Cobalt Kitty to Dragon Lady

BY : NightCreeper
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Cobalt Kitty to Dragon Lady

By: Night Creeper

Disclaimer: All of the Shadow characters created by Walter B. Gibson are owned and created by Walter B. Gibson. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by Walter B. Gibson, they are still owned by Walter B. Gibson. Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: I never heard the radio program, but I did see the movie a few years ago. I would like to take the time to thank Abenozra for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an outline and idea for the story, and I just expanded on it and wrote the scenes accordingly, which made things rather easy. Also, he served as the editor for this story and he even helped with creating the pulp atmosphere.

I also did some research how to write Chinese words. Apparently, there’s Wade-Giles, zhuyin fuhao pinyin, etc. I went with pinyin and Wikipedia for the Chinese words used in this story. I just hope I spelled and used them correctly. Also, this story is not meant to stir a debate on who has the better culture, food, or clothes. The villain in the story prefers his and the hero prefers his. And there’s nothing wrong with liking both or all cultures.

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Cobalt Kitty to Dragon Lady

By: Night Creeper

The Shadow paused, as he balanced on the beam of the bridge. He ignored an icy wind that would have threatened the grip of any other ordinary man. He sniffed the sleet to come before morning. Good hunting weather. He grinned ferally to himself, obstructing vision and muffling any sounds he might make, so he could move freely when the time came. He had been following these particular menaces to society for lo these many months and now . . . he had to just sit and wait, as they appeared willing to do, settling into more comfortable positions in the vehicle. If he could catch the big boss tonight, as he hoped, it was all worth it. And if not, he shrugged, there was always next time. No help for it, Lamont thought to himself. He settled in, meditating on the virtues of patience in the hunt.

Across town, in the elite and expensive Cobalt Club, an elegant young woman in the silver gown, her silver fox fur elegantly framing her from its casually arranged position on the chair, ready instantly should milady feel a chill, appeared both bored and angry, in equal measures. Her tapered and lacquered nails tap-tapped in a steady, petulant rhythm on the avant garde signature cobalt blue table top. Suddenly, they stopped.

“Who does he think he is? Margo Lane does not wait for anyone,” she fumed silently, unaware that her body language was sending off the five alarm sirens to anyone with eyes who cared to look. She was oblivious to her surroundings—all that mattered was Lamont’s absence . . . AGAIN!!! And after he had promised! For Margo Lane was stood up by Lamont Cranston who is off being the Shadow.

Yet one man, a rather unique individual, watched in secret, avidly. His estimation of the young woman was that she needed disciplining but was a sound investment. His specialty was, after all, acquisitions, especially those of difficult and rare commodities. Her choice of gown, halter style neckline showing proper cleavage but without being vulgar, as well as the smallness of her waist and the generous curve of her hips, was encouraging. She dressed herself as a work of art. She had that well-groomed look and air of confidence that only those who had never been without money could sustain. Why, he would bet a not insubstantial sum that she had chosen the silver, a color in which he had noted she often dressed when appearing at this particular venue, for the contrast with the mostly blue décor, thus making herself stand out, but subtly. So she had a certain intelligence, especially about showing herself off to best advantage.

“That could be useful indeed. Oh yes, quite a find,” he congratulated himself as his eyes narrowed. The moment had come.

He signaled a waiter by raising a finger. In only a few moments, his choice of wine was being proffered to Miss Lane by the same waiter. The waiter was momentarily captivated by those icy blue eyes, then recovered himself.

“From Jing Dai Sung, Miss Lane. With his compliments,” the waiter spoke before he proffered the engraved card.

Margo Lane read the words scrawled on the card, “A rare vintage for a rare beauty.”

Then the waiter passed back into the kitchens, still pondering those eyes.

Margo turned the card in her dainty hand. She wafted it, absentmindedly, and for a moment her nostrils flared, as she smelled.

“What is that? Is it . . . incense of some kind? Something smoky and earthy and sweet and . . . yes, primal is the word that comes to mind,” the woman thought.

Before Margo could empty more than a sip from the glass of this wonderful and, yes, truly rare, vintage that she had recently considered trying some day on the recommendation of some wine reviewer or other, the man himself was bowing across the table. The secret head of the Silver Serpent Tong, feared member of the Triads, Jing Dai the sorcerer, of the Ku and Dim Mak schools, took great pride in being a complete master of himself. As such, he could school himself to anger or calm in the single beat of his heart. It was all part of an adequate education. He felt himself to be a lucky man.

The gaze of those limpid blue pools as they turned and appraised him did nothing to dissuade him. There was flinty anger, still, in that gaze, although he knew the anger was not at him, but at that fool Cranston. He allowed himself one full second to savor the coming victory, even as he bent over the proffered hand and kissed it.

“My honor, Miss Lane,” he murmured, seductively. He felt her give a little involuntary shiver, and was all solicitude.

Margo Lane didn’t reply as the man continued.

“Have you a chill? Please allow me,” he purred, as he arranged her fur about her white shoulders. He resisted the sudden urge to stroke those shoulders—that would not be well received at the moment. He was not a man for regrets, but he could wish that the world worked otherwise, on occasion.

Margo Lane still didn’t reply as she wasn’t sure how she should react. She was still angry at Lamont.

“If you are not waiting for someone, perhaps I could persuade you to lend your charming company to an exquisite little meal I have planned this evening at one of my establishments?”

Margo felt herself falling into those deep, dark eyes, that promised . . . oh, so many things. She did not hesitate. Lamont could just wonder where she was, if he ever bothered to show up. At least she did not feel ignored. Here was a very attractive Asian man who was clearly interested in her company.

“Why not have dinner with an amusing new companion?” she thought as she nodded her head in agreement. She raised her hand as the man helped her to her feet. And with that, Margo and Jing were on their way out of the club.

Shun Lee, on West 65th, was a revelation to Margo. She felt as if she had been transported to a foreign country. The staff were all Chinese and Jing, of course, spoke with them in their own language. She could not help but contrast his easy, almost casual mastery with Lamont’s somewhat prideful display that first time they had dined together. Or so it seemed now.

The restaurant was definitely tony, with miles of black lacquer, a glowing, golden, red-eyed dragon that wrapped around the main dining room, and carved white monkeys in the bar, hanging down and on top of the bar itself. They were shown to an almost hidden, private dining salon with its own enclosed outdoor garden courtyard, glimpsed through a painted screen, where every comfort was provided. The cushions on the chairs were silk as were the wall hangings. Margo felt wrapped in silk in a luxurious cocoon where she needed to do nothing, and all her desires were satisfied almost before she could think of them. Surely, Lamont had not been so attentive in the beginning . . . . And, even if he had, she reminded herself, he was no longer. As she finished this bleak thought, she looked up into Jing’s eyes steadily focused on hers. Captured by his gaze, warm and inviting, she was drawn again into the bacchanal that was dinner with a Triad boss.

She could not say later exactly what they had eaten and drunk together that first long evening, only that it was wonderful. And exotic. nd beautiful, with all the little vegetable garnishes carved into fanciful figures. There were creatures and plants from land and sea, representatives of the animal and vegetable kingdoms paraded through her mind and assailed her taste buds, but succulently. Surely there was ostrich, and then buffalo. But before these two there had been some medley of sea creatures, all delectable and swimming in their own sauces, lightly but expertly seasoned. Nothing so heavy and overpowering as garlic.

“Was it scallops? And there was that undercurrent of smoky sweetness, too. Oh, yes, and duck, a divine, crispy, juicy, perfectly sauced and served duck! I do love duck, especially,” she thought.

A lingering meal and several bottles, six courses, and as many hours, later, as the dawn began to creep into the sky, Jing Dai Sung delivered Margo to her door, bestowing upon her a deep lingering glance of appreciation and extracting in return her promise to see him again. He did not even try to kiss her, a fact which Margo would reflect upon next morning with disappointment.

Margo, once inside her door, automatically began her getting ready for bed routine. She had washed and creamed her face, brushed her hair and teeth, undressed, slipped between the silk sheets and was just about to drift off when she started at the up until then suppressed memory of Lamont’s defection. She pushed this thought away, resolutely.

“Too tired to think about that now. Big yawn. Better think about it later . . . if at all . . . one good thing about being with Jing . . . I never gave that rat Lamont a second thought,” the woman thought as a smile hovered on moist lips while a happy Margo drifts off to dreamland.

Back in Chinatown, the sleepy waiters staggered to the nearby dosshouse and threw themselves onto their bedrolls. One does not ask the boss of bosses to leave the restaurant at closing time if one wants to continue to breathe. The respectful waiters would have little sleep but they could be assured of continued good health for this small price. And they were well compensated, in addition. They had earned points with the boss and that was worth more than money in the bank.


Two weeks later, Margo waited for the phone to ring. She wasn’t waiting for Lamont to call. Instead, she hoped Jing would call. Margo found it difficult to believe that Lamont still had not made more of a fuss over the amount of time she spent with another man. But then again, he probably hadn’t even noticed. She felt so cared for, so appreciated whenever she was around Jing.

“Why couldn’t Lamont treat her that way?” Margo thought to herself as she sipped some warm tea. All the packets of the tea had been supplied to her by Jing as a gift.

On the other side of town, Jing checked his books and then the clock. He smiled as he picked up the phone and was about to dial when he placed the phone back down on the hook. The man was going to let Margo wait a little longer. The man had spent many evenings and nights in Margo’s company and he thought that she could be molded into his ideal mate. The man had never been married, as his requirements for a wife were fairly unique and he was content with his own company. He didn’t lack female companionship of his choosing though. His age had long been a subject of much quiet speculation among his “business associates” for he conducted himself by the old code and demanded loyalty of his employees and partners. Yet there was about him a reserve that spoke of much time spent alone. He could never be mistaken for a young man yet he was flexible in mind and body, not yet “old” and so he passes, apparently unchanged except he grew richer and more powerful from year to year, keeping his own counsel.

“Ah Margo . . . there is a part of me that wishes to bond with another who is worthy, very special, who will become my most prized possession, a part of me. Perhaps you will be that woman,” he thought to himself as he traced his fingers over the numbers on the phone.

The man had taken Margo out almost every night. Amazingly, Jing, who had regaled Margo with many an amusing tale of his training as a sorcerer in China and Tibet, was able to see into her mind. He saw Margo’s thoughts. Several times, the woman had asked herself if Jing was the one. The man always knew what she desired, long before she could even name it to herself. And the man was never tardy in fulfilling them. For his part, Jing’s wondered if Margo had yielded to him. He saw her secret desire for and equally strong repulsion by the dual ideas of the “Dragon Lady” stereotype seen in films and the Western woman being made to act Asian, as the heroines are in the Fu Manchu stories. She was fascinated, excited, and filled with dread, all at the same time. Something that Jing planned to exploit.

It was true that Jing’s flirtation with Margo was well underway just like the spring showers. The woman was still technically engaged to Lamont, but the fiancé was habitually absent. Thus, he deemed the time right for the next step in her makeover to become his ideal bride. Jing had noted in his journal, kept through long habit in a code that only he could decipher, that she had stopped longing for Lamont’s company and no longer thought of Lamont as her fiancé. She was in fact only waiting for the right opening, and some assurance from Jing, to fling the whole affair in Lamont’s face, along with her engagement ring.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And that can only be good for business. The Shadow with woman trouble may make a mistake. One can only hope,” Jing smiled to himself. He relished the look of betrayal and foolishness on Lamont’s face when Margo would reveal that tidbit of information to him. The man then picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello?” Margo asked as she picked up the phone.

“Mai Go,” Jing responded, using pinyin, the standard system of romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese. The man pretended to be unable to correctly say Margo’s name.

“Master,” Margo replied as a kind of joke since she had trouble with his pronouncing his actual name. No matter how hard she tried, she still screwed up his name and she felt bad. She had no idea why she couldn’t say the man’s name, but she didn’t want to insult him so she created a joke name for him, one that he didn’t mind.

Jing smiled as he loved the enthusiasm in her voice once she knew it was him on the line. The man realized it was now for the next critical step. A step that required the services of one of his staff, whose expertise was running brothels and the managing of women.

“Mai Go, I would really love you to meet Mama-san.”

“Mama-san?” the woman replied. Jing had spoken about Mama-san numerous times. Margo always loved the warmth in his voice when he spoke of her. The woman had formed in her mind, the picture of an old Chinese looking mom, who was a venerated, old family retainer. The woman found this unknown person intriguing and looked forward to meeting her, to perhaps learning something about the young Jing and thereby gaining insights into his character since the woman practically raised him; according to his stories.

“Yes. Mama-san would love to meet you. She loves my stories about you and has selected some fine outfits for you,” the man replied.


“Let’s talk about it over dinner tonight. Okay?”



Days Later

“Oh, I do declare, Margo. I haven’t seen you in ages,” Betty-Sue spoke. The woman was a brunette with large breasts and a Southern accent to go with her charms. She was dressed in an ornate and bright dress. The woman even had white gloves over her hands. Betty-Sue was definitely wealthy and her diamond necklace and earrings proved it.

“Has Lamont been keeping you busy?” a redhead named Mary inquired. The woman wore a red dress that matched her hair and like Betty-Sue, she liked diamonds too. Except the woman had several golden bracelets on her wrists to go with her diamond necklaces and earrings. Mary was from Texas and her family owned a few oil fields. The woman could ride a bucking bronco, but she preferred to be pampered instead.

“Lamont is blind. He’s what Charles called stupid,” a blonde woman with a beautiful tan named Buffy giggled. The woman was from California and preferred to spend most of her time on the beach, but her boyfriends preferred the city, so she lived in the city. Of course, the reason was simple. On the beach, she had to pay for everything, but in the city, men would pay for things including the airfare in order to get her to the beach. And that was something that Buffy loved. Not the men, but what the men offered her.

“Charles? What happened to Mike?” Betty-Sue asked.

“Mike only owned two buildings. Charles owns four blocks and he has a British accent. It’s almost like being at a tea party every hour of the day,” Buffy laughed loudly as she poured herself another glass of champagne.

“Isn’t that you said about Bill?” Mary asked.

“Bill owned cars and ships. He didn’t own property. He only owned a factory. A factory that built ships and cars.”

“That’s not too shabby,” Mary responded.

“Cars and ships use oil. People’s hands get sticky. I don’t want his oil covered hands over my body. That’s just gross.”

“Seriously, Margo . . . where have you been?” Betty-Sue asked.

“Have you been to West 65th?” Margo asked.

“Isn’t that near the place where all the Chinese people go?” Betty-Sue asked.

“I think it is. It’s near China Village or China Place,” Mary added.

“China? Thomas had a lot of China. He always kept it in his cupboards. I always thought they belonged to his mom, but they belong to him.”

“That’s not what Margo is referring to, Buffy. And it’s Chinatown,” Betty-Sue replied as she placed her hand on Buffy’s right shoulder.

“Their food is amazing,” Margo gushed.

“Oh! Shun Lee. That’s the name of the place. I’ve been there. The food is okay, but I prefer mashed potatoes. But their decor is amazing! There were these serpentine dragons carved into the tables, chairs, and walls. There were also lots of phoenixes. I just don’t understand how a person is expected to eat with two sticks though. Forks and knives work best,” Betty-Sue declared.

“Shun Lee? I think that was the name of the delivery man who moved the Oriental rug into my home,” Mary laughed loudly, almost snorting.

“Wait! Margo dear . . . you couldn’t have spent two weeks in a restaurant. No women eats that much.”

“Yea. Those Chinese girls are tiny. I envy some of them. They can fit into some really tight clothes. They also have small hands that can fit almost anywhere. Except they don’t fill a swimsuit like myself,” Buffy giggled.

“Honestly, I’ve talked to some Chinese women. They don’t talk very much. They usually just sit there and wait for their man to come get them,” Betty-Sue spoke.

“OH! Carl used to love going down there to get massages. He used to say something about the women’s hands,” Mary commented.

“Carl? When did you talk to my Carl?” Buffy asked.

“I talked to him when I met your old boyfriend, Stephen,” Mary replied.

“Oh Steven! He flew me to Florida. Worse weekend ever,” Buffy spoke as she shook her head.

“Because he didn’t buy first class tickets?” Margo asked.

“No. He bought first class tickets, but the hotel was not even close to a five star hotel. It had three stars tops. Worse of all, the damn place didn’t have any room service. That cheapskate!” Buffy fumed.

“Did he get to see you in a swimsuit?” Mary asked.

“Hell yes! I shouldn’t have allowed him to touch me, but the diamond necklace was pretty expensive so he earned a feel.”

“Whatever,” Betty-Sue sighed as she saw Margo seemed to be embarrassed by the conversation.

“So what did you do in Chinatown, Margo?”Mary asked.

“I ate the food, did some shopping . . .”

“Did you buy anything?” Buffy asked.


“Did a man buy you gifts?”


“Did anyone buy you gifts?”

“No Buffy. No one bought me any gifts.”

“That’s no fun. So wait. Was Lamont there?” Mary asked.

“I doubt it. Lamont doesn’t know what he has. He totally neglects Margo here. My old boyfriend, Brandon, used to attend some meetings with Lamont and the man is just too serious. He’s all business. It’s just sad that he doesn’t shower Margo with attention like he showers his job. It’s a crime!” Betty-Sue snarled.

“It’s okay. Lamont . . .”

“Don’t defend him, Margo. Betty-Sue is right. How many times have we all planned an outing and you’re the only one who didn’t bring a man with her? I don’t know since I simply lost count,” Mary added.

“OH! Remember that night at the club where I offered my date to Margo?” Buffy asked.

“You mean the night where you had five suitors vying for your attention?” Margo asked.

“Yea. It was a slow night,” Buffy sighed as all the women laughed out loud.

“Seriously Margo, what did you do in Chinatown?” Betty-Sue asked.

“She couldn’t have done much. She would have stuck out like a sore thumb,” Mary added.

“I don’t know. I like the thin waists of the Chinese girls. I think that men like their demure attitudes but not their busts. Their makeup isn’t bad either,” Buffy chimed in.

“Some wear a look of makeup. So much that they’re ghostly white,” Mary laughed loudly.

“Carl slept with one of those girls. He said they were quiet and demure in public, but were loud and talkative in bed. He also got to use her entire body and in different positions. He loved it. I was so shocked by Carl’s statements that I broke it off with him right then and there,” Buffy fumed.

“Are you sure that was the reason or was it because he wanted you to be more like the girl?” Mary smiled at Buffy.

“I don’t know about you, but all that talking in bed and different position are very undignified for a proper woman,” Betty-Sue spoke as she fanned herself with her hand as all the other women laughed.

“Yea. Buffy is talkative everywhere except in the bedroom,” Mary laughed.

“No. She makes demands. Mostly diamonds,” Betty-Sue laughed as Margo joined in with Buffy crackling a smile.

“That’s right girls! Men do what women want. It’s not the other way around. If he wants to be the man out in public, so be it. But we run the show at home and I have the diamonds to prove it!” Buffy declared.

“Didn’t men even offer you diamonds that they bought for their girlfriends?” Margo asked.

“They didn’t offer. They gave them to me. And it wasn’t just girlfriends, there were some wives there too.”

“You don’t care that you may have ruined some lives?” Mary asked.

“It’s not my fault those women didn’t know how to keep a man. I do though. I also know when to let them go. Remember girls, men are like tissue paper. Use them and toss them away when you’re done,” Buffy spoke.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but if you find a man worth keeping, you should do everything you can to keep him,” Betty-Sue spoke as Margo nodded.

“Are those girls free to do that? I heard that they have no freedoms. Nothing like us,” Mary spoke.

“That’s why their feet are bound. So they can’t run away,” Buffy added.

“So you’re saying that your ex didn’t want you to run away?” Margo asked.

“I think my ex wanted an Asian girl because their hands are smaller and it would his dick look bigger,” Buffy laughed.


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Once again, a rainy afternoon with time to kill. Margo is wont to pine away reading old love letters, cleaning her closets, or chatting on the phone with girlfriends. There was a time when she read romance novels and ate bon-bons, but they have lost their allure.

“Now, I’m not going to get into a funk again. And why should I? Rather than fuming over Lamont, I’ll get my revenge. And someone or other said, the best revenge is moving on and living well,” Margo thought to herself as she unconsciously straightened her shoulders and thrust out her breasts.

Margo recalled with excitement that tonight Jing had promised her a treat—she was to meet the “Mama-san” of the Asian boutiques Jing owns. Jing had hinted at the importance of this Mama-san to his many business operations, and to him, personally. Jing’s “excuse” for the visit was to offer Margo some Chinese silk garments for her wardrobe, if it amused her. Margo suspected that the Mama-san was sort of surrogate family member who would be equivalent to Jing’s mother or aunt. Jing had as much as almost said so. Meeting this lady now signaled to Margo that she was being examined carefully with an eye to future grooming for an important position.

“Who knows, perhaps I will even receive a proposal,” Margo thought. The woman even surprised herself by immediately seriously considering the ramifications. She sank down onto the padded chair before her vanity, one hand in her jewel case, another clutching an earring.

“What has happened to me? Just a few short weeks ago, I still thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Lamont. Well, until his obsession with business interests caused him to neglect me. The specter of lonely nights spent prowling the night spots waiting for Lamont in vain rises up, but Margo suppresses it with a shudder. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Bit I know that Jing will NEVER ignore me—he wants my attention and he lets me know it in no uncertain terms. I have what I want—someone obsessed with me, someone who wants me. Hmm, I’d better go get my nails done, so I can make a good impression,” Margo thought as she reached for the telephone.



Mama-san looked over the somewhat undernourished foreigner in her shiny, half-dressed state standing before her, top to toe. She motioned with her finger, signaling that the woman should turn around for her, since she is ignorant of Chinese. Whatever Jing sees in her, Mama-san does not know.

“Jing could have any woman he wants, why this scrawny, ignorant blond? She does not know how to stand and Mama-san would bet the rest of her life’s wages that she has never kneeled to serve a man in her life. What Jing wants to make of her, we shall see,” Mama-san thought to herself.

Margo wasn’t sure what was happening, but she heard Jing say something in Chinese right before Mama-san bowed to him yet again. She just hoped that she had met the older woman’s expectations.

Mama-san smiled up at Jing, speaking to him most respectfully and encouragingly in Chinese, keeping her own counsel.

“If the master wanted to make a fool of himself over a stupid foreigner, so be it. If the stranger understood anything that was said or what was planned, she gave no sign of it,” she thought as Jing stated something that caught her off guard.

Margo still wasn’t sure what the pair were talking about. She just hoped that she hadn’t disappointed Mama-san or worse yet, Jing. The woman felt a little reassured when she saw Jing smile at her.

“Okay?” Jing asked Mama-san as he finished his plan.

“Ah, so that is what Jing has in mind. Hmmm, yes, I see the possibilities. And for myself, too,” Mama-san nodded and bowed her head to Jing. She cast a somewhat softened glance toward Margo. The woman then bowed to Margo before she left the room.

“Was I okay?” Margo asked Jing.

“Yes. Mama-san said a few negative things about you . . .”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to create a rift between you two.”

“It’s okay,” Jing spoke as he held Margo’s hands and stared into her eyes.

The woman felt her knees getting weak as her eyes started to tear up. Jing had treated her like royalty ever since she met him and unlike Lamont, he paid attention to her. The woman hoped that she hadn’t screwed things up.

“Wait Mai-go. Mama-san stated that you weren’t Chinese. She feels that I would be better suited to marry a Chinese woman. I told her that she was wrong. I even told that you drank tea. She seemed to soften a little. She’s gone to get the outfits. But alas, I have to leave. Do you mind if you stay here for a few hours while I attend to a meeting? I will come right back and pick you up for dinner once the meeting has ended,” the man spoke as he smiled at Margo.

“Okay master,” Margo smiled playfully back as Jing released her hands. He then took her right hand and kissed it. The woman felt a jolt of pleasure shot up her spine. Jing released her hand, smiled, and left the room.

A few seconds later, Mama-san returned to the room holding a red dress. The old woman handed it to Margo, who quickly accepted the dress.

“Oh thank you, Mama-san,” Margo gushed.

“It no good on you,” the older woman spoke.


“It no good on you. You no good for Jing. Jing needs Chinese girl.”

“Mama-san . . . I am . . .” Margo protested.

“Jing important man. He needs supportive woman. He needs Chinese girl. Gwei-lo girl no good.”

“I’m not sure what that term means.”

“Gwei-lo girl no good for Jing. He needs Chinese girl.”

“What does Gwei-lo girl mean?”

“Gwei-lo girl no good.”

“If Gwei-lo girl is me . . . maybe you could show me the Chinese way? You see, I want to learn more about Jing and him happy.”

“Gwei-lo girl want to make Jing happy?”


“Then be Chinese.”

“I’m not Chinese, but I can learn. Will you help me?”

“Gwei-lo girl want to learn Chinese way?”

“Yes. I want to make Jing happy.”

“Gwei-lo trying to trick me.”

“No. No trick.”

“Gwei-lo not good enough for Jing. Gwei-lo only cares about self. No care about Jing. Gwei-lo using Jing. Gwei-lo wants Jing’s money.”

“No. I don’t want his money. Honest,” the woman protested.

“Gwei-lo trying to trick Mama-san.”

“No trick. Promise.”

“Lies from Gwei-lo.”

“No . . . I want to make Jing happy . . . I want to be with Jing,” Margo spoke as Mama-san stared at the blonde for a few seconds. The blonde woman wasn’t sure what was running through Mama-san’s mind, but part of her had been telling her that she wasn’t good enough for Jing. She started doubting herself and would have broke down and cried, but something stopped her. Instead, the tears welled up in her eyes.

“Gwei-lo not good enough.”

“I could be. Show me on what I need to do in order to be good enough for Jing.”

“You no mean it.”

“I do. I want to please Jing.”

“No. You lie.”

“I’m not lying. I know you don’t think I deserve Jing, but I prove it to you. I want to learn how Chinese girls act and behave so I can be a better partner to Jing,” Margo pleaded.

“You lie.”

“No lie,” Margo replied as the broken English caught Mama-san’s attention.

“Okay. Put on dress. Mama-san will train you. You say here tonight. Me call Jing and tell him not to come tonight. Mama-san will make you better for Jing,” the older woman agreed.

Margo felt a rush of pleasure run through her body as she heard that the older woman had relented. She wasn’t lying. She wanted to please Jing. The blonde woman smiled, took the dress, and bowed her head in thanks. She wasn’t sure if she was doing it correctly, but she had seen a few cinema films and read a few novels. Margo just hoped that Mama-san wasn’t offended.


“Why am I so excited today?” Margo thought upon waking. The woman stretched and looked around the small square room. There was a bed, a dresser, and a dressing table with mirror. In addition, there was a small wooden chair with ornate designs carved into it. Margo looked at the small circular window that allowed sunlight into the room. She then looked up and saw the mirrored ceiling with small paper lanterns scattered throughout the ceiling. Each lantern had a small lightbulb inside, but none of them were turned on. The room was very different from her normal bedroom, but she slept very well in the room nonetheless.

“Oh, Mama-san begins to work with me today, to learn Chinese ways. I do hope that she has silks in colors that will flatter my skin,” Margo thought as she made her way to the dressing table. She sat down on the chair and staresdat herself in the mirror, wondering if she will feel any different when she was dressed like a traditional Chinese woman.

“Perhaps I can convince Mama-san to even show me what a Chinese woman of pleasure looks like—that would be fun, and a bit daring, too,” Margo smiled to herself as she remembered all the novels she read and all the cinema reels that she had watched.

A few minutes later, the door to the room opened as Mama-san stood at the doorway. She signaled for Margo to stand and come with her. The blonde woman obeyed without saying a word. She followed Mama-san to another room, where the older woman handed her a bowl of soupy rice. Margo took it and bowed again.

“Do you have a spoon?” Margo asked.

“No spoon. Take small sips,” Mama-san spoke.

Margo nodded before she pressed the bowl against her lips and took a quick sip. She saw Mama-san nod in approval so she took another sip. Except this time, she kept the bowl against her lips.

“No. Small sips.”

“Yes Mama-san,” Margo replied as she took a small sips.

“Look at me. Slow sips,” the older woman ordered as Margo paced herself and took small sips. It took the woman almost ten minutes to drink down the contents of the bowl. Mama-san took the bowl from Margo and led the woman to another room.

Margo saw two other Chinese girls, who were much smaller than her. They were standing next to a large tub with steam rising from the water. The blonde made her way to the tub and stepped in. The two women then proceeded to bathe the woman. Mama-san watched as Margo didn’t say a word. Once the girls were done, Margo stood up and allowed the women to dry her. Then they went to another room.

Mama-san watched as the two Chinese girls placed the red stain corset onto Margo’s body. Once in place, one of the girls began to long process of lacing it up. She pulled tightly on the laces as the other girl held Margo’s arms and tried to keep her still. The corset reached all the way to Margo’s hips, covering her navel and breasts. The waist was very narrow and thanks to the laces, the blonde woman found that breathing was getting harder and harder. Margo even felt woozy as she struggled to breath normally.

“Now. You wear corsets day and night. It help shrink your waist. Clothes will fit better. Understand?” Mama-san asked as the two girls continued with the corset.

“Yes Mama-san,” Margo panted as she felt her ribs beings restricted.

“Small waist. Eat less. Less burden on Jing,” the older woman spoke.

“Yes Mama-san,” Margo panted as she felt another tug on the laces. The woman’s body jerked backward again and again until the laces were done. She then raised one leg at a time as red six inched heels were placed on her feet. Two straps were secured to ensure that the heels didn’t fall off. Margo had never worn anything so high before and had a hard time keeping her balance.

“Today’s lesson. Take small steps. Keep balance. You hold Jing’s arm for support tonight. Girls will help you walk. Work on dress and makeup later. Only speak when talked to. Jing makes decisions, not you,” Mama-san spoke as Margo nodded.

The day dragged on for Margo. She had a hard time forcing herself to take small steps. The woman wanted to quickly walk through the various hallways, but when she tried, she would stumble and need to catch herself by using the wall. The two girls would then come up and hold her arms and make her walk slowly. As time passed, Margo began to take small steps as she used the two girls for support. Eventually, she took small gingerly steps without the assistance of the two girls. But when the women offered her assistance, Margo gladly accepted.

Later in the day, Mama-san had the two girls assist Margo with her hair and makeup. Then Mama-san dressed Margo. Mama-san then instructed Margo to wait for Jing, which the blonde woman did.

“I cannot remember my heart ever fluttering in anticipation like this, ever, in my whole life. Could this be what love is like? But does Jing love me? He must, mustn’t he? Oh, this is maddening. I must know. But I can’t be direct. That would be totally opposite from traditional Chinese or, dammit, even traditional American female behavior. Must wait for the man,” Margo thought to herself. The woman couldn’t wait for Jing to see her transformed. She hoped for a big reaction as she waited with anticipation.

Suddenly, Margo heard the sound of Jing’s motorcar. She caught her breath in her throat. Then, after a slight pause, the bell ring downstairs and a small red button on her table came to life. Margo pinched her cheeks for color and, giving herself a smile in the mirror, headed down to parade before Jing in good-girl Chinese fashion.

Jing smiled as he saw Margo enter the room. She had fiery red lipstick and black accents around the eyes and eyebrows. Her hair was too short to do much with so Mama-san simply made a chignon with an elaborate hair-comb and two hairpins in it. She wore a red form-fitting qi-pao with a slit on the left leg with six inched red heels. The woman’s eyes were on the floor as she took slow gingerly steps into the room. Margo never looked at Jing and only stopped when she reached the center of the room where she saw a special design on the carpet.

“Hello Mai-Go,” Jing spoke as he stood in front of Margo.

“Hello Master,” Margo replied meekly with her eyes still on the floor.

“You look great,” Jing spoke as Margo’s heart soared.

“Thank you,” she replied meekly.

“Let’s go out for something to eat. What would you like to eat?” the man asked as he gave the woman his arm.

“Whatever you want to eat,” Margo replied as she took his arm and laid her head against his shoulder. The woman felt a twinge of pleasure shot up her spine when she felt the man’s jacket against her cheek. Margo even released a soft purr as she snuggled against his shoulder. She then allowed the man to lead her out of the room.

The rest of the night was a blur to Margo. She knew she had a meal with Jing and he kept on telling how beautiful she looked with her new hairstyle, dress, and makeup. He also complimented her on her behavior and demeanor. Each time Jing complimented her, Margo felt a jolt of pleasure. She even allowed the man to feed her during their meal and enjoyed it greatly. There was a brief walk and then they boarded Jing’s car. Now, she was being walked to her room at Mama-san’s place. Jing opened the door and took her inside.

Margo stood perfectly still as she saw her own reflection in the mirror on the table. She looked radiant as she licked her lips. The woman then saw Jing approach her. She felt his hot breath against her neck. The woman closed her eyes as her body slightly trembled. Her heart raced and her breathing increased. She felt the man’s hands pressing against the fabric on her legs. The woman even released a meek purr when she felt the man’s hand touch her bare skin of her left leg. She then felt the man’s hands slowly slide up her body. Soon, his hands caressed her bare arms and the woman happily shivered in his grasp. Margo suppressed the urge to moan, but when Jing started to kiss and lick her neck, the woman couldn’t help but moan. The blonde woman felt the man’s lips and hot saliva on her neck. Goose bumps emerged on her skin as her body quivered with pleasure and anticipation while she panted for breath.

After several minutes, Jing pulled his lips away from the woman’s neck. His hands unzipped her qi-pao and slid it off her shoulders. He then slowly pushed it down her body, making sure to touch her flesh whenever possible. It bunched around her stomach while the corset was clearly visible in the mirror. The man then sighed at the laces of the corset. It was definitely something that he didn’t want to deal with.

“How did you get this so tight?” Jing asked in a disgusted tone.

Margo opened her eyes and saw the look of disgust on the man’s face. The woman panicked as she was now fearful that Jing might stop or worse yet, get rid of her. Margo Lane’s eyes quickly dropped to the floor in order to hide the wells of tears pooling in her eyes.

“How did you lace up the corset?” Jing asked again.

“I . . . didn’t do it,” Margo replied with a trembling lower lip.

“Who did?”

“I don’t know. Mama-san had two Chinese girls lace me up. She said I should always wear corset in order to shrink my waist so the dresses would fit better,” the blonde woman spoke, trying hard not to cry.

“Don’t cry, Mai-Go. I’m not mad. You are beautiful, but Mama-san is right, the corsets will make you even prettier,” Jing spoke as he slowly stroked the sides of the blonde’s cheeks.

“Thank you,” a relived Margo panted.

“Put your hands on the table,” Jing spoke as Margo did as she was told. She heard Jing open one of the drawers. Within seconds, she felt cold steel touch her back. A cutting sound soon filled the air as Jing used a pair a scissors to cut the laces. Once he was done, he placed the scissors back into the drawer and closed it just as the corset dropped to the ground.

Margo looked into the mirror and saw her erect nipples. Her face was just inches away from the mirror. The woman shivered as she felt Jing’s hands grip her breasts. The woman moaned softly as he pinched and flicked his fingers across her nipples. The blonde woman wanted to touch Jing’s hands and she desperately wanted to turn around and kiss him. Instead, she kept her hands on the table. The mirror started to fog up thanks to her own breath, but Jing had ordered her to put her hands on the table and she was afraid what would happen if she moved her hands or her body. Margo didn’t want to do anything that would deprive herself of the man’s company for the night.

“You are a beauty,” Jing panted as he nibbled on the woman’s right ear.

“Thank you,” the woman panted as she felt Jing’s hands pulls the qi-pao past her hips. Margo’s body trembled as she felt Jing’s hands slide across her ass. The qi-pao then fell onto the floor as Jing turned Margo around and sat her on the table. The man then picked her up and gently laid the woman onto the bed.

Jing began to undress as Margo slowly ran her hands up and down her body. The man was quick as he laid on top of the blonde woman. He kissed Margo’s lips. The woman quickly relented and opened her mouth as the man’s tongue invaded her.

Margo’s tongue flicked against his, but was completely subservient to Jing’s tongue. However, her left hand was quite aggressive as she reached up and gripped the back of the man’s head as they continued to kiss while she moaned into the man’s mouth. The woman tried to push the man’s head closer to her own in order to taste his tongue and saliva even more.

After a few minutes, Jing broke the kiss and got his knees. The man grabbed his own dick and slid across Margo’s pussy lips, teasing the woman. Margo moaned and then covered her mouth in order to stifle it.

“Don’t cover your mouth, Mai-Go,” Jing ordered as Margo remembered the conversation at her home. She remembered how Buffy stated that her ex-boyfriend liked Asian women because they were more talkative in bed. She didn’t want to lose Jing so she removed her hands from her mouth.

Jing smiled at her and rammed his cock into her pussy. Margo yelled loudly and happily as the man began to pump his dick in and out of her pussy. Her moans got even louder when the man gripped her breasts and flicked her engorged nipples with his thumbs. The woman’s arms quickly shot up and wrapped themselves around the back of the man’s neck while she panted for breath.

“Am . . . I . . . too . . . loud . . . what . . . about . . . the others?” Margo panted.

“Don’t worry about the others. Be free,” the man panted as he bent down and wrapped his lips around her left nipple. The man salivated all over her breast as she sucked and licked her nipple.

Margo obeyed and moaned loudly in response. She felt the man increase his speed. The louder she was, the harder he thrust and the more he filled her. The woman quickly met the man’s thrusts. She was used to Lamont having sex with her, but she usually made him do all the work. Yet, here she was on a new bed, enjoying sex with her new man, and being an active participant in sex. Suddenly, Margo felt a sense of freedom that was completely new to her. She remembered the conversation between her and her friends. Mary and Buffy stated that Chinese girls were not free. Yet, Margo felt very free right now.

Jing soon laid on top of her. His hands reached under her armpits and clasped around her back, pulling Margo even closer to him. His chest pressed tightly against the woman’s boobs as Margo moaned louder and louder.

“How can this be? Chinese women have less freedom than their American sisters. Yet, this feels so good to scream aloud. Making love to Lamont was never like this. Oh goodness! My lovemaking is more uninhibited right now. I’m even moaning and screaming aloud without holding back. I do not regret a second of it. And I feel much more feminine because of it,” Margo thought to herself as she climaxed. The climax was new to her. She had climaxes with Lamont, but they were never like this one. It was great and she wanted more. In fact, she would have more, but she had the rest of the night to build toward those orgasms.


Margo Lane felt the hot sun beaming down on her. The woman blinked her eyes and pulled the covers over her head. She then felt around the bed to see if Jing was still there. The previous night was incredible. But much to her chagrin, she couldn’t locate the man. Her eyes immediately opened and she threw the covers away. Jing was gone. Margo sighed just as the door opened.

“Hello,” Margo smiled as the same two Chinese woman from the previous day entered the room. The blonde saw them carrying a golden tray with marble legs. There was a white bowl on the tray.

The two women sat it across the blonde’s lap. Once that was completed, the two women quickly scampered to the door, where they stood and waited.

“What is this?” Margo asked.

The two Chinese girls didn’t answer.

“Are you going to offer me any help here?” Margo asked.

The two Chinese girls just stood there.

“Is this food?”

The two girls just stood there.

“This isn’t milk, you know.”

The two girls didn’t reply.

“Okay. Not in the talkative mood today eh?” Margo asked as she looked at the bowl and it looked milk, but it was steaming hot. The woman was used to drinking cold milk in a glass, but not milk in a bowl. She searched the tray for a spoon, but couldn’t find one. That’s when she remembered what Mama-san said on the previous day regarding utensils. Margo gripped the bowl with both hands and sipped it. It was definitely not milk. The blonde placed the bowl down and immediately stuck her tongue out.

The two Chinese girls shook their head.

Margo saw this and immediately imagined Mama-san shaking her head at her. The blonde woman then imagined Mama-san reprimanding her and telling her how she would never be perfect for Jing. Thus, she took a deep breath and gripped the bowl with her hands. The woman took a small sip and swallowed. She tried not to gag and after a ten minutes, she finally finished the contents of the bowl.

Once she was done, the two Chinese girls took the tray and handed it to another woman. The two Chinese girls then helped Margo to her feet. Margo allowed the two women to walk her to the bathroom. Inside, they bathed her and tried her. Then they led her back to Margo’s bedroom.

Margo stood perfectly still as the two Chinese girls sealed her waist into her new white corset. Unlike the last one, there were two cut-outs for her breasts. Once the girls were done, they sat her down and started on her makeup. The blonde woman didn’t say another word to the women since she knew they weren’t going to reply.

“Gwei-lo girl up?” Mama-san asked as she entered the room. None of the girls answered, not even Margo. The older Chinese woman smiled as she approached the trio. She barked a few words to the girls in Chinese and they all nodded. Afterwards, the woman touched Margo’s chignon and snarled.

“Something wrong?” Margo asked.

“You speak? I did not tell you to speak, Gwei-lo,” Mama-san admonished as Margo shrank. Her head dropped and her shoulders went up slightly.

“Ah,” one of the Chinese girls sighed. She was painting Margo’s face and had a hard time keeping up with Margo’s movements.

“Don’t move, Gwei-lo. Stay still. Do as told. Jing will not like. Jing asked for corset that frees these. So you will wear this now. You like?” Mama-san spoke as she tapped Margo’s breasts.

The blonde woman didn’t respond. She was too scared too since she had already been admonished. Margo knew she needed Mama-san in order to get a better understanding of Jing. And after last night, Margo felt the world constantly move beneath her. She had never felt so alive in her life. Thus, she was prepared to do anything to experience it again.

“You didn’t speak. Good. Now Gwei-lo, you may speak. Do you like?”

“It’s tight,” Margo responded.

“You too fat for dresses. You need to be smaller,” Mama-san spoke as she squeezed the corset around Margo’s waist.

“Yes . . . smaller,” Margo panted as she felt the air being squeezed out of her lungs.

“Jing give you present for last night,” Mama-san spoke as she handed a long red cigarette filtered holder.

Margo took it in her hands and looked at it. The ten-inch holder had intricate golden dragons etched into the sides. There was even a golden phoenix prominently displayed at the head of the holder, near the cigarette.

“Need light?” Mama-san asked.

“I shouldn’t.”

“Why not, Gwei-lo?”

“They are still applying my makeup. Maybe after they are done. I don’t want to mess them up. That one seemed upset at me when I moved my head earlier.”

“Good. You know when you wrong. Good,” Mama-san smiled.

“I asked them breakfast earlier. They didn’t answer. What was that?”

“Soy milk.”

“How does soy beans make milk?”

“It is part of Chinese breakfast.”

“Can I get something else?”

“Gwei-lo no trust Mama-san?

“I . . .”

“Did Gwei-lo ask Mama-san to train so Jing like her more?”


“Then trust Mama-san.”

“I do . . .”

“But you not like?”

“The soy milk was nothing like milk.”

“Both milk.”

“One is from soy, the other is from a cow. And cow milk tastes a whole lot better,” Margo stated.

“Jing does not like cow milk. He likes soy milk. You not want to like what Jing likes?”

“Jing likes it?”

“He drink it every day.”

“He does.”

“Chinese drink soy milk. If Gwei-lo not want, Gwei-lo no get.”

“No. I can drink it,” Margo quickly replied as she realized that her current tone may be construed as defying Mama-san. The blonde woman didn’t want that. She wanted the woman’s assistance. She needed it in order to win Jing over.

“Gwei-lo sure?”

“Yes. I am sure. I will drink it every morning.”

“Good. Makeup done. Come. We go to another room,” Mama-san spoke as she left the room. The two Chinese girls helped Margo to her feet and then helped her into a blue qi-pao. Then they all left the room. Margo carefully carried the cigarette holder in her hand. She didn’t want any harm to come to Jing’s gift to her.

It didn’t take long for Margo to join Mama-san in a new room that Margo had never seen before. There was a large red sofa with twelve cushions. Each cushion had an animal from Chinese zodiac. Mama-san was at a table, rummaging through a drawer as the two girls sat Margo down at the sofa. Once she was seated, Mama-san joined her. The older woman placed a large photo album on Margo’s lap as she placed a cigarette into the holder. One of the Chinese girls let the cigarette as Mama-san sat next to Margo.

“Do you smoke?” Mama-san asked.

“I have in the past.”

Mama-san didn’t say a word as she opened the photo album. The old woman just pointed at pictures for Margo to see. She didn’t say anything as Margo puffed nervously on her cigarette. The blonde woman wasn’t sure what was going on, but she did notice that there were a lot of pictures of Jing standing with other Asian businessmen in black suits. Then she saw several pictures where Jing stood next to Chinese woman dressed in Chinese clothes. His hands were either around their shoulder, waist, or back. All of them had a cigarette holder in their left hand. Margo had felt really special when Mama-san had handed the holder to her. She thought that Jing only had one, but when she saw the other holders, the woman fumed with anger.

“They all have holders,” she spoke angrily.

“Yes. They have plain ones. You have the most special one.”

“What?” Margo asked as she stared carefully at the pictures.

“Those holders from America. No dragon or phoenix on them. Yours from China. Yours have gold. You special. But wrong for Jing. You have temper. You jealous. No reason for Jing to like.”

“No. That’s not what I meant,” Margo quickly apologized.

“You not good fit for Jing.”

“Please Mama-san. I’m trying to learn. I want to be with Jing. I need to know how to please him,” Margo begged.

“Control temper. Control jealous. Be more Chinese. Control emotions. These girls are the past. You might be future. But you not good.”

“I good,” Margo replied as she saw that Mama-san was right. All the other holders were either black or white. None of them had any decorations on them. They were simple and plain. Nothing like hers. When she realized that, she gripped hers even tighter. She felt a stronger connection to Jing and Margo really wanted to personally thank the man later in the evening. In the meantime, she was going to embrace whatever Mama-san was willing to share with her.


Later that Night

“Ahhh,” Margo moaned softly as she closed her eyes and took a long drag on her cigarette. The woman was standing in her room after a night out in Chinatown with Jing. The blonde felt every inch of her body tingle as Jing kissed her neck again and again. The man’s hands glided up and down her bare arms, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

“You smell great,” Jing whispered into Margo’s ear. The woman’s body trembled slightly as the man’s words sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body. Her legs then turned to mush as Jing gripped her arms in order to keep her standing.

“Mama-san’s girls started bathing me in Chinese soaps and gave me some Chinese perfume today,” Margo panted as she tried to control her breathing.

“Good. You should keep using them.”

“I will,” the woman panted as she felt a thrill shoot up her spine. Margo knew she had to thank Mama-san in the morning.

“And you looked so sexy tonight smoking the cigarette holder. Do you like it?”

“I love it,” Margo replied, meaning every word of it.

“And you look so sexy smoking it now,” Jing spoke as Margo took another huff and blew a perfect circle of smoke from her ruby lips.

“I love the intricate designs on it. The dragons and phoenix are lovely,” Margo panted as she felt Jing’s hands slide to the back of her dress, where he started to unzip it. The blonde woman felt the dress slide down to her hips. And like the previous night, Jing ran his hands up and down the sides of the corset. Except this time, her breasts were free. So the man ran his hands all over her breasts. He rubbed, pinched, pulled, and squeezed her engorged nipples, making the woman moan even more.

“This corset is much better than the one you wore yesterday. Good choice, Margo. Excited tonight, aren’t you?” the man whispered into her ear again as he released the woman’s breasts and pushed the dress past her hips, where it soon fell to her heels. The man inserted his fingers underneath her panties. Margo’s body trembled as her heart rate increased. The man the pushed her panties down to her heels.

The blonde woman opened her eyes and carefully looked down at her feet. She then stepped out of her panties and dress. Once she was free, Jing walked her backwards toward the wall. Once at the wall, the man moved out from behind her and pressed her against the wall. Margo took another drag on her cigarette right before Jing nibbled on her throat while he crushed her breasts against the soft cotton of the man’s shirt. His right hand gripped her hair while his left hand reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy lips again and again. Margo moaned loudly as she enjoyed every second of it.

Jing didn’t say a word as he continued to play Margo’s body like a musical instrument. The man listened to the woman moan and pant into his ear as he covered her throat with his spit. His tongue trailed across the woman’s skin as her body quivered with every centimeter. The man felt Margo’s hot breath against his face when he inserted three fingers into the woman’s hot pussy. The woman’s moaned louder and louder as he started pumping his digits in and out of her hot, dripping pussy.

Margo moaned as she bit down on the cigarette holder. The woman didn’t want to drop it while her hands were busy being wrapped around Jing’s body. She scratched his cotton shirt as her body thrashed. Her eyes were closed as sweat covered every inch of her body now. Luckily for Margo, she was able to pull herself together for a few seconds where she took the cigarette holder with a right hand. She gripped it and rammed the butt into her chignon. The woman made sure it wouldn’t fall it before she released it and went back to clawing at Jing’s shirt. And it was a good thing that she did that since her pussy soon gushed and covered Jing’s digits with her juices as the woman climaxed. Her body quaked as she shrieked like a banshee.

Jing pulled away as Margo slowly slid against the wall and crumbled to the floor. The man wiped his hands on his shirt as he stripped himself. The man then picked Margo off the floor. He pressed her against the wall and lifted her up. The man then positioned his erect cock against her pussy and quickly penetrated her. Margo moaned as she began to fuck her against the wall.

“OHHH! YES!! AHHHH!!” Margo moaned loudly as she wrapped her legs around the man’s torso while she wrapped her arms around the back of the man’s head. The woman met the man’s thrusts as she thanked her lucky stars for meeting a man like Jing. He had done more to her body in the last few days than all the years with Lamont. The best part was that Margo had all night to experience even more orgasms. And that’s when Margo realized that she was going to have to convince Mama-san to show her more of the Chinese ways so she could keep having sex with Jing.


The Next Day

Margo Lane sat patiently as the two Chinese girls worked on her makeup and hair. The blonde woman puffed on her cigarette and tried to absorb every image of the Chinese girls working on her makeup so she could apply it herself if the girls were busy. She was like a sponge, absorbing it all. The woman realized there was a routine to her day. She always woke up late in the afternoon, ate in bed, bathed, and then returned to her room where she sat as the girls applied her makeup and prepared her hair. Of course, the corset would always be secured just before Mama-san would enter the room. Margo realized that the makeup was done and both girls helped her to her feet. Once the corset was done, Margo took another puff just as the door to her room opened and Mama-san entered.

“You loud last night,” Mama-san spoke as surveyed Margo’s makeup.

“Jing was amazing last night,” Margo replied.

“You always bad with Jing’s name. You should use nickname.”


“I heard it in the room. He kissed your hand.”

“Oh! I call him that because I mispronounce his name.”

“Use it. Very bad to mispronounce name,” the older woman scolded.

“Understood. I will use his nickname when addressing him even in your presence. But Mama-san . . . I need a huge favor,” Margo spoke nervously.


“Jing . . . I mean, Master was amazing last night. We had intercourse and it was unlike anything I ever experienced. My lover makes love to me while I am on my back. That’s it. But last night, I was pinned against the wall and it was amazing. I want to thank Master for last night by showing him something new. I don’t want to lose him. I want to please him.”

“Many girls who want him.”

“That’s why I want to please him.”


“Really. You must help me.”

“You want to learn?”


“No. You lie. Gwei-lo lies.”

“Mama-san . . . please! I thought about it long and hard last night and this morning. I want to know how to please Jing.”


“Master. I want to please Master,” Margo corrected herself.

“Gwei-lo . . .”

“Please Mama-san. I’ve learned so much, but it’s not enough. I need to learn more.”

“You sure?” Mama-san asked with an inquisitive tone.

“I am sure.”




“Last night was amazing! I need more. I will pay whatever fee you require.”

“We talk fee later. Girls, Gwei-lo,” Mama-san ordered as the two girls helped Margo to her feet.

Margo’s heart was a flutter. She was elated as she was marched through the halls. The blonde took small steps as she tried to keep up with Mama-san. Within a few minutes, Margo entered a new room that she had never seen before. There was a red couch with wooden arms and soft red cushions. The room was dimly lit and the wall facing the couch had a large red curtain. The two girls quickly sat her down and left the room as Mama-san sat down next to Margo.

“What is . . .”

“No talk. Just watch. Learn,” Mama-san spoke harshly as the curtain retracted and Margo saw a Chinese woman and an American man inside a bedroom.

“They will see us,” Margo whispered.

“No. You see them. They no see you. You hear them. They no hear you,” Mama-san spoke as she lit Margo’s cigarette.

Margo took a puff on her cigarette as she heard the man make a few lame jokes as the Chinese woman covered her mouth and giggled. She watched as the woman undressed the man and sat him down on the edge of the bed. The woman then backed up and began to strip. Her actions where slow and sensual. The woman’s hands ran slowly up and down her body even as the various garments fell to the wayside. Once she was totally nude, she made her way slowly toward him. She kissed the man as she wrapped her right hand around his penis. The woman started to jerk the man off as they kissed. The pair swapped spit as the woman moaned softly. The woman then released the man’s dick and grabbed his left hand. She placed his hand on her right breast before her right hand returned to his penis. The pair continued to kiss for several more minutes before Margo saw something that she had never seen before.

“Oh yes,” the man panted as the Chinese woman dropped to her knees and started to kiss and lick the head of the man’s penis.

Margo watched the woman’s tongue work over the man’s penis. Under normal circumstances, the woman would have blushed and looked away. However, this was not a normal circumstance. The woman knew she had to impress Jing in order to keep him and his wonderful orgasms that he provided her. Thus, she wanted to do everything necessary to retain him. The blonde woman took a long drag on her cigarette as she swirled her tongue in her mouth, trying to copy what the Chinese woman was doing.

“Sucky time,” the Chinese woman purred as she wrapped her lips around the man’s cock and immediately bobbed her head up and down.

“OHHH!” the man moaned as he slammed his head backwards and closed his eyes.


Margo watched intently as she watched the Chinese woman’s head bob up and down. The woman was tiny and Margo thought the man’s penis was way too big for her mouth. Margo was shocked that the Chinese woman wasn’t gagging at all. In fact, the woman was like a machine. As Margo continued to watch, she took another long drag on her cigarette. After several minutes, she closed her eyes and pictured herself servicing Jing’s hard penis. The woman shivered slightly as her nipples instantly became erect and her pussy moistened.

“Watch. Don’t close eyes,” Mama-san warned as she slapped Margo’s thigh.

“Yes Mama-san,” Margo apologized as she opened her eyes, took another drag, and continued to watch the Chinese woman.

“You learn. Please Jing,” Mama-san spoke.

Margo nodded in agreement. Her eyes then locked on the scene before her while her ears absorbed every sound. She saw the Chinese woman bob her head and she heard all the sounds coming from both the man and woman in the room. And out of the blue, the man’s voice boomed as the woman’s cheeks puffed out. The blonde woman then watched as something thick went down Chinese woman’s throat again and again. Then the Chinese woman pulled her head back and opened her mouth as white spunk slowly oozed out of the man’s dick. Marge realized that the Chinese woman swallowed and then watched intently as the Chinese woman stuck out her tongue and cleaned his penis.

“Fucky time,” the Chinese woman giggled in a high-pitched voice. The woman then had the man lie down as she positioned herself over him. She then impaled herself on his dick and began to ride him. The woman gripped the man’s hands and placed them on her breasts.


“Squeeze my tits! Your cock so good! Fuck me! Fuck me more!” the Chinese woman moaned loudly as she rode the man even harder.

“Oh yes!”

“Yes! Love cock! Fuck me! Squeeze tits! Me so horny!”

“Oh yes! Will do, slut! Your cunt is so tight! So tight!”

“Cunt tight! Cock hard! So horny! So wet! Love fucky time!” the woman moaned as she arched her back. Her head titled backwards as her body stiffened. She then froze for a few seconds.

“OHHHH! I LOVE THIS! I LOVE YOU!” the man groaned as he shot his load into the woman.

“OHHHH YYESSS! CUM INSIDE ME! FILL MY CUNT JUST LIKE MOUTH!” the woman shrieked as her body quaked violently.

Margo watched and took one last drag on her cigarette. The blonde woman watched as the Chinese woman fell on top of the man. The pair kissed and continued to make out. Their tongues wrestled each other while their hands roamed all over each other’s exhausted and sweat-covered bodies.

“She good girl,” Mama-san spoke as she took Margo’s cigarette holder. The blonde woman was going to protest, but when she saw the old Chinese woman put a new cigarette in the holder, the woman just smiled. Mama-san lit the cigarette and handed it back to Margo, who immediately accepted it and began to smoke.

“She was great,” Margo replied.

“You learn from her and other pleasure girls.”

“There are others?”

“You want to learn?”


“Then you come here every day. You watch. You learn. You please Jing. Try it tonight.”

“I please Ji . . . I please Master,” Margo caught herself.

“Good,” Mama-san smiled.


Later that Night

Margo Lane was nervous as she stood before Jing. The man was kissing her neck and his hands were caressing her arms. The blonde woman still loved the feelings that Jing provided her, but she was still nervous.

“Everything okay, Mai-Go?” Jing asked.

“Yes,” Margo replied in a high-pitched girlie voice.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Margo replied as she pulled away from Jing. The woman took a deep breath and walked behind Jing. She pressed herself against him and kissed his neck. The blonde woman could feel the man’s heart begin to race. This provided the confidence boost that she needed. She soon pulled away, just slightly, and took the man’s jacket off. She then hung it on the hook on the door. The woman then walked up to the man and began to unbutton his shirt. She took his short off and then his pants. Margo placed each item carefully on her table. She then removed his shoes, socks, and eventually his underwear. The woman then sat him down on her bed and took one last drag on her cigarette before she stuck the holder in her chignon.

“Mai-Go?” Jing asked.

“Shhhh,” the woman giggled as she covered her mouth. The woman then unzipped herself and got out of her dress. She ran her hands up and down her body as she slowly gyrated her body. The blonde woman paid extra attention to her hips, neck, and tits. She then slowly made her way toward Jing. But unlike the man with the Chinese woman earlier, Jing backed up and knelt on her bed. Thus, Margo got on the bed and made her way towards him on her knees.

Margo wrapped her right arm around the back of the man’s neck as she passionately kissed Jing. Their tongues wrestled each other as they swapped saliva. Margo’s left hand gripped the man’s penis and jerked him off while Jing’s right hand played with her left breast. She also slowly moved her body so that her erect right nipple brushed against his chest repeatedly. Margo moaned into the man’s mouth several times as both of them panted for breath.

“You’re amazing and beautiful,” Jing complimented as he pulled away and twisted her right nipple.

“Thank you, Master,” Margo panted in a high-pitched girlie voice as she pulled herself closer and drove her tongue into the man’s mouth.

“Did you learn this?”

“I’ve learned more. Stand up, please.”

Jing stood up as Margo released her grip on his dick. The woman then licked the head of the man’s penis. Jing moaned as an elated Margo continued to service his cock with even more vigor. She smelled the aroma from the man’s dick as some of his spunk slowly oozed out of his cock. The blonde woman remembered the Chinese woman swallowing the man’s seed so Margo took the glob in stride. She swallowed the salty spunk as she continued to service him. Eventually, the woman wrapped her lips around the man’s dick. The woman then bobbed her head up and down. She went slowly at first, but she increased her speed. The faster she went, the further his dick went into her mouth. Margo wanted to gag and couldn’t understand while the Chinese woman didn’t gag. Her mouth was definitely bigger than the Chinese woman’s, but she wanted to gag. She needed to gag, but then realized that Jing would enjoy it more if she didn’t gag. So she tried desperately to suppress the urge to gag. It took all her willpower and she was constantly about to gag, but she was able to suppress it. That’s when her respect for the Chinese woman increased tenfold as she remembered the woman didn’t gag and did it effortlessly.

“Ahhh . . . so good, but slow down,” Jing panted as he patted her head.

“Hmmmm,” Margo moaned around the man’s dick as she slowed down. The woman even turned her head from time to time as she serviced the man’s dick. Her cheeks even puffed out from time to time as his manhood pressed against her cheeks.

“Let me show you something new,” Jing spoke as he pushed the woman off his dick.

Margo thought she had done something wrong as she stared apologetically at Jing. The woman smiled back and took his with his right hand as she slapped the head of his cock against the woman’s left nipple. The woman trembled with pleasure as she moaned ecstatically. A small trickle of spunk covered her nipple. Margo moaned and needed to do something with her mouth. So the woman began to kiss, lick, and suck on the man’s left nipple. She wanted to do everything to it as he had done to her nipple.

Margo didn’t have a lot of time though since Jing lowered his head and kissed her. Slowly his right hand released his cock and he rammed it between her breasts. The man slid it back and forth as the pair continued to kiss. Margo’s hands hand to grip the man’s hips in order for her to sandwich the man’s dick between her breasts, but she was more than willing to do it.

“Love you, Master,” Margo panted when Jing broke the kiss.

“That’s nice,” Jing replied.

Margo was crestfallen that the man didn’t respond with the same passionate expression. However, the woman didn’t blame him. She blamed herself. She remembered the Chinese woman from earlier in the day. Margo remembered that her man responded when he climaxed. She also remembered that the woman talked more than her. Thus, Margo slowly pulled away.

“Something wrong?” Jing asked.

“Please lie down,” the woman begged.

Jing nodded and laid down on the bed. Once she was on his back, Margo moved into position. She then lowered herself on the man’s dick. The woman then slowly rode him as she pulled the cigarette holder from her hair and took a long drag on it. She almost swallowed the holder when Jing reached up and placed his hands on her nipples. Margo’s nipples became engorged as pleasure surged through her body. She titled her head back and moaned even louder.

“Fuck me! Squeeze my tits! Your cock feels so good!” Margo moaned as her cigarette shrank. The woman then took the holder and carefully placed it on the headboard. With the holder secured, the woman increased her speed.

“Ahhh,” Jing panted happily.

“Me so horny! Your cock so big! Cunt so wet! Fuck me!” Margo moaned. Jing removed his hands from her breasts just as she reached forward and gripped them. Their fingers intertwined as Margo increased her speed thanks to Jing’s hands that she used for support. The woman bounced on top of Jing as she enjoyed every second of it.

“I like the new you, Mai-Go,” Jing panted.

“Thank you, Master! Fuck me! Harder! Faster! Fuck tight cunt! Squeeze tits! Pull nipples! Cum inside me!” Margo shouted as Jing’s words spurred her on. She knew that was pleasing him. However, the realization had sent her over the edge as her body shook violently as she climaxed. Her juices covered the man’s dick and leaked out of her pussy, soaking the sheets underneath. Her pussy clamped down on the man’s dick and forced him to expel his seed. The blonde woman then collapsed onto Jing’s chest.

“I really like the new Mai-Go,” the man panted as he kissed her passionately. Margo moaned into the man’s mouth as she soaked up the realization that she had pleased the man. The blonde woman now wanted nothing more than spend more time in the dark room and watch others fuck so she could learn more ways to please Jing.


Weeks Later

Margo Lane’s days and nights soon fell into a pattern. The blonde woman now slept until noon, then eats breakfasts in bed, after which she is bathed and wears whatever Mama-san has chosen for her. Her hair and makeup are now elaborate, all done at Mama-san’s direction. Margo has even learned how to do some of the steps herself, but she still has to rely on the deft-fingered young Chinese girls, who do not speak and only occasionally smiled. On her very first day, Margo wondered in passing whether these youngsters were paid workers, relatives, or even slaves like the ones that she read about in the papers or sensational novels. However, she no longer wondered about it after spending weeks under Mama-san’s roof. She hardly wondered about anything at all anymore. The woman knew she had learned a little, but needed to learn much more in order to deepen Jing’s interest in her.

Currently, Margo was no longer in Chinatown. She had returned home and was waiting for Betty-Sue. The woman desperately wanted a smoke and cursed herself for not earning Mama-san’s trust in order to leave the her roof with her beloved cigarette holder and cigarettes. The woman definitely needed a smoke so she walked over to a newsstand and bought a pack. She asked the clerk for a light and began puffing on the cigarette. The taste was horrible as Margo coughed. The woman had a look of disgust on her face as she forced herself to take another puff.

“I need to get back to Chinatown,” Margo muttered to herself as she weird wearing Western clothes again. The woman had spent most of her time in Chinatown since meeting Jing. Most of her day was spent with Mama-san though. In fact, Mama-san had become Margo’s confidante and mentor. She was also Margo’s instructor. And even though Margo didn’t know it, Mama-san had been manipulating her. The old Chinese woman kept of telling Margo that she would lose Jing if she didn’t learn the Chinese ways. It worked. In fact, Margo wanted nothing more than to be taught and she was willing to pay Mama-san for her tutelage. As payment, Mama-san wanted to meet some of Margo’s bored society girlfriends and train them too. Margo suggested Betty-Sue and even joked that the woman would be Southern Chinese when Mama-san was done with the busty Southern belle.

“Margo dear!” Betty-Sue yelled as the busty brunette stood in front of Margo.

“Betty-Sue,” Margo replied happily.

“Were you thinking about something? You didn’t even hear me until now.”

“I was thinking.”

“Now don’t you fret about Lamont. No one has seen or heard from her for days. He’s probably on a business trip.”

“Worried . . . yeah . . . can we go and talk?” Margo stammered.

“Sure. I don’t understand why we couldn’t meet at your place or mine though.”

“I want to talk about it away from prying ears.”

“And our homes aren’t good enough?”

“They are, but I found this swank little place and I wanted you to see it.”

“Okay sugah, lead the way,” Betty-Sue smiled happily as Margo signaled for a taxi.


“This place is pretty quaint,” Betty-Sue spoke as she sat down at the table while a young Chinese girl poured her some tea.

“I told you this was an interesting place,” Margo spoke as she sat down and drank her tea while other Chinese women placed trays of foods that an individual would see at a dim sum in Hong Kong.

“Hello ladies,” Mama-san spoke as she entered the room.

“Mama-san,” Margo spoke as she stood up and helped the old Chinese woman to a seat at the table before sitting back down.

“Well I do declare, I have never seen Margo Lane do that ever in my life,” Betty-Sue spoke.

“Margo been here long time,” Mama-san replied.

“Oh. You mean she’s been here a lot of times. That is new. I never knew Margo liked oriental food.”

“Oriental is rug. This Chinese food,” Mama-san spoke.

“My apologies miss,” Betty-Sue replied respectfully.

“You should try some of these,” Margo spoke as she picked up a dumpling with a pair of silver chopsticks.

Betty-Sue tried, but wasn’t able to hold the chopsticks properly. And when she did hold them correctly, she couldn’t get them to close and pick up things. The woman tried again and again, but wasn’t able to pick anything up.

“You can do this,” Mama-san spoke as she gripped Betty-Sue’s hand and stabbed a dumpling.

“My ole my, it’s like a pot sticker,” Betty-Sue laughed.

Margo wanted to shake her head and apologize to Mama-san about her friend, but she held back when Mama-san smiled at Margo. The old Chinese woman then proceeded to get Betty-Sue to taste at least every item on the table at least once. Betty-Sue was enjoying herself, but was having a hard time understanding the older woman.

“Phone call for Margo Lane,” a very young Chinese woman spoke as she entered the room, bowed, and quickly exited.

“Excuse me. I’ll go get that,” Margo spoke as she stood up.

“Who would call you here?” Betty-Sue asked.

“Maybe Lamont is calling,” Margo spoke as Betty-Sue raised an eyebrow and laughed heartily.

Margo quickly left the room and went to her room. The two Chinese women were there waiting for her. The helped her trip out of her Western clothes. Margo then followed them to her bath. Afterwards, she got her makeup, corset, heels, and qi-pao. Another woman handed her cigarette holder with a lit cigarette on it. Margo enthusiastically took it and took a deep drag on it. The woman sighed happily as the women helped her to her feet. The blonde woman didn’t need their help walking down the hallway anymore. Margo had learned and adopted the Chinese walk necessary to navigate the tight silk gowns that she now wore when she went out with Jing.

Within minutes, Margo was seated in the dark room watching men having their way with Mama-san’s comfort girls. The blonde woman wasn’t even worried about Betty-Sue. In fact, she had forgotten all about the woman as she tried to learn as much as she could from the Chinese women. With each day that passed, Margo felt how very little she had learned in her life as a Western woman and how much the Asian world had to offer her. It was obvious that it retained a secret wisdom not often shared with outsiders. And that was something that Margo wanted to learn regardless of the cost.

Several hours passed by like nothing before Mama-san entered the room and sat down next to Margo. The woman patted Margo’s thigh and handed an elaborately decorated wooden box. The box had a phoenix on the lid and several dragons on the side. Margo took it with both hands and bowed her head.

“Open it,” Mama-san spoke as Margo complied.

“It’s beautiful,” Margo gasped as she took out a cigarette holder that was just two inches. Even though it was shorter, it still had a phoenix and dragon carved into it.

“This won’t break during fucky.”

“Mmmmm,” Margo moaned as she closed her eyes. She rarely saw Jing except at night when his business had been tended to and he was ready to relax. The man still took her out, but she was now totally his creature and nothing in the room had the power to distract her from his pleasure, his approval. And then there were the late nights until dawn, the magical hours where she and Jing were together behind the silken curtains of his enormous bed. The things he did to her and taught her to do to him, were simply amazing. Thus, she simply wanted to learn more and felt right to share her entree with her friends, or at least those she deemed ripe for it.

“You good. Me wrong about Gwei-lo.”

“It’s okay, Mama-San. I know those girls inside that room are better than me. They know more than I do. They can satisfy their men without much effort whereas I’m trying my hardest to keep Master interested in me.”

“Your goal?”

“A white Gwei-Lo like myself can only hope to be the number one concubine for Master. That is my goal. I will not be satisfied until I am Master’s number one fucky girl.”

Mama-San smiled as she knew that her combination of methods have helped convince Margo Lane that Chinese women were superior to Western women. But most importantly, she knew that Margo knew that the best she could ever be was a concubine to Jing.

“No call you Gwei-lo. You Feng. Feng is name.”

“Feng! Thank you, Mama-san! Thank you!” Margo gushed.

“You not Chinese but you can have Chinese name.”

“OH THANK YOU, MAMA-SAN!” Feng, the former Margo Lane continued to gush.

“No thank yet. I give you name. But you must fight to keep it. Otherwise you not worthy.”

“Anything! I will do anything!”

“Take. Prove loyalty to Master Jing,” Mama-san spoke as she handed several letters, still encased in their envelopes to Feng.

The blonde looked at the envelopes and saw Lamont’s name on them. She thumbed through the stack. There were at least fifteen of them.

“Read. Call him. Meet tomorrow. Prove loyalty. Jing not come tonight. If not loyal, he no see you anymore,” Mama-san spoke.

“NO! I am loyal! Loyal Master! Loyal to Mama-san! Tell Feng what she must do,” Feng yelled as she slipped off the couch and knelt before the older woman. The blonde woman was willing to do anything to prove her loyalty. All Mama-san had to do was tell her how she could prove herself and she would comply.


The former Margo Lane, now known as Feng sat quietly and totally unflinching. She was painted and dressed to the nines like a Hollywood Asian. Feng was dressed in a beautifully ornate green qi-pao. It was tight and conformed to her skinny figure thanks to her ever-present corset. Her hair although blonde was tied up in an elaborate chignon with two fancy golden combs and two silver sticks with small red lanterns with phoenixes and dragons on the ends. However, her eyebrows were black and one and half inches long. They were also curled at the ends. Her eyebrows were also think and painted light pink. The woman’s makeup was also heavy and her lips were bright red. The woman puffed on her lit cigarette with the long holder. Her fake two inched fingernails were painted red as she slowly tapped her the table with the nails on her left hand. Her eyes and face were emotionless as she watched the figure in front of her pour his heart out.

Mama-san smiled as she watched the scene from a peephole in the wall. There were plenty of listening devices recording the conversation in the room. The old Chinese woman had prepped Feng on what she expected of her and Feng assured Mama-san that she would make her proud and earn her Chinese name. Mama-san knew that she had manipulated the woman perfectly. Especially since the woman hadn’t even said a word and dangled Lamont Cranston on the verge of insanity and desperation. The old Chinese woman relished the scene before her.

“Come on Margo. You know my business makes me stay out at nights. I know I don’t always spend time with you, but I always enjoyed our time together. For weeks now, I could only think of you. That’s why I sent all those letters. Come on Margo,” Lamont spoke as he stood up from his seat and knelt beside the woman.

Feng didn’t respond or even look at him. Instead, she puffed on her cigarette and sighed. Her fingers stopped tapping on the table and picked up the small fan. With a quick flick of her hand, the fan opened. The woman sighed again as she fanned herself slowly.

“I don’t understand Margo. It’s not Halloween. I talked to Betty-Sue, Mary, and even Buffy. That woman is quite a character. However, they all told me that you were furious at me over the incident at the Cobalt Club. I get it. I didn’t show up. I left you hanging one two many times. But you know I have my reasons. It’s not because I don’t love you.”

Feng once again sighed. She folded the fan and placed it back on the table. The woman then picked up her a small white tea cup with intricate drawings on it. The hot tea was simmering. The woman brought the cup to her lips and blew on it repeatedly.

Lamont felt the woman’s breath and almost swooned. Her breath was magical and he so wanted to kiss her. He stared at her eyes and noticed that they weren’t even paying any attention to him. Instead, she was staring straight ahead. The man knew she was mad, but he didn’t know just how mad she was. Feng of course didn’t bother to show any emotion other than disdain. The woman was clearly not a good poker player. Her demeanor and body language were not going to net Lamont any positive results and he knew it.

“Come on Margo! I’m sorry! I don’t care if you went out with another guy. I really don’t. All that matters is that we work this out,” Lamont pleaded.

“Mmmm,” Feng purred as she took two quick sips of the tea before putting the tea cup back onto the table.

“Margo . . . please. I know it’s my fault, but you’re acting like a totally different person. If you wanted to make me feel guilty, you’ve done it. I’ve never been more sorry in my life. I apologize. I give you my deepest and sincerest apology, Margo.”

Feng didn’t respond. Instead, she took her almost spent cigarette out of the holder. The woman smothered it in an ashtray. She then inserted another cigarette into the holder. The blonde woman then lit a match. She stared at the flame for a few seconds and lit the cigarette. The woman then began to puff on her cigarette.

“Margo . . . please . . . I know things have changed. I can feel it. I always thought you would be there for me. I always thought that once I had made a name for myself after taking care of . . . business . . . you would always be there for me, supporting me like you’ve always have. In fact, I couldn’t have done a lot of business without you,” Lamont spoke as he saw the woman shift slightly in her seat. The woman then flung something into the air. Lamont caught it.

“Your ring,” Feng finally spoke, not even bothering to glance over at Lamont to see if he caught it.

Lamont didn’t respond. The returning of the ring was quite a blow to him. The man never recovered easily from the awkward forays into his personal life that he makes from time to time. The man wasn’t lying when he stated that he always thought naively, somehow, that Margo would always be there for him. That she would take care of herself until he had to relax after he had done everything he thought he needed to do, like tame the criminal element and make a name for himself. Yet, the man only succeeded in allowing Margo slip away from him as she moved on with his life. The man tried to say something, but no words came out. Instead, she stumbled to his feet and left the room, heartbroken.

Feng sat in her seat and didn’t move. She waited for the familiar footsteps on Mama-san, who entered the room. The old Chinese woman made her way to the table and sat in front Feng. The blonde woman then stood up, took a few steps, and then dropped to her knees in front of Mama-san. The woman then bowed to Mama-san.

“Good Margo,” Mama-san spoke as Feng kept her eyes on the ground.

The blonde woman shivered and took several deep breaths. Feng was unable to smoke as her hand was shaking. The woman was shaking so much that she almost lost her balance.

“What wrong?”

“I failed to earn my name.”

“That important.”

“Yes Mama-san.”


“Chinese girls are superior to white girls. The best a Gwei-lo like myself can be is a concubine to Master. That is my goal. I will not be satisfied until I am Master’s number one fucky girl. I need to fight for it. I need to succeed. When Margo Lane didn’t fight for anything, she had Lamont. When she started to fight, she got to satisfy Master. She even received a name, Feng. I wasn’t able to earn it though. I’ve failed, but I will continue to earn my name until Mama-san deems me worthy of it,” the blonde woman spoke as she tried not to cry.

“You earned Feng. You are Feng now,” Mama-san spoke calmly.

“I FENG!” the blonde woman gushed as tears of joy leaked from her eyes.

“You Feng.”

“Thank you, Mama-san,” Feng gushed as she rested her head on the woman’s knee. The woman finally felt complete. She had earned her Chinese name. She actually had a shot at keeping Jing. Except she would still have to fight. She would always fight for Jing, her lover, her master.


Feng sat on a couch in a different room than the one that she normally stays in. The Chinese woman in the room was also different from the ones that she had watched in the past few weeks. This one had an exceptional amount of confidence. Not only that, but her Chinese clothes were more colorful and even more elaborate. The woman also had earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Her hair, makeup, her jewelry, her accessories, and grace all screamed power.

The door to her room opened a wealthy American businessman entered the room. The woman didn’t giggle or say anything as the man presented her a gift. The man was clearly nervous as the woman took the gift. The woman unwrapped the present and cracked a small smile when she lifted a pair of gold chopsticks from the box.

“Do you like it?” the man asked like a little schoolboy, who had just spent all his allowance money and given his mother a present.

“It will do,” the woman spoke as she turned her back on the man. She then walked toward her desk and placed the box next to her jewelry. The woman grabbed her cigarette holder. It was nowhere as ornate as Feng’s and it was much shorter. However, the woman was far more skilled at holding the holder and blowing smoke than Feng. The woman was able to blow shapes with the smoke.

Feng watched as the businessman’s eyes were darting back and forth between the smoke and the woman. The man’s pants were extended around the crotch area, but he was clearly having a good time. Feng wasn’t sure how. He simply bought the woman a present, received a compliment, and was now watching the woman smoke. It was like he was basking in the woman’s presence and enjoying every second of it. Completely turned on and yet unable to act.

“So is that all?” the Chinese woman asked.

“I have something else,” the man spoke as he pulled out another box from his jacket.

The Chinese woman opened the box and found a pearl necklace. The woman smirked and blew smoke in the man’s face.

He wanted to cough, but he suppressed the urge. Instead, he blinked his eyes rapidly until the smoke dissipated. He then waited for the woman to do something. A glimmer of hope appeared on his face as he saw the woman put the second gift next to the first one. He then smiled even more when the woman walked towards him. His smile disappeared when he walked past him. However, it instantly appeared when she placed her hand on his shoulder. The woman pressed herself against his back and whispered something in his ear.

Feng watched as the man turned weak in the knees. His entire body trembled as he released a happy sigh. The woman then pulled away and turned the man around by placing her hands on his shoulder. She stuck out her hand. The man took her hand and kissed it before releasing it. The woman then blew another puff of smoke in his face. This time the man just smiled. The fact that he got to kiss her was enough for him to fight off any discomfort. And for his show of will, the woman leaned in close and kissed him on the cheek. She then placed her middle finger on his lip and pulled his lower lip down before she released it. The woman then placed her finger on her lips and smiled back.

“Ding!” a bell rang.

“Time is up,” the Chinese woman spoke as she gave the man another kiss on his other cheek.

“May I see you next week?” the man asked.

“Yes. But I expect something better than what I received this week,” the woman replied.

“Yes . . . of course. Til next time,” the man quickly replied as he reluctantly left the room.

Once the door closed, the woman walked to her table and picked up the pearl necklace. Another Chinese woman, much younger and dressed nothing like the woman, quickly entered the room. The Chinese woman then tossed the pearl necklace to her and waved her off. The younger girl bowed and quickly left as a Chinese businessman entered the room.

“Mr. Wang. You here,” the Chinese woman giggled in a high pitch voice.


“Me get your clothes,” she squealed as she helped the man undress. The woman was quick and once he was naked, she dropped to her knees and began to service his cock with her mouth. She planted her hands on the man’s legs as she bobbed her head up and down the entire length of the man’s dick. The woman turned her head from time to time and her cheeks puffed out as the man’s dick pushed against her cheeks. She also released his dick from time to time so she could lick his balls.

“Slut,” the man panted as he gripped the front of her qi-pao and ripped off the Chinese knot buttons. He then pushed the clothing off her shoulders. The man then made the woman cup her tits. Then he pulled his dick out of her mouth before he rammed his cock between her tits. The man gripped her shoulders as he slid his cock up and down between her tits.

The woman panted for breath as the man used her tits. Eventually, his dick popped out from between her tits. The woman immediately pounced on his cock and wrapped her lips around the head. Her tongue licked it again and again before she started to bob on his cock yet again. The woman didn’t have to service him long as he shot his load into her mouth. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around the man’s cock as she gulped down his spunk again and again.

Once she was done, the man backed up as the woman stood up. She then disrobed and revealed that she too wore a corset that did nothing to copy her tits. The woman then backed up to her desk, where the man caught up to her. The woman raised her right leg and pressed it against the man’s shoulder as he rammed his cock in to her pussy. Her right hand gripped her ankle as the man gripped her right hand. The man then pumped his cock in and out of her welcoming pussy as the pair panted for breath.

“Hmmmm. Fucky, fucky,” the woman panted as the pair kissed. Their tongues wrestled as the man varied his thrusts. Some times he was going full speed, other times, he went slow. Regardless, both of them enjoyed themselves.

Feng watched intently as her mind raced. The woman was a stereotypical dragon lady like the ones that she read about. She knew what she wanted and used people. But most importantly, she used the American businessman. But when the Asian man entered, she became a proper fucky-girl for the man. Her perfect English soon deteriorated and became broken. That’s when Feng realized that how she needed to act. She could use men, but she needed to be more confident. She needed to learn more. But regardless of how she used men, she had to please her man, her Master.

“Fun?” Mama-san asked as she entered the room.

“Yes,” Feng giggled as she covered her mouth.

“Follow me,’ Mama-san ordered as Feng stood up. The older woman tapped on a panel on the wall and part of the wall slid away. The pair entered the new room.

“Betty-Sue,” Feng squealed as she saw the busty brunette in a room, on the other side of the one-way mirror. The brunette was completely naked and covered in sweat as she pressed her body against another Chinese man. Her hand left hand was busy jerking off his dick while her right hand played with his hair. Feng recognized the position since it was the first one that she was in when she greeted her master. The woman practically giddy as she saw Betty-Sue in the pose.

“Don’t hug her,” another naked Chinese man spoke as he entered the room. The man then gripped Betty-Sue’s neck and forced her to her knees. The man then titled her neck and shoulders back. He then straddled his face and inserted his cock into Betty-Sue’s mouth. The brunette sucked the man off while the first man also knelt and began to suck on her large tits.

Feng watched intently as the men used Betty-Sue’s body. The brunette didn’t protest one bit as she continued to service the man with her mouth while she allowed the other man to abuse her large tits. Eventually, the men released her and both stood up.

“Fuck me! Oh shit! Fuck me!” Betty-Sue begged as she stood up.

The first man then stood up, spread her legs, and leaned her forward. The man then rammed his cock into the woman’s pussy. He rested his hands on his buttocks as the woman pumped his cock with her pussy. The man allowed the brunette to do all the work.

“YES! AHHH! OHHH!!” the woman moaned loudly as she gripped the second man’s cock with her left hand since he was standing before her. Betty-Sue was now bouncing back and forth between the men. Her pussy was pumping a man’s cock while her hand was busy jerking the other off.

Feng watched intently and listened intently as well. She remembered the conversation between her friends where Betty-Sue stated that a woman should be quiet in bed and that the man should do all the work. Yet, there she was, fucking in front of her, making a raucous and doing all the work. Feng licked her lips before she took another puff on her cigarette.


“You like?” Mama-San asked.

“She right.”


“Gwei-Lo only good for fucky.”


“She make Mama-san money?”

“Yes. They pay. Me trained her. She make lots money,” Mama-san spoke. Feng didn’t say another word as she reached over and picked up the phone. The woman dialed a number. When the line was picked up, the woman smiled.

“Hello Buffy. How are you? Good. That’s great. And Mary is there with you? Excellent. Can you two meet me for lunch in Chinatown? Excellent! Let me call you back in a few minutes,” Feng spoke in perfect English before she hung up the phone.

“Why?” Mama-san asked.

“More Gwei-los to make money for Mama-San. You train. They pay,” Feng spoke as she pointed at the men as Mama-san smiled.


Days Later

Feng wore a black wig over her blonde hair as she greeted the customers. The woman had worked for Mama-san as a greeter at her brothel for a few weeks. She learned a lot about the old Chinese woman’s operations. Feng also discovers that Mama-san has a exclusive restaurant and club beneath her store. The store was small compared to the whole operation that happened below the street level. Feng also learned that the majority of Mama-san’s girls lived underground and saw it as a treat entertain a guest in a room above ground. Thus, the woman felt incredibly lucky to live and sleep above ground. It was a thrill for her, but it didn’t thrill her as much compared to wearing the black wig. Feng didn’t know why, but the black wig thrilled her to no end. But she felt incredibly privileged to work as a greeter for the club.

Feng didn’t know why, but she had this huge urge to be a bad girl. Thus, she abandoned all the rules for a Chinese woman of good birth. The woman flirted with the customers. When they responded, she giggled behind her hand and winked at the customers. She shot them glances and gave the impression that they had a chance with her, especially the married ones and any man who brought a female to the club with them. It was such a rush for Feng, who loved being bad without any consequences.

Feng spent hours as a greeter, but eventually, she was relieved since her shift was up. A young Chinese girl took her place. Feng still had time before she needed to return to her room so Feng mingled with the crowd. The woman made her to a table and pretended to trip so she could fall into a man’s lap.

“Are you okay?” the man asked.

“Yes. Okay,” Feng replied as she glanced at the man and immediately recognized him. The man’s name was Max. He was the husband of one of her friends. The woman wasn’t a good friend. In fact, Margo Lane hadn’t seen her for years.

“Are you sure?” the man asked.

“Oh Max. She’s okay,” a woman spoke as Feng glanced to her right and saw a brunette, who was clearly not her friend.

“Gee Crystal. I just want to make sure, she’s okay,” Max replied.

“She wife?” Feng asked as she tried to stand up.

“No honey,” Crystal spat as she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Feng glanced at Max’s left hand and his wedding ring was still there. Crystal of course did not have a wedding ring. Feng decided she was going to have a little fun. The woman stood up and curtsied to Crystal. She then turned and accidentally fell on Max’s lap. She twisted her body while her ass grinded against the crotch of Max’s pants for a few seconds before she stood up.

“Sorry,” the woman giggled as she covered her mouth. The woman then made her way to the back of the restaurant, making sure to swing her hips from side to side like the pendulum of a clock.

“Excuse me,” Max spoke as he stood up and headed to the back. Crystal didn’t a word except she did roll her eyes. The man didn’t have to search long as he found Feng standing next a door. He quickly darted towards her and pinned her to the wall.

“Why?” Feng asked.

“You smell divine and you’re gorgeous,” Max spoke as he ran his hands all over the woman’s body.

Feng never felt so wicked and so desirable in her life. She even contemplated about having sex with the man. She thought about how she would have felt, accepting money for sex. Feng imagined how she would keep her wig and makeup on, fucking by candle light. However, she quickly discarded the idea. The reason was simple. Mama-san had not given her permission to be a pleasure woman for anyone but the Master and she was also sure that no other man could give her as much pleasure as the Master. There was no sexual desire for the man. She only wanted to see how bad she could be. Thus, the woman pushed Max away.



“No money or gift. No fucky,” Feng spoke as she walked away from the man.

“I have money,” the man spoke as he took a wad of cash from his pocket.

“This for touch. But not for fucky,” the woman giggled as she walked away, leaving Max unable to respond.

Mama-san watched the end of scene through a peephole. The old Chinese woman carefully monitored Feng for such a moment. She wanted to see if Feng would use her sexual desires and began to feed off of other men. Seeing how Feng was capable of such a feat now, Mama-san knew that it was time for Jing to discuss something with Margo.


“OH YES! FUCKY! LOVE FUCKY! LOVE MASTER FUCKY!” Feng wailed as bounced on Jing’s cock. The woman’s legs were parted and her hands were planted on the bed behind her. Jing was on his back as the woman’s cum covered tits bounced with each thrust. Her smaller cigarette holder was on the bed and the cigarette had burned down. The woman alternated between bouncing on Jing’s cock and grinding against his groin.

As the pair continued, Mama-san entered the room and walked up the to bed. The woman was carrying a small tea cup filled to the brim.

“Stop moving, Feng,” Jing commanded as Feng immediately stopped. The woman’s heart almost leapt out of her chest as she thought she had displeased him.

“Why you want to stop fucky-fucky?” Feng asked. The woman now referred to sex with Jing as fucky-fucky sessions.

“I have something to tell you, Feng,” Jing spoke.

“Ok,” the woman panted as she stared lovingly into his eyes.

“When we first met, I had to waiter gave you a drugged drink. It wasn’t laced with a lot of Black Lotus, but there was a small amount. Even in the smallest doses, Black Lotus makes a person horny and more malleable. After extended use, the individual will constantly be horny and wet. The tea you drink, your cigarettes, your soybean milk, and some of your food are all laced with Black Lotus. Mama-san and I keep the doses small. The tea in the cup has a double of what you normally receive in a day and that’s including all the cigarettes that you smoke. I believe you smoked a cigarette with Black Lotus and hated it. I saw the pack in your room. Think about Margo, you’re just like the Gwei-lo in girls in movies now,” Jing spoke.

“No Margo. Me Feng. If Feng drink tea, we fucky-fucky?” the woman asked as she was enchanted and impressed that her life would become just like the movies and novels that she had experienced.

“Yes,” Jing spoke.

Feng gingerly took the tea from Mama-san so it wouldn’t spill. The woman downed the tea and immediately felt hot. The woman moaned like a banshee as she sat up. Her hands were planted on the man’s chest as she rode him. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was sticking out of her mouth as she fucked the man. Feng was like a dog in the hot sun. Her tongue was drooling all over her chin as she bounced up and down. The Black Lotus coursed though her veins and the woman wanted nothing more than to fuck Jing.

She fucked him like a woman possessed. Her body shuddered occasionally as she climaxed, soaking his cock in her juices. However, the woman never stopped fucking the man. She never shut her mouth as she continued to moan incessantly. All Feng could think about was the cock deep inside her pussy and how she needed to please Jing.

After a good hour, Feng’s makeup was ruined, but she kept going. However, the Black Lotus had ran its course about half an hour ago. Finally, the man climaxed inside Feng, who climaxed with him, the moment she felt his hot spunk invade her pussy.

“Get the girls and clean her up. Then meet me in the room,” Jing spoke once Feng’s pussy had drained his balls.

“Yes,” Mama-san spoke as she bowed her head. The old Chinese woman then barked in Chinese to the women, who immediately leapt to work as if their lives depended on it.

Within minutes, Margo Lane minus her makeup shuffled into a large special room, where Jing was waiting for her. In addition to Jing, there were numerous other Asian men in the room. Sprawled out in the middle of the floor were three nude woman, Betty-Sue, Mary, and Buffy. There was a small table with three cups of simmering tea next to the prone women.

“Are we going to fuck these bitches or what?” one of the men asked.

“In time,” Jing replied.

“She here,” Mama-san spoke as Jing turned and saw Margo.

Jing walked up to Margo. He wrapped his left arm around her and brought her close. The man didn’t kiss the blonde woman. Instead, he looked deep into the woman’s longing eyes.

“Master?” the confused woman spoke.

“Margo?” all three exhausted women panted as they picked themselves up and saw their friend.

“As you can see, I own a brothel. Mama-san runs it for me since I have other business interests. These three have been very popular. You can either ask me to spare them, help them escape, or ensure that they stay here and make me money. If you choose option three, there’s a cup of tea with Black Lotus for each of them. The dose is twice as strong as the one that you drank earlier. Now decide,” Jing spoke.

“Margo,” Betty-Sue panted.

Margo Lane didn’t respond as she pulled away from Jing. The woman knelt next to Betty-Sue. The woman hugged her and Betty-Sue quickly reciprocated. They embraced for a few minutes before Margo’s left hand slipped away. The hand picked up a tea cup. She then broke the hug and yanked Betty-Sue’s hair so that the woman’s head was tilted.

“No. Don’t do this, Margo,” Betty-Sue begged.

“Margo gone. Feng here now. Feng please Master. You belong to Master. Gwei-lo can only hope to be concubine to Asian men,” Margo spoke as she poured the tea into Betty-Sue’s mouth.

The brunette was too weak to resist. She swallowed the tea and immediately felt her body warm up. Her pussy started to drip as Margo released her. The brunette quickly crawled toward one of the men. She then licked the front of the man’s crotch as she gripped his legs. The man’s pants became wet as the woman drooled all over his pants.

“Betty-Sue . . .” Mary mouthed in shock.

“You join her,” Margo spoke as she poured the tea into Mary’s mouth.

Mary coughed as she almost gagged on the tea. However, just like Betty-Sue, the woman crawled toward a man. Within seconds, the woman was pulled to her feet. She immediately kissed the man as she pressed her body against his.

“No . . . please . . .” Buffy begged as Margo knelt down beside her.


“No! Snap out of it, Margo!”

“Drink,” Margo spoke as she held up the tea cup.

“No!” Buffy tried to slap Margo’s hand away, but Margo blocked it and slapped Buffy hard across the face.

“Bad Gwei-lo! No boyfriends now! Just fucky-fucky with strangers!” Margo snarled as she yanked the woman’s hair and dumped the tea into Buffy’s mouth. She then cupped her mouth and pinched Buffy’s nose. Buffy had no recourse except to swallow it.

“Good,” Jing spoke as he walked over and helped Margo to her feet.

“Feng do good?”

Jing didn’t reply. Instead, he wrapped his arm around her and kissed her deeply and passionately. Margo melted in his embrace as her tongue and mouth relented and allowed the man to whatever he wanted. The woman’s heart raced as her entire world became him. And when he finally released her from his kiss, the woman glanced at the three women, who were busy fucking as many as they possibly could, she just smiled and felt everything was right in the world.


The first leaf in Central Park slowly fell from the tree branch. The leaf floated in the air. It sliced through the air as the slight breeze kept it from hitting the ground. In the last couple of weeks, Mama-san stepped up Feng’s training and dangled her in the wind like the leaf. The woman’s etiquette was polished for hours a day, in Chinese. Feng had to eat, sleep, walk, talk, and move like a Chinese woman. Mama-san also made sure that Feng practiced shifting between whore and duchess in a moment and back again; all to Jing’s specifications. Feng’s English had become broken. She even moved in with Mama-san’s other working girls without even being asked. They woman felt that she had to earn her room above the street.

Currently, the woman known as Feng, was inside Margo Lane’s house. The woman was still a hostess for Mama-san. She also assisted in feeding Black Lotus to her girlfriends. Her three friends would beg Margo to stop, but Feng treated them with contempt and told them that the best they could ever accomplish in life was to be a concubine to their Chinese owner. As for Feng, she was completely decked out and dressed to the nines in her Asian outfit as she sat at the very table, where she used to gossip with her friends. Seated next to her was Mama-san. Both of them drank tea as they watched several young Chinese girls pack up Margo’s old things while some buff and strong Chinese men moved all the furniture and the trunks of stuff to the cars outside.

Feng didn’t care as everyone touched all her old things. She watched them gingerly pack them all up. Some were family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Other items were given to her from Lamont. Feng had no idea if she would ever see them again and frankly, she didn’t care. Instead, she just drank her tea and puffed on her Black Lotus laced cigarette. All she knew was that once things were packed, Master would take her to China; something that she really wanted.

“Knock. Knock,” a woman spoke as she entered the house.

“Who that?” Mama-san asked quietly as a redhead slowly sauntered into the room.

“Max wife. Jeanette,” Feng replied.

“Get her gone.”

“So Margo . . . what’s with the makeup, long nails, long lashes, and dress?” Jeanette asked.

Feng didn’t respond for a few seconds. Instead, she puffed on her cigarette and eyed the woman.

“Margo? You okay? And who is your friend? Everything okay? Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes Jeanette,” Feng sighed as instinctively reached into the recesses of her old self and pulled out Margo’s old bored and can’t be bothered attitude.

“So where are you going?”

“Jeanette. I’m really busy. I need to have them finish everything before it gets dark. You know how hard it is to supervise the help,” the former socialite sighed.

“I totally understand. I’ll let you get back to watching these people. You don’t want them to steal anything,” Jeanette smiled as she made her way out of the house.

In a matter of hours, Feng watched as the last items were loaded onto the truck. The last items were the table and chairs that Feng and Mama-san used earlier. The tea set was meticulously packaged by Feng herself and handed to Mama-san. The older woman handed it to one of the Chinese girls before she boarded a private car with Feng close behind her.

The car roared to life as the small caravan headed back to Chinatown. Feng didn’t even take a last glimpse of her house. The woman simply didn’t have any connection to her own house anymore. Instead, she kept on thinking about her trip to China.

“You good girl. You do good earlier,” Mama-san spoke as she gently patted Feng’s hand. Feng was so elated to hear the old woman’s words that she cracked a smile for the first time in the day.


“Please Margo,” Buffy begged.

Feng paid no heed to the woman’s words. Instead, Feng continued to mix the Black Lotus with the hot tea. And when she was done, she finally glanced at her three friends. All three women were on their knees, all wearing corsets that were tight across their stomachs, but did nothing to cover their tits or pussies. Behind the women were a row of men, prepared to entertain themselves with the women’s bodies. Feng smiled as the took her tray and slowly walked toward the women. She knelt down and placed the tray on the floor. The woman then picked up a tea cup and scooted to Mary.

“Gwei-lo want drink?” Feng asked Mary.

“Gwei-lo want drink,” a glassy-eyed Mary purred as her head slowly swayed from side to side.

Feng smirked, cupped the woman’s chin, tilted Mary’s head slightly back, and poured the contents of the tea cup into Mary’s waiting mouth. Mary swallowed the tea and enjoyed the feeling that it provided. Feng pulled away as Mary closed her eyes and purred. Three men then picked her up and pulled her into a corner of the room.

“OH FUCK! FUCKY GOOD! FUCK ME!” Mary screamed as two men filled her two holes and right before third man rammed his cock into her mouth.

Feng smirked again as she tapped Betty-Sue on the head. The busty brunette slowly pulled her gaze from the floor in order to look at Feng. The woman only made eye contact for a second before pulling away. The brunette’s eyes were obviously red from all the crying. Feng didn’t care, she cupped Betty-Sue’s chin and moved the cup into position. Betty-Sue didn’t say a word since she knew it was useless. Instead, she just opened her mouth and downed the tea. Feng patted her on the head as two men picked Betty-Sue up and went to the other corner.

“Stop this, Margo,” Buffy begged.

“Gwei-lo no talk. Gwei-lo fuck,” Feng spoke as she gripped Buffy’s chin. But instead of pouring the tea down the woman’s gullet, she turned Buffy’s head.

Buffy cringed as she saw Betty-Sue bounce up and down on a man’s cock while she pressed her tits together and pumped a second man’s dick between her tits. Worse yet, Betty-Sue was smiling and slobbering like a love-sick puppy dog. Buffy sobbed as Feng released the woman’s chin. For a second, Buffy thought she was going to receive some semblance of mercy, but that thought quickly disappeared as two men picked her up.

“Hands up,” Feng snarled as one of the men lifted Buffy’s hands above her head, while the other man lashed them together at the wrists.

“No . . . please . . . stop,” Buffy begged as the men picked her up and secured the ropes that bound her wrists to a hook, which dangled from the ceiling. Once she was secured, the men scuffed her ankles to the floor.

“Drink,” Feng snarled as she poured the contents of the tea cup into Buffy’s mouth. The woman then clamped her hand over the woman’s mouth as she pushed her head back. One of the men pinched Buffy’s nostrils closed, forcing the woman to swallow the tea.

Buffy coughed and struggled to breath as everyone released her. Feng walked back to the table, where she started to mix more Black Lotus to the kettle of tea. Buffy struggled in her bonds as the Black Lotus took effect. The woman wanted to fuck. She needed to fuck, but she wasn’t about to beg for it.

It took her several minutes, but by the time Feng was done, she turned and looked at Buffy, who had several rivers of pussy juice running down her legs. The woman then walked up to Buffy with another tea cup full of tea and Black Lotus. Feng placed the cup against Buffy’s lip and the woman begged Feng with her eyes. She wasn’t asking her to stop. Instead, she was asking Feng to pour the tea into her mouth. However, Feng pulled away and placed the tea cup on the table.

“Please,” Buffy begged.

“Gwei-lo made for fucky-fucky. Gwei-lo need to learn,” Feng spoke as the door to the room opened. The woman was quickly joined by Jing and Mama-san.

“Stop teasing her. What did you have in mind anyway?” Jing asked.

“She must beg,” Feng mouthed.

“Interesting,” Jing spoke as he ran his hand up and down the woman’s back.

“She ready?” Mama-san asked.

“She’s ready,” Jing spoke as he took Feng’s hand and slowly walked her out of the room with Mama-san close behind. It didn’t take long for the trio to step into the bathroom, where Feng was washed every day.

Feng saw the tub filled with water, except it wasn’t clear. The water looked yellow. There was also steam rising from the tub even though the water was no longer running. Two young Chinese girls quickly came over and began to remove Feng’s clothing. Once the woman was nude, the two women helped her into the tub.

“Need smoke,” Feng spoke.

“No. Stay in the tub. These two will watch you and dip your head underwater from time to time. Your makeup will be ruined, but it will be worth it. Stay in there. We will be back,” Jing spoke as he left the room with Mama-san.

Feng wasn’t quite sure how to feel. However, she wanted to obey Master’s order. So she stayed in the tub even though she desperately wanted to taste the Black Lotus in her body especially after teasing Buffy with it earlier. The two Chinese girls didn’t touch her. Instead, they allowed her to soak in the tub for what seemed like eternity. Eventually, they pushed her head under the water for a few seconds at a time. They were very courteous and would make sure that Feng always had enough air. And they never dipped her without giving her ample time to prepare for the submersion.

After about a hour, Jing and Mama-san returned to the room. The pair watched Feng and the two girls for another hour before Mama-san clapped her hands. One of the women grabbed Feng’s cigarette holder and handed it to the woman. Feng immediately took a deep drag on the cigarette. The two girls then helped Feng out of the tub and dried her off as another pair of girls entered the room with a large mirror. Feng saw her reflection and paused.

“What’s the matter?” Jing asked.

Feng was stunned. She didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t that her makeup had been totally been washed away. She had seen herself without makeup every morning before the two young girls applied it to her face. No. That wasn’t it. The woman was stunned that her white porcelain skin was no longer as white as she remembered it. There was a yellowish tinge to it. In addition, she also felt that her tits felt differently. The woman wasn’t sure if she could trust her eyes or not.

“The herbal bath will make your skin more yellow. Once it reaches the proper shade, I will take you to China,” Jing spoke.

“Then you perfect Chinese,” Mama-san spoke.

“Yes. Perfect Chinese. Perfect woman. Perfect wife,” Jing spoke.

“I Chinese?” Feng asked with delight in her voice. The woman knew they were training her to be more Chinese, but she never thought that they would ever totally accept her. Especially Jing. But she had never heard Jing refer to her as perfect, let alone wife. The woman could barely keep from exploding with glee.

“Yes. Master Jing approves of you,” Mama-san spoke.

“Need more herbal bath!” Feng demanded as she yelled at the young Chinese girls.

“No. One bath per day. It will make your skin yellow and slowly increase your bust size. You will also let your hair grow out.” Jing spoke calmly.

Feng immediately bowed her head as two young girls wrapped her corset around her waist. The woman was like a kid on Christmas morning. She was hooked on Black Lotus like the Gwei-lo girls in movies. Her life was just like a movie now, a movie that she had always wished for since she met Jing. Best of all, the man accepted her. Feng was on top of the world. Her fight for Jing had paid off and now she was going to give it her all.


Weeks Later

The airplane flew high above the sky, halfway to its destination. The flight crew were all buckled into their seats as most of the passengers were all asleep. Feng’s excitement had kept her from sleeping for days before the trip, so it was quite natural that she would sleep through much of the long flight. Beside her, Jing was still awake as he sat next to her.

The man watched over her, studied her, contemplated and meditated upon the fruition of his plans for is mate-to-be. He remembered the first night at the Cobalt Club. Jing wanted to touch her shoulders, but he resisted. The man then slowly earned her trust and now had the opportunity to touch her all the time. Mama-san had trained her well, but now she must be educated properly in the ways of a true wife. Of course, she couldn’t lose her eagerness to please or her animal greed for the sexual experiences that Jing provided her.

“Excuse me, sir. Do you want anything to drink?” the flight attendant asked.

“No. Thank you,” Jing spoke as the flight attendant nodded and left.

The man returned his gaze to Feng. He reached out and stroked her thigh. It was so warm and open, under the blue blanket. His hand slowly caressed her thigh before he slid his hand up her leg. A smile appeared on his face as he heard her release a very light purr.

“Not now. Too many people,” Mama-san spoke softly.

Jing stopped and turned his head. On the other side of the aisle was Mama-san, who sat next to a sleeping Buffy. Seated in front of were Betty-Sue and Mary. All three were asleep and hopelessly hooked on Black Lotus. Before the trip, Mama-san had denied Black Lotus to all three women. The lasted a few hours before one by one, they all begged Mama-san for a hit. Even Buffy, the one with the strongest will, succumbed. Especially since Buffy knew how it felt to receive Black Lotus without a sexual release. It was truly hell. Once they knew, the three women didn’t even fight when Mama-san told them that they would be flying to China too.

“Too many people,” Mama-san spoke again.

“Yes. You are right,” Jing spoke as he retracted his hand.

“Tell her business?” Mama-san asked.

“Perhaps,” Jing spoke after he thought it over for a moment.

“That was plan?”


“Think. Me sleep now,” Mama-san spoke as she closed her eyes.

“Yes. I believe that she will need to learn about my many businesses, too. Perhaps a year, perhaps longer,” Jing thought as he too began to doze lightly, and to dream about the completion of his plan.


The Chinese live with the rhythm of the seasons and their calendar is the lunar year, rather than the solar. Feng now lived her life by the seasons and the waxing and waning of the Moon, too. It seemed perfectly normal to her. She never thought of any other life. She was happy. She was complete.

There were many festivals throughout the year, each more exciting that the last to Feng. She wished she had grown up in China, but was very grateful to Master and Mama-san to have been given the opportunity to learn the proper ways of the Chinese people now. A more avid student of all things Chinese could not exist.

On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year in China, the festival of the Dragon Boat Races was held. Everyone went out to watch the teams compete. Each boat had a dragon head and a dragon tail, usually in gold with red and green or black markings. Feng was excited to sit with Master in the box and Mama-san behind them up in the stands, to watch the races.

Feng has even been given a ticket which meant that Master Jing had placed a bet for her on one of the boats. The excitement was palpable in the air as the patrons were being offered small packets of rice wrapped in bamboo leaf and tied with string. Jing leaned close and after gently opening her packet for her, fed her the portion of rice tenderly. Feng was in heaven with this attention. Mama-san had been more pleased recently with her progress to plump herself into the perfect Chinese figure, and has ordered Feng new clothes. She was wearing one of the new outfits now.

Out on the water, the excitement was about to begin. The priest had brought the dragons to life with incense in a ritual that blesses each boat before the races began. The fans cheer as Jing starts to tell Feng the background of the race.

“It started back in the Warring States period of the Zhou Dynasty. Us, Chinese have always had a great deal of respect for education and people who are highly educated. Ones who become scholars are able to hold higher offices. Qu Yuan was a poet, who eventually became minister of the Chu house. However, when the king decided to ally with the Qin, Qu Yuan didn’t approve. The king charged him with treason and banished him. Instead of being a failed scholar, Qu Yuan continued to write. He wrote poetry and captured the hearts of many. So when Qin captured the Chu capital, Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River,” Jing spoke.

“Very sad,” Mama-san added.

“The locals raced out to the river to retrieve his body for the peasants still admired him even though he had been banished by the king. They were too late however. But they wanted to prevent the fish and the evil spirits in the water from consuming their beloved scholar’s body. So they used their paddles to disturb the water, they beat drums to ward off the spirits, and they threw rice into the water so the fish could eat it. And year after year, the dragon boat race is used to commemorate Qu Yuan’s sacrifice. The people throw zong zi, the sticky rice into the water to appease the fish and the spirits. Not only does China celebrate it, but countries like Korea and Vietnam do as well,” Jing spoke.

“Love story. Sad. But that is nature,” Feng spoke as she took a long drag on her cigarette. The woman loved the story and thought that beauty and tragedy fit perfectly with nature. And it was only natural for her to behave and respect Master for telling her the story. Feng didn’t say another word until the race was over. She didn’t cheer, she didn’t jump. She just sat there in the chair while the commoners jumped and cheered. A proper woman didn’t ruin her man’s day by participating in such nonsense. Instead, she waited even after the race had ended.

“Looks like you won,” another well dressed Chinese male spoke as approached the group. A large group of men dressed in black followed him, but kept a safe distance.

“Feng, this is Mr. Wang. He is in charge of this prefecture,” Jing spoke as Feng bowed her head.

“I’m not in charge. Mr. Lee is the government official. I’m just a humble servant . . . who just lost a bet,” the man spoke as he handed Jing some papers.

“This is everything?” Jing asked.

“Of course. Most people would need to go to Peking to get this done. But I was able to do this for you in rapid fashion,” Mr. Wang spoke proudly.

“You money,” Mama-san handed the man a red enevelope.

“No need. I lost,” Mr. Wang spoke.

“No. This is a gift. Lucky money. Jing give you,” Mama-san spoke as Mr. Wang smiled. The man took the envelope, bowed to Jing, and quickly left as a sea of Chinese in black swallowed him up and quickly disappeared in the crowd.

“Sign your old American name on this document,” Jing spoke as he handed Feng a pen and placed a large official document in front of her.

Feng saw the various Chinese characters and the other drawings. There was a phoenix on the right side and a dragon on the left. There was also an official red stamp on the lower left hand corner. That’s when Feng remembered that Chinese documents went from top to bottom, right to left. The woman couldn’t read it, but she knew that she had to obey Jing. She loved the man and would do anything that he commanded. However, the woman had a problem remembering her old name. Jing had to whisper into her ear, but she still couldn’t write it. Only after Jing spelled it out for her, was the woman able to sign her old name, Margo Lane, on the document.

“Good. You are no longer Margo Lane. Your new name is Feng-Hu-Ang, the Great Phoenix. You are also a citizen of China now and we will be married soon,” Jing spoke.

“Thank you, Master!” Feng gushed as she wrapped her arms around Jing’s neck and kissed him passionately on the lips. Margo Lane no longer existed, in her mind of anywhere in the world.


Feng sat in her seat and slowly puffed on her cigarette. A few days ago, Jing told her that she was a Triad Tong Boss. The woman wasn’t shocked as she reflected on all the events since she met the man. Even in the United States, she and Jing had always spent long nights in smoky backrooms, where the men play mah-jong or participated in quiet conversations about business matters while the women lit cigarette after cigarette and fetched drink after drink. And everywhere they went, Jing was welcomed and treated with great respect. His attention was sought by the most important men. His advice was asked by everyone. People seemed to both fear and admire him. Feng felt this was only natural. Regardless of the county, Feng never spoke in these backrooms and tonight was no different.

On these evenings, the women do not talk much among themselves as they must attend to their men and Feng was left to service Jing in whatever way he desired. They normally sat quietly next to their man when not servicing them. They were invisible to the men while they talked business. Thus, Feng drank, smoked her cigarettes from her long jeweled holder, and admired her long lacquered nails, bracelets, and rings. All the while, her mind meandered through last night’s feats of fucking. Her nipples were hard and cunt wet, anticipating what Jing was going to do to her later in the evening.

Of course, Jing noticed her from time to time. Thus, when Jing noticed Feng’s arousal, he would pinch a nipple or caress her thigh to let her know that she was his property and would be attended to in due time, much to their mutual satisfaction.

As the night progressed, the room began to thin out. Men and women started to leave once their business was concluded. Eventually, there was only a lone man seated across the table from Jing and Feng. The Chinese man was wearing a blue suit with a red tie. There was a cherry blossom on the left jacket pocket. Unlike all the men who spoke to Jing, the man was allowed to wear dark sunglasses. From time to time, the man would shake raise his left hand and shake his wrist in order to show off his gold and very expensive European watch. The man didn’t drink very much. He didn’t smoke either. He also didn’t talk much, but when he did, his words always had meaning.

“Are you sure?” Jing asked.

“Yes,” the man replied.

“Opium is popular. We have sold it to several countries within Asia. It’s not that popular in Europe or Canada. We sell tea there instead. However, we provide much cheaper labor. The labor is very profitable. Best of all, we don’t even need to coerce people to go. They go on their own free will. So how is business in America, Mr. Hsu?” Jing asked.



“Good for two million.”


“Two million.”


“Two million.”


“Two million.”


“Better than others.”

“Yes. Do you travel?”


“You’ve been to all of our businesses?”


“Are you aware that the previous man in your position was barely able to run one city, let alone a continent?”


“He made a few hundred dollars. Nothing like you.”

“He sold drugs. I sell labor. It’s not illegal.”

“Do you talk to people in the States?”


“How high? Anyone in government or businessmen in multiple states?”


“Let me give you the keys to city then,” Jing spoke as he tapped a finger on the table. Feng immediately stood up and disappeared in the smoke.

“People talk about your girl. They say she is a socialite in New York. People envy you for taming an American. It is impossible,” the man spoke. It was the longest statement of the night from the man and he meant every word of it.

“Yes. I know. I will now give you a gift. She will open doors for you. Her family is very popular in Texas,” Jing spoke as Feng returned with Mary. The redhead’s hair was made up with combs and chopsticks in it. Her makeup was heavy. She wore a red corset, red stockings over her thighs, red elbow length gloves, and a pair of six inched red heels.

“She Mary,” Feng spoke as she helped the redhead sit on Mr. Hsu’s lap.

The man was perplexed, but couldn’t help but play with the woman’s right breast. It was definitely larger than all of the Chinese women that he had in the past. The redhead moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around him.

“She like Black Lotus,” Feng spoke as she placed a small pouch on the man’s right shoulder.

“She will be your wife. She will sell me her family’s oil fields and you will run them,” Jing declared as Mary happily held the pouch.

“And you think her father will sell them to you?”

“Hsu. You are a killer. Use your imagination.”

“Do you want me to kill?”

“It’s up to you. We need to diversify.”

“You are wise. Consider it done,” the man stood up and bowed to Jing. He then happily took Mary out of the room.

Once they were gone, Jing stood up and made his way to Feng. The man placed his hands on the woman’s shoulders and blew into her right ear. Feng’s body shook happily as she cooed.

“He thinks it was my plan to give Mary to him,” Jing spoke.

“You wise.”

“But it’s your idea.”

“I help Master,” Feng cooed. Bit by bit, Jing and Mama-san had informed Feng of Jing’s business interests. Jing was, by all accounts, and by the things that Feng herself had seen, a very important man, in business, in politics, in every walk of life. He was the boss of bosses. Very important men paid him homage and gave him tribute or a percentage of their business returns. Feng understood on a new level just how lucky she really was to be the chosen companion of such a man! Thus, she was glad that Master loved her plan to give Mary to Mr. Hsu.

“You do more than that,” Jing spoke as he turned Feng around and the pair locked in a passionate kiss, a prelude to things to come later in the night.


Months Later

Lamont Cranston, alerted by Crystal, who happened upon Margo as she packed up her house, finally arrived on the Chinese mainland after a lapse of nine months. He had procrastinated, tended to other business while he raged in his heart against the way in which Margo dismissed him and ignored him. Yet, in the end he could not resist the pull. He was the moth to her flame, if a rather lackluster and distractible moth. Yet his arrival signified nothing other than bad timing on his part. He was hopelessly outflanked by Jing, ever vigilant to protect his interests. The man searched a vacant building with a secret door that led to an underground room. The room smelled of sex, but there weren’t any clues left for the Shadow to use in order to locate Jing or Margo.

In another town, two hundred miles away, there was a large courtyard surrounded by a large building on all four sides. The surrounding buildings then had large open areas that were surrounded by other buildings. Then another open area, more buildings, another open area, then long stone walls, and even a moat along the outside of the wall. This was Jing’s private estate. The walls had sentries walking on top of it. There were also sentries walking all along the other open areas. The first set of buildings were all full of guards, completely loyal to him. The second open area had sentries as well and the second set of buildings also had guards. It was the courtyard and the immediate surrounding building, which was exclusively inhabited by Jing and his cohorts.

In the courtyard, a nude and incredibly tan Buffy was laid out on top of a large and flat bamboo bench. She was covered in a generous layer of sun screen. There was a small timer to her left and would chime softly when the hour was up. Whenever the timer chimed, the woman turn ninety degrees to ensure that her body was completely tan, eliminated all tan lines. Even the bottom of her feet and hands were tan. The woman had to do this or Feng would withhold Black Lotus from her or she would get extra doses of Black Lotus, but no one would fuck her for hours. The first time Feng had withheld sex from Buffy, the woman almost went insane after one day. The mere threat of withholding sex was enough to guarantee Buffy’s compliance even though she still yearned to be free. However, the woman just didn’t have the willpower to run away anymore. Finally, the timer chimed one last time so Buffy stood up and marched slowly into the building.

Inside the building, a very loud Mary was wailing like banshee as she sat on a mattress with her legs spread. The redhead leaned against a Chinese woman, who was busy nibbling on her neck while her hands played with the woman’s tits. Another Chinese woman was busy pumping a dildo in and out of the woman’s dripping pussy. Mary’s own arms hung by her sides as she was too drained from her own orgasms to do much. Yet, Mary still wanted to climax; Mary always wanted to climax.

“Poor Mary,” Buffy thought to herself as she saw Feng and Mama-san enter the room.

Unlike the other women, Feng and Mama-san were dressed. Feng was puffing on her cigarette as Mama-san carried a small box. The pair stood before Mary and waited for the redhead to climax again. Once she climaxed, the two Chinese women stopped playing with the woman’s body. Instead, they waited for her to recover and then helped her to her feet. They had to keep her up or the woman would have fallen to the ground.

“Mary,” Feng spoke.

“Yes,” Mary panted.

“How you feel?”

“Soooo goooood,” the woman cooed.

“Know your mission?”


“What your mission?” Feng asked.

“To marry Hsu, sell oil fields to Master, and report Hsu’s moves to you,” Mary panted.

“Good,” Feng spoke before she looked at Mama-san, who gave her a nod of approval.

“Give her,” Mama-san spoke as she handed the box to Feng.

“This is gift from Master,” Feng spoke as she handed the box to Mary.

The redhead took the box. She slowly opened the box and her eyes, which were glassy, suddenly came to life. A large smile appeared on her face as she looked up at the other smiling woman before her eyes locked onto her gift. The redhead repositioned her arms and carefully took the cigarette holder from the box. She held it up for all to see. The woman was honored to have received the gift and was proud to show it off.

“You like?” Feng asked.

“Yes. Gwei-lo is blessed,” Mary nodded.

“Hsu will come later. Enjoy,” Feng spoke as she placed a cigarette into the holder and lit it.

Mary then took a long drag and blew the smoke into the air. The two Chinese women then sat Mary back down as they continued to play with her body while the redhead alternated between moaning and puffing on her Black Lotus laced cigarette. Mary was in heaven.

Feng didn’t say a word as she walked to a table on the other side of the room. Buffy watched Feng hungrily. Feng crushed some Black Lotus and dumped it into the tea pot. She then added hot water and mixed it for a few seconds. Buffy licked her lips as she watched Feng pour the tea into two tea cups. She then eagerly accepted the tea cup from Feng. The woman then drank the tea when Feng drank from the other tea cup.

“Drink,” Feng spoke as she pointed at the tea pot.

Buffy nodded as Feng left the room. The blonde woman drank five tea cups full of tea mixed with Black Lotus. The woman glanced at Mary, who was in total bliss as she moaned and puffed on her cigarette. Buffy pictured herself in Mary’s place and her body shuddered with excitement. The woman had to shake her head several times to drive the thoughts from her head. Once she had done that, she made her way to another room, where she saw that Feng had left her a pair of black silk elbow-length gloves and thigh-high stockings. The woman donned both and left the room.

It only took a few minutes for Buffy to enter a very crowded and boisterous room. There were numerous men in the room. Some were drinking, some were smoking, some were gambling, and some were busy fucking. Tere was a large group of men, each paired with a Chinese woman, fucking in the corner. They were in all sorts of positions and stances. Nobody circled them or watched them. Except, there was one exception. There was one group that had quite a crowd, all waiting for a chance to fuck the woman. Buffy licked her lips as she saw Betty-Sue busily riding a man, who was on his back. The woman leaned forward as a man fucked her ass while he gripped her hips. Her two hands jerked one dick each while the men’s hands fondled her tits. The woman’s screams were muffled by the dick in her mouth. Betty-Sue wasn’t fighting or resisting the men. In fact, she welcomed them and the line that had formed for her.

Aline of hungry eyed men started to make their way toward Buffy, but they stopped in their tracks. Then the room suddenly grew silent as Jing and his wife, Feng, entered the room. Feng was dressed in a red shoulder baring Chinese wedding dress. There were golden dragons and one large phoenix on the back of the dress and smaller phoenix on her chest. There were slits on both sides of the dress around her legs, which allowed her to show off her long legs. She also wore a diamond encrusted crown with several ribbons and diamonds streaming down the sides. Feng took her cigarette holder out of her mouth, bowed her head slightly to everyone, and blew a cloud of smoke before she inserted the holder back into her mouth. The men all clapped in admiration and celebration at the bride and groom as Jing nodded to all of them.

Feng took off her crown and handed it to Mama-san. Buffy wasn’t even sure when the old Chinese woman had entered the room. Feng then turned and began to massage Jing’s cock, which was still within in his pants. After a few seconds, she stopped. The woman dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. She licked the tip and covered it with her spit. The woman then wrapped her lips around his cock and began to bob her head up and down his shaft her right hand tickled his balls. Feng bobbed faster and faster as the entire room watched her head piston back and forth. After a few minutes, Jing placed his hands on her head and shot his load into the woman’s mouth. Feng quickly swallowed his spunk and then proceeded to clean his cock.

Once she was done, she rose to her feet. Feng then pushed the dress past her tits and revealed them to the crowd. The woman placed both her hands on the edge of a table as she spread her legs. Jing smiled as he hiked up the back of her dress and rammed his cock into her pussy. His hands gripped her hips as he thrust his dick in and out of the woman’s hot pussy.

“Oh yes! Fucky so good! Cock hard! Cock deep! Feng pleasure Master!” Feng panted.

Buffy licked her lips as she saw Jing lift Feng off her feet. The woman immediately placed her left arm over the man’s neck and shoulder. She held on as she rested on the man’s right side. She tilted her head and stuck out her tongue. Jing did the same with his tongue. Then their tongues wrestled each other before their lips locked and the pair kissed again and again.

“You need fucky?” Mama-san asked.

“Yes,” Buffy replied with her eyes downcast.

“Go. Join other Gwei-Lo,” Mama-san spoke as she pointed at Betty-Sue who started servicing her men as they all watched Jing.

“Thank you,” Buffy bowed as her own juices trickled down her legs.

Hundreds of miles away, the Shadow was inside a large building with thousands of empty seats and an altar in the front. He didn’t know where everyone had gone after the event, but he could smell a familiar perfume that lingered in the air. It was familiar; very familiar. Yet, the man had a strong feeling that his memory was going to be the closet he ever got to the owner again.


Days Later

Feng sat quietly on the patio of a Western hotel, overlooking the pool. The woman stayed out of the sun as she took a puff on her cigarette. Feng was dressed in Asian attire and had the makeup and hair, but guests could easily tell that she was an American and left her alone. Her eyes scanned the pool area as Buffy swam in the pool. Hundreds of eyes were watching the woman as she swam around the pool, angering their female companions. Of course, Betty-Sue seated on a chair and tanning herself was also receiving numerous stares as well. Each woman was just inches from safety. They could blow the whistle on Jing’s operations, but they didn’t. Instead, they just carried on under the watchful eyes of Feng.

Feng wasn’t the only one keeping an eye of everything. Mama-san was in one of the hotel rooms, overlooking the pool and the patio. Most Chinese people wouldn’t be allowed in the hotel, but money talks and Jing had plenty of it. The hotel manager would simply tell the angry hotel guests that Jing was here to talk to a hotel guest since the hotel manager knew Jing’s real profession. Even though the local embassy would be a refuge, he still had to get there so it was best not to anger someone that even the local authorities avoided. If the manager wasn’t able to quell their anger, Jing sometimes would appear and buy them a drink. The men would then halt their anger thanks to the richness of the drink. Even though they had access to alcohol, they themselves didn’t have the funds to secure such an expensive drink. Thus, Jing was allowed to walk the hallways and even though people were prejudiced, there’s only so much anger that can be vented against an old woman. Some patrons even got on the case of other patrons if they mistreated Mama-san. The old Chinese woman would then hand the people that helped her red envelopes with enough cash inside to pay the tab for entire month at the bar. Needless to say, numerous people would come to her defense.

Still dressed in a suit, Jing walked by the swimming pool. Buffy saw him pass and quickly made her way toward the shallow end of the pool. Betty-Sue saw him too. The woman stretched and slowly stood up. Both women then slowly made their way toward the patio.

Feng puffed on her cigarette as she watched a group of four young women walk towards Jing. The woman couldn’t hear them, but Feng’s eyes narrowed as she took in the scene. The women were yelling at Jing. Jing kept his composure and signaled a hotel employee, who was Chinese and quickly ran towards the group. In seconds, he ran away and came back with several towels. Jing thanked him and give him a tip while the four women didn’t even thank him as they left in a huff. Jing didn’t say anything as he walked off, but Feng was seething with anger.

Minutes later, Buffy and Betty-Sue returned to pool side. Buffy stretched as she propped her long tan leg on a bench and slowly slid her hand up her leg so she could apply more sun screen. Buffy say on a chair beside the woman. She ran her hands under her swimsuit, where she massaged her own breasts as she applied sun screen. All eyes were glued onto them as Feng approached the four women at the pool side bar.

“Could you believe that guy?” one of the woman sneered.

“It took him two minutes to get us towels!” another one fumed.

“Hell! It’s their country! You think they would know where things are located!” the third one chimed in.

“It’s hard to find good help these days,” the fourth one spoke.

“Hello ladies,” Feng spoke in perfect English.

“Hello,” the four women replied.

“I saw what happened earlier from the patio and let me tell you that most people here at the hotel are quite helpful. However, it seems that you four did not have a satisfactory experience. Let me try to rectify the situation. What would you like to drink?” Feng asked.

“The most expensive wine would definitely help,” one of the four laughed.

“Beth,” another one spoke.

“What? She offered,” Beth replied.

“Excuse me. Five glasses please,” Feng spoke to the bartender, who quickly pulled out an ornate bottle of champagne.

All four women’s eyes were glued on the bottle. They knew that the bottle was more expensive than their rooms. They watched as the bartender poured and handed them the glasses.

“Cheers,” Feng spoke as she raised the glass. All four women followed suit and quickly drank the champagne while Feng slowly sipped hers.

“Who are you?” one of the woman asked.

“Just a local. My husband is a businessman and left me here as he talks business with the locals. And you four?” Feng asked.

“”Graduate students on summer break!” Beth giggled.

“That’s great. Should I buy a drink for the other members of your group?” Feng asked.

“No others. Just us.”

“No boyfriends or husbands?”

“Nope. Just us.”

“So girls. What are your plans today? Perhaps I can help plan your day.”

“No. We’re going to stay at the hotel. There’s nothing good out there,” Beth spoke.

Feng was angered by the woman’s words, but she didn’t let it show. Instead, she signaled for the bartender to fill the glasses again.

“Yes!” the four women giggled as they drank it down.

“There’s another hotel that is a few blocks away. They have a better selection of drinks. My room is there and I have a tab. I’m going to meet some friends there. Care to join me?” Feng asked.

“Sure. Why not?” Beth spoke as the four women followed Feng away from the pool.

High above the pool, Mama-san watched as she picked up the phone and dialed. The old woman wasn’t sure what was happening, but when she spoke to the person on the other side, the old woman couldn’t help but smile. She then hung up the phone and left the room in order to locate Jing. They had somewhere to go now.


Hours Later

“You sure?” Jing asked a Chinese man, who happened to be the bartender at the pool side bar.

“She spoke English. No accent. Perfect English,” the bartender replied.

“And what did she say when she came back?” Jing asked another Chinese man, who just happened to be head of his security force.

“Broken English like how she talks to you,” the man replied, slightly worried.

“Where is she now?”

“Over there,” the man spoke as he pointed at the building.

“You,” Jing spoke as he motioned for the bartender to approach him.

“Yes,” the man spoke, a little edgy.

“Go back to the hotel and tell me if anyone comes looking for the four women,” Jing spoke as the man nodded and quickly left.

“Should I?”

“No. He works us. Make sure that the local authorities don’t show up and check to see if their embassy has any info regarding them,” Jing ordered.

“Yes sir,” the security chief spoke as he left with ten of his subordinates.

Jing then glanced over at Mama-san, who was just as clueless as Jing was. The two had knew that Feng had called Jing’s private driver, who then drove to the hotel. He then drove back to the compound. The driver eventually picked up Jing and Mama-san. He also told them that Feng had called him. However, that was all he could provide. Thus, Jing had to ask what was going on.

“What is this?” Jing asked as he stepped into the room.

“You like?” Feng asked as she quickly ran to him.

Jing was speechless. There inside the room were the four women. They were all naked and busy fucking with all their holes. Each one had angry red marks all over their bodies as they fucked the men energetically. They even begged for it.

“No like?”

“What happened?”

“They mean to Master. No good. I punish them. They will be Mama-san girls now,” Feng spoke as she pressed herself against Master’s body.


“Really! I’m sorry! Please forgive me! I’ll do anything you want! Just keep her and the belt away from me!” Beth begged as she released the cock in her mouth.

“That might be arranged,” Jing spoke as Beth quickly took the dick back into her mouth.

“You like?”

“Yes. But how?”

“I saw them be mean. I told Buffy and Betty-Sue to go to pool. They make people look. I take these girls. Bring them here.”

“They came willingly?”

“They drug. Was in drink.”


“Where are two?” Mama-san asked.

“Gwei-lo here,” Buffy spoke as appeared at the doorway, totally naked. The woman had a wad of cash in her hands though. The blonde quickly tried to hand the money to Feng, but Feng eyed Mama-san so she quickly gave the funds to the old Chinese woman. That’s when they saw the angry marks on her ass.

“Where?” Mama-san asked.

“I got money from the men after they fucked me. You were right. Gwei-lo only good for fucking,” Buffy replied.

Jing and Mama-san shared a look as they realized Buffy must have broke when she saw what Feng did to the other women and was about to do to her. Except she had the presence of mind to offer a way to leave the room and save herself from the belt.

“You really are Feng-Hu-Ang,” Jing smiled at Feng, who was now all giddy inside as she pleased Master.

Hundreds of miles away, the Shadow continued to search for Margo, but he wasn’t making any progress. From time to time, he could hear some of the locals talk about the biggest wedding they had ever seen. He heard them describe the food, the decorations, and even the guests, but nothing concrete involving the bride and groom. The fact that Lamont wasn’t picking up a trail for Margo, his frustration continued to rise. The man felt like crumbs had been laid down for him, knowing that by the time he found the cage, the bird would have flown the away.


Weeks Later

Feng had returned to the United States. She was back in her house and it looked like nothing like when she used to entertain Mary, Betty-Sue, and Buffy. Instead, it looked more like Mama-san’s house and decorated the same. And like Mama-san’s house, there was a staircase that led to an underground complex. There wasn’t a restaurant or club in the complex. Instead, it was nothing more than a brothel. The women below would compete to make the most money for a given week and the victor would be allowed to live in the main house in order to entertain guests for a few days before the competition restarted. Feng of course didn’t need to worry about such competitions since she no longer lived at the house. However, the woman felt that she had a need to show the women how to please a man.

Feng was completely naked except for the corset that continued to shrink her waist. She was currently on her hands and knees on top of her old mattress, which was in the center of the room, close to the stairs to her upstair bedroom, the hidden stairs to the brothel, and the front door. The woman sucked dutifully on Jing’s cock as she bobbed her head on his dick. She gripped the base of his cock as she slid up and down the entire length, making sure that her tongue continued to touch his dick while wild slurping noises escaped her lips.

Jing eventually pushed the woman off his dick and laid down on the mattress. Feng then positioned her dripping sex over his dick before she slowly impaled herself on his member. The woman moaned as she slowly sank down on his dick. However, Jing had other plans. He made the woman rise as he pushed her thighs up. Feng thought something was wrong, but the woman then moaned incessantly when Jing slapped his cock against her pussy. The man then teased her as he slid his dick along her pussy lips. Feng moaned lustfully in anticipation and was soon rewarded as he pointed at his dick.

“Ahhhh!” Feng moaned as she impaled herself on his dick. She rode him, slowly at first, but gradually increased her speed. Feng leaned back and planted both hands on the mattress in order to keep going.

Jing met her thrusts as he reached up and gripped her kneecaps. The man smiled and eventually pulled her back up so he could watch the woman’s tits bounce.

“Ohhh!” Feng continued to moan as her right hand gripped the man’s thigh for balance. Her left hand gripped and fondled her own tits. She even ran it up and down her throat as she increased her speed. Jing had to eventually grip her thighs in order to prevent her from flying off. However, that didn’t stop Feng, who rapidly bounced on his cock.

Feng did eventually slow down though. She stopped when Jing gripped her tits and pulled her down towards him. Soon, her tits pressed against his chest as he wrapped his right hand around her hair. His left hand was planted on her back and pushed her toward him as he stuck out his tongue. Feng stuck out her tongue and their tongues wrestled before Jing pulled her close. The man then rammed his tongue into her compliant mouth. Feng moaned into the man’s mouth as started to pump his dick in and out of her while he held her close and kissed her.

Slowly the man released her mouth and pushed her up again. Instead of just thrusting into her, he repositioned her so that she was slowly tilted to the side. Feng bounced up and down and almost completely flew off. Thus, Jing spun her around so that all he could see was her back. Feng then continued to bounce as he gripped her buttocks. The man eventually grabbed her wrists and pulled them back toward him. He then thrust violently as Feng bounced wildly on his cock.

Feng moaned as leapt forward and landed on her knees. Jing then got to his knees and rammed his cock back into the woman’s pussy. He pumped his cock in and out of Feng while she gripped the mattress and met his thrusts. After a few minutes, the woman collapsed onto the bed, panting for breath.

Jing pulled out of her and repositioned himself. He gripped her hair and pulled her head up so he could kiss her. The woman immediately kissed him back.

Feng then sucked on the man’s cock when he released her from his kiss. Jing didn’t allow her to suck long as he pushed her back onto the bed. Once she was on her back, he positioned himself between her legs and began to fuck her. Feng’s legs were high in the air as the man fucked her.

Eventually, Jing slipped his knees under her as he continued to pump. Feng’s legs fell back onto the bed as she arched her back and screamed in ecstasy. The man would alternate the position of her legs as he fucked her. Regardless, the man was free to do whatever he wanted to her compliant body. And Feng climaxed again and again.

When Jing was done, he pulled out of her pussy and positioned himself over her mouth. Feng quickly took the man’s dick into her mouth and began to clean his cock. Once she was done, Jing laid down on the mattress and began to kiss and fondle the woman’s tits. The pair was far from being done for the evening as the brothel women watched, totally envious of Feng, knowing full well what was expected of them now.

However, the women weren’t the only ones watching. Hiding in the darkness, the Shadow watched in horror as his former flower was pollinated and bloomed without him. The man was unable to do anything except watch from the darkness. He was unable to find Margo in China and now that he found her back in New York, he knew she wasn’t the Margo that he once knew. Yet, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. And unbeknownst to him, both Feng and Jing knew he was watching them. The whole show was actually for him and not the women.


Weeks Later

At the Cobalt Club, after many months in China, Jing and his wife make their public debut. La monde is still the same, as everywhere. Same places, same people, same music, same food, same talk, same idle curiosity, looking for something outside itself to amuse it. Margo that was and is no longer, now Feng, is much changed, and such change must cause a stir in this same small world of those who “count.”

Feng, assaulted by a bevy of chattering women, now thinks, “Silly American women with all their chatter give me headache. They not know what their job is, to please husband. They think they have mind of own. Hah! Feng show better way. Make much fucky fucky and be much happy!”

She looks on the outside like a modern American woman in her fashionable dress. Jing has deemed it appropriate for her to wear the latest styles to signal, directly to the women and thus indirectly to their men, that Jing and Feng are wealthy and Feng is much to be admired. Her hair and makeup are, as ever, enhancements of her true beauty. But oh, on the inside everything has changed! And Feng revels in her secret knowledge of what is important and how she is valued.

This understanding, this knowing, gives her a sense of herself that a “modern” Western woman could never begin to understand, much less emulate or acquire, caught as she is between the old and the new . . . too much desirous of being the “lady” to ever act her true nature and revel in her whorishness. Feng has learned the secret desire of all men, to possess fully that which they desire. And her need has answered Jing’s, to be fully possessed. And modern ideas—brainwashing, really—be damned to the iciest of hells.

Really, Feng thinks, “It is a pity, so many women will never learn the secret of their own true nature and that of their mate. I am one of the lucky ones, though.” And her face takes on a light that cannot be extinguished, that causes many who meet her that night for the first time as Feng to think and later say, in endless variants, “Whatever she calls herself, she looks truly happy in a way that few people ever achieve. I’m glad for her. She looked like an angel. What a lucky man that Jing is—I wouldn’t mind trading places.”

“Did you hear about Mary?” one of the woman at Feng’s table asked.

“I heard that her father passed and she inherited everything. Except that’s not what he wanted. He was going to redo his will, but never got the chance,” another woman at the table spoke.

“And what about Buffy. I’ve heard that since she returned from her European vacation, men have been throwing themselves at her, even more than usual. One man even gave her a new house, yet she refuses to date him. What could ever possess a man to offer all that and get nothing?” another woman asked.

Feng glanced over at Buffy, who was dressed elegantly. She knew that Buffy would hand over all her cash and gifts to Jing. And even though Buffy was a tease before she was trained by Mama-san, she was even a greater one now. The woman could cheat a leopard out of its spots if she wanted to. She had men in the palm of her hand, but she always bowed and walked on all fours in front of Jing. Then she would sleep with an Asian man or men that Jing required her to please. Such was Buffy’s life now, unobtainable to American men, but totally subservient to Asian ones. A wry smile quickly appeared and disappeared from Feng’s face as she didn’t share the fact with the women at her table.

“Hello ladies,” Betty-Sue spoke as she approached the table with a well dressed man.

“Hi,” everyone except Feng replied.

“I would like to introduce to Tony. He owns a diamond mine in Africa,” Betty-Sue gushed as she showed off a diamond bracelet around her wrist.

“Excuse me,” an older gentleman spoke as he approached the pair.

“Dad,” Tony mouthed.

“I see my son has good taste, but my dear, he lied to you. That mine belongs to me,” the older gentleman spoke.

“Why I never!” Betty-Sue snarled at Tony, who quickly slunk away. The woman then proceeded to remove the bracelet.

“No ma’am. You can keep the bracelet as long as you join me at my table. My business partners are drinking some fine champagne and imported caviar. Would you care to join us? We seriously need some Southern culture at our table.”

“Then I may the Southern Belle who you’re looking for,” Betty-Sue spoke as she happily took the man’s hand and left with him.

“I heard that Betty-Sue recently returned from a vacation. No one is quite sure where she went, but she’s had quite a few gentlemen callers lately. All of them go home empty handed though,” one of the woman spoke.

“Is it me or have her dresses become tighter?” another one asked.

“It’s just your imagination. She does seem to have more curves though.”

Feng once again held herself in check as she knew exactly where Betty-Sue went. The brunette went to China with her and returned with her. As for the gentlemen callers, she just used them to get gifts and money. As for the curves, that was because Betty-Sue was introduced to the same bathing regiment that Feng had originally received due to the brunette’s clients wanting the woman to be bustier. And the reason that so many men were leaving empty handed was because Betty-Sue’s house had been renovated much like Feng’s house. It too was a brothel, but it was opened later in the morning and it only had one woman, Betty-Sue. All of Betty-Sue’s clients were Chinese and they loved her large tits. In fact, their hand prints were still visible on her tits.

“Did anyone hear about Max’s new business deal?”

“He bought a place in Chinatown and partnered with some Chinese man.”

“I think he sells tea.”

“No. Tea for show. He imports opium,” Feng thought to herself as the other women continued to talk.

Eventually, the clock struck two, but the other women had already left. Feng didn’t really know since she tuned them out hours ago. The woman looked down over the top of her half-empty champagne flute and saw a pair of men’s shoes approaching her. She adjusted her gaze from her jeweled hand to the approaching man, her eyes blue pooled to drown any so unwary as to be drawn into them. The woman saw Lamont Cranston, with a very red face.

“Oh, Mr. Big-Time Shadow, what do you want? Now I may have some fun to share with Master,” the woman thought to herself instead of laughing out loud. Mama-san’s schooling was so ingrained that Feng merely waited for Lamont to speak, her eyes, big and blue, rimmed in darker blue and shadowed in gold dust, focused on him as she looked up. The dim lights of the Cobalt Club somehow gathered around her to emphasize her loveliness, her fragility, as she morphed, in Lamont’s eyes, like a 100 watt bulb that beamed illustriousness, beauty, lustiness. There was no hint of her thoughts flickering. She was the silent, motionless spider in the web that waited and watched the drunken fly slowly moving to ensnare itself, and anticipating the meal to come.

She took a drag from her long, jeweled cigarette holder and waited. She exhaled as the smoke made small circles.

Every movement is fascinating to the man, who is clearly transfixed. Lamont cleared his throat once, then twice.

“Was that a nervous twitch of the hand?” Feng thought to herself. She waited and absorbed his every motion. All of them are clues to a man’s desires. She knew that the man desired her but he does not think he was worthy of her. And of course, he was not. She flicked her eyes downward, then up again, coquettishly. The man was a moth seeking to burn himself in the glorious blue flame of her eyes, so like the blue lights surrounding her in the darkness. She was the brightest of these lights.

“Get a hold of yourself, man!” he admonishes himself. “Is this how you act when faced with your desires? She has not said a word, but oh, what lies behind those eyes? She is smiling, does she not look happy to see you? She is so beautiful, she is lit from within. But . . . in truth, her smile is that of a stranger, not a lover. At least not my lover.”

Feng doesn’t say a word as Lamont’s pale confidence faded into the night for good and he merely mumbles, “Good to see you looking well, again. Errr, Good night.”

The man stumbled to the curb and into Mo’s car; good old Mo.

“Home, Mo,” is all he could say, in a cracked voice. And, mercifully, Mo asked no questions.

“Home sir,” the man spoke instead.

The rest of the ride was a blur.

“No thoughts are safe, don’t think now. Just get home, where it’s safe. Safe?” Lamont thought.

Still seated, Feng took another sip of champagne. The woman savored the yummy bubbles that tickle her nose. Jing appears, silently, as always, and she feels his presence first before she sees him. She waits, in silence, eager for his attention, eager for his words that will send her home, to his office, into a back room, anywhere that he can ravish her body and fuck her brains out.

“Yes, Feng need brains fucky out. Her mouth forms the breathy pout she knows Jing favors, her eyes their sultriest, her breath coming faster in his presence. Oh, this feeling should last forever,” the woman thought.

Jing admired his creation, took pleasure from knowing he has made this fucktoy before him, from the top of her carefully coifed platinum locks to the silk clad pedicured and massaged foot. The man thought naked feet were so sexy as his look assured him his possession was in immaculate order. He imagined, briefly, what he will do to that hair, those lips. He reveled for an instant in the feeling of mastery he experienced again as he covered her face and breasts in his cum, and listened to her high pitched baby voice beg him for more.

Jing, somewhat aroused by his thoughts and memories, decided he needed a release. He signaled one of his men, who touched Feng ever so lightly on her back. She knew it is time to go. She knew that Jing wanted her and she was wet instantly at the thought of the pleasures to come.

“Maybe Jing take me in car first. Maybe Jing make fucky fucky all night long,” she thought excitedly. The woman was aware that it was a particular favorite that Jing indulged only on rare occasions when the press of business and other matters could be held at bay.

Feng, quivered with anticipation and was alert for Jing’s slightest hint, made her way silently, and followed him out of the club. Someone draped her fur around her shoulders, but she felt neither external cold nor heat—she was on fire with desire. She had no need of clothes other than as enticements. She bit her lower lip with passion, her cheeks red as fire under her maquillage. Jing, sensitive to Feng’s every emotion, read her readiness easily. He ignored her outwardly, letting her passion and need build within her, wanting to take her by surprise.

As soon as she was seated, with him beside her, and the car was in motion, without a word or a warning, he turned toward her suddenly and slid his entire hand, in one swift movement, inside her, left his thumb to work her clit with savage sweetness. There was a swift, indrawn breath in response, then she cried out in surprise. As she writhed and moaned on the seat beside him, drenching the leather with her juices, he enjoyed the power he felt. His cock strained his trousers, but he ignored it for the moment, letting his own need build.

When Feng was thoroughly limp, momentarily exhausted by the peaks of pleasure to which she has been driven time after time by Jing, using just one hand, she relaxed. She lied in a stupor, her thoughts disconnected, her body still throbbing. Jing had the ability to raise her lust merely by a look, a word, the slightest touch, a breath. She was his finely tuned instrument and he played her for both his and her pleasure. She reveled in the continuous waves of pleasure still rocking her body rhythmically. She swore that Jing was still fucking her with his hand.

“Feng” his throaty, lust-filled voice, commands, and she looked up, tried to focus, as he thrusts his cock, fully engorged with blood, down her throat. She relished the fullness of his manhood, the smell, the taste, for a long moment before beginning to suck and lick the entire length of him, of his meaty balls.

“Cream, must have all the cream,” she thinks again.

“Good, greedy cunt,” the man said as his words are like fingers stroking her, “suck my cock and then I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are—my whore!”

The long, black vehicle that smelled like a whorehouse on wheels slowly paced the length of the promenade, headed toward the bridge. Jing liked to be driven slowly through the very best parts of town while engaging in the sex acts du soir. It gave a little added relish to the fucking and sucking to know that he was doing whatever he likes to one of the town’s best little whores in front of the finest homes—wouldn’t they all like to join in if only they could see what’s was going on right in front of them.

Feng, swallowed and moaned, while fingered herself—she just couldn’t help herself, she is still so horny, managed to mouth, “Need fucky fucky, Master, Feng need fucky fucky, now.”

Jing turned his thoughts to his fucktoy. Still hard, a state which he could maintain with little effort for an hour or more, as Feng well knew, despite fucking and sucking of all kinds, he buried himself between her smooth, waxed lips. She was so hot for him, he felt the heat of her all the way up to his waist.

“Yes, hot for me. My own little platinum volcano. And only I know how to make her erupt on cue, over and over and over,” he thought.

Much later, in the second floor boudoir designed for her, Feng panted through parted teeth, spread eagled across the round bed, as she watched Jing fuck her on the mirrored ceiling.

“More, Master, more—Feng NEED more fucking!!” She hissed the last as Jing’s weight drove his eight inch cock as far into her as it would possible go. He touched the tip of her womb, teasing it as he teased her, letting her catch her breath for now, the better for the length of time he still planned to work her over.

He could, if he wanted, fuck her for a day and a night with no physical distress. Ah, yes, that had been the honeymoon to end all honeymoons. They had not left the bed for two days except for the necessaries, even ate in bed, they fed each other with greedy fingers, lips, tongues, and nostrils. Breathed, licked, tasted, until they became one being, not knowing where one ended and the other began. That had been satisfying, but not possible in the every day world without preparation. And Jing was a busy man, an important man, with affairs that need tending. And this woman, this wanton cunt that was his proudest possession, she needed tending, too. But he would show some restraint tonight, what is left of the night. Dawn was knocking at the windows, as Feng slid into unconscious bliss, Jing rolled over and pulled up the covers, sliding into a well-earned deep, relaxed sleep.


Miles away, Cranston was still intent on his mission to save Margo from this latest foolishness, this Yellow Fever for things Oriental, saw only too late, in the privacy of his study, what a fool he had made himself in public. Head in hands, brandy in his stomach, he faced facts.

“Well, old man, you succeeded only in making a scene. I wonder who saw me,” he said, finally, aloud, in a voice filled with reproach and self-disgust. It was getting late. And then . . . maybe The Shadow can do better.

Crouched down across the street from Jing’s office, where his information indicated that Jing always came at the end of the night before retiring, soon to enjoy Margo’s favors, the Shadow waited. His intent was to confront Jing Dai and battle for Margo. Surely the better man would win. And if he should lose, then that would be the end of it, but on his terms, not hers or Jing’s.

Alas, Jing never showed. Licking his wounded pride, Lamont crossed his threshold once again, in full daylight now.

“What a fool. An arrogant fool. Why did I not see? Not understand I have no power where Margo is concerned. I am powerless to save Margo . . . because she has no desire at all to be Margo again. Might as well try to drown my sorrows,” he thought and laughed bitterly as he reached out to the silver tray near his chair and poured some brandy.

But—what’s this? A special delivery envelope. With a slight tremor that he banished with an act of will, surprised by its cost, he withdrew in one smooth motion the famous publicity photo of Margo Lane, who proudly displayed the Shadow’s ring.

“The old Margo,” he thought bitterly.

Heartbroken, Lamont read the enclosed note on heavy, scented paper. He sniffs—incense, although not one with which he is familiar.

“Dear Sir,” the letter begins, “Although we are only of slight acquaintance, please forgive my humble missive. You are a man who seeks knowledge and, as true students know, the only knowledge worth having is that of the self. Allow me, then, to offer you that rare objective viewpoint that only the most intimate of lovers, friends, and enemies may offer.”

The man scanned the rest of the pages, Lamont is struck by the words of his enemy, Jing Dai, and the words rang true.

“The letter reminds me of, oh, how foolish I was to lose sight of what was truly important in my life. And to my happiness! Devoting myself to my work . . . hah! What an ego! This man who hardly knows me, really does know how stupid I have been. He has seen the treasure I cast aside to pursue empty self-gratification. For what? To the exclusion even of my darling Margo, how selfish. And how fitting, that my enemy should know me so well. I forgot, I ignored, the first lessons I ever learned in the art of war,” the man grumbled as he flipped Margo’s picture over and saw her as Feng, dressed in a Chinese dress.

At last, Lamont accepted the full truth, that which he learned at the feet of his master, the Tulku—everything that happened was but the consequence of his own choices. One solemn tear slid down his cheek as he realized that he not did deserve such a rare flower as Margo. He saw the truth in her new name, Feng, the Phoenix who had been reborn from the fire and ash of her former neglect. Lamont stared at the picture until night had come, the deeper night in which there was no light . . . and therefore, can be no shadow.

The End


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