar,” Mary Marvel said seductively into the man’s ear. The young preferred being touched like this rather than dancing in the back. Although she knew who was paying to see her, she had no idea how the person was reacting as the glass prevented her from seeing out.

After the customer finished his pizza, he left. Steve locked the door and closed the blinds while Mary Marvel quickly drank her Booster Gold Power Drink. By the time Steve returned, Mary Marvel had the laptop out and had set up various cameras. She was on all fours with her ass high in the air. Steve didn’t need much encouragement as his dick grew. The man quickly unzipped his pants and knelt behind her. Within seconds, he was fucking the woman from behind, holding onto her hips while she thrust back. “Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me harder! Fuck you slut!” Mary Marvel screamed.

Within a few minutes, Steve blew his load and pulled out of Mary Marvel. The woman was about to turn when she felt Steve grasp her hips again. The man entered her and began to pump with a greater amount of vigor. “Fuck me like the slut I am!” Mary Marvel shouted as Steve yanked her hair. The thrusts were quick and hard. Mary Marvel could feel herself ready to explode, which is exactly what she did as an incredible orgasm washed all over her. “I’m such a slut! YESSS!” she shouted as her body convulsed.

Steve pulled out of her and turned her around. Mary Marvel could feel a set of hands pulling her to her knees as Steve ejaculated all over her tits. He then smeared his dick across her cheeks. As he did this, Mary Marvel realized that it wasn’t Steve. It was the customer that saw her dance. “Thanks slut,” the man spoke as threw some money on the floor. He then unlocked the door and left the restaurant as Steve dropped Mary Marvel and went to lock the door.

“You’re truly ahead of the game for this week . . . at least so far. By the way, I think that is online now,” Steve spoke as he returned. Mary Marvel didn’t reply as she collected the money, sobbing the whole time. The woman had never felt so low in her life. Worse yet, she could see the blinking light on the camera, telling her that it was recorded in its entirety.


One Week Later

“You look tired. You should go home and rest. I’ll have Skeets deliver all the pizzas,” Booster Gold spoke as he laid on his hospital bed with his leg and arm raised.

“No. Skeets won’t have to do that,” Mary Marvel replied.

“Are you sure? I feel really bad about signing that deal and then getting hit by a car while delivering pizzas. I bet this is a bit different than what you had in mind when you joined the Conglomerate.”

“It’s a little different,” Mary Marvel spoke as she forced a smile.

“Look. I’ll definitely make it up to you when I get out of here. I promise you that.”

“Hurry and heal then,” Mary Marvel spoke as she kissed Booster Gold passionately on the lips for a good three minutes before breaking off the kiss.

“I’m sorry, but visiting hours are over,” a nurse spoke as she poked her head into the room.

“Mary . . . I’m truly sorry about all this,” Booster Gold spoke as he made a sad face.

“It’s okay,” Mary Marvel smiled back at him, hoping to reassure him. Then she left the room and made her way to the parking garage. Once there, she spotted a broken down compact and made her way to it. Within seconds, the woman sobbed uncontrollably as she sat inside the car, realizing that she could never tell Booster Gold the truth of what was happening at Steve’s pizza store. She couldn’t tell him about the groping, the dancing, and the fucking from customers, let alone all the recordings that she made with Steve.


Three Hours Later

A sweaty Mary Marvel moaned weakly as she continued to ride Steve. The young woman no longer went back to Booster Gold’s place at night. She would go to work with Steve and come home with Steve. The man made her use her own money to buy a new wardrobe that consisted micro-skirts and hotpants, which showed off her legs and ass. She also bought tops and blouses that were completely see-through. Some of the tops were so tight that her tits almost spilled out from the top, the sides, or even the bottom. The woman also bought more stockings, high heels, and boots. The more she spent, the more lenient Steve would be in terms of how much money she needed to raise to cover the quotas in the contract. Yet, it was never enough to bring her out of debt. And visiting Booster Gold in the hospital had definitely hurt her earnings since she was there the entire day.

“Faster Mary! Faster!” Steve ordered as he gritted his teeth.

Mary Marvel quickly complied as her tits bounced up and down. She tilted her body, allowing her hands to grip her legs. The woman panted loudly as Steve’s sperm slowly dribbled out of her sex as she rode him. “OHH YESS!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME LIKE A DIRTY WHORE!!” Mary Marvel screamed as the cameras caught the entire scene.

Steve reached up with his hands and pawed at her tits, squeezing her nipples with his fingers before returning to her hips. There, he gripped even tighter as he slammed the woman again and again onto his dick. It didn’t take long for the young woman to experience a mind numbing orgasm, which made her fall on top of Steve. Her tits pressed against his chest as the woman’s body quivered on top of him. Steve hugged her close to him he nibbled on her neck. Eventually, the man stopped to catch his breath. “Okay slut, rest up. In a few minutes, I want you to sit in that chair over there and masturbate until you climax again. I want you to moan really sexy-like and to always look into the camera since we’re going to put it online for your fans,” Steve whispered softly into her ear.

“What?” Mary Marvel sobbed as she was drawn out of her reverie.

“You heard me. You need to make more money so I’ve decided that you can make money off of some online porn. In fact, some of my customers have requested to make some custom porn with you. I think we should start that this week.”

“I don’t think so,” Mary Marvel objected.

“Really now? You mean you want to throw Booster Gold out onto the street? Someone is going to have to pay the hospital bills soon. I’m not going to pay them. And you’ll have a hard time paying them if you’re using your tips to pay me for the pizzas that you can’t move.”

“I . . .”

“All this time . . . I thought you were doing this for Booster Gold . . . but maybe . . . you are a true slut and you actually enjoy being treated like this.”

“I . . .”

“You’ll let people grab your tits and smack you ass. You’ll dance for them, showing off your goods. You’ll let them fuck you . . .”

“I can do other things for you,” Mary Marvel purred as she nuzzled her face against the man’s neck.

“You’ll do that regardless of the porn. It’s just that if you refuse the online porn and custom records, Booster Gold will be thrown out of the hospital and in so much debt that you’ll have to be a cheap hooker on the streets, working day and night for years to make up all the money.”

“Okay! I’ll do it!” Mary Marvel shouted as she broke free from Steve’s grasp. She then marched over to the chair and sat down with her legs wide open.

“The cameras are already on,” Steve spoke as he placed his hands behind his head.

“I’m such a dirty slut! I love playing with my spunk filled pussy,” Mary Marvel moaned as she realized that there was simply no going back now.


Two Weeks Later

Mary Marvel didn’t say a word as she walked around Steve’s pizza store. The woman was wearing a red thong and nothing more. Almost everyone in the store had a laptop and was busy watching one of Mary Marvel’s online porn shows. The woman was on autopilot as she delivered pizzas to the men. As usual, some of them would grab her ass while others would smear oil all over tits. But now, there was a new routine added. Some of the men who were lucky enough to sit at real tables instead of the counters, were able to take Mary Marvel’s hand and guide her under the table. From there, the young woman would suck hungrily on the customer’s cock. The most satisfying part was that Mary Marvel would strike a please-fuck-me-smile for the customer and giggle like bimbo as she fell to her knees. Yet, the minute she came out from the table, she would be like a zombie only to repeat the process at the next table.

Steve didn’t mind it at all. He had created a schedule to keep up with demand. During the rush like lunch and dinner, Mary Marvel would be working the store. In the late afternoon and late night, she would be working in the back where her dancing was recorded and streamed online. Additionally, customers could fuck her during the time if they paid enough. The money was rolling in and the customer base had changed. Previously, his customers ranged from homeless people to blue-collared workers. Now, he was attracting lawyers, police officers, small-time politicians, and even the city health inspector. All of these customers and the old customers coexisted with some of the criminals who would dine at the store. Regardless, all of them were paying customers to the Mary Marvel site, which Steve created. His entire collection of movies were stored there for all to see.

Eventually, the lunch crowd began to leave the restaurant. A few people shuffled in, but the place was less than a fourth full. Mary Marvel had just serviced the last customer as she walked back toward the counter, where Steve was waiting. When she got there, a customer walked up to the counter and placed a large black suitcase on the counter. “What’s this?” Steve asked as Mary Marvel looked at the suitcase.

The customer opened the suitcase to reveal that it was filled with money. “This is payment for me and everyone here to talk Mary Marvel in the back, so we can fuck her senseless,” the man replied.

“Done,” Steve readily agreed, not even bother to look at Mary Marvel.

“Folks! Finish your food and come to the back. Mary Marvel will be yours to use and abuse at that time,” the paying customer yelled to the patrons, who all cheered.

“Say pal, what’s your name?” Steve asked.

“People call me, Mr. Baines,” the man replied as he looked hungrily at Mary Marvel, who remembered him as the mobster at the club. “I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to,” the man spoke.

“Yes . . . you never got to fuck this slutty whore,” Mary Marvel replied as she saw the lustful stares of the remaining customers. She knew that she was in for a long day. Thus, she poured herself several glasses of the Booster Gold Power Drink and downed them all before heading to the back with Mr. Baines.


Later that Night

An exhausted Mary Marvel stumbled through the hallway of the home that she shared with Booster Gold. The woman had spent a good six hours being manhandled and fucked by numerous men, taking as many as five at a time. The young woman was exhausted and opted to spend the night at home instead at Steve’s even though it took some time to convince him to let her return home. Luckily for her, it didn’t take long since the man was exhausted from running his own pizza store without her. As she got closer and closer to the bedroom, she could distinctively hear movement and moaning coming from the bedroom. The woman was instantly drawn to the sound as she thrust open the bedroom door.

Mary Marvel was shocked to see Booster Gold with no signs of injury. The man was naked as he fucked Batgirl from behind. Batgirl was wearing her cowl and orange gloves as her hands gripped the side of a table, her tits rubbing back and forth against the top while Booster Gold pumped in and out of her pussy. The woman also wore a short cape that matched Mary Marvel’s white one, which she wore at the pizzeria. Neither Batgirl nor Booster Gold appeared distressed to be seen by Mary Marvel. In fact, neither stopped or even addressed her. Mary Marvel was devastated as she stumbled out of the room, holding the wall for support.

Unfortunately for the young woman, she didn’t get far as Booster Gold caught up to her. “How could you?” Mary Marvel cried. The woman was unable to even look at Booster Gold, who pressed her chest against the wall.

“Be quiet, Mary. You don’t need to say a word. Just moan for me,” Booster Gold spoke as he tore off her thong and top.

“NOOO!” Mary Marvel shouted as Booster Gold threw her to the ground. The man then pounced on top of her and with one swift motion, he rammed his dick into her sex. He then pressed his chest against his back and he began to pump in and out of her stretched pussy. Mary Marvel tried to get up, but found herself unable to summon enough strength. Worse yet, the longer she stayed on the ground, the wetter she became. “OOOHHH!” Mary Marvel moaned as her hips began to move in order to match Booster Gold’s thrusts while her hands dug into the carpet.

“I’ve seen you have changed into a slutty little whore,” Booster Gold whispered into Mary Marvel’s left ear. His voice lacked tenderness that he use to have when speaking to her. Instead, it was cold. The young woman was heartbroken. Yet, she was still unable to fight him off. Instead, she could found herself helping him by meeting his thrusts with much more vigor. The woman was rewarded a few minutes later by a violent climax, which had her screaming in an incredibly low octave before it exploded into a sound that would rival a hot kettle whistling on the stove.

Booster Gold pulled his dick out of the moaning woman and carried her back to the bedroom, where he unceremoniously dumped her onto his bed. A groggy Mary Marvel quickly noticed the huge mirror that had been installed over the bed. The woman also saw Batgirl’s outfit for the first time. The woman was still wearing the cowl and gloves that Mary Marvel saw earlier, but she could see the lower portion now. Batgirl was wearing black translucent thigh-high stockings with a thick purple elastic band on top. Her bellybutton had been pierced and a small chain connected to a silver bat logo hung from it. Her upper left arm had the bat logo tattooed three times with barb-wire connecting them together. The woman also had a thin tan line across her hips. She also saw Batgirl’s fingers from her left hand were pumping in and out of her sex while her right hand was busy fondling her own tits. “Do you like what you’re watching?” Booster Gold asked as he positioned himself between Batgirl’s legs.

“What is going on?” Mary Marvel groaned as she found her hands move to her tits.

Booster Gold didn’t reply as Batgirl pulled her fingers out of her sex, allowing Booster Gold to ram his dick into her dripping sex. He placed his hands on the woman’s hips as he rammed his dick inside her. Batgirl moaned as both her hands gripped her tits and squeezed.

“I always wanted Batgirl, but she wouldn’t join. So I came up with a plan. Why don’t you tell her about my plan, slut?” Booster Gold panted.

“Mary . . . the Booster Gold Power Drink was nothing more than a drug. After prolonged exposure, one becomes an addict. You delivered it to me on a regular basis . . . but when you stopped, I had to get it myself. I called Booster Gold and her arranged for me to pick it up here at night while you were at work. I always left before you came home. But then you stopped coming home. That’s when he threatened to cut me off. I begged and pleaded. He told me that I couldn’t have any unless I fucked him. I refused, but within days, I agreed. The withdrawal was too much to take . . . and it gets too hard to think or resist him when he touched me,” Batgirl panted as she wrapped her legs around the man’s back. The recollection of submitting to him simply made her hotter.

“A drug?” Mary Marvel mouthed.

“Tell her what happened after your submission,” Booster Gold ordered.

“I become his fucktoy to do as he pleased. He made me watch your online videos. We even went to your live show in the pizza store. Since the glass was lit and the outside was always dark, you never saw us. Yet, I was always nude and being fucked by Booster Gold as I watched. We even saw you being used by all those customers. The videos, the performances, and the interaction made me so fucking hot. My cunt always gushed after seeing you humiliate yourself like that. I want you to teach me how. I want to follow in your footsteps,” Batgirl moaned.

“You will my lovely Batslut, you will.”

“I love you, master!” Batgirl gushed.

“I love you too!”

“But I thought I . . . I was the only one . . .” Mary Marvel began to sob.

“No Mary. I used you to get to Batgirl. You were just a pawn. A sexy pawn, but just a pawn.”

“My clit is on fire!” Batgirl screamed as she shut her eyes and her body shook with a great deal of intensity while her cunt milked Booster Gold’s dick.

“But . . .” Mary Marvel sobbed uncontrollably as Booster Gold pulled out of Batgirl and made his way toward Mary Marvel. The man touched her cheek and the woman bolted out of the bed only to be stopped by both Huntress and Black Canary, who were both nude except for their thongs.

“I believe you know these two sluts as well,” Booster Gold spoke as he got up from the bed.

“I . . .”

“We watched your videos too and loved every second of them,” the two women spoke in unison.

“The Birds of Prey belong to me now,” Booster Gold spoke proudly as Batgirl stood up from the bed, spunk dribbling down her thighs. Batgirl picked up a thermos from the night stand as Huntress and Black Canary released Mary Marvel. The women lined up behind Mary Marvel, who Booster Gold shoved out of his way.

“We are members of the Conglomerate,” the women said proudly.

“Mary, Batgirl is Bitch #1, my private sex slave,” Booster Gold spoke as he slapped Batgirl in the ass. “Huntress is Bitch #2 and Black Canary is Bitch #3,” Booster Gold added, slapping each one in the ass as he spoke their names.

Batgirl giggled and smiled broadly. “That means your Bitch #4, the lowest bitch,” Batgirl informed Mary Marvel as she handed the thermos to Booster Gold.

“Drink this Mary,” the man spoke as he handed her the thermos.

“What? Why?” a confused Mary Marvel asked.

“It’s a stronger concoction. You can put the thermos down and leave if you like. Or you can drink it and join me on the bed with my other sluts,” Booster Gold spoke as he snapped his fingers and the Birds of Prey immediately joined him on the bed. The woman began to lick and kiss his member, each jockeying for position. Mary Marvel watched in disgust as her shaved sex began to moisten again. Her eyes were glued on the carnal scene. She felt betrayed by Booster Gold and wanted to run. That’s when she turned and saw her reflection in the mirror. Her old costume was gone. She had nothing. Slowly, the woman opened the thermos and took a small sip. She felt a rush of pleasure surging through her quaking body. However, Mary Marvel quickly placed the thermos down and ran out of the room.


A Few Minutes Later

Mary Marvel sobbed as she ran into a dark alleyway, just a few feet from the home that she use to share with Booster Gold. The young woman staggered through the alleyway, dressed in her old uniform. She was convinced that she could reclaim her old glory if she donned the old costume. The problem was that she felt anything but heroic. “I’m so sorry for what I have done! I’ll make things right. I’ll get Batman to help me! He’ll help me topple Booster Gold!” the woman though as she continued to sob. The young woman was crying so much that she didn’t even notice the figure coming towards her.

“Well look who it is, it’s Mary Marvel,” a man happily laughed. Mary Marvel looked up and saw that Mr. Baines, the reputed mobster, was standing just a few feet from her. “It looks like you’re going to a costume party except you’re wearing way too much clothing. Let’s see what you’re wearing,” Mr. Baines spoke as he stuck his left hand under the woman’s skirt and began to caress the woman’s pussy through her panties. Mary Marvel moaned as her legs shook. Mr. Baines smiled while his right hand pulled both of Mary Marvel’s hands over her head and slammed them against the wall. Within seconds, the man had ripped her panties and tossed them to the ground. That’s when he began to pump his fingers in and out of her dripping sex with earnest.

“Please . . . stop . . .” Mary Marvel mouthed, but not offering any real resistance.

“You’re all wet. You’re such a dirty little whore,” Mr. Baines whispered happily into her ear as he pumped his fingers faster and faster.

Within a few seconds, Mary Marvel’s eyes were slammed shut as she moaned loudly in response to the fingers of Mr. Baines. In fact, she thrust her sex several times trying to locate the man’s fingers when he abruptly pulled out of her. Before the woman could open her eyes, she was thrown onto a trash can. Her stomach landed hard against the top of the can, knocking the air out of her and temporarily stunning her.

Mr. Baines didn’t waste any time as he tore her top and then ripped off her bra. The man then raised her skirt and began to spank her bottom. “Ask me for another!” the man snarled.

“Oh lord! Please give me another!” Mary Marvel sobbed uncontrollably.

“Beg for it slut!”

“Please punish me!” Mary Marvel screamed over and over again as her blood raced and heart pounded against her chest while the spanking rained down upon her ass.

When the mobster’s hands got tired, Mary Marvel’s ass was as red as her uniform. That’s when Mr. Baines positioned himself and rammed his cock into the woman’s dripping pussy. He sawed it in and out as Mary Marvel grunted with each thrust. As she grunted, she saw her own reflection in a huge puddle of water beside the trash can. She could see the lust on her face as her tits jiggled with each thrust. She could make out the man’s reflection in the puddle, but it was soon replaced by Booster Gold’s face. A surge of pleasure coursed through her body as she saw the face of the man that had betray her. Yet, she could not deny the pleasure that he had given to her. Within seconds, the woman could think of nothing except Booster Gold using her. “I’m such a slut,” the woman thought to herself as a rush of emotions overtook her. Within seconds, she was thrusting her hips to meet the man’s thrusts while the image of her face painted with lust was bored into her brain.

Eventually, both of them climaxed as Mr. Baines shot his spunk into her sex while she doused his dick with a huge flood of her juices. The mobster pulled out of the woman and wiped his dick all over skirt before letting go of it. Mary Marvel then slid off the trash can. “Such a lovely bitch. Crawl like one and kiss my feet,” Mr. Baines ordered.

“I’m a lowly bitch,” Mary Marvel concurred as she kissed the man’s shoes. The man laughed and walked away from the young woman as she fell onto the cold floor of the alleyway.

After a few minutes, a pair of hands picked her up and placed her back onto the trash can. “You’re such a dirty little slut and stupid too! Did you think that you could run away from this?” Batgirl asked as she wore the same outfit that she wore in Booster’s Gold bedroom except now, she was wearing a lacy black bra that barely kept her breasts covered. A small Bat logo was clipped onto the thin string that connected the two cups together. “I was trying to help you, by making you leave Booster Gold. But then you brought the drug that lead to my downfall. You betrayed me, Mary Marvel, you dirty little whore! Now, I’m just like you! We’re nothing but his sex slaves! We have no self-respect! We just want to satisfy our sexual urges and please our master, Booster Gold! We fuck and suck and do whatever he wants us to do! Our heroine days are over! And you need to be punished for not realizing that!”

“I need to be punished,” Mary Marvel agreed as she saw her reflection in the water.

“Reach back and play with your clit as I spank you!”

“Again! Please hit me again! Oh! It hurts! Hit me again!” Mary Marvel yelled as she pumped her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. The woman was staring at her reflection in the water. It was just like looking at her reflection in the mirror earlier. Her old costume was ripped into pieces just like her pride. She felt lost. That’s when she concentrated on the pleasure in her pussy. It was so reassuring. Thus, the young woman simply embraced it as her body began to stiffen, just seconds from an orgasm.


An Hour Later

The Birds of Prey are lined up once again. Batgirl is wearing the same exact outfit that she wore in the alley when she retrieved Mary Marvel. Standing next to Batrgirl was Huntress. The woman wore a pair of shiny purple leather thigh-high boots. She still wore her mask and gloves, but her outfit had been greatly modified. For a strap of very thin purple string extended from the top of her boots, ran across her breasts, barely covering her nipples, and ran down her back where it connected to the back of the boots. She also had another thin purple string that went across her stomach, right above the bellybutton. The second purple string almost made an H to signify who she is. The woman also wore a purple thong.

To the left of Huntress was Black Canary. The woman wore the original blue boots from her original outfit. Instead of fishnet stockings, the woman now wore an entire fishnet body-suit, which had holes cut out for her breasts and pussy. The woman wore a black thong, but her breasts were completely bare.

Then to the left of Black Canary was the lowest bitch belonging to Booster Gold, Mary Marvel. The woman simply wore white boots, her shortened cape, and a red thong with a lightning bolt on the front. Booster Gold walked up to her and handed her the thermos with the drugged concoction that would seal her fate. Instead of refusing, Mary Marvel did the only that she could, she drank it. Then the woman all tore off there thongs and ran to the bed, their crime fighting days a mere blip from their past, their new job was to please Booster Gold, something that each one relished.



“Mmmmmm,” Mary Marvel moaned as she slipped the cock out of her lips for a few seconds before taking it back into her mouth again. The woman was busy riding a dick while another one pumped in and out of her ass. Each of her hands were busy jerking off a dick and the only reason why her body wasn’t parallel to the ground was because she was being held up by the man beneath her, his hands planted firmly on her tits. It didn’t take long for the woman to orgasm nor did it take the men. Within seconds, the dicks in her hands to squirted all over her neck and hands as the one in her mouth, blasted hot spunk down her throat. Her pussy and ass were also filled as the men pulled out of all her holes and backed up, panting for breath.

With the dicks out of her body, Mary Marvel slowly got to her knees. Her spunk covered left hand buried itself into her sex while her right hand grabbed her tit. “Please squirt your hot spunk all over my slutty face! Hit me with your blasts! I’m nothing but a filthy disgusting whore, who needs your spunk all over my face! Do it!” Mary Marvel panted. Over ten men circled her and began to pump their hands up and down their members. Within minutes, they blasted her head with their hot sperm. As the jets splattered against her head, the woman climaxed. The utter degradation excited her as she climaxed again and again until she collapsed onto the floor, body still quivering as more men jerked off to her nude body and left their seed all over her. By the time they were done, Mary Marvel’s nude body was caked in sperm as it slowly dripped off her body, leaving her laying in a pool of sperm.

“Cut and print!” the director yelled as the man stumbled away from the scene as Mary Marvel continued to play with herself, riding out her climaxes. And by the time, Mary Marvel was done, the room was empty.

Mary Marvel picked herself up and walked on all fours out of the room and through a set of double doors. Instantly, the woman was walking amongst some of the worst villains and criminals in the world. All of them were paying customers at Booster Gold’s exclusive club, a club that employed the numerous female members of the Justice League. She could see Vixen, Fire, Zantanna, and Hawkgirl. There were others, but she hadn’t seen them yet since the room was only limited to four small stages. Within seconds, she entered a larger room where there was one large stage. Both Huntress and Black Canary were gyrating on stage, dressed in same uniforms that Mary Marvel embraced her new life. Their bodies were covered in oil as they played with their tits. Mary Marvel didn’t pay any attention to them as she walked through another set of doors. This time, Powergirl, Supergirl, and former reporter, Linda Park were dancing on stage. All three were completely nude as the crowd hooted and hollered when Supergirl and Powergirl kissed.

Mary Marvel eventually walked through another set of doors, which were guarded. The guards opened the doors for her as she walked by. Within minutes, she opened a heavy ornate door. She was now in the office of Booster Gold, which had large one-way mirror that allowed him to see all three rooms of his club. The only part of the club that he couldn’t see where the private rooms. Booster Gold opted to give his customers some privacy. The man was seated in a leather chair, surveying the various scenes below. “I’ve finished another movie,” Mary Marvel spoke she took her place beside the man’s chair.

“Good girl,” Booster Gold spoke as he patted her on the head, not bothering to even look at her. The man then grabbed a towel and used it to wipe all the sperm off of his hands. He then tossed it aside as the door to his office opened again.

“Master. Lex Luthor to see you,” Batgirl spoke as she entered the room, wearing the same outfit that she wore ten years ago.

“Welcome Mr. Luthor,” Booster Gold spoke as he turned his chair to face the man. Mary Marvel quickly scampered into position next to the man.

“Our deal still stands. The Conglomerate has free reign in the city. Actually, you have free reign over the entire country while the remaining members of the Justice League are distrusted by all,” Lex Luthor spoke as Batgirl pushed a similar leather chair next to Booster Gold. Lex Luthor then sat in the chair.

“I still can’t believe that there are golden statues of myself in every state.”

“It’s amazing what the public will do when one man is able to stop some of the most nefarious schemes from the world’s most deadliest criminals, who oddly enough, are downstairs as we speak,” Lex Luthor chuckled.

“And each scandal from the various female members of the Justice League trying to seduce politicians and businessmen haven’t helped either,” Booster Gold laughed.

“So how is the final stages of our plan progressing?”

“Not too bad. Mary Marvel has starred in quite an assortment of videos. She’s the number one pornstar in the world right now,” Booster Gold spoke as Mary Marvel felt a shot of pride, knowing that she had pleased him.

“Over three thousand movies to date.”

“Almost one per day,” Batgirl added as she sat on Booster Gold’s lap.

Before the men could say anymore, the door to the office flew open again. “Lex Luthor! Why am I not surprised that you’re involved with this worthless excuse of a human being!” Wonder Woman snarled as she entered the office. “And Mary Marvel! I can’t believe that you passed his drugged drink to almost every female member of the Justice League! Disgraceful!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Wonder Woman. However, Mary Marvel did a perfect job,” Booster Gold spoke as he caressed Batgirl’s thigh. Mary Marvel once again felt proud of what she had done while Batgirl giggled and pressed herself against Booster Gold. Wonder Woman simply rolled her eyes.

“I believe you have something for me,” Lex Luthor

“Yes I do,” Booster Gold spoke as a box shelf slid open, revealing a former ace reporter, who many considered a prude. Her lips had received several injections of collagen, making them forever stuck in a pout. The woman’s tits were also surgically enhanced and looked obscene on her frame. Her black hair was now so long that it reached past her ass.

“Lois Lane,” Wonder Woman mouthed as she saw the naked woman walk up to Lex Luthor and plant a long wet, passionate kiss on him.

“That’s not all,” Booster Gold spoke as Lana Lang, dressed in a classy blue business suit and skirt entered the room. “Here is your future wife.”

Wonder Woman watched in horror as she saw two of Superman’s former flames, both planting kisses on the man’s greatest enemy. “Do you like?” Lex Luthor beamed at Wonder Woman.

“You’re both disgusting,” Wonder Woman spat as she closed her fists and placed them on her hips.

“Go retrieve her lasso, slut,” Booster Gold spoke as Mary Marvel dashed toward the woman on all fours.

“Don’t do this, Mary. You’re a crime fighter, not some cheap slut,” Wonder Woman spoke softly.

“Shut up, Wonder Woman! I am a cheap slut and damn proud of it! I love what I have done to Justice League!” Mary Marvel snapped. She then stood up, took Wonder Woman’s lasso, and tossed it onto Booster Gold’s lap, next to Batgirl.

“Since you’re here, I’m guess . . .”

“Get it over with!” Wonder Woman snapped, interrupting Booster Gold. The man smiled as he signal Mary Marvel, who unzipped Wonder Woman’s top. Mary Marvel then ripped Wonder Woman’s panties in the back. Then with one single motion, her hands ripped the top and panties off of the Amazon. Lex Luthor almost fell out of chair when he saw that Wonder Woman’s pussy was completely shaved bare and that five golden rings had pierced her pussy lips on each side. He also couldn’t believe that the woman’s tits were pierced as well. The Amazon made no attempt to cover up. Instead, she walked up to Booster Gold.

“Batgirl baby, get up. Wonder Woman and I have to seal a deal,” Booster Gold spoke as Batgirl stood up. “Remember our deal,” Booster Gold spoke as he handed Wonder Woman her lasso.

“I remember,” Wonder Woman spoke softly as she wrapped the lasso around her neck and handed it to Booster Gold. The woman then undid the man’s pants and found that the man wasn’t wearing any underwear and that his member was already rock hard. The Amazon impaled herself on Booster Gold’s cock and began to ride him as she gripped his shoulders and rammed her tits into his face. "I give my body and soul to further cause of the Conglomerate!" Wonder Woman screamed, knowing full well what she had gotten herself into.

Booster Gold felt the rings rub against the sides of his dick, massaging it. “You’re going to only wear your tiara, bracelets, and boots from now on. If I’m in a generous mood, I might let you wear a thong with a eagle on the front. You are now an employee of the Conglomerate!” Booster Gold spoke as the words blasted through Wonder Woman’s brain.

“I am an employee of the Conglomerate,” Wonder Woman panted.

“Turn your head to the left,” Booster Gold ordered as Wonder Woman did so. That’s when she saw Wonder Girl, her sister, wearing nothing more than a red thong with golden stars on the front. Her younger sibling was fondling her own tits as she stood between Batgirl and Mary Marvel.

“Sorry Wonder Woman, but I drugged your sister already and we’ve pierced her too,” Mary Marvel beamed as she ripped the thong off to reveal five rings on each of Wonder Girl’s pussy lips. The young woman saw the distress in Wonder Woman’s eyes, but saw the approval in Booster Gold’s eyes. The look from her master made her legs quiver as her juices ran down her thighs.

“Excellent work, slut,” Batgirl complimented the woman.

“That’s not all, we’ve plan a few shows and movies that will star you and your sister. I will make some guest appearances too,” Mary Marvel added.

“Yummy movies,” Wonder Girl moaned.

“I guess I should take my leave. I have a big day tomorrow,” Lex Luthor spoke as he stood up and his two toys followed.

“Should I escort him out?” Batgirl asked.

“No need. I’m sure the newly elected President can find his own way out,” Booster Gold spoke as Luthor exited the room.

“Very good, master,” Batgirl cooed as the three women moved behind Booster Gold, getting a good look at the incredibly distressed Wonder Woman.

“You will return to the Justice League tomorrow and put the final coffin into the League. Since I already know their secret identities, I want you to ensure that Batman is by himself. His favorite friends like Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, and everyone else will be paying him a visit. Once he’s taken care of, I will inherit his vast fortune. Hell, I already have his woman, who is now my wanton whore!” Booster Gold laughed.

“Yes master!” Wonder Woman moaned pitifully, unable to resist.

“Did I do good, master?” Mary Marvel inquired.

“You’ve done very well, my little slut! Your porn career has taken off, Batman will be humiliated and destroyed, and the Justice League will be nothing more than a memory. Yes my slut, you’ve done very well. In fact, you can join these sluts tonight in my bed. Just remember to start Wonder Woman on a daily supply of my drugged drink. Make it like her sister, Wonder Girl’s,” Booster Gold spoke.

“THANK YOU, MASTER!” Mary Marvel gushed. She longed to pleasure Booster Gold and tonight she would regain that opportunity. She was elated that she had pleased him. Soon, his most hated enemy would be destroyed. The Justice League would be gone, leaving the Conglomerate to pick up the pieces and continue its legacy since she was the one that got the female members of the Justice League addicted to the Booster Gold Power Drink. She was also the one that thought of lowering crime by offering sex as a bribe to the criminals. It worked. Soon, crime will be at an all-time low as every citizen will praise and honor Booster Gold, her master, while they watch her strut her stuff on some of the most raunchiest porn ever. This was her life now and Mary Marvel wouldn’t have it any other way.

The End


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