Batgirl and Falcone

BY : NightCreeper
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DC - Batgirl and Falcone

By: Night Creeper


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DC - Batgirl and Falcone

By: Night Creeper




Several men walked around a large square compound. There four main buildings, all warehouses that shared a large open area between them with numerous trucks used for loading and unloading ill-gotten goods. To hide what they were doing, the entire compound was surrounded by walls that were four stories tall. They were enough to keep most people from seeing what they were doing, but not Batgirl. Batgirl watched from a distance. The woman was going to take the men down.

The woman swung into action as she used her batarang. She landed on top of one of the trucks and started dropping gas pellets all over the place. The men coughed and fired randomly as Batgirl had the high ground and started picking them off one by one. When the gas cloud started to fade, she traded punches and kicks with several men. Even without the gas, she was able to take them down.

"Where did she go?" one of the men yelled as his hands squeezed the handle of his shotgun.

"I don’t know," another one yelled.

"Circle back to our warehouse!" another man shouted as a large group of men retreated to the warehouse while others continued to be knocked unconscious.

Gun shots continued to burst as over twenty men soon congregated inside the warehouse. Some boarded the large tractor-trailers. Others continued to collect more guns while the other warehouses exploded and caught on fire. As the men continued to scramble, one man was nice and calm. The man wore a tan suit and adjusted his tie. His name was Carmine "The Roman" Falcone. He was the infamous crime boss, who had Jim Gordon and his wife brutally murdered. He hired Joe Chill, the gunman and had the Gordons killed. Joe didn’t get a chance to kill their daughter, Barbara Gordon, but he wasn’t scared of no kid. In fact, he wasn’t even scared of Batgirl. Instead, he just fixed his again and walked to the center of the warehouse. "Alright, you lousy crooks! When the door opens, floor the pedals, and drive as fast as you can to the gate. Rendevous at the alternate site. Got it?" the man asked.

"Yes sir!" numerous crooks replied as they started the engines of their trucks. And when Falcone gave the signal, they gunned the trucks and bashed through the warehouse door. The trucks roared toward the gate, but most of them didn’t make it as all their tires exploded causing the trucks to collide to each other.

"Going somewhere?" Batgirl asked as her heels slammed through the windshield of one of the trucks and took out the driver. Within seconds, the woman knocked out all five men inside the cab of the truck.

"Fire!!" one of the drivers of the other trucks shouted as the men opened fire. Within seconds, the truck was full of holes as several men jumped out of their own trucks.

The bullets eventually stopped and one man ran to the truck and opened the door. He was brave since he was flanked by two large men with automatic weapons. The two men immediately burned their entire clip once the door opened. When they ran out of bullets, the man glanced back into the cab and realized that Batgirl was nowhere to be found. "Shit!" he yelled as he turned and saw the two large men on the ground totally unconscious. He turned as white as a ghost right before his legs smacked into each other. The man then fell flat on his face and was knocked unconscious as Batgirl released the rope and threw several batarangs at the other men.

The crowd of crooks were no match for Batgirl as she made short work of them. Unfortunately for Batgirl, she was too preoccupied with the crooks that the lone remaining truck was able to crash through the gates of the compound. "Shit!" Batgirl snarled as she broke a man’s arm before uppercutting him. However, the truck didn’t make it very far before it started backing up without its white lights lighting up or beeping. Batgirl smirked and slowly moved to the left side as the truck suddenly flipped backwards.

“You forgot one,” Supergirl spoke as she pointed at the fireball that was once a truck.

“And you forgot these two,” Wonder Woman spoke as she dumped two bound crooks onto the ground.

“Yeah. I forgot to kick your ass out of Gotham City with the rest of the Justice League members,” Batgirl snarled as she didn’t even look at Supergirl while making her way to the warehouse that once housed all the escaping trucks.

“So who was in here?” Supergirl asked.

“Falcone,” Batgirl growled.

“He’s not here anymore,” Supergirl spoke as she quickly scanned the room with her x-ray vision.

“Down the manhole and into the sewer like the rat that he is,” Batgirl growled as she pointed at the slightly ajar manhole cover.

“Do you want us to pursue?” Wonder Woman asked.

“I think I can take care of it.”

“So modest,” Supergirl giggled.

“Until next time then,” Wonder Woman spoke as she strode away from the pair.

“See you around, Batgirl,” Supergirl spoke as she took to the air.

“Thanks Supergirl,” Batgirl spoke once the woman was in the air. The woman then looked around and began to collect the unconscious mobsters. She tied them together in the center, away from the fires. However, two of the crooks were able to wake up and run away. A brief chase then quickly ensued.







“Thanks for the great night of shooting guys. I think with a few edits, we’ll be able to enter this in the horror movie competition,” Jake Beaterman spoke to five of his friends, who busily trying to pack up all the expensive camera gear and lights.

“Hey Jake . . . I gotta ask. Where did you get all this expensive equipment? My brother participated last year and used his HD camera. Click and shoot. Choppy video, but it was still okay,” one of his friends asked.

“All this stuff is borrowed. I asked a favor and got it. I just need to return it by tomorrow,” Jake responded as everyone paused when they heard a door slam.

“Was that the wind?”

“Stop quoting from the film!”

“I don’t think he’s quoting from the film,” another man replied as he picked up an ax.

“That’s plastic.”

“Whatever caused the door to slam doesn’t know that,” the man spoke as he readied the ax. However, the man didn’t get to wield it as gunshots rang in the other room. Everyone looked at each other just as a loud explosion rocked the building. Smoke immediately filled the room as everyone scattered toward the exit, leaving the expensive equipment behind.

Once outside, they saw the building engulfed in flames. Jake’s friends scattered to look for a pay phone to contact the fire department since all their stuff was still inside. Jake on the other hand glanced at an alley and saw a female figure dragging two unconscious bodies out of a side door. He immediately ran toward the figures. “What have you done?” he exclaimed.

“I caught these two crooks,” Batgirl replied.

“No! You didn’t have to set the place on fire! My equipment was in there!”

“Call the insurance company.”

“NO! I can’t! It’s not insured. The mob owns it! They’ll kill me! It’s all your fault!”

“I was trying to catch these crooks. I didn’t know you were inside. I wasn’t the idiot who fired his gun at furnace and gas line!” Batgirl shouted back.

“You’re right . . . I’m just scared . . . sorry,” Jake spoke as he fell to his knees.

Batgirl looked at Jake and could tell that he was just a scared teenager. Her stern look quickly faded as she approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do you want me to scare the mob boss for you?” she asked.

“Could you?” the elated teen asked.

“Sure. Let’s go see the bastard.”







Carmine "The Roman" Falcone sat at his desk and didn’t even flinch when Batgirl tossed two of his thugs into the room. The men were unconscious. Instead, he scoffed. “What can I do for Batgirl? And is that Jack Beaterman behind you?” the man asked.

“Jake Beaterman, sir,” the scared teen replied.

“Jack. Jake. What does it matter? I heard that the equipment I loaned you out of the kindness of my heart is now destroyed. You have no money so I can only guess that you can’t pay me. Am I correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“And that’s why there’s a hit on you.”


“Call it off!” Batgirl demanded.

“No,” Falcone spoke as he snapped his fingers and a huge bear of man stepped out of the darkness and stood just a few inches from his desk.

“You think he can stop me?”

“Brutus can stop a truck. Something that you weren’t able to tonight without the assistance of your two female friends.”

“I can stop him.”

“Is that so. How about a wager, Batgirl?”

“What kind of wager?”

“You defeat Brutus and I call off the hit.”

“Do I have your word on that?”

“Of course. I would never lie to a beautiful woman like yourself.”

“Looks like you’re off the hook, Jake. I accept, Falcone,” Batgirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips and struck her heroine pose.

“Get her, Brutus!” Falcone ordered as Brutus charged only to have Batgirl drop to the ground and kick the back of the man’s legs. He immediately fell backwards and split Falcone’s desk in two. The man did not get back up.

“Looks like I won,” Batgirl smirked.

“The hit is off, Jack. You may leave,” Falcone spoke.

“Thank you. Thank you!” the elated teen spoke as he ran out of the room. Batgirl smiled and was about to leave when Falcone’s voice stopped her.

“Don’t go so fast, Batgirl. That kid isn’t safe yet. He still has to pay me back. If he doesn’t, I will just put another hit on him.”

“You promised!” she glared.

“I promised to take the original hit off him. The new one is if he doesn’t pay me back within two days. I doubt he can. The equipment is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of fries and hamburgers. He’s not going to be able to pay me off in two days. Unless he decides to kill his parents and collect the insurance.”

“You . . .”

“I have an alternative though. You defeated Brutus. He was going to be my fighter in some non-sanctioned fights.”

“Illegal fights.”

“Unsanctioned,” Falcone corrected her. “He had five fights lined up. You win the fights, the money from the fights is yours. You give them to me to pay off Jake’s debt.”

“Will the five fights pay off the entire debt?”

“It might. I don’t know how many people are going bet on the fights. I’m not a mind reader. I can only tell you that the kid is as good as dead if you don’t agree. And don’t think about calling your friends either. He has five friends. You may have seen them. He has a set of parents and two sets of grandparents. And those are just my starting point.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would. The first fight is tonight. Brutus cannot make it. Fight for me, pay off his debt, and I won’t kill him. Now . . . will you take his place?” Falcone asked as he pointed at Brutus.

“I will,” Batgirl snarled through gritted teeth.






“You got to be kidding me,” a man in the crowd yelled.

“Shut your trap! I got fifty bucks on the bitch!” another man yelled.

“Yea! Fuck you!”

“Gentlemen! Please don’t fight. The fights here are all in the ring. Not in the stands. Please control yourselves,” a security member spoke as he separated the two patrons.

Back in the ring, Batgirl was able to easily defeat a male wrestler. The male fighter was clearly outmatched. He may have had the muscles, but he was clearly outmatched by Batgirl’s speed. The woman was able to dodge his punches and kicks. This allowed her to counterattack, which always sent the man reeling.

“Stop running and stay still so I can pound you,” the three hundred pounder panted.

“You look all out of breath,” Batgirl laughed as she sat on the turnbuckle and waited for the man.

“Die!” the man roared as he rushed the turnbuckle.

“No thanks,” Batgirl replied as she slid off the turnbuckle and stood on the ring apron. The wrestler ran into the turnbuckle, which stunned him. The man backed up as Batgirl climbed the turnbuckle again. She then jumped from the turnbuckle and drove a flying knee into the man’s face.

“ARRRG!” the man growled as he dropped to a knee.

“Take this,” Batgirl spoke as she kissed the man’s head.

“ARRRG!” the man groaned as he stumbled backwards

“The bigger they are, they harder they fall,” Batgirl giggled as she stuck a pose and placed her hands on her hips.

“Batgirl! Batgirl!” some of the crowd members cheered the winner.





Days Later




“So where are you off to?” Huntress asked as Black Canary punched the hoodlum in the gut.

“Maybe I should just these Bat-cuffs on him? Batgirl asked.

“No need. A couple of punches and kicks and he’ll be singing like a canary. No offense,” Huntress smiled at Black Canary.

“No more. No more,” the man panted.

“Then tell us.”

“The money is for Falcone. He’s running all sorts of legitimate businesses,” the man panted.

“The man is dirty,” Black Canary spoke as the man cringed.

“He is, but he is using the legit businesses to hide his ill-gotten gains.”

“Money laundering.”


“How much do you have in the truck?” Batgirl asked.

“A couple of hundred.”

“Don’t lie,” Huntress spoke as she pointed her crossbow at the man.

“Hundred of millions! Hundred of million!”

“Then we’re going to have to confiscate this truck and its contents as evidence,” Huntress spoke as she lowered her crossbow.

“What about me?”

“You get to leave and tell Falcone that the Birds of Prey are going to run him out of business. Now get out of here!”

“You think that was wise?” Black Canary asked.

“Having that bastard tip of Falcone that we’re after him? What could it hurt? It’s best to tell that asshole that we are hot on his trail!” Huntress spoke proudly.







“You must be crazy! I’m not wearing bra and panties to a fight!” Batgirl shouted. The woman was obviously pissed.

“The Birds of Prey attacked my business and destroyed some of my product. Your group set me back quite a lot. Bra and panties is the least that you can do to repay me,” Falcone spoke calmly.

“No way!”



“You fucking bitch! We had a deal!”

“The deal was that I fight in place of your fighter!”

“And you are.”

“The other fighter is not wearing bra and panties!”

“It would look odd on him,” Falcone smiled.


“You will.”


“You will, Batgirl.”


“Are you saying that your word is meaningless?”

“I . . .”

“So it is.”

“No,” a confused Batgirl replied, not quite sure where the man was going with his questions.

“But we had a deal and you reneged.”

“I . . . haven’t.”

“Yes you have. You said you would fight and here you are, refusing to fight.”

“I said I would fight, but I am not wearing bra and panties,” Batgirl replied with a hint of anger in her voice again.

“Then I am just going to break the teen’s legs.”


“Why? I promised not to kill him. I didn’t say anything about not breaking his legs. I might even break a few fingers. Hell! I should chop some off. He can live without some fingers. I mean it’s only fair since you won’t fight in bra and panties.”

“You . . .”

“Go and fight, Batgirl. Leave the bra and panties here. I’ll make sure some of Jake’s body parts are left for his parents on their doorstep.”

“Bastard!” Batgirl shouted as she tried to smack Falcone, only to be blocked by him.

“Fuck it! I’ll kill his parents instead!” Falcone yelled as took out his cell phone.


“I can and I will.”

“I’ll wear the bra and panties if you leave them alone,” the defeated woman spoke meekly as she outstretched her hands.

“Fine. Get dressed. I’ll wait outside,” Falcone spoke as he tossed the bra and panties into the heroine’s face before he left the room.

Minutes later, Batgirl stepped out of the room wearing bra and panties. The bra and panties were bright yellow. The bra had a black bat on each cup while the panties were barren of any bat design. Falcone smiled as he watched the embarrassed heroine. Her face was red and it really stuck out thanks to her cowl.

“Nice look,” the man smiled.

“Bastard,” the woman growled as she followed him to the ring. She was going to make sure that the fight wouldn’t last long.





Days Later




“That is impressive,” Huntress smiled as she watched a truck slam against the wall of an abandoned factory. Her eyes watched the two men in the truck. The men banged on the glass until it broke. They then crawled out and tried to run away, but Black Canary, the woman who stopped the truck, quickly stopped them with two hard punches. The brunette placed her hands on her hips and turned her head and saw that her friend, Batgirl was barely paying attention. The woman lightly kicked Batgirl to snap her out of her blank stare.

“Hey!” Batgirl gasped in pain.

“You’re lucky that we stopped by. It doesn’t seem that you head is in the game,” Huntress spoke.

“Yea,” Batgirl sighed.

“Don’t let your enthusiasm show like that.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just preoccupied.”

“I can see that.”

“Do you know who owned that truck?”

“Not really.”

“The truck belongs to Carmine Falcone.”

“Shit! Were you going to follow the truck back to Falcone’s base?” Huntress asked.

“I was . . .”

“Hey! How come no one helped me out down there?” an angry Black Canary asked as she walked up to the pair after tying up the two men.

“I think we screwed up, Dinah. Barbara was going to use those two and figure out where Falcone is hiding. Looks like we screwed that up,” Huntress spoke as she pointed at the broken truck.

“Is that true?” Black Canary asked.

“Of course it’s true. That’s why Barbara is still staring at the truck now. We ruined her plans. She’s probably been watching them for weeks now. Sorry Babs,” Huntress apologized.

“Rumor has it that Falcone has gone underground. That might have been our best way to track him down. Sorry for ruining your plans. I think we should go and look for some new leads, Helena,” Black Canary spoke.

“Sounds like a plan. We can make it up to Babs.”

“It’s okay. Just be careful,”Batgirl replied.

“Don’t worry. We’re always careful,” Black Canary laughed as she took Helena’s arm and led her away from Batgirl.

“Falcone is going to be angry,” an emotionless Batgirl muttered under her breath once her friends were gone. The woman remembered the bra and panties match and wondered what Falcone would force her to wear at the next fight.





Days Later



Batgirl was being beaten from pillar to post. The woman wasn’t putting on much of an offense thanks to the fact that she was too busy trying to cover her breasts from the lustful stares of all the men in the crowd. The crime fighter was right. Falcone was incensed by what the Birds of Prey had done and in order to punish her for her part, she was ordered to fight topless with a thong.

The man fighting Batgirl was as big as Bane, but not as strong since he wasn’t on anything like Bane. However, he was just as lethal since Batgirl was mostly on defense. A punch to her gut made Batgirl double over. The man then picked up Batgirl and hoisted her above his head. He slowly turned as all the men cheered. Batgirl’s legs flailed about, but her arms continued to cover her breasts. The man then delivered a backbreaker. His knee dug into the spine of the woman’s back as she screamed and her hands went flying as everyone got to see her breasts.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” the men cheered.

“Let’s finish this!” the fighter growled as he slammed Batgirl to the mat. He then pinned the woman.

Batgirl almost felt relieved that the man’s chest was now over her breasts. At least no one could see them now. She didn’t even try to kick out.

“Wait!” the fighter growled as he picked himself up before the referee could count to three.

The exhausted Batgirl could feel cold air blowing against her body. She wanted to cover up, but she couldn’t summon enough strength to move her arms. Instead, she continued to lay there.

“Let’s get a better look,” the fighter laughed as he picked up Batgirl by the back of her neck.

The crowd cheered as the woman’s arms dangled at her sides, unable to cover up. Batgirl saw all the men’s lustful gaze. Not a single one respected her as a crime fighter. They had no regard for her welfare or her past deeds. They only wanted to see her lose and humiliated. That realization caused Batgirl’s heart to sink.

“Even though she is going to lose the match, she can still win,” the fighter laughed as his comments confused the crowd. However, they soon realized what he meant when he tore off Batgirl’s thong.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” the crowd chanted.

“Nooooo!” Batgirl screamed.

“You can scream more later,” the male fighter laughed as he pumped two fingers in and out of Batgirl’s pussy.

The woman’s hands immediately regained some life as they shot down to her crotch, where she attempted to remove the man’s hands. However, she was simply too weak to do much. Instead, it only spurred the crowd as they saw Batgirl making a futile effort in order to fight the man off.

“The woman is a slut and now let’s see if she has a name. Let’s see who she is,” the male fighter spoke as he moved his hand from the back of Batgirl’s neck to the top of her cowl.

“Noooo!” Batgirl screamed as her hands shot up to her cowl and pulled it back down over her face.

“See! The slut wants to climax!” the fighter laughed as the crowd laughed with him.

Batgirl’s face turned red as she couldn’t believe that the crowd turned on her so quickly. They used to cheer her, but now they weren’t. These people were citizens of Gotham City. Granted, these weren’t the people that she had personally saved, but she had fought for every citizen of Gotham City when capturing the criminal elements on the streets. She just never knew that so many non-criminals would cheer her downfall. The woman tried to hold back the tears, but they burst out anyway.

“Holy shit! She’s crying!” the crowd laughed.

“Who cares! Look at her tits!”

“We love puppies!”

“Fuck her hard! Make the bitch cum!”

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” others chanted.

“Make the piece of meat cum!”

Instead of helping her, the crowd loved her debasement. The man fucking Batgirl’s pussy wasn’t enough to break her, but the crowd was able to. The woman’s legs stopped kicking as she tried her hardest to hold onto the one piece of dignity that she had; her secret identity.

“Stop!” Falcone shouted as he approached the ropes.

The male fighter quickly threw Batgirl back onto the mat and pinned her for the three count. The crowd wanted more and continued to chant and mock Batgirl as the male fighter stood over her. The referee rolled Batgirl out of the ring, where Falcone collected her and helped her to back.

Once they passed the curtain, Falcone pressed Batgirl against the wall. He raised her arms over her head an pinned her wrists to the wall. The man then drove two fingers into the woman’s pussy and began to pump.

“Noooo,” Batgirl groaned pitifully as she tried to close her legs.

“You’ve lost and I’ve lost a great deal of money! You deserved to be punished! If you don’t want it here, we can do this in the center of the ring! Then the crowd can truly see what kind of fuckmeat you are,” Falcone growled.

Batgirl sobbed and didn’t say a word as she slowly spread her legs. She didn’t put up a fight and it didn’t take very long for her climax. Her juices splashed against the man’s fingers. Falcone pulled out of her pussy and released her wrists as Batgirl quickly fell to her knees.

The man wasn’t done as he picked her up and slammed himself against her back. He then started o play with the woman’s tits as he smeared her own juices all over them. Batgirl didn’t resist or tell the man to stop. She rather have him do this to her behind the curtain, rather than in front of it where the whole entire crowd could see.

“Do you know how hard it is going to be able to arrange fights now,” Falcone growled.

“No . . . must fight . . . need money . . . save Jake.”

“Hey Falcone! No more fights for you unless you find a better fighter!” a man yelled from the other side of the curtain.

“She can fight.”

“Sorry man. The crowd wants to see her strip. That piece of fuckmeat is prime stripping material. As a fighter, she’s not that great. As a stripper, much better.”

“We had a deal!”

“Sorry Falcone. The crowd has spoken. You heard them. Take your bitch and go home! She’s not welcome here anymore! I run an underground fighting arena, not a strip club with sex acts. The police will look the other way if there is a fight, but sex acts . . . they’re going to bust me and I don’t have the lawyers like you to save me. So no more fights for the slut!” the man spoke as he left.

“Great! No one wants to see Batgirl fight. They’re going to demand to see you strip instead!” Falcone growled as Batgirl allowed the words to think in.





Days Later




Batgirl felt totally humiliated as she pranced around the stage. The club belonged to Falcone and the man had arranged for her to strip at the club. All the other female strippers were nowhere to be seen as everyone’s undivided attention was on Batgirl. The fact that no other women were present to heckle didn’t really matter to Batgirl since she wasn’t a stripper and she had no experience with it. In fact, she looked anything but pleased to be on the stage.

Batgirl’s face was red as a few tears trickled down her face. Her cowl didn’t hide the tears. Nor did it hide her makeup, which was totaled ruined. Black streaks ran down her face and the pink on her cheeks were completely hidden by her own face turning red. The heroine was wearing a small purple tank-top, which was very low cut. It not only bunched her breasts together, but it showed a good deal of them. In fact, Batgirl had to make sure that she didn't move her arms too much since her breasts would pop out. The top also showed a lot of skin since it ended well above her taut stomach. Batgirl also wore a purple pair of Daisy Dukes, customly made for her and extra tight. Two black leather straps, one in front and one in back, extended from the Daisy Dukes and secured itself to the top of her sheer purple thigh stockings. Finishing off the ensemble was pair knee-high purple boots with four inch heels.

“Take it off! Take it off!” some members of the crowd chanted in unison. The group was loud enough to drown out the techno music.

"Fuck this shit! We've been watching her gyrate for a good five minutes now and we haven't seen shit!" another shouted.

"Shut up or I am going to fill you with lead. Seeing her cry is delicious," a voice hissed from behind the man.

“Not as appealing as tits and ass, baby!” another man hollered.

Batgirl glanced to the side of the stage and Falcone making a thumbs down gesture. The woman reluctantly blew a kiss to the crowd before she raised her hands and placed them behind her head. She then arched her back and began to do pelvic thrusts. Slowly, the thrusts went from her pelvis to her stomach. Eventually, she was thrusting her breasts at the crowd and they hooted and applauded. The woman sobbed again as she realized that her right breast had partially popped out, giving the men a good view of her right breast. She quickly slid her hands from her head, down her throat, down her ribs, to her stomach, and then to her chest, where she popped it back in.

“NOOO!” all the men in the crowd shouted in unison.

“We should leave!”

Not wanting to have the crowd walk out, Batgirl slid her hands down her flat stomach and placed her hands against her thighs. She then slid them inside the custom made shorts before bending forward, allowing everyone to see her cleavage. The crime fighter then straightened her back and took her hands out. She then placed them by her side and pressed them against her breasts, packing them even closer. Her hands then gripped the straps as she bent forward again. A huge roar erupted from the crowd.

"YES! YES! YES!” the men shouted in unison.

Batgirl sobbed as she stood up and spread her legs. She then turned sideways and placed her hands on her hips. The heroine caressed her right thigh before reaching back and spanked her own buttock again and again. Batgirl stopped after a few blows, turned so that she could spank her left buttock, thus giving everyone a glance. Once she was done, she faced the crowd, and squatted. With her hands on her knees, she parted her legs again and again before she fell onto the stage, where she began crawling back and forth on all fours, dragging her breasts on the cold, wet stage.

"Show your tits! Show you tits!" the crowd chanted as the music was about to reach its climax. Then exactly on cue, Batgirl leapt to her feet and pulled the top over her head, revealing her wet, jiggling breasts before she spread her legs and planted her hands on her hips. The woman tried to keep the stance, but soon found herself, kneeling on the stage and crying uncontrollably while the crowd applauded.




Hours Later




Batgirl slowly counted the money and she realizes she was still short. She took a sip of her wine that Falcone poured for her. The woman glanced at Falcone, who was talking on his cell phone. Batgirl strained her ears and heard some of the words coming out of the phone. Within a few seconds, the woman ascertained that Falcone was talking to his hit squad telling his men to find Jake.

“Wait. You promised that Jake would be off the hook if I paid his debt,” Batgirl spoke.

“Hold on, boys,” Falcone spoke as he glanced at Batgirl.

“Wait. You promised that Jake would be off the hook if I paid his debt,” Batgirl repeated.

“I gave you the money for tonight and your way short. The performance was almost as bad as your last fight. Regardless of your pathetic attempt, Jake’s time is up. It’s time for me to collect,” the man replied.

“No! There has to be another way.”

“No. There isn’t. It’s time.”


“Are you deaf?”

“Are you not listening to me? There has to be another way.”

Falcone didn’t say another word as he walked up to Batgirl. He slapped her bare ass and looked at the woman in her eyes. “There is, but you won’t accept it,” he smirked.

“What is it?” Batgirl asked, already knowing the answer.

“We fuck and Jake’s debt is cleared.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“Excuse me. I could have killed Jake back at the warehouse. Yet, I made a deal with you and spared his life. Till this moment, he’s still alive. The only reason why his life is in danger now is because you were unable to hold up your end of the bargain.”

“I have the money.”

“You have some money. It’s still short.”

“One more fight.”

“No more fights. I’m making the call.”


“Look. You don’t want the choice so Jake’s life is forfeit.”

“No . . .”

“There are no other choices,” Falcone spoke as he prepared to talk into his phone.

“I’ll do it,” Batgirl spoke as she approached him. The woman only had her heels, thong, and cowl on so she didn’t have to strip. Batgirl pressed her body against the man and tried to take the phone.


“Put it away.”

“Boys. If I don’t call you back in three hours . . . kill Jake,” the man spoke as he hung up the phone. Falcone placed the phone into his pocket and slammed Batgirl into the wall. The sudden force knocked Batgirl loopy. Falcone then pushed the thong aside and buried two fingers into the woman’s pussy. He started pumping them in and out of her pussy as Batgirl moaned and dropped to her knees. The man kept fucking her with his fingers for a few more minutes before tossing her to the floor.

“Ahh,” Batgirl gasped as she hit the floor and tried to get back up.

Falcone tore off his clothes and whipped out his cock. The man had wanted to do this for years and his cock was already rock hard. Falcone smacked her ass three times before he rammed his cock into her pussy.

“Arrrgg!” Batgirl yelled into gritted teeth as the man began to use her pussy. Every thrust pushed Batgirl slightly forward until she reached a wall. The woman placed her arms out and palms of her hands started to turn white as she pressed them against the wall in order to brace herself.

Falcone was loving the woman’s pussy as he pumped his meat in and out of her. Every moan that escaped her mouth only served to spur him on. The man eventually shot his load into the woman and pulled out. Several jets of spunk then splattered against the woman’s ass as Falcone flipped her over.

Batgirl was dazed as Falcone pushed her legs toward her tits. He then rammed his cock back into her pussy. Batgirl moaned as she started to slide on the floor yet again. Her head hit the wall a few times before she was able to brace herself with her hands.

“Bitch,” the man panted as he slapped her face before he pushed her legs apart and laid on top of her. He kissed her chin and ran his tongue all over her face.

“Ahhh,” the woman groaned as her face was soon covered by salvia while her breasts were squashed against Falcone’s body.

Falcone wasn’t done though. The man grabbed Batgirl’s hips and pulled her up. Batgirl wrapped her arms around the back of the man’s neck. She pressed her breasts against the man’s body as she rode his cock. The woman moaned as Falcone licked and sucked on her throat.

“Ohhh,” Batgirl moaned.

Falcone smiled and stood up. He slammed Batgirl’s back against the wall. The man then continued to fuck her with the wall as support. The female crime fighter moaned even louder as the man cupped her ass and squeezed.

The man fucked her against the wall fo a good ten minutes before he unceremoniously dumped her onto a desk. The man pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach. He then sat on her legs and rammed his cock back into her pussy.

“OH SHIT!” Batgirl moaned loudly as the man grabbed her ass and fucked her pussy. The woman couldn’t believe how skilled the man was. The female crime fighter was trying to do everything and thinking of anything that would postpone her orgasm, but she was having a hard time doing it.

Falcone sensed that her body was close to climaxing so he pulled out and flipped her over again. The man then parted her legs and rammed his cock back into her pussy. Batgirl moaned yet again as the man entered her. Her moans grew louder as the man laid on top of her and fucked her for all he was worth.

“HHHHHHOOOOOLLLLYYYY SHHHHHHIIIIITTTTT!” Batgirl screamed as her pussy clamped down on the man’s cock as she climaxed.

“OHHHHH!” Falcone grunted as the extra pressure on his cock caused him to shot his load into Batgirl’s pussy.

“OOOOOHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Batgirl screamed anew as her body exploded again. The woman had never experienced two orgasms so close to each before and the experience easily overwhelmed her.

Falcone pulled his cock out of the woman’s pussy. He then wiped his cock all over the woman’s left cheek as he watched his spunk slowly dribble out from her pussy. The man also admired all the spit that was sliding down the woman’s face. Her eyes were glassy and her breathing was erratic while her body continued to shudder. The man then found his cell phone and called his men.

“Let Jake live,” he spoke before he hung up. Batgirl would have been pleased if it wasn’t for the fact that she was basking in the afterglow of her orgasms. The woman didn’t even acknowledge the man’s words as he happily slapped his dick against her chin.





Two Weeks Later




Batgirl had spent the last two weeks thinking about Falcone. She didn’t truly understand why, but every night when she went to sleep, she would dream about fucking him. Then in the morning, the woman had to masturbate and climax before she could get out of bed. And while she masturbated, she couldn’t stop thinking about Falcone and his cock. Eventually, the woman had to act. She hopped on her Batgirl-cycle and drove to Falcone’s house. The crime lord’s guards allowed the woman to enter the grounds.

“Batgirl?” the man spoke as he opened his front door.

“Don’t act dumb. You knew I was coming. Your guards would have never allowed me to enter this way without your approval.”

“Smart girl. What do you want?”

“Can we talk?”

“Come in.”

“Can we talk where there are less people?” Batgirl asked as she entered the house only to see ten guards with guns pointed at her.

“Put the guns away, boys. And yes, follow me,” Falcone spoke as the men holstered their guns and Batgirl followed Falcone to the study.

“You have a bed in your study?” Batgirl asked as she struck her heroine pose with her hands on her hips.

“Care for a drink?” the man asked as he poured some wine and handed Batgirl a glass.

“Sure,” the woman replied, knowing that she needed some liquid courage for what she was about to do.

“Cheers,” the man smiled as he clanged glasses and down his wine while Batgirl did the same. He then grabbed the bottle and was about to pour another drink into Batgirl’s glass.

“No need.”


“I have something important to ask you?” the woman spoke as she placed her glass on the man’s desk.

“What do you want to talk to me about? It’s not that kid, Jake, is it?”


“I’m intrigued.”


“Ok,” the man replied as he sat down on the bed.

Batgirl didn’t say another word as she undid her cape and allowed it to drop to the floor. The woman dropped to all fours and slowly made her way to him. She then got to her knees and undid the man’s pants. The woman removed her yellow gloves and rubbed the front of the man’s underwear with her right hand until there was a nice bulge. She pulled the man’s pants down to his ankles, followed by his underwear. The woman licked her lips as the man’s dick bounced free and stood at attention. Batgirl then stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of the man’s cock. She followed this up by licking entire length of his dick. She did this over and over again while her hands jiggled and tickled his balls. After the man’s cock was covered in layer of Batgirl’ spit, the woman took his dick into her mouth.

“Ahhhh,” Falcone moaned as he felt the woman’s warm lips clamp down on his dick.

Batgirl didn’t say a word as she started to bob her head on the man’s cock. The woman placed both her hands on her head as she sucked the man. After a few minutes, the woman slid her hands up and down her own body. Batgirl glanced up and could see the man’s eyes following her hands. She felt the man’s cock twitch inside her mouth as she continued to service him. The woman ran her hands through her hair before she reached behind her and pulled down her zipper. She almost smiled as the man licked his lips when he heard the sound of the zipper.

Batgirl stopped mid-suck and released the man’s cock. She opened her mouth and made sure not to touch the man’s cock as she pulled her head back. The woman then stood up and began to disrobe. The woman’s pussy was incredibly wet and even though she wanted to perform a slow striptease, the woman couldn’t control herself. She tossed her clothing aside, but she kept her boots and cowl on. Then she climbed onto the bed and dropped on all fours.

“I like this conversation,” Falcone spoke as he stood up. The man parted Batgirl’s cheeks and drove his cock into the woman’s waiting pussy.

“Ohhhh yes! I’ve been thinking about this for two weeks. Oh yes! Fuck! Just like that! Oh yes!” Batgirl moaned as she bucked her hips to meet the man’s thrusts.

“Glad to oblige,” the man panted as he grabbed the woman’s elbows and pulled her up. The woman moaned as she reached back and gripped the man’s ass as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh yes!” Batgirl moaned.

The man released the woman’s elbows as Batgirl fell back onto the bed. Falcone said nothing as he reached forward and cupped her jiggling tits. He then thrust forcefully into her as Batgirl moaned in approval.

Then woman flung her hair wildly as the pair continued to fuck. She had dreamt and fantasized about this moment for two weeks now. And because of that, the woman wasn’t abl to stop her body from climaxing. The orgasm ripped through her body as she collapsed onto the bed.

“We’re not done,” Falcone laughed as he continued to fuck the woman. The man sped up his pace as he gripped her hips so he could thrust harder.

“Ohhhhhhh! YESSSSS!!” Batgirl screamed yet again as her body climaxed a few seconds after the first. Unfortunately for Batgirl, the climax was too much for her as she passed out.

“You’re not getting off that easily,” Falcone laughed as he continued to enjoy the woman’s body.





The Next Day




Barbara Gordon woke up with a huge headache. The woman felt like she had a biggest hangover ever. Her hands immediately rubbed her forehead as she slowly tried to open her eyes. She felt her own fingers pressed against her warm skin. Even in her current state that sensation was enough to jolt her eyes open. The woman immediately saw the face of Carmine Falcone staring right back at her with a huge smile on his face. The naked man rolled over the naked woman and laid behind her as she got a clear view of a mannequin inside a large clear glass container. The mannequin was completed decked out in her Batgirl outfit including her cowl. Not only that, but Barbara saw the night stand with an empty glass of water and a plastic container with purple colored pills inside.

“Good morning, Batgirl. You like my trophy case?” Falcone asked.

“You . . . drugged me . . .”

“Oh yes. I drugged you. The water bottle during your fights had it, the wine that you drank had it, and the glass on the night stand had it too. The drug is a highly addictive aphrodisiac. That’s why you came looking for me and did that little dance.”

“Oh god!” Barbara gasped as the memories came flooding back.

“I enjoyed that dance tremendously. I never knew you had it in you. Then again, everyone is going to be surprised soon. I bet Commissioner Gordon would be very interested to learn his daughter’s nightlife.”

“You . . .” Barbara stammered as her lower lip twitched. The woman also felt shame as her pussy began to moisten.

“Not only that, but there are countless individuals who would punish him just to get even with Batgirl. Criminals can be so vindictive like that.”

“No,” Barbara sobbed as Falcone stroked her right cheek.

“I would be willing not to divulge your secret identity to the world if you’re willing to perform a few tasks for me.”

“What kind of tasks?” Barbara spoke as she tried to keep her breathing steady and her tears controlled.

“Think carefully, Barbara.”

“Just tell me what you want.”

“It’s not that hard.”

“Please don’t reveal my identity to the world. I beg you,” the woman pleaded.

“I have an idea.”

“Tell me.”

“Hmmm . . .”

“Please tell me. I beg you.”

“I liked watching you fight in a cowl and thong. That will be Batgirl’s new costume. You will also wear heels or boots with six inched heels at all time. You will also work for me and do anything I tell you to do. Soon everyone will know that I’ve defeated Batgirl and turned her towards a life of crime, serving as my bodyguard and sex slave. And to make sure you know that I’ve defeated you, you will strip at my club and give lap dances to whomever I choose.”

“And my father?”

“He will never know that his sweet little daughter, Barbara Gordon, is really Batgirl,” Falcone spoke as he reached around Barbara and began to grope and knead her breasts. His cock began to stir and press against the woman’s buttocks. “He’ll never know that his daughter is my cum dumpster,” the man laughed as he kissed and licked her neck.

“I’ll do anything you want . . . just don’t hurt my father,” Barbara begged as she felt the man’s cock pushing against her pussy lips.

“You father’s fate rests solely on you,” Falcone spoke as Barbara Gordon knew exactly what he meant. The woman pushed back and felt the man’s erect dick enter her pussy. Once the man started to thrust in and out of her, the woman met every one of his thrusts. She moaned loudly with each thrust, which only excited Falcone. “You’re mine, Barbara. Now, tell me about your friends,” the man ordered as Barbara quickly agreed.

Later that night, Barbara Gordon wore white stockings, a white garter-belt, white heels, white opera gloves, a white collar around her throat, and white veil tossed to the side. The woman road Carmine Falcone’s dick for all she was worth as the man laid on her bed. The pair had fucked all day before relocating to her apartment, where they continued.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Barbara cried as the man gripped her hips and watched her bouncing tits.

“Oh I plan to, Barbara. I also want to fuck your friends too. The Birds of Prey will work for me. I want the other mob bosses to celebrate my name as the one who reigned in Helena Bertinelli. Your friend, Dinah Lance will also be silenced.”


“She’ll be gagging on cocks,” the man smiled.

“They’ll be yours . . .”

“Good. They can repay me for all the damages they’ve wrought on my operations. Speaking of which, Wonder Woman and Supergirl need to atone for their transgressions as well. And to make sure that they won’t escape, I’m going to have to hook them on my special drug, just like you,” the mobster smiled.

“Whatever you want master. Whatever you want,” Barbara moaned as she saw Falcone’s men busy moving out all of her belongs including the Batgirl equipment from the secret room. Barbara was unable to stop them and worse yet, Falcone had mounted a large mirror at the head of the bed so Barbara could see her own facial expressions when she climaxed. Each one was burned into her mind as she rode her master’s cock, knowing full well that she was nothing more than his property now and soon, some of her friends would belong to him too. Yet, Barbara didn’t care since her father was safe now.





Days Later




A slow jazz number blared through the speakers as the curtain slowly pulled away, revealing the silhouette of a woman, lying on a couch, which was missing an arm at the other end. A small flicker of light from a match briefly lit the stage for a second before it was blown out. However, before the match was blown out, it caught the front of a long cigarette on a purple holder. Slowly, the light brightened and everyone could see Batgirl, wearing her mask, sucking a cigarette, while lying on a purple chair with the back shaped like a bat. Turning to face the crowd, she stoop and faced them.

The crowd cheered as they saw the outfit that Batgirl wore. The woman was wearing a black bra shaped like a bat. The wings kept her breasts tightly packed against her chest while two slender straps extended from the ears to her neck. She wore panties with a huge black V in the front. It was accompanied by a black garter-belt with two straps connected to her black sheer thigh high stockings. Silver chain-mail wrapped around her body and had little tassels hanging at the bottom, close to her thighs. She had a pair of five inch black pumps. Her hair was big and flowing while her makeup was thick and slutty with a heavy layer of red lipstick and gloss that made her lips look fuller. Batgirl blew her fans a kiss before sitting down and crossing her legs.

The crowd cheered as she tilted and blew another kiss. The cheers got louder and louder, drowning out the saxophone in the background as Batgirl turned and pressed her breasts against the arm of the couch. With a huge puff of smoke, Batgirl discarded the cigarette and holder as she ran her long fingernails her lips. She then slunk off the couch and presented her ass, high in the air, making sure that she didn't show the back of them, just the meaty bottom. She swayed them left and right before she planted her arms on the couch. Batgirl with the grace of a cat, shifted her weight, twisted in the air, and landed on the couch. Her hips kissed the arm of the couch as her legs kicked in the air. The woman's breasts were mashed against the plush couch.

"Batgirl! Batgirl!" the crowd chanted as she twisted, gripped the back, and then stood up with her back to the crowd. Her panties were transparent in the back, thus her entire ass was outlined by black, the rest was smooth and presented to the world where everyone could see her crack. Without any hesitation, Batgirl slipped her panties just an inch below her ass before she sat down on the couch, where she threw away the chain-mail and undid her bra, presenting her heaving breasts.

The crowd went nuts as Batgirl stood up, cupped them, and turned sideways to the crowd, clutching her bra against the skin below her breasts. She sighed and then sat down onto the couch, where she slid her panties off and took off her heels. Batgirl then grabbed the back of the couch, turned, and spread her legs, showing off her holes. Suddenly, she turned, leaned up against the couch, and lifted her legs straight up in the air, showing off her holes again. She traced her hands up and down her stocking encased legs before she spanked herself again and again.

The crowd ate it up as Batgirl turned and went on all fours. Her head rested on the arm while she kicked her heels and began moving back and worth, making her tits sway. The crowd cheered her on as she slunk back down on the couch, turned away from them, showed off her sex, where she parted the lips. As the crowd became worked up, she flipped on the couch again. This time, her neck was resting comfortably against the back of the couch while she spread her legs and stuck them in the air. She then cupped her breasts and began to feed herself with them. Her tongue licked the top of her breasts while the crowd cheered.

"Show us more! Show us more!" the crowd chanted in unison. Batgirl slipped her bra completely off and tossed it into the crowd. She laid back against the arm and slowly slid her hands up and down her legs. Slowly, Batgirl gripped the stocking on her right leg and began to roll it toward her feet. Once she got it off, she placed one end between her big toe, pulled, and flung it into the crowd. Then she repeated it with the other leg. Batgirl was now completely nude.

The jazz song ended and hard rock began to pour out of the speakers. Batgirl stood up and began to gyrate with the music. Suddenly, the audience heard Batgirl's own voice on lead vocals. The tune sounded like her own theme song, but instead of calling her name, she said, "Falcone’s Slut" in it's place. That's when she dropped to all fours, slid her legs apart, and began to spread her pussy lips with one hand while her other hand pumped her fingers in and out. Then she began to slam her hips up and down as if she were riding an invisible cock.

The crowd applauded loudly as the music changed yet again. Batgirl was now singing some pop tune like if she were a harem girl as she danced around stage, kicking her legs high into the air. She cupped her own breasts and squeezed them a few times while she twirled about. The heroine even did a few cartwheels and splits. When she did the splits, her fingers were either molesting her breasts trying to feed them to her mouth or they were busy fingering her shaved pussy. Regardless, the crowd could see wet marks on the stage as well some of it trickling down her legs.

As the music began to die down, Batgirl fell to the ground. She laid on her back as she spread her legs apart and then bent them back so that her toes touched. This gave the crowd a view of face and heaving breasts as she slowly used her arms to move her back towards the couch, where she propped her head up. Then both her hands began to finger her dripping pussy until she finally climaxed on stage, much to the crowd's approval. A huge smile decorated Batgirl's face as she attempted to recover from her bliss.

The applause got louder when Falcone walked onto the stage. He made his way toward Batgirl and helped the woman to her feet. She immediately pressed her body against his body and kissed him passionately. When the woman broke the kiss, she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, leaned back, and humped his leg right leg. The crowd went wild as Batgirl realized that soon her friends would join her on stage in Falcone’s club.





Days later




Helena Bertinelli sat impatiently at her desk. She glanced at the clock and saw that her students were already half an hour late for their detention. The woman knew that kids didn’t want detention on a Saturday, but the fact that they would receive three more Saturday detentions for missing the current one, she knew that something was up. However, she had no way to reach the students. Instead, she waited for a full hour to pass before she packed up her things. The woman walked by the janitor, who entered her classroom so he could clean it up and leave. As for Helena, she made her way to the parking lot, which was deserted except for her car.

“What the hell is this?” the woman spoke as she picked up an envelop from the windshield of her car. The woman also known as Huntress became angry at first as she viewed the contents inside the envelop. The woman now knew why none of her students showed up. The Falcone family had them. The woman snarled as she crumpled up the letter.

“Hello Helena,” Carmine Falcone spoke as he walked up the woman.

The brunette said nothing as the man slid his hand up and down her skirt. However, she did bite her lower lip. It took a great deal of her willpower not to strike the man when his hands reached up to her tits and gave them a squeeze.

“Having fun, Falcone?” she muttered.


“I’m glad to hear it since it’s the last thing you will remember before you die.”

“Don’t threaten me, Huntress,” the man spoke as he saw the woman’s back stiffen. “That’s right. I know who you really are. That’s why those students of yours are under my care. You can kill me, but there are going to be some really sad parents when they find their kids’ lifeless bodies in the Gotham River,” the man snarled into the woman’s ear.

“What do you want?” Helena finally asked after she took a heavy sigh.

“I thought that was obvious now. I want you,” the man spoke as he nibbled on her neck and gave her tits a harder squeeze.

“Falcone . . .”

“You’ll be calling out my name more from now on, whether it’s on your knees or on your back. You’re mine now, Huntress. Don’t worry. I will still allow you to kill some mobsters that threaten my family and property, but otherwise, you will be kept in house.”

“You won’t get away with this.”

“I will if you want those kids to live.”

“You . . .”

“Surrender yourself to me and they will live.”

“Release them now.”

“My men will release one of them as a show of good faith, but I don’t think you should be standing right here when he’s released.”

“How will I know he’s released then?”

“Smart girl,” Falcone spoke as a dark van with dark tinted glass pulled up next to them. The back door opened and one of Falcone’s men stepped out. ‘Give him your car keys,” Falcone ordered as Helena complied.

Within seconds, the woman watched as the thug drove off with her car, but not before Falcone took a large bag from the car. Helena was then forced into the back of the van with Falcone. “I still don’t see a released hostage,” the woman growled.

“You will, but for the time being, strip and release your two tits. Keep your heels,” Falcone ordered as he dug threw the bag from Helena’s car.

“Grrr,” Helena growled as angrily complied with the man’s order.

“Put this on,” Falcone ordered as he handed Helena her Huntress mask once she was nude. The man didn’t hesitate for a moment as he pushed her against the door. He spread her legs and unzipped his pants. The man then thrust his hard cock into the woman’s unlubricated pussy. The woman screamed as she planted her hands against the back door of the van. Her body was plastered against the door as Falcone gripped her hips and fucked her from behind, enjoying every second of it.

Huntress saw her hands turning white as the palms of her hands pressed against the door. She felt the man’s cock spreading her pussy. Helena bit her lip and tried to refrain from crying out. The woman could barely keep her eyes open as she saw another van pull up to where she parked her car. The van’s back door opened and one of her students was unceremoniously pushed out of the van right before it sped away.

“Time to go,” Falcone spoke as the van started to move. Regardless, the van was going as fast as Huntress, who had Falcone thrusting in and out of her pussy. Huntress could feel her pussy starting to react. The motion of the van only added to Helena’s plight as Falcone’s cock seemed to be hitting her everywhere in her pussy.

The woman shook her hand as Falcone forced a small pill into her mouth. She unwillingly swallowed it and immediately felt like was floating. Her willpower dissolved almost instantly as she felt her orgasm building. It grew quickly and it suddenly burst inside her. As her body quivered, she slowly slid down against the door. “Ahhh,” she groaned miserably as Falcone pulled put of her right before she fell onto the floor of the van.

Falcone didn’t say a word as he continued to jerk himself off. Within seconds, a thick glob of spunk splattered against the exhausted woman’s face and mask. The man smiled as he watched the woman panting for breath. Falcone smirked since he wasn’t done. He immediately laid on top of her and began to ram his dick in and out of her sopping pussy. Huntress could only moan as the drug overpowered her senses leaving Falcone completely free to enjoy her body for a good three hours before she could even think of resisting.





Hours Later



“You guys have to do better than that,” Black Canary laughed as she decked another thug. The woman glanced over her shoulder and saw eight more men rushing her. She quickly turned and delivered a Canary Cry that sent the men flying backwards and crashing into the wall behind them.

“I must say that is impressive,” a male voice spoke over the PA system.

“Where is she? What have you done with Huntress?” Black Canary growled as she balled up her fists.

“I am Carmine Falcone. I have Huntress as my prisoner. You and Huntress ruined one of my business deals a few weeks ago and I am here to collect what you owe me,” the man spoke calmly.

“I’ll break out my checkbook then.”

“Funny, Canary. By the way, I love your outfit. From now on, you will wear fishnet stockings or a full-body fishnet suit. I’m going to have so much fun with you.”

“Dream on, dirt bag.”

“What a mouth. Too bad, I’m going to have to secure a gag to keep you silent,” Falcone laughed.

“Fuck you! Come on out!”

“No,” Falcone replied as gas started to fill the room.

Black Canary thought about using her Canary Cry to blast a path, but the gas was quickly filling the room. The woman decided to hold her breath and run to the door, but when she got there, the door was locked. She banged her shoulder against the door, she kicked the door, and she punched the door. It never budged. The woman then tried her Canary Blast, but the door didn’t budge. Instead, the blast actually pushed all the gas back towards her. Soon, her lungs filled with the gas and passed out.

It only took a seconds for Falcone to suck the gas out of the room. Once it was gone, the man opened the door and dragged the unconscious woman inside. Just like he said earlier, the man secured a red ball gag into the woman’s mouth. He took off her jacket and tossed it aside. Then he started stripping Black Canary like a kid unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. Falcone sat down and pulled the blonde onto his lap. He spread her legs and began to finger her pussy with his right hand while his left hand played with her left tit. “I’m going to have so much fun with you, Dinah Lance,” the man sneered into the unconscious woman’s ear.







Black Canary couldn’t use her Canary Cry thanks to the ball-gag in her mouth and she couldn’t move thanks to the fact that she was naked tied spread-eagle to a bed. Suddenly a door opened to her left. Black Canary swung her head to the left and her eyes almost popped out of her head as she was shocked by what she saw.

Falcone was nude and flanked by two women, Batgirl and Huntress. Batgirl was nude except for her yellow boots, cowl, and collar with a ring on the front. The woman also had a pair of nipple clamps, which were attached to a chain that Falcone was holding. Huntress was completely nude except for mask and dog collar around her throat. She too had a chain that Falcone was holding. Except her chain was connected to her collar.

“Welcome Dinah Lance,” Falcone spoke as he made his way toward the bed.

“GGGGRRRRRLLLLL!” Black Canary growled into her gag.

“Shhhhh,” Falcone spoke as he started to finger the woman’s pussy with his free hand. Within seconds, the woman’s pussy was dripping.

Black Canary was shocked by how quickly her own body reacted to the man’s attention. She couldn’t believe it. However, she didn’t have much time to think about it as Falcone and his women made their way onto the bed. Her eyes begged her friends as she saw Falcone position himself between her legs. Shock then appeared on her face yet again as she saw Huntress and Batgirl licking and kissing the man’s cock until it was hard.

“Now for some fun,” Falcone spoke as he gripped Black Canary’s hips while Batgirl parted the woman’s pussy lips with her fingers while Huntress guided the man’s cock into Black Canary’s pussy.

“Nnnnnnnnoooo!” the woman screamed into her gag.

“So warm and tight,” Falcone snickered as he began to pump his meat in and out of the woman’s pussy.

“Arrrrrggggghhhh!” Dinah groaned as she looked at Huntress, who quickly avoided her gaze and retreated behind Falcone. The woman then pressed her body against the man and began kissing the man’s neck.

“Fuck her, master. Fuck her hard,” Huntress spoke meekly as she did everything possible to avoid Dinah’s gaze.

“Hmmmmpppphtttt!” Dinah screamed at the betrayal of her friend.

“Don’t worry, Dinah. Falcone won’t kill you. He’s going to keep you like he’s keeping Helena,” Batgirl spoke as she removed her cowl.

Dinah was flabbergasted when she heard Batgirl use Helena’s name, but she was completely blown over when Batgirl removed her cowl and revealed herself as Barbara Gordon.

“Don’t look surprised. Falcone’s known my identity as Barbara Gordon for a while now. The ring on my collar is my wedding ring. He gave it to me. And in return, I’m offering Helena and yourself to him. He owns me now, he owns Helena, and he owns you too. The Birds of Prey belong to Carmine "The Roman" Falcone now,” Barbara Gordon spoke as she made her way toward the man, where she kissed him passionately.

Dinah shook her head when she saw the pair break from the kiss. A line of saliva connected Barbara’s lips to Falcone’s. The woman then licked up the line of saliva with her tongue and tossed her head back in order to get it all of it in her mouth.

“Delicious,” Barbara moaned with a sly smile.

“Hmmmmmpppphhhttt!” Dinah screamed into her gag.

“Can you silence her?” Falcone asked Helena.

“Top or bottom, master?” Helena asked.

“Top then bottom,” the man spoke as Helena nodded.

Huntress made her way to Dinah. The woman never made eye contact with her friend. Instead, she got into position and felt around. Once she knew where Dinah’s face was, she positioned herself and placed her snatch over the woman’s mouth. Helena then started to grind her pussy against the woman’s gag while her juices started to cover the gag and drip into Dinah’s mouth. Black Canary screamed, but Helena’s pussy muffled it all.

Falcone smirked at Barbara, who nodded. The woman was ashamed of her actions, but she had no choice. She had to save her father even if it meant it was at the expense of her friends. In fact, the woman even drugged Dinah before Falcone paid her a visit. Falcone wanted the Dinah to be wet the moment he touched her. Not only would that confuse the woman, but it would give him more pleasure when he fucked her. When Barbara heard his orders, she was sick to her stomach, but she carried them out. Worse yet, her own pussy was dripping when she carried them out.

Helena eventually removed her crotch from Dinah’s face and Barbara could see that Dinah’s face was covered with Helena’s juices. She then smiled at Helena, who closed her eyes as she dropped to all fours and placed her mouth over Dinah’s mouth. Helena moved her tongue and tasted her own juices, which caused her body to shudder.

A few more minutes passed before the blonde woman screamed again. And like before, it was muffled by Helena. In fact, Dinah soon climaxed and her scream went down Helena’s throat.

“I’m so sorry,” Helena thought as she grabbed onto Dinah’s head while the woman shuddered from the climax. The woman kept her mouth over Black Canary’s mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Every one of Dinah’s climaxes reverberated down Helena’s throat as the woman tried not to cry. Helena was elated when Barbara yanked the woman’s hair, which served as a signal to stop.

Both women started to undo Dinah’s bonds. Once they were done, they watched Dinah for a few seconds. The blonde woman was simply too exhausted to do anything. Since Black Canary wasn’t able to fight off Falcone, both women returned to his side where they hugged and kissed him while they rubbed their bodies against him.

Falcone then pulled Dinah off the bed and forced her to press her body against him. Her warm tits were squashed against Falcone. Both women grabbed Dinah’s arms and wrapped them around the back of Falcone’s neck. Falcone began to nibble on Dinah’s neck before the women titled her head back so Falcone looked her in the eyes.

“You’re mine, Dinah Lance!” he grunted as he thrust forcefully with each thrust before he shot his load into the woman’s snatch.

The sudden flood of hot cum was too much for Dinah Lance as she climaxed yet again. This time, she slumped against Falcone’s body. She was totally unable to stop him. And before she slipped to unconsciousness, she realized that her crime fighting days were over.





Weeks Later




“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” the crowd cheered as Huntress wrestled Black Canary in ring full of wet mud.

Both women wore heels and bikinis. Huntress wore purple while Black Canary wore black. Their heels were covered in mud was they circled each other. Black Canary was the first to strike as she charged Huntress. The pair locked up and they moved about the ring. Their backs often bumping into the ring ropes, which smeared some mud onto their backs.

Eventually, Huntress sidestepped Black Canary and tossed the woman into the mud. Black Canary’s blonde hair was soon covered in mud as Huntress ran her nails down the woman’s back.

“Ahhhhh!” Black Canary groaned as she rose to her knees and arched her back.

“Take that, you fucking bitch!” Huntress growled as she grabbed some mud and slammed it into the back of Canary’s head, covering up even more of Dinah’s blonde hair. Helena then yanked a handful of blonde hair and pushed Black Canary’s face into the mud.

“We want puppies!” the crowd chanted again and again.

Huntress didn’t react to the crowd as she continued to rub Dinah’s face into the mud. As she continued to rub the woman’s face into the mud, Dinah was no longer on her knees. Instead, she was now lying down on the mud. Eventually, Huntress stopped. She picked up Dinah’s mud covered face and showed it to the crowd before slamming her back down into the mud. Huntress then stood up and played to the crowd, asking them for more chants.

“We want puppies!”

“You want puppies? I’ll give you puppies!” Huntress shouted as she reached down and tore off Dinah’s bikini top. She the raised it over her head and spun it around. Mud flew around the room before Huntress released the top and allowed it to fly into the crowd. She then reached down and picked up Black Canary by the hair.

Black Canary growled and pushed Huntress back by pushing her chest with both hands. Huntress growled and was about to charge when Black Canary jumped into the air and executed a Lou Thesz Press. The blonde woman then shrieked as she picked up mud again and again and slammed it into Helena’s face. The crowd cheered as the mud on Black Canary’s tits started to fly off.

“Puppies!” the crowd cheered again and again.

Black Canary then reached down and ripped Helena’s top off. And just like Huntress before her, Black Canary stood up and spun the bra over her head before tossing it to the crowd. The fans cheered as Black Canary raised her hand to the crowd.

“Bitch!” Huntress growled as she tripped the blonde. Both women then grabbed each other and began to roll around the ring, collecting heavy layers of mud as they went along.

The crowd cheered, but Falcone could have cared less. The man was in the control room, one flight up. He was seated in a chair with his legs parted while a naked and sweaty Barbara Gordon was bouncing on his cock. On the floor beside them was an unconscious military man, who was bound and gagged.





Weeks Later




“What have you done to Steve Trevor, Falcone?” Wonder Woman demanded as she stood in front of the gangster with her hands on her hips and her legs spread.

“Steve Trevor is fine as long as you cooperate. If not, he’s a dead man,” Falcone smirked.

“You evil man!”

“I might be evil, but I have Steve Trevor’s fate in my hands and it all depends on your actions.”

“What do you want?” an impatient Wonder Woman asked.

“Let’s start with your lasso. Simply drop it to the floor. Then, your belt. No funny ideas or Steve dies,” Falcone spoke as Wonder Woman narrowed her eyes and dropped her lasso, followed by her belt.

“Free him now!” Wonder Woman demanded as she watched Falcone walk up to her.

“Just wait, Diana Prince,” Falcone whispered into Wonder Woman’s right ear as the woman’s face turned as white as a ghost. The man then grabbed Wonder Woman and bent her over the nearest table. Her arms were then tied to each side of the table while her legs are tied to the table’s legs.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Wonder Woman growled as she struggled against the bonds, but was unable to break them.

“I think it should be obvious, Wonder Woman,” Falcone spoke as he stepped in front of the Wonder Woman and brandishes a knife before stepping behind her. The man then used the knife to slash off her blue trunks. Once they were severed, the man stuffed them into Wonder Woman’s mouth.

The mighty Amazon couldn’t even vocally protest anymore while her struggles become completely useless. The woman was then blindfolded before the man’s hands roam all over her legs and ass. She moaned pathetically into her gag as she was helpless to resist. The woman’s body tightened when she heard the man unzipping his pants. Her ears and face burned red as she felt the man slide his cock all over her ass. The humiliation radiated through her body as she felt the man’s hands spank her ass. Each slap humiliated her more while the sounds of the each slap filled the room and reverberate inside the Amazon’s head, illustrating just helpless she had become. The slaps soon stopped as her ass ached.

Falcone didn’t let up as he parted her ass and rammed his hard cock into her pussy. Wonder Woman howled into her gag as the cock filled and spread her. Within seconds, the woman felt the cock entering and exiting her pussy, sliding back and forth. At first the man grabbed her hips, but he eventually moved his hands to her top, yanks it down, and grabbed her tits.

The minuted ticked by slowly. Every second was hell for the Amazon. Then her worst fear came to fruition as she felt the man shoot his cum inside her. His spunk slowly dribbled out of her pussy and down her legs. Wonder Woman groaned into her gag as realized that she had become a sex object, a fucktoy for Falcone.

Falcone eventually pulled his dick out of the woman’s pussy and walked in front of her. He pulled the saliva soaked panties from Wonder Woman’s mouth. The man then inserted his dick into her mouth. “Lick my cock like a good slut, Wonder Woman,” the man ordered.

Wonder Woman reluctantly obeyed as she scooped up his spunk and tasted the foul spunk. The woman reluctantly gulped it down her throat before the man grabbed the side of her head and began to pump his member in and out of her mouth. Falcone went deep, often blocking air from going down her throat. When the man was about to shoot his load, he pulled out of her mouth and exploded all over her face and hair.

“You’re not done, Wonder Woman. You have several fans,” Falcone whispered into the woman’s right ear.

Wonder Woman didn’t even have time to comprehend the man’s words as a thick cock started pumping in and out of her dripping pussy while another cock was inserted into her mouth. The woman was taken at both ends and was totally unable to resist as the men shot their loads into her, filling her. Worse yet, Wonder Woman had no idea that there were twenty other men in the room, not counting Falcone. And each one was going to fuck her two holes at least once.

Hours later, an exhausted Wonder Woman was freed from her bonds and tossed unceremoniously to the floor. The men surrounded her and begin to masturbate. Soon, they were shooting their spunk all over her body. The humiliated woman was unable to stop them as she was covered in sticky and drying sperm. Soon, the men were gone, but not before they mocked and taunted her.

“What a show,” a delighted Falcone smiled and listened to Wonder Woman’s agonizing guttural groan as he blew his load into Batgirl’s mouth. The former superheroine had knelt between his legs and sucked on his member as the men gang-banged Wonder Woman. Once he was done blowing his load, he stood up and made Batgirl crawl towards Wonder Woman.

Batgirl gripped Wonder Woman’s drenched hair and pulled her head back. Wonder Woman immediately groaned as Batgirl opened her mouth and slowly deposited Falcone’s spunk into her mouth. Then she forced the woman to swallow as she covered her nose and mouth.

Wonder Woman gasped for breath after swallowing all the cum in her mouth. Her eyes flew open and she saw a nude Batgirl except for her cowl and boots. “Batgirl?” an exhausted Wonder Woman moaned.

“Shhhh,” Batgirl whispered as she stroked the woman’s cheeks while Falcone looped Wonder Woman’s lasso over the Amazon’s throat.

“Welcome to your new life, Wonder Woman,” Falcone smiled as Wonder Woman groaned while Batgirl was forced to watch, knowing full well that Wonder Woman’s fate was all her fault.






Days Later




Supergirl stood next to a posh armchair wearing a tight low cut black dress while standing over a tan rug. Even though it was black, there was no doubt that the woman was wearing black stockings connected to a black garter-belt and a black g-string underneath due to the fact that the dress was translucent. She also wore a golden necklace around her neck and a pair of five inched black heels that were secured to her ankles by a series of leather straps. The only thing that was red was her fiery red lips.

"Falcone!" she purred as she cupped her breasts through the dress. She showed off her three inched pink talons as she bent forward, showing off the deep crevice between her firm globes. Then she stood up straight, undid the straps over her shoulders, and pulled the dress down to her waist, exposing her firm naked breasts.

"Please continue," Falcone ordered as Supergirl nodded.

The woman raised her arms and placed them behind her head as she fluffed her long blonde hair as she arched her back and thrust her breasts forward. As the dress continued to bunch around her waist. The woman placed both her legs together and began to gyrate her hips, making a small circle where she stood. This caused the dress to slowly slide down her hips and eventually, the dress just fell to the floor, revealing the stockings, garter-belt, and g-string.


Supergirl slowly raised her right leg, bending it at the knee, before kicking it straight forward before planting it on the ground. She then repeated the process with her left leg as she stepped out of the dress and kicked it behind her. With the dress behind her, she brought her hands forward and cupped her breasts again.

"Falcone," she spoke as she licked her lips in anticipation.

"Please continue," he replied as Supergirl nodded yet again.

Supergirl titled her body slightly to the left as her hands gripped the string and moved it down her hips. She slid it to her thighs and pushed it past them where it quickly dropped to the floor. The blonde then cupped her breasts and squatted, making sure that her knees were pointed to the side, so Falcone could get a clear shot of her shaved sex.

“Don’t stop.”

The woman placed both hands on her knees and began to open and close her legs repeatedly before finally she kept them open and slid both her hands to her inner thighs before placing them on each side of her sex. Then she pressed down and began to move them toward her thighs, parting her pussy lips in the process.

"Can I?" she asked.

"Yes," Faclone replied.

Supergirl's left hand cupped her sex and began to move up and down as she planted her right thigh against the floor. Her right arm fell backward and supported her as she bent her left leg and planted the heel firmly onto the rug. The woman's head arched backward as her chest heaved. Her breathing increased as she gulped down air and moaned. Her left hand moved rapidly as she inserted two fingers into her sex. The woman was now masturbating in front of the man and expressing no qualms about it. In fact, she was engrossed in it that she quickly fell onto her side, falling back on her right elbow as her head thrashed from side to side as her breathing became labored and her body was covered by a sheen of glistening sweat.

"OH YES!!" she screamed as she climaxed and fell on her back.

"Excellent Supergirl," the man laughed as he clicked a button on his cell phone.

Suddenly, a door behind Supergirl opened as Batgirl and Wonder Woman entered the room. Batgirl wore her cowl, high heels, and a thong while Wonder Woman was completely nude except for a red collar around her neck and red boots. The Amazon was also holding her lasso.

Supergirl had no idea that the women were standing behind her as she rested on her elbows. She bent her knees before she raised them and planted her into the rug. The blonde then cupped her breasts as she continued to ride out her climax, smacking her lips and moaning the entire time with her eyes closed shut.

Falcone stood up as Wonder Woman looped her lasso around Supergirl’s neck. The man walked up to the trio and snatched the lasso from Wonder Woman.

"Falcone," she purred as opened her eyes and saw the man hovering over her.

"Flip over and masturbate some more," he commanded.

Supergirl nodded and flipped over. Her tits were now squashed against the rug as her right leg was straight. She bent her left leg to form a ninety-degree angle while her own honey dripped out of her sex and landed on the floor that wasn't covered by the rug. The blonde then buried her left hand between her legs and began to play with her own pussy. The woman’s mouth was in beautifully shaped O as she began to moan. She still had no idea that Batgirl and Wonder Woman were behind her.

“Such a slut. You were right,” Falcone spoke as rubbed Batgirl’s chin.

“Al heroines are sluts under your command, master,” Batgirl purred.

“You got . . . what you wanted . . . free the hostage,” Supergirl moaned.

“Silly fucktoy, there’s no hostage. Batgirl just used that as a ploy in order to play on your pathetic sympathies and to get you to come here,” Falcone laughed.

“I did good?” Batgirl asked.

“You did a very good,” Falcone spoke as he pulled a pill from his pocket and popped it into Batgirl’s mouth. The woman immediately swooned as an envious Wonder Woman watched in silence.

Wonder Woman’s eyes caught a glimpse of Falcone looking at her and her legs immediately began to shake.

“You pine for your master, don’t you, Wonder Woman?” Falcone inquired.

“Wonder Woman?” Supergirl grunted.

“Yes Supergirl . . . I’m here . . . and I so want my master’s cock inside my worthless pussy,” Wonder Woman groaned miserably as she fought her urges to play with herself.

“They belong to me just like you, Supergirl,” Falcone spoke as he moved behind Supergirl. He stood in front of Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Batgirl quickly undid his pants and Wonder Woman jerked the man off with her right hand before he dropped to his knees. Falcone then spread Supergirl’s ass while Batgirl guided the man’ dick into the blonde’s pussy.

“Oh!” Supergirl moaned as Falcone grabbed the lasso with his hand again.

“You’re my bitch now, Supergirl. You belong to me and from this day forth, you will walk on your hands and knees unless I say otherwise. Understand?”

“Ye . . . yeee,” Supergirl grunted through her gritted teeth, trying to fight off the magical powers of the lasso.

“Don’t fight. Embrace it. Surrender to your master, me!” the man demanded as a jolt shot through Supergirl, ending the fight.

“Yes master! Fuck me! Fuck your bitch!” Supergirl agreed as she enthusiastically met the man’s thrusts.

“You should slow her down, master,” Batgirl purred into Falcone’s ear.

“Slow down, slut,” Falcone commanded Supergirl, who obeyed.

Batgirl slowly knelt down and placed two studded earrings into Supergirl’s pierced earlobes. The woman smiled at her handiwork and looked at her master for confirmation.

“What was that?” Falcone asked Batgirl.

“Kryptonite earrings. It will keep her weak,” Batgirl replied.

“Excellent! Someone has earned an extra fucking session,” Falcone smiled.

“Thank you, master!” Batgirl gushed as Wonder Woman was now truly envious of Batgirl.

“Start up again, slut,” Falcone spoke as he slapped Supergirl’s ass.

“Yes master!” Supergirl yelled happily as she fucked the man’s cock with her pussy. The blonde woman wanted nothing more than to make the man happy, the memories of Batgirl’s betrayal were long gone.





Months Later



Batgirl walked between the various patrons of the club. Numerous patrons had seen her wear the outfit since the club opened. However, she had something special on today. The woman wore her cowl, thong, and heels, but today, she also wore two white wedding garters; one on each thigh. Various customers smiled at her and gave her a tip. Many of them caressed her legs before leaving the money. Batgirl didn’t mind though. Instead, she kept her eyes focused on her tasks.

Her first task was to inspect the special guest room. Batgirl made her way to the room and punched in a few codes next to the door since the guests had already left. A monitor next to the door turned on Batgirl smiled as she saw what the cameras inside recorded.

Earlier in the day, Helena Bertinelli, wore her Huntress mask and boots as she danced and fucked several Italian mobsters. The men used her for almost eight hours, often fucking all three of her holes at the same time. They alternated turns and used her exhausted body again and again. Around the end of their session, they helped her to her knees, but the woman kept on collapsing back onto the ground. The men then decided to jerk off and cover the woman’s body with their jizz. By the time they were done, Huntress was covered in so much cum from head to toe that she looked like she was inside a cocoon. Batgirl smiled and uploaded the video to Falcone’s porn site for purchase.

Batgirl’s next task was to check on Black Canary. The woman quickly walked to the club’s side stage. On the stage, a large muscular man, who rivaled Bane in size, was busy fucking a nude Black Canary. The man was on his back, but Canary’s back was to him and her front was for everyone in the crowd to see. Her tits bounced rapidly up and down as the man pulled her arms behind her and fucked her. As for her infamous Canary Cry, Falcone always personally strapped her ball-gag in place before every performance. He couldn’t have the woman injuring his paying customers. Batgirl glanced at the monitor on the wall next to the security table. The cameras were recording and streaming the performance live onto the website.

Batgirl then exited the room and walked down a long corridor before she entered the same, but newly rebuilt warehouse that Jake Beaterman first shot his video in. The woman saw a large mud ring where Wonder Woman and Supergirl were busy wrestling with each other as all the rows of chairs were filled with people, cheering them on. The former heroine quickly made her way toward the action.

“Everything alright?” Falcone asked as the woman walked up to him and pressed her body against his back as she hugged him.

“Everything is great,” Batgirl cooed.

“Really?” the man sneered as he broke her embrace. The man turned around and pointed at the money in Batgirl’s garters. The woman quickly collected the money and handed it all to Falcone with zero hesitation. Without even counting it, the man stuffed all the bills into his pocket.

“Should I join the others?” Batgirl asked.

“Sure. Once you’re done, bring them all back to office,” Falcone spoke as he headed back to the club while Batgirl sauntered toward the ring.

The woman made her way to the ring while some of the men made catcalls at her. The woman responded by gripping her tits and pushed them toward her mouth, where she licked them; much to the delight of the crowd. Batgirl blew the crowd a kiss before she stepped onto the apron and pressed her back against the ropes as she blew another kiss. They woman then flipped herself into the ring, where she spread her legs and delivered a kick to the heads of Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

“Ooops!” Batgirl feigned as the other two heroines landed face first into the mud.

“Bitch!” Supergirl snarled as she wiped the mud from her eyes. The blonde woman charged Batgirl, but was sidestepped. The woman then rammed into the turnbuckle. The ring shook as Supergirl stumbled backward and tripped over the slowly rising Wonder Woman. The blonde woman then landed on her back with a flop.

Batgirl then jumped on top of Supergirl’s body. She picked up some mud and slapped it onto the woman’s face. Batgirl then spun around and began to spank Wonder Woman’s mud-covered ass. The woman slapped them as if she were playing a pair of bongo drums. Batgirl suddenly stopped and looked at the crowd before she dove her face between Supergirl’s legs.

“Ahhhhh!” Supergirl moaned loudly as she spread her arms out and gripped the mud.

The crowd was confused at first, but then they noticed that every few seconds, Batgirl would raise her head and there was mud all over her face. But more importantly, the woman was spitting mud out of her mouth.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” the crowd chanted as they realized Batgirl was eating out Supergirl’s pussy.

“HOLY SHHHHHIIIIITTTTTT!” Supergirl wailed as she climaxed. Her body shook violently.

Batgirl stood up and wiped the mud off her tongue. The woman pulled Wonder Woman over and buried her left knee into the Amazon’s back while her right knee was buried into Supergirl’s gut. Batgirl then raised her hands up in victory as she thrust her chest forward for all too see.

The crowd cheered her name in approval as the referee signaled for the end of the match.








Carmine Falcone sat behind his desk and worked the numbers. The man was making a fortune from the broken heroines. The live fights, the videos, the fucking sessions in the private room, the club, and the website were all highly profitable. Each one was easier than selling guns or drugs. Of course, having Batgirl running the show and bossing the other women around wasn’t bad either. He basically left her in charge of the other heroines and things have worked out handsomely for his operations. The man continued to pour through the numbers while there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” the man spoke as he continued to count his profits.

“Thank you, master,” Batgirl spoke as she entered the room, wearing nothing more than a thong, cowl, and heels.

“These numbers look great, Barbie,” the man replied as he placed his papers back onto the table and slowly got up from his desk.

“Thank you, master,” Batgirl replied as she snapped her fingers.

Falcone cocked his eyebrow as he saw Huntress wearing nothing but a thong and collar crawled into the room on all fours. She was followed by Black Canary, who was also on all fours, but dressed in a thong and fishnet stockings. Supergirl followed close behind wearing a red thong and thigh-high red boots. Then, the Mighty Amazon, Wonder Woman entered the room wearing a red thong while her tongue was busy licking the bottom of Supergirl’s right heel. Both women like the others, were crawling on all fours. The man smiled as he made his way toward Batgirl. He glanced down at the broken heroines that he now owned and couldn’t help but smile even bigger.

“Do you approve?” Batgirl inquired meekly.

“Yes,” Falcone smiled as he reached out and gripped Batgirl’s tits. The man fondled and squeezed them before he pinched and rubbed her nipples.

“Ahhh . . . feels so good,” Batgirl purred as she closed her eyes.

Falcone watched the woman before him and then glanced at all the women at his feet, looking up at Batgirl, totally envious of her.

“Ohhh . . . master . . . I love your strong hands. I loved how you bossed me around and made perform in bra and panties, thongs, and eventually topless. I know I argued with you, but it was just a front and it really turned me on. And the first night I fought topless, when you took me to the back and made me orgasm . . . I knew from that moment on, no matter how much I fought you . . . I would eventually be yours. My cunt aches for your cock, master.”

“You have to earn it then,” the man replied as he lifted his hands from her tits.

“With pleasure,” the woman cooed as she opened her eyes and unzipped the man’s pants. The woman then dropped to her knees. She reached into the man’s pants and rubbed his cock through his boxers. The woman even planted kisses on the man’s boxers, where her soft lips pressed the cloth against his cock. She felt his member getting hard as she reached in and pulled out his cock. Batgirl then kissed the head and lathered it up with the spit from her tongue. The woman then wrapped her lips tightly around the head before she slowly bobbed up and down the entire length of his cock.

Falcone sighed and enjoyed the woman’s warm mouth and lips around his dick. The man glanced at the other fallen heroines and smiled even more when he saw that they were mesmerized by his cock. The man had won and he now he had a source of income that was vastly superior to any of his rivals. And it all started with Batgirl, his first sex slave.



The End

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