Sleez's Success Story

BY : NightCreeper
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DC - Sleez’s Success Story

By: Night Creeper


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DC - Sleez’s Success Story

By: Night Creeper




Officer Renee Montoya pushed Sleez, a dwarfish empath. Of course, she didn’t know that. She also didn’t know that Sleez feeds on the base emotions of the average person and uses that energy to bolster his own life force. He can dominate the minds of others, magnifying their depraved desires. She just knew that he under arrest and needed to be moved to a holding cell. That’s what she was doing. She was escorting him to the cell. The woman opened the cell door, Sleez entered, and she closed the door.

“Hey short stuff! What’s your name, Dorf?” a large muscular man in the next cell asked.

“Hardly,” Sleez replied.

“Did you get arrested because you were a little short?” the man laughed.

“Did you know that Officer Montoya arrested several prostitutes tonight?” Sleez inquired.

“So what?”

“She has the perfect body to be one. She was also eyeing their clothes, their looks, and their walk. She was licking her lips and I’m sure her pussy tingled with excitement.”

“That’s enough!” Officer Montoya roared as she came back to Sleez’s cell and pointed a finger at him menacingly.

“It is enough. Your time as a cop is over,” Sleez spoke as Montoya retracted her finger.

“It’s over,” the woman moaned as she began to unbutton her shirt. She then tossed it aside and undid her bra. The woman’s hands then squeezed her firm breasts. She fondled and squeezed, often pulling and twisting her own nipples. The woman then walked over to the bars of that belonged to the cell of the muscular man. She wrapped her breasts around the one bar and slid up and down. The man’s mouth was agape as he watched, totally spellbound.

“Suck him,” Sleez ordered as the muscular nodded in complete agreement.

“Come here, big boy,” Montoya moaned as she knelt in front of the cell.

“Dude! You are alright!” the man cheered Sleez as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick.

Officer Montoya clasped her right hand over the man’s cock and jerked his tool for several seconds before slid her hand closer to his balls. She then licked the head repeatedly, covering it in her spit. The woman then licked the man’s dick over and over again, starting at the base and going all the way to the head. Long strands of her own spit dangled from her chin and the man’s cock as she serviced him. As she did this, her hand continued to jerk the man off. Thus, it didn’t take long for thin strands of his spunk to fall upon her tongue and chin. That’s when she wrapped her lips around the man’s hard rod. She bobbed her head up and down, even slamming her own face into the bars. “Hmmmppphh,” the woman moaned around the man’s dick.

“Fucking awesome!” the man panted.

“Do you want her to swallow or do you want to splatter her face?” Sleez asked.

“Lips so good! Don’t stop!” the man groaned.

“Sounds like she needs to swallow,” Sleez laughed as Montoya increased her speed. Her forehead banged against the bar repeatedly. The muscular thought the woman would knock herself out. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the man’s body grew as stiff as his dick. He felt his balls seize as he unleashed a torrent of spunk into the woman’s mouth. Like a professional, Montoya swallowed every last drop, not even allowing a dribble to escape her lips.

“Hmmmm . . . good,” Montoya purred as she pulled away from the man. The woman stood up and then opened Sleez’s cell. She then picked up her shirt and buttoned it up. She didn’t bother to pick up her own bra though. Instead, Sleez picked it up.

“Let’s go slut. We have a lot to do,” Sleez spoke.

“Yes master,” Montoya purred as she followed the short imp.

“Hey! What about me?” the man in the cell yelled.

“You already got serviced. If you didn’t make fun of me earlier, I would have allowed you to fuck her. But now, she’s going to take me back to her place where I’m going to enjoy her delicious body. Bye!” Sleez laughed as Montoya obediently followed.





Days Later




There was a massive gang fight. The women of each opposing gang flirted with the male members of the other gang and eventually they started to fuck. Not everyone had a fuck partner since there were seven times as many guys. Thus, it quickly became five guys for every one girl. That still left several guys unattended. This lead to a massive fight. The police didn’t bother with it, but Gotham’s own Birds of Prey were quickly on the scene thanks to Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk teleporting them onto a rooftop.

“Looks like trouble,” Helena Bertinelli also known as the Huntress sighed.

“Should we announce our arrival?” the Black Canary, Dinah Lance inquired.

“Might as well,” Barbara Gordon also known as Batgirl smiled as Dinah Lance unleashed an earsplitting Canary Cry that knocked out a few gang members.

Within seconds, all four heroines were in the alleyway fighting. The women used all their weapons and fought as many men as they could. Several men laid unconscious on the ground as the Birds of Prey continued to fight. However, the women slowly found it getting harder and harder to focus their thoughts on the fight. That didn’t stop the though. Yet, the women soon found themselves separated by a wall of men. That’s when things started spinning out of control.

The first was Lady Blackhawk. The woman kicked a man and knocked him to the ground. He wasn’t out however. She had to stand over him after being pushed back from another attacker when she blocked his punch. The man on the ground immediately tried to stand and his head bumped into her crotch. The woman moaned erotically as the man wrapped his arms around her legs and began to lick her panties that covered her crotch. Lady Blackhawk then lost the will to fight as several men formed a circle around her and watched her thrash about, crying out in ecstasy. Especially when the man ripped off her panties and tossed them aside.

“Holy shit! Feels so good! Your tongue feels so good in my hot cunt!” the woman moaned as she cupped her own tits and began to fondle them through her own outfit.

She didn’t have to play with her breasts long as a man slipped behind her and pushed her hands off her tits. He immediately ripped her skirt open and undid her bra. Then he reached forward and began to squeeze and grope the woman’s firm breasts. “Warm! Firm! And real!” the man smiled as the others cheered.

Soon, Zinda Blake found herself on her hands and knees. The man’s tongue had forced an orgasm from her body. The man, who use to be playing with her tits, was no longer happy with just her tits. He could see her inviting ass, wiggling under her skirt. So the man dropped to his knees and positioned his hard dick behind her ass. The man gripped her hip with his right hand and his dick with his left. He then rammed his dick into her virgin ass. Lady Blackhawk shrieked in delight as the man started to fuck her ass.

Two men grabbed the woman’s hands and placed them on their cocks. The woman immediately began to jerk them off as another man positioned his dick in front of her face. Lady Blackhawk immediately licked the head of his member several times before she wrapped her lips around the man’s cock. “What is happening to me? This is so wrong! Yet, it feels so good! So fucking good!” the woman’s mind wailed.

A few feet away from her, Batgirl was being held onto the ground. She was spreadeagle and several men were pinning her to the ground. The woman screamed and writhed on the ground. One man took out a long knife and placed it between her legs. The woman’s eyes grew big as she stopped struggling. The man smiled and began to slice her costume. He went all the way up to her breasts. The men all cheered when he cut her bra into two halves before he sliced the costume around her throat. He placed the knife on the ground and ripped her panties off. The man could see the fear in Batgirl’s eyes as he pulled out his hard meat. Then he unceremoniously rammed his cock into the woman’s defenseless pussy.

“NOOOOO!!” Batgirl wailed as she arched her back and found herself thrusting her hips in order to meet his thrusts.

“You’re a fine little slut,” the man smiled.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! So fucking huge! Pussy so fucking wet!” Batgirl panted as the men released her legs and arms. They were then surprised to see the woman wrapped her legs around the man’s torso while her arms wrapped around the back of the man’s neck. Barbara couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she knew that her body wanted it. And no matter what she tried to do, her body was winning and enjoying it.

The Huntress wasn’t fighting anymore either. The woman was totally nude except for her mask. She was squatting over a man as his cock pumped in and out of the woman’s drooling pussy. There was a man lying on his stomach in front of her. He was busy rubbing her clit as two other stood on either side of her. The woman’s hands gripped their dicks as they reached down and played with her sweaty tits. Another man stood over the other man and scoffed. He immediately undid his pants and pulled out his hard member. The Huntress didn’t bat an eyelash as she wrapped her lips around the man’s dick. She slid her head back and forth, very slowly and covering very little distance. Instead, she allowed her tongue to do all the work. All the men moaned erotically as they enjoyed the woman. The Huntress on the other hand was trying to do anything she could to stop herself, but she couldn’t. It was like an invisible force was compelling her to service the men.

The Black Canary saw all of this, but she couldn’t do anything to stop it. The blonde was completed naked except for her ripped fishnet stockings. The men knew about her Canary Cry, which is why they silenced her. They did this by fucking her mouth repeatedly by stuffing their dicks into her mouth. The woman’s lips, cheeks, nose, and chin were covered in wet and drying spunk. The men slowly dragged her semiconscious self further down the alley and away from her friends. Soon, she found herself lying on top of a man, who was fucking her pussy and busy sucking on her tits. Another man laid on top of her and drove his cock into her ass. Her arms were pulled from her sides and being used by others to jerk their own cocks. And once again, a cock was stuffed in her mouth. Dinah Lance sobbed as she felt another orgasm ripped through her tired body. The sad part was that her body wanted more whereas her mind was screaming for it all to stop.

The Birds of Prey remained in the alleyway until the sun started to crack though the night sky. Each women was exhausted as several gang members continued to violate them. Others hand simply passed out from all the fucking. However, they did complete their objective of stopping the fight. The men were so interested in fucking them that they stopped fighting. And as the last man collapsed after blasting his load over the heroine that he was fucking, a small truck backed itself into the alley. The back door slid open and Sleez stepped out from the darkness inside the truck. “Come on, my pretty sluts. I have other plans for you,” Sleez chuckled evilly as the women nodded and crawled towards the truck. A small ramp was lowered for them as an exhausted gang member collected the women’s things and loaded them onto the truck. Once the women were on board, the door closed and the truck pulled away.





Weeks Later




Mobsters were flying all over the place as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Power Girl tossed them aside like rag dolls. Eventually, they made their way to a private a room. Wonder Woman kicked open the door and entered a large room with a booth at the end. “Where is Rupert Thorne?” she demanded as she stared at the small man sitting in a booth shaped like a C. The man was dressed in a black suit with a large hat tilted forward, which covered his face. Wonder Woman glanced at the animal print wallpaper and the dim lighting. The woman scoffed at the design of the room. Supergirl and Power Girl soon joined her.

“Ruper Thorne isn’t here. Neither are the Maroni Crime Family, the Falcone Crime Family, Tony Zucco, or anyone else,” the man replied.

“Really now? Don’t me that you’re the one who scared them all away,” Supergirl scoffed.

“No. I didn’t scare them away. I merely told them that it was in their best interest to leave town until I had things under control,” the man replied, not bothering to look up. The man reached for a glass and the woman saw that his hands and arms were covered by gloves.

“You better start making sense or we’re going to throw you around the room just like we did with your thugs,” Power Girl warned.

“Those guys aren’t mine. They belong to the various crime families. I don’t care what you do to them, Power Girl. I only care what happens to you three,” the man replied, which made Power Girl feel very uncomfortable.

“Then you won’t mind if I break some of them in half,” Supergirl growled as she caught a bullet that was fired by one of the thugs’ guns.

“I’ll help,” Power Girl declared as she wanted out of the room.

“That just leaves us then. Tell me where are the Birds of Prey,” Wonder Woman spoke as she placed her hands on her hips while several men screamed behind her and ran further away from the room with Supergirl and Power Girl in pursuit.

“Birds of Prey? As in eagles, ravens, falcons, and hawks?” the man asked.

“As in Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, and Lady Blackhawk.”

“I see,” the man spoke as the wall behind him started to slide down, revealing a wall of numerous large flat panel monitors. Each one started popping on and Wonder Woman was stunned by the acts of debauchery on the monitors. However, the woman couldn’t help but gasp when four monitors were outlined in red. The outlined monitors showed Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, and Lady Blackhawk on all fours, taking a dick in their pussy, ass, and mouth. Not a single one was sobbing and they looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

“Explain!” Wonder Woman growled as she raised her clenched fists.

“I was a former servant to Lord Darkseid before he banished me to Earth. I have psionic powers that enable me to dominate other people’s minds and force them to surrender to their base desires. I feed on these emotions and use that energy to bolster my own power. I started with small time crooks and hookers. I was unfortunately arrested since I wasn’t paying attention, but I admired the arresting female officer. I took over her mind later and had her free me. I then expanded my empire. The Birds of Prey attempted to stop a fight in an alleyway, but succumbed to their desires right in the middle of combat. They too are mine now. I have grown quite powerful in the last few days. I can even dominate people like yourself and magnifying your most depraved desires. My name is Sleez, but you can call me, Master!” the alien laughed evilly.

“Doubtful!” Wonder Woman growled.

“There is no doubt, Wonder Woman,” Power Girl spoke as she walked by Wonder Woman and sat down in the booth next to Sleez. Wonder Woman gasped when she saw that Power Girl’s tits were heavily oiled and the woman had ripped the hole in her outfit so that her large oily tits stuck out. The blonde woman caressed Sleez’s right leg as his right hand pawed at her tits while she wore a black choker with numerous green kryptonite studs on it.

“Power Girl!” Wonder Woman gasped.

“There is no need to fight,” Supergirl spoke as she carried a large tray with one large glass and several shots filled with alcoholic drinks. Kara placed the tray on the table and Wonder Woman saw numerous drugs on the tray as well as five lines of cocaine. Once the tray was set, Supergirl crawled under the table and took Sleez’s dick out of his pants. The woman then licked him until he was hard. Then she wrapped her lips around the alien’s dick and sucked as if she were diabetic and his cock had life-giving insulin in it. And just like Power Girl, she was wearing a kryptonite collar as well.

“Sleez! I will . . .”

“Shhh. Drink one of the glasses,” Sleez ordered as Wonder Woman found herself walking to the table and reaching for the tallest glass. Within seconds, she downed a large beer glass that was filled with liquor. She could feel the mixture of scotch, vodka, tequila, and gin sliding down her throat, burning it. The woman was not a fan of alcohol and had never really built a tolerance to it. She could feel the warmth spread through her body as five completely nude muscular men entered the room and began to paw at her body.

“Sleez . . . I will . . .” the woman began to slur as the men removed her bracelets, her lasso, and power belt. One of the men placed the items into a specially prepared clear container. Each item was placed inside the container. Then the lid was closed as the container was placed on the table before her. Wonder Woman could see the items, but she couldn’t get to them. The woman also wanted to beat the men senseless, but her body failed to respond to her commands. Instead, she could feel her pussy becoming hot as a man rubbed her crotch through her own costume. And without thinking, Wonder Woman moaned erotically as another man pulled her arms over her head and another man freed her tits by pulling down on her bustier and a third man began fondling her breasts.

“How does that feel, Amazon Princess?” Sleez asked.

“Ahhhh,” Wonder Woman moaned as a wet patch appeared around her pussy.

“No need to fight it, Wonder Woman. Even Power Girl and Supergirl have succumbed to my powers. They now wear collars that nullify their super powers. One will now be known as Power Tits and the other will be Super Slut. You will become Wonder Whore. Picture yourself as a pornstar, constantly bent over with your tits hanging down, sucking up cocaine with your nostrils as men fuck you from all angles,” Sleez spoke.

“Nooooooo,” Wonder Woman sobbed through gritted teeth as the men pawed at her body and removed her soaked bottom, revealing her incredibly wet pussy.

“Relax,” Sleez spoke softly to Wonder Woman while he pointed at the drugs on the table.

The naked Amazon slowly made her way to the table as images of her fucking and using drugs flooded her head. By the time she reached the table, she knew how do take the cocaine. Her hand trembled as she dropped to her knees and picked up the straw. She brought it up to her nostril and sucked up one line of cocaine. Her heart rate increased as more erotic images of herself were implanted into her brain. The woman closed her eyes and moaned erotically as her juices flowed down her legs. This excited the men even more.

One man laid on the ground as the others positioned Wonder Woman over him. The Amazon opened her eyes as she felt herself being lifted off her feet. She shook her head violently from side to side as she wanted to scream, but found herself unable to do so. The superheroine was able to moan loudly when the men holding her impaled her on the man’s dick. The man immediately gripped her hips and began to pump his dick in and out of her.

The man who was holding her up, quickly released her. He took his position behind her ass. The man gripped Wonder Woman’s ass while the Amazon shook her head violently. That was her only form of protest. The woman didn’t know why she couldn’t talk, but Sleez didn’t want her protests to ruin the mood. Besides, he found it sexier to see her shake her head, which also caused her tits to jiggle. Thus, the Amazon tried to fight the double penetration, but was simply unable to do so due to Sleez’s influence. The men thrust in and out of her as she tried to wiggle away from her two assailants with zero success. Instead, she simply made it better for the men.

“Holy shit!” one of the men panted.

“So tight! And she’s pulling!” the man fucking her ass yelled.

“Let’s try the last remaining hole,” a third man yelled as he grabbed and pulled Wonder Woman’s face toward him. The Amazon was stunned and her mouth was agape. That was all the man needed as he rammed his cock into her mouth. Wonder Woman was a novice so the man gripped her head and guided her head up and down his shaft causing the woman to gag whenever he rammed his dick down her throat.

“So lovely,” the fourth man groaned as he started jerking himself off. However, he didn’t work himself over for very long as he gripped Wonder Woman’s hand and placed it on his dick. Within seconds, the Amazon’s hand began to slide up and down his shaft.

Sleez watched as the four men used the Amazon while his two super-powered Kryptonians served him obediently. Supergirl was still sucking on his dick and had already taken a load down her throat while Power Girl held up a small camcorder and was recording Diana’s gangbang. The blonde had plugged the camcorder into the wall outlet knowing full well that it was going to be a long night for Diana.

“OHHH YESSS!!” the man inside her ass yelled as he shot his load into the woman’s ass.

“HOLY SHIT!” the man fucking her mouth growled as he shot his load into the woman’s mouth.

“FUCKKKKK MEEEE!” the man fucking her pussy yelled as he too shot his load.

“Fuck this!” the fourth man growled as he pushed the man who was fucking Diana’s mouth out of the way. He then rammed his dick into her mouth and instantly shot his load when he felt the woman’s warm tongue snake up the side of his cock.

“Brilliant! Switch!” the man fucking her ass declared as three of the men switched positions. The fourth was still busying fucking her mouth. The men didn’t last long since it was hard for them to keep it together while knowing full well that they were fucking Wonder Woman. Thus, they quickly became haggard with each deposit.

When the men were finally exhausted, they collapsed onto the floor. A sweaty and cum-covered Wonder Woman with her hair matted to parts of her face then slowly crawled toward Power Girl while she licked her lips. The Amazon then slid up the blonde’s body and sucked up four lines of cocaine, which were spread over Power Girl’s oiled covered tits.

“Congratulations on your first porn video, Wonder Woman. It’s time for your three bitches to go on a shopping spree before your next one,” Sleez spoke as all three women wanted to scream in defiance. Instead, they just dumbly nodded their heads in agreement.







Diana Prince was dressed in a grey business suit with a skirt that just ended above her knees. The woman walked slowly through the lingerie shop. She had no handler accompanying her. Instead, she was free to walk around the store at a leisurely pace. The woman was very slow in selecting clothing. She would often look at an item, feel it, walk away, come back, and touch it some more before adding it to the items already in her shopping basket.

“Do you need any help?” a young brunette asked Diana.

“No thank you,” Diana spoke politely as she gestured toward her shopping basket that was full of white cotton bras and panties..

“If you need any help, just ask,” the woman spoke as she walked away.

Diana Prince didn’t say anything as she came upon a display for fishnet stockings, which was being worn by a mannequin. She ran her hands up and down the stockings on the mannequin’s legs. A shiver of pleasure ran up and down her spine.

“No,” Diana admonished herself as she pulled her hands away and walked away. A few steps later, she felt so empty that she stopped dead in her tracks. The woman turned around and went back to the mannequin. Her right hand touched the black fishnet and her body trembled. As her hand slid up and down, her left hand was busy emptying her shopping basket. Then she stared at her empty basket before she picked up a pair of black fishnets and placed them in the basket. Another shiver of pleasure shot up her spine. The Amazon then picked up a red pair of fishnets. Then pink, then blue, and another black. Each time, she felt a shot of pleasure whenever she touched one. Best of all, the feeling of emptiness disappeared.

Diana made her way towards a display for thongs. Her hand reached put and touched a black satin one, which was already on a mannequin. The woman’s body immediately shuddered and she felt herself becoming wet. Diana shook her head and collected herself before she walked away at a quick brisk pace only to stop when the empty feeling returned. She turned back and looked at the display and within seconds, found herself standing right in front of the display even though she didn’t remember ever moving her legs. The woman then selected vast number of thongs. Some were black, some were blue, some were red, and some were pink.

“Why did I select these?” the Amazon asked herself as she rushed toward the cashier. The woman quickly paid for the items and left the store. Diana quickly made her way out of the expensive shopping mall and into Sleez’s van. She got inside, tossed her purchases in the passenger side and drove off. As she drove, she couldn’t help but glance at some of the contents peaking out of the bags and her body tingled whenever she looked over.




Hours Later




Diana Prince returned to Sleez’s base and transformed into Wonder Woman. The alien was using a mansion that belonged to one of the mobsters and turned it into a porn studio, where movies and videos were made. There were also special rooms for his stable of women to entertain guests. Wonder Woman wasn’t sure of all the changes, but she only knew of those rooms and two more. One was her own bedroom and the last one was Sleez’s bedroom, which was the room that she was now entering.

“Fuck me, Master! Fuck me!” a sweaty Power Girl begged. The blonde was impaled on Sleez’s cock and was riding him for all she was worth. Every time, the alien’s hands touched her tits, the woman moaned loudly and tossed her head back in ecstasy.

Wonder Woman saw that Power Girl still had her kryptonite studded choker, which was complimented by a pair of bracelets for her wrists and two long hanging earrings for her ears, all laced with kryptonite. The Amazon didn’t say a word as she felt her body reacting to the scene before her. Thus, she quickly walked by the pair and opened a door at the other side of the room. She then entered her room and quickly closed the door. The woman’s legs trembled and her pulse raced as she tried to steady herself.

After several minutes, she walked over to her closet, where she deposited the bags of clothing. She then made her way to her bed and sat down. There was a knock on the far side of her room. “Come in,” Diana spoke softly as Supergirl entered the room.

“Your room is the same as mine. A bed, a large closet, a dresser, a makeup table with a mirror, a night stand next to the bed, and a door to Sleez’s room,” Supergirl spoke softly.

“Did he give you those?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Yes. He gave Power Girl the same earrings and bracelets,” Supergirl replied.

“And the boots?” Wonder Woman asked as she pointed at the red latex thigh-high boots with six inched stiletto heels that adorned the blonde’s legs.

“I picked these up during my shopping spree. I saw them and was drawn to them. I almost climaxed when I touched them. It was so weird,” Supergirl bemoaned as she sat down beside Wonder Woman on the bed.

“I know. I had the same feeling when I saw the fishnet stockings.”

“I picked up thirty of them. I also have some corsets, gauntlets, heels, and toys.”

“I didn’t pick up anything like that. I was just going to buy some regular bra and panties, but ended up with thongs and fishnet stockings.”

“I played with my toys earlier. That’s why I’m not wearing anything except these accessories and boots.”

“What about Power Girl?”

“She hasn’t left Sleez’s bed. They’ve been fucking all day,” Supergirl spoke as her hands started to slide up and down the front of her body.

“Is your room connected to hers?”

“There’s a door that connects my bedroom to hers just like the one that’s connected to your room,” Supergirl moaned as she played with her tits.

“We have to get out of here.”

“We can’t. Power Girl said that too before she was called in Sleez’s bedroom. Sleez grabbed her tits and she climaxed right then and there. She begged him to stop, but offered no resistance when he pawed at her body. He then threw her on the bed and fucked her on all fours. When he was done, Power Girl cleaned his foul member and she enjoyed it, Diana. Then she pounced on him and rode him. She’s been swearing allegiance to him ever since,” Supergirl moaned as her left hand snaked to her pussy.

“Supergirl! Snap out of it!” Wonder Woman yelled as she grabbed the blonde’s shoulders and shook her until she opened her eyes.

“How?” Supergirl asked as she stopped moving her hand between her legs.

“I don’t know, but I’ll think of something.”

“I’ll try to think of something too,” Supergirl spoke as she stood up. The woman then made small steps as she placed one foot in front of the other. This made her ass sway from side to side. She even added the effect to ensure that her movements mimicked a clock’s pendulum. Supergirl walked in this manner all to her room.

Once Supergirl had left and closed the door behind her, Diana could hear a buzzing noise coming from Supergirl’s room. The Amazon then found her own hands taking off her clothes and sliding them up and down her body much like the blonde heroine earlier. She then heard Power Girl wailing like a banshee in the other room.

“We have to get out of here,” the Amazon spoke as she laid down on her bed and started to masturbate to the sounds of Power Girl’s moans.





Hours Later




“Supergirl?” Wonder Woman asked weakly as she stumbled into Supergirl’s bedroom and found it empty. The Amazon shook her head and slowly made her way to the door that connected Supergirl’s bedroom to the Power Girl’s bedroom.

“Glad you could join us,” Power Girl spoke as she glanced at the bed.

“Supergirl,” Wonder Woman gasped as she saw the blonde Kryptonian, who was strapped to Power Girl’s bed. A machine was at the foot of the bed. Mechanical dildos worked in and out of her ass, vagina, and mouth. Two Hitachi style vibrators were pressed onto her nipples. The Amazon quickly ran to Supergirl and pulled the dildo out of her mouth.

“Put it back in my mouth,” Supergirl panted at Wonder Woman, who reluctantly complied.

“She isn’t being forced to accept those toys, Diana. She wants them,” Power Girl spoke as she pressed a button on the wall. The wall then slid into the floor, revealing her closet.

“It’s as large as a room,” Wonder Woman gasped.

“We’re not being forced to serve Sleez. He’s just magnifying our most depraved desires and making them a reality,” Power Girl purred as she entered her closet.


Power Girl doesn’t respond as she slowly runs her hands across some of the clothes that she has hanging in her closet. There were several light-colored semitransparent blouses, miniskirts, very short white hot pants, and different colored long dresses all with a very high slits either in the front, the sides or the back. “Do you like what I’ve selected?” Power Girl giggled.


“I also selected some very intimate underwear. I selected several semitransparent bras. Some smaller that what I would normally wear in order to give him a better treat. Thongs, g-strings, and crotchless panties. Some revealing teddies, tight corsets, nylons, and stockings. We almost have the same taste in fishnets. Of course, I bought a lot stiletto heels and boots. Plus a lot of makeup, accessories, and even more lingerie,” Power Girl moaned.

“We have to get out of here,” Wonder Woman spoke.

“I don’t want to leave.”

“We came to get the Birds of Prey . . .”

“They don’t want to leave either.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Am I?”


“Do you know how long you were out, Diana? I do. You masturbated to my moans and climaxed yourself. You screamed like a banshee, rattling the walls. We all checked on you, but you were out with the most beautiful and content smile on your face. Supergirl wanted that smile so we strapped her into my bed and I went shopping for a few hours. I’ve only returned for a little while before you came barging in. Of course, I fucked Sleez before you came in here.”

“I didn’t . . .” Wonder Woman stuttered as she saw Power Girl’s disheveled shoulder-length hair. She also noticed that the woman had drying spunk all over her inner thighs. Power Girl was also covered in sweat and reeked of sex.

“Don’t worry, Wonder Woman. I don’t mind. I like showing off my body,” Power Girl moaned proudly as she ran her hands up and down her body.

“We . . .”

“We don’t have to do anything except enjoy our most carnal desires that we’ve kept repressed for so long,” Power Girl spoke as she walked toward her dresser and took out a short straw.

“What is that?”

“Sleez told me to keep this for him,” Power Girl spoke as she knelt on the floor and ripped off the paper on one end of the straw. The blonde made three small rows of white powder on her tits. She batted her eyelashes as she ripped the paper off the other end and held it up for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman felt her knees go weak as she saw the cocaine on Power Girl’s tits. She wanted it, but she knew she had to be virtuous. The Amazon couldn’t submit herself to such a low. Then memories of the gang members fucking her while she was high and drunk came flooding back into her consciousness. Wonder Woman’s eyes were locked on the three lines of cocaine on Power Girl’s tits as she slowly made her toward her. The Amazon dropped to her knees and took the straw. Her hand trembled as she placed the straw next to one of the lines. She held it for several seconds before she placed the other end in her nostril. The woman hesitated for several seconds. Her legs trembled as she tried to summon all her strength in order to toss the straw away. Instead, she closed her eyes and sucked up the line of cocaine. Her body shuddered as she released an erotic moan.

“Go ahead. Embrace it,” Power Girl growled like a hungry animal as she patted Wonder Woman’s head. Within seconds, the Amazon sucked up the remaining lines. Her body quivered as she fell on the floor. The blonde held her and looked at the Amazon’s fluttering eyes. She then looked up and saw her master, Sleez standing above her. Power Girl didn’t say a word as she opened her mouth and took the alien’s member into her mouth.

“You really got off on talking to Wonder Woman. That’s a good slave,” Sleez smiled evilly as held onto Power Girl’s head while he stared at the Amazon’s still quivering body.







A nude Wonder Woman woke up in her bed. The Amazon stumbled out of bed and opened the door leading to Supergirl’s bedroom. Like before, the bed was empty so she entered Power Girl’s room and found it empty as well. The woman shook her head and went back to her room to get dressed. Once she was dressed in heroine outfit, she took a deep breath before entering Sleez’s bedroom. It too was empty, but the smell of sex permeated the room. Wonder Woman shook her head and entered the hallway in search of her friends.

The woman spent several minutes wandering through the various hallways before she came upon a room with a two-way mirror that allowed her to see the inside of the room without opening any doors. Wonder Woman gasped as she saw the insides of the fully furnished room.

In the middle of the room, a nude Batgirl was riding a man on top of her own Batgirl-cycle. She still had her cowl on, but her breasts were now as large as Power Girl’s breasts. The woman’s lips were also so full of collagen that it made a perfect circle as she moaned. In addition, the woman’s long red hair looked like it had several long white streaks thanks to all the dried cum in her hair.

Standing next to her cycle was an equally nude Huntress. The woman also wore her mask, but she was wearing latex purple thigh-high boots. Her tits were also just as big as Power Girl’s tits. The woman moaned as she fucked her own bo staff while a man stood behind her and played with her large tits.

On the other side of the cycle was Black Canary. Like the other woman, she had large tits and collagen injected lips. The only difference was that she was wearing a black fishnet bodysuit that covered her from her shoulders to her toes. She also had large silver hooped earrings that rested on her shoulders. Thanks to her large tits and large lips, she looked like a blowup fuckdoll. The woman moaned repeatedly as the man behind her squeezed her tits.

“Oh,”the Amazon moaned softly as she unconsciously started to roam her hands up and down her body while she watched the trio inside the room.

“Hello Wonder Woman. You don’t have to respond, but you should keep your eyes on the Birds of Prey,” a sultry voice vibrated in the Amazon’s right ear.

“One of them is missing,” Wonder Woman replied.

“Ah yes. Perceptive. You’re right, Lady Blackhawk is missing. She’s currently at the hairdresser with Power Girl and Supergirl.”

“Hairdresser?” the Amazon mouthed as she ran her right hand up her neck, her face, and then through her hair.

“They’ll be back soon. When they return and the Birds are done, we’re all going shopping,” the woman spoke as she licked Wonder Woman’s ear.

The Amazon closed her eyes as purred as she thrust her hips forward repeatedly. Her left hand slipped under her bustier and started to knead her own tits. The woman’s right hand slid down her body and began to caress her own thigh. Her right hand then slipped to crotch, where she found herself dripping wet.

“Go ahead. Touch yourself. Feel it. Embrace it,” the other woman purred.

“But this is wrong.”

“No. It’s soooo right.”



“Your mouth and your body don’t agree. Just look at your hands,” the woman purred.

Wonder Woman looked down and saw that two of her own fingers had slipped inside her clothing and were busy rubbing her pussy lips. “This is wrong,” the Amazon spoke as she immediately tried to remove her fingers.

“No no. This is right,” the other woman purred as she gripped the woman’s wrist and pushed her hand and fingers back into place. She then started to move Wonder Woman’s hand.

“This . . . is . . . wrong . . .” Wonder Woman moaned softly.

“No. It’s so right. Enjoy yourself and watch them. When they’re done, you will wash up, get dressed, and come shopping with us,” the woman purred into the Amazon’s ear.

“Yes Montoya,” the Amazon whispered as she moved her fingers voluntarily and watched Batgirl ride her partner faster and harder. It wasn’t long before the woman felt her own pussy juices soaking her own fingers.





Hours Later




Diana Prince watched the streets nervously as the large black van drove down roads that she wasn’t familiar with at all. There were several neon signs and inappropriate graffiti on the sides of numerous buildings. Not only that, but there were several strip joints, tattoo parlors, and pimps and hookers on each block. Once again, Diana Prince was dressed in a grey business suit with a skirt that just ended above her knees. Unlike her, the other passengers were not as modestly dressed. Nor were they concerned about the ride, the environment around them, or their destination. In fact, they were like three chatty sorority girls on a field trip.

First there was Batgirl. The woman wore her purple cowl and utility belt, but those were the only holdovers from her old outfit. The new additions were a purple choker around her neck, tight purple lycra-short shorts, a purple halter top, and purple latex thigh-high boots.

The Huntress was second. She had her mask, but that was it. Completing her outfit was a dark purple choker, a purple halter top, dark purple latex thigh-high boots, and a purple thong.

The third was Black Canary. The woman was wearing a full body fishnet bodysuit with a black circular pasties covering her nipples. She had a black choker round her neck and a pair of black stiletto pumps on her feet. The woman still had her large hooped earrings on.

Finally, there was Officer Renee Montoya. Unlike the three Birds of Prey, the woman wasn’t very chatty. Instead, she was carefully driving the van. The woman was wearing a skin tight, hot pink lycra micro mini-dress. She also had pink fishnet stockings with pink knee-high latex boots with five inched heels. There were laces in the front and a buckle around her ankles to ensure that they remained on. Her hair was wild, but her makeup was very tame. It only consisted of pink lipstick.

Diana didn’t have much time to dwell on the present as the van pulled into a parking space and stopped. The side door immediately slid open and she saw the Birds of Prey dash into the store.

“Time to go . . . and Diana, you’re going to like this store. It’s way better than that snobbish store that you went shopping in earlier,” Montoya spoke as reached over and opened Diana’s store. The Amazon didn’t reply as she stepped out of the van and slowly made her way inside the store.

Once inside, Diana Prince’s mouth was agape as she saw what the store had to offer. She wasn’t in a lingerie store. Instead, she was in a full porn and fetish store with a tattoo parlor. The walls were lined with clothes, footwear, toys, and equipment. There were even complete sexualized superheroine outfits. The three Birds of Prey were running around the store collecting various items. They didn’t bump into anyone since the store was empty except for four busty female employees, the huge and gruff tattoo artist, and five large bouncers acting as security.

“Nice huh?” Montoya purred into Diana’s ear.

“Won’t the employees know that we’re really superheroines?” Diana whispered.

“Not with those three running around like crazed kids on a sugar-high,” Montoya spoke as she pointed at the Birds of Prey.

“Can I help you too?” a young buxom blonde giggled.

“No. I’m going to help this one out. However, you can get our special orders,” Montoya replied calmly.

“Okay,” the salesgirl giggled and bounced away.

Montoya pointed Diana to the dressing rooms as she went to work. Within minutes, the woman tossed clothes over the stall wall for Diana. The Amazon turned red as she saw what Montoya had chosen for her. Yet, she felt a slight thrill run up her spine as she put each outfit down on the seat inside the stall. Wonder Woman then slowly stripped and donned the first outfit. However, she couldn’t force herself to leave the stall once she was completely dressed.

“Come on out,” Montoya ordered impatiently.

Diana’s face was completely red as she stepped out of the stall. The long red dress clung to her body like a second skin, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the thin material stretched in order to accommodate her figure and had become transparent many areas, especially around her breasts, pussy, and ass. Her rock hard nipples very visible as were her aureoles. Not only that, but the tight dress also clung to the bottom and sides of each cheek of her ass, lifting them and pressing them tightly together.

“This is so wrong,” Diana whimpered as she tried to cover up her tits and pussy.

“The master will love it,” Montoya purred.

Diana Prince didn’t say a word as she closed her eyes. The woman then ran her hands up and down her own body as she imagined a huge smile on Sleez’s face. She tried to shake the image from her mind, but couldn’t. Instead, she felt herself getting wet as she pictured him running his hands all over her body.

“Nnnnnoooo,” the woman stammered softly.

“Don’t fight it. Embrace it, Diana.”

“This is wrong.”

“The dress looks lovely. Sleez will approve.”

“Approve?” Diana moaned as she felt her knees began to buckle while her body quivered.

“Oh yes . . . he will so approve of this dress,” Montoya purred into Diana’s ear as she pressed herself against the woman’s back. The former police officer licked the back of the Amazon’s ears while her hands slid up and down the woman’s legs.

“No . . . stop . . .” Diana stammered.

“Let’s continue,” Montoya whispered into the woman’s ear as her hands started to rub Diana’s pussy.

“Please stop,” Diana begged weakly as Montoya started to kiss her neck while her hands played with her tits. The Amazon found herself unable to resist as she moaned. Her mind raced as she pictured Sleez running his hands up and down her body. She saw him feeling her up and kissing her. Then she saw him bending her forward and using her. Diana’s body quivered at the thought and almost climaxed.

“Good girl. Let’s see if the other girls like your new outfit,” Montoya purred as she released Diana led her back into the store.

Diana Prince reluctantly followed Montoya back into the store. When they didn’t see the Birds of Prey, Montoya took Diana to the tattoo parlor. The shocked Diana then gasped when they entered the tattoo parlor.

“Hello Diana! Look at Lady Blackhawk! So Diana!” the three Birds of Prey giggled.

Standing before her was a nude Lady Blackhawk, who slowly turned so Diana could see everything. The woman had large breasts just like the rest of the Birds of Prey, but she had some extra additions. First, there were three rings pierced on each pussy lip. Her clit was also pierced as well. The blonde’s nipples were also pierced as a shining rod was inserted into them instead of a ring. Right above the woman’s shaved pussy was the Blackhawk emblem tattoo. As she continued to turn, Diana saw her back. The two guns that the woman usually carried were tattooed onto her back and buttocks. The butt of the guns were on her lower back while the barrel of the guns were tattooed onto her buttocks.

“Do you like them?” Lady Blackhawk asked.

“I so want some!” Batgirl exclaimed.

“Me too!” Black Canary giggled.

“Me three!” Huntress snorted.

“Do you want some?” Montoya purred into Diana’s ear.

“No,” Wonder Woman replied softly through gritted teeth.

“Of course you want one. I even want one. Sleez would love it,” another voice purred into Wonder Woman’s ear. Diana immediately turned her head and saw Power Girl and Supergirl in their superheroine outfit. Each women’s hair was dyed platinum blonde.

“So right!” Supergirl giggled.

“You’re . . . you’re in your superheroine outfit . . .” Wonder Woman stammered.

“Of course. No one cares, but it was such a turn on when I got my hair dyed, knowing that everyone in the salon knew who I was,” Power Girl moaned as she ran her hands up and down her body.

“Maybe you want to be dressed as Wonder Woman?” Supergirl giggled and bounced her head up and down.

“We have some fetish Wonder Woman costumes,” the tattoo artist spoke he came back into the room only to be waved away by Montoya.

“Maybe we should take a look?” Montoya spoke.

“No,” Wonder Woman quickly replied.

“You shouldn’t resist our master, Sleez,” Power Girl growled as she pressed her finger angrily against Diana’s right nipple.

“Nnnnnnn,” Diana moaned as her body shook.

“Such a slut. Why fight it?” Power Girl asked.


“Don’t listen to her, Wonder Woman. Just be yourself,” Supergirl giggled.

“She is being herself. She’s a slut,” Power Girl growled.

“She isn’t ready,” Supergirl pouted and made a sad face.

“What is wrong with you?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I’m just embracing my true self. You will too at your own pace,” Supergirl giggled back.

“Fuck this! We’re running late, Supergirl. We have an hour before we need to go back,” Power Girl spoke.

“Shopping time!” Supergirl gushed as she bounced into the store.

“Yes. Shopping time,” Montoya agreed. “It’s definitely time for Diana to upgrade her wardrobe.”

“I don’t need anything.”

“Yes you do. Sleez has selected you just like he selected me. I was his first. That’s why I’m special. He treats me like a girlfriend whereas he treats the Birds of Prey like common sluts. You need to decide if you’re going to fulfill all of Sleez’s needs dutifully or do you want to become a common whore. It’s going to be your decision,” Montoya purred.

“I . . .”

“No need to decide now, Diana. You can decide as you shop,” Power Girl growled into her ear as both women guided Diana back into the store while they rubbed her ass.







“Ahhhhhh!” Wonder Woman moaned while her body quivered as she placed her new boots into her closet. The Amazon was still wearing the red dress that Montoya made her try on. The woman bought several other outfits, but she walked of the store in the dress. The boots were last item that she had placed in her closet. The woman wanted to cry every time she saw her new wardrobe, but her body would always shudder as pleasure ran up and down her spine. The Amazon shook her head as she found herself reluctantly closing the door to the closet. She then walked toward her bedroom door. The woman took a deep breath and entered Sleez’s bedroom.

Inside Sleez’s bedroom, she first saw Supergirl in a French Maid costume. She saw the woman’s black silk stocking covered legs, her black pumps with five inched heels, the frilly hand gloves, her black top with a deep cut over her cleavage, the black skirt was really frilly, and a frilly white apron over the front. The blonde was heavily made up and her lips were painted a shiny red like the boots she used to wear.

Next was Power Girl. The woman was also dressed as a French Maid, but her outfit was completely made of latex and hugged her body’s every curve and left nothing to the imagination. Like her old superheroine uniform, there was a huge hole over her tits except this one was so big that part of her aureoles were visible. She also wore elbow-length black latex gloves that left her fingers uncovered. Power Girl also wore black fishnet stockings and black stiletto thigh-high boots, which were laced in the front. The woman also had a frilly white apron. Her face was covered in heavy makeup and her lips were a brighter red than Supergirl’s lips.

The third individual was Montoya. The woman was completely naked, but covered in sweat as she rode Sleez’s cock. She was moaning incessantly as her body smacked loudly against her master’s body.

“Pretty ain’t she?” Power Girl whispered into Wonder Woman’s ear.

“She is . . .” Wonder Woman meekly agreed.

“I sure you’re wishing to be on Montoya’s place, aren’t you?”




“Is that why your hands are playing with your own tits?” Power Girl purred into the woman’s ear.

Wonder Woman looked down and saw her own hands tugging on her erect nipples through her own dress. The woman then looked at the pair on Sleez’s bed. Without even thinking, her right hand released her nipple and snaked down her dress. It quickly went underneath her dress and began to stroke her wet uncovered pussy.

“You’re a cockslut, Wonder Woman. You’re so fucking wet right now, aren’t you? That’s why you’re wearing a crotchless pair of panties. You may think that you’re all high and mighty, but you’re really a slut. Your pussy wants our master’s cock deep inside it,” Power Girl snarled into Wonder Woman’s ear.

“No . . .” Wonder Woman mouthed as she felt her own pussy juice dripping down her thighs.

“Pussy juice don’t lie. So stop pretending that you’re all innocent.”

Power Girl’s words reverberated inside her head as her eyes were entranced by what was happening on the bed. The Amazon couldn’t take her eyes off the pair as the smacks got louder and louder as the Montoya rode Sleez faster and faster for several seconds before she wailed like a banshee. Her entire body quaked violently as she climaxed. Wonder Woman watched an exhausted Montoya collapse onto Sleez’s body, where the alien smacked her ass with his hand. Diana jumped a little as she heard the smack and licked her lips.

“You’re definitely not innocent,” Power Girl laughed and pulled away from the Amazon.

Wonder Woman said nothing as she saw Power Girl jump onto the bed and push Montoya out of the way. The newly platinum blonde woman then got on all fours and positioned herself so that Wonder Woman would have a clear view. She then licked Sleez’s hard cock while making eye contact with Diana. The Amazon quivered as Supergirl made her way to Diana and gripped her hips to keep Diana standing.

“She’s really good,” Supergirl giggled like a little schoolgirl.

Wonder Woman didn’t reply as she watched Sleez’s cock twitch as his alien seed emerged from the head. That’s when Power Girl licked up the jizz and savored every bit as Wonder Woman smacked her lips together while she zoomed in on the blonde’s tongue scooping the spunk into her mouth.

“Hmmmm . . . so tasty,” Power Girl cooed once she was done. The woman stood up and opened her mouth. Her left hand was still on Sleez’s dick and slowly jerking him off. She looked directly at Wonder Woman, who saw a big glob of white cum in the woman’s mouth. The Amazon felt weak in the knees as Power Girl swished her tongue about. The blonde woman eventually closed her mouth and swallowed. She patted her stomach to symbolize that she was full.

“Hmmmm . . . so tasty,” Supergirl mimicked Power Girl as she whispered into Wonder Woman’s ear while she patted the Amazon’s stomach.

Power Girl giggled as pulled her gaze away from Wonder Woman and directed it back at Sleez. The blonde woman quickly impaled herself on his cock. Her hands gripped his hands and placed them on her large tits while she rode Sleez. “OH YES, MASTER!! I LOVE YOUR COCK AND YOUR HANDS ON MY TITS!! SQUEEZE MY FAT MELONS, MASTER!! I FEEL SO FULL WITH YOUR COCK INSIDE ME!!” the woman shouted.

“You want to be there, don’t you?” Supergirl cooed into Wonder Woman’s ear.

The Amazon didn’t reply as she felt her legs trembled. Her hands slowly slid up and down her legs as she felt her own pussy juice dripping down her thighs. Wonder Woman’s eyes became half-lidded. Her breathing became more and more labored. The Amazon’s arousal was obvious as the woman licked her lips and pictured herself riding Sleez’s dick.

“HOLY SHIT!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!” Power Girl wailed as she leaned back and gripped the alien’s legs for support.

“Look at the bliss on her face. Isn’t it delicious?” Supergirl giggled.

“Delicious,” Wonder Woman replied as her hands began to squeeze her own tits. The Amazon’s eyes were locked on the pair and watched them until the pair climaxed. Power Girl wailed like a banshee as her body shook violently. Wonder Woman found herself repulsed and incredibly turned on despite herself by Power Girl’s new aggressively slutty attitude. She could easily see that everything good and pure about Power Girl had been erased by Sleez. The woman no longer had an inclination to fight evil. Instead, she had changer her look by dressing and becoming a total slut in order to please Sleez and receive his cock. Worse yet, Diana worried that the same thing would happen to her. As the last thought crossed her mind, the Amazon licked her lips while her own fingers pulled mightily on her erect nipples through her own tight dress.

“Do you want to take her place?” Sleez asked as his eyes locked with Wonder Woman’s eyes.

Wonder Woman froze in place as her eyes instantly darted to him. Her eyes are wide opened as the woman is shocked that he even addressed her. The strong-willed Amazon was struck speechless by the vile villain. She saw the dwarfish alien and found him so incredibly sexy as he filled her every thought, slowing becoming her world.

“Pay attention, slut! The master is talking to you!” Supergirl growled loudly into Wonder Woman’s ear.

The Amazon said nothing as she found her legs shaking. She wanted to respond, but her eyes were locked on Sleez’s body. Part of her wanted to run to him while the other wanted to run back to her room. She fought both impulses while her conflicted mind concentrated on his cock.

“DAMN IT! THE MASTER IS CALLING YOU!” Supergirl growled like a rabid animal as she swatted Wonder Woman’s ass.

The swat was enough to drive all doubt from Wonder Woman. So without saying a word, Wonder Woman pulled herself from Supergirl and dashed towards the bed. She quickly pushed the panting and recovering Power Girl aside before leaping onto the bed. The Amazon hiked up her dress and impaled herself onto Sleez’s still erect cock. Wonder Woman bounced up and down on Sleez’s cock with reckless abandon as she whipped her long black hair about. The woman moaned in ecstasy as Sleez’s cock filled her pussy. She even arched her body backwards when she felt Sleez’s hands roam all over the front of her body.

“GO SLUT, GO!!” Supergirl screamed over and over again like a giddy cheerleader performing a cheer for a big game.

Wonder Woman didn’t hear the woman as her mind was only concentrated on the pleasure coursing through her body. Unbeknownst to her, a huge mirror appeared at the head of Sleez’s bed and above it. The Amazon was now treated to a great view of herself. She saw her huge tits bouncing wildy while her damp hair flew everywhere. The Amazon also saw the hiked up tight red dress. She knew this was wrong. Diana also knew she was an Amazon, the emissary for her people. She was to represent them with dignity and pride, assisting the man’s world in order for man to better himself. Life had improved for many as she fought all the evil villains that plagued the world. She had legions of fans. Some worshiped her, some were inspired by her, and others wanted to be like her. Yet here she was, wearing a tight red dress that left nothing to imagination and being fucked like a common whore. She knew all this, but she wasn’t able to stop it. She heard the slapping of her own skin against his. Then she heard the sound increase and intensify as she increased her own efforts. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that her original role was over. An Amazon wasn’t supposed to act this way. She was supposed to be the paragon of virtue . . . she wasn’t supposed to fall from grace . . . but now . . .

“FASTER! GO FASTER!” Supergirl cheered.

“Yes,” Wonder Woman mouthed as she grabbed Sleez’s hands and placed them on her tits.

“They feel great, slut,” a triumphant Sleez hissed as he knew that she was breaking.

The mirrors were now covered in Wonder Woman’s sweat as she whipped her hair about. The sweat dripped down the mirrors, warping the Amazon’s reflection. Diana saw her warped reflection. She wasn’t sure what she was seeing, just like she didn’t know what she stood for anymore. The woman knew exactly what she was doing, but she couldn’t stop it. Instead, she felt the pleasure building deep inside her. She tried to suppress it, but couldn’t. Then like a freight-train, it hit her.

“YES MASTER! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Wonder Woman screamed as she doubled her efforts, allowing the pleasure to engulf her body. Within seconds, the Amazon climaxed just like Power Girl. Her pussy clamped down on Sleez’s cock until he shot his hot spunk inside her, causing her to climax again. The woman’s body shook violently as she collapsed onto the alien’s body.

“My turn,” Supergirl giggled as she pushed Wonder Woman off of Sleez and took her place.

“Slut,” a still panting Power Girl with an evil smile on her face, whispered huskily into Wonder Woman’s ear as she laid next to her.

Wonder Woman didn’t reply or open her eyes. Instead, she slowly ran her hands up and down her sweat covered and still slightly quivering body, enjoying the small aftershocks of her first coupling with Sleez.





Two Weeks Later




Wonder Woman laid in her bed and moaned softly. She was covered in sweat as she played with herself. The woman’s exhausted eyes were mostly closed, but she did open them from time to time and admired her nude body reflecting back at from the mirror, which had been placed over her bed. Wonder Woman was in love with her body. She loved her curves, her tits, her shaved pussy, and everything else. Diana slowly moved her hands up and down her body, making sure to play with her tits. The woman stared at her reflection and purred. She moved her left hand back to her pussy, where she rammed three fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out. The Amazon had done this numerous times already. She knew that her thoughts were being affected by Sleez and his harem's influence, but she was unable to resist. Instead, she only wanted to climax, which was being denied to her.

Wonder Woman reluctantly got up and made her way to her makeup table. She stared at her own reflection and started to work on herself. In about ten minutes, the woman was done. The Amazon stared at her reflection and admired herself. She had painted her eyelids a light blue. Her eyeliner was also light blue. The woman also had long eyelashes with silver sprinkles on them. Her lips were painted hot red and sealed with gloss. She have heavy pink foundation on her face, which made the blue and red stand out even more. The woman even added pink blush to complete her slutty makeup. Wonder Woman sighed as she saw her own reflection. She knew full well that she would have never donned this much makeup in her old life.

The Amazon then stood up from her table and made her into her walk-in closet. She looked at all her clothes and froze. She saw tight leather, latex, spandex, and really bright clothing. Her closet was now full of clothes and outfits that she would have never even worn, let alone buy in her previous life. After about ten minutes of indecision, the woman finally picked out her outfit and got dressed. Diana soon stepped out of her walk-in closet and admired herself in the large full-length mirror on the wall. The Amazon wore a pair of black thigh-high fishnet stockings, black stilettos with seven inched heels, and a black dog collar with an O-ring in front. The woman felt her pussy getting wet as she realized that she would have never worn anything close to this in her old life. Now, she loved having them around. Not because she loved the clothes, but she knew Sleez loved them. The woman sighed yet again as she turned, left the room, and entered Sleez’s bedroom.

The Amazon was immediately greeted by a very decadent scene. Sleez’s bed was now a large mattress with a headboard and footboard. There were no legs as six other king-sized mattresses surrounded it, which made it appear as one large bed. Sleez slept on the main bed and always fucked one of the heroines on it. The other mattresses currently had a sleeping heroine on them, reeking of sex.

The first one that Wonder Woman came up on had Power Girl. The woman was completely nude and sprawled out on the bed. Her chest was squashed against the bed as she soundly slept. The Amazon noticed that hair had been dyed platinum blonde so many times that there was almost no color in it at all. In fact, it was so white that she couldn’t even figure out where Sleez discharged his spunk into her hair. She could however see that Sleez had cleaned his dick on her ass.

Wonder Woman then saw another naked sleeping figure on the next bed. It was Supergirl. She too had her hair dyed so many times that there was no color in it at all. Much like Power Girl, the woman was sleeping on her chest and Sleez had discharged both in her hair and wiped the rest of her ass.

The other beds were empty, but Sleez was fully occupied on his. The alien was on his back while Barbra Gordon, the former Batgirl, was busy riding his cock. Wonder Woman had a perfect view of the woman’s front. She could see the thick smokey mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick on her face. Not a strand of the redhead’s long hair covered her face as she aggressively rode Sleez’s cock while her large tits bounced, showing off her newly pierced nipples. Wonder Woman circled the bed and saw that Barbara had her old Batgirl logo tattooed onto her upper back with the wings on the back of her shoulders while the head and ears were on the bottom of her neck. The Amazon finished her circled and saw the alien’s cock stuffed inside the redhead’s pussy. She so wanted it, but Sleez had refused to fuck her since her first submission. The Amazon felt her legs get weak as her pussy got wetter and wetter. Barbara glanced up from her master and blew Wonder Woman a kiss.

“He hasn’t fucked you in weeks, has he?” a female voice purred into Wonder Woman’s ear.

“No,” she meekly replied as she turned and saw Montoya. The Hispanic woman was dressed in a tight black leather fetish police officer costume consisting of a metallic romper with fake Police patches. She also wore a black waist cincher, which shrank her waist and helped push her tits up that they looked like they were going to pop out of her romper. Her upper thighs were bare as a black belt went across her waist. There was a holster on her on right with a large black vibrator while a pair of handcuffs dangled from the belt over her left hip. The woman also wore dark sunglasses and a black patrol hat. Completing the outfit were black leather knee-high boots with six inched heels.

“Do you like my outfit?” Montoya asked.

“I . . .”

“Sleez has suggested that we explore the darker side of us. I decided that a cop was mine. Power Tits and Super Slut have decided to be maids. What do you want to be?”

“I . . .”

“Your friends have abandoned their old names and have decided to embrace their new lives. You . . .”

“I have gone back to the store about more revealing clothes. I have more makeup now,” Wonder Woman replied.

“That is not enough.”

“I wear this collar to show is ownership of me.”

“That collar is just a symbol. Yet, you have not embraced your new life like the rest of us.”


“You still believe that you’re an Amazon. Except that in order to become a pet, who Sleez will fuck, you need to shed that old self of yours and fully embrace the whore that you should be. Only then will you receive Sleez’s cock again. Is that something that you want?” Montoya asked.

“I . . .” Wonder Woman spoke as her eyes remained lock on Sleez’s member as Barbara’s pussy bounced up and down on it.

“You know you want it. It’s so thick and filling. It stretches your pussy to the fullest. It fills ever inch of you. It feels so good inside you. I know it does all that to me and the other sluts. You want to be a slut? You want to fuck Sleez? You want his cock inside you?” Montoya whispered into Wonder Woman’s ear as she slid her hands up and down the woman’s ribs.

“I . . .”

“Shhh. Don’t talk. Close your eyes and remember the day that Sleez had his cock deep inside you. You weren’t an Amazon that day. You were just a horny little slut that fucked his cock. You wanted it. You needed it,” the woman spoke huskily into Wonder Woman’s ear.

The Amazon said nothing as she disobeyed Montoya by keeping her eyes opened. She did however remember the day that Sleez fucked her with his cock. How could she forget? It filled her mind for the last two weeks. Yet, the Amazon didn’t linger on her memories. Instead, her eyes were glued to Sleez’s cock as it pounded Barbara’s pussy. She watched how the woman enjoyed every second of it and had to grip the aliens’ shoulders in order to brace herself and prevent herself from falling over. Wonder Woman knew what was about to happen. Barbara was going to climax and soon. It was the same face that she had when she was about climax. She had to brace herself when Sleez’s cock overwhelmed her.

“HOLY SHIT!! FUCK YES!!” Barbara screamed as she climaxed.

“You want that?” Montoya asked.

“I . . .”

“Of course she does,” Power Tits spoke as she approached Wonder Woman on the left.

“I . . .”

“If she does, then she needs to dress in her Wonder Woman outfit and go out to dinner with Sleez,” Montoya spoke.

“Wonder Woman? But you said . . .” Wonder Woman spoke in shock.

“To show proper ownership . . . I like it, don’t you, Wonder Woman?” Power Tits sneered as she pulled on the Amazon’s left nipple.

“I . . .”

“Do you want Sleez’s cock in your pussy?” Montoya asked.

“I . . .”

“Do you?” Power Tits asked as she twisted Diana’s nipple.

“Yes! I want Sleez’s cock in my pussy!” Wonder Woman yelled.

“That’s a good girl,” Montoya purred into Wonder Woman’s ear.

“Montoya,” Sleez panted as he pushed Barbara’s body off of his.

“Coming master,” Montoya spoke as she bounced toward the bed.

“Let’s go and look for your old costume,” Power Tits spoke as she released her nipples.

“Join us, Power Tits,” Sleez spoke as the platinum blonde woman spun Wonder Woman around and slapped her ass before bouncing toward the bed.

Wonder Woman looked at the mirror on the wall and saw Montoya bouncing up and down on Sleez’s cock. She saw Power Tits sliding her hands up and down Montoya’s body as Sleez fingered her pussy. The platinum blonde was riding the alien’s fingers while Montoya road his cock. Both women were in ecstasy and Wonder Woman couldn’t help but be jealous of them.







Wonder Woman walked the crowded streets holding her head up high. The woman felt weird wearing her old uniform again. However, she didn’t have any complaints as elated fans cheered her when she walked by them. Then all of a sudden, two cars crashed into each. Six mobsters quickly exited the cars and began shooting at the police cars that were chasing them. Wonder Woman didn’t bat an eyelash as she leapt into action. The Amazon was impressive as she lassoed the mobsters together and forced them to drop their weapons. The police officers were elated as was the crowd of bystanders. The fire department and press quickly descended on the scene.

“Can we get an interview?” one of the reporters asked.

“Not right now. I want to know who sent these crooks,” Wonder Woman spoke.

“They just robbed a bank,” a police officer spoke.

“Who sent you?” Wonder Woman asked the crooks.

“Superman,” the crook spoke.

“He lies!” the officer growled.

“Impossible. He cannot lie. My lasso compels him to tell the truth. But why would Superman steal?”

“BECAUSE!” a voice boomed as something quick and fast flew into Wonder Woman, sending her flying backward.

“SUPERMAN!” the crowd roared in shock.

“What . . .” Wonder Woman tried to speak as Superman flew into her again, sending her crashing into a brick building.

“STOP OR I’ll SHOOT!” the officer yelled as Superman turned and melted his gun with his heat vision. The officer dropped the melted piece of metal and back peddled.

Superman smirked as he flew next to Wonder Woman and grabbed her by the hair. He yanked her hair and brought her to her feet. The Man of Steel then punched Wonder Woman in the gut before he dragged her toward the crooks. He then untied the crooks and told them get the hell out of there. The crooks quickly ran as the crowd was dumbfounded. They were even more shocked when they saw Superman used Wonder Woman’s own lasso to bind her hands together. That wasn’t it though. Everyone’s mouth was wide open when Superman spun Wonder Woman around and slammed her chest onto the hood of a car.

One of the crooks ran back to the scene and went for the money in the back of the car. “Almost forgot,” he said.

“Leave it,” Superman snarled.

“But boss . . .”

“Leave it!” Superman growled as he smacked his open palm of his right hand. His left hand had to grip the back of Wonder Woman’s neck tightly or the woman would have flown away. The loud smack reverberated through the air, shocking everyone. The mobster dropped the bag and quickly ran as he heard smack after smack.

The crowd was speechless as they saw Superman spank Wonder Woman. No one knew what to do. Everyone was frozen in place. Including the police officers and reporters on the scene. However, their eyes and ears took everything in.

“You’ve been a naughty little girl, Wonder Woman!” Superman bellowed as he slammed his hand again and again on Wonder Woman’s covered ass.

“STOP! PLEASE!” Wonder Woman begged as she was tried to pull away. The woman wiggled and pulled away from Superman.

“GET BACK HERE!” Superman growled as he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Wonder Woman back. The man punched the Amazon in the gut before slamming her stomach onto the hood of the car again. The Man of Steel then pulled down her shorts and began to smack her bare ass. The smacks got louder and louder as the eyes of the spectators got larger and larger.

The bystanders soon got to see Wonder Woman’s bare bottom being spanked by Superman. They could see the pain in the Amazon’s eyes as tears streamed down the woman’s face. None of them knew what to do. Except some of the men were sporting large tents in their pants.

“I grow tired of this,” Superman growled as he pulled her bustier down. The crowd’s eyes almost popped out of their heads as they all saw Wonder Woman’s large and perfectly rounded breasts. The Man of Steel quickly pulled down the front of his costume and rammed his member into Wonder Woman’s defenseless pussy.

“GREAT HERA NO!” Wonder Woman screamed.

“You never deny me when we’re alone,” Superman growled.

“They’re a couple?” the bystanders mouthed.

“Tell them, Wonder Whore! Tell the world!” Superman yelled.


Superman was more than happy to comply as he fucked Wonder Woman unmercifully. The loud slaps of skin against skin was loud and reverberate for blocks. Not only that, but so did Wonder Woman’s moans. The Man of Steel fucked the Amazon for a good twenty minutes before he snapped his finger and a taxi cab arrived. He pulled out of Wonder Woman and quickly pulled his tights up.

“Whoa . . .” the crowd mouthed as they saw Superman’s long shaft before he tucked it away. They also saw the glazed and ecstatic look on Wonder Woman’s face right before Superman tossed her into the cab and flew off.

The cab drove away from the scene. No one really paid much attention to it though. The bystanders and the millions watching at home were too stunned to react. They had no idea that former Officer Montoya was driving the taxi while Wonder Woman sat in the back of the cab with a short alien named Sleez.

“You did a good job, slut,” Sleez spoke.

“Thank you, master,” Wonder Woman weakly replied as a ripple of pleasure shot through her body, knowing that she had pleased her master.

“I always wanted to make a porno between Superman and Big Barda, but I felt that was better and far more memorable.”

“Can I have your cock inside my cunt now?” Wonder Woman asked as she scooted closer and closer toward Sleez until she was seated next to him behind the passenger seat.

Sleez didn’t respond as he continued to stare out the window. His hands however did not stay put. The alien’s left hand slowly slid up and down the Amazon’s right thigh, causing her to coo in response. His right hand reached across his chest, where he used to fingers to pinch and pull the woman’s right erect nipple.

Wonder Woman was an Amazon, taller and stronger than the dwarfish alien. Yet, she offered no resistance to his advances. The Amazon craved the alien’s cock and was willing to do anything to obtain it. Even if it meant shouting degrading comments about herself in public. But most importantly, it meant she had to submit to Sleez and grant him full access to her body.

“Not yet,” Sleez spoke as he withdrew his hands.

“Please,” the Amazon begged, knowing full well that Amazon’s never begged. The woman repositioned herself by slouching in the seat while she spread her legs, which allowed her to rest her head on the alien’s shoulder.

“We have to do something else first, kitten,” Sleez spoke.

The alien’s words caused Wonder Woman to shift again. This time she pulled herself onto the seat and pulled her knees toward her stomach as she placed her head in Sleez’s lap. She was just millimeters from his cock. The woman could even see it twitch from time to time. Yet, she dare not touch it without permission. “Like what?” she asked as she snuggled up to him.

“We have to make a call,” Sleez replied.

“Sure thing, master,” Wonder Woman replied with a evil smile on her face.





Hours Later




“What the hell were you thinking?” Batman growled at Superman as they stood in front of the assembled members of the Justice League consisting of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Robin, Starfire, Zatanna, and Vixen.

“I don’t know. I’d never seen those criminals before in my life,” Superman replied.

“That’s not what the video shows,” Batman snarled.

“I know what the video shows, but I wasn’t in control. There was something dark inside my head, compelling me to do those things,” Superman spoke as he placed his right hand on his temple.

“There has to be something going on, Batman. I’m still unable to reach Power Girl, Supergirl, or the Birds of Prey,” Aquaman spoke.

“I haven’t even been able to reach Wonder Woman,” Hawkgirl spoke.

“It’s like they’ve all disappeared,” Starfire added.

“And it is a bit odd that all the mobsters have been quiet in every city except for today’s event,” Robin added.

“I think we need to split up and search for our fellow team members,” Green Lantern spoke.

“No need,” an alien voice hissed on the large monitor inside the Hall of Justice.

“That voice sounds familiar,” Superman growled.

“I would hope so, Superman,” the voice continued as the image was still black.

“How did you get this channel?” Batman asked.

“I have my ways, Batman. I’m just here to tell you all to stay out of my way or you will all experience something similar to what Superman has just endured.”

“Who are you?” Batman hissed.

“His name is Sleez. He works for Darkseid,” Superman growled.

“I’ve branched out, Superman. I have my own army now,” Sleez laughed.

“Who would be dumb enough to follow you?” Superman spoke as he pounded his fists together.

“We would,” numerous female voices spoke in unison as the video appeared.

Every member of the Justice League in the Hall of Justice gasped as they saw their teammates appear on the screen. The Birds of Prey were all nude, covered in oil. They each had smoldering eyes, larger breasts, a ton of makeup and thigh-high stiletto heels. The superheroes also couldn’t believe that the women also sported tattoos and piercings. They then saw the two platinum blonde maids, the former Power Girl and Supergirl. However, their eyes almost burst out from their heads when they saw a nude Wonder Woman bent over a desk and being fucked from behind.

“Do you know how many men want Wonder Woman writhing underneath them?” Sleez asked.

“Who cares! I was an Amazon Princess. I was the top superheroine in the world! Royalty amongst warriors and heroines! But now, I am bent over a desk being fucked like a dirty whore . . . and I LOVE IT!” Wonder Woman declared.

Sleez slid his right hand forward and gripped Wonder Woman’s nipple. He twisted it as Wonder Woman’s face contorted into an ecstatic smile. Sleez then released the nipple and cupped the breast, squeezing it. The Amazon purred in delight. Then Sleez returned his hand to her hip. Within seconds, Wonder Woman thrust back to meet his thrusts.

“What happened earlier today was a setup. I wanted to see if Wonder Woman would be willing to debase herself by showing how weak she had become. Superman was nothing more than a pawn,” Sleez declared.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yes! Fuck me!” Wonder Woman moaned.

“Let the go!” Superman demanded.

“You are not in the position where you can demand anything. No one can help you, not even the Justice League,” Sleez spoke as he looked into the camera.

“What are you doing?” Superman growled.

“Look around you, Superman,” Sleez cackled.

The Man of Steel glanced around the room and was shocked by the scene in front of him. Hawkgirl was nude and on her knees as she licked Green Lantern’s cock while she jerked Aquaman off. Zatanna was on her back, her clothes barely clung to her body as Robin fucked her on the floor. Next to the pair was Batman and Vixen. The Dark Knight’s outfit was torn to shreds as he laid on his back while Vixen rode his dick, clawing at his costume.

“No,” Superman gasped.

“Oh yes,” Starfire moaned as she bared her orange skinned body to Superman.

“Fight it,” Superman gasped as he found it getting harder and harder to think.

“Cannn . . . can’t fight it,” Starfire moaned as she pressed her large breasts against the Man of Steel’s chest. The alien woman then slid up and down the man’s body. After a few seconds, she turned and pressed her ass against the man’s crotch.

“Just pull your cock out of your pants and put it into her pussy, Superman. It’s very easy,” Wonder Woman spoke as Superman found himself nodding in agreement.

“Oh yes,” Starfire purred as she felt Superman’s hard member pressing against her pussy lips.

“Brace yourself, Starfire. Superman has a decent cock. It pales in comparison to the one owned by my master, Sleez, but it will due,” Wonder Woman moaned.

“No,” Superman grumbled.

“I didn’t want to submit to Sleez either, Superman. I tried to fight him. I did. He broke me down. He made me suffer by watching him fuck the other sluts. I dreamt of his cock every night. Finally, I broke down and submitted to him. Of course, Power Tits and Superslut helped break me down. So do it, Superman. Do it,” Wonder Woman spoke as Power Tits and Superslut took a bow.

“NOO!” Superman groaned as he thrust his cock into Starfire.

“Feel that Superman? Feels good doesn’t it? Tell me, Superman . . . do you want to fuck any more women in public?”

“No . . . no . . .” Superman groaned miserably.

“Then listen good. The Justice League works for me now or you will all start fucking in public. Or maybe I make you fuck those two farmers on that farm. You know the ones,” Sleez laughed.

“No . . .”

“Then fuck Starfire!” Sleez ordered as he released Starfire and Superman from his control.

“No Superman,” Starfire panted as she tried to pull away.

“Starf . . .”

“Girls, let’s go to the farm,” Sleez hissed.

“NO!” Superman shouted as he gripped Starfire’s hips and began to pump in earnest.

“NOOO!” Starfire yelled, filling the Hall of Justice.

“Good job, Superman. You’re not the Boy Scout that I thought you were. Just remember this could have been all avoided if you did the porno with Big Barda. Now I have my revenge,” Sleez laughed triumphantly.

“Please stop! Stop!” Starfire begged.

Sleez pulled out of Wonder Woman’s pussy and laid on top of the desk. Wonder Woman immediately got on the desk and impaled herself on Sleez’s dick. The Amazon could see everything that was happening in the Hall of Justice as she energetically rode her master’s cock. She also ran her hands through her wet hair.

“Enjoy the fuck, Starfire,” Wonder Woman moaned.

“Help me, Wonder Woman!” Starfire begged.

“Wonder Woman is gone. I’m Wonder Whore now!” Wonder Woman spoke as she stared into Sleez’s eyes. The defiance that was once present in the Amazon’s eyes was gone. Her eyes now had the look of ultimate submission. The Amazon was no longer capable of disobeying Sleez. Nor did she care to.

“That’s not you. Sleez is in your mind,” Starfire sobbed.

“You’re right. Sleez is in my head, but he hasn’t used his powers on me for a while now. I’m truly his now. As for Superman, speed up,” Wonder Whore moaned.

“Noo,” Starfire groaned miserably as Superman turned on the speed. The orange skinned alien felt the Man of Steel’s spunk slowly entering her as she was unable to pull away.

“You were right, master. Superman is powerless to resist you,” Wonder Whore giggled as Sleez pushed her off.

The alien made Wonder Woman kneel in front of him as he jerked his dick a few times before splattering the woman’s face with his alien seed. “I dub thy Wonder Whore,” Sleez laughed.

“Thank you, master,” Wonder Whore cooed as she immediately stuck out her tongue and began to lick the jizz from her face. The woman almost climaxed again as she savored the taste of the alien’s hot semen in her mouth and going down her throat.

“Enjoying yourself?” Sleez asked

“Your cum is my favorite food. I am addicted to it. I want to eat it for the rest of my life,” Wonder Whore purred.

Within minutes, Renee Montoya entered the room. Like the other women, she too was covered in oil, but unlike the others, she was dressed. The woman was wearing a fetish police uniform. The former officer knelt down, grabbed Wonder Whore’s huge tits and started caressing them. “Should I get her dressed properly?” the woman asked Sleez.

“Superman . . . I’m going to leave you and your friends soon. Tell them that they all work for me now. Make an example of Starfire. Shoot your sperm on her face and make sure that she doesn’t get to wipe it off. Then make sure that there is a schedule where each female member of the Justice League has to visit me at least once a month. I’ll will send you the coordinates on where to send them. If anyone of them disobeys me, I will make sure that they have a humiliating and very public scene. Also, I might make your family suffer as well. Understand?” the alien asked.

“I understand,” Superman grunted as Starfire wailed in despair.

“Get her dressed. I think we should visit our new base,” Sleez spoke as his slaves smiled evilly.






Months Later




The former Wonder Woman, now known as Wonder Whore, was seated in a golden and heated bath tub. The woman was taking great pains to ensure that she was clean. Her eyes glanced around the room. There were numerous statues of nude women in erotic poses carved into the walls and ceiling. The Amazon greatly admired the newly sexualized pieces of art that decorate the room as she continued to clean herself. Once she was assured, she stood up as the busty latex maid, Power Tits, wrapped her up in a large towel. Wonder Whore said nothing as Power Tits dried her soft skin. The platinum blonde maid made sure that every nook and cranny was dried.

“Done?” Wonder Whore finally uttered.

“Yes ma’am,” Power Tits replied.

“Good. Drain the tub,” Wonder Whore spoke.

“Yes ma’am,” Power Tits spoke as she bowed to her mistress.

“Oh look how the busty has fallen. You used to be higher than me on the totem pole. You used to rub my face in it too. Not to mention all the times you talked down to me. Yet, here you are, cleaning my tub,” Wonder Whore spoke with an aura of superiority in her voice.

“Yes ma’am,” Power Tits spoke as she drained the tub.


“Ever since I have help select Sleez’s newest base, I am now one of his favorites and you are nothing more than a big titted bimbo, who serves me and our master, Sleez,” Wonder Whore chuckled.

“Yes ma’am,” Power Tits spoke submissively as she stood with her eyes glued to the floor.

“You always rubbed my face in the fact that you were one of Sleez’s favorites and that I was such a prude when I was first introduced into Sleez’s world of perversion. Yet, I’m now favored and you’re just a common, whorish maid, nothing even close to the heroic heroine, once known as Power Girl. Do you agree?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Follow me and hold my towel,” Wonder Whore spoke as she tossed the towel aside. Power Tits caught the towel and had to quickly chase down Wonder Whore while her high heels clicked loudly on the marble. Wonder Whore opened a golden door and entered another room.

The raven haired woman strode to the makeup table and sat down. The Amazon quickly painted her perfectly manicured three-inch nails red before she painted her lips red. She then painted her eyelids and eyebrows blue. She then added pink blush to her cheeks. The Amazon who once stayed away from makeup was now a proponent of heavy makeup as she caked it onto her face. Once completed, the woman ran her hands through her longer and teased out hair with curls at the end.

“Some oil?” an equally makeup caked Renee Montoya asked. The former officer was seated at her own makeup table, next to the Amazon.

“Of course,” Wonder Woman giggled as she picked up the oil body and began to spread it liberally over her tits.

“Don’t climax now!” Montoya warned.

“I’m not climazing.”

“Oh yea? You’re eyes were closed and you made that O with your mouth. The only thing missing was your tilted head.”

“And Sleez’s cock.”

“Hehehe. You’ve changed so much under our master’s influence.”

“Changed for the better. I was such a foolish bitch to resist him.”

“And you’ve done quite a lot to make amends. You’ve please Sleez so much that you have surpassed Power Tits and Superslut amongst the ranks. You’re on equal footing with me now.”

“You’re only around since you were his first slave.”

“Jealous eh?”

“I’m jealous of anyone who can keep me away from my master’s cock.”

“That could be every female on Earth,” Montoya giggled as she stood up, dripping of oil.

“Sit down,” Wonder Whore spoke.

“Hand me the bell, Power Tits,” Montoya spoke as the platinum blonde maid quickly picked up a small bell from Montoya’s table and handed it to her. Wonder Whore was not amused as the former detective rang the small golden bell.

“Stop trying to change the subject,” Wonder Whore snarled.

“Whatever,” Montoya giggled as Superslut, who was dressed as a latex maid, escorted Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark into the room.

Wonder Whore scoffed as saw the two Amazons and their new attire. Donna Troy wore a black leather harness, comprised of a series of black straps and O-rings, which left her tits and pussy completely uncovered. Cassie Sandsmark wore a tight black corset that shrank her waist, but pushed her uncovered tits toward her throat. Both women wore a pair of black pumps with five-inched heels. Their hair was much longer and teased out. The two Amazon’s faces were caked in makeup similar to Wonder Whore.

“Mmmmm,” Wonder Whore purred as she saw the reflection of the two women. “Good look, you two. Remember, it’s a rule to look like. It’s how our master, Sleez, like his slaves. And you two always want to look fuckable. Luckily, Sleez will find you so fucking sexy.”

Cassie Sandsmark squirmed a bit after hearing Wonder Whore’s words. The blonde girl imaged herself on her knees and servicing Sleez while he patted her head in admiration.

“The master likes to see me glisten,” Montoya uttered.

“You can glisten all you want, but his eyes will be glued to me,” Wonder Whore snarled.

“Whatever. Remember to oil my legs and shoulders,” Montoya spoke as she stood up, totally ignoring Wonder Whore’s earlier comment.

Superslut tossed an oil bottle to Power Tits as the two latex maids squirted into the opened hands of Cassie and Donna. The two Amazons then proceeded to oil up Montoya.

Cassie Sandsmark is really taking her time on Montoya’s tits, ass, and even bald pussy while Donna Troy took her time spreading the oil over Montoya’s shoulders, collarbone, and neck. The two Amazons continued to work over Montoya for another ten minutes as the maids continued to supply them with oil

Finally, they made their way to Wonder Whore, who quickly stood up. Wonder Whore glanced at their bald pussies; just the way Sleez preferred his slaves. She then smacked her lips as the two women received more oil from the maids and began to work on Wonder Whore.

“You’re coming along really well,” Wonder Whore complimented Cassie. The blonde didn’t respond as she kept her eyes glued onto the floor, always avoiding eye contact even though she smiled at the compliment. The corrupted Amazon could feel their strong hands over her soft skin. She remembered when her skin was hard. Now, it was soft and smooth, just how Sleez liked it. The moment she thought of Sleez, she felt her pussy becoming wet.

“Oh brother. Way to ruin their hard work,” Montoya scoffed as she saw Wonder Whore’s pussy begin to glisten.

Wonder Whore ignored Montoya’s comment. Instead, she lowered her finger between her legs and scooped up some of her juices. She then offers it to Donna Troy, who reluctantly accepts it into her mouth.

“Remember to oil my tits more, bitch. The master really loves to see my tits glisten,” Wonder Whore ordered Donna Troy.

“That’s not a very nice way to treat your sister.”

“She’s not my sister. My sisters serve our master without any regret or hesitation . . . like Cassie. She is becoming a true Amazon for all my Amazon sisters were created to serve Sleez,” Wonder Whore spoke as Cassie batted her long eyelashes at Wonder Whore, appreciating the compliment.

“You won’t get away with this, Diana,” Donna groaned as she fought to stop her hands from roaming all over Wonder Whore’s body.

“BITCH!” Wonder Whore hissed as she turned and slapped Donna Troy hard across her face.

“Not corrupted yet,” Montoya gasped, pretending to be shocked.

“She will. I fought it too, but I relish my submission now,” Wonder Whore proclaimed.

“Who cares. I’m the one who first submitted to the master and the main reason for his power. Now, you can relish your submission as much as you want, but your sister, Cassie, completed her work. I’m off to see the master,” Montoya giggled like a schoolgirl as she leapt toward the door.

“Fucking bitch!” Wonder Whore snarled as she followed Montoya with the other women trailing behind her.

The pair ran toward two large ornate doors decorated by several marble carvings of nude women in different seductive poses. The doors easily parted revealing a large room. The walls were covered in women in sexy poses as well as women being fucked by numerous cocks. The ceiling wasn’t that much different than the walls. Not only did the room have carvings of naked women, but the room was filled with hundreds of undulating and moaning naked Amazons. In the center of the room was an elevated platform with a large mattress. There, Sleez laid on his back as a nude Starfire bounced up and down on his cock. Montoya and Wonder Whore slowly made their way toward the bed, trying not to step on the Amazons. Once they reached the bed, they saw a familiar figure at the foot of the bed. Both women recognized the woman as the former Queen of Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyta. Now, she was completely nude and covered in jizz from head to toe. The woman didn’t mind as she slowly used her tongue to lap the spunk around her lips while her hands slowly roamed up and down her body.

“Fine. You did give the master this island, which has increased his power even more,” Montoya conceded.

“Paradise Island has never looked better and with thousands of women on this island, our master is able to affect anyone on this mud ball of a planet,” Wonder Whore proclaimed as she relished the fact that Paradise Island was now a den of sin and overt sexuality after he worked his magic on all her prudish sisters.

“True, but not everyone is affected. It’s so much sweeter to see a heroine debase herself for our master so she can avoid a very public event,” Montoya laughed as she saw the pain in an uncorrupted Starfire.

“It is sweet,” Wonder Whore smiled.

“See you two can get along. I do hate it when you two fight. Now kiss and make up,” Sleez spoke as he squeezed Starfire’s tits, causing the alien to scream.

Montoya and Wonder Whore bowed and quickly kissed. They didn’t want to disappoint their master, Sleez. And they knew that since he now ruled Paradise Island, the alien empath didn’t just manipulate others, but he could read minds too. So it was best to make up rather than let someone else take their place. Something that both of them knew would happen if they screwed up. Both women pressed their oiled tits against each other and kissed. Their hands reached behind each other’s head and gripped each other’s hair while their tongues danced inside each other’s mouth. And even though they would never admit to each other, they enjoyed it, but they would always enjoy servicing Sleez even more for the rest of their lives.



The End


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