Batgirl's Career Decision

BY : NightCreeper
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Batgirl's Career Decision


By: Night Creeper


Disclaimer: All of the characters created by DC Comics are owned by DC Comics. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by DC Comics, they are still owned by DC Comics. Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

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Batgirl's Career Decision


By: Night Creeper


"Turn this way!" a reporter said.

"Over here!" another one shouted.

"No! Over here!" even more shouted.

"Hehehe," Batgirl giggled as hundreds of flashbulbs went off. The female heroine was dressed in a light purple spandex suit with bat logo with a cowl to match, shiny yellow boots and gloves, and to top it off, bright yellow cape. She stood in front of the latest sports car, which could go from zero to eighty miles in little over a second, while photographers called out her name, trying to get her to flash her smile their way. To appease some of the photographers, Batgirl blows them a kiss here and there before turning for more pictures.

"Alright boys," a man with his hair slicked back in a ponytail said as he stepped on the platform that supported the car and Batgirl. "We would like to thank Batgirl for helping us present the newest sports car that will definitely revolutionize the industry. In fact, I predict that everyone will be trying to catch up to our vision."

"Excuse me, Mr. Pietrola," a reporter uttered. "How much will this car cost and will Batgirl come with it?"

Mr. Pietrola laughed as did everyone else. As the laughter died down, the photographers also stopped taking pictures of Batgirl, giving the heroine time to slowly make her exit. Batgirl slowly descended the steps and left the showroom. "At least that's over," she sighed as she scanned the dressing room. So far none of the other girls had returned from the showroom, leaving Batgirl alone to her thoughts. The crime fighter walked toward her locker and opened it. She found a huge envelop and a small note. A smile appeared on her face as she took both items, closed the locker, and left.




One Month Earlier


"Come back here!" Batgirl shouted as she ran after the villainous Riddler, who had just stolen a few diamonds from a jewelry store in a local Gotham shopping mall.

"NO WAY!" Riddler giggled as he quickly darted away from the woman.

"You're really beginning to piss me off!" Batgirl shouted as she threw a baseball at Riddler. The ball hit him squarely on the back of the knee, causing him to pitch forward as his knee buckled. Riddler fell on the ground and slid a few feet as various shoppers scattered. Riddler eventually stopped sliding when he slammed into a display.

"Damn it," he snarled as he tried to shake out his cobwebs.

"Ready to give up?" Batgirl asked as she towered over the villain with her hands on her shapely hips.

Riddler looked up and saw Batgirl, who was wearing a completely black spandex outfit. He knew that she had used this outfit for months now and it was obvious that her style had changed like the outfit. Gone was the sarcastic woman. Instead, she was now almost as bitter as Batman himself. "Look Batgirl, I was only joking earlier when I said you couldn't catch me," Riddler spoke as he slowly got to his feet.

"Save it Riddler, you're under arrest!" she snarled as she yanked his arm.

"Let him go!" a huge man yelled as he tackled Batgirl to the ground, allowing Riddler to quickly make his escape down the escalator.

"I don't have time for this shit," Batgirl snarled as she kneed the man in the groin and hit his face with a right cross. The man fell over as Batgirl ran to the railing and leapt over it.

"OH MY GOD!!" an elderly man yelled as he clutched his chest when Batgirl landed a few feet in front of him. Batgirl quickly stood up, turned and looked at the man, but as she turned, the man just pointed at her and fell on his back. He then began moving his legs as he tried to push him away from her. His hand pointed at her face while his right hand clutched his chest.

Batgirl glanced over her shoulder and saw that Riddler was already out the door. "Shit!" she yelled as she stomped her feet and moved toward the elderly gentleman.

"STAY BACK!" he yelled as he continued to move away from the woman. "Sta . . ahhhhh."

"Are you okay? Call an ambulance!" Batgirl said as she quickly knelt down next to the man. She couldn't find a pulse so she desperately performed CPR on him, but it didn't work. Finally, when the paramedics arrived, they pulled her off of the man and tried to shock him, but that didn't work either.

"Looks like he's gone," a paramedic said as he signaled for the stretcher as Batgirl slowly walked away.




Barbara Gordon sighed as she watched the small children run around the playground. The librarian was sitting on a bench across the street from a daycare. Most of the kids were from poor families, but it didn't stop them from having a fun time. The young woman couldn't keep her eyes off of the kids as they laughed and played. As she watched, she wished she could be as happy as them.

"Excuse me. Do you have the time?" a voice asked from behind her.

Barbara Gordon turned around and saw a tall man in a grey business suit and tie. "It's about four o'clock," she replied as she took a glance at her own watch.

"You're a life saver lady! For a second there, I thought I missed my meeting, but I still have an hour before I need to show up at the office," the man replied happily.

"An hour huh? Well, don't be late for it then," Barbara said as she returned her gaze to the daycare.

"Can you believe that they were going to close that place down?"


"Yeah. It was a good thing that the nuns that run the place received a big fat envelop. Some anonymous donor left a whole lot of money for them. Good thing too. That place changed my life. My mother use to be the only person taking care of me and when you have as many bills to pay as my mom, that was a task all by itself. Luckily those nuns had time to help me out after school. They pointed me down the right path and never bothered to talk about religion or anything like that. Instead, they told me how hard my mom worked and that I should do my best and make her life easier down the road," the man sighed.

"They did all that huh?"

"Yes they did. If it wasn't for that daycare, I would probably be selling drugs instead of mutual funds. Anyway, I donated about a thousand dollars to the place, but they were still short. I'm just glad that somebody dug down deep and found it in their hearts to donate money to the place. Well, rather than bore you with my story, I better be leaving," the man said as he quickly made his way to the corner and crossed the street.

"You did good, Babs. You did good," Barbara's mind congratulated her as she smiled for the first time in a long time.




"I don't get it," Two-Face said as he eyed his cards.

"I know. What kind of slut would want to do it with you?" Riddler laughed.

"I watch it, buddy," Killer Croc warned Riddler.

"Quack. Quack. Quack. Don't you dare lay a finger on him! He's the only one using jewelry instead of chips tonight!" Penguin warned.

"Like you're going to win it," Two-Face snarled.

"Look boys, I'm sorry if I offended any of you, but I couldn't believe my luck when I escaped the shopping mall," Riddler giggled like a giddy schoolgirl, who had just fallen in love.

"You got lucky, Riddler. Some old geezer died of a heart attack, allowing you the chance to escape. Big deal!"

"But it is a big deal, Killer Croc! Batgirl hasn't done much to stop crime lately. Instead, she's hired some consultant to help her lighten her image since she became as hardcore as Batman," Riddler laughed.

"Well just remember our bet, people. No one needs to piss off Batman or his crime fighting horde for a few more months. We'll let the scum of Gotham City do all the dirty work," Penguin quacked.

"Playing poker with you three gets pretty boring."

"Four! There are four of us that you're playing against!" Two-Face corrected Killer Croc.

"Does that mean you have to pay double then? Because if it does, pay me! I have a full house!" Riddler laughed as he placed his cards on the table and the other men glared at him.




"I have to thank you for that last job that you set up for me," Batgirl said as she sat in front of her consultant. She could see that the balding man with the mustache and goatee with long black sideburns was about as pleased as she was.

"It's my pleasure. I'm just glad that you could help out those children," the consultant replied as he pressed a purple button on his phone.

"You don't have to do that. If you have other calls, please take them."

"No dear. When Pierre La Duc said that he would help you out, he meant it. We have already soften your image in the last few weeks. You hardly smiled when I met you, but you at least smile in front of the camera now. The city no longer thinks that you're an ice princess."

"That might not be a good thing especially when you're a criminal. I always liked the fact that they feared me."

"Aha! But it is that same fear that started the trouble in the first place. When you were a kinder and gentler fighter, they may have not feared you as much, but you were having fun. Almost as much fun as you are now?"

"I have to admit that you're right. Crime fighting doesn't pay very well. However, these public appearances have made me some money."

"It's not the money. I know that you donate it to the poor."

"I just never felt this way before. I was doing something good for the city fighting crime, but helping Gotham City's citizens like this is far more rewarding," she smiled.

"Don't kid yourself, you're still fighting crime at night. I know you. It's just that by day, you are dressed in the more colorful outfit. By the way, there are a few more car shows lined up. You will have to change outfits though. The pay is a lot more and there are far more daycare centers to aid. Also, I lined up a few hospital appearances for sick children too."

"Excellent. When are the dates?"

"Here you go," Pierre said as he handed her a large stack of papers. "Take a look. If everything fits in your calender, tell me. Don't hesitate to tell me that you want to cancel any of them either. The car shows I need a week's notice, but the hospital ones are trickier."

"Don't worry. I can make these," Batgirl smiled as she glanced at the list.




Later that Night


"Alright. You know the plan right?" Joker asked the man hiding in the shadows.

"Do I have to? You know I have a horrible phobia," the man uttered as he shook in the shadows.

"You're afraid of me, aren't you?" Joker asked.


"Good. Then don't fuck this up and I won't hurt you. Do things right and you will never have to worry about me. A lot is riding on this and if you screw up, you not only disappoint me, but you will also disappoint some other less understanding people as well."

"I understand. I just wished that . . ."

"I'll double my initial offer."

"Done," the man said as he quickly darted out the door behind him.

"Doubling his fee is no problem when you consider what I am getting in return," Joker laughed.




A Week Later


"Who wants ice cream?" Pierre asked.

"ME!!" twenty kids said in unison.

"Very well. The two nurses here will help me scoop up all those ice cream. While we do that, Batgirl will answer some more questions. One question per person, right down the line. If you're all done, you can start all over. If you can't think of a question, just pass your turn to the next in line."

"Batgirl! Do you want my ice cream?" a little boy asked.

"No. That's okay. I can get my own," Batgirl, who was decked out in the same outfit from the car show.

"What's the Bat Cave like?" another boy asked.

"Muggy. However, I can't say much about it. Batman asked me not to," she joked as the kids all had a huge look of awe on their faces.

"How fast does Batman drive?"

"Really fast."

"Will he come visit us like you?"

"I don't know. I may be able to talk to him about it."

"Will you marry me?"

"JOEY! Stop that!" a nurse admonished the boy.

"It's okay. Joey, like I said last time, I'm too old for you."

"But I've gotten older in the last few minutes."

"Maybe later," Batgirl giggled.

"Alright. No more questions. Everyone can have their ice cream now. Once you're done, brush your teeth, and Batgirl will then sign a few autographs before you all turn in for the night. She has to fight crime too," another nurse said as she began to pass out the cups of ice cream to all the happy kids.

"You've made these kids really happy today," Pierre whispered to Batgirl as he saw her scan all their happy faces.

"They made me real happy too," she replied back.




Later that Night


A man dressed in all black with a ski mask silently crept toward a wall safe. He had broken into the home of one of Gotham City's elite. The man had subdued the butler and maid, but they owners were away. He knew that the safe still had an alarm guarding it even though he had taken care of the help. Thus, he was very cautious.

"Stop right there!" Batgirl hissed as she stood in the doorway of the room with butler and maid.

The man turned around and saw Batgirl in her dark black outfit. Almost immediately, his hand clutched his heart as he staggered and fell against the wall. "Stay back!" he yelled as his butt hit the floor. "Don't come any closer!"

Batgirl froze as her mind flashed back the scene at the mall. The butler and maid had rushed into the room, past the frozen Batgirl. "I think he's having a heart attack," the butler said as he pointed at the phone.

"Hello! I need an ambulance right away!" the maid yelled into the phone.

"Keep her away from me!" the man screamed as he clutched his heart while Batgirl could only stare at him, totally unable to move.




"I don't know what happened," Batgirl sobbed. "I just froze there. I couldn't move. It was like the whole shopping center episode flashing before my eyes."

"It's okay," Pierre said as he tried to comfort her. "The man is fine and the charges were dropped. He's okay now."

"I know, but . . ."

"Batgirl. Look. No one knew that the old man at the shopping center had so many grandchildren. If you're feeling guilty about taking their grandfather away, don't be. The family has even written you and said to forget about it."

"The children weren't as understanding."

"The kids don't know anything about life or death. They only wanted to be spoiled rotten. That's why they were mad."

"But . . ."

"But nothing. Those kids will understand some day. As for now, you're doing car shows to make money for countless children. You're helping kids that don't have any parents, sick kids, or under privileged kids. Hell! You're making their lives better! Don't you ever forget about that!"

"You're right," Batgirl said as she stopped crying.

"Of course I am right. Pierre is always right. Now, clean yourself up and light the room!" he said as he gave her a friendly pat on her butt.

Batgirl had a shocked expression on her face that quickly turned to anger. She grabbed the consultant by the collar of his shirt and pushed him into the wall with a loud thud. "What the hell was that for?" she snarled.

"I'm sorry. I thought you Americans always do that when you're trying to cheer each other up. I've seen teams on TV do it. I didn't know. I'm dreadful sorry. It was unintentional. I promise," Pierre apologized with fear plastered onto his face.

"Sorry. I over reacted," Batgirl said as she let him down. "How about you leave my dressing room so I can work on my makeup?" she asked as she patted him on the butt playfully.

"You're okay?"

"I'm okay."




"I came when I heard the news," Robin said as he climbed onto the roof overlooking Gotham City's Harbor. "Is it true?"

"I'm afraid so," Batman said as he continued to look out over the water.

"Did you reason with her?"

"Both of us did," Huntress interjected. "She said that she has spent a lengthy amount of time fighting crime, but the streets of Gotham City haven't gotten any better. Instead, her personality has gotten worse and her life was starting to spin out of control."

"I believe this has something to do with the man that died," Batman uttered.

"I'm sure it does. I talked to her about that and she was quite distraught. Things got worse when the man's grandchildren were quoted in the papers, denouncing Batgirl. Granted that she got a lot of support from the city since it was a fluke accident, but she took it all to heart. A few months ago, she was elated to bring some happiness into the lives of sick children. She even took a side job to raise funds for various needy organizations," Huntress added.

"I've heard about that," Robin spoke.

"She's making a lot of money doing that, but she's donating most of it. She's even said that she prefers to help the city that way."

"Batman! We're not going to have her throw away her career are we?" Robin asked.

"She's happier doing what she's doing at the moment. It's best that we don't interfere," Batman replied. "Besides, she did ask that we do not interfere with her decision."

"What if she's making the wrong decision?" Robin interjected.

"It's her decision and we should respect that," Huntress said. "Besides, she also said that in the last two weeks, she has encountered some of the same problems when fighting crime. Some times, she surprises a criminal and then the criminals clutches his chest and has breathing problems. If that happens, Batgirl freezes. Other times, when she hears erratic breathing, she will pause as well. Something like that does not bold well for her in crisis situation. In fact, it makes it even harder for her to fight crime, let alone stay safe. Batgirl shouldn't have to jeopardize her own mental stability to fight crime if she can help Gotham City with her current efforts.

"So that's it huh?"

"Until she changes her mind, Robin. If she ever does," Batman said as he continued to stare out to the sea.




Three Months Later


Batgirl couldn't believe that she was seated next to four other male judges, mostly college frat boys, in front of a huge stage. She was dressed the same purple and yellow outfit, but this time around, she wore a purple mask like the one Huntress possessed instead of her cowl. The heroine found it more comfortable this way. The amount of clothing she was wearing was quite different from the ones that the twenty female contestants wore since they were wearing nothing except for a white T-shirt, a g-string, and heels of various heights. Pierre had tried his best to find her gigs ever since the major shows were all past. Every manufacturer had rolled out their new lines and were preparing for next year, thus creating a great lull. This meant that it was now harder to get work at the usual car shows, which would shell out a great deal of money to have Batgirl present. However, Pierre was able to find her some work at less famous car shows, but for far lower pay. Batgirl didn't mind since she was able to subsidize her income by appearing in various automobile magazines, promoting some of the very same cars that she appeared on stage with earlier in the year.

"Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?" an announcer asked as he spoke to the huge crowd of mostly men at the latest car show in Gotham rundown Industrial sector.

"YESSS!!" the men shouted in unison. Most of the men were drunk, but they were definitely ready for the festivities.

"Then ladies!!! POUR!!" the announcer shouted.

"Weeee!!!" the women giggled as cold water was dumped all over them by various nozzles placed over the stage. Various sized breasts and nipples were clearly visible as their T-shirts shrank in size and hugged their curves.

"This is great!" a judge shouted as he furiously scribbled down some notes of the contestants that he would hit on later on.

"Who do you like, Batgirl?" another judge asked.

"I believe it's a secret ballot," Batgirl said as the teen shrugged and continued to salivate. Batgirl wasn't offended by the whole thing. In fact, she was kind of amused to see men turned into snorting pigs as the women shook and rubbed their hands over themselves. Although she was mildly disgusted, she admired the power that the women had on stage. Besides, she was getting paid enough money for her to pay off the various loans that an orphanage had accumulated. She continued to remind herself of why she agreed to this assignment in the first place.

The wet T-shirt contest progressed for a good two hours as the women constantly doused with water before they performed the talent portion of the show, which ranged from singing, dancing, all the way to the women reciting their names while chewing bubble gum. Batgirl shook her head every now and then, but the male judges were having fun hooting and hollering, which entertained Batgirl immensely since they made damn sure that they didn't say anything derogatory about the women on stage. Some of the times, they would have to stop in mid-sentence and apologize profusely. Other times, they just smacked their own forehead.

Finally, when everything was all said and done, the announcer informed the crowd that a blonde with a huge chest had won. Batgirl shook her head since the girl simply recited her name while shaking her breasts for the talent portion. She gave the woman the lowest score possible, but she knew that the other judges thought differently. The winner danced on stage before jumping off and hugging various onlookers.

"Everyone ready to get on stage?" on of the judges asked.

"On stage?" Batgirl inquired.

"The guy on stage may have introduced us already, but he's going to thank us now. Besides, I think he wants to do some quick pictures of the judges standing next to the contestants," another one said.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Let's have the judges appear on the stage and please give a warm reception for Batgirl, who came all the way out here to assist us tonight!" the announcer spoke.

A loud cheer erupted as Batgirl ascended the steps and stood next to the announcer. Most of the men thought she was going to participate and made their desires known, but Batgirl simply shook her head. The crowd was a bit dissatisfied, but Batgirl diffused the situation by taking the microphone from the announcer. "I would like to thank everyone for coming out here tonight. Of course, I definitely want to thank the women who appeared on stage as well. Although I have no desire to participate in the contest especially since it has concluded, I will take complimentary pictures with anyone who has a camera later tonight," she announced as a chorus of cheers erupted and some of the drunk men stumbled over each other trying to find someone with a camera. Some of them even offered as much as fifty dollars to borrow a camera for one picture with Batgirl.

By the end of the night, the show had ran four hours longer than expected, but the organizers and owner of the property and building, didn't mind since people were willing to shell out more money to stay in the building just to get their picture taken. The organizer was even able to charge a nominal fee for people to get in line. However, the line finally thinned and Batgirl was ready to leave as the last customer left the show. "Here you go, Batgirl," the announcer said as he handed her a fat envelop.

"Thanks," she replied.

"I added another five grand into it since this show was a success due to your involvement. At first, nobody wanted to have it here because people were afraid of trouble, but your presence and even your quick thinking on stage, saved this show. I hope that orphanage appreciates your assistance."

"It's suppose to be anonymous."

"Sorry about that. Pierre told me why you accepted the gig in the first place. That's why I gave you more money. Such a noble cause needs to rewarded. If you're interested, we're going to be having another event next weekend. I can pay you twice as much if you participate in the wet T-shirt contest. You won't even have to wear the same outfit as the rest of the contestants. You can wear a darker T-shirt and keep your pants on if you like. Basically, it's just to titillate the crowd. You don't have to show too much skin if you don't want to."

"I'm flattered, but I must decline that offer," Batgirl laughed as she walked away.




"Look at that scene," Pierre said as he watched the nightly news with Batgirl in his office. "All those happy kids. Someone needs to sandblast those smiles off their faces."

"I have to admit that even though the last show wasn't the greatest, the money was good and I've never seen such happy kids. Thanks for locating all these assignments even though it's the slow season. I really do appreciate it."

"No problem. I even compiled a list of places that needs assistance. There's a center that needs major funding. The center helps single parents deal with the stress of supporting their poor families. Some of the people are recovering drug addicts while others have suffered years of abuse. They need money to buy more food and various kits to help the addicts recover. I've already donated my cut from your last show to the place, but it still isn't enough."

"How much do they need?"

"They need about fifty grand more."

"I saved up about forty that I can give them."

"That leaves us still short though."

"Remember the show at the Industrial sector?"

"What about it?"

"One of the organizers, who was also the announcer did offer me a job for this weekend. He said he would double the fee. All I have to do is participate in a wet T-shirt contest."

"I can't have you do that. Judging is one thing, but . . ."

"No arguments, Pierre. Make the call and tell him that I will attend this Saturday's show.




Two Weeks Later


"Have another drink," a frat boy said as he handed Batgirl another glass.

"I really shouldn't," Batgirl said as she tried not to slur her words together. Yet, she snatched the glass from his hands and downed it. The heroine had already drank well over her limit, but she wasn't keeping count. She had lost herself in the moment. Batgirl had made over thirty thousand dollars in two weekends. All she did was wear her normal outfit and pour water on it. Even though her outfit got tighter, she didn't show any skin, but the crowd loved it. In fact, she purposely wore her outfit and had the top end above her mid-drift, which sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy. Someone in the crowd loved it so much that he offered her another thirty thousand if she joined a private party after the show. The only catch was that she had to socialize with the guests and sign autographs. Batgirl quickly agreed after she notified Pierre, who was skeptical, but she shrugged him off.

"How about a dance?" he asked.

"Dance?" Batgirl asked as she tried to shake her head.

"Come on! It'll be fun!" he shouted over the loud music and the blinking lights. Without waiting for a reply, he pulls the drunk crime fighter to the far end of the dance floor. The frat bot started dancing and Batgirl giggled and tried to walk away, but he grabbed her arm, and insisted. Batgirl then began to slowly move to the music, much to his joy.

"What's your name?" she asked as she slowly swayed from side to side.

"My name is Joey," he replied.

The name struck a chord in the woman and in her drunken state, her mind remembered the cute little boy, who had cancer and was avid about talking to Batgirl. She even remembered him proposing to her, which flattered her, but she softly declined. Since Batgirl's mind was cloudy, she began to forget about the party and her mind placed her back at the hospital with the kid. "How are you today?" she asked.

"I'm good, but can I wear your cape?"

"Sure," she laughed as she undid her cape and handed it to him. As the frat boy tried to put it on, Batgirl moved in close, and tied it around his neck. She then patted his chest before resting her hands on his shoulders. "There you go," she said proudly. "You look great!"

"I feel great," he said as he placed his hands on her hips and began to lead Batgirl away from the dance floor and behind a curtain. Once behind the curtain, he ran his hands up and her legs.

"You shouldn't do that," Batgirl admonished without any real warning in her voice.

"Please," he whined.

"Alright then," Batgirl reluctantly replied as she remembered the little boy and figured something like this couldn't hurt especially since the kid had so many problems and issues to deal with.

"You're so beautiful. Come home with me," he panted.

"That's so cute, but I can't do that," she giggled as her face became flushed. All the alcohol had taken a toll on the woman as she fell into Joey's arms.

"Come along," he said as he dragged the woman over to a small table and seat. He quickly fell down onto the chair and pulled Batgirl so that she was sitting on his lap with her back resting against his chest. His hands then roamed her body causing her to moan. "So beautiful," he panted as her head rested against his neck.

"Stop Joey. You're too young for me," she groaned.

"I'm twenty-eight," he replied. "My parents foot the bill, allowing me to stay in school," he proclaimed proudly as he ran his hands all over her breasts.

"Joey," Batgirl groaned as the alcohol prevented her from stopping him. She was barely conscious when he flipped her over and began groping her ass. In fact, she didn't even realize that he pulled the table closer and had her lie on top of it. He then plastered his body against her back while his hands slowly slid underneath and burrowed under her top. "Please," she groaned.

"You know you want it," he said as his hands were just about to reach her breasts.

"What the fuck!" a man said as he entered the room.

"What the!" Joey said in surprise, but didn't have time to say anything else as a hard kick to the chin sent him sailing into the darkness.




"My head," Batgirl grumbled as stirred. "Oh my god!" she yelped as she opened her eyes and realized that she was sleeping on her side and she wasn't in her own bed. Her hands flew to her face and was relieved when she realized that her mask was still on. She felt even better when she sat up and saw that her costume was still on as well. The heroine was ecstatic, but a bit confused. She scanned the room and could see that it wasn't very big nor lavishly decorated. However, she did notice that next to the bed was a small trash can with vomit in it. "Disgusting," she said as she felt her dry throat and decided it was time to get a drink.

Batgirl slowly made her way out of the room, down a short hallway and came upon a small living room. It had a few chairs, TV, tables, and a couch with a sleeping Pierre on it. That's when Batgirl vaguely remembered being drunk the night before and talking to Pierre. Slowly the events of last night came to her and she knew that Pierre had taken her back to his place, given her the bed before relocating himself onto the couch for the night. A smile appeared on Batgirl's face as she went to get a drink of water.

"What?" Pierre yawned as he tried to open his eyes while he stretched.

"Thanks for helping me last night," Batgirl said as she sat on the arm of the couch.

"Just doing my job," he replied as he rubbed his eyes. The consultant moved to a seated position as Batgirl slid down onto the couch and sat beside him. "Excuse me, but I am not properly . . ."

"Don't worry about it," she said as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.


"Thanks for helping me out last night. I guess I had too much to drink. And from now on, I'll take your advice."

"I was just worried about you especially since it got late and you didn't call back," the man said as he blushed. His hand was planted against his cheek.

"I know you said you had a small business, but I didn't know that you had such a small place."

"The office is a bit small and the apartment is a bit small too, but it suits my needs. I only have a few clients anyway, but you're the most important one."

"Are they all under contract?"

"Not a single one."

"And yet you donated most of the money to charity?"

"You're helping out a good cause so I thought I would to."

"Pierre, draw up a contract for me. I want you to represent me from now on. Set up the job and just tell me where I need to be."

"I thought you said that . . ."

"I can make all the decisions? I have a feeling that you can help me out more especially since you've been very helpful during this dry spell. Besides, after last night, I trust you."

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. Just tell me when you're done writing up the contract. Oh, add another five percent to your cut. You deserve it," Batgirl said as she gave his leg a playful squeeze.




A Month Later


"Give the orphanage forty thousand, the rehabilitation center should get fifty, and donate at least ten thousand for the police charity," Batgirl said as she thumbed through various car magazines that she posed.

"Consider it done," Pierre replied as he made some notations on his spreadsheet. "By the way, the other envelop are letters from the children. I believe each one wrote a couple of letters to you, thanking you for the last two visits."

"I don't know if I will have time to write all of them back this time around. Tell me Pierre, does this outfit look good on me?" she asked as she placed the current magazine on his desk.

The consultant looked down at the picture. Batgirl was standing next to a new sports car, wearing a pair of pink hot pants and a wet T-shirt that revealed the hot pink bra underneath. However, he wasn't sure which picture she was referring to since there were four other pictures on the other page. Those pictures consisted of tight leather pants, spandex pants, and even more hot pants. "They all look good," he replied.

"Are you just saying that to make me feel happy?"

"No. It's the truth."

"Do you think I should have pictures taken of me in my leotard?"

"Only if you want to."

"Would it sell?"

"Anything with you on it would sell."

"Such a sweetie. So what's the criteria for this weekend's contest?"

"Remember the poll you took last weekend?"

"Sorry about that. I was kind of drunk that night."

"You have to stop drinking at those places."

"I know, but it's so hard to tell them . . . how would you like to attend all my gigs? You can be my chaperone."

"What about my other clients?"

"Do they have contracts?"

"Not really."

"Are they padding their wallets or helping out other people?"

"Padding their purses actually."

"Exactly. You can arrange stuff for them when I'm judging or when I am on stage. Just keep an eye on me and be my dancing partner after the whole thing. That way, no one can spike my drinks or get me drunk."

"That would solve the drinking problem and since it's a crazy world out there with a lot of bad people, I guess I have no alternative except to agree to your proposal," Pierre said as he shook his head. "This is going to be murder on my beauty sleep though."

"Thanks big boy and if you're around, I promise to leave when you ask me to."

"Fine, but that doesn't help you on this one," Pierre said as he handed her a memo.

"It says I have to wear a high cut bikini outfit and actually participate in a wet T-shirt contest with only a wet T-shirt," Batgirl said in surprise.

"Yes it does and guess who signed on the dotted line making it official?"

"Crap! I did!"

"Got to cut down on the alcohol."

"Can I get out of this?"

"Yes, but that would mean we wouldn't be able to raise the money for cancer research like you wanted."

"Is there any bonus for winning this whole thing?"

"An extra fifty grand if you win."

"Then let's go shopping and make sure I do then!" Batgirl said as she placed the magazines on the desk, grabbed Pierre's hand, and led him out of the office.




"Are we ready?" the organizer asked as he ran into the dressing room. He could see that both Pierre and Batgirl were in the dressing room together.

"Not quite," Pierre replied as the organizer closed the door. "I'm not very happy with the fact that you won't allow Batgirl to wear the bikini that we selected."

"I understand your complaint, but I'm sure that you read the contract that she signed. It specifically says that I have the right to choose the bikini."

"I'm sure you are aware that a contract signed under the conditions that they were . . ."

"She agreed to it though."

"No! She was drunk, which means that the contract would be void in a court of law."

"That's great Pierre, but I have hundreds of paying customers that want a good show. I'm sure little orphans won't be happy when they are thrown into the street. Besides, if it's not valid then I don't have to pay. And if the customers are happy then I may pay a lot more than what's written on the contract."

"Look pal!" Pierre roared as he balled up his fists and stepped toward the organizer.

"Pierre! Stop! Where is the bikini that you want me to wear?" Batgirl asked as she yanked Pierre away from the man.

"It's in the box underneath the couch over there."

"Pierre, take him outside and prepare for the show. I'll put it on regardless," Batgirl sighed as Pierre wanted to say something, but was silenced by her.

Sensing that it was hopeless to talk any sense to the woman, Pierre reluctantly left with the organizer, but not before he glanced back at her. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

Batgirl nodded and watched the man leave the room. She waited for the door to slam close as she walked over to the couch and retrieved the box. The heroine opened the box and groaned. In fact, she almost wanted to cry. "It's for the kids. It's for the kids," she reminded herself as she finally sighed and began to change outfits.

Back outside, the crowd was getting restless. They knew that Batgirl had developed a rather lengthy dance routine over the course of the weeks and they were anxiously awaiting it. Suddenly, the stage dimmed and techno music blared out of the speakers. A few colored lights then lit up the stage as Batgirl appeared in the middle of the stage. The crowd was dead silent as they were shocked and pleased with what they saw, so pleased that they just stood there, unable to do anything except stare for Batgirl was dressed in quite the bathing suit. It was black and it had the appearance of liquid metal, which made it very shiny. Basically, it was a huge black V that ran down her front and between her legs. This gave everyone a good view of her curves since the straps of V only covered half of her breasts, leaving the outer edges clearly visible. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the material while one thin strap stretched from her breast covering straps to the back, where it was tied in a tight bow, preventing the strap from moving. Two similar straps stretched across her waist and were tied in the back to prevent the bottom of the V to part with her skin since it would give everyone a nice view of her freshly shaved pussy. Batgirl had shaved it primarily for this event. Two yellow buttons with the Bat logo were clipped onto the straps on her waist. To complete the outfit, she had her purple mask and purple heels.

The music got louder and faster, so Batgirl spread her legs and lowered herself a bit. She placed her hands on her knees and moved her chest from side to side while bobbing her head. After a few seconds, she pulled herself up moved sideways along the stage, blowing kisses to the crowd. Finally, she was standing back in the middle of the stage, and that's when she turned around and showed off her sexy and very toned buns. They were clearly visible since the bottom of the V simply ended an inch or two above her butt crack, where two thin straps were tied to the bow, keeping the suit together. A loud cheer erupted through the crowd as Batgirl spread her legs and bent down, pointing her ass into the air. She then jiggled her buttocks before she turned around, dropped on all fours, and slowly slunk toward the front of the stage.

"I wouldn't get up on stage," the organizer warned Pierre as he gripped the man's shoulder. "Some of the paying customers wouldn't like that and I don't think I can guarantee your safety or her's for that matter. So don't try anything."

Pierre growled at the man and shot him a dirty look, but he knew that if he stopped her, not only would the orphans have to pay the price, but so would Batgirl. Thus, he finally uncoiled his fists. "Fine," he snarled as he made his way toward the dressing room.

Batgirl didn't see Pierre leave the room. Instead, she got to her feet, bent her legs, and began to dance while her hands played with her long red hair, making it whip and fall. She swayed her hips seductively as she lost herself in the music, the crowd finally began to react verbally as they cheered and clapped. Some of them had a hard time standing since their members pressed against their restrictive clothing.

As the cheers and applause raged on, the music died, and Batgirl pranced off the stage. Thunderous applause echoed off the walls as the crowd screamed for more, but announcer quickly reminded everyone that she had to prepare for the wet T-shirt contest. The crowd then clapped even louder as they waited for Batgirl's appearance.

In the backstage area, the organizer pulled Batgirl aside before she could get back to the dressing room area. "Keep this on and put this T-shirt on. Push the straps to the side and get on stage," he said as he handed her a white T-shirt.

"What does Pierre have to say about this?" she panted as she tried to catch her breath.

"He doesn't mind. In fact, he's waiting like everyone else for you to take to the stage. However, he did give me these two circles. Put them over your nipples so that people won't be able to see them poking through later."

"I don't know. He said he would meet me . . ." Batgirl sighed as she placed the T-shirt over her head and allowed it to fall into place. The heroine noticed that it was thick just as the organizer said it would be. The mere fact that the material was thick and wasn't as translucent as the other shirts worn by the other contestants, Batgirl felt better. Thus, she pulled the straps to the side, slipped the two circles over her aureoles smiled, and went back on stage, where she stood by the other girls.

Thirty minutes later, she bounced into the dressing room, where Pierre's eyes almost shot out of his head. He could see the thin traces of skin through the T-shirt, but he easily saw the black circles that were bigger than fifty cent coins, which were clearly visible through the shirt. He could also see her erect nipples poking through the circle and the shirt. The consultant could only shake his head as Batgirl hugged him. "I won! I won!" she giggled as she pressed her wet chest against him.

"But . . ." Pierre tried to interject.

"I made sixty-nine thousand dollars tonight! The kids are going to be thrilled!" she gushed as Pierre couldn't decide if he should be happy or not.

Back outside, a man in a tuxedo was busy squawking into his cell phone. "Boys, you're not going to believe this," he quacked.




A Month Later


"Nice performance, Batgirl!" the announcer said as he entered the woman's private dressing room without even knocking. He simply walked up to the standing woman, rubbed her cheek and stuffed a large wad of bills between her wet breasts. "By the way, I love the fact that you decided to tie the T-shirt into a knot like this. It shows off way more cleavage."

"Thanks," Batgirl blushed.

"Most of the crowd have dispersed, but there are quite a few high rollers that want a private party. They have donated the usual amount of money. Some of them have said that they will throw in a few more donations if you lose the thick T-shirt and wear the normal ones that the other girls wear."

"I don't know. I will have to check with my consultant. Have you seen Pierre?" Batgirl asked like a loss schoolgirl.

"I haven't seen him," the announcer said. Then there was a knock at the door, the announcer retracted his hand and backed away from her, where he admired his view of the woman.

"What's going on here?" Pierre asked angrily as he entered the room.

"I was just leaving," the announcer said apologetically.

"He was just handed me some money and informed me that I had another gig lined up for tonight. Some real high rollers," Batgirl said as her eyes lit up when Pierre entered the room.

"I don't know . . ."

"OH PLEASE! LET ME DO IT!" Batgirl squealed as she ran up to Pierre and hugged him, squeezing her breasts into his chest. Realizing that her skirt was still wet, she quickly pulled away from him. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, it will dry," Pierre replied as she stared at her T-shirt. "Why is it tied up like that?"

"I thought the crowd would like it?"

"What's gotten into you?"

"You said that it might be good to have a mid-drift costume," she whined.

"That was for your costume and we adopted that two weeks ago. The idea was the give the fans a bit more to see, but not this much," Pierre admonished.

"I'm sorry," Batgirl said as her eyes stared at the floor.

"It's okay. Did you perform all night in that?"

"For the whole three hours."

"Fine," he sighed. "You might as well wear that tonight then."

"I propose a tube top," the announcer said.

"You propose nothing!"

"It will get the people to pay more. You have to admit that since she went mid-drift, people have been paying more. We haven't advertised for weeks and people just show up on their own. Hell, we haven't even had a car here in months!"

"He's got a point."

"Who is the consultant here?"

"I'm sorry. You are," Batgirl said dejectedly.

"Would it make you feel better to make more money?"

"It would help out more people."

"I'm going to regret this," Pierre sighed. "Alright scum, make up a list, and I'll see about whether or not it's tasteful."

"I'll make sure that it suits her needs," the announcer said as he darted out of the room with a huge smile on his face.

"Take these and make sure that you send it to the housing complex," Batgirl said as she handed Pierre a large wad of bills.

"Their wet," he said with cocked eyebrow.

"I held them with my wet hands earlier. Now what about our good luck ritual?" Batgirl asked as she planted her hands on her knees and stuck her ass into the air.

"Silly girl," Pierre laughed as he gave her a smack onto her bottom.

"See you in a few hours," Batgirl giggled as she made her way to the door.

"Don't let them oil you up this time!" Pierre shouted after the woman, but found that it was too late since the door had already closed. "Some times I don't know what's going on in her head."




The Next Day


Batgirl was busy changing outfits in the dressing room area. She had taken the advice of the organizer and announcer to visit a specialty store for her clothing needs. Pierre reluctantly agreed, but felt it was the best since it was a low profile store. In fact, he threw some cash around to have the store closed off to the general public at that time. However, it wouldn't have mattered much since the part of town that the store was located in, usually didn't have people lurking about until after dark. Most of the people didn't want to be identified as people who would hang out at this part of the city.

"Are you okay in there?" Pierre asked impatiently as she glanced over at the piles of brightly flamboyant blouses. The man shook his head when he saw the latex and leather miniskirts

that she had selected as well as the semi-transparent tops. Some of the tops were mesh, others were just as colorful as the skirts. Worse yet, she had selected several hot pants and assorted dresses in various sizes with slits either on the side, front, or back. He also noticed the incredibly high heeled boots and stiletto heels she had already selected for herself. Then there were the various types of stockings, garter-belts, corsets, thongs, and ever g-strings. He knew that she would have killed anyone who may have even came close to suggesting that she wear garments like this a few months back, but now she was willing, especially since people were more willing to shell out loads and loads of money.

"How do I look?" she asked as she opened the door. Pierre's jaw dropped when he saw the outfit that Batgirl was wearing. The crime fighter had tossed modesty out the window as she was now dressed in a transparent black mesh body-suit that clung to her body like a second skin. Her erect nipples jutted out of the outfit and both the skin of her breasts and aureoles were visible. Luckily for Batgirl, her shaved sex wasn't visible since the fabric was darker down there, but he knew that when she sat down, there was a good chance that it ride up into her sex, revealing her puffy lips.

"I . . ." the man stammered.

"They said that I should wear stockings and high heels with this outfit. Do you think this will make people pay more?" she asked as she gripped Pierre's shoulders and pulled him close.

"I . . ."

"I never really thanked for getting me out of trouble when I was drunk. Nor did I thank you when I saw how much money you helped me earn in the last few months. We singlehandedly made the lives of countless people better."

"You can thank me by putting on some real clothes."

"You're right. Let's go back to the office, where I can show you these in private," Batgirl said as she released his arms and went back inside the dressing room.




One Week Later


Batgirl bounded off the stage, wearing a purple tube top, a purple thong, her purple mask, and a pair of four inched purple heels. Both her top and thong were dripping wet. She was about to head back to the dressing room when someone familiar from Batgirl's past, appeared from his hiding place behind the curtain. He quickly slapped Batgirl's wet ass causing the woman to quickly turn. Her hands then instinctively gripped his throat as she shot him a dirty look. "Let me go," the person begged.

"Why should I, Joey?" the woman asked as she remembered the person as the frat boy, who got her drunk and tried to take advantage of her.

"I have a proposition for you," he choked.

"Not interested."

"It will help your cause . . . a lot of money."

"Keep talking," she said as she released him.

"I have friends who are throwing money onto the stage. They are basically throwing huge bills banded together. All you have to do is to get on stage, crawl on all fours, collect it, and when you're done, join me in the side room. Don't keep me waiting, Batgirl," Joey said as he rubbed his neck.

"I don't think so," Batgirl replied as she walked away.

"I'm paying a few hundred thousand dollars. Just slip these garters on and collect the money."

"I won't keep you waiting then. Give me ten minutes and I'll meet you in the room," Batgirl said as she turned around, snatched the garters and slid them onto her legs. She then sauntered toward the stage again.

"Drop on all fours now," Joey commanded as Batgirl quickly complied. The frat boy then walked behind her and began to lightly slap her ass. Batgirl stopped and glared at him. "If you want the money, continue," Joey said. Batgirl whipped her hair and began to purr as Joey groped her ass. However, he stopped when Batgirl neared the curtains. He then chuckled and headed toward the room.

Batgirl heard numerous catcalls as she crawled along the edge of the stage, collecting money and securing it in the garters. The bills were stacked and were secured with rubber bands. The crime fighter could see more than twenty bills in each stack. As she collected the stacks, various hands groped her legs. Some times, a person would grope her leg and then slide the stack into the garter belt as Batgirl guided his hand. When Batgirl reached the end of the stage, she saw a man holding a huge stack of bills. It was three times as large as the ones that she had collected. Batgirl knelt in front of the man and gave him a good look at her cleavage, which was packed inside her tube top. "Here you go," the man said as he stuck his right hand between her tightly packed melons, pushed one aside, and then slipped the stack between them.

"Thank you," Batgirl said as she hugged him and ran towards the side room.

"Come in, Batgirl," Joey said as he saw the woman enter the room. "Please replace that brightly colored tube top on the floor. On the rack there, I have a new tube top that I want you to wear over your impressive rack. Also, if you like, put the money into that suitcase next to the rack. The suitcase is yours too. If you decide to sell it, I'm sure you can get a few thousand for it."

Batgirl smiled as she quickly placed all the money into the suitcase, but the smile disappeared when she saw that the tank top was white and very thin. She had balked at wearing the same flimsy T-shirts, but relegated herself to wearing tighter and skimpier outfits to compensate for the lack of skin that she was showing on stage. Batgirl figured that she wouldn't show off her breasts, but instead use them to entice the crowd while using her toned body to excite them. "But . . ." she said as she felt it between her fingers.

"One thousand dollars," Joey whistled.

"Done," Batgirl said as she turned around so that her back was toward Joey. She then slid her tube top off and quickly placed the white one around her breasts. Once the top was in place, she turned around and stood in front of him.

Joey grabbed a bucket full of water and tossed the contents at Batgirl. The woman was soaked and her breasts were clearly visible through the flimsy material. She shook her head, drying her hair a bit in the process while splashing water everywhere. "Cup those tits, come over here, and sit on my lap," Joey ordered.

"You didn't say anything about that," Batgirl spat.

"An extra ten thousand says you will."

"Yes Joey," Batgirl said as she cupped her breasts. She slowly made her way toward him and even though she wasn't ordered to, she fondled her breasts. The female heroine sat on Joey's lap and looked him in the eye. She then blew him a kiss. Without saying a word, Joey spread his legs and Batgirl fell between them. "I don't think so," she uttered.

"It's not what you think. Take a look at this scrapbook that I put together," Joey said as he handed Batgirl a book. Once Batgirl took it, Joey's hands gripped her breasts through the wet tube top. The female struggled for a few seconds, but her hands still held the scrapbook. "Five thousand more if you read the book, dear," Joey said as his hands gripped her tits.

Batgirl stopped struggling and allowed him to grope her breasts. She opened the book and saw herself standing and sitting on several exotic cars. As she continued to flip the pages, she saw various magazine pictures of herself with the cars. The female sighed as she flipped through fifty plus pages of car shows. However, she was shocked to see various pictures of the wet T-shirt contests. She couldn't believe how much clothing she use to wear to them. Worse yet, she was totally unaware that some of the local papers ran articles on her. "No wonder why Bruce and Helena have been trying to reach me," she thought. "I guess Pierre was protecting me when he didn't show me these."

"Some of the articles are calling you a bimbo there," Joey blew into her ear.

"They can say what they want. They have no idea what I am doing."

"You're helping people?"

"Of course."

"How would you like to help even more people?" Joey asked as his hands reached under the top and began to squeeze her flesh.

"I . . ."

"Five thousand more dollars, my dear."

"Continue to play with my tits then," Batgirl replied.

"How would you like to stop the crime in Gotham City totally?"


"Do you want to? I mean it would make the citizens really happy."

"How do I do that?"

"You're a good dancer and you have a nice body. How would you like to be a stripper?"

"Fuck off!" Batgirl said as she didn't even try to pull away from him. She knew she was making money just by sitting there and she wasn't about to pass up extra cash.

"Flip the page."

"What the?!" Batgirl asked in shock as she saw several pictures of the old man's grandchildren. She recognized the kids as his grandchildren instantly. Batgirl remembered the hate in their eyes even when she apologized for the heart attack. She remembered how the adults informed her that the man hadn't taken his pills and that it wasn't her fault, but the kids, they were different.

"It would be a pity if even more people died because of you. But as I was saying, strip for us next weekend, and Gotham City will not have any crime for a week, starting tonight. Basically, no crime for a week, then you strip at my father's club. If there any crime, then you make a cool million without doing any work."

"You're going to pay me a million dollars?"

"Yes. One million to strip at my father's club. Not only that, but Gotham City gets peace for a week. If you don't agree, I'm sure Two-Face and countless crooks wouldn't mind spreading fear throughout the city."

"One week?"

"One week."

"How many shows?"

"Just one."

"One show only if there is a week of peace."


"You have a deal," Batgirl agreed.

"Batgirl . . . WHAT THE HELL?" Pierre said as he entered the room. "Get your hands off of her this instant!!"

"He paid for this. Don't worry about it," Batgirl replied.

"Why do you have that smile? You know I hate that smile. Every time I see that smile, you always agreed to some arrangement that I disapprove on," Pierre said as he smacked his forehead.

"Well, it goes a little like this . . ." Batgirl began to say as Joey continued to maul her breasts with his hands.




One Week Later


Joey smiled as he saw that the room was packed. The youngster was seated high above the main room with the pounding music and flashy lights. Currently, the speakers were playing a hip-hop song, but he knew that the song selection would be more tailored to suit his needs in the future. At the moment, he was happy with what he saw on stage, especially since he had spent a lot of money keeping Gotham City's criminals in line.

A humiliated Batgirl was prancing around on the stage. Her face was red as a few tears trickled down her face, which was easy to see since she only wore a purple mask instead of her cowl. Her makeup was a total as black streaks ran down her face and the pink on her cheeks were completely hidden by her own face turning red. The heroine was wearing a small purple tank-top, which was very low cut, and not only bunched her breasts together, but showed a good deal of it. In fact, Batgirl had make sure that she didn't move her arms too much since she would pop out of it. It also showed a lot of skin since it ended well above her taut stomach. Batgirl also wore a purple pair of Daisy Dukes, customly made for her and extra tight. Two black leather straps, one in front and one in back, extended from the Daisy Dukes and secured itself to the top of her sheer purple thigh stockings. Finishing off the ensemble was pair knee-high purple boots with four inch heels.

"Take it off!" a criminal shouted.

"Damn it! We've been watching her gyrate for a good five minutes now and we haven't seen shit!" another shouted.

"Shut up or we are going to fill you with lead. Seeing her cry is quite exciting," a voice hissed from behind the man.

"I'm sorry. I'll keep my mouth shut!" the man quickly replied. He knew that Two-Face was not someone he wanted to be messing with especially since it appeared that Joey paid the man the least amount of money.

Batgirl reluctantly blew a kiss to the crowd before she raised her hands and placed them behind her head. She then arched her back and began to do pelvic thrusts. Slowly, the thrusts went from her pelvis to her stomach. Eventually, she was thrusting her breasts at the crowd and they hooted and applauded. Batgirl sobbed again as she realized that her right breast had partially popped out, giving the men a good view of her right breast. She quickly slid her hands from her head, down her throat, down her ribs, retracted them to her stomach, and then to her chest, where she popped it back in.

"CHRIST!" the first criminal shouted in disgust.

"SHUT UP!" Penguin quacked as he bopped the man with his umbrella, sending him sprawling to the ground in a heap.

"Can't you just enjoy the show?" Riddler asked.

"Why don't you take his money so I can win it from you in poker later?" Penguin asked as partially opened his umbrella and a brick fell out.

"How do you do that?" Riddler asked.

"I . . . look at that!" Penguin shouted as he pointed at the stage.

Batgirl slid her hands down her flat stomach and placed her hands against her thighs. She then slid them inside the custom made shorts before bending forward, allowing everyone to see her cleavage. The crime fighter then straightened her back and took her hands out. She then placed them by her side and pressed them against her breasts, packing them even closer. Her hands then gripped the straps as she bent forward again. A huge roar erupted from the crowd.

"YES!" some of the members of the crowd shouted.

Batgirl sobbed as she stood up and spread her legs. She then turned sideways and placed her hands on her hips. The heroine caressed her right thigh before reaching back and spanked her own buttock again and again. Batgirl stopped after a few blows, turned so that she could spank her left buttock, thus giving everyone a glance. Once she was done, she faced the crowd, and squatted. With her hands on her knees, she parted her legs again and again before she fell onto the stage, where she began crawling back and forth on all fours, dragging her breasts on the cold, wet stage.

"Show your tits! Show you tits!" the crowd chanted as the music was about to reach its climax. Then exactly on cue, Batgirl leapt to her feet and pulled the top over her head, revealing her wet, jiggling breasts before she spread her legs and planted her hands on her hips. The woman tried to keep the stance, but soon found herself, kneeling on the stage and crying uncontrollably.




"Where's Pierre?" Batgirl sobbed as she stood in Joey's room, above the club. The woman's makeup was a total mess and was still topless.

"I sent him on an errand," Joey smiled as he threw a magazine at Batgirl's face.

"What is this?" Batgirl inquired through her tears as she caught the magazine.

"Turn to the page that has the yellow tabs," Joey spoke calmly.

Batgirl saw the tab and flipped open the page. Her tears flowed even faster as she saw a huge article about her act on stage. She could see the wet T-shirt and how her hands were fondling and squeezing her own breasts. "Is this the only magazine?" she asked as she fell to the ground.

"No. However, the magazines don't get any more risque than that at the moment. The person who took the pictures is refusing to sell the others and the ones from tonight," Joey chuckled.

Batgirl crawled to him on all fours and knelt before him. "What do you want?" she asked.

"You'll return and perform every night for week. Once the week is done, the pictures are yours. You can destroy them or you can keep them, but they will be yours to do as you wish with them. The negatives will also be given to you if I deem your performance satisfactory. I do have to say that it needs to better than tonight's. I sent Pierre to get you some real tapes. Some of these tapes are from my father's video line and they have performances from some of the regulars here. Watch them, study them, and emulate them," Joey said as he gripped Batgirl's chin.

"What about the money?"

"You'll be paid for tonight. I'll keep my part of the bargain. However, for the rest of this week, there's no money for you, just the pictures. Pierre wasn't happy with my proposition, but I promised him that you agreed to it already. He stomped out of here faster than a tornado tears through a trailer park," Joey laughed as Batgirl sobbed and stared at the floor. The frat boy gave the woman a few minutes to collect herself before he asked his next question, "You are coming back right?"

"When do I show up," Batgirl reluctantly said as she took her eyes off the floor and saw the huge smile on Joey's face.




A Few Nights Later


A sobbing Batgirl entered Pierre's apartment. The woman had stayed with him ever since she started working at the club. Once in the apartment, she closed the door and took off her top. She tossed into a box next to the door before she sat down next to Pierre on the couch. "Can you pop in a tape?" she asked as she sat down beside him.

"No," Pierre replied, not even looking at her.

"What?" she asked in shock.

"I can't do this anymore. When we started, it was to make money to help out the poor. Now, you're stripping in front of Gotham's worst criminals. It's one thing to appear in skimpy outfits. At least, the photographers are all professionals and they are tasteful, but what you're doing now is disgusting!" Pierre fumed as he stood up from the couch, never even looking at Batgirl.


"NO!!" Batgirl shouted as she grabbed his legs like a lost girl, clinging onto it as if it were her security blanket.

"I . . ."

"Sit down . . . PLEASE!"

"Very well," he sighed and sat down.

"You've been the best consultant and agent that I could ever ask for. I agree that at first, we were doing presentations and pictorials to promote the fancy cars. However, those never paid as well as this. Think of it Pierre, fighting crime only made this city harder to live in. Every time a criminal was sent to jail, another took his place. In the last two weeks, crime is down, people are able to walk alone at night without having any worries. I know you don't think too highly of what I'm doing now, but it is benefitting the city. The drug dealers aren't selling and the drug addicts are forced to rehabilitate themselves. The money I am making is helping out those centers cope. With less drug dealers, some of them are returning home to their families, making life better for their spouse and children. I'm doing more as a crime fighter now than I ever was," she sobbed as she clung to his arm.

"This isn't right?" Pierre said softly as he stroked her cheek.

"I can't fight crime like I use to. Every time I jump out of the shadows, if a man clutches his heart, I have those flashbacks. I can't kill another man. Every time I go out, I worry about that. This is my way of fighting crime. Can't you understand?"

"But there has to be another way? Collect information for the police and let them handle it. Batman, Robin, Huntress . . . they can all catch the criminals."

"Police officers have better things than to get killed. They will have to constantly catch criminals. However, this way, the criminals will have to behave or I won't even think about performing."

"If you continue with this route, I'll quit."

"NO!" Batgirl shouted as she straddle his legs and gripped his cheeks. She stared dead into his eyes. "Don't go! What can I do to make you stay?"


"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I can't explain."

"Then I have to leave."

"How about we make a deal?"

"A deal. You aren't very good at those."

"I have you don't I?"

"One for ten is not a good track record."

"Hear me out?"


"Help me be the best until the end of this week. After the week is out, I'll return to crime fighting. You said that Mr. Pietrola called about hiring me again. If I finish my week at the club, I'll fight crime again. I'll see a psychiatrist or something to solve my problem. Just make sure that I am the best stripper that Gotham City has ever seen before the end of the week and I promise you that I will be my old self again," she sobbed.

Pierre stared at the woman for several minutes and watched her tears. "Agreed," he finally said as a huge smile appeared on Batgirl's face and she kissed him again and again.




"I can't do this anymore!" Two-Face shouted as he looked at his cards.

"If you don't like your hand, just fold," Riddler laughed.

"I too want to destroy something . . . however, Batgirl has promised an exceptional performance this Saturday night. For the last few days, she has improved and she has taken off her clothing. Who would have ever thought that Batgirl shaved her cunt," Killer Croc laughed.

"I have to kill some body. I can't let this continue," Two-Face groaned.

"Harvey. Calm yourself . Flip your coin and see if you should stop killing people," Penguin quacked.

"Yes. Let's see what the coin says," Two-Face spoke as he flipped the coin while the other three watched it rotate in the mid-air before landing in the center of the table.




Saturday: Batgirl's Last Night


A slow jazz number blared through the speakers as the curtain slowly pulled away, revealing the silhouette of a woman, lying on a chair, which was missing an arm at the other end. A small flicker of light from a match briefly lit the stage for a second before it was blown out. However, before the match was blown out, it caught the front of a long cigarette on a purple holder. Slowly, the light brightened and everyone could see Batgirl, wearing her mask, sucking a cigarette, while lying on a purple chair with the back shaped like a bat. Turning to face the crowd, she stoop and faced the. The crowd cheered as they saw the outfit that Batgirl wore. The woman was wearing a black bra shaped like a bat. The wings kept her breasts tightly packed against her chest while two slender straps extended from the ears to her neck. She wore panties with a huge black V in the front. It was accompanied by a black garter-belt with two straps connected to her black sheer thigh high stockings. A silver chain-mail wrapped around her body and had little tassels hanging at the bottom, close to her thighs. She had a pair of five inch black pumps. Her hair was big flowing while her makeup was thick and slutty with a heavy layer of red lipstick and gloss that made her lips look fuller. Batgirl blew her fans a kiss before sitting down and crossing her legs.

The crowd cheered as she tilted and blew another kiss. However, the cheers got louder, drowning out the saxophone in the background as Batgirl turned and pressed her breasts against the arm of the couch. With a huge puff of smoke, Batgirl discarded the cigarette and holder as she ran her long fingernails her lips. She then slunk off the couch and presented her ass, high in the air, making sure that she didn't show the back of them, just the meaty bottom. She swayed them left and right before she planted her arms on the couch. Batgirl with the grace of a cat, shifted her weight, twisted in the air, and landed on the couch. Her hips kissed the arm of the couch as her legs kicked in the air. The woman's breasts were mashed against the plush couch.

"Batgirl! Batgirl!" the crowd chanted as she twisted, gripped the back, and then stood up with her back to the crowd. Her panties were transparent in the back, thus her entire ass was outlined by black, the rest was smooth and presented to the world where everyone could see her crack. Without any hesitation, Batgirl slipped her panties just an inch below her ass before she sat down on the couch, where she threw away the chain-mail and undid her bra, presenting her heaving breasts.

The crowd went nuts as Batgirl stood up, cupped them, and turned sideways to the crowd, clutching her bra against the skin below her breasts. She sighed and then sat down onto the couch, where she slid her panties off and took off her heels. Batgirl then grabbed the back of the couch, turned, and spread her legs, showing off her holes. Suddenly, she turned, leaned up against the couch, and lifted her legs straight up in the air, showing off her holes again. She traced her hands up and down her stocking encased legs before she spanked herself again and again.

The crowd ate it up as Batgirl turned and went on all fours. Her head rested on the arm while she kicked her heels and began moving back and worth, making her tits sway. The crowd cheered her on as she slunk back down on the couch, turned away from them, showed off her sex, where she parted the lips. As the crowd became worked up, she flipped on the couch again. This time, her neck was resting comfortably against the back of the couch while she spread her legs and stuck them in the air. She then cupped her breasts and began to feed herself with them. Her tongue licked the top of her breasts while the crowd cheered.

"Show us more! Show us more!" the crowd shouted in unison. Batgirl slipped her bra completely off and tossed it into the crowd. She laid back against the arm and slowly slid her hands up and down her legs. Slowly, Batgirl gripped the stocking on her right leg and began to roll it toward her feet. Once she got it off, she placed one end between her big toe, pulled, and flung it into the crowd. Then she repeated it with the other leg. Batgirl was now completely nude.

The jazz song ended and hard rock began to pour out of the speakers. Batgirl stood up and began to gyrate with the music. Suddenly, the audience heard Batgirl's own voice on lead vocals. The tune sounded like her own theme song, but instead of calling her name, she said, "Batslut" in it's place. That's when she dropped to all fours, slid her legs apart, and began to spread her pussy lips with one hand while her other hand pumped her fingers in and out. Then she began to slam her hips up and down as if she were riding an invisible cock.

The crowd applauded loudly as the music changed yet again. Batgirl was now singing some pop tune like if she were a harem girl as she danced around stage, kicking her legs high into the air. She cupped her own breasts and squeezed them a few times while she twirled about. The heroine even did a few cartwheels and splits. When she did the splits, her fingers were either molesting her breasts trying to feed them to her mouth or they were busy fingering her shaved pussy. Regardless, the crowd could see wet marks on the stage as well some of it trickling down her legs.

As the music began to die down, Batgirl fell to the ground. She laid on her back as she spread her legs apart and then bent them back so that her toes touched. This gave the crowd a view of face and heaving breasts as she slowly used her arms to move her back towards the couch, where she propped her head up. Then both her hands began to finger her dripping pussy until she finally climaxed on stage, much to the crowd's approval. A huge smile decorated Batgirl's face as she attempted to recover from her bliss, realizing that she was done.




"That was amazing!" Riddler giggled as he left the club and climbed in a green van with a question mark on it.

"I guess it was worth all the anticipation. I guess I didn't need to kill anyone in the last few weeks anyway," Killer Croc laughed as he too, boarded the van.

"Eh. The coin says I shouldn't kill people for another month or so," Two-Face sneered.

"We should do this again next weekend," Penguin quacked.

"Didn't you hear? This was her last night here," Riddler said.


"Calm down boys," Joey said as he exited the club, making sure that the hired help locked the doors.

"What gives you the right to call us by that moniker?" Two-Face asked as he drew his gun.

"I'm the person who got Batgirl to perform here for a week," Joey smiled.

"And how did you do that? And why should that stop us from killing you?" Killer Croc asked.

"Quack. Just because your father is one Gotham's mafia bosses, doesn't mean we won't kill you," Penguin said as he raised his umbrella.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I was just in a good after seeing Batgirl's performance, especially since I know that she will be back and doing a lot more than just stripping," the youngster said. The four super villains smiled as they patted the youngster on the back.




Later that Night


Batgirl returned to Pierre's apartment and him gone. Everything was still there, but he wasn't. She did find a note, which explained to her that her contractual obligation was done at the club, which meant that she should return to crime fighting, and after seeing her final appearance at the club, he needed to cool off or he would have chewed her out for sinking so low. Batgirl sobbed as she opened the envelop that Joey handed her when she was done. The first picture she pulled out had her dressed in her black Batgirl outfit. In the picture, she was allowing Joey to paw her entire body and she remembered how hot she felt because of it. However, Batgirl threw the picture down and stormed to the bedroom, where the suit was located.

"Time to go to work," she said as she opened the closet and saw her black outfit and her purple bikini outfit. "Why not?" she asked as she grabbed the bikini, which was nothing more than tube top and a thong.

Within minutes, Batgirl was on the streets, patrolling in her motorcycle. She couldn't help but wonder where Pierre went and she hoped he would return to his apartment so she could celebrate her new found freedom with him. The crime fighter couldn't believe how strong he was to stick by her in all those tough times. She couldn't believe that he donated a lot of his own money to the same causes that she poured her paychecks into. Batgirl couldn't believe how lucky she was to have him in her life. Of course, she couldn't believe that she had been able to dupe her father into believing that she went to Tokyo to teach English for the last few months. Luckily, her father wasn't a man to pry into her affairs when she was abroad. As these thoughts went through her mind, a lone woman was walking the sidewalks, alone, as Batgirl rode on by.

Within seconds, Batgirl was forced to ride back toward her as two crooks were assaulting her. The woman struggled like a hellcat, but was unable to throw them off. Thus when Batgirl made her way inside the alley, the woman was almost nude. "Stop right there!" Batgirl said as she climbed off her cycle.

"It's Batgirl!" one of the crooks laughed.

"Thank god! Kick their ass!" the woman said happily.

"Kick our asses?" the other crook laughed.

"Want to spank us or should we spank you?" the first asked as both of them approached Batgirl.

"Lady, you should get out of here," Batgirl said as she raised her fists.

"I want to watch," the blonde woman said as she clutched her clothing. "I want to watch Batgirl thrash these assholes!"

"I want to watch two," a male voice said as two men entered the alleyway.

"Call the police," Batgirl said as she glanced back at them.

"No need for that! You should have called them though," the new man said as he swung at her.

Batgirl dodged the punch and connected with a high kick. The man staggered back, but did not fall. The other man, who entered the alley with him, charged and received an uppercut, but like the first man, he too staggered backwards, but didn't crumple to the ground. Batgirl balled up her fists and felt herself gripped with fear as she saw the men form a circle around her like sharks. "Surrender now," she said with a shaky voice.

"You surrender," one of the original crooks said as he charged at her, only to be punched twice in the face. This allowed the other man to grab Batgirl from behind and hold her in a full-nelson. The other two crooks each grabbed a leg and began to punch her stomach.

Batgirl groaned with pain as she was tossed around like a ragdoll, while being pounded like a punching bag. The two men quickly backed off as the first crook stood in front of Batgirl and slapped her face a few times. When he stopped, he had slapped each side of her face, five times, and Batgirl was a crying mess.

"Let's get back to blondie over there," the crook said as he released Batgirl from the wrestling hold.

"Get away from me!" the woman shouted as two men began to paw at her body. A third simply moved up behind her and held her arms down as the other two slapped her a few times.

"Time for some fun," one of the men said as he watched the other two spread her legs.

"Stay away from her," Batgirl groaned as she crawled towards them in pain.

"You're going to get a pounding!" the man snarled as he pounded his fists. Without any effort, he gripped Batgirl's neck and slammed her back against the wall. "This outfit isn't going to save you!"

"You can beat me up, but let the woman go," Batgirl pleaded as tears trickled down her aching face.

"Nah," the man said as punched her in the gut. Batgirl grunted in pain as she closed her eyes and waited for the next blow as if she knew her life was over.

"STOP!" a voice shouted from the rooftop.

"Batman," Batgirl's mind raced.

"Who are you?" the crook asked.

"Someone you shouldn't mess with. Don't hit Batgirl. In fact, her days of a crime fighter are over. I'm sure that she's come to that realization by now. Take her own cuffs and secure her hands behind her back and then take another pair and secure her legs. You can have your fun with the other woman, but don't harm Batgirl. You can spank Batgirl for being bad, but no bodily harm. In fact, you can give her some pleasure while you enjoy the other woman," the voice said.

"Get over here, bitch," one of the men snarled as he brought the cuffs from the cycle. They quickly secured Batgirl and made her kneel next to the woman, making sure that their eyes were locked. Then unceremoniously, one of the crooks held the blonde's hands while another held down the legs, this left the third man totally free to pump his meat into the woman's sex, as the fourth man, gripped Batgirl by the neck and spanked her. Not once did Batgirl resist or move, she simply stayed in a kneeling position and allowed the men to molest her body while she watched them rape the blonde. Batgirl heard the woman scream and plead for help, but Batgirl was too scared and confused, for the pawing hands made her body climax several times.

Once the men were done with the blonde, her throat was sore from all the screaming. One of the men picked up the crying woman in his arms. "We're going take her home with us. You better run on home, Batgirl. By the way, love the costume and you do look lovely since you have that well-fucked glow about you now," he sneered.

A dejected Batgirl was released from her bounds and the men each stole a kiss from her and grabbed her ass a few times as they escorted her to her cycle. Once at her cycle, she had now had access to certain weapons that could take the men down and free the woman, but she simply started the engine and road off.




The Next Morning


Batgirl never felt so low in her life, she was now totally nude and on her knees. The sobbing heroine had waited outside the club, running various scenarios in her head, all for one purpose, to impress Joey. She knew her crime fighting days were over and she had to do something to raise money. Batgirl thought of the club and the easy money that it could get her. So she waited all night for Joey to return, she even called him from a pay phone begging him to come to the club, which he did, and now Batgirl was in his office.

"That was quite enjoyable Batgirl, but you did plead and beg me on the phone earlier. I should have stayed at home, but when a slut blessed with a body like yours, one has to wake up early and return," Joey spoke as he leaned back in his chair.

"I signed the papers," Batgirl sobbed.

"Yes you have, but I haven't," Joey replied. "Convince me to sign the papers."

"Please sign the papers Joey," the woman pleaded.

"You have to do better than that especially after what you did to get me to even hand you the papers."

"But I want to save my cunt and ass for Pierre," she whined as she cringed when she heard the vulgar words leave her mouth. "I let you fuck my tits already."

"Perhaps you should do something more with that beautiful mouth of yours. It would be a pity if orphans, who count on your monetary contributions are thrown out on the streets. Pierre can't help you either since his other clients have all abandoned him and don't even want to talk to him. You've destroyed his career in the agent and consulting business. Do you want ruin anything else while you're at it? I mean it would be a damn shame if this contract were to rip," Joey cackled as he pretended to rip the contract.

"I'll come back and fuck you when I am done with Pierre," Batgirl sobbed.

"That's fine, but what about right now?" Joey asked as he caressed her right cheek.

"I'll find something for my pretty mouth to do," Batgirl finally said after a few long seconds of silence. Her mouth partially opened as she kissed Joey's erect member. The woman's spunk covered breasts heaved while her face was flushed with tears as she planted kiss after kiss.

Secretly she hoped that Joey had exhausted his sperm from the tit-fuck earlier, so she wouldn't have to worry about him discharging down her throat. However, she also knew that Joey had quite the explosion earlier even though he was doing another stripper before arriving. Thus, the crime fighter's hands trembled as she began to caress Joey's cock with her fingers. Her eyes were locked onto his as he patted her head.

"Did you ever watch that tape that I recommended?" Joey asked.

"Yemmmps," Batgirl replied as she took Joey's cock partly into her mouth. She realized that he probably didn't understand her so she nodded her head before flicking her tongue along the bottom of his member.

"You didn't tell Pierre about it, did you?"

"Nnnnnnooooph," she groaned as she shook her head, allowing her tongue to bat the head of his cock a few times.

"Then proceed, Batgirl. I'll take a look at the contract you just signed and read it aloud for your listening pleasure," Joey snickered as he picked up the contract.

Batgirl sobbed as her hands stroked his balls and she took him into her warm mouth. The heroine sucked on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down, taking a little bit more of his length into her mouth with each bob. She wanted to gag, but she knew that if she did, it might terminate her contract, which was the last thing that she could do to help the city, thus she had to prevent Joey from terminating the contract.

"I, Batgirl, do hereby agree to become an employee at whatever club Joey deems worthy of my appearance. I renounce crime fighting and will devote my focus to stripping. Instead of reading criminals their rights, my mouth is better served to suck their dicks." Joey laughed as he watched the woman's face burn with shame. "Not only will I dance and suck, but I will fuck the patrons as well."

"Please Joey, don't read anymore. Take your hands and play with my fat tits," she pleaded as she quickly took his cock back into her mouth.

"Don't mind if I do," Joey laughed as he reached down and cupped her breasts. Before he even kneaded them, he noticed that her nipples were very aroused, more so than we had sandwiched his cock between her two mounds. The frat boy tweaked her erect nipples and pulled only to see the woman climax before his very eyes as his member shot a load of his sperm all over her face and mask.




Later in the Morning


Pierre smelled of alcohol as he laid in his bed. The man clearly hadn't showered since returning home, but at least he took of his grungy clothes before falling asleep on the bed. Although the man was no longer drunk, he had a hard time focusing, but he could have sworn that he heard his bedroom door open and close. "Who is there?" he mumbled as he tried to open his eyes.

"Shhh," he heard a sweet voice reply as delicate hands caressed his face before planting a wet kiss onto his lips. The owner of the voice than ran her tongue all over his face before planting more kisses on his face. While she kissed him, her hands were busy stroking the length of his meat, which was increasing with each passing second. "One more kiss," the female voice said as she engulfed his lips and rammed her tongue into his mouth, trying to make it pop out of the other side of his head.

Pierre didn't know what was going on, but his hands gripped the person's face and reciprocated in kind. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth, sliding past the woman's, and even wrestled her tongue on occasion. A heavy sigh escaped his mouth as the woman finally pulled away.

"I love you," the female voice said before he felt a tongue lick the underside of his tool. He felt the warm breath as the tongue lapped his length and licked the head of his member a few times like the tongue of a rabid snake. "I always wanted you," the voice purred as Pierre felt her hand tickling his cock before caressing his balls. He then felt her wet, warm mouth engulf his cock. Her delicate lips wrapped around his member and slid up and down his shaft causing him to moan.

"Ohh," he moaned as his eyes opened and he was greeted with Batgirl's alluring smile. He was at a loss for words as he saw that the woman was totally nude and her body was glistening with perspiration. Her mask was gone as the woman had donned her purple cowl yet again, allowing her red hair to flow from it. He could see her head bob up and down ferociously as he felt his member stiffen and unleash a huge blast of his warm seed. Pierre's panted for breath as he watched Batgirl swallow his sperm without batting an eyelash.

"You taste good," Batgirl said as she slurped the head of his member again and again, trying to get every drop in her mouth.

"Batgirl . . . what are you doing?" he panted as he saw the woman rise up.

"Something I should have done a long time ago. I want to be with you, Pierre. I love you," she spoke as she hovered over him. The redhead gripped his member and inserted it into her wet snatch. She then lowered herself and bounced forcefully on his cock, until she felt something inside her tear. "Stay with me, I'll take care of you," she moaned as she impaled herself on his cock and began to ride him.

"We're partners," Pierre gasped as Batgirl pulled his hands and placed them on her breasts. She made his hands turn small circles, twisting her breasts and even squeezing them.

"Yes we are, but we're also lovers from now on. Take me, Pierre! Be the first to have Batgirl," she moaned as her back arched and her head snapped back.

"I can't," Pierre protested.

"Yes you can," Batgirl quickly replied. "I knew I wanted you the day you told me that you donated your money to help out the kids. You could have taken advantage of me when I was piss drunk, but you allowed me to sleep on your bed, while you took the couch. You even laid me on my side, which allowed me to puke into the trash can instead of drowning in my own puke. I know that's not very romantic right now, but I'll make it better, I promise."

"You don't have to," Pierre panted as his chest heaved up and down.

"I want to," Batgirl said as she ground herself further onto his tool. Her hands released Pierre's hands and caressed the man's chest. "Remember the women in those videos?" she asked as she tilted her head and licked one of Pierre's fingers.

"Those sluts?" Pierre asked. "What about them?"

"Promise you won't leave me."

"What about them?"

"Promise you won't leave me," Batgirl begged.

"What are you talking about?"

"Promise me that I'm yours and you'll stay with me."

"What is going on?"

Batgirl slammed herself harder and harder onto Pierre's cock as she reached back and gripped his legs for support. She slammed herself down again and again. "Promise me, you won't leave me! I beg you, don't leave me! I need you!" she pleaded as tears rolled down her face.

"I don't know what you're talking about?" Pierre grunted.

"I'll do anything! You can have full control of my career, my life, my body! I'll do whatever you want me to! Just promise me that you won't leave me!" the heroine screamed.

"I . . . I promise," the man stammered as he felt his prick stiffen again. His hands gripped Batgirl's breasts like a vice as his mouth shot open. Pierre's head disappeared into the pillow as his entire body stiffened and he shot a load of his seed into Batgirl's sex.

The crime fighter felt the hot blast inside and climaxed. Her body shook as she screamed in ecstasy. "Thank you! I love you Pierre! I'll do anything for you! Batgirl yelled as her hands shot up to her cowl and ripped it off, revealing her face while she rode her climax.

"Barbara Gordon," Pierre mouthed as she fell on top of him.

"Now you know one of my secrets," she cooed as his cock remained inside of her.

"You have more?" Pierre asked as he caressed her wet cheeks.

"You've helped me beat my inhibitions so that I could be a stripper. Now, I need your help again. Remember the woman in the video and how they acted?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"Don't say anything yet. I know you said that you would leave me if I didn't become a crime fighter, but it's not in me anymore. I can't do that anymore. However, the city still needs, but I found a better way to help the city. I agreed to dance at Joey's club and service the patrons after my sets. The money I make will go to you and you can transfer it to the needy as you see fit," Barbara purred as she planted kisses on the man's chest.

"What kind of service?"

"They're going to be able to fuck me. I know you might not approve, but I'll make sure that they use condoms and I'll be on the pill just in case. I watched a tape that Joey secretly gave me, but those skills are minimal. I need your help to make me as good as the women in the videos."

"What makes you think I know about those things?" he asked.

"If you don't, we need to practice then . . . and I mean a lot of practice," Batgirl said as Pierre planted a kiss on her forehead.




One Week Later


Batgirl cried as she kissed Killer Croc's huge cock. The heroine was on her knees, still dressed, but drenched in the beast's hot sperm. His sharp nails had pierced her outfit and made small holes, which allowed his sperm to seep into her outfit, and dried on her skin while some of it even snaked down her outfit. The woman's cowl was still on her head, but it had huge globs of goo on it that made it appear that her cowl was actually white and had purple dots on it. Her breasts were heaving up and down as her jaw muscles ached with pain and her belly felt full as she gulped down blast after blast of his sperm.

"I think you had enough rest," the villain said as he stared into the woman's defeated eyes.

"Whatever you say," she panted as she stopped planting kisses and began to lick the head of his member like a schoolgirl with a lollipop. Her tongue bathed the head with her saliva as it became rigid. She then clasped her white lips around the member and slowly slid it into her warm mouth. More tears streamed down her face as she began to bob up and down while her cheeks bulge obscenely with his cock filled her mouth.

"This is your cocktail drink for the night," Killer Croc laughed as his hand gripped her cowl and began to slam her head onto his member. His hand made a loud splat as it shot the sperm, which had accumulated on her cowl, all over the place.

"Hmmmppphhttt!" Batgirl screamed as she felt the huge cock forced toward her throat, making her gag and suffocate.

Killer Croc watched as her arms flailed wildly about before gripping his hand and trying to force it off her head. However, within seconds, her hands didn't have any strength and her arms fell to her side as he noticed her eyes began to roll back into her head. He watched her chest heave like a flopping porpoise for a few seconds before he released her. His hands quickly tore her outfit around the chest area, revealing her naked tits. "Here's some cream to go with the milk," he laughed as his cock exploded and splattered a huge wave of sperm all over her tits.

The force of the blast sent the woman crashing onto the ground, where she laid. From her current position, she was staring right up at the ceiling where Joey had placed mirrors. She could see her breasts covered in nothing but white spunk. Batgirl was too exhausted to move, but that didn't prevent other strippers from entering the room. They pounced on Killer Croc's member and began to jack him off.

"I'm almost sorry that I didn't pay the full amount," Killer Croc snarled. "I can't believe that I didn't pay for her cunt. It would have been nice to see how hot you got tonight."

"Perhaps tomorrow," Batgirl replied meekly as her tears flowed like the Colorado Rapids.

"Sounds good to me," Killer Croc laughed as he shot another blast of sperm all over Batgirl. The strippers continued to pleasure his member with their hands, sending jet after jet of sperm all over Batgirl's outfit until finally, the woman looked like she was wrapped up in a white cocoon. "See you tomorrow, slut!" he said as he wiped his dripping member all over her sperm covered lips.

"What have I become?" Batgirl moaned a few minutes after Killer Croc left the room. The heroine hoped that the strippers, who left with the vile criminal would return soon with the hose since the sperm had dried and she was now stuck to the ground. All she could do was stare at herself with the aid of the mirrors and sobbed in misery, knowing that various cameras scattered throughout the room had captured it all.




One Week Later


"OH GOD!" Batgirl screamed as she felt Killer Croc thrust his member again and again into her raw sex. The beast had tied her arms behind her back and Penguin had tied her thigh-high covered booted legs around Killer Croc's back. Batgirl was basically parallel to the ground as the villain gripped her legs and thrust into her again and again. Her outfit was a distant memory as it laid in shreds below her. The only things Killer Croc left was the cowl and boots.

"Shut up, whore! You know you like it!" Killer Croc hissed as he slammed himself into the woman over and over again.

"Such creamy tits," Penguin said as he squeezed the woman's breasts. "Big enough to play and suck on, but still quite firm."

"I have to keep in shape," Batgirl panted. "That's how I can dance and do this."

"You like being a prostitute?"

"It pays the bills. Besides, it's the only thing that I am good for."

"You got that right," Penguin said as he began to kiss and suck on the woman's tits.

"What are you?" Killer Croc asked as he slammed into her.

"I'm a slut! I'm a whore!" Batgirl screamed as she felt Penguin bite down on her breasts, leaving a score of teeth marks that would make several minutes to disappear, and that's only if he stopped without biting down anymore. Her tits also jiggled quite a bit with each powerful thrust from Killer Croc while powerful ripples of lust ripped through her body. Tears rolled down the heroine's face as her sex was being ravaged.

"LOUDER!" Killer Croc roared.

"I'm a slut with big tits! I have big melons! I need bigger hooters! I need big tits to make money!" she wailed.

"I think she should do something else with that pretty mouth of hers . . . other than talking," Penguin said once he pulled away from her tits. The man unzipped his pants and stood up.

"Very well," Killer Croc said as he pointed Batgirl's face closer to the ground.

"Please . . ." was all Batgirl could say before Penguin slammed his prick into her mouth. His hands gripped her long red hair drove his cock deep into her mouth, forcing jets of tears from her eyes.




A Month Later


"I can't believe you bared your breasts in this magazine!" Huntress yelled into the phone.

"Why not? I have an awesome body. I admit that it can use some work, a lift here, a tuck there, some enlargements," Batgirl replied.

"DAMN IT! What the hell has gotten in you?" Huntress asked.

"My boyfriend's cock for one."

"DAMN IT! Listen to me! You need this behavior right now! That old man dying was a freak accident! Nothing more! Batgirl is suppose to strike fear into the hearts of criminals! Not only that, but fear is what prevents others from following in their footsteps!" Huntress reprimanded her.

"Wrong! Batgirl is suppose to punish the villains and help the defenseless. She isn't suppose to kill them. No more will I ride and fight crime with my fists and kicks. I found a better way. That magazine spread that you're looking at, not only stopped Two-Face from slaughtering innocent, but it also prevented Killer Croc from destroying an orphanage."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't worry about what I'm talking about. Face it, Huntress, my way prevents crime. You're way just postpones it and the violence will never cease."

"I . . ."

"Crime has been done forty percent since I started posing in nude magazines. The criminals are paying attention and they are no longer committing crimes. People feel safe again and Gotham City for the first time in decades is one the top twenty cities in the country. And it's all due to my new methods."

"Batgirl . . ."

"I'll make you a bet, Huntress. I'm going to do another magazine shoot tomorrow. This shoot will guarantee that the city will be free from crime for two weeks. In those two weeks, none of Gotham's super criminals will step out of their doors. If crime from no name bandits occur, I can't help that, but I swear to you that the dastardly plots of Gotham's vilest criminals will disappear in those two weeks."

"I . . ."

"That's what I offer to you. My assets will make sure that they stay in line. All you have to do is get off my back! In fact, you should try participating in a car show to raise morale. Yes, that's it. You need to participate in five shows. As for Batman, he needs to do some missionary work in Asia, and Robin needs to help out a school district on the West Coast."


"It raises morale for the various cities. It benefits everyone! Nothing like your selfish idea of having me don my costume again, so you other so called crime fighters can look down on everyone else."

"I don't know what's gotten into you."

"You know I'm right!"

"Fine! I'll prove that you are walking down the wrong path! If you can control those criminals for two weeks, I'll go to those car shows, but not the ones that Pietrola runs, but the ones that you went to in the industrial sector!"

"What about . . ."

"I'll talk to Batman and Robin, but if you lose, you stop this nonsense!"

"I agree!"

"Two weeks!"

"Two weeks starting tomorrow!"

"Fine!" Huntress yelled as she hung up the phone.

Batgirl closed the cell phone cover and toss it aside. She then looked down and pulled Joey's mouth from her right tit. "Joey, I need you to call the others and tell them about the bet," she said as she stroked his face.

Joey gripped her buttocks and thrust into her sloppy pussy, jamming his latex covered dick further into Batgirl. "Not a problem," he panted as he returned his mouth to sucking on the woman's tits.




Later that Night


"Oh god! Look at that slut! She's getting it good!" Barbara moaned as Pierre fucked her ass doggy-style. The redhead slammed her hips against her lover as she watched the video playing on the TV intently. Barbara Gordon had just returned from the club. She put the video into the VCR and Pierre ripped her bra and g-string off, threw her to the ground, and started fucking her. Barbara didn't mind since it was his dick that was fucking her. She knew that Pierre was just helping her, especially with the videos that he selected. The videos all showed men using women, humiliating and degrading them. However, Barbara used them as training tools since several of the criminals did that with Batgirl at the club, thus she thought that it was only normal to see it on the screen.

"Yes slut! She's getting fucked good! She has a fat cock stuck up her shitter and one in her cunt! Does that make you hot?" Pierre growled as he slammed forcefully into her to punctuate the question.

"Seeing women get whipped, spanked, and fucked turns me on!" Barbara screamed. "I love watching them get degraded and used. Sluts need be tortured, punished, and used."

"What are you?"

"A slut!"

"But not as good as the sluts on TV."

"Oh no! I have to be better! I have to better or no . . ."

"Don't worry bitch, I'll make sure that you're better. Now Joey says you got a phone call today while at work?"

"Huntress called me. She wanted me to be a crime fighter again. Stupid bitch."

"She called the club?" Pierre asked in shock as he stopped pumping his cock into Barbara's ass.

"Don't stop! Keep fucking me!" Barbara cried.

"Did she call the club?"

"NO! Fuck me! Please fuck me!" she pleaded.

"Very well," Pierre said as he sighed in relief before thrusting his cock back into her ass.

"She called my cell phone and made a bet with me. If I can keep the city crime free for two weeks, she'll participate in five car shows at the industrial sector of town. Batman and Robin will leave the city for a short time if I win too. The stupid bitch doesn't believe in my abilities, I'll show her!" Batgirl said proudly.

"Yes you will, but you'll show those criminals a few things as well . . . to make sure that they don't do anything for two weeks of course."

"Of course. I might be busier than usual then. You may not be able to fuck me every night," Barbara apologized.

"Don't worry about me, I can fuck you when you rest," Pierre said as he slapped her ass before kneading her tits.

"God, I love you for sticking by me," Batgirl moaned as she realized that she was about to climax.




One Month Later


Barbara Gordon wore her original purple Batgirl outfit with matching gloves and boots. Her cowl was securely on her head as her yellow cape hung behind her. She struck her infamous pose, where she spread her legs and placed her fists on her hips. Her pussy was wet and made a big dark spot on her costume as she watched herself take a man's cock into her mouth while she was in her crime fighting outfit. "Remember how you didn't want to do films like these?" Pierre cooed into her ear from behind.

"Yes, but now I love them as much as I love you," she panted as she felt his hands roam all over her tight ass.

"Hold onto this remote, dear," Pierre said as he handed her a black remote control.

"What is this for?" she asked as she glanced down at the remote and saw four numbered buttons, one red button, and one purple button on it.

"Are you my bitch?"

"I'm your bitch."

"Then don't ask any stupid questions," he said as he gave her a hard slap to the ass causing her to jump. His hands then began to squeeze her breasts before he flattened the fabric to her unprotected crotch. "You're already my little fucktoy. You do what I want, when I want. The Police Commissioner's daughter is mine to fuck and abuse. Isn't that right?"

"Batgirl is yours! Barbara Gordon is yours! I am yours!"

"Then strip, my little slave." Barbara didn't wait a second as she dropped the remote and began to undress. Once she was completely nude, she struck her pose again, but not before she picked up the remote. That's when she felt Pierre slip the purple mask that just covered her eyes onto her head. "Are you my slave?"

"Yes master," she moaned as she felt her body become excited. Her chest heaved up and down and her nipples locked like a pair of rockets.

"Remember how you shared your secrets with me?"

"Yes master."

"I want you to hold still and keep this position while I share with you my secrets. Agreed?"

"Yes master."

"The watch your video and I'll be back in a few minutes," he said.

"Oh god! He's going to get the whip. Maybe the leather strap. Or perhaps the Singapore Cane. It could be the chains," Batgirl mused as her own juices dripped down her legs.

"Press the purple button," Barbara heard Pierre's voice from behind her.

The woman obediently pressed the purple button and a small panel opened, revealing a mirror above the TV. Barbara was shocked that Joker was standing behind her wearing the same identical clothes as Pierre and a small silver disc on his voice box. "Joker," the woman mouthed as she saw the mirror and made the connection.

"That's right. I made a bet with Killer Croc, Riddler, Penguin, and Two-Face that I could get you off their backs and onto your back like a slut. I made four million dollars from them easily, that's not counting the tips that I got for my successful venture," Joker laughed with his real voice as he removed the disc. "It took a long time to win my bet, but it was worth it," Joker laughed again as he caressed Barbara's naked ass.

"Joker," she repeated again.

"That's my name, don't wear it out, because you'll be screaming that whenever I fuck you," Joker laughed as he pinched her ass. "I remember the first time I slapped your ass. You almost broke my neck, but you apologized afterwards. However, I need to discuss my bet in more detail."

"Joker," she mouthed.

"See, there was this poker game that I was playing. Batman and Robin had ruined my latest plans and instead of sending me up the river, they let me go all because I helped his old woman find her pills. Of course, she wouldn't have needed to find them if I hadn't pushed her out of the way long before the Caped Crusaders showed up. Anyway, as I was saying . . ."

"Joker! I bet you can't do that?" Joker snarled, pretending to be Two-Face.

"Yes I can," he assumed his own voice.

"There's no way that you can corrupt a straight arrow like Batgirl. She giggles and prances around all day, not even bothering to date. She's gotten a little darker over the months, but what do you expect when she's chasing people like us," Joker laughed, pretending to be Riddler.

"Quack! I see no reason for them to chase me, we're all birds!" Joker quacked, pretending to be Penguin.

Batgirl's lips twitched as she listened to Joker and saw the picture of the TV screen change. She could see the poker game that Joker was referring to and in a matter of seconds, she could hear it as well.

"Bats aren't birds," Killer Croc hissed.

"Who cares! I bet you a million dollars each that I have Batgirl off your back and onto hers, taking a cock into her cunt!" Joker said as he slammed his cards down onto the table.

"He folded! That counts as him folding!" Riddler laughed as he pointed at Joker.

"Don't point," Penguin warned.

"That's right Riddler, don't point. Save the poking and pointing for Batgirl when I am done with her," Joker laughed.

"Are you telling me that you can get Batgirl to change her ways?" Two-Face asked.

"Only if you four stay out of trouble for a few months. No crime sprees, no killings, and don't do anything that would cause Batman to blow a gasket," Joker warned.

"And all you want is a million dollars each?" Killer Croc inquired.


"I'm in," Penguin said.

"Me too, but like Joker, I must fold on this hand," Riddler laughed.

"Count me in, but I match Two-Face's call," Killer Croc said as he tossed more chips onto the table.

"You can guarantee Batgirl?" Two-Face asked.

"If you don't believe me, flip your coin."

"I've already did and it agrees to your one million dollar bet."

"Gentlemen, I must be off then," Joker said as he packed up his money and left.

"All this was because of a bet," Batgirl mumbled as her eyes never left the TV.

"Sort of, but I have plans for you. Now Batgirl, press the first numbered button on the remote," Joker instructed.

"It's him," Batgirl said after she pressed the button. Currently on the TV was the old man walking in the shopping mall.

"Correct. I must admit that I had no idea what happened until Riddler was cackling like hyena during one of our poker games. He boasted on how he got away from you at the mall. I had to see it to believe it, so I bribed a security guard and got the tape from him. I was surprised that you caused him to have a heart attack, but he was due anyway. Turns out that he was a recovering patient too. Talk about coincidence. Lucky for me that I arrived just in time to help you through your crisis. If I wasn't there, you may still be with Batman. Now press the second number.

"No," Batgirl groaned as she obediently pressed the next button and saw what was on the TV.

"That's Carl. You busted his ass about twenty times. He too has a heart problem. Unlike the old man, who died, his placement was no accident. I hired him to do obvious jobs to get your attention. Looks like it worked since you practically begged me to help you out after this. Noe, be a good bitch and press the next button."

"Oh god!"

"That's right. This man is Carl too. Their brothers. They don't look alike, but they have the same name. Oddly enough, they have the same heart condition. This one has a phobia of bats. He's actually the first one that I hired. Turns out that their mother was a drug addict and constantly did drugs while she was pregnant, hence the heart problem. By the way, you will never have that nasty habit or have to worry about doing anything when you're pregnant. I like healthy kids," Joker said as he rubbed her stomach.

"Am I late?" a blonde woman said as she entered the apartment and quickly closed the door.

"Not at all, Harley. Barbara Gordon, press the next button."

"Harley," Barbara gasped as she saw the blonde woman in the alley. Harley Quinn was wearing a lot of makeup to hide her identity then, but Barbara was now able to make the connection. She heard the man's voice in the darkness telling the men to spare her before they raped the blonde woman.

"Those four bastards suck! I barely got off that night," Harley complained as she saw the video on the TV.

"Yes Batgirl, but I did it for your own good. You would have wasted your life as a crime fighter if I allowed you to continue with your old life. But now, you get to be the mother of children, the savior of Gotham City, and the saint to the downtrodden," Joker said happily as he gave her ass a hard slap that caused her to jump.

"You made me . . ."

"I didn't make you do anything. I helped you along, but you did it all. You agreed to the wet T-shirts, you agreed to the stripping, and you agreed to fuck other people! I should have been the only one to fuck you, but since you agreed to fuck everybody else, I will allow it. In fact, I'm allowing it because you agreed to it. I never forced you to do anything."

"You made me . . ."

"No! I may have set you up, but I never threw myself at you nor did I rape you. If anything, you raped me that morning while I was sleeping. Coincidentally, I collected my money the night before and had a huge hangover that day. In fact, I only slapped your ass once, but it was you who requested it again and again. And if my memory fails me, I believe it was you who wanted to buy all those skimpy and lewd outfits. You even wanted to dress and undress with me in the room. You tried damn hard to seduce me, but I was an oak! I never budged until that morning when you raped me! Remember?"

"But . . ."

"You even lied to your father, telling him that you were in Japan and sending him messages, telling him how great Japan was."

"I . . ."

"Face it Barbara Gordon, I never wanted to know who you were. I just wanted to help you. I wanted to make you perfect, but it was you who begged me not to leave you. It was you who begged me to assist you in dressing like a slut, behaving like a slut, and talking like a slut. I didn't want that, but you wanted it. I wanted you to be a crime fighter, but you refused. You wanted this life! You begged me. You pleaded with me. You got down on your knees and begged me!" Joker said before he stroked her hair. "Now, press the red button."

Batgirl didn't say anything as she pressed the red button. Two panels slid open revealing glass cases. One of the cases contained Batgirl's black outfit, which had caused the old man to die of the heart attack in the first place. The other one had a purple dog collar and leash. "The leash looks nice," Harley whistled as she snatched the remote from Batgirl's hand and changed the TV back to the video of Batgirl fucking anonymous men in her crime fighting outfit.

"If you like, you can take the black outfit and go fight crime again. Watch as it rises and the citizens of Gotham City cringe in fear. Or take the collar and leash and continue to make the city a peaceful one, improving everyone's life," Joker said. "Remember, I never forced you to do anything, you did it yourself."

Barbara Gordon sobbed for a few seconds and tried to stop it. She closed her eyes as a lone tear trickled down her right cheek. Joker wiped it off with his finger and then tasted it as Batgirl opened her eyes. She glared at Joker without saying a word. Barbara Gordon had a cold icy stare as she looked deep into the eyes of Joker, the man who once was her beloved Pierre. The minutes ticked by as nothing was said and nobody moved until finally, Batgirl bit her lip and growled, allowing her eyes to focus on the case. Both cases were open and she made her way to the first one. She pulled out the black costume and tossed it to a stunned Harley. Then she grabbed the collar and leash and handed it to Joker. Without saying a word, she snatched her crime fighting outfit from Harley and got dressed. Once she was completely dressed in her crime fighting outfit, she snarled at Joker, looking deep into his eyes. A few seconds passed and then she fell to her knees, took the collar from Joker's hand and hooked it around her neck. She then took the leash and clipped it to the collar before handing it to Joker. "Lead me to your bedroom like a bitch and fuck Batgirl one last time. After tonight, finish my transformation and make me perfect, master," she said with a smile on her face.




One Week Later


"You're so beautiful," Joker cooed at Batgirl as he caressed her cheeks.

"Hehehe," she giggled like a love-sick schoolgirl.

"Are you ready for more?"


"Good slut. The next paying customer may enter the cage now," Joker said proudly as he watched Riddler enter the huge bird-cage.

"Let me out! I demand to be set free!" Batgirl screamed as she shook the bars.

"Ready Batslut?" Riddler asked as he grabbed the remote control that was hanging by an elastic cord in the middle of the cage. He pressed a button and he watched as Batgirl's legs began to spread further, for the metal bars that her ankles were secured to, began to move. The heroine was completely nude except for her purple cowl and a pair of black leather boots, which went all the way above her knees. The boots were laced from the bottom all the way to the top. Her wrists were chained to the bars of the cage with her face just inches from the bars. A few inches above the right boot was a black leather garter-belt with numerous bills trapped beneath it. Littered throughout her cage were used condoms. Riddler watched the woman's legs part even more as her juices began to hit the floor of the cage.

"Stupid villain, you won't get away with this!" Batgirl said in anger.

Riddler slapped her ass a few times, making the woman scream. His hands then gripped her buttocks. He parted them and drove his condom encased prick into her hole. "Nice and warm," he giggled as he plowed into her.

"Oh god!" Batgirl cried as her eyes remained dry.

"Buck you hips!"

"Oh god! I'm not Batgirl! I'm Batslut! I'm nothing more than a big titted whore! I need to be fucked! I need to be fucked!" she screamed as she began to pump her hips in accordance with his thrusts.

Joker smiled as he reached his hands between the bars and twisted the woman's erect nipples. Batgirl cooed and looked him dead in the eyes. "I love you," she mouthed as she accepted her new life and role.




One Month Later


"Don't stop fucking me!" Batgirl pleaded as her black crime fighting outfit barely clung to her body. Her arms were chained to the ladder of a fire-escape, hanging in the middle of alleyway, completely surrounded by criminals. Not a single one feared her or the other vigilantes of Gotham City. Batman and Robin had been sent away and Huntress had done some shows in the industrial sector of town. Coincidentally, she was inside the very building that used this particular alleyway as an entrance. Currently, her breasts were being mauled by a petty criminal's hands while her legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her, forcing him to thrust his cock deeper into her soppy cunt.

"Don't be shy. Take one," Joker said with a huge smile on his face as he passed out condoms. "Oh! If you fuck my toy without one of these, I'll shoot you, your family, and your friends. If I'm bored, I may even shoot your enemies, but it really depends on my mood at the time."

"Do you want the money, Joker," a crook asked as he took a condom from the Joker's bag.

"Money? You mean I can charge for this?"

"I thought . . ."

"Don't think! Tonight, she's free! Tomorrow, she begins her exclusive appearance at a club. She's been practicing for a month now, but tomorrow will be her big debut. That's when you have to pay," Joker laughed.

"I'll be there."

"Well . . . get there early then. A lot of my friends will be there and Two-Face always requires two seats for some odd reason. The man has two heads, but both of them are butts," he laughed again as the crook nodded and got in line.

"Mr. J, I picked up more condoms. There isn't a drug store for miles that have any more since we bought them all," Harley announced proudly as she showed him a huge sack that Santa Claus would have been envious of.

"Go distribute them then. The line is around the block already."

"Actually, it's around this block twice and . . ."

"Spare me the details Harley! Pass them out. I have to get dressed since Pierre is suppose to supply the frat boys inside with special water guns."

"Is it the gun or the water that is special?"

"Both. They have my face and inside, the water has my drugs," Joker laughed as Harley took the sack and left the alleyway. Before Joker entered the building, he took a glance at Batgirl, who was now nothing more than a horny slut. "Huntress will join you soon," he laughed as he entered the building.




Two Months Later


"Take another drink," Batgirl said as she placed the cup against Huntress's ruby red lips. The Italian crime fighter swallowed as Batgirl tilted the cup, kneeling on the ground in her crime fighting outfit. Scattered around her were Polaroids of her in different stages on undress. However, she had no idea what was going as she drank cup after cup of drug laced water. The wet T-shirt that she had worn earlier in the night, laid on the floor beside her.

"How is my new recruit?" Joker asked as he entered the dressing room with Harley Quinn.

"She's progressing," Batgirl said as she gave Joker a big hug and a wet kiss on the lips. She would have tried to jam her tongue down his throat if it wasn't for Harley Quinn grabbing her and pulling her off of him. The blonde woman quickly snapped the collar around Batgirl's neck and she instantly dropped to all fours as Harley attached the leash to the collar.

"Can you hear me," Huntress?" Joker asked as he stroked her hair.

"Yes," Huntress replied in a monotone voice.

"Did you shave you cunt like I asked you to?"


"Are you happy about it?"


Joker cackled triumphantly as he released the woman's hair and watched Batgirl collect all the pictures. Once she had the pictures, Harley snatched them away from her as Joker lead Batgirl by her leash so that Huntress could see the pair. Joker then sat down on Batgirl's back and stared at Huntress, who showed no emotion or facial expressions, minus her blank look of course. "Are you ready to become a stripper?"


"Is your cunt sore from all our fucking last night?"


"Is your ass sore after I got my friction on?"


"Don't worry, you'll get use to it like Batgirl," Joker said as he gripped her chin. "We're going to walk out of here soon. I'm going to pull Batgirl along on her leash and your to cling to my arm, press yourself against me, rubbing your hands all over me, and allowing me to rub my free hand all over you. Understand?" Joker asked.


"Then it's time to show all those horny teenagers just who is in charge of your slutty body," he said as she stood up and prepared to leave the dressing room with his two crime fighting sluts.




Later That Night


Penguin sat on a plush recliner as Batgirl massaged his aching shoulders. "Do you like?" Batgirl purred as she pressed her tits against the man's neck like a cushion.

"I like," Penguin quacked.

"What about her?"

"I like her too," Penguin replied as he watched Huntress, who was dressed in her usual crime fighting outfit, rubbing her hands all over her body, making sure to dawdle on her breasts and crotch for longer periods of time. She licked her lips and whipped her hair from side to side as she swayed her hips like the pendulum of a clock. "Can she put on a better show than you?"

"I've been performing for some time now, but Huntress is new to this. She's watched me perform a few times in these private quarters. However, it will be her turn tonight. I'm sorry that you won't be able to share some time with me, but I figure it might be good to break the woman in. Joker won't even charge a penny more," Batgirl cooed into Penguin's ear.

"Has he had her yet?"

"Of course. My hubby can't help but sample the goods first."

"How was she?"

"She's learning. Huntress! Tell Penguin some of things that I've taught you," Batgirl ordered.

Huntress fell to her knees and cupped her breasts through her outfit. "Being a vigilante is wrong. We wear our tight, body-hugging outfits to entice men. Since criminals look at us and can't have us, we are creating more crime. Instead of having them go out and rape innocent women, they should have their way with us since it was our fault for not putting out in the first place," Huntress spoke as she tried to hold back to tears.

"You're fulfilling you true destiny and . . ."

"My body is made for fucking! I will prevent crime by fucking!" she screamed as she slowly moved toward Penguin with her knees. The crime fighter then turned around and slowly got to her feet, making sure to bend her ass into the air, almost thrusting it into Penguin's face as she rose. She then bent her knees and gripped them with her hands as she moved her butt up and down and side to side, all just inches from Penguin.

"Yes you will," Penguin agreed as she groped and fondled her ass. Then he began to slap and pound them repeatedly as if he wear playing the drums. He had done the same exact same to Batgirl and Batgirl loved it. Unfortunately for Huntress, even with the drugs, she knew what was going on, but was unable to stop it. Instead, she had to fight back the tears as she realized that her body was betraying her, sending goose-bumps and tremors throughout her body.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Harley Quinn inquired as she entered the room. The woman was carrying a baby bottle in her hands and tossing it about.

"My time isn't up," Penguin scoffed.

"I know, but the bitch needs to be primed," Harley said as yanked Huntress by the hair and threw her forcefully to the ground. She then handed her the baby bottle once the woman had risen to her knees. Huntress gripped it and began to drink the contents of the bottle, sending more drug laced water into her bloodstream while Harley unzipped the heroine's outfit. Huntress stood up and lifted her legs to assist Harley. As Huntress continued to drink the contents of the bottle, she stood in front of Penguin in her birthday suit, while her own juices trickled down her thighs.

"I willingly joined this profession. Huntress needed to be coaxed into it," Batgirl whispered into Penguin's ear before she stood up and made her way to Huntress. Batgirl pressed her nude body against Huntress and tipped the bottle higher as her other hand stroked the woman's breasts before pushing her toward Penguin. "Fulfill your destiny," she said as she watched Huntress fall onto Penguin's lap.

Without saying anything, Huntress throws the empty bottle to the floor, and with predatory eyes, she wipes her chin and lips before unzipping the villain's pants. Her hands then caress the man's legs before they made their inside his pants. "I need to fulfill my destiny," she moaned as she smacked her lips together and stroked the man's tool.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Batgirl said as Harley took her hand.

"Mr. J wants you tell Batman and Robin to stay in their places for two years. The technically agreed to four, but in two years, I think we'll have the . . ."

"No Mistress Harley, Joker will have the female crime fighters off this town reach their full potential," Batgirl proclaimed as picked up the baby bottle.

"Don't forget to bring your gag," Penguin laughed as he smacked her on her butt.

"I will and I'll bring one for her too," Batgirl giggled as she pointed at Huntress.




Two Months Later


Hard techno blared from the speakers as Batgirl, wearing her purple mask and a purple micro-fiber-thong pranced around on stage with her tits jiggling up and down. Various bills littered the stage, but Batgirl didn't even try to pick any of them up since she didn't have anywhere to put it. She could have used her thong, but the bills may cause the thing fabric to tear because of the friction. Instead, Batgirl waited for the music to die down before she grabbed a microphone. She licked it as if she were giving head, causing static to reverberate across the room. "Gentlemen! I am happy to announce that my private sessions are booked full for the evening. However, I would like to hear a big round of applause for Huntress, though not yet. She went to a wet T-shirt contest earlier in the evening where I picked her up. My husband and master, Joker, and myself have constantly drugged her water and food. She is currently under the influence and will not remember a thing tonight, but after a few more months, she will be able to remember everything. Of course, she will have the personality of a mindless fucktoy with absolutely no will of her own, but with a body like that, I doubt any of you care. So how about we get the spotlight off of me and onto her, which wouldn't be the only thing on her," Batgirl laughed.

The spotlight found Huntress in the middle of crowd. The woman was wearing a soaked T-shirt that clung to her body and showed off her naked, heaving breasts. She still had her black and purple spandex tights on, but her hair was drenched in drying sperm, giving her white highlights. Huntress drooled as sperm leaked out of the sides of her mouth. The heavily drugged woman was busy bobbing her head up and down on Riddler's cock as the man gripped her ears and pulled her toward him, trying to avoid her messy hair since he didn't know how many people she serviced already. The crowed clapped as they saw Huntress, who would be on stage shortly.

"Thank you, Huntress. In other news, ballots are being placed near the exits tonight. Please take one and fill it out. It's obvious that this club needs more strippers and I think that costumed female crime fighters should be in here stripping instead of chasing you fine gentlemen all over town.. Thus, please select your next choice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have people to fuck," Batgirl said as she placed the microphone back and walked off stage.

Several other strippers quickly ascended the stage to collect Batgirl's money, but the criminals paid little attention to them as they bent over and crawled around on all fours. Instead, they couldn't take their eyes off Huntress, who had a predatory look in her eyes as she moaned with a mouthful of cock.




Two Months Later


"God damn it! He won another round!" Two-Face growled.

"Face it, man. Poker is not your game!" Joker cackled.

"If it wasn't for all the shit you pulled in the last year, I would kill you."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to pay you since you earned it," Two-Face sighed as he threw a stack of bills onto the table.

"Tell me, Joker. Just how did you get Huntress to dance?" Penguin asked.

"My little princess did it."

"How?" Riddler asked.

"Joey called you all and asked for you to behave for two weeks. Batman is off in Europe or Africa and Robin is on the West Coast. Huntress finished her commitment, but her crime fighting days are over," Joker laughed.

"Come again?" Killer Croc inquired.

"Sure! Bring her in, Harley! I want everyone to see the woman that causes me to come so many times!" Joker laughed.

"Sure thing, Mr. J," Harley Quinn said as she lead Batgirl, who was walking on all fours with a purple pair of six inch stiletto heels. Her purple leash was in Harley's hands and the collar around her neck. The woman had her cowl on, which she kept low to the ground as she made her way toward the poker table. Slowly walking behind them was Huntress, who was still dressed in her tight crime fighting outfit, which she knew would be last time, at least for a while.

"Good evening gentlemen," Batgirl said as she rose to her feet and stood beside Joker. The woman left everyone else in the room, except Joker, with an erratic heartbeat and tongues hanging out of their mouths. The woman now wore a micro thong, but they were use to that. What they weren't use to was her massive breasts. They were huge and did not sag, but looked quite obscene on her frame. Her aureoles were almost the size of half dollars. They were also puffy and had purplish tint to them. Joker thought that purple was quite fitting for the woman. Not only that but her nipples stuck out and although they didn't know it, they were hard and sturdy, but very sensitive like her new tits. Her lips had received several collagen injections, making her lips pout and irresistible when it came to sticking something between them. But the most garish addition was the fact that she had her Bat emblem tattooed onto her breasts in bright flourescent purple.

"I got to tell you, nothing is better than sticking your cock between her breasts and having her press them together. Even without the cowl or mask, you can't help but know that you're fucking Batgirl," Joker laughed.

"Master Joker, you gave me a new name," she whined.

"You answer to any name, remember that. As for your new name, why don't you tell the boys what it is," Joker ordered.

Batgirl said nothing as her hands tore off her cowl as the other men gasped. "It's Barbara Gordon!" Riddler finally said after several minutes of dead silence.

"Barbara Gordon as you all know was reported dead in Japan. An unfortunate car accident took her life. The car crashed into the sea and the body was washed away into the ocean. My name is Barbie Doll. I am Joker's personal toy to do as he pleases. I also dance regularly around midnight. I'll be available for three hours after the dance routine," Batgirl corrected Riddler before giggling. "But not tonight. Tonight is a special night."

"Yes, it is," Joker said as he fondled Huntress's breasts through her costume as she sat on his lap. The woman's facial features changed and she grimaced every now and then, but she never pulled away.

"Isn't she suppose to be a mindless slut?" Killer Croc asked.

"That was the original plan, but after heavy consultation with my partner, we've decided differently for her," Joker laughed as he made Huntress stand up and slapped her ass, making her jump.

"I drugged her after the her last performance. She pranced around in her wet T-shirt, showing off her tits to the world like a good slut. After her performance, I gave her the laced drink she was out. However that didn't stop Harley from taking some compromising pictures of her and Batgirl performing together. Once those pictures are published, she won't be able to return to crime fighting. She'll have to join us, thus no needs for the drugs anymore," Barbie said proudly.

"If you'll excuse me gentlemen. Barbie Doll has an important day with the plastic surgeon. We're going to do some work on her face so that daddy dearest won't be able to recognize her. However, she will still appear regularly in my magazine spreads. So far, no other magazine has even sunk as low as Batgirl here in terms of poses. I believe Marines even blushed during the last pictorial. Anyway, I'm going to celebrate tonight and prep her. Sorry Riddler, but no suckie-suckie from Huntress this evening. Excuse me," Joker said as he took the leash from Harley, who went about collecting the money from the table. Barbie Doll shook her ass as she walked away on all fours.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," Joker said to Huntress, who held his arm as they walked to the door. "You're getting the same procedure as Batgirl's earlier one."

"I won't be able to show my face in public as a crime fighter again," she sobbed as she glanced down at Batgirl, who was walking on all fours with her tits close to the ground.

"You don't mind, do you?" Joker asked as Harley Quinn caught up to them.

"No," Huntress sobbed as she stared down at the ground, knowing that her cunt was dripping wet with anticipation.

"I'm a Barbie Girl. You can brush my hair, undress me anywhere," Barbie sang.

"She still mixes up the words," Harley whispered.

"Why don't you fuck her, she's a sucker."

"I don't know, I like her version. We'll see if Huntress has a better one when we're done with her," Joker laughed as they exited the room and left four very envious former criminals with huge tents in the front of their pants.

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