Joker's Grand Scheme

BY : NightCreeper
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By: Night Creeper


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Joker's Grand Scheme


By: Night Creeper


Chapter 1


"It has been two weeks since Joker has escaped from Arkum Asylum. Latest reports are that Batman has been vigorously searching for the whereabouts of the escaped criminal. Many in the criminal underworld all believe that Joker has fled Gotham City due to the extreme pressure exerted by Batman," the female reporter on the television screen said as footage of Joker breaking out of the prison was shown in the background.

"Damn it! This town needs an enema to clean itself of such foul reporting! The might as well dress that woman up as duck! Batman exerting pressure? The damn flying rat has done everything in his power to make my life a living hell in the last few days. It's like if he's blaming me for the death of family member!" Joker yelled as he sat on his throne with Harley Quinn by his side.

"Gee Mr. J, I thought you killed Robin before you were sent to prison?" she asked.

"Oh yes . . . Robin's dead. I forgotten about that. I guess we did take something away from him. You think he would grow up and let bygones be bygones, but the Batman refuses to let go! That's why I was sprung from prison you know. The damn warden wanted me out of Arkum so Batman could hunt me down and make it all legal! How are they suppose to rehabilitate me if they release me from prison?"

"They've done it about fifty times already, boss."

"And look what's happened every time, I always go back! But not this time. Isn't that right, boy?" Joker asked as three huge thugs dressed in black with white face makeup entered the room.

One of the thugs carried a camera and quickly plugged it into the big screen TV set. "We've got the shots that you wanted. It took us about two weeks to cut and paste all of the footage together, but we've done it!" the thug said as he started the camcorder.

"Excellent," Joker said as he rubbed his fingers together as he saw Batgirl capturing criminals. He saw that the heroine liked to kick high and she often fought one person at a time, a weakness that he could use against her. The villain watches the footage for a good two hours as various fights are shown, until finally, he says Batgirl enter an alleyway with her motorcycle, and disappearing through a wall in the alleyway.

"You're going to like the next part," one of the other thugs said happily.

Joker was about to snap at the man when he saw a fitness video being played on the screen. He saw blonde instructor doing stretches and various fitness exercises. The scene slowly zooms out and he says Barbara Gordon, the famed daughter of Commissioner Gordon following the tape, getting a big workout. He watched her powerful thighs move under her spandex outfit and paid close attention to the fact that her sports bra kept her breasts in place. Finally, the video stops and Barbara makes her way to a mirror, where she turns her body and looks at the reflection. "Look at my nice firm ass," Joker said, pretending to be Barbara Gordon as the woman placed her hands on her butt. "I can't wait for some random guy to use me like a bitch in heat again. God, I love taking it in the ass," he laughed.

"That's funny boss," one of the thugs laughed, but slammed his mouth shut when Joker threw a book at his head.

"Shut up! Great! Now you made me miss all the comments I had for her when she was tracing her hands on her legs and then feeling her tits!" Joker snarled.

"Should I rewind?"

"Of cour . . . NO! LET IT ROLL!" Joker shouted as he saw Barbara Gordon push a light fixture and a wall begin to shift. He saw that a huge cabinet appeared. The young woman tossed the spandex outfit aside and then pulled out an very familiar black outfit. Joker watched intently as she pulled it off the rack and got dressed. He saw her put on a black spandex suit with bat logo, black boots, black cowl, yellow gloves, and yellow cape. Finally, she wraps her utility belt around her waist. Then she steps away from the cabinet and the room shifts back into the wall. Barbara then walks to a bookshelf and it slid open when she pulled on a book. Suddenly, the shelf slid open, revealing a secret room where Joker saw some crime-fighting gear and her infamous motorcycle. Batgirl entered the room and the bookshelf closed behind her.

"Barbara Gordon is . . ."

"YES HARLEY! BARBARA GORDON IS BATGIRL!" Joker shouted happily. "This is almost too good to be true! I can capture Batgirl, fuck her senseless, turn her into my toy, embarrass and humiliate Commissioner Gordon, and destroy Batman and Nightwing in one mighty blow! Boys, tell me you kept her under surveillance for a few more days."

"Of course. We got her schedule down to the exact minutes, boss. We know when she leaves, when she comes back, her pattern, and best of all, the exact alleyway where she hides the bike."

"Excellent! Go steal us a van. Pick up some chains from the hardware store. Don't forget to visit a drug store and pick up the supplies that I requested. And remember to get lots and lots of videotape!" Joker ordered as the thugs ran out of the room.

"I don't know what you see in that bitch," Harley said as she became jealous of Joker's reaction towards Batgirl.

"The bitch has a beautiful body. It's perfect for fucking! Besides, once I have broken her, she will help us destroy Batman and all his allies," Joker laughed hysterically.


"Once she is broken, she will reveal the identities of Batman and Nightwing and every other annoying crime fighter. When we know their true identities, we will set each one up, turning the citizens of Gotham City against them, and finally, we will kill them. But first, we may want to frame Batman and Nightwing for Batgirl's murder."

"Kill the bitch! I like the sound of that!"

"NO! We don't kill her! It's a scam. We frame Batman and Nightwing for the murder and have Batgirl write a confession about the real lives of those two heroes. The spoken words of a recently deceased person are admissible in court, so Batman will have a hard time refuting the claims. It's perfect!"

"No more Batman?"

"No more Batman!" Joker laughed again and again, almost passing out from too much laughing.




Thunder and lightning roared as the rain pounded onto Batman. The Dark Knight had just broken through the glass ceiling of Joker's latest lair. Usually, the crime fighter would be busy fighting off Joker's thugs, but tonight, they were nowhere to be found. Batman, who normally would have surveyed the scene and reacted accordingly, stood still in total shock. The Dark Knight was unable to move as he stared at the scene at the opposite side of the room. Batman saw that his partner, Robin was completely nude except for his mask. He was bound and gagged with his hands secured above his head while his legs were spread apart as Harley Quinn stroked the teen's cock while Joker stood next to them.

"Greetings Batman!" Joker said happily. "Please direct your attention to the video screens behind you or Robin will be very uncomfortable."

Batman did as Joker commanded and he was greeted with a huge wall full of scenes showing Robin being either fucked by Harley Quinn, whipped by Joker, or being pummeled by Joker's numerous thugs. "Sorry Bats, but the Boy Wonder left me wondering if he knew anything about sex at all," Harley giggled. "He wasn't much of a lover. Oh well, at least he got to fuck."

"Actually, we fucked him over pretty bad, Batman. Never did he engage in sex, Harley always had to pounce on him and basically rape him, I'm sorry to say," Joker said as he tried not to giggle.

"You monster!" Batman growled as he turned around and darted towards Joker before he was met with over twenty hired thugs. Batman fought hard and used everything he had in his utility belt, disposing the attackers left and right, until only a few remained. As five thugs stood between him and Joker, he noticed that Harley Quinn kissed Robin on the cheek and waved goodbye.

"Finish him!" Joker shouted as the thugs converged on Batman. The Dark Knight vaulted over the tackling thugs and made his way towards Joker only to see whirl his fingers and a sharp knife glided out from underneath his shirt. He pressed the blade against Robin's throat, sliced it, and darted away. Batman yelled as he watched the scene unfold before him. The Dark Knight snarled and was tackled by the five thugs. More and more of defeated thugs started to get up and started to attack Batman as Joker simply walked away.

"ROBIN!" Bruce Wayne screamed as his body bolted out of bed.

"What's wrong, sir?" Alfred asked as he entered the room to find Bruce Wayne sweating.

"I had a flashback."

"Maybe the television will calm you," Alfred said as he turned on the TV.

"In local news, Joker has escaped from a neighboring city. He was suppose to be transported back to Gotham City for trial, but . . ."

"Joker has escaped. He better pray that the police find him before I do. Because when I see him, I will kill him!" Bruce Wayne growled as he turned the TV off.




It was a late peaceful night in Gotham City. Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl was making her last rounds before heading home, so she could get enough sleep to report to work at the Gotham City Library, thinking how easy everything had been in the last few weeks while riding her purple Ninja Motorcycle. The crime rate in Gotham City had plummeted since Batman decided to devote most of his time to crime fighting. He did this because the new Robin had died at the hands of Joker. The Caped Crusader was hellbent on bringing Joker to justice and numerous criminals were sent to jail as he attempted to hunt down the Crowned Price of Crime. However, everyone knew that Joker had skipped town, and the criminals who decided to stay in Gotham were trying to keep a low profile. Thus, Batgirl's job was much easier nowadays, but she was totally unaware that she was spotted leaving the alleyway behind her apartment, and the wheels had been set in motion for her capture.

As Batgirl rode her usual route, she suddenly heard a woman's scream for help. She quickly whirled her ride about and headed toward the source. Batgirl stopped her cycle and saw that the source of the screams as coming from a woman wearing a long red overcoat and slanted brimmed hat, which covered her face, all the way down to her nose. The poor woman was being assaulted by three huge thugs dressed in black sweaters, blue jeans, and ski masks over their faces. "She must have been chased or dragged into that alleyway," Batgirl thought as she revved up her engines and blasted into the alleyway. She leapt from her cycle and tackled one of the standing men to the ground. Her cycle crashed into a pile of aluminum trash cans, shocking the two remaining thugs.

"It's Batgirl!" one of the man yells as he releases his hold on the poor woman while the other man charged at the heroine.

"Is that any way to treat a lady?" Batgirl asked as she delivered a roundhouse kick to her attacker, sending him crashing to the ground like the previous man, who she tackled to the ground.

"Bitch!" the one remaining person screamed as he charged toward her. Batgirl grabbed his arm and swung him into a brick wall, sending him to the ground.

The heroine patted her gloved hands together to get rid of the dust and then went over to the woman. "Are you alright?" Batgirl said as she took the woman's hand and pulled her up.

"I am, but you're not," the woman laughed as her hat fell off, revealing a beautiful blonde, who happened to be Harley Quinn. Before Batgirl could react, Harley sprayed a green gas into Batgirl's face.

"Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!" Batgirl groaned as she felt her head begin to spin. Her eyes blurred as she had a hard time breathing. The woman's chest heaved up and down as she lost her equilibrium and began to sway back and forth like she had motion-sickness.

This was just what the three thugs, who were playing possum needed as they quickly dashed toward the stunned woman, and tackled her to the ground. Although Batgirl was still shaken by the gas, she wasn't about to go down without a fight, thus she struggled against the three brutes as they fought to keep her pinned to the ground. The tussle lasted for a few minutes before Harley got involved. She delivered a few hard kicks to the Batgirl's crotch, making the woman cry out in pain, giving the thugs time to pin her to the ground.

"Get off me!" Batgirl groaned as she continued her futile efforts. Her stomach was pressed against the ground as two thugs buried their knees into her arm, keeping her pinned, while their hands pressed down on her head. Another thug and Harley buried their knees into her legs and pulled them apart.

"Did you just ask me to get you off?" a voice laughed from the shadows. Batgirl recognized the owner of the voice, but couldn't say anything as one of the thugs clamped his gloved hand over her mouth. "I would be more than willing to do that, you know. I bet you work out Batgirl. That's why your buns are so firm and tight back here," Joker said as he kneaded and groped her ass. "And such fine tits! I'm going to love drinking milk from them," he laughed as he stuck his hands under chest and began to feel them.

"Bastard!" Batgirl screamed as she wiggled her mouth free from the hand before the hand clasped over her mouth again.

"I can't examine my new pet if she's wearing this outfit. Get my hot little bitch on all fours where she belongs," Joker ordered as his gang forced Batgirl to a doggy-style position. The Crowned Prince of Crime began to rub his hands all over Batgirl's body as he whispered into Batgirl's left ear in a husky, raspy voice. "I bet you exercise a lot, slut. I'm glad you've been keeping yourself fit, because it means our fuck sessions will be that much better. I'm really looking forward to it, but business first. Batgirl, you will become my little fucktoy. You will serve as my slave. I'm going to break you slowly and enjoy every second of it. Once you're broken, you will serve me, and virtually become one of Gotham City's newest criminals. When that happens, we're going to turn this city against Batman and all of his allies, and you're going to help. However, I'll explain that later. Time for business," Joker whispered and then moved in front of Batgirl, so he could see her face. His hand then shot to her crotch and rubbed his hand against it. "I own this now," he laughed as Batgirl turned away in disgust.

"Here you go, boss," Harley said as she pushed a small suitcase to him. The case zipped along on the concrete, creating a scratching noise that caught Batgirl's attention as she tried to see what was going on.

Joker opened the case and pulled out a large syringe. He saw Batgirl's eyes grow wide with fear as he held it up for her to see. With a sneer on his face, he pulls out a tube and slowly fills the syringe with a thick green liquid. Once the syringe was full, Joker tosses the tube away, and holds it in front of Batgirl's eyes. As he tries to inject the contents into Batgirl's neck, she begins to toss her head, annoying the Joker. "Harley, stroke our pet while I calm her down," Joker commanded as Harley began to run her hand up and down around Batgirl's crotch.

"HHHHMMMMMPPPHHHTTT!" Batgirl screamed into the gloved hand covering her mouth.

"Have a smell of my flower," Joker said as he sprayed Batgirl with a cloud of green gas. The second it hit Batgirl's face, the cloud went up her nostrils before she could hold her breath. Her head swooned as the gas dulled her eyes. A huge smile decorated Joker's face as he injects the green liquid into Batgirl's neck. His smile grew bigger and bigger as he saw Batgirl's eye pop wide open and then slowly fade into small black slits before they finally closed and she fell unconscious.

"Let's wrap her up for Mr. J," Harley said happily as everyone released Batgirl, allowing her to fall to the ground. Joker was nice enough to cradle her head, so her face didn't hit the concrete. Joker stroked Batgirl's face while Harley pulled Batgirl's own Batcuffs from her utility belt. She then pulled Batgirl's arms behind her back and cuffed them together. While she was doing this, a van pulled into the alleyway, and one of the thugs opened the rear entrance. He then pulled out a few chains and tossed them to his cohorts.

"Hold on," Joker told them as sat down and placed Batgirl's head in his lap. "Undo the cuffs. I want her hands cuffed above her head. Then you can attach the chains to her cuff as well as chaining her legs together."

"Excellent idea, boss," a thug replied as Harley quickly took off the cuffs.

"Of course! It's my idea!" Joker snapped as he laid Batgirl down onto the ground and pulled her hands above her head, allowing Harley to secure the cuffs on her wrists. Joker then played with the sleeping woman's breasts as his thugs wrapped the heavy chains around the woman's legs. Once the chains were secure, Joker placed a bag over Batgirl's head, and then stood up. "Bring her along," he ordered as he made his way to the van.

Two thugs quickly complied as they carried the sleeping woman to the van. Harley Quinn sat next to Joker in the back and the thugs placed the sleeping Batgirl on their laps. Batgirl's hooded face laid on top of Joker's lap as he stroked her firm backside while Harley pretended to play the drums on the woman's ass. The two thugs boarded the van and closed the doors as the van started moving. The third henchman simply rode Batgirl's motorcycle and followed the van back to their headquarters.




"Damn it! The Bat-Computer can't find a god damn thing on Joker's whereabouts! He can't hide forever!" Batman growled.

"Please Bruce, you have to calm down," Nightwing said as he went through all the newspaper wires and police reports. "According to some of these reports, Joker fled South, away from Gotham City."

"I know him. He wouldn't have fled. He would have come back here and gloated. He would have came back and rubbed it in my face!" Batman growled as he slammed his fists onto the keyboard of the console.

"Calm down Bruce. The reports also said that Harley Quinn has fled toward the West, also away from town."

"I don't care about Harley Quinn. She's been corrupted by Joker. Everything Joker touches gets corrupted. It's his fault that Robin is dead. It's his fault! That's why he has to pay!"

"You said it yourself once, Bruce. You told me that revenge doesn't get you anywhere."

"I'll be more than happy to hang up my cape and cowl after I get my hands on Joker."

"Excuse me, Master Bruce and Master Dick, but the Bat-Signal is on. It appears that Commissioner Gordon needs you," Alfred said as he entered the Bat-Cave.

"Police Headquarters?" Nightwing asked.

"Police Headquarters," Batman replied as he ran towards the Bat-Mobile.




Barbara Gordon had no idea how long she had been out and where she was. Her eyes were covered by a leather blindfold and she only had her gloves, boots, and cowl on, although she had a new addition which was a slave collar. Her arms, wrists, torso, chest, forehead, thighs, legs, and ankles were all strapped tightly to a chair. She had no idea if her captors knew her secret identity or not, but she was hoping that since her cowl was still on, they didn't take a peak. Yet in the back of her mind, she knew they could have taken it off, and placed it back on without her knowing. However, as she debated the possibilities in her mind, sweat rolled and dripped from her nude body since the room was extremely hot and steamy. The woman tried to free herself from the chair, but the straps were too tight, and eventually she gave up.

Time continued to pass as Batgirl remained strapped to the chair. She had no idea how long it had been since she woke up, but due to the uncomfortable conditions in the room, she started to hear things that weren't really there. Batgirl would call out and say something when she heard a bump, but she would never get a reply. Thus, she paid little attention to the slurping sounds filling the room until it became a steady sound and then muffled grunts. Finally, the grunts stopped and a few seconds later, she feels someone's touch on her shoulder, which causes her to tense and shout, "Whose there?"

"Poo-pa. Batgirl, I am your father," Joker laughed.

"You bastard! Free me now!" Batgirl yelled at him.

"I have freed you. I freed you from your clothes since I knew that you would want to share such a slutty body with me. I decided to leave your cowl on though. Instead, you'll take it off some time in the future."

"Fuck you!" Batgirl shouted as she tried to kick Joker, but only pulled her bonds instead.

"Do you kiss your father with that dirty mouth of yours? I guess it doesn't really matter since it will be sucking on my dick soon enough. And since I will be your daddy, I guess you do kiss your father will that mouth," Joker laughed as did Harley Quinn, who stood next to him. Batgirl had no idea that both of them were naked and that Harley was the one who made all the slurping and grunting sounds earlier when she serviced Joker's member and prepared him for Batgirl. However, the prospect of having sex with Joker was just too much to bear. Thus, Batgirl's usually quick and sharp comeback was nowhere to be found. Instead, she let out a low groan. "You will be doing that a lot in the future too. Now, how about a kiss for daddy?" Joker asked.

"Fuck off!" Batgirl shouted as she slammed her mouth shut. Joker smiled and pulled on her nipples. He pulled on them cruelly and twisted them. Batgirl tried to resist the urge to scream at first, but found herself screaming nonetheless after a few minutes. The screams died out or at least the sound did, when Joker clamped his mouth over hers and explored her mouth with his tongue before pulling out. He then released her nipples and admired the sight of the gasping woman with the fiery red nipples. "Bastard," Batgirl groaned weakly as her chest heaved.

"How about another kiss?" Joker asked as he caressed her face.

"FUCK OFF!" Batgirl shouted as she spat at Joker, hitting him in his face.

"Never do that, bitch!" Harley Quinn shouted as she slapped Batgirl's right cheek. "He's your new master and whatever he says, goes!"

"Fuck you!" Batgirl hissed as she was met by another slap, followed by something being rammed into her mouth as she tried to say something else, for Harley had stuffed a black ball gag into Barbara's mouth.

Joker smiled and parted her shaved pussy lips. Since Batgirl's legs were spread wide and to the sides of the chair, he had easy access to her sex. Thus, he rammed his engorged member into her cunt. Batgirl winced and screamed into her gag as she felt his member invade her sex. Joker whistled as she pulled it slightly out and rammed it in even further. He repeated this over and over again, going deeper and deeper until he burst through her hymen. Joker gripped her hips and found a steady rhythm as he pumped into her, calling her a sorts of degrading names.

Harley Quinn massages Batgirl's shoulders as she leans close to her right ear. "Calm down, slut. It may seem large at first, but you'll get use to it as it molds your cunt. It will expand it and even though your cunt will never be as small as it is now, you'll find pleasure every time he fucks you. That's a good thing since you'll be spending the rest of your life with us. So just sit back, thrust your hips to meet his, and enjoy as he ravages you. Make love to him, dear," she whispered and giggles into her ear.

Barbara screams into her gag as Joker rapes her and stretches her sex. She could feel his tongue sliding over her nipples, cooling them with his saliva while his hands fondles her breasts. Barbara wanted to rip the man's eyes out, but couldn't due to the straps. Worse yet, her body betrayed her and began to juice up for Joker, relieving some of the friction in her sex, but humiliating the woman even more.

"Who are you, Batgirl? I want to know the woman behind the mask. Who are you?" Joker asked as he thrust with emphasis.

Harley Quinn loosened Batgirl's gag and a stream of drool dripped down her chin as the gag popped out of her mouth. "I'm Batgirl," she replied weakly.

"I want to know your true identity. Tell me!"

"No," she grunted.

"Tell him," Harley whispered as she began to play with Barbara's breasts, tweaking her nipples with her own fingers while Joker placed his hands back on Batgirl's hips.

"Tell me and I will make sure that you don't become pregnant after I am done with you," Joker threatened as he almost hit himself for never taking the blindfold off of Batgirl.

"Preg . . ." her voice trailed off as her chest heaved.

"Tell me and you can avoid that. Perhaps it won't be me who gets you pregnant. Perhaps it will be one of my men," Joker uttered as he continued to slam into Batgirl, who was vigorously shaking her head and crying.

"I don't want that!" she wailed as the thought sent her over the edge. Her cries became louder as her body shuddered. Harley began to plant kisses all over the woman's neck as she climaxed and Joker continued to pump his meat into her. Just about when she was about to recover, Joker shot his load deep inside her and then she climaxed yet again.

Joker felt Batgirl's cunt tighten around his cock and squeezed it like someone trying to wring a towel dry. He loved the feeling and knew that she was not doing it voluntarily, but it was definitely something he was going to need to teach her. However, he had a schedule to keep, so he reluctantly pulled out, and waited for Batgirl to recover.

"Ahhh," Batgirl groaned as Harley placed the gag back into her mouth.

"Well Batgirl, since you won't tell me, I'll have to leave you to my henchman. I'll come back later and I hope you're more cooperative and that your valuable pussy isn't ruined forever," Joker laughed as he left the room.

Batgirl groaned as she felt another cock pierce her womanhood. Barbara was in hell as she realized that she had been raped, lost her virginity, and worse yet, may have to carry Joker's child. Although, she may have to carry one for his henchman. Barbara sobbed and screamed as she heard Harley whisper that she had to satisfy the lust of twenty men.




"I'm glad that you came on such sort notice. I have been getting calls from various police departments in other cities and it appears that Joker is headed South," Commissioner Gordon informed Batman and Nightwing.

"I think Joker is playing a trick on us. His diabolical and twisted mind would have forced him back to Gotham City," Batman said as he was in more control of his anger now.

"Commissioner Gordon, do you know which city did Joker appear last in?"

"Not off the top of my head, but I can get you that report."


"Bonnie, can you get me the report?" Commissioner Gordon buzzed into the intercom. "Bonnie says she will get the report. My daughter, Barbara filed it away for her a few days ago. In a way, I'm a bit worried. She was always interested in reports like that. I guess it's part of her librarian training or something."

"Just where is Barbara Gordon?" Batman asked.

"I don't know. I am a bit worried about her, Batman. She hasn't called me in some time now."

"I'm sure she's on some trip with her female friends," Nightwing said quickly. "Besides, if your daughter is anything like you, I'm sure she can take care of herself."

"I'm counting on it. Ah Bonnie, you're here. Here you go, Batman," Commissioner Gordon said calmly as he took the reports from his secretary and handed them to Batman.

"Let's have a look," Batman said as he began to thumb through the report.




"Hopefully my boys weren't too rough with you earlier," Joker said to Batgirl, who was bound spread-eagle to a bed. The ropes were tied tightly around her arms and legs, forcing her to stay on her stomach and totally immobile. Joker admired Batgirl's nude body as he massaged her shoulders. The bound woman wasn't as tense as before, but then again, she didn't have a mind weakening drug in her blood stream at that time either.

"Like you care," Batgirl grunted as she felt Joker's powerful hands massage her shoulders, relaxing her.

"If you're interested Batgirl, your body is exciting me. I am here wearing a bathrobe and I can feel myself about to pop out. By the way, this is my playroom. We'll be having some fun in this room for years to come," Joker laughed as he moved his hands down to her ass, where he began to caress and knead her buttocks.

"You're a sick bastard!"

"Love sick, yes," Joker laughed as he placed his hands together and began to pretend he was chomping wood on her buttocks. He watched her cheeks bounce a bit, but didn't jiggle as much, proving to Joker what he always suspected; Batgirl was a real hard ass. However, the best part is when he could see that a small trickle of liquid was dripping onto the purple sheets.

"Joker, let me go."

"I admire your resistance, but I admire your body more. These buttocks of yours are so firm that I can put my plate on them. Your legs are so luscious that I can suck and kiss them all night long. Although, I must say that caressing them like this is pretty good too. Hell, I haven't even gotten to your chest and tits yet," Joker laughed softly as he massaged Batgirl's legs, going all the way from her hips to her ankles and back again.

"You need help. Free me and I will help get the help that you need."

"You're right, Batgirl. I need some healing. I need some sexual healing."

"No. Not that."

"Remember Batgirl, you're a cunt! A hole for my cock! So just submit and everything will be alright."

"Fuck you!"

"You know you want me to fuck you. You are a slut. You like to fuck. Obey me and I will fuck you."

"Fuck you!"

"See how your mouth keeps on saying that word. The reason for that is simple. Batgirl, you want me to fuck you. You know I own your body, Batgirl. I was the first person to conquer your body. You're just another one of my conquests now. However, you can be so much more, Batgirl. Just surrender yourself to me and I'll take good care of you."

"Fuck you, bastard!"

"I'll be fucking you soon enough. Your cunt is saying that it wants a good fuck even though you're mouth doesn't," Joker said as his hands rubbed her pussy lips and then entered her, collecting as much of her juices as possible.

"Ohhhhh," Batgirl moaned miserably, knowing that she what ever was happening was unfortunately turning her on.

"Are you thirsty from your previous fucks? If you are, you can suck your own juices off my fingers," Joker whispered into her ear as he stuck his right digits in front of her mouth. Batgirl groaned and then reluctantly snapped her forward and began to suck on Joker's fingers, trying to collect as much moisture as possible since the previous session in the hot steamy room had left her dehydrated. She had no idea that it was because of her weakened condition, her body was more susceptible to Joker's drugs still flowing through her body.

"More," Batgirl groaned when Joker pulled his last finger from his left hand from her mouth.

"Sorry dear, you cleaned both hands now. I can reload if you like, but that means I have to use your cunt again," Joker apologized.

"Then use my cunt," Batgirl reluctantly begged. Joker smiled as he parted his robe and then parted her butt cheeks. Without any warning, he placed the head of his member at her love canal, and rammed it in. His hands then moved to her hips and he began to slowly thrust into her.

"Oh god! Not that! I want something to drink," Batgirl groaned miserably.

"You will when I am about shoot my load into you. You can even clean off your own juices too."


"I can give you something to drink right now if you answer a few of my questions."

"Fuck you! I am not telling you shit! You better enjoy this because Batman will save me and then I'll kick your fucking ass!"

"I love your spunkiness, Batgirl. I'll promise you that you will love my spunk however, especially since I have adored your body for you so that I'm going to fill it with my seed. You'll strike so many of your infamous poses as you take you in as many positions that the Kama Sutra allows. Your tits are going to be so big and leaking with milk by the time I'm done with you," Joker laughed as he reached into his bathrobe's pocket and took out a syringe that was filled with a mind altering drug.

"Eat shit and die!"

"Let's see about that," Joker laughed as he injected the drug into her arm, causing Batgirl to scream in pain before Joker gagged her mouth with his hand. "Shhhhhh," he whispered into her ear. "Lie still and let the drug run its course. Give it a few seconds and you'll be more accepting of my love. You're my newest whore, so just relax."

Batgirl moaned as she felt her body heat up. As the seconds ticked by, she got hotter and hotter. Then before she knew it, she was thrusting her hips and meeting Joker's thrusts. Batgirl now accepted Joker's cock as she squeezed her sex around it, trying to get as much pleasure out of it as possible.

"Will you answer some of my questions now, Batgirl? Will you answer them if I promise to keep on fucking you?" Joker inquired.

"Yes," she gasped.

"I want to know where your secret base is. Where is it?"

"My home. It's part of my home."

"Where is your home?"

"It's an apartment."

"Is your base accessible from your apartment?"


"How do you get to your base then? I mean, won't the other tenants wonder?"

"I have a secret rooms connected to my apartment. It's not very high, so I have access to the basement and other areas."

"What kind of secret rooms?"

"I have a room that hides my Batgirl costume and I have a room that houses the my motorcycle and gear. There's an elevator that goes down to another room that houses computers and files."

"How do I access the room with your costume?"

"You pull on a light fixture next to my bed."

"How do I get to the room housing the motorcyle?"

"You have to pull on a book on my bookshelf?"

"Any book?"

"No, you have to pull on The Feminist's Mystique."

"What about the computer room?"

"Sit on the motorcycle and the elevator automatically lowers itself to the room," Batgirl moaned as her body was virtually on fire now. She found that every time she answered one of Joker's questions, her body felt hotter and hotter, especially since Joker's thrusts became faster and faster.

"Does Batman have something like what you have?"

"Ahhhh . . . uhhhhhh . . . Iiiiiii . . ."

"Where does he live?"

"I . . . I . . . can't . . ."

"What is your secret identity?"

"I . . . I . . . wo . . . I won't . . ." she gritted her teeth.

Joker spent the next ten minutes trying to get more information about Batman and Batgirl's secret identity. He already knew that she was Barbara Gordon, but he wanted to hear her say it, yet she still resisted when a question that would give up her identity was asked. She was also very protective of any information pertaining to Batman. Thus, Joker finally stopped asking and concentrated on fucking her. He rammed faster and harder until he finally shot his load into her cunt, starting a chain reaction. Batgirl screamed as her body convulsed. She shook like a city being ravaged by an earthquake. Her screams were music to Joker's ears, but he felt it was too short since she passed out even though her body was still climaxing. Finally, Joker pulls out of her, slaps her on her ass, wipes his cock all over it before putting his member back into his robe. "Damn! That was one good fuck!" he laughed as Harley and three thugs entered the room.

"Is she asleep, Mr. J?" Harley asked.

"Yes she is. Boys, take Batgirl away. Wash her, feed her, and oil up her body. She has a few more training sessions to go through," Joker ordered.

"Right boss," the three men replied as they undid Batgirl's bonds and dragged her unconscious body out of the room while Joker watched with a huge smile on his face.

"Why are you so happy, boss?" Harley asked as the men exited the room. "It's not like she told us anything that we didn't know except for the name of the book."

"We also know where the computer is as well."

"We don't know who Batman is."

"We will in time. Do you really think Batgirl would tell us anything at all if it wasn't for the drug?"

"Not really."

"That's right, Harley," Joker said as he gripped her chin. "That was her first injection. After a few injections and some more training sessions, she will tell us everything we want to know," Joker laughed. "When she finally breaks that's when the fun really starts!" Joker laughed maniacally.




When Batgirl awoke, she tried to groan, but found that her mouth was gagged. She shook her head in an attempt to get the cobwebs out. When she stopped, she saw a huge mirror a few feet in front of her. To her dismay, she saw herself lying down on the floor of Joker's playroom with her hands cuffed and tied with ropes behind her back. Stuck onto the side of the mirror was a sheet of paper with words written in big bold type. Batgirl's eyes almost shot out of her head when she read the words, Your New Costume. She quickly raised herself up and discovered that she still had a slave collar on except now, there was a chain connected to it and it was bolted to the floor. The chain only allowed her to pick herself up so her body was perpendicular to the floor, but her legs remained in a kneeling position since her ankles were also chained to the floor. Once she was up, she could see was wearing a purple corset that ended right below her breasts, pushing them up. Her breasts were on display to the world, but luckily her nipples were covered with two purple circles. She then saw she was wearing knee-high purple boots with four straps connecting the boots to the corset. The knee area of the boots were secured to the floor, much like her ankles, ensuring that she would be forced to kneel. Her only saving grace was that Joker had allowed her cowl to remain on her head.

"She's awake," Joker said as he entered the room with Harley Quinn, both of them were wearing matching purple bathrobes. In Joker's hands was a glass filled with the same green liquid that he had injected into Batgirl when he first captured her. Harley quickly removes Batgirl's gag as Joker offers Batgirl the glass.

"Mmmmppphhtt!" Batgirl grunted as she slammed her mouth shut and tried to pull her mouth away from her. A hearty chuckle escaped Joker's mouth as he held her nose shut with his other hand. Almost a minute passed before Batgirl opened her mouth and Joker quickly poured the contents into her mouth while keeping her nose tightly closed. Hoping to get some oxygen to her screaming lungs, Batgirl quickly downed the green concoction, and gasped for breath as Joker freed her nose from his grip. "Bastard," Batgirl gasped.

"The correct word is master, but I'll let that go for now," Joker laughed as he bent down and held Batgirl's chin, staring into her eyes.

"What is going on?" her mind whirled as she felt her body getting hot while she stared at Joker's eyes, almost seeing her own reflection in them. The more she looked, the hornier she became, and the hornier she got, the need to stare at Joker's face increased. Finally, Batgirl forced herself to turn away from him.

"Are you thirsty? Want a drink?" Joker asked as he released her chin and stood up.

Within seconds, Batgirl gazed upon his standing form. "Yes," she groaned as she bent her body forward a bit. Joker then opened his robe and revealed that in the same big bold letters as the sheet of paper, he had the word Master written on his stomach. Batgirl's body shook as she saw the word, but her body heat up even more.

"Don't take your eyes off the word," Harley said as she tossed her robe to the floor, revealing a huge purple strap-on dildo around her waist. The woman quickly gets behind Batgirl and mounts her like horse. She then bounced up and down on the woman's back like a cowgirl riding a bull, forcing Batgirl closer to the ground.

Joker cackled as he watched the bound woman's tits bounce about. The mere action of her enticing breasts was enough to make him hard. "Suck my cock, slut," Joker ordered Batgirl.

"Fuck you," she finally blurted out, trying to resist her body's new urges.

"Bad cow!" Harley hisses as she slapped Barbara's ass over and over again.

Barbara gritted her teeth and bit her lips and tried to fight the pain, but the humiliation coupled with mind weakening drugs that she swallowed earlier was too much for her. Tears leaked out of her eyes as she felt her own juices squeeze past the tight corset and began to make a mess on her thighs and the floor. Finally, with a low moan, Batgirl locked her eyes on the word written on Joker's stomach. "I'll suck," she groaned as she opened her mouth.

"Never take your eyes off the word," Joker ordered as he rammed his member into her mouth. He would train her to lick and service him like a pro, but that would have to wait. Instead, watching the anguish on her face as her cheeks bellowed and shrank.

Harley not wanting to be outdone and missing her chance to satisfy her boss, slid off of Batgirl's back. She then undid the buckle holding the corset together. A loud splash was heard as Batgirl's juices hit the floor. Harley then rammed the dildo into the bound woman's sex. Her motion soon resembled a huge metal pump in the oil fields of Texas, pumping crude twenty-four hours a day. Her hands then reach forward and begins to play with Batgirl's tits, stroking them while whispering into the woman's ear, telling her to submit to Joker.

Batgirl groaned and grunted when Harley first penetrated her and tears dripped down her face. Now, the tears were drying up and the look of anguish was quickly being replaced by a look of lust as she bucked her hips to meet Harley's thrusts. Soon, her groans of pain turned into high pitched moans as she began to enjoy her debasement. Her eyes were locked onto the word on Joker's stomach, constantly transferring it to her brain while Joker patted her head as if she were an obedient dog.

Joker was quite pleased with Batgirl's reaction, so quickly reached into the inside pocket of his robe and pulled out a pair of earphones and a cassette player. He meticulously places the earphones into Batgirl's ears after slipping them past her cowl. Luckily for him, her cowl pressed down onto the earphones, mashing them further into her ears. Joker then secured the clip on the back of the player to one of the ropes, which secured Batgirl's wrists together. With a huge smile on his face, he turned on the player, and began to caress Batgirl's cheeks, making sure that she never took her eyes of his stomach.

Batgirl's ears quickly filled with erotic moans and grunts as she heard sultry female voices repeat the phrases, "OBEY YOUR MASTER" and "SUBMIT TO HIS PLEASURE," over and over again. The voices get louder and louder until they are thundering inside her head, trying to drill a hole to her brain. Batgirl's eyes became glazed over as her head wobbled from side to side. It was then that Batgirl began to realize what was going on, but it was too late. Joker simply held her cheeks and made sure that her eyes were locked on the word. Then he began to thrust rapidly into her mouth, almost driving his member into her throat. Batgirl's eyes shot open as she too began to bob her head accordingly.

Harley laughed as she untied Batgirl's wrists and clipped the player to the collar. She then undid the cuffs. Harley then began to play with Batgirl's tits as Batgirl's hands gripped Harley's thighs, pulling her closer to her, so she could get even deeper penetration. It was then that Harley took some of the ropes and tied their thighs together. Once that was done, she returned her attention to Batgirl's tits. She kneaded and squeezed them as hard as she could. Harley was even surprised when Batgirl gripped her hands and began to press down on them even more, leaving deep white marks on her breasts as the blood rushed away from that area. All the while, the dildo sawed and buzzed incessantly in Batgirl's cunt.

Joker glanced at Harley and then back Batgirl. When he saw the look of pure lust on Batgirl's face, it sent him over the edge as he shot his load into her mouth. Batgirl was so thirsty that she drank it all down, even though some of it escaped her mouth, and down her chin. After taking a few gulps, she too climaxes.

As Batgirl rode her orgasm, Harley dislodged the dildo and left it in her cunt. She then untied the ropes and unchained Batgirl from the floor. By now Joker had pulled his member out of Batgirl's mouth, so Harley rolled Batgirl over until she was lying on her back. Joker then wiped his dick all over Batgirl's tits, spreading his seed all over them, while Batgirl swooned to the sentences bombarding her brain. Her right hand drifted to her tits were she began to smear Joker's love all over them while her left hand began to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Gag the bitch," Joker said as he placed his member back into his robe and closed it.

Harley quickly placed the gag back into Batgirl's mouth, silencing her moans. The woman then picked up her robe and pulled out a rag and small bottle. She then opened the bottle and emptied its contents onto the rag. Without any hesitation, she placed the chloroform soaked rag over Batgirl's mouth. Harley then watched the woman shudder again as her hands and consciousness slowly faded. "Alright boys, move the bitch and clean her up!" Harley laughed gleefully as she saw that Batgirl was fast asleep. Two thugs then emerged, picked up the sleeping woman, and carried her out the room as Harley kissed Joker on the lips.




"Do you see anything?" Batman asked as he cruised the skies.

"Nothing," Nightwing replied as he cruised the streets.

"Commissioner Gordon isn't too worried about his daughter, but if I know Batgirl, I bet she has gone after Joker."

"I doubt it, Batman. I talked to her a few days ago and she said that Joker was all yours."

"Perhaps she is trying to get us some leads then."

"Possibly. However, it's unlike her to not check in with us. Anyway, it's all my fault. I should have been keeping in touch with her."

"It's not your fault, Dick. It's mostly my fault. If I wasn't so sure that Joker was going to come back to Gotham City, I would have picked up his trail in the South, instead of trying to find all his old hideouts in the Eastern part of town near the docks."

"If Joker was smart, he would avoid that area at all costs."

"I'm sure he has. I have to go, Dick. Commissioner Gordon is paging me. Continue to look for his daughter. Just to do anything or a say anything that might jeopardize Barbara's secret identity."

"Not a problem, Bruce. Nightwing out."




"You fucking bastard!" Batgirl groaned as Joker wiped some of her own cunt juice onto her nude body. Actually, Batgirl's body wasn't totally nude since several menacing brown ropes circled the top half of her body, securing her arms behind her back. Most of the ropes were around Batgirl's shoulders and breasts. Basically, the ropes forced her breasts to jut out even more as she struggled against her bonds. Probably the worse thing about her bondage was that she was forced to walk along a white rope trail that had several huge knots along the way. The rope itself was rubbing against her cunt, but every time she came upon the knot, it would bury itself into her dripping sex, causing her body to quiver while Batgirl's cowl was the only thing that protected her.

"Keep walking!" Harley Quinn ordered as she maliciously tapped Batgirl with a electric stick, which was basically a baton that shot out electricity. It wasn't enough to burn Batgirl's skin, at least the way Harley was using it, but it was able to motivate the woman to keep on moving along the rope.

"So Batgirl, to get to the computer, all I have to do is sit on the motorcycle?" Joker asked.

"Yes! For the last fucking time, yes!" she wailed, half in frustration and half in pain.

"You need to cooperate," Joker hissed as he pressed a button and the white rope suddenly lifted a few more centimeters off the ground, parting Batgirl's pussy lips and rubbing at her tender flesh.

"OH GOD, JOKER!" Batgirl sobbed.

"You need to cooperate."

"I . . . I am. I . . . I will. It's just that you asked it so many times and I answered it so many times," she cried as the burning sensation in her loins increased.

"Better juice up and calm that fire, Batgirl. I like your pinkness, but if it's an angry red, you're going to have a very painful evening when I ram my cock back into your tight little twat," Joker laughed as he collared Batgirl and attached a leash to it. "Now, bite down on the leash and keep it in your mouth until I come back," Joker instructed.

Batgirl bit down on the leash as she endured the excruciating pain in her loins. She could feel the rope give her burns as it slowly moved along her sensitive walls. Her chest heaved and her legs lost strength with each passing second. Batgirl knew that she would break down and orgasm soon due to the sensations of the white rope rubbing against her pussy. Worse yet, the shocks from Harley were forcing the ropes deeper especially when Batgirl's body would jump as Harley shocked her. The bound heroine closed her eyes as she slowly moved along the rope, trying to convince herself that everything would be alright.

Joker watched in amusement as he pulled out a glass jar from his pants. He made sure his gloves were on tight as he opened the jar. The vile criminal placed the lid back into his pocket and then pulled out a brush. He dipped the brush into the jar and gather a few sprinklings of powder. Joker then dusted the rope with a dabs before moving further down the rope. Every few inches, he would add more powder to the brush and eventually the rope until finally, he was basically pouring the powder on the rope itself. When Joker was done, he simply tossed the brush and the jar. The jar shattered on the cold concrete floor.

Batgirl's eyes flew open as she heard the glass shatter, but when she opened her eyes, Joker took the leash out of her mouth and began to pull her along the rope at a much faster pace than what she was use to. The heroine screamed in pain as she felt her folds being pushed back. A whimper then escaped her lips as her feet buckled, only to unbuckle when Harley shocked her again. Batgirl soon received a steady stream of shocks to her ass since it was the only way that she could keep up with Joker.

"Mr. J, I'm sorry, but she's going to have a permanent burn mark if this keeps up."

"Then so be it, Harley. Suits her right not to be able to keep up especially since I decided to take it easy on her," Joker fumed.

"Joker! I'm grateful, but slow down," Batgirl pleaded.

"Shut up, whore!" Harley snarled as she shocked Batgirl again.

Batgirl was in hell. Her ass was being fried and her pussy lips were now pulling the rope into her pussy and allowing it to stay. In fact, she could really feel the burn now. The scary thing was that her pussy now itched, thus she was trying desperately to grind the rope to quench the itch. However, the more she moved, the deeper the itch became. Soon, Batgirl was a quivering mess as the itch exceeded anything that she could tolerate. "I FUCKING ITCH! OH GOD! THIS IS HORRIBLE! OH GOD! NO!!!!" Batgirl wailed as her legs buckled and she straddled the rope in defeat.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Joker asked Harley once he lowered the rope. Batgirl was now on her knees, vigorously humping the rope, trying to get it deeper to scratch the itch, but she didn't know that the rope was the reason while she itched.

"Whatever," Harley replied.

"Harley, I'm ashamed of you. I don't see why you don't like the show that our new pet is putting on."

"Our pet?"

"Why yes. Just a few more sessions and we'll both share her. By that time, Batgirl's mind and will should be mush by then," Joker laughed.

"Oh thank you, Mr. J," Harley said happily as she kissed him on the lips.

Joker smiled as he saw Batgirl bucking like a wild bronco. Her chest heaved up and down while her face was bright red, flushed with pain and frustration. The woman's body flailed about as the itching powder tormented every fiber and nerve in her body. She howled incessantly as her toes clenched, trying to grab onto something. Her feet kicked while her hands tried to free themselves, making them nice and white as she squeezed the blood out of them, while tugging at the ropes. Drool was now pouring out of her mouth as she tried to stop the itch. She was quite the site.

"HELP ME!! HELP ME!! MAKE IT STOP!!" she screamed.

"You look sexy shaking like that," Joker replied nonchalantly.

"Joker! Ram your cock into me! It filled me before! It should help!"

"It filled you, but I am afraid I might have stretched you."

"PLEASE!!!" she begged.

Joker laughed triumphantly as he bent down beside the woman and pulled the rope out of her cunt with his gloved hands. He then rammed his fingers into her sex. His fingers thrust in and out of the woman's abused sex as she moaned in pleasure. It was obviously that Joker's fingers were doing something that the rope could not and that was satisfy Batgirl. After a few minutes, Batgirl climaxed and her juices washed some of the powder out of her cunt. However, there was quite some left. More time passed as Batgirl climaxed again, removing even more.

"Enjoying yourself?" Harley asked.

"Yes," Batgirl moaned as she looked lovingly into Joker's eyes.

Joker knew that Batgirl would hate him again later, but for the moment, her eyes made his fingers thrust even faster. The heroine was beside herself with pleasure as she moaned lustfully. Joker knew that it would only be a matter of time before Batgirl would be a willing participant in his nefarious scheme.




"We've been doing this for days now! Forget this! I'm going to head South, past the last areas that Joker was spotted!"

"Batman please! I think the reports are all erroneous. Joker may have paid someone to dress like him. It's unlike him not to pull any crimes as he travels. In fact, all those towns are just reporting of seeing him, but nothing about any crimes."

"Dick! Stay out of this. You can go back to Gotham City, but I am heading South! Batman out!" Batman growled into com-link.

"Damn it, Bruce!" Nightwing cursed under his breath.




"So good of you to wake up," Joker said as he saw Batgirl began to stir. The villain watched her intently as he placed her in a large fish tank. It was transparent on three sides except the back which had was black and made out of metal. It was large compartment for storing things, but the most important part was that it housed a water-proof intercom close to the top of the tank. The tank itself was barely big enough for Batgirl, whose legs were bent as she sat on her butt, the back of her neck resting peacefully on the top of the tank, while the water was waist deep.

"Ohhhh . . . my head. Where am I?" Batgirl said as she shook her head. When she tried to grip her head, she found they were tied together in front of her with ropes. She then looked at her feet which were encased in leather thigh-high boots which were loose around her legs but tight as a vice around the thigh area. Batgirl could feel water around her toes as she realized the water level in the boots had to be the same as the water currently in the tank. She was relieved when she saw that Joker had given a purple two-piece swimsuit. Sure it was a purple thong and top, but as least it covered her up.

"Intrigued?" he asked playfully as he splashed the water on Batgirl's cowl covered face.

"What is going on in that sick mind of yours?" Batgirl snarled.

"Why you seem really hot under the collar right now, Batgirl. Let me cool you off," Joker laughed as he pressed a button on the back of the tank. Immediately, water began to fill the tank at a rapid rate. In a matter of seconds, the water reached her throat before it was finally turned off.

"What are you doing?"Batgirl asked frantically as Joker pressed another button and a huge lid slid out of the compartment.

"I would bend your head down, Batgirl. I wouldn't want you to be beside yourself," Joker laughed as he sat down in a chair and picked up a clipboard.

Batgirl screamed as she saw the lid slide closer and closer. The lid was moving about as slow as a slug, which only made things worse as Batgirl kept her alternating her attention with the water and the lid. Finally, she moved her body so that her legs touched the other end of the tank, submerging her head in the water as the lid covered the tank. Then a swish of air was heard as it locked itself in place. Batgirl now had a few inches for head. The heroine could stick her head above the water and breath, but it was an awkward position, so it would strain her muscles in the long run. However, if she didn't slide to her side and bend her legs, there was no way that she could breath. Of course, Batgirl knew that she had a limited air supply due to the cramp space and her now waterlogged boot, which had numerous holes in them, were making it impossible to move her legs without exerting a lot of energy.

"Stop screaming! You know you have a limited water supply!" Joker's voice came through the intercom. "Oh wait, you have a limited air supply. However, I must say that your screams are music to my ears, whereas the music from that band is a bane to my existence," Joker continued to laugh as he picked up a pen and began to check things off on the clipboard.

"GOD DAMN IT, JOKER! THIS ISN'T FUNNY! LET ME OUT!" Batgirl demanded as she began to push her legs and maneuver her bound hands so she could stay above the water.

"Conserve oxygen, Batgirl. Conserve. I will let you out if you cooperate, but I wouldn't mind if let you die either," Joker said without a smile on his face.

Batgirl knew he was serious, so she immediately stopped screaming. "What do you want from me?" she sobbed.

"Don't cry! It will only increase the level of the water!" Joker yelled as he saw the woman attempt to hold back her tears as well as her fear. "I have information about your secret base. Tell me how to activate your main computer."

"What computer?"

"Bad!" Joker yelled as he kicked the tank and an electrical shock burst through the water, causing Batgirl to scream in pain as she took in a mouthful of water. The heroine quickly closed her mouth and pushed herself back up. "How do I communicate or use the computer?" he asked again in a stern tone.

"It's voice activated," Batgirl replied quickly as she gasped for breath. Joker could see the lid begin to fog up where Batgirl's mouth was. "That's the only security function for activation. However, before I can use it, there's a retina test. Once that is passed, the system will ask for random passwords depending on what it punched into the system."

"How many passwords?"

"They are random. AAAAHHHHH!" she screamed as another shock hit her, sending her below the water line again.

"How many?"

"A lot! BUT!" she screamed as she saw Joker's foot about to kick the tank. "BUT I CAN SHUT THAT FUNCTION OFF! That too is voice activated."

"Is there a homing beacon on your bike?"

"Yes, but I didn't have the chance to turn it on. I thought I could take care of those thugs by myself in the alleyway," she quickly replied as her head began to bob while her strength slipped away, just like the oxygen supply.

"Is that it?"

"YES! Once the password function is shut off, there are no more security blocks."

"Pretty pathetic security, then again the book you chose is pretty lame too. Thank goodness that you have a great bod, so I can ignore all that," Joker smirked as he pressed another button on compartment.

"Thank you!" Batgirl gasped as she felt a breeze against her face. She could see a small vent open, filling the tank with air. Even a few bubbles began to fill the tank.

"You're not passing gas in there are you?" Joker laughed as he released the button and the air supply halted again. "See Batgirl . . . Answer my questions and I give you more air. Dance around my questions, then your body dances, and the air supply dwindles. Got it?"

"Yes," she reluctantly replied.

"What did that tape say?"

"Obey your master," she slowly replied.

"What else?"

"Submit to your pleasure."

"What does that mean?"

"You're my master," she muttered under breath, but quickly changed her tune when Joker zapped her yet again. "YOU'RE MY MASTER AND I HAVE TO PLEASURE YOU WITH MY SLUTTY BODY!" she wailed.

Joker decided to fill the tank with more air since Batgirl cooperated. Besides, he could feel himself becoming aroused when he heard her last sentence. "Will you tell me the true identity of Batman and Nightwing?"

"Please Joker, I can't do that. I can't betray them like that!" Batgirl sobbed. "Please don't shock me! I can't tell you that! You can use me! You can squeeze my tits and I'll suck your cock, but don't make me answer that question!"

Joker released the air button and the air stopped again. He tapped the shock button a few times, but he didn't press down on it, which prevented the painful shock, yet it was enough to cause Batgirl to thrash about and fall below the water line again and again. Finally, he was content and he stopped tapping the button. "How about now?" he asked.

It took Batgirl several minutes to collect herself before she cried. She was at wits end, but she still couldn't tell him that information. "I can't, master," she apologized as she looked at him with sad eyes.

Joker could feel his pants getting tighter as he saw her desperate look. There was no denying that he was getting turned on. "Very well Batgirl, I'll let you slide on that question," he said as he saw a grateful smile appear on her face. "However, I want to know of a nickname to call you. I don't want to call you by your formal crime fighting name all the time," he said as he began to tap the shock button even lighter than the last time. "You don't even have to give me your real full name, but I want a nickname based on it. Remember now! LIE TO ME AT THIS POINT AND PAIN IS THE LAST THING YOU WILL KNOW!" he snarled.

Batgirl's brain was almost fried as the shocks and the thrashing in the water. Part of her mind told her to give a false name while the other reasoned that nothing would bad would happen if she gave him a few letters. As the woman thrashed about, her lungs burned with need as her oxygen supply dwindled. She thrust her head above the water line, flattening her face against the lid while trying to gulp down air. Batgirl looked like a fish trying to desperately to breath while on land. "Babs! Call me, BABS!" she wailed as she got light headed and sank into the water.

"Good girl," Joker said as he pressed a button an several long poles appeared inside the tank. The poles supported her limp body and held her up while some of the water drained out, giving Batgirl time to catch her breath, thus saving her life.

"Thank you," she said weakly as she finally caught her breath.

"Nah! Thank you, Babs!" Joker said politely as he watched the woman cringe when he said the word. The villain chuckled to himself as he pressed another button. This time, a small hole appeared and a water bottle with a tube that was very similar to what people used to feed their hamsters and gerbils with appeared. "Drink the entire bottle, Babs. Drink it all before the water fills up the entire tank," Joker said as he pressed another button and the water was slowly rising again.

Batgirl quickly wrapped her lips around the tube and her tongue flicked the head of the tube repeatedly, desperately trying to get as much of the liquid in her mouth as possible. Her hands were plastered against the walls of the tank as she furiously tried to suck the life out of the bottle.

Joker watched as the woman's cheeks flexed and concaved repeatedly. He could see her head bob as her tongue hit the sides of her cheek every now and then. "It's going to be so wonderful when she does that with my dick later. I bet she doesn't even know that she is drinking that mind weakening drug of mine. Of course, this time, I have placed several aphrodisiacs into the concoction," he chuckled to himself.

"I'm done!" Batgirl giggled triumphantly as her head swooned. The water level was zero as the water was all pumped out of the tank. She didn't even notice it as her full attention was on draining the bottle.

The lid then quickly slid open as Joker helped her to her feet, where he released the straps on her boots. He then unzipped them, releasing a flood of water. The water drained as he undid the ropes. Joker then tore off the bra and thong. He then had Batgirl lean against his chest while his hands squeezed her tits. "How do you feel Babs?" he asked.

"Horny," she replied as she slurred her giggle.

"You like my hands on your tits?"

"Yes, but I would prefer your cock in my cunt," she replied as the drugs definitely had the desired effect on her. "By the way, Jokie-Wookie, you can call me Barbara."

"Alright Barbara, if that's what you want."

"That and a good fucking," she said as she turned around and kissed him, trying to suck his lips into her mouth while her hands danced all over his back.




Nightwing had combed the streets of Gotham City for a few days now, but no signs of Batgirl. He knew that sooner or later, the Commissioner would begin to worry and he might put two and two together. Rumors had started about town that Batgirl went looking for Joker and may have been captured. There were also rumors that Batgirl had quit crime fighting to avoid a fate like Robin. The scariest rumor was that Batman killed Batgirl when she tried to prevent him from killing Joker. Many people in Gotham City believed Joker was already dead since the crime in the city dwindled ever since reports surfaced that Joker had escaped before his trial. No criminal wanted to raise the ire of pissed off Bat.

"Come on Joker, show yourself," Nightwing muttered to himself as he raced through the dark streets of Gotham City, hoping that he would find something, anything.




"OOHHHH! I love it, Mr. J!" Harley Quinn moaned as her hands struggled to keep her hat on her head. The woman was totally nude except for her usual white paint on her face and her red hat. Her legs were spread now since she didn't have any strength left in them. All the orgasms had sapped her dry, at least the in strength department.

"I'm glad you are enjoying it, Harley," Joker grunted as he rammed his member in Batgirl's dripping sex. "You and Barbara are going to be very good friends from now on."

Barbara Gordon still had her Batgirl cowl on, but every time she heard Joker utter her real name, a shiver went up and down her body, bringing her closer to an orgasm. Although, she told him accidentally due to the amount of Joker's mind weakening drug and aphrodisiac, circulating through her blood stream, the crime fighter found it rather exciting to have a villain come so close to knowing her true identity. Yet, deep down she really wished she gave him another name instead.

"Babs and I are going to be great friends if she can lick pussy like this every night," Harley squealed as her sweaty body began to thrash yet again on the bed.

"Well, we can't do this every night because Barbara still refuses to tell me who Batman and Nightwing really are. In fact, she won't even tell me her full name. Kind of wants to make me stop fucking her right here and now," Joker said as he slowed down his thrusts.

"NOO! More fuck!" Barbara moaned as she raised her juice covered face from Harley's pussy before diving back in where she thrashed her tongue about while her hands parted the woman's pussy lips.

"I'm afraid we can't do that unless you want to tell me their real names?"

"No," Batgirl moaned weakly as she raised her head slightly before returning her attention to Harley's shaved sex.

"Oh god, Babs! I'm close again!" Harley moaned as her body tensed. A few more seconds passed as the woman felt Batgirl's amazing tongue lap away at her clit. She could feel the tongue swirl over it again and again, driving itself, pushing it while drooling all over it. Then with a loud scream, Harley's body convulsed as her sex drenched Batgirl's tongue, mouth, and face with her honey.

Joker looked at Harley and knew she was done for the time being. However, he just couldn't stop Batgirl from licking his assistant's cunt. Instead, he was going to have so more fun with Barbara before the drugs wore off. "Like how Harley climaxed? If you want to climax like that, you will tell me who Batman is?"


"How about Nightwing?"


"I'll keep fucking you if you tell me."


"How about you give me some letters for his name. Doesn't even have to be in order."


"Come on Barbara, you can tell me. Tell me, Barbara. Tell me," Joker repeated again and again as he thrust forcefully into the woman's abused sex every time he said her name.

Barbara was going mad with lust as her mind wanted to continue to feed the ever growing need that she now experienced, but Batgirl refused to crack. However, every time she heard her name, she got closer to cracking. Finally, just when she was about to after hearing her own name for the fiftieth time, Harley thrust her crotch to Barbara's mouth, muffling her as she cried out Batman's real name.

"Blue Veins? What fucking new baseball team is that?" Joker thought to himself as he saw Harley slowly roll herself away from Batgirl.

"No Barbara!" Batgirl's mind screamed. "Can't tell him Bruce's name again! You must fight it! Must fight!"

Joker began thrusting with reckless abandon into Batgirl's defenseless sex again. "Tell me, Barbara! Tell me! What is Batman's real name?" he growled.

"Please Joker! I'll be your fucktoy! I'll be your slut! But don't make we tell you his name," Batgirl begged as she fell onto the bed, crying her eyes out.

"Barbara! Barbara! Babs! Barbara! Babs! TELL ME!" Joker shouted as he hammered into her.

"OH GOD YES! Treat me like a whore! I need to have my cunt rammed by your hard member! Fuck me! Fuck me good! Ram it into my slutty cunt! Do it, Joker! Do it! Fuck your slave good!" she shouted as Harley grabbed a camcorder and zoomed in on Batgirl's lustful face.

Joker had forgotten what he was asking Batgirl as her words sent him over the edge. His hot seed deluged the woman's pussy as she too climaxed. Batgirl's cunt muscles gripped Joker's cock and began to milk it as he fell on top of her. He rubbed his hands on her forehead, whispering her first name repeatedly, causing her to shudder over and over again until she finally passed out.




This was a bad idea, Bruce. You can't let Joker get the better of you. You can't let your hatred blind you to what is truly important. Barbara Gordon is a friend. You should be trying to find her instead of Joker," Batman admonished himself. "Telling Nightwing to fuck off wasn't a good idea either. The trail down here is cold, Bruce. It's time to return to Gotham City. Yes. It's definitely time to go back," Batman thought to himself as he turned his aircraft around and headed back to Gotham City.




Batgirl woke up, suspended over Joker's bed. Her body was parallel to the bed as her knees were bent, making the rest of her legs perpendicular to the bed. The crime fighter's ankles were secured together by manacles, and like her ankles, her wrists were secured together by manacles too. Her arms were pulled toward her feet, resting on her back, where they were strapped down by a thick black leather strap. She was wearing her cowl and a purple body hugging vinyl outfit that had openings revealing her breasts and shaved sex. A red ballgag was placed into her mouth and kept there by thick black straps crisscrossing her face. On the back of her head, connected to the straps was a huge O-ring. The O-ring had a short chain, which was pulled taut by Batgirl's head restraint and the manacles on her ankles, forcing her to keep her current position. There were a few more things that were placed on Batgirl, but she had no idea what they were since she couldn't see them.

"Good morning, Batgirl," Joker greeted her as he looked up at bound heroine, tucked beneath the covers. "Since you won't tell me the identities of Batman and Nightwing. I have decided on the proper course of action. There's two IV tubes connected to your arms. The one on your right arm is the mind weakening drug while the one on your left is the aphrodisiac. There are electrodes on your nipples. Every time you move, you will receive a shock. They're not turned on yet, but they will be. Also, there are electrodes connected to your pussy lips as well. They will act just like the ones on your nipples. Any questions?"

"MMMMHHHHPPPPHHHHTTTT!" Batgirl tried to scream through her gag as she felt herself being lowered until she was just inches from Joker's face.

"We are going to play a game, Barbara. We'll see how long you can last before you are nothing more than a quivering piece of meat. Granted, you'll be a really nice looking piece of meat, but I bet you already knew that," he snickered as Harley snapped on a pair of earphones into Batgirl's ears. She then hooked the cassette player onto the leather strap.

"I am Batgirl. I am Joker's slave. I am his slut. I am his whore. I am his pet. My tits are his. My cunt is his. I am his to use. I am Batgirl. I am Joker's slave," Barbara's own voice reverberated in her head over and over again like a sick mantra.

"Prepare to be broken," Harley said, knowing that Batgirl couldn't hear her. However, that didn't stop her as she rammed three digits into Batgirl's pussy. The woman then pumped them in and out as Batgirl moaned into her gag. After a few seconds, Harley turned on the electrodes and electricity flowed through Barbara's body, frying her nerves and sent pain coursing through her body. The woman then wrapped another strap with a box around her thighs. The box housed a small computer that controlled a hydraulic arm that would retract and thrust the vibrator when needed.

"AGGGGGHMMMMPPPHHTTTT!!" she groaned as her eyes were wide open with terror and pain. Tears trickled down her cheeks as drool began to dribble down her chin. She begged Joker with her eyes, but instead of helping her out, he blew kisses at her while laughing.

For several minutes, Batgirl screamed into her gag until she couldn't scream anymore while thrashing like a fish on the end of a fisherman's hook. Her throat was completely dry when Harley pulled her hands out of her sex and stuffed a vibrator inside. Regardless of what Barbara did, she would still move, causing her to receive more shocks. As the shocks wore her down, the drugs made it even more. Her body was now on fire as it burned with need. Soon the vibrator was no longer enough to satisfy her. Instead, it only kept her at the boiling point but it was never ever able to send her over the edge. At the same time, her mind was now highly susceptible to the cassette player as Batgirl's mind was now repeating the lines over and over again.

"Raise her up," Joker commanded as Batgirl was raised higher into the air. The criminal then tossed the covers, revealing his nude body. Harley then strokes his cock with her hands as both individuals watch Batgirl's eyes zero in on the action.

"I am Batgirl. I am Joker's slave. I am his slut. I am his whore. I am his pet. My tits are his. My cunt is his. I am his to use. I am Batgirl. I am Joker's slave," Batgirl's mind repeated over and over again as she watched Joker's cock intently. The vibrator was pulled from her cunt by the arm. Batgirl was now holding perfectly still as she gazed on Joker's throbbing cock, wishing it was pumping deep inside her.

When Joker's cock was fully erect, he made Harley get on all fours, and then he took her from behind, making sure that Batgirl saw everything. As Harley moaned in pleasure, Batgirl's eyes never pulled away from the scene before her. While she watched, her mind continued to repeat the mantra, wishing that she was in Harley's place, pleasuring Joker's cock with her cunt.




"Have you heard anything about your daughter, Commissioner Gordon?" Batman asked.

"Have you found any signs of Joker?" Commissioner Gordon asked.

"I haven't found anything," Nightwing said calmly.

"Neither have I," Batman added.

"I haven't heard anything from Barbara and I definitely haven't heard a peep from Batgirl. However, I know deep down that my little Barbara is safe. I bet she found a new man or maybe she's dating Bruce Wayne again. Not many people have seen Bruce Wayne in the last few weeks."

"I'm sure Bruce Wayne is away on a business trip. Perhaps he took Barbara with him," Batman said quickly.

"I don't know, Batman. My little girl is all grown up. She has a good reason for not contacting me. She knows if she gets in trouble, she can always count on me to help. Besides, I've got good news tonight. The evil Joker was spotted in Clarksville yesterday."

"Clarksville. That's two at least eight hours away flying and not to mention the city is huge," Nightwing said.

"The police department there are combing the streets, but perhaps you should go there and give them a hand . . ."

"Say no more, Commissioner Gordon. Nightwing and I will be leaving!"




Barbara Gordon's nude body was pressed firmly against Joker's. After spending three weeks in Joker's care and then spending a total of two weeks suspended above his bed, the famed Batgirl finally cracked. By the end of the two weeks, Batgirl was freed from her bondage. Although she had been freed periodically so that she could eat, allowed to relieve herself of her waste, and bathed, she was never allowed to orgasm, which made her a total wreck as the days progressed. The end of the first week was marked by Batgirl telling Joker and Harley her real name and identity, which they already knew. However, it wasn't until the middle of the second week that she finally gave up Batman and Nightwing's secret identities. Yet, she was still not allowed to climax. Instead, she continued to be bound over Joker's bed, still unable to orgasm as she watched Harley and Joker fuck endlessly. She even had to endure watching Joker masturbate to her defenseless body. During her entire ordeal, her body was still being pumped full of drugs and her mind was bombarded with subliminal commands done in her own voice. Thus, once the transformation was complete, Barbara Gordon knew exactly who she was, but she preferred to be called Barbie Quinn. She also knew that her place was to serve at Joker's side, next to her mistress, Harley Quinn. Now, she was making out with her master on her own bed, in her own apartment.

Harley Quinn paid little attention to the noise coming from Barbara Gordon's bedroom since she was too busy editing various tapes and CDs. Both things would be used to frame Batman and Nightwing while the true criminals got away scot-free. Joker's assistant had already downloaded the entire archive inside of Batgirl's computer and had sent all the henchmen back to the main base with them, where they would basically recreate Batgirl's computer. The computer itself was useless, but the files were priceless. "Just a few more things to edit out and Mr. J is going to pee his pants," she giggled to herself.

"OH GOD! HARDER! HARDER!" Barbie moaned as she was on her hands and knees. Joker was busy ramming his cock into her cunt while his hands played with Barbara's round tits, listening to her constant moaning. The woman's body began to thrash as she pumped herself back against her lover's thrusts. Pretty soon, her body was being slammed into the mattress as she screamed in pleasure while pounding her fists. The screams quickly turned into grunts as she buried her face into the mattress, tossing her long red hair about as she shook her head.

Joker loved his new vocal lover. He knew deep down Barbie Quinn, she hated him, but both Joker and Harley had been burned into her mind, thus to satisfy her own sexual urges, she had to be around them. He saw how much she cried when she gave up her friends' identities. Joker even had Batgirl masturbate in front of camera for hours while begging Joker to fuck her, trying not to climax, so Joker would ram his meat into her. She passed the test and had cooperated fully with his nefarious scheme ever since. "Didn't you want to have sex with your lover in this bed?" he asked as he flipped the woman over.

"You are my lover," she moaned as her legs locked around his back. Her hands gripped his shoulders, pulling him close to her, pinning her tits against his chest. "And I am your fucktoy. I am addicted to your manhood," she purred as she felt him thrust into her very willing body.

"Who would have ever thought that the illustrious Batgirl would be such a cock hungry whore? Also, who would have ever thought that Barbara Gordon, the prim and proper librarian, daughter of the police commissioner, would be my loyal fuck slave and a willing partner to the demise of the Caped Crusaders?" Joker grunted.

"Batgirl and Barbara Gordon are dead. All that remains is Barbie Quinn, your obedient slut," Batgirl moaned as she saw Joker pull out of her cunt. Her hands quickly gripped her tits when Joker placed his cock in between her breasts. The villain pumped his meat back and forth as Barbara squeezed her melons against it and licking the tip of his member ever time it came close to her lips. Within seconds, Joker climaxed and shot his load onto her face. Batgirl climaxed the nanosecond Joker's hot sperm hit her face.

"All done, Mr. J!" Harley said happily as she entered the bedroom.

"Excellent! Time to go and show daddy and the rest of Gotham City the truth about Batman," Joker said as he used Barbara's tits as a rag for his sperm.

"Yes master," Barbara said as she stood up and followed Joker and Harley Quinn out of her apartment. The other two were dressed whereas Barbara Gordon simply left her apartment, caked in sperm and totally nude. All vestiges of her former self was gone. She was now truly Barbie Quinn, a woman who was secure in her sexuality, and addicted to the sick, perverse pleasures that only Joker and Harley could provide; something that she greatly cherished and reveled in.




Six Months Later


Commissioner Gordon sat behind his desk. The man with white hair on his head hadn't budged from his office for a few days now. He was at a loss for words as the rage simmered inside him, building slowly and slowly with every second. In the early part of the year, the talk of Gotham City was about Joker's new assistant, Barbie Quinn. Every body saw the brazen woman, who wore an outfit much like Harley Quinn's, except this woman's outfit was mostly white. The outfit had three huge red dots. Two of the dots were smack dab over her nipples and the third on was right over her sex. Not only did the outfit have dots, but it had lines as well. Long red lines stretched from her ankles to her shapely hips, where a red belt, resembling Batgirl's old utility belt stayed. The woman also wore the same hat as Harley, except hers was white, but the woman wore a purple mask. Also, unlike Harley, the woman's long red hair ran freely down her back. Another thing that set her apart was that there were zippers holding the parts around her tits, cunt, and ass. Joker would unzip her and usually have his way with her right in front of the security cameras. Other times, the woman would run out of banks with money in hand and her free tits bouncing about. However, Commissioner Gordon could care less about Joker, Harley, or Barbie. The man felt betrayed and he was pissed off.

About three months ago, the old man's world turned upside down. Some time ago before all this, he was informed by Gotham City Library that his daughter, Barbara Gordon had called in sick. It was unlike his daughter to call in sick and when he visited her apartment, it was empty. A few days later, he was elated to learn that his daughter had found a new beau and was vacationing with him. She was merely using the sick days as a smoke screen. However, she also informed her father that Batman was becoming incredibly hard to deal with and that Batgirl was having a hard time trying to keep the man from going insane. Commissioner Gordon knew what his daughter was saying was true since Nightwing had told him the same thing and several officers and citizens had reported that Batman was becoming incredibly rough with apprehending criminals. The old man knew that Batman had taken the death of Robin at Joker's hand pretty seriously and he thought this was the way that the Dark Knight dealt with pain, so he let it go. But when officers reported that Batman had dropped Penguin off a twenty story building saying something to the extent that birds should know how to fly, he had a talk with Batman. Oddly enough, he remembered having that conversation when Batgirl went missing. Yet all that was no longer important. For what set him off was a tape. Just one tape that not only enraged the citizens of Gotham City, but the ire of the Police Commissioner as well.

The tape in question was actually created by Harley Quinn's expert editing skills. It basically was a transcript of a dead woman's own words. The dead woman was none other than Batgirl. The tape was found in a hidden compartment on Batgirl's motorcycle, which happen to be a replica, but no one was aware of it. Once it was played, the world that many in people in Gotham City changed forever. It started with Batgirl crying into the camera as she told the story of Batman and Robin. She described how the original Robin became Nightwing and Batman found a replacement. The new Robin was the person that Joker killed recently. The death of Robin ate at Batman's sanity and eventually drove him crazy. She said that Batman was always a vengeful man ever since the death of his mother and father. After that, Batgirl continued to sob as she showed some video tape from her own security cameras in her computer room where she was bound and abused. Throughout this part of the tape, everyone could hear Batgirl pleading with Batman not to hurt her. She even pleaded with Nightwing, but instead whips rained down on her body. As the scenes played on, Batgirl's costume was ripped and her body became bruised as angry welts appeared on her body. Video of her being bound and electrocuted why being suspended in the air with her breasts showing were all part of the tape. After a prolong amount of time, the scene finally returned to a crying Batgirl. The heroine cried as she apologized to Gotham City for being unable to help Batman. She sobbed at the fact that Batman had done so much good for the city that she wanted to turn a blind eye to him that she was okay with what he did to her, but he finally crossed the line. The picture then shifted to close up on a screaming Barbara Gordon. The woman was obviously in pain and had been crying. As the shot moved away from her face, showing more of her, people could see that most of her clothes were ripped off except a few shards of clothing. Barbara Gordon's body was sliding back and forth on a table and her body, especially her throat, breasts, and stomach were covered in drying sperm as heavy grunting was heard. Never did the video show the assailant, but Barbara kept on screaming for Batman to stop. She even begged for Nightwing and Batgirl to help her. The frightened woman begged Nightwing, saying that she would forget about the rape if he helped her. She even went as far as saying that she would dump her new boyfriend and go back to dating Bruce Wayne. Finally with one final grunt, Barbara's body stopped sliding as black Baterangs were thrown at her. The rape scene quickly blacked out as Barbara screamed out for Alfred to help her, saying the same things she said to Nightwing before blood curdling scream. The picture returned to a sobbing Batgirl, who quickly stated that she would rescue Barbara Gordon because the madness had gone on long enough. She then told the world that if she didn't make it, Batman and Nightwing needed to stopped. Thus, she dropped the bombshell that everyone had been waiting to hear for years, they heard Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's names for Batman and Nightwing.

Commissioner Gordon pounded his desk as he watched the video again. He remembered finding his daughter's entire apartment building burned to the ground. The forensic experts did find some shreds of clothing next to a dumpster in the alleyway. They later tested it and found some of Barbara's blood and some semen. Not only was semen found, but they also found some melted Baterangs, still connected to a badly burned table. Police officers then stormed Wayne Manor and arrested Bruce Wayne and his butler, Alfred. Later on in the day, Nightwing surrendered to police since everyone in town were trying to track him down. Everyone in Gotham City felt betrayed as they organized mobs and went looking for Nightwing. Neither men said anything about the whereabouts of Barbara Gordon or Batgirl's bodies, much to the disgust of Commissioner Gordon, especially when the semen on the clothing matched Bruce and Dick's DNA Gordon's dissatisfaction was shared by everyone else, thus the jury was quick to convict Alfred, but the case for Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson was still planned for the future. The old man wanted to see Alfred get the death penalty with his two cohorts getting the same, but for now, he only had this tape to watch over and over again as he fumed with hatred.




"Don't ever stop fucking me!" Barbie Quinn screamed as she bent forward, resting her fists on the giant oak desk. Her body shook with each forceful thrust from Joker's hips, jamming his cock deep inside her once-virgin ass. The former heroine was enjoying the sensations coming from her tight hole as she watched news reports of the chaos that she helped Joker and Harley engulf Gotham City in. A tingle of both joy and pleasure went up her spine as she watched the angry citizens spewed venom at the once very heroes that they once worshiped.

"You don't have to worry about that," Joker grinned as his hands gripped her hips. The man couldn't believe how easy it was to break the former Barbara Gordon. In a matter of months, Gotham City would see a new crime wave, but for the time being, Joker like most of the citizens of the once proud city, wanted to see the fates of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. This is why he was banging his bitch while watching the nightly news on a wide-screen television set. Once their fates were settled, Joker would strike against some of the other crime fighters with the help of his two women.

"Look pudding! It's the Police Commissioner," Harley said as she took her eyes off the computer screen.

"Look daddy!" Barbie shouted. "Your once prude little daughter is getting fucked up the ass by Gotham City's greatest criminal mastermind, Joker! I hardly wear any clothing while living his hideout, which is why I am naked now. My only clothing here is his dried sperm, mixed with my own juices and my sweat. You're sweat little daughter's huge tits are swinging in the breeze as Joker fucks your little princess."

"Daddy would be so proud of you," Harley giggled as she returned her attention to the computer, viewing more files, trying to pick out more targets.

"And daddy. Not only am I being fucked by Joker, but I service Harley as well. Bet you would have never imagined such a thing?" Barbie purred as she blew kisses at the TV screen.

"Would you like to show daddy what you become?" Joker asked.

"Yes master!" Barbie giggled happily. "I would love to show him!"

"And I would love to show you and your big belly off to him."

"Master! You mean you're going . . ."

"Yes, but not yet. Batman and Nightwing must be taken care of first. Once they are out of the picture, crime will reign and the police will be helpless. The other heroes and heroines will come out and try to stop the crime. As the fight, we'll use the data from your computer to guess where they will be. Besides, it's not like we don't know who some of these people really are. It's going to be so sweet when I bust into City Hall with my three girls. One will be pregnant as she shows her daddy all the new skills she learned," Joker cackled.

"That will be me!" Barbie laughed as well. "But who is the third?"


"We can make an H-B-H sandwich once we recruit her," Harley giggled.

"Good choice," Joker said as he glanced at the computer Harley was working on. He could see his soon to be newest acquisition on the screen and the mere thought of having that woman under his power, sent him over the edge as he shot his hot, steamy load into Barbie's ass. Soon the room was filled with squishy sounds as Barbie climaxed and continued to hump her ass on top of her master's cock, dreaming of her future exploits with her master, her mistress, and her soon to be, new friend.


The End

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