Capturing Catwoman

BY : NightCreeper
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Capturing Catwoman - V1

By Night Creeper

Disclaimer: All of the characters created by DC Comics are owned and created by DC Comics. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by DC Comics, they are still owned by DC Comics. Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: I would like to take the time to thank Blank for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an outline and idea for the story, and I just expanded on it and wrote the scenes accordingly, which made things rather easy. Also, he served as the editor for this story and even helped rework a section.

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Capturing Catwoman - V1

By Night Creeper

A sexy and sultry woman wearing a shiny black body-hugging PVC catsuit with domino-shaped infrared goggles on her cowl sat on a rooftop. The catsuit showed off all her curves of her body that most would die for. The woman was the premiere cat burglar in Gotham City and known to all as Catwoman. Currently, she was watching the late night news on a large projection TV that was in the main window of an electronic store. The woman adjusted her binoculars and read the closed captioning. She didn’t need to since the current report had been widely reported for weeks. Gotham City had been plagued by numerous disappearances. First, it started with prostitutes. Then strippers. Now, the police had even lumped some runaway cases as disappearances especially since they involved college coeds instead of students in public schools. Catwoman knew that Batman and the rest of the crime fighters within Gotham City were on the case, but there was no way that they could do anything about it. Crime was simply rampant in Gotham City. The super criminals like the Joker, the Riddler, the Penquin, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and even Bane were all locked up. Without them, the criminal underworld had nothing to fear or organization. Within weeks, the mob bosses had assimilated some of the freelancers while others remained on their own, making it harder to capture everyone. The mob bosses operated within their own agreements, but the freelancers didn’t care. They were simply out to make a buck as soon as possible and they took more chances and didn’t care who was in their path. One even stole a famous cat statue from the Gotham City Museum. Catwoman wasn’t having it and she decided to stop the man. That and the fact that she wanted to steal the statue. But Batman found her as she was tying up the crook and that’s she found out some insider information. The Gotham City police force suspected a white slavery ring, but they were simply too busy to fully concentrate on case and Batman’s allies like Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary hadn’t found anything yet. Thus Catwoman promised to offer some information if she came upon some.

“Those dumb reporters are just reporting each missing persons case as an isolated event. They should be trying to link them together. If I were . . . WHAT THE!?” Catwman yelled as she heard a large explosion. The woman swung the binoculars toward the explosion and saw a fiery inferno at a huge warehouse. She heard sirens and saw police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances racing toward the scene. A few seconds passed and she saw the Batmobile racing toward the warehouse.

“Batman is on the case,” the woman scoffed as she turned her attention away from the warehouse.

“Are you having fun?” a familiar voice asked from behind Catwoman.

“Batgirl. How are you tonight?” Catwoman asked as she continued to survey the city through her binoculars.

“Are you planning your next heist?”

“No. Batman asked if I could help and I reluctantly agreed. I figured I would hold up my end of the bargain tonight.”

“Did you see anyone near the warehouse before it exploded?”

“No. I was watching TV.”


“You growled. That’s not very becoming for a lady like yourself.”

“Just stay out of my way. In fact, you would be wise to stick to what you know best and stay away from all this,” Batgirl spoke right before she left the rooftop.

“Whatever,” Catwoman muttered as she turned her attention to a club and saw a drunken young brunette exiting the club by herself. The woman stumbled down the street, where a limousine suddenly stopped. Catwoman couldn’t see inside the limousine due to the tinted glass, but she saw the woman bend over and chat with whomever was inside. The woman then became angry and walked away. A few seconds passed before the door suddenly opened and two masked men poured out of the limousine. They quickly grabbed the woman and shoved the woman into the limousine. They then got in, the door slammed, and the limousine drove off.

“Holy shit! A kidnaping!” Catwoman shouted as she watched the limousine drive in a straight line away from her. Then she saw Batgirl on her Batcycle speeding toward the limousine.

“That was a short case . . . fuck me . . . looks like I have to do something now,” Catwoman gasped as she saw Batgirl passing the limousine and making a sharp right turn as the limousine continued to speed away. The woman slid down the fires escape and landed on her motorcycle. Luckily for her, the limousine was going straight, so Catwoman was able to catch up and stay a safe distance behind.


Catwoman snuck into Carmine Falcone’s mansion through an opened window. Luckily for her, it was the man’s office. She immediately went to his desk and found several photographs of several women in bondage. Catwoman also noticed an amount written on each picture. The woman quickly went through the pictures and found some notes underneath the pictures. She read some of the notes. The woman found out that there were numerous people working for the slave trade. It started on the streets with some pimps offering their girls. Then it was the clubs. Catwoman gasped when she realized that several people were recruited in the high schools, but the notes revealed that those individuals were quickly recalled and sent to other places, avoiding the high schools. She wasn’t sure why they left, but she was happy they did.

“Holy shit! Carmine Falcone is the white slaver! Looks like I broke this case wide open. I’m a better detective than Batman,” the woman gloated.

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t have much time to enjoy her triumph as the window slammed shut. Catwoman ran toward the window and tried to open it. The window didn’t budge. The woman grabbed a marble paperweight from the desk and chucked it at the glass, but it did no damage. The woman then ran toward the door and found it locked. Her eyes darted back and forth, looking for a way out as she noted for the first several vents in the walls. Within seconds, smoke started to bellow from the vents. The woman grew frantic as she searched for a way out. There was no way out and she knew it. Catwoman tried to hold her breath, but the smoke eventually filled her lungs and the woman slipped unconscious.


When Catwoman awoke, she was unable to move. There was a large steel triangle above the woman’s head with two steel manacles on either side of the bottom bar. The manacles were secured around Catwoman’s wrists. The triangle hung from the ceiling as dangled inside a metal frame . Long thick ropes were tied around her knees and secured to the poles of the frame while her ankles were chained to rings on the floor. This forced Catwoman to dangle inside the frame with very limited movement. She was still dressed, but she was shocked by her surroundings more than her current posture. She could tell she was in a basement dungeon that had numerous cages, all cramped and uncomfortable lined against the wall. Each one had a woman in different bondage outfits. Not only were there women inside the cages, but there were also women scattered along the walls. Like the women in the humiliating cages, these women were also in bondage gear except these women were bouncing slightly up and down on large dildos that extended from the wall. Beside each one were heavy iron chairs, cuffs, collars, whips, crops, paddles and other painful instruments.

“Who did this to you?” Catwoman asked the women. Some had ball-gags and ring-gags while other had none. But the ones that didn’t have any, didn’t bother to say anything. Instead, they just shook their heads and concentrated on the mixture of pain and pleasure from the dildos.

“It’s okay, Catwoman. They won’t answer you,” a man spoke from behind Catwoman.

The woman struggled against her bonds, but wasn’t able to turn around and see who her captor was. “Come closer so I can see you,” the woman demanded.

“I am definitely coming closer,” the man spoke as he cupped her ass PVC covered ass before giving it a hard squeeze followed by a hard swat.

“BASTARD!! HOW DARE YOU!!” Catwoman growled.

“Oh, I dare sweetie,” the man spoke as he ran his hands up her sides. Catwoman threw her head back and tried to ram the man’s head, but he was simply too far way. “You shouldn’t do that,” the man spoke as he placed a posture collar around Catwoman’s head and secured the straps as the woman fought him the entire time.

“BASTARD!! GET THIS OFF OF ME!!” the woman angrily screamed.

“Oh. You are angry. I can feel these rise and fall even under your PVC,” the man laughed as he reached around and grabbed her breasts. “These feel good. I can’t wait to kiss and suck on your nipples. I bet your aureolas are just as tasty as your nipples and tits. Honk. Honk,” the man laughed as he gave her breasts another squeeze.


“I intend to do a whole lot more than just touch you,” the man spoke as he patted her flat stomach. “I bet you have some abs here. When I’m done with you, you’ll want this big and round with my progeny.”


“And these long muscular legs are going to feel great wrapped around my waist when I fuck your brains out,” the man grinned as he moved his hands back and forth on her thighs. This was followed by him moving his hands all over her body, caressing, fondling, spanking, and groping every inch of her body including rubbing the PVC in front of her crotch.

“STOP TOUCHING ME!!” Catwoman screamed as her body shook violently her bonds while the woman tried to free herself. However, the man didn’t stop and Catwoman began to sweat inside her own outfit. Her struggles were completely futile and she was just exhausting herself in the process. The woman never felt so helpless in her life.

“Someone is crying,” the man spoke as he touched the side of her goggles. “By the way, these aren’t your goggles,” he added as he flipped a switch on the side of each goggle. Within seconds, Catwoman couldn’t see a thing.

“NOOOO!” Catwoman yelled as she was now surrounded by darkness. Her lack of sight made his touches even more humiliating as she could only concentrate on that and her own miserable pants. The woman soon realized that the man was no standing in front of her due to how his hands were rubbing against her crotch and playing with her right breast. “Stop . . . stop . . .” Catwoman groaned.

“I have a few presents for your,” the man spoke as he stuck a ball-gag into the woman’s mouth and then secured the straps. This was followed by him placing noise cancelling headphones over her ears. To ensure that they didn’t fall off, the man strapped then down.

“Hmmmmm,” Catwoman groaned miserably as she was cut off from the world. All she could do was shake in her bonds. She could no longer see, hear, or talk. Yet, the man never stopped touching her. Now, the woman could only think about where his hands were and what he was doing. Eventually, Catwoman stopped struggling and the man didn’t stop touching every inch of her body for quite some time. Each touch was magnified and she was unable to stop it. She could feel the man’s hands running all over her body, lingering over various places. Then Catwoman got tired off groaning as the hands continued to roam. It seemed like an eternity, but it eventually stopped. Catwoman thought it was going to start again, but it never did as the woman was left in the darkness while her mind and body anticipated the hands next move.


"Keep it together Selina! You're Catwoman! Stay focused! Find an escape, kill this sick son of a bitch! Keep it together! Don't lose it! Stay focused!!!" the woman repeated over and over again in her mind. She had no idea how long she had been plunged into darkness. She couldn’t hear or see and her movement was limited. At times, she would shake uncontrollably in her bonds for a few seconds just to remind herself that she was still alive and not floating in a sea of darkness. The woman had no idea that only twelve hours had passed.

“Uhhh!” Catwoman groaned as she felt hands groping and kneading her PVC covered ass. The woman started to struggle, but the hands didn’t stop. Her wriggling body did nothing to impede the hands. Instead, it only seemed to make the hands happier as they would pat her ass from time to time. Slowly, the woman slowed her struggles as she found the hands roaming all over her body. Much like before, the woman was left with nothing to do except anticipate where the hands were going next while her body tingled. The hands roamed all over her body for over ten minutes before they stopped and Catwoman was left alone in the darkness.

Unbeknownst to the woman, the man had moved to her front. However, the woman was quite aware of it when she felt a tug on the zipper. She then felt a cool breeze against her sweating body. Her nipples immediately became erect at the cold air as the woman gasped. She found herself moaning into her gag as the man grabbed her right breast and began to lick her erect nipple.

“Bastard!” the woman growled as she struggled again, but it wasn’t any use. She couldn’t get away. Her movement seemed to have angered the man as he bit down hard on her nipple and didn’t let go. The woman wailed in pain as she struggled anew, which only made it even more painful as the man bit down harder. Catwoman made several mad jerks before they subsided. As they subsided, the man relented and loosened his teeth around her nipple. And when she completed stopped her struggling, the man released her nipple. He then kissed and licked the woman’s nipple, which was quite soothing to Catwoman. The woman sobbed miserably as she realized she was unable to stop the man as he played with her right breast. She felt even more helpless when the man started on her left breast while the woman held perfectly still, not wanting him to bite her nipple again.

The woman continued to sob as the man played with her breasts for several more minutes before he zipped her back up. Then once again, the hands roamed over her body whereas Catwoman didn’t even bother to struggle. Instead, she allowed the hands to roam all over her body. And much like before, the hands suddenly stopped and didn’t return even though Catwoman kept on thinking they would.


"Keep it together Selina. You're Catwoman. Stay focused. Find an escape, kill this sick son of a bitch. Keep it together. Don't lose it. Stay focused," the woman repeated over and over again in her mind. She was still unsure of how much time had passed, but the anticipation was killing her. However, she knew that the man had returned when she felt her zipper being pulled down and there was that cool breeze again. And like before, her nipples reacted, but this time, the woman didn’t struggle.

“Ahhhh,” the woman moaned into her gag as she felt the man kneading her tits while he licked her nipples. Catwoman was more than willing to let the man do as he pleased as long as he didn’t bit down and rip off her engorged nipples. Thus, she endured his ministrations until he stopped.

“Such a good pussycat,” the man spoke once he removed the headphones from Catwoman’s ears.

“I CAN HEAR!” the woman thought.

“And look at this, a shaved pussy that belongs to a shiny pussycat covered in PVC,” the man spoke as he started brushing his fingers against the woman’s bald pussy.

“Grrrrr,” Catwoman growled into her gag as she realized that it was a bad idea not to wear a bra and panties. The woman’s eyes went wide as she realized that the man was now playing with the entrance of her pussy with two of his fingers. The woman tried to pull away as she felt the man’s hot breath against her right tit. Then she felt his teeth gently rubbing against her nipple and she immediately knew what he wanted to do before he even said anything.

“Don’t move too much or I might just rip this off,” the man spoke as he pulled his teeth away and Catwoman reluctantly stopped struggling. Instead, the woman moaned miserably into her gag when the man rammed three fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out of her.

“Such a hot pussy for a hot pussy,” the man laughed as his other hands grabbed her shoulder. The words stung Catwoman’s ears and she wished she didn’t hear it as the man continued to pump and even sped up his fingers. The woman panted for breath as she felt her body reacting to his fingers. She was definitely leaking on his fingers now and her muscles were straining and freezing up. Catwoman knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before she climaxed and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

A few more minutes passed before Catwoman climaxed all over the man’s fingers and hand. Her body shook violently as she pulled against her bonds. The man removed his hands from her body and pulled back, admiring his handiwork as he pulled out a vibrator and turned it on. In Catwoman’s weakened state, she didn’t hear anything as she tried to recover from her orgasm.

“I have a gift for your hot pussy, my hot fucking pussycat,” the man whispered into her ear right before her rammed the vibrator into Catwoman’s pussy.

“ARRGGGGG!!” the woman howled into her gag as the man rammed the vibrator completely inside her. Only a small part was sticking out as the vibrator filled every crevice inside her pussy. The man then zipped up the woman’s suit, trapping it in place and ensuring that it wouldn’t pop out.

“I’m going to leave your new friend inside you. Climax all you want. It’s my gift to you,” the man spoke right before he placed the headphones back over her head and secured them again. This time, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he sat in a chair and watched the woman climax over and over again. He could tell that she tried to hold back on her first three orgasms, but her fourth one was different.

“HOLY SHIT!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!! I CAN’T GET THIS TO STOP!! NOOOO!!! FUCK!!! IT’S STARTING AGAIN!! HOLLLLLYYYY SHHHHHIIIITTTT!!” Catwoman screamed as the fifth orgasm left her mind and body unhinged. The woman was no longer even trying to resist as she continued to bladder incoherently as she rode the vibrations in her pussy from one climax to another.


“HHHHHMMMMMPPPPPPHHHH!!” a hoarse Catwoman screamed into her gag as she climaxed again. The woman still had no concept of time and she had lost count of her orgasms after the fifth one. She had no idea that another twelve hours had passed. The woman had climaxed and sweated so much that she was very dehydrated. She wasn’t even thinking clearly and she hadn’t even realized that the man had returned and had been fondling her body through the PVC suit for over ten minutes now. In fact, she didn’t even register that the man had unzipped her and removed the headphones again.

“You smell so good,” the man spoke as he pulled the vibrator from Catwoman’s pussy. He then removed the gag from her mouth. “You deserve a prize. Go ahead and drink the water,” the man spoke as he a baby bottle full of cold water and pressed it against Catwoman’s lips.

The woman was so thirsty that she started to drink and didn’t even bother to struggle as the man started licking her right nipple again. In fact, the woman didn’t even mind as she drank from a baby bottle. When she had drank the bottle empty, she still continued to suck on it, hoping to get more water. The man stopped licking her nipple and pulled the bottle away. A smile ran across his face as he saw Catwoman attempt to find the bottle. The man tossed the bottle to the ground and pulled another one from his pocket and pressed the tip against her lips. He then watched as the woman tried to stretch her neck in order to get the bottle. However, she could never reach it and the man could see that she was getting frustrated.

“Want more water, Catwoman? If you do, thrust your titties forward and make your titties jiggle for me,” the man spoke calmly as Catwoman reluctantly swallowed her pride and began to struggle in her bonds, hoping to make her tits jiggle. The man watched as he watched the woman agonizing over her current task. He then placed the bottle back in his pockets as he cupped the woman’s breasts and held them as she continued to bounce.

“Please,” Catwoman groaned miserably as her muscles began to strain and hurt.

“I don’t care what happens, but you always thrust your tits out for me to play with. Got it?” the man asked after he strained his ears to hear Catwoman’s slightly audible pleas.

“Yes,” Catwoman groaned.

“Good kitty. You can stop bouncing now. You’ve earned your drink,” the man laughed as he released her right tit and took the bottle out of his pocket again. He then pressed the tip against the woman’s lips and she drank hungrily from it while the man continued to play with her left tit. The man smiled the entire three minutes it took for the woman to suck the bottle dry. And even when she was done, she continued to search for more water.

“Need . . . need more,” Catwoman panted as the man pulled the bottle out of her mouth.

“No more for now. Your pussy looks lonely though,” the man spoke as he cupped her pussy and stroked her pussy lips.

“Uhhh,” the woman moaned.

“Cum for me, my little pussy cat,” the man ordered as he thrust three fingers into her pussy and began to pump them in and out.

“AHHHH!” Catwoman yelled as her pussy immediately responded to the man’s touch.

“So wet. I can’t wait to feel your cunt grip my cock like it’s gripping my fingers,” the man spoke as he pumped faster and faster while Catwoman gritted her teeth.

“OOHHHHH SHHHHIIIITTTT!!” Catwoman eventually screamed as she climaxed. Her body thrashed in her bonds while her pussy clamped down on the man’s fingers. The man had to forcefully pull his fingers out of her pussy, which caused a smaller orgasm to rip through the woman’s super-sensitive body.

“Good girl. Here’s another vibrator to keep your company,” the man spoke as he rammed another vibrator with fresh batteries into her pussy. He then zipped her all the way back up. Next was the gag, followed by the headphones. Once that was done, the man moved some heat lamps around Catwoman and turned them on. He knew that Catwoman would lose the water that she drank through her pores and into her PVC suit. Another smiled appeared on his face as he watched the woman thrash in her bonds as the vibrator forced her to climax.

"No . . . so hot . . . so hot . . . keep it together Selina . . . you're Catwoman . . . stay focused . . . find an escape . . . kill this sick son of a bitch . . . keep it together . . . don't lose it . . . stay focused . . .” the woman reminded herself again once her current orgasm subsided. The woman had no idea why things were getting hotter and hotter, but she was too exhausted to move in her bonds now.

“Good night,” the man spoke as he exited the room. But before he left the room completely, he turned just in time to see the woman climax again.

“HHHHHOOOLLLLYYYY SSSSSHHHHIIIIITTTT!!” the woman screamed both in her mind and into her gag as another climax ripped through her body.


“Keep it together . . . stay focused . . . find an escape . . . keep it together . . . don’t lose it . . .” Catwoman’s mind reminded herself again and again. She still had no idea how to track the passing of time. The woman had climaxed so many times that the ordeal had become a blur of pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, she was completely conscious, panting for breath and desperately trying to recover as the vibrator stuttered to a stop. However, the pain wasn’t over for the woman as the heat lamps continued to drain her of moisture. The woman was sweating and burning up in her suit, but she couldn’t escape regardless of what she did. She hung in her bonds as fluids dripped off her sweat slick body and onto the floor.

"HOLY SHIT!!” the woman screamed into her gag as pain exploded from her back. She then felt cold air against her burning skin. The woman felt a long angry red line on her back, which was quickly added to as the woman screamed into her gag yet again.

“Dance kitty, dance,” the man spoke as he looked at the two angry red welts across Catwoman’s ripped PVC suit. His eyes then glanced back down at the whip in his hand. Catwoman's whip.

Catwoman screamed at the top of her lungs into her gag over and over again as each crack of the whip caused her a great deal of pain. Her head thrashed as much as it could with the posture collar on. Just a few moments ago, the woman would have vocally protested against the heat lamps and how she needed someone to unzip her suit. Now, she would have done anything to go back to that moment in time. The whip rained down over her body again and again until her screams died down to nothing more than almost inaudible whimpers as the woman slowly succumbed the pain and was just seconds from passing out.

“So sexy,” the man spoke as he finally stopped and admired his handiwork. Catwoman’s PVC suit was mostly destroyed. Her thighs were bare as well as her back and ass. There were also numerous red angry welts all over her body now. The man threw the whip to the ground and pulled out a bottle from his pocket. He poured the contents of the bottle on her back and began to spread the ointment with his hands to ensure that any of the cuts wouldn’t become infected. Luckily for Catwoman, there weren’t a lot of cuts, just angry welts. He even smiled when he heard the woman coo as the medication was rather soothing.

Catwoman's delirious mind imagined her on a beach with nasty sunburns. She pictured a muscular and handsome man standing over her, giving her a massage and lathering up her body with lotion. Catwoman could smell the clean air and practically drooled when she pictured a cold drink just inches from her lips.

"Keep it... together . ."

Those images continued as the man unzipped her and pulled the dead vibrator from her dripping pussy. The man then took off the headphones before he slapped the woman’s ass and went back to applying the ointment on her back. As he slowly massaged the ointment into her skin, his hands began wandering across her muscular, aching back, spreading the oily substance liberally and then around to her sides. Catwoman sighed in relief as the pain subsided. The man's hands continued roaming, and then gradually slid across her breasts, already slippery with sweat. He slowly kneaded the ointment into her gorgeous milky tits, pinching her stiff pink nipples and rolling them between his fingers as she moaned into her gag. He grabbed handfuls of soft flesh and kneaded them roughly. His hands continued molesting Catwoman's breasts for several minutes as she began to moan in pleasure rather than pain.

His hands wandered downwards, applying fresh globs of ointment and sliding the substance across her firm abs and down to her pussy. The man could barely contain himself as he admired his captive's perfect, dripping body. Catwoman let out a gasp as he smeared some ointment into the folds of her labia in slow deliberate strokes. He rubbed her clit as her hips began to buck and a steady drip of juices splattered on the floor.

"Oh you fucking sexy pussy," said the man as his fingers once again invaded her twitching pussy. He began sliding them in and out rhythmically. The woman groaned and grunted as wave upon wave of pleasure took Catwoman to the verge of climax. She bucked her hips faster and faster to match his rhythm as the fingers pumped in and out of her filthy wet cunt. Selina braced herself for the inevitable orgasm when suddenly the hands stopped. She let out a small cry of disappointment before catching herself. The man chuckled.

Suddenly she felt a thick blob of ointment applied to her ass, spread across her cheeks. Catwoman's eyes widened as the man's intentions were made apparent. The hands massaged and spread the ointment across her muscular buttocks, sliding round and round in slow circles towards her anus. Then a finger rubbed her asshole and began to spread more ointment around her tightly clenched rectum. The finger moved towards the entrance in slow strokes before it slowly pushed against her anus. Catwoman shook her head and screamed into the gag as the finger invaded her asshole, sliding inside with the aid of the slippery ointment.

“You look so sexy, my little pussy cat. Your asshole is so tight. I bet it will feel great gripping my cock. You’ll like it too, my sexy pussy cat. At least.... you'll learn to...” the man spoke as he slowly continued to finger her ass. The man slid his finger in and out of her for several minutes before he pulled it out. He then spread her cheeks and she felt the tip of his cock push up against her well lubricated asshole. He grunted as he forced his dick past her clenched rectum, pushing hard as inch after inch slid into Catwoman's asshole as she screamed herself hoarse. Then with a final thrust he rammed it in to the hilt, eliciting another scream from his helpless victim. With his cock fully buried in her ass, he then inserted a new vibrator into Catwoman’s pussy before he gripped her hips and began to pump his dick in and out of the woman’s ass.

Catwoman pleaded into her gag as her head spun. She had always been in control in sexual situations, and certainly had never taken it in the ass before. The woman bucked weakly, but it had no effect on stopping the assault. In fact, it only spurred him on even more. He grabbed her breasts as the sound of slapping flesh filled the room. Her screams gradually turned to whimpers as he reamed her sore ass enthusiastically, thrusting forcefully into her for what felt like an eternity. As her mental defenses faded, the vibrator began to take effect. She shut her eyes tightly as the tingling in her pussy grew and grew. She was always the woman in control, and now the utter helplessness and humiliation was too much for her exhausted mind. She felt the orgasm building up inside her.

Her attacker showed no signs of slowing.

"Yes my pussy cat, you fucking love this don't you? Having a stranger's cock pumping in and out of your ass? You're such a sexy slut!"

Catwoman shook her head, but she knew it was a battle lost. She'd been beaten. Humiliated. The waves of pleasure mounted. He looked down and saw his thick cock sliding in and out of her ass, and Catwoman straining and bucking in futile protest. The sight was enough to send him over the edge as he shot his load deep into the woman’s ass. Hot cum flooded her once virgin ass.

“Mmmmpppphhhtt,” Catwoman squealed as the orgasm took her. She shuddered in her bonds as an intense wave of pleasure took her once again. Her head hung limp in her bonds

“You’re a beautiful pussy cat, my dear. So lovely and sexy, pussy cat. We need to do this again. You should be more vocal next time,” the man spoke as he slowly pulled out. Fat globs of spunk dribbled out and mixed with the puddle of her juices on the floor.

The man removed the woman’s posture collar. “Now, I want you to be a good little pussy cat. Don’t turn your head. Just stay here in your bonds. If you don’t, I’m going to have to whip you again . . . with your own whip,” the man spoke right before he secured the headphones back onto the woman’s head. However, he turned the vibrator to its lowest setting before he left.

“Keep it together . . . you’re a good pussy cat . . . stay focused . . . keep it together . . .” the woman's thoughts trailed off as the vibrator continued to work in her pussy and she lost consciousness.


“I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!! I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!!” Catwoman shouted at the top of her lungs. The woman wasn’t sure how many days had passed, but the man had whipped her and fucked her ass at least twenty times now. She was greatly dehydrated and her body hurt all over. All she really wanted was for the pain to stop.

“What are you?” the masked again as his right moved off her tit, down her stomach, and turned up the speed of the vibrator before returning to her tit.

“I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!! I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!!” Catwoman screamed as she felt the vibrator in her pussy, sending shivers up and down her body.

“You’re a fantastically sexy pussy! I love fiucking your ass while holding your tits,” the man grunted as he hammered his cock in and out of her pussy. He increased his speed and the force of his thrusts. Faster and faster until he was like a piston in highly tuned sports car while the sound of naked skin slapping against each other filled the room.

“HOLY SHIT!! I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!! I’M A FUCKING GOOD PUSSY CAT!!” Catwoman shrieked as she climaxed despite herself. Of course, the man didn’t stop. Within a few minutes, she climaxed again. Then a few more minutes later, far less than before, she climaxed yet again.

“Such a good pussy cat. I can’t wait to show you all the videos of yourself,” the man grunted as he shot his load into her ass yet again.

“YES!!! YES!!! I’M A GOOD PUSSY CAT!!” Catwoman shrieked as the orgasms happened in rapid succession now.

The man slowly pulled his dick out of her ass and moved in front of the woman. He then rips the vibrator from her pussy and tosses it aside. The man then removes her goggles and begins to undo the bonds on Catwoman’s legs and ankles.

Catwoman blinked her eyes again and again before they become accustomed to the light yet again. She immediately recognized the man as Alberto Falcone, the son of Carmine Falcone. Catwoman had scratched up Carmine’s face in a previous encounter and would have done the same to Alberto if she wasn’t so weak and exhausted. In fact, the woman didn’t even try to kick him as the man’s hands roamed all over her body while oiling her up.

When he was done, he finally freed her arms from her bonds. Catwoman unceremoniously fell to the ground and landed with a splat as she landed into a pool of her own juices mixed with the man’s spunk. The man then kicks her legs apart and positions himself accordingly. Within seconds, he’s on top of her and his cock is buried deep in her pussy. Catwoman’s breasts are squashed against his chest as the man fucks her. The pair’s eyes are locked on each the entire time. Alberto could see that Catwoman didn’t have any fight left in her eyes as the woman moaned underneath the man. “I’ve won, Catwoman. You’re mine now,” the man spoke as he was ready to shot his load into her pussy.

“I’m a good pussy cat . . .” Catwoman moaned, knowing full well that she couldn’t stop him. The woman could sense the men tensing up and knew that he was just seconds from climaxing. Tears rolled out of her eyes as she prepared herself. The woman saw the man closed his eyes and arched his body. She knew it was time. Catwoman’s mind raced, but her body failed to respond as she prepared for the inevitable. And just when she was resigned to her fate, the door flew open and Alberto Falcone fell unconscious to the ground beside her.

“Didn’t I tell you not investigate this case?” a purple clad woman asked Catwoman as she stood over her.


“Batman was busy, but I was working this case for him. If you didn’t get yourself caught, I would have found this place faster. Turns out that Alberto’s boys have been silent for over a week now. They acted tonight and I followed them here.”

“Batgirl . . .”

“Don’t worry Catwoman. I haven’t called the police. I’ll get you out of here before the cops show. I’m sure the other imprisoned women won’t tell the cops that you were here either,” Batgirl spoke as reached for Catwoman’s hand. The cat burglar took Batgirl’s hand and was helped to her feet.


A Week Later

A sexy and sultry woman wearing a shiny black body-hugging PVC catsuit with domino-shaped infrared goggles on her cowl sat on a rooftop. The catsuit showed off all her curves of her body that most would die for. She just stood there and waited.

“Waiting for someone?” a voice asked her.

“Waiting for you,” Catwoman spoke as she turned around and smiled at Batgirl.

“Batman may trust you, but I don’t,” Batgirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

“We do have a past, don’t we?”


“All of it is in this bag,” Catwoman spoke as she kicked the large bag at her feet toward Batgirl.

“Turning a new leaf?”

“Not quite. Falcone is in prison and the police didn’t find any evidence of him capturing Catwoman. No tapes, no whip, no nothing. I have you to thank for that.”

“I thought you’ve had been through enough. There’s no reason for you to walk the streets of Gotham knowing that every man and woman are thinking the same thing.”

“Thank you, Batgirl. And just remember, I never showed any of your videos or pictures to my gang members. They were for my eyes only,” Catwoman spoke as she blew Batgirl a kiss before jumping off the rooftop.

Batgirl ran to the edge just in time to see Catwoman speeding away on her motorcycle. The female crime fighter then smiled as she pulled out a match from her utility belt and tossed it on the bag. The bag immediately caught on fire. “For no one’s eyes,” Batgirl muttered as she watched Catwoman disappear while the controlled fire roared behind her.

The End


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