Danger Girls: Hammered and Nailed

BY : NightCreeper
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Danger Girls: Hammered and Nailed

By: Night Creeper

Disclaimer: The Danger Girl characters are created by Scott Campbell are owned and created by Scott Campbell. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by Scott Campbell, they are still owned by Scott Campbell. Any resemblance to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: First off, I would like to thanks Night Shade, Felldown (Svengali), and Minoin, who have all suggested ideas that somehow found their way into this story. Hopefully, your idea was used properly. Additionally, I would like to take the time to thank all the people like Flexman who took the time to send comments regarding this story while I had it uploaded into a pending folder. Although I don't edit my stories, so far no one has pointed out any real trouble spots in the story, so I'm hoping that it makes sense.

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Danger Girls: Hammered and Nailed

By: Night Creeper

"Are you sure that this hotel and casino is part of the Hammer Empire?" Abbey Chase asked as she stared at the laptop currently on the dining room table in a cheap rundown motel. The laptop looked like any ordinary laptop, but it had been totally rebuilt and upgraded by Silicon Valerie, a child prodigy. She had put countless hours into making it the best laptop that would never be on the market. It was wireless and had incredible range. Thus, it was able to send and receive satellite signals beamed from the Danger Girl headquarters or any base of operation. It had great battery life and it was both water proof and bullet proof, but most importantly, an individual could play three separate video games on it at one time.

"I'm sure of it," Silicon Valerie replied as her face appeared on the laptop's screen.

"Is that Valerie?" a female voice with a thick Russian accent inquired.

"Yes Natalie. I'm speaking to our resident brain. The same person who has had us work at a hotel and casino as escorts for the past three months. And we still haven't found anything suspicious yet," Abbey yawned.

"Then ask Valerie how much longer we have to be on this wild goose chase. In fact, ask Deuce. Our mission at the Buffet Hotel and Casino is boring! In fact, the name of the place should bring one to tears."

"Did you hear that, Valerie?"

"Yes I did. You can tell Natalie that I have checked things out and the stupid hotel and casino in question is a front used by the Hammer Empire. Deuce agrees with my findings," Valerie rebutted. "If you like, I can fly up there and assist you three."

"Tell the brat to stay home," Natalie's voice shouted from her room.

"Natalie says we'll stay here a little longer. By the way, how long should we stay?" Abbey inquired.

"I don't know. I will consult with Deuce. Hopefully I can have an answer by tomorrow," Valerie replied.

"Alright," Abbey sighed as she pressed the red button and Valerie's picture faded. Replacing it was a Danger Girl logo that was also used as a screen saver. It would flash randomly at times, appearing and disappearing on the screen. To the untrained eye, it would only be considered a screen saver, but the Danger Girls were informed that if they stared at the logo for a full ten minutes, they would see words and symbols hidden on the logo. They would need to jot the words and symbols down and then translate them from a guide that Valerie prepared. This way, no one would be able to access the laptop without proper training, ensuring the safety of its contents, which was basically Valerie's games. However, it did prevent access to the laptop, which Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage agreed with, but it raised the ire of Natalie Kassle, who thought it would be easier just to have a random password generator that would be used by Valerie instead. Valerie refused to change it and Deuce allowed her to keep it, so as a concession, all three Danger Girls would rotate on who would have to decipher the code. The girls basically came to the conclusion that the password was Valerie's way to feel connected to the team since she was never used in the field.

"So how much longer do we have be escorts?" Natalie asked from her room.

"As long as it takes," Abbey spoke as she closed the laptop and stood up.

"Damn! Hurry up then. The limousine is set to pick us up in an hour," Natalie warned.

"I know. It's like clockwork. I'm just hoping that Sydney is having better luck right now."

"She isn't having any luck. She's had the same ten clients on a rotating schedule. I doubt she's getting any new information," Natalie scoffed.

"You know Natalie, if you weren't so cold, you may get some repeat customers. It's not like we have to sleep with these people. All we need to do is let them wine and dine us, we give them some companionship, and they tell us their sob stories."

"So what is Deuce expecting us to do? Hope that one of these people tell us that their linked to the Hammer Empire? No wonder why the place is called Buffet, everyone eats!"

"I'm not sure, but we've searched the offices and everything looks legitimate. We must be missing something," Abbey spoke as she entered her room and began to change.


At the Hotel and Casino

Sydney Savage smiled as she drank her wine. The woman was wearing a black stretch Satin keyhole dress with cut out sides and shoulders. Basically, there were two cuts in the dress that resembled keyholes around her rib area while another cut was right above her chest, giving a good bird-eye's view of her breasts. She had to be extremely careful with the dress since if she moved her arms to quickly or too far, the fabric above her ribs may ride up and reveal a little too much of her breast. Of course the lower portion of the dress meant that she had to keep her legs crossed at all times when seated, but she loved the way the dress looked on her and most importantly, the way men acted around her. Currently, seated across from her was Forge Slian, a German man in his late 20's with blue eyes and blonde hair. Out of all of Sydney's clients, he was the most behaved and charming one. He never made a pass at her and would never try to grope or rub against her body like the others, which is why Sydney preferred him. Of course, the story of how he got his name was also quite entertaining. The man received the name because his parents were tired of their old name because there were just too many names listed under the phone book. With Slian, there was only one listing, ever. "So how was the trip?" Sydney asked.

"Well Sandy," Forge replied as he slipped the waiter some money under the table so that he would clear it much faster. "I actually came back two days ago, but you were already booked that night, so I had to wait my turn. I found some exquisite rubies that your mother would love."

Sydney had a whole back story to the character that she was playing. Her name was Sandy Styles and she was a struggling actress from Australia, hoping to hit it big, but found herself in working at the casino during her off days. Making things more complicated was that her mother, the only surviving relative was in poor health, so that she didn't have time to look at scripts and do readings. Instead, she was too busy trying to earn money to mail back to her. Oddly enough, Sydney was actually mailing money to Silicon Valerie, who didn't appreciate the fact that she was playing the part of an ailing mother, but continued to play along since she felt part of the mission. "Keep the rubies. You know I don't take charity," the Australian woman replied.

"But I got them especially for you. I took some time off during my business trip to find them."

"You wasted your time then."

"If you don't want them. At least take a look at them first."

"Alright. Where are they?"

"In my room."

"In your room?"

"If you are uncomfortable with coming up to my room, you can stay here and I will go get them."

"Men have asked me to go to their rooms on numerous occasions even on they very first night, but you're the only one who has offered to go up and come back."

"Are you offended? For I am sorry for my . . ."

"No need to apologize, Forge. Just a quick peek and we're done though, correct?"


"Then lead the way."


In another part of Casino

"Are you done?" Natalie Kassle asked as she watched her client, Hammerhead, who was busy devouring his eighth plate of ribs. Hammerhead had a flat top, a large protruding chin, and big muscles, but no brains. Natalie only put up with him since she figured him to be the typical Hammer Empire operative. She had seen him at least twice a month, which was already too much for her. There was no need to build a dialogue and friendship. Just use them and lose them is what she was going for. Luckily for her, Hammerhead was always too busy eating to be paying attention to her, which allowed her to do other things, like count the tiles on the ceiling. The Russian woman loathed this assignment with a passion.

"Are you going to eat that?" Hammerhead asked with a mouthful of food as he pointed at Natalie's unfinished mashed potatoes.

"No, but I'm sure you do," she snapped back.

"Damn skippy," Hammerhead replied as he stabbed his fork into the potatoes and scooped a little onto his plate.

"Damn ugly," Natalie muttered as she rested her face in her hands.

"If you're tired, you should go to sleep. I'll finish up here!" the man spoke happily as he used his hand to scoop up more potatoes.

"I'm just going to powder my nose," Natalie spoke as she left the table. Hammerhead hardly even glanced at the woman's red dress. Instead, he looked down at the red tablecloth and wondered where did his bib went. Rather than ask for a new one, he simply yanked the tablecloth to his shirt collar and continued eating.



"This is your room?" Sydney asked Forge as they entered his suite. The room was oval shaped and there was a full bar to her left, a piano on her right, full entertainment center along the wall on the other side of the room, a hot tub next to long C-shaped couch in the middle of the room, and two doors along the each side of the wall.

"You haven't seen the suites before, Sandy?" Forge asked as he closed the door and went behind the bar.

"Employees aren't given the main tour. All we see is the casino and dining areas," Sydney replied as she stared up at the chandelier lights.

"Well, look around then," the man spoke as he ducked behind the bar.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Sydney asked as she stepped next to the bar and peered down at Forge.

"No. I was just getting the rubies. I stored them inside the refrigerator for safekeeping before I went downstairs. By the way, thank you for agreeing to meet me early today," the man spoke as he closed the mini-fridge, stood up, and poured the contents of small brown bag onto the bar counter.

"Wow! These aren't rubies! These are diamonds!" Sydney exclaimed.

"No kidding. I guess that's why the man wanted so much money for them. And all this time, I thought they were Amethyst," Forge laughed. "Seriously Sandy, I think you should take them. Then you can sell them and get the hell out of this hell hole. You deserve a lot better," the man spoke as he poured himself a drink.

"What makes you say that?"

"I told you, I came back early two days ago. I saw you with two other clients, one on each of those days. Each one hovered over you and watched you like a piece of meat. It was disgusting. An aspiring actress shouldn't have to work this dive to make it. Besides, you said it yourself, you haven't had time to audition because you're always trying to make money to send back to your mother. I find that admirable. My parents would have loved for me to send back money. Although, they don't mind the mansion that they are living in now. Anyway, take the diamonds."

"I can't. It's not right," Sydney replied as she placed the diamond back onto the counter.

"What's not right is a lovely person like yourself hanging around a bunch of old drunks, let alone a young drunk like myself," Forge replied as he sipped his drink.

"You're not going to pour me a drink?" Sydney asked after staring at him for a few long seconds.

"I thought you said we were going to look and leave."

"I can have a drink if you're willing to part with one."

"Parting is such sweet sorrow, but to drink with you is nothing more than divine," the man spoke as Sydney blushed.


"As you can see Mr. Smigel, Annie here is an excellent young female," Baron Von Hammer, the owner of the Buffet Hotel and Casino spoke with a heavy German accent. The man was every bit a cliche from Hogan's Heroes. He had the accent, the mannerisms, and even monocle to match. At first, Abbey Chase was sure that the man worked for the Hammer Empire except that he wasn't that smart to keep something like that a secret for so long. Thus, she rationed the man was either very intelligent and a great actor or someone that was just lucky to have a job. After two weeks, Abbey was pretty sure that he was just lucky.

"I like her, but your prices are just too high," Mr. Smigel, a short man with bad teeth spoke. He also had thinning hair and beady eyes. "She is beautiful, but paying $10,000 for a night is a bit steep."

"You said you wanted a beautiful girl, so I found you one. I think $10,000 is a fair price since you're trying to one up your wife."

"Perhaps this guy isn't that stupid," Abbey said to herself, knowing full well that normal prices were about a $1,000 per hour and this Smigel only wanted someone to sit close to him on the casino floor for a good two hours.

"My wife would never believe someone like her would date me," Smigel spoke as he scratched his head.

"She will after we send you to Table 7. It's our lucky table. Everyone at Table 7 wins. At least, people that I send there with one of my lovely escorts," Von Hammer replied with a smile.

"How so?"

"The dealer at Table 7 will make sure that you win almost every hand. The money is really yours, you don't win any money from the house. So the price is high so that you look like a big shot."

"So $10,000?"

"Actually, the price is $15,000."

"But you said it was $10,000."

"It is. $10,000 for the girl and Table 7, but we do need some more chips on the table to make you look like a big shot. So we need an extra $5,000 on the table. You'll give me $10,000 and put $5,000 on the table. In the end, you'll win $10,000. That way, Annie will escort you and your money away while everyone else will only be able to envy you. You think you're ex-wife and her new pool-boy boyfriend can outdo that? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised the new beau comes running after Annie here. How's that for revenge?"

"You can do that?"

"For another $5,000, I am sure Annie can find a way to pull him away from her."

"Mr. Von Hammer, you got yourself a deal!" Mr. Smigel spoke as he leapt from his seat and shook Baron Von Hammer's hand.

"Maybe this guy isn't as dumb as he looks or sounds," Abbey thought to herself, a bit amazed by the deal that the owner just made.


"I spoke with Mr. Von Hammer last night," Forge spoke as he tickled the ivory of the piano while Sydney sat beside him, sipping her drink. "He told me that you only make a few hundred dollars an hour."

"We shouldn't discuss the fee," Sydney spoke.

"I'm not asking for a refund here, Sandy. I'm trying to make you a business proposition. At least give me the chance to make my sales pitch here. I am a businessman you know."

"I'm not taking the diamonds."

"I know and I'm not asking you to."

"Alright, make your pitch?" Sydney sighed.

"Since I'm only paying $1,000 for an hour and you're only here on average of six hours, you're making less than half that amount. You should be entitled to $3,000, but you're not taking that much money. You're probably getting $1,500. Am I right?"

"You're close."

"That's not a lot of money to mail back home."

"It is if I do it every night."

"By why kill yourself hanging out with a bunch of drunks that can't get a date?"

"You can't get date?"

"I can if I pay $6,000 for them."

"Ha, ha," Sydney chuckled as she shoved his left arm playfully.

"So this is my proposition, I pay for the full day for a few weeks. If I'm not here, you still get paid. No hanky-panky or anything like that. I have two rooms. My room is the full one with bath and king sized bed. You can have the spare that has my temporary office. If need be, I can move the office to my room. That means, you'll make roughly $10,000 a day and you won't have to hang around smelly guys, pretending to be interested in what's coming out of their mouths."

"What makes you so certain that I am interested in what's coming out of your mouth right now?"

"I don't, but at least I'm giving you a chance to get out of here without any real gimmicks. You're still on the clock and nothing is given to you on a silver platter. All I ask is that I get a letter from your mother in regards to how she is spending it. I don't even have to see the letter and it doesn't have to sent directly to me. In fact, she doesn't even to need to know about it. All you need to do is read me parts where she is talking about how she is spending the money. That's it."

"Why does my life matter so much to you?"

"I see myself when I see you."

"You see a man?"

"GOD NO!" Forge laughed as he slammed the keys. "I see a person who is willing to sacrifice and share her wealth with her parent, because the parent did everything for her when she was growing up. My parents weren't rich, but they worked two jobs each so I can get my schooling in the best schools. And when everyone became a day trader, I got rich, and got out quick. The first thing I did was buy my parents a new house, made them quit their jobs since they were still paying off some loans, and I paid everything and gave them some spending money that made some local banks envious. I'm not suggesting that you do the same for your mother, but at least take this opportunity to do something for yourself and your mother."

"You're really serious about this?"

"I am."

"What if I tell Mr. Von Hammer that I never want to see you again?"

"You could, but he already booked you for the whole day. So basically, I paid for twenty hours to be by myself if you walk out that door right now. At least try the arrangement for one week. See how much money you can make and how it will affect your entire life," Forge spoke and waited for an answer or reaction. Instead, he just saw the brunette take a sip from her glass.

"Did you lock the door?" Sydney finally asked.

"Yes," the man stammered.

"Well, if the door is locked, I guess I'll just have to listen to you finish playing this music piece on the piano before it can be unlocked."

"So you're saying that I should take my time."

"Just finish the piece and let me think about your proposal."

"Done," the man spoke as he continued to play.


The Next Day

"So let me get this straight. He's willing to pay for you and you refused him. He sounds dreamy! Does he look like one of those princes from those fairy tales? Oh wait, I bet you he has a white horse!" Valerie gushed.

"He's decent looking, but I can't take money from him. My job is to find out how the Hammer Empire is using the casino," Sydney retorted.

"Stop being such a dead fish. Maybe this guy knows something. You said that he frequents the place and he has some contacts and business partners that also goes to the casino. What if they know something? Doesn't hurt to try it out for a few days. Unless he's asking you to sleep with him."

"We have different rooms."

"So what's the problem?"

"So you're okay with the arrangement?"

"Sure. If you're not, tell him you have a sister and she's coming to visit."

"I can't do that since I told him I was an only child. However, you do get to participate too."

"Really? How? Tell me and I'll do it!!"

"You have to pretend to be my mother and write how you're spending the money."


"You said you wanted to be part of the mission."

"Fine. Fine. I bought some hardware with the last batch that you sent me. I got this great GPS system with a . . ."

"I don't think my poor mother goes out and buys state of the art equipment."

"Okay dearie, your mother will buy some knitting needles and make you a sweater. Just don't sleep with the guy on the first date. And save some of him for your mother," Valerie laughed.

"You can have him if that's all you're thinking of. I just don't want to take advantage of the poor guy."

"You can trade with Natalie. Some guy named Hammerhead is buying her time again today."

"I've seen him. I'll keep Forge," Sydney chuckled.

"Okay, just don't forget to tell me all the juicy details. A mother has to know what her daughter is up to!"

"Very funny Valerie. Very funny."

"Remind me to tailor the password to the situation tomorrow. Just remember to be careful though. He sounds like a nice guy, but his last name is Nails backwards."

"That's right! I've realized that, but I think he's harmless. I will keep an eye on him though. What about the laptop? I won't be able to come back here."

"I'll ask Deuce about it. He'll probably have me send a laptop to you. We can always find a real old one and modify it."

"Where is Deuce?"

"He's with Johnny trying to track down some leads."

"How is Johnny?"

"Johnny is busy thinking about me. Have Forge think about me too."

"He does, mom," Sydney laughed. "Which reminds me, I have to start packing since we're only doing for a week."

"Keep me informed!" Valerie laughed as she began to write a letter about how she was spending the money.


Five Nights Later

"When is this bastard going to stop eating?" Natalie asked herself as she watched Hammerhead eat another plate of hot wings and ribs. The man had been eating nonstop since he won $400 from the Blackjack table an hour ago. So far he eaten eight plates of wings and ribs. Then again, it was a buffet, but that wasn't the point. The point was that Natalie was sick and tired of the place and Deuce telling them that they had to spend another month was just too much. Worse yet, Hammerhead had hired her services for another night, which made it four nights in one month and it wasn't even over yet. Natalie was about to lose her mind.

A couple of hundred feet away from the dining area, Abbey Chase was sitting with Mr. Smigel, who had such a fine time making his ex-wife and new lover unhappy, had paid for another night with Abbey by his side. He liked the way people looked at him. Of course, sitting at Table 7 with a huge pile of chips in front of him and a hot girl by his side was also a very appealing notion for him. The man was spending a lot of money, but he didn't care. However, he was not a very talkative person. In fact, the new lover of his ex-wife was more talkative. Abbey actually learned some of the schedules of the other girls and how some of them were being rotated. That gave the woman an idea. She could try to sneak into Baron Von Hammer's office and find the schedule. Perhaps that way, she can find something about the Hammer Empire by trying to see the other paying customers.

A few flights up, Sydney Savage was busy downing another glass of alcohol as she read the letter from Valerie, who was happily pretending to be Sydney's mom. "So Sandy," Sydney read from the letter. "I'm very happy that your acting career is taking off. I told you not to send so much money, but I was delighted to receive another envelope of money. If you are able to get more from your movie role, I think we can pay off your father's old debts soon. Please take care of yourself. Love, Mom."

"See!" Forge spoke. "I told you that you're mom would be proud of you and that the extra money would be worth it."

"So . . . so you . . . werrrrrre rrrrright," Sydney slurred.

"Sandy, how much have you drank?" Forge inquired.

"Enough," Sydney spoke as she leaned forward and kissed Forge on the cheek.

"San . .. Sandy," Forge stammered as the woman leaned toward him. Sydney was wearing a white T-shirt and pink shorts since they were inside the room. Thus, when the woman leaned over and pressed her chest against Forge, the man was instantly uncomfortable. He was a bit freaked when she began to kiss his neck and ran her hands across his hair.

"Thank you, Forrrrgge," Sydney yawned as she passed out on his shoulder. The woman's mind rejected all thought relating to the man working for the Hammer Empire. A man like him was just too nice to follow those evil individuals, the woman thought to herself.

"Oh dear," the man spoke as he tried to nudge the woman. His nudging increased as the seconds ticked by. Eventually, he was shaking the woman's arms, but there was still no response, but when her mouth opened, he felt relieved.


Two Days Later

"My mother send me another letter today," Sydney replied as she placed her empty champagne glass onto the table and snuggled up to Forge. "She was really happy."

"I'm glad she's happy, Sandy," Forge replied as he scratched Sydney's mane. "Isn't this better than escorting unknown men around? I'm barely even here some times and you're free to do whatever."

"It was nice," the woman purred as she adjusted her head on his shoulder. "So how long are you staying here?"

"I have to leave tomorrow."

"What?" Sydney asked as she lifted her head up and stared at the man.

"I have to leave tomorrow for another business trip, but I'll be back in a week. I thought you said that you were going . . ."

"I'll pay for the seven days that I am not here."

"I don't think Von Hammer will go for that. When you leave that tomorrow, he might book me again."

"He wouldn't."

"He would. He's done that to other people before."

"Will you miss me then? And if not, are you warming up to my offer?"

"You know Forge, I never properly thanked you for being such a nice gentleman during my two drunken episodes," Sydney stammered.

"No need to thank me. You were drunk so I carried you to bed. The problem with drunk people is that they have a knack for regurgitating in their sleep, hence I kept an eye before I too passed out."

"I don't know if another client would have done that . . ."

"I'm sure they would have."

"I'm sure they would have done something else."

"I . . ."

"Shhhh," Sydney spoke as she kissed the man hard against the cheek. The kiss lasted several seconds before Sydney pulled away.

"This isn't right . . . you're drunk . . ." Forge panted, not sure what to do.

"I'm tipsy, but I want this," Sydney spoke as she pulled the white T-shirt off of her and revealed her magnificent breasts to the man. She then leaned forward and buried Forge's face between her mounds. The breathed in Sydney's scent before licking the sides of her breasts and planting light kisses. His hands gently caressed the woman's back, tenderly embracing him as she planted kisses on top of his head. The gentleness of the man made Sydney want him even more since most guys would have gone insane by now. "Take me, Forge. Take me," she moaned as she laid down on the couch, bring him down with her as she buried his face between her cleavage.

"Are you sure you want this, Sandy?" the sweaty man asked he pulled his head from her breasts only because she released him so she could unzip his pants.

"I want you," Sydney purred as her hands stroked his member and ripped his underwear, freeing his manhood. "Take off my shorts and fuck me," Sydney spoke and felt a surge of pleasure through her body.

"I . . . I . . ." the man stammered as he unbuttoned her shirts, unzipped them, and pulled them slowly.

"Faster! I need you inside me," Sydney moaned as she shook off his hands and released his manhood. She brought her knees to her chest and kicked the shorts off. She then opened her legs before wrapping them behind Forge. "Now, take me!" she moaned as she felt another surge of electricity shot up her spine.

Forge could see that the woman's sex had a thin layer of hair, nothing more than a stubble patch. However, it was covered in her juices and glistened. Her juice dripped from her sex as her body squirmed for his embrace. He placed his member at the Sydney's entrance and looked at the smiling woman, who was busy licking her lips. Forge then placed his hands on her hips and thrust himself into her, pushing past her pussy lips, and entering her warm wet tunnel. "Oh!" the man grunted as Sydney's legs pulled him even closer.

"Harder! Faster!" Sydney moaned, trying to get the man use more powerful strokes, but Forge was very methodical. The man was making love to her as he slowly thrust into her, kissing her neck and rubbing his hands across her body. This was the first time that any of her partners was actually worried about her pleasure. Most of them just went as fast as possible, not believing their luck, but Forge was making sure that her entire body received pleasure, something that the woman liked. Her pleas died down and she held onto his shoulders, enjoying the moment and relaxing her legs.

"This is amazing," the man thought to himself as he laid on top of Sydney, slowly pumping his member into her while planting sensual kisses on her neck. His hands slipped under Sydney and hugged the woman close him as he made love to her on the couch. And the current rate, he could go for quite some time.


The Next Day

All three Danger Girls were dressed and seated around the laptop of their dingy apartment. On the screen were both Deuce and Silicon Valerie. "Alright girls, did you find anything?"

"Not really," Natalie replied.

"We found some leads, but they made lead to dead ends," Abbey chimed in.

"Like what?"

"Natalie is seeing some guy named Hammerhead," Valerie spoke.

"Don't remind me. It seems like someone took a hammer and pounded the man's head because he's as dumb as a brick. I seriously doubt that's part of the Hammer Empire. I don't think they've started to recruit rejects yet," Natalie replied almost glaring at Valerie.

"His name is Hammerhead. That counts for something. Maybe they're using him as muscle. Keep an eye on him, Natalie."

"Yes Deuce, I will," Natalie sighed.

"What about you, Abbey?"

"I had four clients that have used up most of my time. I still think that Baron Von Hammer may be the best lead though."

"The owner?"

"I've heard the other girls talk about things."

"Like what?"

"Some were being rotated. I asked for more information and I found that some girls weren't just getting new schedules, they were being reassigned. Oddly enough, none of the girls are heard of again. Maybe the Hammer Empire is into white slavery now. It's definitely something that I want to check up on."

"I should help her!" Natalie exclaimed.

"No. I think Natalie can handle that part. Natalie, check to see if Hammerhead is part of that scheme. Follow him and stay close to him."

"I'll hide in the dining room then," Natalie muttered under breath.

"What about you, Sydney?"

"Nothing to report Deuce. I haven't had much leads. I just have a lot of people slobbering over me," Sydney replied.

"Beats having someone slobber all over some food and splashing it on you," Valerie laughed.

"Laugh it up, small fry," Natalie hissed as she began to play with her blades.

"Well, see what you can dig up. Johnny heard that something major is going to happen at that place shortly. So I want everyone on their toes. Understand?"

"Yes!" all three girls replied.

"Great! I knew I could count on you all!"


Four Days Later

Sydney Savage was wearing a black dress as she dined with another old client. The meal was okay, but he ordered way too much drinks. Both people were a bit tipsy. The man had brown hair and went by the name William Spikes, a bodybuilder. Every time that Sydney had seen him, he was always wearing a black tuxedo, and tonight was no different. However, he did seem to sport new cufflinks. Sydney could only get a glance at them since the man kept on moving his hands, but she could have sworn that they resembled hammers. The Australian woman tried to concentrate on it, but her mind wasn't quick enough, thanks to alcohol. "Damn! Missed it again," she cursed herself.

"So Sandy . . . how is your mother?" the man asked as he poured himself another glass of champagne.

"My mother . . ." Sydney spoke trying to remember all the parts of her cover story.

"Yes. I believe you said that you had a hard time helping her."

"It's gotten a little easier. I had a script reading a few days ago and got some from that," Sydney lied. Although it wasn't a real lie. She did read something to Valerie, pretending to be a audition. Valerie had fun typing up the incredibly bad script and was enthusiastic about doing another one. Regardless, Forge was pleased with the fact that Sandy had auditioned and gave her the money as promised.

"That's great! I hope you're mother is doing better with all that cash that you're sending back. You are sending it back to mother, right?"

"Oh yes," Sydney replied as she began to squirm in her seat.

"Are you okay?" the man asked as she saw Sandy's breathing increase. He could also see her face becoming red.

Sydney wasn't sure what was happening, but her sex was on fire. The woman quickly got up. "It must be something I ate, I'll be back," she spoke as she ran toward the restroom.


"I don't see anything," Abbey spoke as she went through the files in Baron Von Hammer's office. She had been searching for over two hours now, but continued to search since Natalie was outside, keeping watch. Abbey had no idea how close she was to getting caught. However, Natalie Kassle had spotted the man returning to his office. At that exact moment, the communication satellite must have went down, because Natalie wasn't able to warn Abbey with the transmitter in her necklace. Thus, the woman sprang into action, cutting the man off. However, he still wanted to get into his office after some dry conversation. In the end, Natalie planted a huge wet kiss on the man's lips. After the kiss, the man took her by the arm and lead her to his room for sex. She didn't want to, but she was hoping that Abbey could find something and ending the whole charade, thus she relented.

Above the office, Natalie squatted over Baron Von Hammer. Her hands gripped her ass and parted them as she dangled her firm breasts just inches away from the man's face. His manhood was busy thrusting in and out of her sex as she tried not to grit her teeth and kill the man on the spot. Her lips were covered in a light gloss of the man's dried sperm as he took her mouth earlier before using her sex. Natalie cursed herself for trying this distraction, but she couldn't deny that her body was reacting to it. However, she blamed it on the alcohol that she drank while eating dinner with Hammerhead.

"Little Nikki, we're going to have to do this every day," Baron Von Hammer panted as he cupped the woman's breasts and squeezed.

"Every day?" Natalie yelled in a high pitch voice.

Taking it as a statement, the man smiled and thrust into the woman even harder. Within seconds, Natalie lost her balance and fell onto the man's bed. Von Hammer got off the bed and placed her legs onto his shoulders. He then rammed his member back into her sex as he held onto her hips at the edge of the bed. "Every day," he grunted as he continued to fuck Natalie.

"You better thank me for this later, Abbey," Natalie's mind cursed as her body got pushed closer to the edge.


"Oh yes!" a drunk Sydney Savage moaned as she laid on top of a table inside William's hotel room. She still had her dress on, but it was bunched around her waist. The woman's panties laid on the floor as the man fingered her dripping cunt. When Sydney left the table, she ran into the woman's restroom, locked herself in a stall and fingered herself for quite some time, but she never got off. Instead, she became very horny and frustrated. She quickly left the stall, fixed her dress, washed her hands before returning to the table, and yanked William Spikes from the table. Luckily for him, he had a dining room tab or the wait staff would have descended on him. Before he knew it, they were headed to his room, not that he minded.

"You're really wet," the man exclaimed as his hands were soaked.

Sydney paid little attention to him as her hands reached into her own dress and began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and protruding. The straps of her dress began to strain and eventually ripped, but the woman continued to squeeze her breasts and moaned. She wasn't sure why she was so horny, but she was and she didn't care how or who got her off. "Faster! Faster!" she prodded.

"Forget this," the man huffed as he picked up Sydney by her waist. Her legs bent at knees as her ankles touched his back. The back of her arms slapped against his thighs as the man licked her sex. Sydney's arms wrapped around the man's knees and it looked like he was going to powerbomb her to the floor. However, the man never dropped her. Instead his tongue continued to attack her while Sydney's juices dripped down her body, splashing against her breasts.

"Yes! Yes!" the woman moaned as she completely lost herself in the moment. Before she knew it, she was on her back. Her ankles were hovering a few inches above her head as the man slammed into her sex. The woman howled like banshee as she climaxed and allowed the man to use her.


The Next Day

"I don't know, Valerie," Abbey spoke as she stared at the woman's image on the laptop. "Both Sydney and Natalie didn't come home last night. When I exited the office, Natalie was nowhere to be seen."

"That does sound like quite a dilemma," Valerie sighed. "However, like you said in the past, you're all highly trained, so it's not the end of the world. In fact, I'm sure that both of them are quite safe."

"I guess you're right. Kind of funny for someone not in the field to bring me to my senses."

"I suppose. Anyway, that's my job to keep everything in perspective. Both Deuce and Johnny don't think I'm ready for the field either. So, I'll just hang around here with my computer stuff. By the way, did you find anything in the Von Hammer's office?"

"I noticed that he had some girl going out with somebody new. The name of the client was marked out, but I did a little checking and it seems that he has paid in the past. At least, the marked out names looked similar in length."

"Are you saying that he's hiding the man's records?"

"I think so. I talked to the girl and she's willing to change assignments with me, so I can go out with that man."

"Is she suspicious?"

"No. I offered her some money and she readily agreed. I told her that I was bored with Smigel. Then I asked if I could switch with her. That's when she told me that she was seeing a new client and be happy to switch."

"Will Von Hammer agree?"

"He probably will since Smigel might pay more money to switch girls. Think about how his wife will react when she sees him with a new girl."

"Might get jealous."

"Precisely Valerie. I think the man would pay big bucks for that. As for Von Hammer, money talks."

"So when are you going to ask?"

"Today. While I'm gone, see if you can get in touch with the others."

"Will do. Although my programs are telling me that Sydney did check her e-mails last night, so she must be in Forge's room. As for Natalie, I don't know."

"That's a start. See if you can contact Sydney. Perhaps Natalie stayed there too since Forge is away."

"Consider it done!"


Back at the Hotel and Casino

After the little incident with William Spikes, Sydney's dress was in no shape for her to return to the apartment. Instead, she showered and used her spare key and entered Forge Slian's room. The Danger Girl thought that the man was still on his trip, so she retreated to his room and began to read the messages that Valerie left her, pretending to be her mom. Sydney thought that Valerie was having way too much fun with the charade, but it did make the computer prodigy feel more like a member of the team, so Sydney didn't say anything. Instead, as she read the e-mails, the woman left her room and made herself a drink before returning to her mail. As she continued to read, her thoughts went back to what she did with both William and Forge. It was very unlike her to do something like that. She usually used her sexuality as a weapon, but her body simply overloaded and she sought relief from them instead of the other way around, which is the men running away to jerk off. As she thought about it more and more, the woman took a few sips from her drink, undressed, laid on the bed, and began to masturbate. Her fingers invaded her slick sex as she moaned quite loudly. Before too long, the door to her room opened and a sleepy Forge entered the room, carrying a large phone book as a weapon. The man was embarrassed when he saw what Sydney was doing. He quickly apologized and tried to close the door, but Sydney ran after him.

The naked woman twirled the man around and pulled open his robe. She then pulled his boxers to his ankles. Her right hand gripped the base of his member while her left hand stroked him. Sydney's tongue licked the head of his member several times before stuffing it into her mouth. The woman bobbed her head on the stunned man's member, moaning the entire time.

Forge took a few minutes before his brain processed everything. Immediately, a huge smile appeared on his face as he too moaned. The moan excited Sydney, who allowed his member to pop out of her mouth. Forge then helped her up and planted her firm buttocks on top of the piano. The man then knelt down and licked her leaky sex. Sydney moaned loudly as her body tensed. She tossed her head backwards and flung her about as she gripped the piano.

As the seconds ticked by, the woman grew weaker and weaker as her lust increased, fanned by Forge's tongue. Thus, she found herself lying on her back with her legs hanging over the side of the piano. Her left arm reached below her breasts and pushed both of them toward her face as Forge came up for air. She asked him to come to the other side where her head was hanging over the side. Forge did as he was told and was surprised when Sydney grabbed his manhood with her right hand and began to slide it in and out of her mouth, making him hard.

Once the man was hard, Sydney slipped off the piano. With her legs spread, she had the man take her from behind. His hard member thrust in and out of her sex while his hands gripped her hips. Sydney unhappy with his hands, yanked his hands, and placed them on her breasts. When the man squeezed down, pleasure shot through her body. And when he squeezed even more, the woman almost climaxed. Eventually, she did and she asked him to take her to his room, which he did, and they both dozed off.

Now, with the sun shining into the room, Sydney Savage was busy ramming the man's member between her breasts. Forge was lying on his back, panting for breath as Sydney hovered over him and slammed his member against her chest while little splotches of sperm trickled down her smooth skin. Eventually, the woman cupped her breasts and began to massage the man's meat with them. Forge moaned loudly as the excitement was just too much to take. He could hardly believe what he was waking up to. All he did was ask about the woman's mother. The man shot his load and Sydney smiled before she took his member into her mouth, where she began to clean it.


At Baron Von Hammer's Office

After being cleared by the secretary, Abbey Chase walked into Baron Von Hammer's office and strode up to the man's desk. "I spoke to Smigel, sir. He wants Veronica tonight instead of me," Abbey spoke as she stood in front of the man's desk.

"Why is that?" Von Hammer inquired.

"He thinks that having another woman on his arm will drive his ex-wife crazy."

"Not convinced."

"Smigel is willing to throw in an extra $2000."

"I don't know. He does want someone new."

"I'm not new? Have I seen him before?" Abbey feigned surprise.

"No. No, you haven't seen him before!" Von Hammer replied as he quickly scribbled something onto a sheet of paper and folded it once he was done. He then handed it to the woman that he knew as Annie. "Give that to Veronica and she will give her assignment to you.

"Thanks!" Abbey smiled as she blew him a kiss and left the room.

"She's gone," Von Hammer moaned as he stroked the wet hair from the woman's face, freeing her from any obstruction as she sucked on his member. Natalie Kassle was busy wrapping her lips around the head of Von Hammer's member. When Abbey entered the room, the woman stopped sucking and began to lick the sides of the man's member. With Abbey gone, the woman's fingers began to cup his balls while she knelt under his desk, totally nude, and serviced him. The woman was going to make things an one-night stand, but she found herself unable to turn down his offer since she rather fuck the man than go out with Hammerhead again. Thus, she stripped and knelt beneath his desk. "I'm hard now. Next," the man panted.

"At least, he's not Hammerhead," she told herself as she released his member and squashed her breasts against it. The pink head slapped against her chin as she moved her hands, allowing the man's tool to slide between her orbs. Like a prairie dog, the head of Von Hammer's tool would poke out of her breast, only to disappear as Natalie worked her hands and moved her thighs. The woman even licked the head when it peaked from her breasts.

As time passed, Natalie found herself sitting on the man's lap with his member buried deep inside her sex as she slammed her ass against his lap. Her hands cupped her breasts as she rode him. Soon, her own hands began to crush her breasts as well as gripping and pulling on her hard nipples. As she rode him, her face was toward the door, and to her surprise, it began to open. "Oh no," the woman panted.

"Hello Nikki," Hammerhead spoke as he entered the room. "I was a bit saddened when Von Hammer called me and said that you couldn't make it. However, I do have a date with another woman. But when you're done, you have a date with my brother, Jack. Some people called him Jackhammer, but you can call him, Jack"

"Hi," Jack spoke as he entered the room. The man was bald and overweight with a big gut. He had a beard that made him look like a mountain man and when he began to unbutton the top of his plaid shirt, he had brown hair like a grizzly bear. Natalie thought the man had to be at least two hundred pounds overweight. "Am I early?" he asked as he closed the door behind him.

"No. One time," Von Hammer spoke as he gripped Natalie's hips and shoved her off of his lap. The man then planted her on top of his desk. "Spread your legs, Nikki," Von Hammer spoke as he laid her down with her head close to him.

Natalie didn't know why, but she complied. She laid back and spread her legs, allowing the disgusting man to see her dripping sex. It didn't take long for the man to unzip his pants and shove his prick into her sex. She could feel his fat gut slamming onto her stomach as the man plowed into her, gripping her hips. The woman's left hand reached up and tried to push him off, but the feel of his wet, hairy chest, made her even wetter. The man smelled like a soggy dog as looked disgusting as he sweated like a pig, but Natalie found herself getting wetter and wetter, and it wasn't because the man's sweat was raining onto her body. The woman couldn't explain it, but she climaxed under the man. Then tears escaped her eyes as she realized it was the best climax that she ever had and she had it while be watched by three men, one of them her boss and the other, the client that she loathed the most.


"Oh yes! Yes! Forge!" Sydney screamed as she bucked on all fours as the man took her from behind. The Danger Girl wanted to leave the room hours ago, but for some odd reason, she stayed and chatted with him. The more Forge asked her about her life, the hornier Sydney got and the more alcohol she consumed. The brunette attributed this to the man's personality. He was so giving and compassionate, someone that she could fall for. She couldn't believe that a total stranger would help her out with so much money just so she can send it to her ill mother. As for the sex, he probably wouldn't even had touched her if it wasn't for her forcing herself onto him.

"Oh lord, Sandy! This is amazing!" the man panted, trying desperately to catch his breath.


"This is amazing, Sandy!" the man shouted.

"Call me Sydney!" the woman moaned loudly.



"Oh god, Sydney! I'm tightening up again!" the man moaned as he tried to pull away

"Not this time!" Sydney shouted as she pulled herself up and grabbed the back of his legs while she continued to thrust. "Shoot it inside me!"


"Shoot it inside me!"

"I . . . I . . ."

"Just do it!"

"Yes Sydney!" the man yelled as Sydney released his legs and fell forward just as the man blew his load into her sex. Her hands clutched the sheets as her body exploded due to the warm sperm filling her sex. Both of them fell onto the bed. Forge not believing his luck and Sydney thinking about coming clean with the man she loved.


Later that Night

"Please no," Abbey Chase panted as the dark haired gentlemen stroked her breast underneath her dress. The woman wasn't sure what was happening. She had switched schedules with Veronica to meet someone new, someone that she wanted to know the identity of. However, as the night progressed, Abbey had more and more to drink. Now, she was sure she was drunk since she didn't even remember the man's name. Instead, she thought he looked a lot like Donavin Conrad with the same slick hair, beady eyes, black mustache, and an overblown ego. At least the hair was real though. And unlike the time she battled the man, she wasn't even putting up a fight with the man touching her breast since the alcohol had impaired her judgement and motor skills.

"Shhh. Don't fight me, Annie," the man spoke undid the straps to Abbey's dress and watched it fall to the floor, baring the woman's body. Much to Abbey's own surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear. "No underwear. I like that," the man smiled as he tilted his head forward and tongued Abbey's left nipple as she backed up and leaned against the counter.

"Ooooo," the woman purred as she slid down the side of the counter a bit with her head tilted up into the air. That's when the man kissed her as his left hand cupped the woman's shaved sex. Shaving her sex was also something that Abbey didn't remember. But then again, the woman didn't remember much about the night right now. However, her mind was sharp enough to attribute it to the alcohol. Yet, she still couldn't do anything about it.

"You're so sexy," the man panted as Abbey stood up and ground her ass against his crotch, which was still covered by his pants. "A great set of jugs," he spoke as he cupped her breasts from behind before touching and naming more body parts. "A nice set of thighs, firm ass, a dripping shaved pussy, and an overall tight body. I'm going to enjoy this."

"I . . . I . . ." Abbey stammered as her head began to swim when she heard the man unzip his pants. The woman licked her lips as she saw his pants fall to his ankles. She could see the huge bulge inside the man's boxers. Without exemplifying any self control, Abbey squatted and licked the front of the man's boxers, making him moan. Her mind was so clouded that the lust had won her over.

The man smiled as pushed Abbey from his crotch. He then bent forward and kissed the woman hard. Abbey kissed back as the man sucked in alcohol fumes from Abbey's mouth. However, that didn't deter him as he used his tongue to probe her mouth while his hands reached down and fondled the woman's firm breasts. Abbey moaned into the man's mouth as her sex continued to drip like a leaky faucet. Her face burned, but she wasn't sure if she was embarrassed or it was caused by the alcohol. However, she hardly missed a beat when the man pulled away and said, "Get on the counter, slut."

Abbey Chase quickly stood up and sat on top of the counter with her legs spread. Within seconds, the woman was busy moaning as she clutched the man's hair for he was attacking her sex with his feverish tongue. The woman even rested her left neck on the back of his neck, trying to draw him closer to her. She could feel him lapping against her clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her drunken body. Part of her was telling her what she was doing was wrong, but due to the alcohol, her mind just noted it, and tossed it away. "Ouuhhh yyas!" she slurred in ecstasy, thanks to the alcohol as she guided the man deeper.

The man wasn't sure what to expect, but he was a bit excited when the woman climaxed, splashing his face with her juices. Since the woman was holding on his head, he was able to use both hands to remove his boxers. He used his powerful legs to guide the boxers down and eventually he kicked them off as he pulled his head from out between Abbey's legs. "Slut," he smiled as he pulled two stools over. Then he placed one of Abbey's knees on each stool as her hands were placed on the counter, spreading her legs. Her dripping pussy looked so inviting, which is why he rammed his member into her warm sex.

Abbey shrieked as she was penetrated. She wanted to shake him off, but her body simply didn't respond to her. Instead, she found that her body was busy thrusting back, meeting his thrusts. This left Abbey totally powerless as she moaned loudly. The Danger Girl simply had too much to drink and now she was being used like a cheap call girl.


One Month Later

The three Danger Girls were busy trying to crack Silicon Valerie's latest code as the huddled around the laptop. The last month had been a total blur for them. It was filled with drinks and sex. Natalie Kassle was used by Hammerhead, Jackhammer, Baron Von Hammer, and other assorted fat, disgusting men. She was even used by some clean shaven businessmen, but her orgasm didn't even match the ones that the fat ones gave her. In fact, the more she loathed an individual, the greater the intensity of the climax, and the more she was attracted to one, the less potency of the orgasm. Some times she was even lucky if she climaxed. Abbey Chase on the other hand didn't even recall the names of the men that had fucked her. All she remembered was that all the men had slick hair and facial hair and the more they stared at her, the hotter she became. As for Sydney Savage, the woman disclosed her real name to Forge Slian, and then never left his room until now as her days were filled with hot sex with the man. Now, all three women were just happy to be back in their rundown apartment.

"Cracked the code yet?" Abbey asked Sydney who was busy filling out her card.

"Done. How about you, Natalie?"

"Got it."

"And I'm done too. Let's type this up," Abbey sighed as she typed in the passwords onto the laptop only to be greeted with their own logo and then a waving finger, Valerie's finger. The finger then multiplied into six and began to pair off. The fingers then rubbed each other as if they were counting money. Without batting an eyelash, Abbey and Natalie stood up, went to their rooms, and came back with a large shoe box full of money. As they sat down, they were greeted by Valerie's smiling face.

"Hello everybody, I hope you all had fun in the last month. Hopefully your legs can still close," the figure on the screen laughed mischievously as the door to the apartment opened and Valerie entered, followed by Deuce and Johnny Barracuda. The girl grabbed a chair and sat down in front of the three Danger Girls as Johnny began to massage her shoulders while Deuce went to get the woman a drink.

"What's going on, squirt?" Natalie asked impatiently. "And where did all this money come from?"

"The money is from the various dates that you went out on, Natalie," Valerie replied. "The more dates you went out on, the more money you collected. The more people you slept with, the more money you collected."

"WHAT!?" the Russian woman snarled.

"Shut up!" Valerie hissed as Natalie bowed her head.

"What is going on?" Abbey inquired. "And why can't I move?"

"Simple Abbey, I didn't tell you to move yet. You see girls, the logo on the laptop does have hidden words in it, but there are also ones that you don't see. Let me rephrase that, you do see them, but your conscious mind doesn't register them. Your unconscious mind does, freeing you up for even more suggestions. In other words, I've been hypnotizing all three of you in the last few months. And the stuff that people said about alcohol killing brain cells may or may not be true, but in your drunken states, it was a lot easier to make sure that the programming sticked," Valerie spoke as she patted Johnny on the cheeks.

"Johnny . . ." Sydney spoke as she tried to move.

"Johnny won't react to any of you. He loves me now, as it should be. Deuce also follows my orders. They are enslaved to my whims, just like you three. None of you believed that I had what it took to work in the field. None of you would give me the chance. You all held me back. You held me back from my full potential, but I showed you. I showed all of you. I am now the leader of the Danger Girl Team!"

"But . . ." all three women tried to say.

"But nothing! I do hope you liked my little game. I do hope you liked all the clues I left and the names of all the characters. It took a while to come up with Hammer themes."

"You're working for the Hammer Empire?" Abbey mouthed.

"No. I'm mad at the three of you, not stupid. The Hammer Empire is a dangerous organization and I can turn your programming on and off, but you'll still follow my orders regardless. Thus, I'm the leader of the Danger Girls! You'll still fight the Hammer Empire, but I'll call the shots. And to make sure that we have a constant flow of funds, I'm going to pimp you out."

"You . . ." Natalie spoke only to stop mid-sentence when Valerie shot daggers with her eyes.

"Natalie Kassle, the woman who always talked down to me. I've decided that you can only climax when a person that you loath fucks you. You now feel greatly attracted to fat slobs. I know how much you hated them, so I've decided to that it's the perfect punishment. As for Abbey, you didn't treat me as badly as Natalie, but you prevented me from joining the team in combat. For that, I had to ensnare you as well. Lucky for you, I've decided that you can get wet when a suave man comes along. As for Sydney, we had our fights, but on this mission, you tried your hardest to get me to feel part of the team. So, I got one of my online friends to play a part in this vast charade. When I showed him pictures of you, he agreed in a nanosecond. He helped me set things up and hired all those actors at the hotel. In fact, I was able to sell some of my inventions while Deuce was able to find funding for the casino and hotel. Basically, we're going to keep it as a way to make money with you acting as ladies of the night for our high paying customers. The casino will get a new name and the other girls will be let go."

"I don't understand," Sydney spoke up.

"You don't need to understand. Except I'll explain things further. The Hammer Empire was never here. It was just a ruse. Everyone at the casino that you interacted with were just aspiring actors and they were paid peanuts. Deuce will run the casino and you girls will guarantee big bucks. Basically, it's my way of getting revenge for all those years that you three held me back. But we'll still fight the Hammer Empire. All three of you still have your talents as does Deuce and Johnny, except you will use those talents when I let you. But Sydney, my friend, Forge, does like you. So I've been nice to you. Like I said earlier, you tried to make me feel part of this mission. I didn't think you would, but since you tried, Forge will be your main customer. In fact, he's joining the team. And yes, Slian is not his real last name. "

"It's Peters," Forge spoke as he entered the room and quickly high-fived Valerie before sitting down next to Sydney. The Australian woman's legs twitched as her loins became wet when the man touched her cheek and began to unzip her leather outfit. "It will be your last name some day too if you play your cards right," he spoke to Sydney, who had closed her eyes and purred as his hands touched her flesh.

"Not now. We have to go. I don't want to pay for this dump anymore," Valerie spoke as Johnny picked her up and carried her out of the room like a groom carrying his wife. The three Danger Girls then followed with Deuce and Forge following behind. Forge enjoyed the view greatly. "As we leave these doors, we can say goodbye to the old Danger Girl team and say hello to Valerie's Vixens!" Valerie laughed.

The End


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