Losing It All At The Casino

BY : NightCreeper
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Losing It All At The Casino

By: Night Creeper

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Losing It All At The Casino

By: Night Creeper

"I've got to hand it to you two," Commissioner Gordon spoke as he sat behind his desk and spoke to Supergirl and Batgirl. "We've been trying to catch Martel and his drug trafficking cohorts for months now without much success. However, Officer Montoya has informed me that you two were vital in her sting operation. It's great to know that Gotham City is still safe even though Batman and Robin are out of town."

"What about the other crime fighters?" Batgirl asked, knowing exactly what her dad would say.

"Spoiler and Huntress are okay, but they don't stop the hardcore criminals as much. Basically, it seems that they too have gone on vacation. Who can blame them when Gotham City's most feared criminals are all locked in jail," the man added. "Besides, I can always count on you, Batgirl, to capture the criminals when Batman and Robin can't. You three are like the perfect one two punch followed by an uppercut."

"Thank you, sir," Batgirl almost blushed.

"Commissioner," Supergirl spoke. "What about the drug, Cupid?"

"The drug is a bit more problematic. So far, Martel hasn't told us the whereabouts of the manufacture or buyers. I'm sure the drug will still be on the streets for some time, but the main flow has been stopped."

"A good thing too since Cupid is highly addictive, especially in the doses that Martel was mixing them in."

"Correct, Batgirl," the old man replied. "That's why it's such a great thing that you two captured him, and the judge with the help of the jury convicted Martel. The man will not be behind jail for at least fifty years."

"What about parole?"

"That's an interesting question, Supergirl. Although the judge didn't rule out parole, he won't see the first parole board meeting until he serves twenty years. And if he continues to keep his mouth shut, I doubt he will ever see parole."

"A scumbag like him should never be allowed to walk the streets ever again. The same goes for his cohorts. If only I could locate them."

"I love the enthusiasm, Supergirl. Don't worry though. Officer Montoya is very resourceful at finding leads. If she finds one, I'm sure she'll contact Batgirl."

"No doubt about that," Batgirl smiled.

"Ladies, I have to excuse myself. I have to meet my daughter for dinner. But if you want to stay in Gotham City for a few more months, I would be very grateful especially since the mayor has decided to change some of the building permits. It seems that Gotham City will soon have a new district that may even rival Las Vegas."

"No problem."

"Yea. Glad to help," Batgirl replied as she ushered Supergirl out of the office.


Six Months Later

"I can't believe she won," Batgirl fumed as she watched the television monitor.

"I guess people like bimbos," Supergirl replied.

"Look who's talking, Ms. Marilyn Monroe."

"Hey, I only wore that white dress fore the competition. Besides, we're too serious for something like this."

"I guess you're right, but we made two million dollars each for our favorite charities," Batgirl smiled as someone knocked on the dressing room door.

"Excuse me, ladies. I have your checks," a male voice replied.

"That's weird. It sounds like Spencer Barnes, but he's on stage handing out the trophy," Supergirl spoke as glanced at the monitor and then the door.

"Beats me," Batgirl spoke as she opened the door.

"Hello ladies," a man wearing a black tuxedo spoke as the door opened.

"Aren't you on stage?" Supergirl asked.

"On the monitor yes, but right now, no. That monitor is on a thirty minute delay. We're basically editing the shoots to get the best angles before beaming it to a satellite for broadcast. I wanted everything to be perfect for the grand opening of my new casino, and I have you to thank for it," the man beamed.

"It's alright. We were glad to help especially since this beauty pageant didn't require us to wear bathing suites or anything."

"I would never ask you two ladies to do anything like that," the man replied. "You're participation was just to get the crowd here. The rules were explained to everyone before the event. Although contestants could wear whatever they wanted, I still couldn't believe that you two didn't just walk out with your costumes on."

"Hey, people paid to see a pageant, so we dressed the part."

"And I am really thankful that you did. Please accept these two checks for two million dollars as my humble gift of appreciation. And please accept these two checks for another two million. All I ask is that you give it to same charity."

"That won't be a problem, Mr. Barnes."

"Thank you, Batgirl," the man spoke. "I wish I could talk to you both some more, but I have to entertain some guests. Would you like to join me?"

"Sorry. We only agreed to participate in the pageant due to the your kind contribution, but mixing it with the people in a casino may not be such a good thing. Especially since it's late and criminals don't sleep," Supergirl replied as she adjusted her cape.

"I understand. Good night and thank you," Spencer Barnes spoke as he closed the door and left.

"Nice guy."

"Yea. Nice guy especially since he gave us more money than he promised. And he announced earlier tonight that all the profits from tonight will go to charity. Not to mention that half of the profit from this casino will be donated to charity every month."

"Not a bad guy at all. I'm glad we could help him out on the grand opening."

"Me too, Supergirl. Me too."


One Month Later

"Alright! Everyone keep your heads on the ground and don't fucking move!" a man with a ski mask shouted as three other men walked up and down the aisles of the theater. Four armed men were in the backstage area, making sure that the beauty contestants didn't run away. Standing next to the main gunman was Spencer Barnes, who was being choked by the gunman. "Look you rich bastard! If you have all this money to throw to charities, you might as well fucking give it to us instead! We're poor too!"

"That's a good one, boss," one of the gunmen walking up and down aisles laughed.

"Shut up! As for the cameraman, cut the feed once I am done. Citizens of Gotham City, casinos are ruining these city and this maggot is donating half of his monthly profits to the city. It's nothing more than a bribe. What he should be doing is giving it to us. We tried to offer him some protection, but he refused. You never know when a rival casino will send goons like us to rough you up. As for this prick here, we'll kill him dead if the police don't leave the area right now. We've also planted two bombs in this casino so if something funny happens, no one here will be laughing. Our employer will be laughing, but not here. We've already broadcasted this message two times already. Trust me when I say that this will be the last. Now cut the fucking feed!" the gunman shouted.

"No need to cut it, but it will be the last broadcast," a voice boomed from high up in the theater.

"Who is there?" the gunman holding Mr. Barnes asked.

"Just little old me," Supergirl spoke as she descended onto the stage.

"Holy shit!" one of the gun walking the aisles screamed as he tried to open fire, but a high kick across his face knocked him out. The other two were about to open fire as well, but their guns were knocked out of their hands.

"Batgirl too!" the gunman on the stage shouted as he watched his three henchmen take off through the doors of the theater.

"Looks like you lose," Supergirl spoke as Batgirl stepped onto the stage.

"Not quite! Say goodbye to the donating fool," the leader spoke as he pulled the trigger of his gun only to have it fall apart.

"I took the liberty of melting parts of your gun already. As for the men backstage, we took care of them before this. Shouldn't have concentrated so much on the speech," Supergirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

"You haven't won yet! I still have two bombs!" the man laughed as he pushed Spencer toward the end of the stage and the man teetered on the end and almost fell into the orchestra pit.

"Got you!" Batgirl spoke as she grabbed onto him and pulled him back.

"The bombs are down there!" Spencer exclaimed as he pointed into the pit.

"Got it!" Supergirl spoke as she flew into the pit, grabbed both bombs, and flew out of the casino, where she detonated them high above the sky.

"They got away," Batgirl spoke when Supergirl returned.

"And what about Spencer?"

"He's apologizing to the guests and contestants. I believe he was offering them free food and drinks."

"Maybe we should have agreed to participate in this particular pageant."

"You mean by advertising us, people would leave him alone?"

"Pretty much. These crooks have been threatening him for weeks now."

"I don't know," Batgirl replied.

"Come on! He's a nice guy! He doesn't stuff like this happening to him! Nice deeds should be rewarded," Supergirl quickly replied.

"Alright, let's have a talk with him."

"Sounds like a plan."


One Week Later

"I refuse to keep a low profile!" Spencer Barnes shouted from his desk. "I have worked too hard to see someone take this away from me!"

"I understand the points, but they have shot at your cars and even bombed some of them. Although none of them have tried to harass the casino itself, you either have to hire more security or keep a lower profile," Commissioner Gordon spoke.

"I will not keep a low profile! I will not let these monsters win! In the last couple of months, the threats have increased and the foreign casinos have increased as well. We now have Russian ones, Japanese ones, Italian ones, and even German ones. However, it is my belief that these newer casinos have mob connections and are trying to run me out. At first, the citizens of this city supported me because I was giving money back to the city, but now some of them are cared to come here. But I won't give up, not to these lowlifes!"

"What about getting more security?"

"I have gotten more security for the casino."

"I mean for you."

"No way! I already have some bullet proof cars, but I refuse to put other people in the line of fire!"

"The police will protect you, but we can't be used as your personal army," Officer Montoya spoke.

"I'm not asking you all to be my personal army. I appreciate the fact that off duty officers come here and help out, but it's not necessary."

"Mr. Barnes, people of this city have rallied behind you and they still come here in droves, but you can't be going around town like you normally do. You have to coordinate with the police," Commissioner Gordon added.

"You mean, stay here and not go out?"

"Not necessarily. You may want to hire bodyguards."

"I can't do that! They would be in the line of fire just like your officers and my patrons! It's almost as I have no alternative than to shut down this casino."

"You won't have to," Supergirl spoke as she entered the office with Batgirl behind her.

"Supergirl? Batgirl?" Montoya said in surprise.

"Commissioner, I can check his vehicles for bombs and Batgirl can toughen the security for him in this casino. This way, we won't have to risk the lives of your officers. Also, this should ensure his safety."

"Speaking of which, I think you may want to stay here in the casino until we can guarantee that your penthouse is safe," Batgirl added, going along with Supergirl's idea of protecting Spencer Barnes.


"It's for your own safety," Batgirl assured him.

"Mr. Barnes, I think you should listen to them," the Commissioner advised.

"Very well, it seems that I have no other choice," the businessman reluctantly agreed.


One Week Later

"You don't need to buy us these things," Batgirl spoke to Spencer Barnes as he handed his private bodyguards two presents each.

"Nonsense!" the man replied. "This is the first time that I have been able to return to my penthouse and I couldn't be happier. All your advise have paid off. This place is secure and your rooms have been fitted to your specifications as well."

"Oh my god," Supergirl spoke as she saw the diamond earrings inside the box that he handed her.

"Those are worth fifty thousand dollars each," he spoke as he turned on the television.

"And in other news, businessman, Spencer Barnes has donated over ten million dollars to local charities this month even as the threats from local gangs continue to increase. Although the violence has decreased, the threats have not stopped. Local authorities are still unsure where the criminals are coming from and how they are funded. However, last night an abandoned car was located and inside were five rocket launchers," a female news reporter spoke right before Spencer shut off the TV.

"This is getting ridiculous," he growled.

"Who do you think is doing all this?" Batgirl asked.

"I bet it's the competition."

"Perhaps we should check them out."

"That sounds like a great idea! One of the owners for the Russian casino is in town. Perhaps we should talk to him."

"Supergirl and I will talk to him. You stay here."

"No way! I want to take these people on! I don't want to be like some child hiding behind you two!"

"It might be safer for him if he's with us," Supergirl spoke.

"Fine," Batgirl reluctantly agreed. "When do we go to the Russian casino then?"

"Right now!"


At the Russian Casino

A gruff looking man in a black suit stood before Spencer Barnes, Supergirl and Batgirl. "I cannot allow you to enter," he replied calmly as more men in the same suit gathered behind him, blocking the entrance to a private area of the casino.

"I don't understand. I have confirmation that your employer, Nikolai, would see me," an agitated Spencer Barnes replied.

"He did agree to see you, but he did not agree to see these two women."

"Look pal," Batgirl spoke as she stepped forward. "I don't know if you've seen the news, but this man's life may be in danger. If he goes inside, we're going inside."

"I asked your boss if it was okay and he said it was to have these two women accompany me."

"Look sir, it's not a good idea to take these women inside. They are better off standing out here and waiting for you."

"We want in!" Supegirl stammered, shaking the room for a few seconds.

"What was that?" came a thick Russian accent over the man's earpiece.

"Ah. Mr. Barnes and his guests are here to see you," the man replied into a button his shirt collar.

"Then let them in!"

"You think it's a good idea?"

"Fuck them. They want to talk to me, they have to come in here. If they don't like it, they can leave!"

"Yes sir. Nikolai is at his table. Once you enter, turn right, and go up the steps," the man replied as he stepped out of the way and the other men quickly left the area.

"Serves you right to get yelled . . ." Supergirl spoke, but stopped in mid sentence as the door opened and she saw a huge amphitheater, but it was showing a play. Instead, naked women danced on stage to techno music while other women swung and danced inside various cages hanging from the ceiling."

"Disgusting," Batgirl mumbled as she followed Spencer up the steps.

"Maybe we should have stayed outside," Supergirl thought.

"We can still leave," Spencer spoke to the two women.

"I think . . ."

"Batgirl," Supergirl spoke as she pulled the woman close. "Spencer needs this information. We can't mess this up. I know it's disgusting here, but we have to remain calm. Remember that these are just women working for a living."

"Fine," Batgirl snarled.

"It's okay. Let's head up," Supergirl spoke as Batgirl quickly walked past the blonde and followed Spencer up the steps.

"Mr. Barnes! What can I do for you?" Nikolai, a fat bald man asked as his three guests approached his table.

"I want to talk," Spencer replied.

"Don't sit just yet. Since it's a booth, I'll go inside first, then you, and then Supergirl," Batgirl spoke as the man nodded. She then took the lead, sat down next to man, but wished she didn't, because she could see him masturbating, not even using the table cloth to cover himself up. The crime fighter felt uncomfortable, but didn't say anything as the others sat down. Instead, she attempted to look around, directing her attention to other things, playing what Supergirl said earlier over and over again in her mind.

"Nikolai, I want to know who the hell is causing all my problems in the last few weeks?" Spencer demanded.

"Mr. Barnes, you are a very high profile man in this town. Who would want to cause trouble?" the Russian replied.

"People who want to see me leave Gotham City."

"That would be a shame since you have no doubt won the mayor a few more years in office. Rumor has it that the Governor is very happy with you. His approval has gone sky high in the last few weeks. Perhaps that is why you have these two lovely bodyguards. How much does he pay? Whatever it is, I'll double it for you two to be mine."

"No thank you," Supergirl replied, eyeing Batgirl and seeing her eyes wandering about, trying to avoid the Russian.

"I see," the man sighed as a nude blonde woman except for a red garter leapt onto the table and began to gyrate. "Don't be so jumpy," the man laughed. "It's her job. Besides, she has no hidden weapons."

"Does she have to be here?" Batgirl snarled.

"If you not like, you can all leave."

"Look Nikolai, I want to know if your business partners are doing this!"

"Mr. Barnes, my partners are running this club and casino. They pay for this woman here to dance. We believe there is enough to go around, but we don't donate out profits to the city. We pay taxes instead. Besides, our homeland is poor, she needs it more. Speaking of which, put some money into the woman's garter. She needs to send money home," he spoke as he took his hand off his member, stuffed it into his pocket, pulled out a stack of ones, placed it on Batgirl's leg, and began to jerk off again.

"I think not! She's demeaning herself . . ."

"If you don't, you can leave!"

"Fine," Batgirl spoke as she stood up and placed a bill under the woman's garter before sitting back down. The crime fighter didn't want to be the sole reason for getting thrown before Nikolai shared his information even though she wasn't sure if he had any.

"She likes you," the man laughed as the dancer squatted in front of Batgirl, spread her legs, and began to grope her tits in front of the woman.

"Oh great," Batgirl huffed as she was unable to look away since the woman was so close. "Does she have to do this?"

"You gave her a bill so she is obligated to do this for five minutes. It's her job," the man laughed. "If you give her more, she might leave though."

Batgirl didn't want to touch the man's dirty money, but she didn't want to watch the dancer even more. Thus she was trying to decide on what to do. "So who is after Spencer?" she finally uttered.

"I don't know. Perhaps one of my other partners know," he spoke as the dancer received another bill followed by another one from Batgirl. The dancer smiled and leaned back on one arm. She thrust her crotch towards Batgirl as her other arm began to finger her sex.

"Spencer!" Supergirl nudged the man. "Ask some questions."

"Nikolai, where is your partner?" he asked after being snapped out of his reverie.

"He's on a plane to here. It lands some time tonight, but he will be too tired to talk. Maybe you come back tomorrow."

"Same time and place?"

"Yes. Can you track down a woman with smokes?"

"Sure," Spencer spoke as he stood up and walked down the steps toward a woman selling cigarettes.

"I better go with him," Batgirl quickly spoke as she darted out of the booth, dropping some of ones on the floor.

"I get them," Supergirl spoke as bent down and picked them up. That's when she saw the man jerking off. The woman fell off her seat in disgust, but didn't say anything as she held the money in her hand.

"Supergirl. Tomorrow you sit next to me," Nikolai spoke. "My friend will share all he knows if you lean against me like that woman over there," he said calmly as he pointed at a woman two flights down, who was snuggling up against a male patron and letting his hands run all over her.

"You're disgusting," Supergirl snapped.

"The information could save Spencer's life," the man replied as the heroine bit her lower lip.

"Here's your cigarettes," Spencer spoke as he placed them on the table.

"How much do I owe you?" Nikolai asked.

"Don't worry about it. Remember, same time tomorrow," he pointed at the man before walking down the steps where Batgirl waited for him.

"Your money," Supergirl spoke as she tried to hand him his money back.

"Keep it. Consider that your pay for tomorrow night," the Russian laughed as a humiliated and irrate Supergirl stormed down the steps as Batgirl eyed the money in the woman's hand.


The Next Night

"Lieutenant Chekhov, why don't you tell the nice man what he wants to know," Nikolai spoke as his hands rubbed up and down Supergirl's naked thigh. The woman tried to control her anger reminding herself that Spencer was a nice man, who donated his money to charity, making him someone worth saving, thus it was worth sitting next to the man and letting his hand slide all over her thigh, as long as it remained on her thigh.

"I can assure you that the Russians have nothing to do it all," Chekhov replied. "One of my own cars was blown up today coming here from the airport. The Commissioner assured me that it was not one of Gotham's super criminals that did it since they are all behind bars thanks to Batgirl," he spoke as he pointed at the woman.

Spencer Barnes glanced over at Batgirl, who was busy feeding the three strippers one dollar bills. He had no idea that she had to in order for him to have his conversation with the two Russians. Although Spencer didn't mind, he did think it was odd that the woman had spent almost all night complaining about handing dancers bills, but now she was busy handing them out, watching them gyrate all over the table. He didn't know that Batgirl was talking to herself the whole time, telling herself that what she was doing was okay as long as it saved Spencer's life and didn't involve anything else. "What are you trying to say?"

"I have very dependable information that the rocket that exploded my car at the airport had the same chemical compound as the one that blew up your cars a few weeks ago. I don't know who fired it, but I can guarantee you that the weapon came from Europe. I only know of one weapons dealer that supplies such things and even though he's from Europe, he trades with everyone."

"That's it?"

"No. However, if you want me to give you the name of the dealer, I can."

"I don't care about who is selling the weapon. I want to know who is after me."

"None of my partners want to see you harmed. With all the money that you're donating, it makes it easier for us to horde our money. Without you, this city and state would demand we pay outrageous fees like back home. With you, we don't have to since they made all these loop holes for casinos to keep our money. However, the Japanese are pretty free with their money too. They haven't donated as much as you, but they are close."

"So the Japanese are behind it!"

"I'm not so sure. I do know that Otto tells me that the Germans are definitely not behind it. They are just small time players in this town. It's between the Italians and the Japanese though. I won't be able to give you a name until tomorrow, but I cannot call you with the information. It's too dangerous. I'm staying here until my business is done."

"So you're saying that I have to come back here tomorrow?"

"Yes. I will either tell you the name of the person you need to confront or the casino that he works for."

"Sounds good."

"I want to ask you a question. Can you send Batgirl away for a minute?"

"Batgirl," Spencer spoke as he nudged the woman.

"Yes," she quickly replied, happy to see that it was Spencer.

"Can you check on the car? I'll bring Supergirl with me in a few minutes."

"Done!" she spoke as she quickly darted out of the booth.

"She like them?" Chekhov asked as he pointed at the women on the table.

"I don't know. She spent most of last night telling me that she doesn't like to see women treated like objects, but she was literally paying them to dance around her tonight. I'll never understand them, not even Supergirl over there, who her eyes locked on Nikolai and I have no idea what his hands are doing," Spencer spoke as he peered at the other side of the table.

"Hey Nikolai, give the woman some air, she's coming back tomorrow," Chekhov laughed as Spencer slowly got up.

"Supergirl," Nikolai whispered. "Tomorrow night, you and I will go to a special room. You will do everything that I ask or Spencer won't get his information." Without saying a word, the woman nodded and peered down at the ground until she slipped totally out of the booth and followed Spencer down the steps.


At Spencer's Penthouse

"You two look frazzled. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with those threats," Spencer spoke as he continued to mix a few drinks from the his bar.

"It's been a long night," Batgirl replied as she sat on his sofa, trying to forget all the shaved pussies that she saw during the night.

"Real long," Supergirl added as she continued to brush her arm.

"Well girls, I have to hand it to you both. It's been days and no one has attempted to kill me. The orphanage and food shelters thank you. The local clinics thank you too. As a token of my appreciation, here are some drinks for your nerves," he spoke as he handed the women two glasses filled with a yellow and orange liquid with ice.

"What is this?" Batgirl asked.

"It's really a fruit drink with orange juice and pineapple juice. It might sound weird, but the pineapple relaxes the stomach and the orange juice gives you that extra boost of energy. The ice is to make the drink cold. There's a little added sugar to hide the taste of the pineapple since it's a fresh pineapple, but I didn't think it was sweet enough, hence the sugar. Try it and tell me what you think."

"Pretty good," Supergirl replied as she took a sip, followed by another.

"I concur," Batgirl replied as she took a drink from hers.

"Perhaps I should have my bars in the casino start selling these. Although, I may be tired from all the cutting and mixing. Not to mention the amount of fruit that I'm going to need. So much to plan. Good night ladies and thanks for looking out for me," the man smiled as he headed toward his private bedroom.

"Everything secure?" Batgirl asked Supergirl.

"Everything is secure. I looked around before we even got back," she replied as she took another sip.

"You and your vision," Batgirl replied as she chugged her drink and placed the glass on the table. "By the way, I'm never going through that again!"

"Batgirl, you handed girls dollar bills. Stop complaining. It's not like they asked you to strip out there and dance," Supergirl replied.

"Excuse me?"

"Spencer is a nice guy and if it means that you'll have to pass bills to dancers, that's a small sacrifice. In fact, if you're against it, I'll do it."

"Do you have a crush on this guy?" Batgirl asked as she took a sip of her drink.

"A crush? No, I just think he's a nice guy who shouldn't have to worry about getting killed when all he's doing is helping people."

"I see. I guess handing money that isn't even mine isn't too bad," Batgirl sighed.

"There you go."

"There I go? Just watch me since I'm heading to bed," Batgirl spoke as she entered her bedroom, closed the door, and ran toward the shower.

At that same time, Supergirl was running into her shower too, trying to forget the fact that a man was busy rubbing and caressing her thigh for most of the night. She also tried to forget that she would be meeting the man in a private room soon. However, she didn't care too much since she wanted to help Spencer. She knew that Batgirl wasn't too keen on the idea on some of the things that they've done, but Supergirl knew that Spencer was a good man, a man who shouldn't have to die for giving money away to help others. Thus, she was going to do whatever was in her power to aid the man.


The Next Night

Two busty naked blonde women kissed as they knelt in front of a naked mountain of a man, no doubt a bodybuilder. Their hands ran up and down each other's arms as they tried to devour each other. The man then stuck his member between the two women and they quickly kissed it. One of the woman flicked her tongue at the head repeatedly. Within seconds, the member was as stiff as a rod and the man was ready for more.

"Fuck me!" one of the woman yelled as she pushed the man back. The man then sat down on a bench as the woman grabbed a red cape and tied it around her neck. She then sat on the man's lap, gripped his member, and stuffed it into her sex. The woman then slammed herself over and over again as she spread her legs and had the man hold them. Her own hands were busy groping and squeezing her heaving tits.

"Fuck her," the other woman moaned as she laid down on the floor and slowly pushed herself up with her elbows until she could lick the man's balls with her tongue. Some times, his balls would hit her in the face, but the woman did not flinch, she simply carried on with her task.

"Fucking slut!" the man growled as he viciously thrust inside the woman. Her body shuddered with each hammer, but she did not complain one bit. In fact, the crueler he was, the more she got into it, screaming for him to fuck her, egging him on. Thus, it didn't take too long for the woman to climax and fall off his lap as she quivered on the floor, trying to recover.

"Slut!" the other woman spat as she undid the cape and placed it around her neck. She then kicked the woman and turned so her ass was facing the man. She then leaned forward as the other woman rolled in front of her. The still recovering woman then got on all fours as the woman wearing the cape leaned forward and planted her hands on the other woman's back.

"Fucking slut!" the man growled as he gripped her hips and rammed his member into her wet sex. He began to thrust into her as the woman slowly raised her arms. The woman below her then slowly got up to a kneeling position and she placed her hands on the woman's stomach, holding her up. The blonde with the cape then extended her hands as if she were flying as she took it from behind.

"I'm so high!" the woman moaned as her tits flopped about.

"Fucking slut! Who do you think you are, Supergirl!" the man growled as the woman climaxed.

"The woman orgasmed again," Supergirl spoke into the phone as she knelt in front of her television set in her room. She had returned from the casino an hour ago. Supergirl knew the cape that the women were using was hers. She even remembered sitting on Nikolai's lap with her arms wrapped around his neck and her head resting on his right shoulder. Supergirl remembered how his hand glided over her thighs, rubbing and caressing them as she was forced to watch the scene unfold. Now, she was sitting in her room in Spencer's penthouse with the lights dimmed to an eerie red as she watched the video for the fourth time.

"Good. One more time and you can stop," Nikolai's voice answered.

"Playing back now," Supergirl replied as she took another sip of Spencer's fruit drink. The drink relaxed her so much the night before that she asked him to make her an entire pitcher after returning from the Russian Casino. Now, she was drinking it as she watched the video for the last time, knowing that Spencer had obtain a contact in one of the other casinos. The woman knew at least she wouldn't have to see Nikolai ever again and that she had done a good thing by going with him to the private room since Spencer's life might return to normal shortly.


The Next Morning

"Are you okay?" Spencer Barnes asked repeatedly as he tried to wake Supergirl up.

"What? What?" she groaned as she began to stir.

"Are you okay?"


"You had me going there," Spencer sighed in relief as Supergirl slowly opened her eyes. "I knocked several times, but got no response, so I finally opened the door. I hope you don't mind."

"No. It's okay," Supergirl replied as she pushed herself toward the bed until she was sitting with her back pressed against it. The woman didn't even remember hearing any knocking on her door.

"I turned off the television set. It was just snowing on it. I also took the liberty of turning off the lights. I guessed you dimmed it. Anyway, I'm sure you figured out that there are three settings. The first one is normal, then there's super bright, and of course, super dim, which gives off that red glow since the bulbs aren't using much power. Of course, the glow is also based on the walls being colored red. Perhaps I shouldn't have been cute and tried to paint each of your rooms in these colors," he apologized.

"It's okay. I was tired from all the ballroom dancing with Nikolai that I passed out while drinking the fruit drink," she lied.

"Well, I'm going to make some breakfast. Batgirl says she is going to visit the police station before we do some mor investigating tonight."

"Do we have to go to the Russian Casino?"

"No. The contact is in the Japanese one," the man replied.


At Police Headquarters

"This Spencer Barnes is a nice guy, naive, but nice," Officer Renee Montoya spoke as she handed Batgirl a stack of papers. "He's a real successful business who plays by his rules. Oddly enough, those rules are the same one that professors teach in business ethics courses throughout the world, yet no one really follows."

"That's probably why he refuses to back down," Batgirl replied as she began tom thumb through the papers.

"I guess. All I know is that he has never prosecuted any of his employees. He doesn't care that some of them are ripping him off. He only cares if other businessmen are ripping him off. The sad part is, he doesn't really take any actions. His lawyers and contracted law firms usually scare the other businessmen away."

"Perhaps some of these businessmen have decided to take the fight out of the courtrooms and into the streets where they can get an easier shot."

"I have no doubt about that. Spencer Barnes is a clean man. There's nothing on his file that would mar him in the eyes of a jury. Just the mere fact that he's donated millions of dollars to charity in this city alone, can tug at the heart strings of any juror."

"You think he's doing this on purpose?"

"No. I'm saying that it's almost impossible for his competition to get dirt on him. Blackmail is next to impossible, because he's never even littered or gotten a speeding ticket. He's probably never done a rolling stop at a stop sign either."

"He's fired a few people. Maybe they want to get revenge on him for firing them."

"Doubtful. The fired employees were embezzling money. If they sued, they would have gotten the book thrown at them. Besides, they immediately went to Spencer's competition and made even more money. I seriously doubt that they have a chip on their shoulders."

"That doesn't help me in terms of finding suspects."

"I think you and Supergirl are on the right track in terms of guarding the poor guy. Of course, checking out the other casinos doesn't hurt either. I bet you that one of these casino owners is trying to muscle him out."

"I thought about that, but I want to hear your rationale."

"Simple. Even though Spencer is getting shot at, the city has rallied around him and his business is actually picking up. The others can't win in court since this guy is clean and they can't blackmail him. Thus the only way is to muscle him completely or take him out, which appears to be what they are doing."

"Don't worry, Montoya. Supergirl and I will keep him safe and we'll catch the crooks too!" Batgirl said affirmatively as she placed the papers back on the desk and left.


At Spencer's Penthouse

"You're being unreasonable," Supergirl replied politely as she sipped her drink.

"I am not! I am in debt to you both, but I cannot agree to such ludicrous demands," Spencer Barnes shot back as he paced around the room, crumbling a fax in his right hand.

"What's going on here?" Batgirl asked as she entered the room.

"He doesn't want us to go with him to the casino tonight," Supergirl replied.

"Whoa there! We're trying to keep you alive. We're going to that casino with you," Batgirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

"NO! Out of the question! I can do this myself! There is no need for you to follow me tonight!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way, but we're going!"


"Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"No . . . but this is ridiculous!" the man yelled as he continued to crumple the fax.

"Show Batgirl the fax, Spencer," Supergirl requested.

"There's no need to show her, because you two are not going!" he yelled.

"Let me see the fax," Batgirl said calmly.

"Fine! Take a look!" Spencer yelled as he handed her the fax, sat down on his couch, and sipped his fruit drink.

"It says that there's a dress code at the casino and that Supergirl and I can't go inside unless we abide by it," Batgirl spoke as she looked up from the fax. "What's the problem?"

"All women dress up in bikinis in the private rooms. Chekhov and Nikolai told me. There is no way that I'm going to subject you two to that kind of environment! If they think I'm going to parade my two saviors around like a bunch of street walkers, you can forget it!" Spencer spat.

"It's probably just a mistake. This fax looks like a standard invitation. It doesn't mention Supergirl or I by name."

"That's right. It's just referring to your party. If they see that it's us, they probably won't care."

"Precisely. Besides, I'm sure we can talk some sense into them," Batgirl spoke, confident that they could get in.


Later that Night

"If you need to talk to the man, I will wear it," Supergirl spoke earlier in the night to Spencer Barnes. Within a few minutes, she was busy convincing Batgirl to wear a swimsuit since it was the only way the Japanese security team were going to let them enter the private area. Eventually, Batgirl agreed and the women with Spencer were lead to a room to change. Spencer closed his eyes as the women stripped and dressed in the one piece bathing suit that didn't cover their legs nor their hips. Then they were allowed to enter the private area, but they had to split up. Spencer was allowed to sit and talk to Tojo in the booth next to the one that Supergirl sat at. Supergirl sat between two Japanese businessmen, who were busy caressing and groping her thighs as she sat there, knowing that if she objected the meeting would end. As for Batgirl, since she was the reason for the delay, Tojo made a special request. Sensing that she had to agree, Batgirl reluctantly nodded, and followed the men away from the booths as Supergirl watched with approval since it helped Spencer's cause, but she wasn't aware that Batgirl had to compete against other women.

"God damn it!" Batgirl snarled as she wore the bathing suit and her cowl. The woman was placed inside a square room with mirrors that prevented the people inside to see out, but allowed people outside to see everything inside. Worse yet, the woman was covered in mud as she was forced to fight three other women, dressed in thongs and g-strings. The match was suppose to be everyone for themselves, but due to Batgirl's fighting skills, the other women decided to gang up on her. This meant that the crime fighter had to fight extra hard even if she was covered in mud.

"I got her!" one of the woman shouted as tripped Batgirl and then pulled Batgirl's arms out of the ring.

Batgirl's face was plastered in mud as she felt someone grab onto her both her ankles. She knew she was being stretched, but before she could think much about it, she felt a series of hard slaps to her mud covered ass. The woman screamed as she began to thrash. She lifted her head out of the mud, but could not open her eyes due to the mud on her eyelids. Batgirl could feel a hand lifting the suit and then ramming mud inside the suit.

Outside the box, Supergirl noticed that Spencer wasn't even watching as he talked to Tojo. The Maid of Steel tried to stand up and help Batgirl since she felt that Spencer would be alright, but the two businessmen grabbed her elbows. "If you want the boss to talk to him, you will sit back down," one of them spoke.

"Sit back down and serve us drinks," the other laughed as Supergirl nodded and did just that, hoping that Spencer was able to obtain the information that he needed.

Back inside the ring, Batgirl stopped struggling as the woman slapped her ass over and over again. Batgirl's head was resting close the mud, sobbing. After a few minutes, the woman's palm was all red. "Looks like the slut is out of it," she laughed.

"Yea," the one holding Batgirl's legs laughed as she loosened her grip.

"Fuck you!" Batgirl yelled as she slipped her legs free. She quickly knelt and pulled the woman holding her hands into the ropes. The woman yelled in pain as her eyes hit the ropes. She quickly released Batgirl's wrists and fell on the ground in pain. Batgirl quickly flipped around and kicked the woman, who was holding her ankles earlier with the heel of her feet. The woman was knocked unconscious as she fell backwards and landed in the mud.

"What the?" the woman with the red palm spoke in disbelief as Batgirl tripped her and began to slam the woman's face into the mud over and over again. This caused the crowd to start counting the blows.

"Get off her!" the remaining woman yelled as she got back to the apron.

"Want to play huh?" Batgirl snarled as she released the poor woman, allowing her face to land right into the mud. She quickly leapt to the rope and pulled the remaining woman by the air. The woman flew into the ring and landed head first into the mud, leaving Batgirl as the only woman standing. The crowd cheered as a door opened allowing Batgirl to exit the cube and walk through a curtain.

"What was that?" Spencer spoke as he turned around and saw a huge cube at the bottom of the pit with three unconscious women inside. "Must have been some slugfest down there."

"More than you know," Tojo laughed. "More than you know."


"I'm not wearing this," Batgirl declared as she looked into Supergirl's eyes.

"You have to. It's the only way that Tojo will see him," the blonde replied. "Besides, you don't have to worry about those punks in the ring."

"I'm not worried about them. I just don't feel that this is necessary."

"We talked about this before, time and time again. We both agreed that we would do anything within our powers to ensure that we break this case."

"What are you a cop?"

"No, but we are investigating the threats against Spencer. He's a nice man and doesn't deserve all this crap. He shouldn't have to look over his shoulder every time he steps out of his home. He should be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Come on Batgirl, he's helped a lot of people and we should help him. This is your town, make him feel safe in it."

"I don't know how you talked me into this," Batgirl sighed as she followed Supergirl to where Spencer waited. Then before she knew, they were ushered into another room, where she changed into a swimsuit.

"Besides, you have nothing to be ashamed of," Supergirl giggled as she squeezed Batgirl's ass as they were leaving the room.

"Great," Batgirl snarled as she snapped herself out of the reverie that she was in. Currently, she sat on her bed, drinking her fruit juice. Every night, Spencer would always make a few drinks, sit around, and thank the two heroines for their support and assistance. Then, he would retire, allowing the women to do whatever they wanted. Usually, they would chat, but Barbara took a long shower when she came back to the penthouse, and took an even longer one when she left the ring after the mud wrestling match. Now, she was sitting on her bed, reflecting, and feeling totally humiliated and desperately needing another shower. "Damn it Supergirl. What did you get me into?" she sighed as she laid back onto the bed.


Two Days Later

"Spencer Barnes! Come back here this instant!" Supergirl growled.

"NO! I'm not having you two do it! It's that simple!" the man stomped toward his black limousine.

"Batgirl! Tell him!"

"I'm with him on this one," the woman replied as she leaned against the side of the revolving door as the doorman watched.


"No! I refuse to allow you two to participate! I'm going over there right now and giving him a piece of my mind!"

"Let him go. You scanned his limousine and everything is clean. He's perfectly safe," Batgirl spoke as she called after Supergirl, who was a few steps behind the man.

"STOP!" the blonde spoke as she held onto the man's arm and froze him place. "If he can give you the name or group affiliation of the person or persons threatening you, why not take him up on the offer?"

"Because I refuse to have you two compromise yourselves! Protecting me is one thing, but what he wants is preposterous!"

"I'm going to have to agree!" Batgirl shouted.

"It's a small sacrifice to make. We can do it. Don't worry it," Supergirl spoke calmly.

"It's not needed. The threats have stopped. I feel . . ."

"LOOK OUT!" Supergirl yelled as she flew backwards, taking Spencer with her, and landing a few feet next to Supergirl as Spencer's limousine exploded.

"Bomb?" the doorman asked as he laid on the ground shaking.

"More like a missile," Batgirl snarled as she heard the roar of fire engines coming towards them.

"Call the man. Batgirl and I will participate," Supergirl spoke as she saw Batgirl flash her a dirty look, but paid very little attention to it.


"I can't believe you talked me into this," Batgirl whispered into Supergirl's ear as they stood next to each other with the hot spotlights beaming down on them and twenty-three other contestants, all dressed in a g-string and a skimpy Hawaiian top, which was nothing more two coconuts tied held together by an elastic cord covered by a flower arrangement. To make matters worse, each contestant had to wear stiletto heels. Batgirl felt totally humiliated as she stood on stage and faked a smile. The woman could feel every eye zooming in on her, wondering when she would walk the streets.

"It's almost over. Spencer should be getting the information now," Supergirl whispered back as she glanced at the far wall and used her X-ray vision. She could see Spencer busy talking to Tojo in small office as the Japanese man scoured through various stacks of folders.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, we have heard the introductions of all our contestants tonight. However, we would like to thank both Batgirl and Supergirl for joining us tonight!" a male voice spoke as the crowd erupted with applause.

"Thank you. We're glad to be here," Supergirl spoke politely as she waved. Batgirl simply faked a smile and waved.

"Thank you ladies. Now folks, because this is a Hawaiian pageant, it's only fair to have our contestants put on some sun block on their bodies."

"What the," Batgirl muttered as a podium popped out of the floor in front of her.

"Ladies, you have three minutes to apply as much as possible and judges will score you on your creativity."

"This is insane," Batgirl muttered as she saw the other women grab the bottle off the podiums in front of them and began to apply the sun block.

"Just do it," Supergirl whispered as she opened the bottle, traced some on her arm and began to rub it in.

With a heavy sigh, Batgirl did the same. However, she could see that Supergirl's face was turning as red as her cape when she had to rub the lotion onto her chest. "Alright Spencer, you better get all the information that you need," Batgirl muttered to herself as she felt her cheeks burn with indignation as she too applied the lotion onto her chest, muttering to herself the entire time.


Later that Night

"I hope you two weren't too bored tonight," Spencer Barnes spoke as he clicked off the news and took a sip of his fruit juice.

"No. Not bored at all," Supergirl replied as she sipped her drink and smiled at the man.

Batgirl rolled her eyes before taking a sip of her drink. "Did you find anything?" she eventually asked.

"He gave me some of these files," Spencer spoke as he picked two sets of folders from the table and handed them to Batgirl. "They seem to be financial records from two small companies here in Gotham City. The problem is that neither company has a supplier or manufacture. Worse yet, they don't sell to anybody."

"Sounds like someone is using them as a front then."

"Precisely Batgirl! That's exactly what Tojo said," Spencer spoke.

"I don't know if we should trust him," Batgirl sighed.

"I don't know too much about what's going on, but I want to thank you two for helping it these last few days. If it weren't for you two earlier today, the explosion would have probably killed me."

"No problem. It's the least we can do considering what you're doing for this city," Supergirl smiled.

"I don't know about that. Perhaps if I weren't here, all this wouldn't be happening and you two could be fighting crime instead of babysitting me."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. Batgirl and I don't mind helping you out. Right?"

"Sure," Batgirl replied as she looked at the numbers and graphs contained inside the folder.

"I can't begi . . ."

"Wait! Spencer turn on the TV, I think I heard something!" Supergirl shouted as Spencer did as he was instructed. The woman's voice even startled Batgirl, who showed concern as she glanced at the TV, Supergirl, and Spencer.

After a long ten minutes, a news flash appeared on the screen. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have live breaking news in downtown Gotham. Apparently, there was another exploding limousine today. We have a news crew heading down to the vicinity of the Rising Sun Casino. We will have a full report as soon as possible," a news anchor said as a commercial appeared.

"That's Tojo's casino!" Spencer spoke as he sat down on the couch between the women. He buried his head between his legs while his hands began tugging on his hair. "Things are getting worse, not better. And it's all my fault!"

"Don't worry Spencer! We'll get to the bottom of it. I promise," Supergirl spoke calmly as she rubbed the man's shoulder, trying to put him at ease.


The Next Day

"I don't know what's going on, but Commissioner Gordon is pissed off. Even though every one of Gotham City's super criminals are in jail, the petty mob bosses and crooks are turning the streets into a war zone!" Officer Montoya's voice came through the speaker phone in Supergirl's room.

"We saw the news last night and it seems like it hasn't gotten any better," Batgirl spoke as she thumbed through the folder that Spencer gave her last night.

"It hasn't. The Japanese businessmen are in an uproar, the Russians are fighting mad, and the Italians are simply pissed. The Governor is thinking of declaring marshal law. It's like a bad video game out there."

"I can stop it," Supergirl declared.

"You may have to," the police officer replied. "In fact, the National Guard may be deployed tonight. It's like a war outside."

"Hardworking police officers have better things to do than to get killed needlessly, firefighters shouldn't have to risk their lives trying to put out these car bombs, and medical personal shouldn't have to worry about all those innocent people getting wounded in the streets. If the criminals want me out of this town, I'll simply leave!" Spencer Barnes shouted as he entered the room.

"NO! You don't have to go," Supergirl spoke as Batgirl rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Any leads on who is to blame for all this violence?" Batgirl asked.

"We can't seem to get any leads. It's as if the petty crooks are too scared to talk even if there's a huge reward for information. None of them wants to be the one that spills the beans."

"It's best that I leave town then," Spencer said calmly.

"I don't know if you want to leave your penthouse. The streets are rather crazy right now," the officer warned.

"You're not going anywhere," Supergirl informed the man. "Batgirl and I will stop them."

"I have no problem with that. Nobody makes my city into a battlefield," Batgirl snarled.

"Wait! Officer Montoya, I've got an idea. I'll invite the other casino owners to my club. They'll have to leave their havens, which should stop the violence!" Spencer happily shouted.

"But that's only if they are involved," the officer replied.

"They are! Spencer has been gathering intelligence on them for some time now! If he says that they are involved, there's a high probability that they are," Supergirl quickly added.

"Batgirl?" the female officer inquired.

"I have a folder in front of me that seems to be the accounting information for two fronts. It appears to be a laundering scheme of some sort, but I can't be sure. I can stop by later with this information. However, it does appear that some of the casinos seem to be a bit on the shady side," Batgirl spoke.

"Just bring the evidence and we'll do the rest. Warrants, weapons, and willpower! Gotham City's finest will serve and protect the public."

"Alright then. I'll see you in a few minutes. Supergirl, you stay here with Spencer. Got it?"

"Got it!" Supergirl smiled happily as Spencer scratched his head, thinking of a way to get the other bosses to his casino.


Later that Night

"What did Montoya say?" Supergirl asked Batgirl as they both drank their fruit juice.

"She said she would look into it," Batgirl replied as she closed Supergirl's bedroom door. "Did you find it odd that Spencer seemed really down today?"

"No. I didn't notice it at all."

"You love sick little puppy," Batgirl muttered. "I can't believe you said that."

"I am not love sick," Supergirl rejected vehemently. "I just don't like to see an innocent man get taken advantage of. However, I think he's right. When the casino bosses leave their safety nets, the violence will stop."

"Why don't just stop it the old fashioned way?"

"It's not a good idea."

"It's not a good idea? Is that because you're scared that Spencer may get hurt?"

"No. I'm afraid that everyone will get hurt. So far, these crooks are happy blowing up cars. What happens if one of them wants to blow up a building? Spencer does his best in terms of supplying this city, your city, with the necessary funds to keep it running, and yet, you seem totally ungrateful."

"I'm not ungrateful," Batgirl defended herself. "I don't want to be a babysitter. I'm a crime fighter like the Commissioner Gordon. By staying here, we're not fighting crime. We're not even stopping yet. We might as well be throwing spit-balls at them."

"I can throw them and I promise you if I did, the violence will stop. However, people can get hurt. A lot of people may get hurt and I want to avoid that. Remember, I'm only visiting Gotham City, but I want to leave this place either better or in the same shape that it was before I came. Spencer has already made it a better place, minus these last few days, but we can stop it all now."


"By using his idea."

"Getting all of them here?"


"How are we going to do that?"

"You've seen how these people work. They have private rooms. So how about we get Spencer to do something in his private room?"

"Like what?"

"A beauty pageant."

"Been done before. That's how we got in this mess."

"Not just any beauty pageant, but one that they have never seen and would do anything to leave their places."

"Like what?"

"What if we were to don lingerie and skimpy outfits for their viewing pleasure?"


"That's exactly how Spencer reacted before I explained to him that it was the only way."

"I think not!"

"Remember the conversation we had before all this started? We agreed to do everything in our power to help that poor man. Even though, I had to remind you of our purpose here at times, you've always done the right thing. We can stop this whole mess with one phone call. Spencer has already spoken to the other owners and they seemed quite receptive. He didn't accuse them of anything, but when they heard about us being models, they said they would be here. Not only that, but Spencer could get all three of them to play off each other. If one of them slips up, that person may be the culprit."

"You've been thinking about this for some time now, haven't you?"


"So you're willing to debase yourself in front of goons, who are trying to kill Spencer while they are destroying this city?"

"I'm willing to do that to save lives and improve the quality of life for citizens that I don't even know, in a city that I don't even live in. I wonder why this city's guardian can't say or do that."

Batgirl gritted her teeth and snarled. But eventually, she nodded, and said, "Very well. I'll do it, but I won't like it."


The Next Night

Batgirl and Supergirl were red faced as they walked slowly up and down the runway of a newly erected stage. Spencer had his casino build a private room, which was modeled after the ones from the other casinos, but smaller, thus giving a more intimate setting. However, the two heroines on stage didn't care too much about the ambiance since the crowd was almost invisible thanks the darkened seating area and the numerous spotlights of various colors and sizes beaming down on them as hard techno filled the room. Both of them were without their capes as they sauntered around the stage. Although, Supergirl was the first to walk into the back, through a curtain, leaving a humiliated Batgirl alone as she slowly turned over and over again.

"Gentlemen," Spencer's voice filled the room as he spoke from his seat since he was wearing a microphone. "Now wearing a two piece outfit, here's Supergirl. As you can see, she is wearing a ruffled pink shoulder cropped top with pink hot pants."

The crowd cheered as Supergirl's face was about as pink as her outfit. "I'm doing this for Spencer and Gotham City. Order must be restored," she kept saying to herself as she slowly made her to the front of the long runway as Batgirl made her way to the back. She turned over and over again at the front of the stage, but did little of anything else.

"Now, we have the perfect secretary in Batgirl!" Spencer announced as Supergirl made her way to back. "Batgirl is wearing a black halter top. You'll notice the little white vest barely covering the halter, but is simply there so she can wear the nice black tie. Just like Supergirl, the woman has a hard and flat stomach. Finishing the outfit is a regular black skirt and fishnet stockings."

"I can't believe I am doing this," Batgirl said to herself as she made her way to the front of the stage while everyone hooted and hollered in appreciation. The woman was glad that she was wearing her cowl or the men would definitely know how red faced she was.

"Everyone knows about the Mistress of the Dark with her pace skin and her cheap B-movies, but here's someone that will definitely haunt your dreams. Gentlemen, I present to you, Supergirl, Mistress of the Dark," Spencer spoke as the techno music ended and a low ghostly tune played in the background. Batgirl quickly made her way to the back as Supergirl, wearing a long black dress with a sexy side slit on the right, showing off her fishnet stocking clad legs, and plunging neckline. There was a small belt with the letter S on it as she wore a necklace with a skull around her neck. The men cheered as Supergirl slowly and hovered to the end of the stage. There she twirled in mid-air, cackled as her hair flew backwards before she landed, and stared at the crowd.

"Here," she snarled as she took the skull necklace off and tossed it into the crowd. She heard the rustling of chairs and the crash of bodies in the darkness. Supergirl then heard some grunts before a laughter erupted, followed by applause. The chairs were then moved back into position as the men began to chant her name, giving a boost of confidence to the woman. The woman smiled and made her way to back.

"She has been known as the Dark Angel, but now she is simply dressed as an angel. Put your hands together for Batgirl!"

Batgirl emerged wearing a skintight white jumpsuit with wings on her back. Although, the outfit hugged her body, the men had already seen her purple outfit and didn't feel that this was anything special. Thus, they didn't clap as enthusiastically when Supergirl was walking on the runway. "Sure. Clap for her," Batgirl's mind snarled, resenting the whole thing even more.

"I'm not even going to describe this outfit," Spencer spoke as he saw Batgirl walk to the back and Supergirl's extended finger. "Anyway, let your applause so your appreciation."

Suddenly the room erupted as everyone clapped in earnest. Some whistled while others screamed in excitement, for Supergirl was dressed in a black mesh corset with velvet trim and a lace up back. There were hooks and eyelets on the side. She was wearing a pair of black stockings as she swayed her hips from side to side. There was a huge smile on her face as she realized that the men appreciated her outfit and what she was doing to save the city. The heroine blew them a kiss before returning to the back.

"A treasure of the sea, here is Batgirl!" Spencer announced as the clapping died to half again.

"Damn it!" Batgirl's mind snarled as she stepped out wearing a mermaid outfit. The top was nothing more than two shells covering her breasts with an elastic cord holding them together. The bottom of the costume was a sequined skirt that went all the way to her ankles, covering way too much skin when compared to Supergirl's, thus the crowd wasn't very happy with the choice.

However, they burst into cheers when Supergirl emerged from the back wearing a giant fishnet underwire babydoll with rose lace trim and matching thong. Spencer had chose it for her and wanted her to use it as the finale, but after hearing all the cheers, she donned the outfit and walked out. She was lucky that the fishnet was extra thick around her private areas, thus preventing anyone from seeing the goods, yet allowing their imagination to run free. The woman slowly made her way to the front where she turned and blew kisses the crowd as they chanted her name over and over again. Almost reluctantly, she turned and headed toward the back, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

The crowd upset with Supergirl's departure was hoping for something more from Batgirl, but when she emerged from the back wearing a white Ivy lycra pajama set that included a cami top and long pants, the crowd turned angry. They booed and hissed. Not liking the idea of walking about in skimpy outfits and already pissed about her reception compared to Supergirl's, Batgirl simply snarled and went to the back.

"What the hell are you doing?" Supergirl asked Batgirl, not even getting the chance to change outfits.

"I don't need to deal with this. We've done enough already," Batgirl snarled as she walked past the woman and never looked back.

"Please," Spencer's voice spoke as he got on the stage. "Please calm down. Please calm down. I need everyone to calm down."

"Shit! He's in trouble," Supergirl spoke as she took one more glance at Batgirl and quickly flew out of the curtain, still dressed in the previous outfit. Almost immediately, the crowd cheered and clapped as Supergirl landed next to Spencer. She then stood next to him and placed his arm around her.

"Where's Batgirl?" the man asked.

"Don't worry about her. Just stick close to me. If anyone tries anything, I'll get you out of here."

"If you stand too close for too long next to me, I might try something," he whispered as Supergirl shot him a huge smile.


The Next Day

Supergirl and Batgirl, both dressed in their crime fighting outfits, sat on different sides of the couch as Spencer watched the news in disgust. "Last night, the violence stopped and today, it's even worse!" he spat. "Something must be done!"

"Why doesn't Supergirl just go to their casinos and strip the last bit of her dignity in front of them," Batgirl muttered.

Supergirl brushed off the comment and stared at Spencer. "Give them another call and see if they come back."

"I've already tried. None of them want to come back. They said that they had other things to do."

"Spencer," Supergirl spoke as she placed her hand on the man's knee. "Get me the numbers for Tojo and Nikolai."

"Okay, but I don't know if it's going to help," the man spoke as she stood up and headed toward his room.

"Why don't you just sleep with him?" Batgirl asked.

"I don't get you," Supergirl spoke. "Last night, you stormed off stage and this morning, everything is a mess outside. Crime has escalated and the violence level is unheard of, yet you're mad at me?"

"Why don't you fly out and save everyone then?"

"Because I don't know if you would save Spencer if I wasn't here."


"Look. I'm going to visit Nikolai and persuade him to come here. You're going to talk to Tojo. With them in agreement, they can force the Italian men to come back here."

"You must be kidding me."

"No. I'm not! We need to stop the violence," Supergirl spoke as she pointed at the TV.

"Fine," Batgirl sighed, not even looking at the woman.


At the Russian Casino

"I would like to go back. I was amazed by your performance, but Batgirl wasn't much help. My boys aren't very happy," Nikolai spoke as he escorted Supergirl through the halls of his casino.

"I apologize for her," Supergirl replied politely.

"There is no need for you to apologize for her, but I don't feel the need to return."

"You spoke to Spencer on the phone?"

"Yes. I spoke to him. What about it?"

"You said you wanted to see more skin and action."

"What about it?"

"I want to know what you're talking about."

"Really now. That would mean we would have to enter my special room and you would . . ."

"Would need to sit on your lap and let you touch me again?" she asked.

"Yes . . . that may help."

"Will that guarantee that you will help me exert pressure on the Italians and Japanese to get them to show up?"

"I promise."

"Then lead the way."


At the Japanese Casino

"Fucking bitch!" Batgirl screamed as she was busy wrestling the same exact three women inside the cube. Tojo informed her that he refused to go to see Spencer after last night's fiasco. However, if she were willing to wrestle his three wrestlers in two separate belts, he was willing to attend. In fact, he even offered to make phone calls to the holdouts. Sensing it was the best offer that she was going to get, Batgirl agreed to the matches. Now she was wearing a full swimsuit and busy fighting off all three women as all of their bodies glistened due to the extreme amount of body oil on their bodies. "Fucking bitch! Get back here!" Batgirl snarled as she chased after the three women.


Back at the Russian Casino

"Pay very close attention to the women in front of you," Nikolai spoke as Supergirl sat between his spread legs. The woman placed her hands on the top of her head as he reached in front and groped her breasts.

"Do men really like to watch women act that way?" she asked.

"Of course. You've seen the tape that I gave you. I'm sure if you watched with Spencer, he would touch you just as I am touching you now."

"You really think he would?"

"Spencer is a man. Of course. I bet you didn't mind having him hold you last night," Nikolai spoke as Supergirl blushed.

Part of her told her to swat his hands away, but part of her told her not to and that she should imagine that Nikolai's hands were actually Spencer's. Since she was doing all this to save the city and Spencer's life, it would be worth it in the end. Thus, she kept her hands on her head and studied the female strippers in front of her. "For you, Spencer," her mind spoke.


The Next Night

The crowd chanted Supergirl's name as she came onto the runway wearing a thick brown trench coat. She had a pair of black four inched heels that clicked on the runway as a low jazz number from a cheesy detective movie played softly in the background. She sauntered toward the edge of the stage extending into the crowd. The music suddenly stopped for a few seconds. Then in a flurry of bright lights and loud clashes, Supergirl ripped the coat off and threw it into the crowd, revealing what was underneath. The woman was now clad in a black leather and chain choker teddy with a pair of black laced topped thigh-high stockings. It had an adjustable neck, side zipper openings, and a lycra thong back and detachable garters. Not only that, but the teddy was split down the middle, making a large V. Small chains went across the V at various points, but half of her breasts were visible, while her nipples although covered were protruding through the leather. Supergirl heard the cheering fans and began to throw herself into the routine that she picked up from the Russian Casino.

"My god," Batgirl spoke in shock as she watched in the back.

Supergirl gyrated her hips as she traced her hands up and down her sides. She would push her breasts together as she bent her legs and squatted on the stage. The woman began to open and close her legs as her hands slipped under the chains and began to tug on them. Supergirl rubbed the leather covering her crotch for a few seconds while whipping her hair about. She then heard the crowd erupt into applause when she cried and fell forward, landing on all fours, and slowing moving towards the edge, wiggling her ass the entire time. At the edge, she began to smack her own ass for the crowd's entertainment.

"STOP THAT!" Batgirl screamed as she ran out from the back, grabbed Supergirl's hand, and tried to pull her to a standing position.

"You're not up yet," Supergirl shot daggers at Batgirl with her eyes.

"That's because I won't doing this and neither should you!"

"Ladies please!" Spencer spoke as he jumped onto the stage.

"Supergirl! I don't know what you're doing, but I'm not doing it! If you want to parade around in slutty outfits so Spencer will notice you, that's fine by me! But don't do this shit around these people!"

"Batgirl," Spencer said calmly as he tried to get her to calm down.

"You didn't know, Spencer? She has the hots for you. Anybody can tell, even a blind man."

"Batgirl," Supergirl gritted her teeth as she clenched her fists.

"Please calm down," Spencer spoke as he stood in the middle of the two heroines.

"Forget this. I'm leaving," Batgirl spat as she walked toward the back while the guests filed out of the room.


The Next Day

"Violence escalated in the early hours of night as a homeless shelter and a home for runaways was hit. Police and rescue personnel are trying to search the rubble in hopes of locating survivors. For the homeless shelter, they have located quite a few survivors and so far no fatalities. Commissioner Gordon was hoping that it stays that way. As for the home for runaways, firefighters are still trying to fight the towering inferno that has already gutted more than half of the building. Citizens are hoping for a peaceful morning rush hour. Gotham City Action News will bring you more on these developing stories after this commercial break," the news anchor spoke.

"That's your fault right!" Supergirl admonished Batgirl, who was sobbing as she saw the pictures of the two buildings.

"It's not her fault, Supergirl. All I wanted was to some information about who was trying to run me out of town. But it has escalated into something that nobody can control. It's just best that I leave town. That way, you two won't have to argue anymore. When you two were friends, you could have done anything, but now, you're like feuding high school students," Spencer spoke as he shook his head.

"You're right, Spencer. However, if Batgirl didn't throw a fit last night, perhaps those slimy toads wouldn't have struck today."

"It's not her faul . . ."

"You said the other bosses didn't want to come back. The last time they didn't want to come back, there were more explosions. I see no difference here. Batgirl, the heroine of the city, refuses to do anything for her own city."

"But . . ."

"Wait! The news is back," Spencer spoke as he saw a female reporter talking to Commissioner Gordon.

"Commissioner Gordon, your officers have been very busy in the past few hours. Although your officers have not been in the building, firefighters have been inside, have they reported any sightings of fatalities?" the female reporter asked.

"Even though the Police and Fire Department are working in conjunction of securing this area and battling the blaze, I have not heard anything about fatalities yet."

"Do you think either Batgirl or the visiting Supergirl could have stopped this?"

"I seriously doubt it. I bet they are trying their best to thwart these dastardly acts. In fact, this might be worse if they weren't around."

"CLEAR THE DOOR!" a firefighter shouted as several of them rushed out carrying badly burned children.

"MEDIC! WE NEED A MEDIC!" another shouted as he too was carrying a small child.

"OH MY GOD!" the female reporter shouted.

"TURN THAT OFF!" Commissioner Gordon yelled as he placed his hand over the camera lens, trying to protect the identities of the injured. Even though his hand was covering the shot, the volume was still on and the camera was still rolling.

"God damn it, Batgirl! You and you're stupid pride! We could have saved those kids!" Supergirl snarled.

"How? By prancing around like bimbos in front of crooks?" Batgirl cried.

"Oh wait, I forgot, it's much better to watch my own fellow citizens get killed for no fucking reason! Wait a second, I don't even live here!" Supergirl snapped back.

"We couldn't have prevented this by modeling. We could have stopped it from happening by going to the streets," Batgirl began to sob.

"NO! We could have stopped them by modeling! They would have stopped. However, they all left right after you did and then the violence started shortly thereafter. Did your selective memory forget all that? It's your fault that those kids got hurt!"

"STOP IT NOW!" Spencer yelled as he saw the cameraman wrestle his camera free from the old man's hand. Suddenly, the images of a few small bodies being covered up by white sheets on the sidewalk appeared on the screen. Then just as quickly, the feed was cut and someone at the studio apologized for the graphic video.

"Fine," Batgirl sobbed uncontrollably. "Call those bastards and tell them that I will perform. Just make it all stop."


That Night

For most of the day, Nikolai had sent his girls over to help the women prepare for the night. Supergirl wore blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner to enhance her eyes. She was also wearing lipstick that was so red and shiny that was almost blinding. Serving as earrings were a pair of outrageously long shimmering strands of silver tinsel that flashed and gleamed with very little movement. Other than the makeup and accessories, she was wearing the same black heels as before, but now she was wearing a sheer long sleeved criss-cross front bodystocking with an open crotch. She would have gone out without underwear, but Spencer made her wear a thong and place stars over her nipples. As for Batgirl, she was still wearing her cowl, but she was wearing a purple two piece bikini, and she felt sick knowing that she had to strut for criminals.

Once again, the room was dark except for the stage, except this time, both heroines walked onto the runway at the same time. Supergirl was moving with the techno music as Batgirl seemed out of step. The Maid of Steel's hands roamed over body like serpents whereas Batgirl simply walked with her hands not even touching her body. Although the crowd loved Supergirl, they were still not very impressed by Batgirl even though they did like her outfit and the skin that it showed, but they wanted to see more. However, they still cheered, egging on Supergirl.

At the edge of the stage, Supergirl began to move and dance like the Nikolai's strippers. Batgirl on the other hand, simply moved from side to side, clicking her heels on the runway, but doing little else. The woman felt like she was going to be sick after a few seconds. In fact, her hands moved to her face, eliciting cheers from the crowd since they thought she was going to take her cowl off, but it tuns out that her hands gripped her mouth as she turned and ran toward the back.

"Not this time!" Supergirl hissed as she flew after the woman, caught up in a second, and pulled her back to the edge of the stage. "I will not allow your pride to kill more innocent people, you self-centered bitch!" she growled as she slammed the woman into the stage and began to smack her ass as she gripped Batgirl's neck like a vice.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Batgirl cried as she forgot about throwing up. Instead, she was thrashing like a fish caught on a hook as the crowd cheered. Batgirl could feel her buttocks being slapped again and again, each blow more forceful than the last. In fact, after five slaps, her buttocks were already red with a tinge of blue, but Supergirl paid little attention to the woman's pleas.

Eventually, Spencer jumped onto the stage and tried to pull Supergirl off of the screaming Batgirl. "Let her go!" he yelled, but Supergirl ignored him until he had no choice but to use force. He clutch her wrists, but that didn't work. He tried her shoulders, but that failed as well. Then he tried gripping her waist and he even tried yanking her hair. After several attempts, he finally stepped between Supergirl and Batgirl. "Please Supergirl. Please stop. If you care about me, please stop," he begged pitifully as he presented a face that resembled a scalded dog.

Supergirl blinked her eyes and shook her head. Then without any inclination, she stopped and released Batgirl, who instantly fell onto the stage, and curled up in a fetal position as she cried. The crowd was cheering like crazy as Supergirl hugged Spencer. She apologized for her actions since she made him look like a fool trying to pull her off of Batgirl. The man shrugged as he returned her hug.


One Week Later

Batgirl strutted out onto the runway with a purpose. The woman was wearing a black cap, a black leather jacket, black leather hot pants, and a pair of black four inched heels. Gone was her purple cowl and in its place was a small black mask that only covered her eyes. She knew that Supergirl was dressed in cheap lingerie, seated out in the darkness with Spencer Barnes. Ever since the spanking incident, the Maid of Steel was like a puppy dog, constantly following him around. However, she also knew that if she didn't put on a good show, the violence would start anew with deadlier consequences. For three days, the streets were quiet and she refused to talk to Supergirl after the spanking incident, but she did have a small soft spot for Spencer, who tried to save her from the humiliation. He even argued for her and made Supergirl promise that she wouldn't argue with her about the incident. But after the third day, a note arrived informing all three that the violence would start if Batgirl didn't perform by herself by the end of the week. Thus, she had Supergirl teach her a few moves as well as having Nikolai's strippers assist her. Now, it was her big night.

"Knock them dead," she said to herself as she threw herself into the music. She exaggerated her legs movements, showing them off to the crowd, who appreciated her new approach. She made her way to the front of the stage, where she sat down on a regular chair and spread her legs, much to the delight of the crowd. Batgirl then stood up and turned the chair around. There was a small patch of skin between the hot pants and the jacket, which allowed her to slip her hands under the pants and tug them down just a bit. The crowd clapped as she pulled her finger out and allowed the pants to mash back against her skin. Then without warning, she grasped both sides of her jacket and pulled them apart, exposing her full breasts to the crowd and showing that she was a wearing a black choker around her neck.

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" the crowd chanted in unison as they applauded loudly.

"You've got them in the palm of your hand and those lives are safe now," she reminded herself as her hands began to fondle and grope her breasts. She even wrapped her fingers around her nipples and pulled them forward, exciting the crowd even more. Batgirl heard a few boos when she turned around and placed her hands on the back of the chair. However, those boos were short lived as she began to wiggle her ass from side to side before making them quake. Then in one fluid motion, she turned the chair around, sat down, leaned back as cold water splashed all over her, making her nipples stand out even more. The woman then held the position as she saw the flashing lights of cameras.


Three Days Later

"See! The violence has gone down!" Supergirl yelled at Batgirl. Both women wore a thin blue g-string with a small red top. They sat on opposite ends of the couch as they watched the news report. "I told you that if you danced, the crime would go down."

"It's not right," Batgirl muttered, still feeling humiliated by the whole entire ordeal, especially since she had danced every night since.

"I still can't believe your fucking attitude! The city is quiet and people are happy once again! We are still fighting crime, just in another way. There's no violence involved and no one gets hurt!" Supergirl spoke as she eyed Spencer, knowing that he was safe, and it was because of her.

"No! We were great crime fighters once, but now we're nothing more than strippers for a bunch of crooks! Next thing you know, we're going to be nothing more than sex toys for them!" Batgirl yelled as she stood up.

"I would walk around naked and on a leash if it would eliminate all crime here in Gotham City!" Supergirl spoke as she too stood up. Her hands were balled into fists as if she were ready to strike the woman. "Like I said before, I don't live in this city, but I'm willing to do whatever I can to save the lives of people that I've never met, because that's my job. Some times, I wished it a wasn't, but it is, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let a self-centered brat stop me from doing my job. You've been dancing the last few days and crime has gone done. There are no more reports about children getting blown up anymore. I'm going to keep it that way and if it means making you dance on stage every night, then that's what I'm going to do!"

"It doesn't mean it's right."

"No, but it's the only way. When you popped an attitude, innocent people died needlessly. I will not allow that to happen again. We've always used our wits and bodies to fight crime, and now, we're still using our wits and bodies, just in a different way. A more humane way. Besides, we look damn good," Supergirl spoke as she winked at Spencer. "So you better be dressed and ready to go. Our teachers will be here soon."

"I'm not going," Batgirl mutterd.

"Why you!" an angry Supergirl lunged toward Batgirl, but stopped when Spencer stood up and stood between them.

"STOP!" he yelled. "I've had enough of this. Supergirl, if you want to continue what you're doing, then go ahead. I won't stop you. Obviously, Batgirl can't, so she shouldn't. Crime hasn't totally stopped, but it's safe out there for the most part. Perhaps this is as far as Batgirl needs to go."

"But . . ." Supergirl stammered like a little schoolgirl.

"I said that's enough. If you want, you can go see Nikolai's ladies, but if Batgirl doesn't, she doesn't need to."

"Fine," Supergirl spoke as she stared at Batgirl for a few seconds before leaving.

"Thank you," Batgirl spoke once Supergirl had left the room.

"I just can't stand this anymore. You both have done way too much for me and there's no way to repay any of you. Stopping you two from fighting is the least that I can do."

"You're a good man," Batgirl spoke as she kissed him on the cheek. "Supergirl was right, it was worth saving your life. And she was right about this city as well. I may not like it, but if crime does stop, it will be worth it," the woman sighed as she too exited the room.


One Week Later

Both Supergirl and Batgirl wore thin g-strings as they danced on stage with other strippers and everyone was topless. The two heroines were sweating as they danced. Batgirl was now a willing participant. Crime was at an all time low and every time she saw her father, he was very happy, something that she hadn't seen in years. Plus, she knew that Spencer was safe when she performed. Just like Supergirl, the woman developed a soft spot for the man. In eyes of death, he refused to back down, even when Supergirl was flying toward him. The man was there to break up their tiffs and in the last few days, both women were back to be friends again. Thus, she dyed her hair blonde to attract Spencer's attention. Currently, both women acted like schoolgirls around him, and would press themselves against him. Thus, they were thinking about him as they rubbed their hands up and down their bodies. Batgirl knew that tonight was the big night for both girls for they were going to make a huge decision.

Supergirl could hear the fans cheer her name as she cupped her breasts and pushed them up toward her face where she licked the top of them with her tongue. Her breasts were already covered in her own saliva. The woman glanced over at Batgirl and was happy that she was dancing. She knew that Batgirl would eventually come around, especially when she heard that she wanted to help Supergirl protect Spencer. From that moment on, Supergirl helped her with the dancing, and now, they were dancing in front of these people every night, and crime on the streets was practically down to zero. Something that Supergirl took great pride in, especially since it meant that Spencer Barnes was safe.

As the music stopped, both Supergirl and Batgirl fell onto the stage, pressed their breasts against it, and spread their legs, showing off their toned buttocks to the crowd as they applauded. Eventually both women stood up and made their way through the crowd. As they made their way toward Spencer's table, which was the furthest from the stage, patrons would grope a naked breast or cup their buttocks as they walked. Both women simply smiled at the person and continued walking. They knew that if they displeased any of the men, Spencer's life may be in jeopardy, thus they didn't want to do that.

Spencer Barnes stood up and approached the women as they extended their arms and hugged him. "I don't want to do this," he whispered into both of their ears as he gave them a peck on their foreheads.

"We have to. It will keep you safe," Supergirl smiled as released him and stood next to him. She then grasped his hand and placed it on her butt. Batgirl quickly did the same as they stood in front of all the casino owners.

"Gentlemen, it has been our pleasure to entertain you all for the last few weeks. The streets of Gotham City are now safer because of all of your hard work," Supergirl smiled as Spencer couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I know I didn't warm to the idea at first, but now I can't imagine my life without this," Batgirl added, remembering the threat in the letter that if the women continued to be crime fighters, the killing would start again. "Thus we have come to a conclusion. Supergirl and I will no longer be crime fighters."

"That's right. We are now Spencer's personal bodyguards and employees. We hope to see you back here every night," Supergirl smiled as the room erupted with a standing ovation from the crowd.


One Month Later

"So nice of you three to join me," Martel spoke as he eyed the three beauties in front of him. His eyes scanned up and down Batgirl's body. He liked her new outfit, which was a high purple tube top with her yellow bat logo on it with a purple bikini panties. She still had her yellow boots and gloves, but her cape was gone and her cowl was nothing more than a mask. This was Batgirl's newest outfit that she wore in public. The man could see her perfectly toned belly that was just inches away from her utility belt. Martel then glanced at Supergirl, who was also wearing her new uniform, which still consisted of her red boots, red skirt, and blue top, but the cape was missing, the skirt was way shorter since it was barely longer than a pair bikini briefs. Of course, under the skirt was nothing more than a flimsy red g-string. Her blue top was no short sleeved and it stretched from her neck to the bottom of her breasts, revealing a lot of skin between her hips and breasts. A smile came across the man's mouth as he finally made his way to Officer Renee Montoya, who was still dressed in her police uniform.

"Stow it!" Supergirl shouted. "You kidnaped Spencer and we're here to rescue him."

"How can a mere person like me, kidnap him, when he's got two heroines like yourselves protecting him? Oh, that's right. You two were too busy learning from strippers whereas Ms. Montoya was there. I would have captured her that day, but I thought it was best that she pass on my message instead," Martel laughed.

"Someone like you should get the chair, Martel," Batgirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips and struck her infamous pose.

"You never know these things. One minute, I was rotting in prison, and then the next, I'm busted out of prison. Now, I'm living on my own island with no extradition laws to stop me. No one can touch me here. Although, I'll give you three the chance to touch me," he laughed.

"Bastard!" Montoya growled.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why I brought you here, so I won't save the suspense. While I was in prison, I couldn't help but notice that Gotham City had attracted quite a loyal following to Mr. Barnes. He seemed to have rejuvenated the city whereas I sucked the life out of it. Basically, he was ruining my legacy. Thus, when I got out, I decided to stop him, bring him here, and invite his friends, so we can all hang out together."

"You're sick."

"Not really, Batgirl. You see, I know of his troubles with the rival casinos and I've invited them all here. Things should be rather interesting. Especially since I will meet them for dinner tonight and three gorgeous waitresses will help serve everyone and I do mean serve," he snickered for emphasis.

"You're mad!"

"On the contrary, Supergirl! I'm as happy as I can be. You see, if you don't, Spencer won't see the sun rise. Now, you three may want to enter through that door, change, and wait until I summon you. When the time comes and you're not wearing your new outfits, Spencer will die. Don't kill the poor boy. You two kept him alive for so long, it would be a shame if he were to die."

"How do we know that you didn't kill him already?" Batgirl asked.

"He's my only bargaining chip. If he's dead, I have no doubt that you will kill me, so why would be dead? Now, you can either enter that room and change, or you can kill me now, thus executing the poor man too."

"Come on," Supergirl spoke reluctantly as she walked through the door with the others following behind her as the door closed.


One Hour Later

Seated in several circular tables, numerous criminals from around the world sat with the casino owners from Gotham City and their hired help. The tables were arranged like some of the dining rooms with a dancing area inside a casino. In front of all the tables and dancing area was the band, which was playing music for the patrons. Seated right in front of them and one the dance floor, was the drug kingpin, Martel, who sat on a golden throne covered in sparkling diamonds. "Gentlemen, I called all of you here tonight, because I know that you're all wondering why you should do business with me," he spoke.

"We don't do business with anyone unless it benefits us," a voice spoke as several others nodded.

"Perhaps you don't understand what kind of power I can exert, but I'm not here to talk about power at the moment. Instead, let's enjoy our meal. Now, where is the hired help?" he mused.

"Right here, sir," Supergirl said as she entered the room, wearing a yellow bikini top and a matching g-sting. She also wore a pair of thigh high leather boots as she sauntered into the room, trussing up her long blonde hair while her other hand mashed her breasts against her chest. "I'm sorry that I am late, but I had to freshen up," she spoke as she stood next to his throne, spread her legs, leaned back a little, forcing her breasts forward as she continued to play with her hair.

"Sorry we're late," Batgirl spoke as she wore the same style outfit except hers was purple and she was wearing yellow boots and a black mask covering her eyes. She too did the same as Supergirl as she walked toward Martel and stood on the other side of his throne.

"I present to you, Supergirl and Batgirl," he spoke as the women's hands gripped the front of their g-string and began to tug on it. Their fingers slipped under the thin elastic and traced the string to their hips were they moved them ever so slightly down toward the ankles.

"STOP!" Officer Renee Montoya entered wearing her Police uniform. Some of the criminals gripped their guns, but didn't brand them as they watched the heroines. "You two call yourselves crime fighters? You're more like strippers," she spoke as stood behind the throne, totally hidden from sight.

"She called us strippers," Batgirl spoke in mock surprise.

"Strippers are we," Supergirl replied as her hands went behind her back and undid the knot. She then pulled both hands to her front, where she branded the string for all to see. Her top barely clung on as she shook her breasts. Batgirl followed suit and both women mashed their breasts against their chests with their arms. Then without warning, the dropped their arms, and their tops went flying off as they breasts jiggled free, much to the delight of the crowd. Both women began to toy with their g-strings, tugging on the strings and moving them back and forth, but it never went down.

"I guess that makes three stripper bimbos," Montoya spoke as the she walked out from behind his throne and stood in front of him with her back facing him. Then Supergirl and Batgirl ripped open her shirt and pants, revealing a totally topless woman with a fake badge secured to her nipples. The woman was wearing a blue thong that bit into the folds of her sex.

"Now gentlemen, these ladies will serve your meals and feel free to cop a feel," Martel laughed as waiters pushed carts of food onto the dance floor as the three women sauntered up to them, picked up food, and began to distribute it to the patrons. However, the men weren't looking at the food. Instead, they were busy looking at the women and touching them when they passed.


Three Days Later

The three women were busy practicing their dance moves as they stayed in a room with walls made up on video monitors. The monitors were busy playing porn and they could hear the dialogue from them. They were basically use to it now since every waking moment was spent either in this particular room or in the dining room, where hands roamed all over their bodies, leaving them totally unable to do anything about. To make matters worse, the two heroines hadn't seen Spencer for days now and they really missed him as their bodies almost seemed to go into withdraw even though they ate and drank the same things as before. Basically, they were just devoid of Spencer. Thus, they were willing to cooperate with Martel's wishes just as long as he promised to leave Spencer alone.

"Do you think he'll keep his end of the bargain?" Montoya asked as she stopped dancing and began to dry her sweaty body off with a towel.

"I don't trust him, but we have no other choice," Batgirl spoke as she too began to towel herself off.

"If he does break his word, I'll break him in half," Supergirl snarled.

"Hopefully he won't, but I do wish for you to break him in half," Batgirl said. "What about you, Montoya?"

"I don't know. I'm going to get dressed and prepare for dinner," the cop spoke as she left the room.

"Do you think Martel will harm Spencer?" Supergirl asked like a lost child.

"I hope not. As long as we keep up doing this, he'll keep Spencer alive."

"What if he wants more?"

"We'll have to see then."

"I'm going to tell you right now that if he requests us to do something more, I'll do it if it means that one of us gets to see a safe and sound Spencer Barnes."

"I would too," Batgirl spoke as they women hugged.


An Hour Later

Both Supergirl and Batgirl stood next to Martel as he sat on his throne. A naked Renee Montoya laid on his lap however. His right hand was busy fondling the woman's breasts while his left hand groped and spanked her ass in full view of the two heroines, who said absolutely nothing and did nothing to stop him. Before them were the usual suspects who were all drinking and eating it up. Finally, when Martel saw enough, he was ready to speak. "Now that you all have enjoyed my hospitalities for the last few days, I have something to share with you," he spoke calmly.

"Share the women!" a man yelled as the others nodded in unison.

"I can't do that, but I can offer you something else."

"Like what?" another man asked.

"One of Gotham City's most well known casinos will be closing its doors. All the female workers will need something to do. You can all claim them for yourselves except two of them. As for the casino's assets, I will be claiming those," Martel spoke.

"You mean Spencer's casino is closing?" a third man asked.

"Pretty much."

"Hey wait a second, you two bit crook! I wanted that casino!" a man shouted as he stood up and slammed his hand onto the table.

"It's mine!" another shouted. Some men tried to regain order, but it quickly escalated as guns were drawn and shots fired, sending several people scattering out of the room. Tables and chairs flew around the room as bodies crashed again and again. Finally, the smoke cleared and the shooting stopped and a lone gunman walked toward Martel while escorting another man.

"Spencer!' Supergirl and Batgirl yelled in glee before catching themselves.

"You think I should off him," the gunman spoke as he stood in front of Martel and the women while pointing the gun at Spencer's head.

"Why don't you go ahead . . . WHAT?"

"Didn't think I could do that did you?" Spencer laughed after he flipped his captor to the ground, knocking him out, and taking possession of his gun. Supergirl and Batgirl immediately ran to him and hugged him from the side.

"Look at them, so adoring," Martel laughed.

"What about it?" Spencer replied.

"I bet you if you wanted to, you can fuck them right now," Martel spoke as Montoya got up from his lap and walked toward Spencer. Both women blushed at the man's comments since they knew it was true.

"Hurry up," Batgirl urged the woman.

"I'll take that," Montoya spoke as she took the gun from Spencer's hand and gave it to Martel before lying down on his lap again.

"What are you doing?" Supergirl asked in shock.

"She's doing what I asked her to do. I couldn't have kidnaped Spencer without her help. She basically set it up for me. Spencer Barnes, the wealthy businessman. The man who never took it upon himself to hurt his enemies."

"That's because he's a good man and if you shoot, I'll deflect the bullets!" Supergirl shouted.

"I'm not going to be shooting this gun, Supergirl. You see, Spencer Barnes never hurt his enemies because someone else watches over him. Long before you two came into the picture, Spencer Barnes had someone watching over him. He didn't know it at first, but he found out years later. His parents raised him the right way, but that someone didn't have such great parents to start out with life. Instead, that someone did everything for himself until he realized that Spencer was the first person to treat that someone like a person. Thus, the good man, needed to be watched over or the rest of the world would destroy him."

"We're watching over him now and if you harm him, it will be the last thing you think about doing!" Batgirl threatened Martel.

"I would never harm Spencer. I love my current family," Martel spoke as both heroines were dumbfounded. "I was a troubled child always getting into mischief until a rich family adopted me. They didn't sign any papers or anything. They simply took me in. Not wanting their snobbish friends to look down on them, they never disclosed my history or my new status with the family. They simply said I was the illegitimate soon of one of the staff members. As I grew up, I helped my brother gain his empire while I built mine. It wasn't until a few months ago that he learned of my true nature and dealings. God bless him too since he decided to help his adopted brother instead of shunning him."

"Help?" Batgirl spoke, not as confident as before.

"Sure. I'm sure both of you feel a great deal of distress right now. The truth isn't causing it. It's actually your drug dependency. I created Cupid, but I also created its cousin, a weaker drug, but just as efficient," Martel spoke as Spencer cupped the heroines' ass and squeezed. "The fruit juice that he gave you had the drug in it, but it's been dormant for the most part. He will provide both of you with a pill that has an enzyme that will start it. It won't kill brain cells, but it will increase your sex drive. And if you don't take the pill, the dormant drug will eventually attack your organs and cause them to fail. Something I thought up when I was bored."

"That doesn't scare me!" Supergirl yelled defiantly.

"Really now? It has affected you, Supergirl. The bright red lights of your bedroom in Spencer's penthouse and the lights here have made you weak and susceptible to drug. Don't tell me that your body hasn't gone into a bit of withdrawal. Basically, I purposely had your fruit drinks made without it," Martel laughed.

"How could you?" Supergirl asked through teary eyes, not bothering to swat Spencer's hand off of her ass.

"He's my brother," Spencer replied. "We're family and you can be too. And so can you, Batgirl."

"But . . ." Batgirl stammered, feeling heartbroken.

"You're both his bodyguards. Well, you can really guard his body as his sex slaves," Martel laughed as he pulled out two capsules from his throne and tossed them to the women. "Swallow the enzyme and start the process."

"No!" Supergirl yelled as she pulled Spencer's hand off her ass and slapped the capsule onto his hand.

"No!" Batgirl shouted as she too did the same.

"Ladies, I never really wanted this. You wanted to protect me. Both of you wanted to strip to reduce crime. My brother runs the other casinos in Gotham and was basically making life miserable for everyone. So far, they have stopped due to his orders. Accept the new proposal and violence in Gotham City will be very low. Reject it and the violence level will be unbearable. I do care greatly and deeply for you both and I too have fallen for Gotham City, but I will not stop my brother from his chosen path," Spencer spoke as he eyed both crying women.

"It's wrong," Batgirl whined.

"He's my brother. My parents adopted him and he's taken care of them whenever they needed money. He's eliminated crooks who have tried to rob them and shorten their lives. For that, I am forever indebted to him. If you don't want to be with me, take the pills, and save your lives. Leave and find someone else. I can't reverse the drug, but I can offer you a chance to live," Spencer spoke as he handed both women the pills and sat down on a chair.

"Or take the pills, get buck naked, offer yourselves as sex slaves to my brother, and violence in Gotham City will be so low that the cops will be obsolete. Take the pills, run away, and Gotham City will see violence that not even the military can stop," Martel threatened.

"I loved you," Supergirl cried as she stared at the man.

"And I love you," he replied. "Just as I love Batgirl."

"You fucker," Batgirl snarled as she slapped the capsule onto Spencer's hand. Supergirl was stunned since she was almost going to swallow the capsule. "First I didn't want to strip and then I was made to strip, now I'm nothing but a sex toy for criminals. You better swallow that damn capsule Supergirl. You said that you would walk around naked with a leash around your neck if it meant that there was no more violence in Gotham City. Now's your chance to make it a reality!" Batgirl spoke as she ripped off her tube top and tore off her g-string before falling to her knees. The woman then cupped her breasts and stared up at the man. "Make me your sex slave, my love," the woman cooed as she stuck out her tongue and accepted the capsule.

"Please don't do this," Supergirl sobbed as she stared at Spencer.

"It's out of my hands, but I do love you," he replied.

"The spiked drinks . . ."

'I'm sorry about that. He wanted me to make Batgirl, Huntress, and yourself submissive. Initially I agreed, but I couldn't do it, so I purposely left out a key ingredient. I would never make you do something that you didn't want to."

"Crime will be next to zero?" Supergirl asked Martel, who was twirling a black metal collar in his hand.

"I promise," Martel replied.

Supergirl walked up to the drug lord and snatched the collar from him. "Never taunt me with this again!" she snarled at the smug man. Then turning her back to him, she walked over to Spencer, and pulled Spencer to his feet. She stared into his eyes for a long time before she placed the collar in his hand. Then she parted grabbed her own hair, giving him access to her neck as she turned away from him. "Put it on me," she requested.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes. You will fulfill your promise to your brother," Supergirl replied as Spencer placed the collar around the woman's neck and secured it. "And now I shall fulfill mine," the woman replied as she turned to face Spencer. From there, she immediately ripped off her outfit and fell to her knees, cupping her breasts like Batgirl. "Spencer's Sex Slave Supergirl is ready," she cooed as she stuck out her tongue and accepted the capsule.

"Congratulations brother," Martel spoke as he clapped his hands. "Have them sign the papers to be strippers so they'll be contractually obligated for the rest of their lives. They are no longer employees, but completely yours."

"We are his," the two heroines spoke as Spencer helped them to their feet. Both women then immediately pressed their heads on his shoulders and hugged him while he squeezed their buttocks.

"Why don't you three consummate your new arrangement? I'll go find a leash for Supergirl," Martel spoke as he dumped Montoya off his lap and approached his brother. "Just by looking at their eyes, I can see that they want nothing more than to fuck you. I have already placed the proper lighting in your room, nullifying her super strength, so you won't have to worry about her ripping off your dick when she climaxes."


Later In Spencer's Bedroom

"HHMMMPPPHHTTT!" Supergirl moaned into Batgirl's sex as the drug flowed through their bodies. Spencer was busy thrusting his cock into Supergirl's sex. Her hands gripped Batgirl's thighs as she stuck her head between the woman's thighs. Currently, her tongue was darting back forth over the woman's clit as Batgirl wrapped her legs around her head, trapping her in place. Supergirl never touched another woman before, nor had she had a man before, but Spencer had changed all that. In fact, she was willing to do anything that he wanted; anything.

"I'm a horny bitch!" Batgirl moaned as the drug took over her body. "I need sex! Oh god, my pussy! I can't stand anymore! It's so hot! So deep! So wet! My pussy is shaking! It won't stop!" the woman screamed as she groped her own breasts and climaxed.

Supergirl's face was drenched in Batgirl's juices when Spencer pulled her up by placing his hands on her tits. The woman immediately grabbed Spencer's thighs and pulled him closer to her, so he could penetrate deeper inside her. "Oh yes!" Supergirl screamed as her body began to quake. "Shoot your load inside me again!! Please Spencer!!"

"Oh yes, Supergirl! It's coming," the man grunted as his balls swelled.

"Call me, Superslut or Super Sex Slave!" the woman moaned as her head tilted back. She gnarled her teeth together while her hands gripped the bedspread. Her face tensed and then in one swift motion, her entire body stiffened, and she screamed as she climaxed in pure ecstasy.

Spencer unceremoniously pushed Supergirl's face to the bed as the woman continued to ride her climax. He pulled out of the woman and yanked Batgirl toward him by gripping her hips. The man then positioned his member at her dripping sex. Although his cock was a bit deflated, he saw the woman playing with her tits, and he got instantly hard again. With one motion, he rammed his member into her sex and began to pump into her. Batgirl moaned in pleasure as she pulled herself off the bed and tried to kiss him, but Spencer slapped her hard across the face and then pushed back onto the bed. "You sucked my cock with your dirty mouth earlier and now you want to kiss me with it?" he snarled.

"I'm sorry! Batslut is sorry!" the woman apologized as Spencer pulled her even closer. The woman's legs were now bent as she used her own elbows to prop herself up. Her head was tilted back and her hair slapped against the bed with every thrust. Spencer's hands gripped the woman's back as he continued to fuck her.

"We're both sorry," Supergirl moaned as she got up behind him. The woman knelt behind him and pressed her tits against his back as her hands reached around him and massaged his chest. Her chin rested on his left shoulder as she planted kisses on his neck, much to his delight. "We're both sorry sex slaves. This is our first time. We promise to be better," she cooed between her kisses.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Batgirl moaned as wrapped her hands around the back of Spencer's head, pulling herself up, and slapping the man with her tits. "Spencer! I have a secret!"

"What is that?" he panted.

"You'll see soon. Marry me and I'll make sure Police Commissioner Gordon never bothers you!" she screamed as her body tensed.

"How? Besides, I rather have both of you as . . ."

"Concubines," Supergirl moaned into the man's ears. "But the police shouldn't bother you."

"This is how!" Batgirl screamed as she ripped off her mask and climaxed violently.

"Barbara Gordon. Now this is a surprise," Spencer panted as he shot his load into the woman's quivering sex. "Perhaps, a wedding is in order."

"But. . ." Supergirl stammered.

"One for her dad and one for the three of us," Spencer laughed as he kissed Supergirl on the lips while the lustful woman tried to devour him.


One Month Later

"Barbara, I am astounded," Commissioner Gordon spoke as he talked to his daughter on the telephone.

"I am too, daddy. I never thought that it could happen to me, but it did."

"He is a nice man. The Governor and Mayor have been gushing about his accomplishments. Seems like Batgirl and Supergirl were able to capture the gang that declared war on Gotham City. It's amazing that Spencer Barnes actually used himself as bait. Such bravery!" the old man commended.

"What about Montoya?"

"She's being honored for her heroism. Everybody wants to congratulate her since she helped bring down the criminals. It's a shame that a drug lord like Martel couldn't be brought to justice, but word on the street is that he died in the inferno. Spencer was lucky that Supergirl was able to fly in and rescue him. Pretty smart of him to wear a fire retardant suit too."

"Yea, he is rather smart isn't he?"

"Not to mention very giving."

"He's very giving, daddy. Very giving," the woman smiled.

"The whole city will be forever in his debt for the end of the crime spree. Those criminals took weeks off before they started fighting again. Luckily no one was killed, but everyone was sure that casualties would be suffered soon enough. But Spencer saved the day with Supergirl, Batgirl, and Montoya's help. It's just a shame that she is retiring though."

"Do you know where's she headed?"

"No clue. Some people speculated that she may have met someone and is quitting to live a simpler life."

"She deserves a simple life. Hopefully, it's not too regimented for her. Besides, I seriously doubt that her boyfriend or lover would want her to be in the line of fire. Especially after all that prestige. The criminals would love to get their hands on her."

"She might be safer as a cop then."

"Oh daddy, you know that Gotham City has enough crime fighters."

"True. So when is the big day?"

"No plans yet, but he wants to make me in charge of his casinos and even the ones that he's taking over. I might be too busy to see you on a daily basis. I might even have to jet off to foreign countries. This will put a damper on our lunches."

"It's okay, Barbara. I understand. Spencer is a decent man and as his wife, you'lll have all sorts of obligations to meet. I totally understand."

"He is a good man, isn't he?"

"Of course. Can you find anyone else willing to put his neck on the line and still donate all that money even when his life is threatened? I don't think so."

"I'm a lucky girl to have him," Barbara cooed.

"Treat him right then. None of your stubbornness now. If he wants to donate money, let him."

"You know Spencer, he makes a few deposits a night," the woman giggled.

"See, he is a nice man."

"I know. I got to go now, daddy."

"I love you, Barbara."

"I love you too," Barbara spoke as she hung up the phone. The woman then stared at her reflection in the mirror. Around her neck was a gold collar with diamonds and a small golden bat in the front. Her earrings that dangled from her ears were also small bats made of gold. The woman stood up and glanced down at her purple fishnet with small bats encased legs and smiled as she saw Spencer enter the room.

"So?" he asked.

"He congratulated me," she said as she hugged him and pressed her breasts into his chest.

"Good girl," he smiled as he dropped a capsule into her open mouth.

"Put on the rest of your costume and follow me. Supergirl has captured our new toy," he spoke as he planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Did she find her where I said she would be?"

"Of course. The woman didn't see what was coming. Now hurry up, we have a schedule to keep," the man spoke as the woman ran off like a giddy schoolgirl.


"My head," Huntress mumbled as she rubbed her forehead and slowly regained her senses.

"You're awake," a happy voice laughed. Huntress recognizing the voice quickly sprang to her feet, but before she could say anything, she saw a dead man. Seated behind a solid oak desk was the drug dealer, Martel. Also, seated on his lap was Renee Montoya, totally nude except for her own handcuffs around her wrists and a red ball-gag in her mouth. "She looks like a stuffed pig doesn't she?" the man laughed.

"But how?" Huntress asked in shock.

"I wasn't dead and you're not the only one. Take a look behind you," the man laughed as Huntress turned and gasped. A few feet behind her was Spencer Barnes, dressed in a nice black suit, tied to a wooden chair. Behind him and chained against the far wall was Supergirl and Batgirl. Both heroines were secured to metal frames except Supergirl's was a glowing red. "I've captured the cop, who arrested me. I captured the man that made me into a fool. But better yet, I caught his two bodyguards that helped him. You on the other hand was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"I was suppose to meet Supergirl at the warehouse," Huntress growled.

"And that's where we found you. We were able to knock you unconscious so easily. It was hardly fitting for a crime fighter," the man laughed.

Huntress remembered that she didn't hear a sound before her lights where dimmed in te warehouse, but she couldn't think about that now. Instead, she had to think of something to do to get everyone out of here. "So what's your game?" she snarled.

"Strip you clothes and I'll let Montoya live. Hell, I'll even let her go. You can keep the mask if you strip though. If you allow Spencer Barnes to fuck you, I'll let him live. Afterwards, he is free to go," Martel laughed.

"FUCK YOU!" Spencer growled as he tug on his bonds. "You'll never get away with this! NEVER!"

"Never is such a long time. Probably longer than the time that everyone thought I was dead. It's simple really. Montoya arrested me so I want her to pay. You humiliated me so you must pay. I was just going to kill both of you, but then those heroines showed up, and this is a far better game," Martel laughed.

"Huntress! Do something!" Batgirl moaned.

"Don't do anything just yet," Martel interrupted. "Batgirl and Supergirl are chained to those frames. If you do not cooperate, all I have to do is press a button and the a small glass casing will cover the frame. Batgirl will then receive a lethal dose of poisonous gas and Supergirl will receive the same thing, but the red light, which I'm sure you're aware of its source by now, will increase and probably kill her before the gas."

"You fiend!" Spencer snarled.

"Once they are gone, a bullet to the head will take care of Montoya."

"LET HER GO!" Spencer growled. "Huntress, don't do anything that he wants! I rather die before any of you sully your good names."

"I suppose Montoya's brain will mess up the floor."

"Save her, but leave me!" Spencer reluctantly spoke.

"How do I know you'll keep your word?" Huntress asked.

"Seeing you naked is payment enough. Of course, I will have to have you leave before I release my hostages, but I assure you that they will be safe."

"What about Supergirl and Batgirl?" the woman asked.

"I know, if you fuck Spencer, I'll release them. But I want you to force yourself onto him. I want to see him squirm," Martel laughed.

"God damn you! Let him shoot me, but get them out of here!" Spencer yelled at Huntress.

"Spencer, please!" Supergirl yelled. "Stop it!"

"How about this, Huntress? You don't need to strip. You wear an outfit of my choosing, fuck Spencer senseless since he seems to be totally against having sexy women fucking him, and I'll let everyone go. I might even turn myself in afterwards."

"Like I am going to believe that," Huntress scoffed.

"Don't worry about us! Just save them!" the two captured heroines yelled.

"This is true, but I will let you all live and leave here in one piece," Martel spoke as Supergirl and Batgirl were muted as a glass covering sealed them in. "A small stall is right next to you. Step inside, change, and press the button when you're done. The mere fact that you're wearing the outfit will ensure that Montoya lives. Fuck Spencer like a cheap whore and he will live. If he fights it, slap him around. Once you climax and if he climaxes, I'll set your two crime fighting friends free."

"Don't do it," Spencer begged with the heroine.

"I have to. He holds all the cards," Huntress spoke as she entered the stall. After a long time, the stall slowly sank into the ground, leaving Huntress her protective wall. The woman was now wearing a pair of black leather thigh high boots. A small black g-string dug into her skin and barely covered her crotch. It was quite clear to everyone that the woman shaves. Finally, completing the outfit was a small purple bikini top that barely kept her breasts inside.

"Harlot Huntress is here," Martel laughed. "Be a good hooker and fuck Spencer now."

"Don't do it," Spencer begged as Huntress sauntered up to him.

"I have no choice," the woman replied, holding back the tears, respecting the man's possession, but knowing that she had to do what Martel wanted. When she was in the stall, she saw some pictures of prostitutes and strippers posted to the walls. There were handwritten messages next to them, telling her that she was to strike the same pose. Thus, Huntress knew what was expected of her.

"Begin," Martel ordered.

"Hmmmmm," Huntress cooed as she laid on her back with her legs spread. Her hands were buried between thighs, alternating between tugging on the g-string and rubbing it. The woman shuddered, trying not believe that this was happening, but she heard Martel slap Montoya, and that was enough to get her back to her feet. She quickly rubbed her hands on Spencer's legs as bent toward his crotch and wiggled her ass in the air like the woman in the picture.

"Don't," Spencer mouthed.

"I wish I didn't have to," she whispered back before she fell to her knees and cupped her breasts.

"You're not a hooker," Spencer almost sobbed.

The words stung the woman as she realized what she was doing even though she tried to expel it from her head, but hearing him say it, simply made it worse. The woman wanted to crawl under a rock and die, but she had to save everyone, so she dove forward and pried his knees apart. She quickly unzipped his pants and took his member out of his pants. Huntress felt so humiliated as she held his dick in her hand. Then with a heavy groan, she licked the head of his member with her tongue. Recalling the pictures, Huntress quickly went to work. She lapped the underside of his member with her tongue as her hands massaged his balls. Not wanting to do it for too long, the woman stuff his member into her mouth and almost threw up, but caught herself. She bobbed and pumped it in her mouth for a few seconds before pulling out. "You're wrong, Spencer. I am a hooker," she tried not to sob as she spoke.

"Please . . ."

"I am a hooker and I work for Martel," she spoke as she tore off the g-string and inserted it into her sex. The woman then sat on the man's legs as she slapped her encased breasts against his face.

"Huntress! Please!" the man yelled.

"She's a whore, Spencer! Face it! Huntress, free his hands and see what he does!" Martel ordered as Huntress reluctantly obeyed.

"Get off," Spencer panted as his hands tried to push the woman off of him. However, Huntress slapped his hands away and the weight shifted, causing both to fall out of the chair. They landed with a hard thud onto the floor as Huntress laid on her back. The woman wrapped her legs around the man, pulling him toward her, forcing him to pump his member further inside her. "Huntress . . . no . . ." he panted as his hands gripped her hips.

"Fuck me!" she yelled as she tore off her top. Spencer's hands stopped dead in their tracks as he gripped her hips. The woman raised herself up and mashed her breasts into the man's chest. She was still forcing him to pump his meat into her as she wrapped her arms around his head, ramming his face between her breasts. Huntress saw Martel and a crying Montoya approaching them. In Martel's hand was a remote and Huntress remembered the cases. Thus, without any hesitation, she increased her efforts. "Martel was right, I am a hooker!" she screamed as she felt her pride vaporize.

"Oh god!" Spencer moaned as he began to thrust into the woman, causing her to scream in pleasure as they fell back onto the ground. Once again, Huntress laid on her back, her legs wrapped around the man, except he was kneeling on the ground, forcefully thrusting himself into her as she closed her eyes and pawed at his chest. The woman was definitely turned on now even though she hated to admit it, especially since she was moaning and groaning like a pig on Martel's floor.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she yelled as she closed her eyes and knew that she was seconds from climaxing. Then without any warning, the woman exploded as she screamed like a banshee. Her body shuddered as her legs tightened around the man, making it hard for him to breath. Then after a few seconds, her legs released him as she cooed on the floor. She didn't even feel the breeze when her mask was removed.

"Helena Bertinelli," Martel spoke.

"He knows my name!" the crime fighter's mind shouted as she regained her composure and opened her eyes. However, the woman wasn't expecting the scene in front of her eyes. Even though she was still impaled on Spencer's member, all she saw was a totally nude Batgirl dangling her mask in her hand. Next to her was a totally nude Supergirl with a Martel and Montoya smiling behind them, holding up a mirror revealing her identity.

"You're crime fighting days are over," Martel laughed as Spencer began to thrust into the woman.

"NOOO!" the woman screamed as Supergirl forced a capsule into the woman's mouth.

"Take it!" Supergirl growled as cut off the woman's air supply, covering her mouth and nose. Huntress tried to break free, but Supergirl was just too strong. Eventually, her oxygen starved body fought for breath and that's when she swallowed the capsule. After a few minutes, the woman ceased to struggle as she seemed to be dazed. Supergirl then released her and the woman moaned loudly as she fell back onto the floor. "Don't worry, my love. We'll train your new prize," Supergirl spoke as she kissed Spencer's sweaty forehead.

Martel waited for several long minutes as Huntress moaned and flopped on the floor before he took a stack of forms and knelt beside the woman. The drug coursed through her body making her horny as hell while Batgirl and Supergirl kneeled behind Spencer and massaged their hands over his sweaty chest as he continued to pump his meat into the heroine. "Ms. Bertinelli, this is an incredible turn of events," Martel laughed. "It appears that your teaching career is now officially over as well as your crime fighting career."

"Ahhhh," the woman moaned as she reached out to grab the drug dealer with her hands.

"Stop that," Martel spoke as he slapped her feeble hands away. "Grab your tits and play with them or I'll have Spencer stop fucking you."

"NOOO! Don't!" the woman screamed as she gripped her breasts and began to squeeze and fondle them. She pushed together and pulled them apart as she looked Spencer in the eyes. By now the drug had taken hold of the woman and she just wanted to have his tool pumping inside her and nothing else. "Please fuck me," she begged.

"Ms. Bertinelli, Batgirl and Supergirl have retired from their crime fighting careers as well as Renee Montoya. They have signed papers to be the exclusive property of my brother's casino. Now, we wouldn't want to force you to agree join them, but I will explain the benefits. We're offering you stability. You won't have to worry about being hunted down and killed. It will be a regular job with benefits. For example, you've received a non-lethal dose of my latest creation. It will constantly keep you horny, but you can't climax without receiving the second portion of the drug," Martel spoke.

"Noooo," Huntress moaned as she realized that her pussy was on fire and she was close to climaxing, but she never seem to reach the apex.

"It's true. Without the other portion, you won't be able to climax ever. Montoya, Batgirl, and Supergirl have all received the second portion and need occasional boosters, but they seem very happy about it. In fact, Batgirl and Supergirl are both scheduled to wed my brother soon," Martel spoke.

"You will too," Batgirl snarled. "Spencer promised his brother that all three of us would be submissive and we're going to make sure that he fulfills his promise."

"Because Spencer is a good man and he's a great fuck too," Supergirl cooed. "And Martel is lying when he said that we retired from crime fighting. We're still fighting crime and keeping it zero, but the criminals don't want to kill us, but they're willing to kill for us. They'll do anything to touch our killer bodies."

"We're stripper bimbos," Montoya giggled.

"It seems you already have part of the act down, Huntress. Now, all you have to do is sign these papers and join our group. In exchange, you'll climax and experience ultimate joy. Refuse and I will fulfill my part of the bargain and release everyone. Except, none of them want to leave," Martel spoke as Montoya got on all fours over the woman's heaving stomach. Martel placed the contract on Montoya's back with a pen as he watched the crime fighter's reaction. He could see lust in her eyes, but he saw reluctance as well. "Sign and enjoy yourself or don't and never experience pleasure again. Not only will you experience pleasure, but you will provide countless hours of pleasure to others. Most of those people are all good citizens who will no longer have to fear crime."

"Fight crime . . . experience pleasure . . . give pleasure . . . experience pleasure," Huntress moaned as she released her breasts and took the pen into her shaky hand.

"Sign and be one of us," Batgirl giggled.

"My love, stop fucking the tart," Supergirl spoke. "She doesn't want to sign."

"NOOOO!" Huntress yelled. "I'll sign! I'll sign!" she screamed as she quickly signed the paper and resigned to her new career.

"Excellent," Martel spoke as he popped another capsule into the woman's mouth while Montoya took the contract.

"OHHH YESSS!" Huntress screamed as she felt her body begin to burn. Supergirl helped her up and within seconds, Huntress was mashing her chest against his, moaning and whipping her head about as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled her close, making him pump even deeper into her hungry pussy. As she clung onto Spencer's body, Batgirl and Supergirl hugged both them, locking in a huge embrace, just before Huntress experienced the wildest and most intense orgasm of her life.

"What a happy family," Martel laughed.


Six Months Later

The lights flickered for a few seconds before Batgirl's symbol appeared on the back of the stage. Then a small spotlight appeared on top of the symbol and slowly made its way down, where it lit the face of Batgirl, who was wearing a simple mask instead of her cowl. The woman had dyed her hair red and it had grown well past her shoulders and stretched to the mid-point of her back. However, the crowd couldn't see that since she was facing them. A heavy layer of make-up had been applied to her face and her lips were blood red. The light stopped moving as it lit up the woman's face and then began to slowly expand out and down. Soon, the crowd saw the woman's purple diamond collar. They then saw the huge hooped earrings as well as the purple beads that hung from the collar that ended right before her purple bikini top, which was nothing more than two triangles trying to encase her breasts. As the circle got bigger, it suddenly stopped, and then the circle showed Batgirl's head all the way to her toes as the crowd erupted into cheers. They weren't just clapping for Batgirl, they were also clapping for Huntress, who was wearing the same outfit, except hers was black. The woman was squatting with her legs spread as the crowd could see her g-string that was barely covered by the beads. However, her face was covered by her mask, but she was also wearing a mask of lust as she moaned while Batgirl reached down and played with her breasts.

As the crowd clapped, Batgirl raised her arms and spread them as well as her legs until she made a nice X. That's when Huntress turned and gave the crowd a good look at her buttocks as she reached up and fondled Batgirl's breasts. The crowd whooped and hollered their approval as both women stood up, placed their hands, and stuck their buttocks out for the crowd to see. They wiggled their ass for a few seconds while a pole slowly extended out from the floor.

When the pole was in position, both women turned and stood next to it; Batgirl on the right and Huntress on the left. The woman swayed from side to side as they clutched the pole with their hand. Huntress then turned her back to the pole, bent her knees as she reached behind her and gripped the pole. The pole was now pressing against her buttocks as Batgirl positioned herself behind the woman. She slapped the woman's thigh as it appeared to the crowd that Huntress was humping the pole with her ass while Batgirl was rubbing it against her crotch. Eventually both women screamed in pleasure as the lights now came to life.

Huntress turned and stuck her right leg forward. Batgirl turned and caught it with her left hand as she gripped the woman's buttock with her right hand and squeezed. The crowd was going insane as the Huntress spanked Batgirl's ass with her left hand, which wasn't holding onto the pole of balance. Then both women turned and faced each other as they gyrated while holding onto the pole. Batgirl leaned back and delivered a high kick that Huntress caught without any problems. The woman then began to lick the bottom of Batgirl's high heels, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Huntress released the leg as Batgirl faced her and delivered another kick with her right leg. This time, it went straight up and Huntress held it as Batgirl leaned forward toward the pole, making her leg parallel to the pole as she turned toward the crowd. Her tag team partner, squatted on the stage, leaned her face against the pole as she clutched Batgirl's left leg.

The crowd was in a frenzy as Huntress reached up and tore off Batgirl's g-string. The woman quickly stood up and tore of Batgirl's top. Batgirl pretended to be infuriated, released the pole and ripped the other woman's top, releasing her breasts. The crowd was ecstatic even before Batgirl went for the g-string. Of course, the crowd went insane as both women stood in front of them, baring their private parts for all to see. Then they both gripped the pole and slid their crotches up and down, lathering it up with their juices, much to the delight of the crowd.

Not everyone in the crowd was paying attention to Batgirl and Huntress however. On the far left side of the club, a nude Renee Montoya, squatted on the table as she pumped her head on her nightstick while several lowly criminals that she had busted at least once or twice, fondled her private parts, and wiped off the juices that they collected from her onto her former uniform with all the medals that she accumulated before she retired.

Across the club at another table, a nude Supergirl laid on the table as criminals fondled and groped her body. There was no red spotlight to diminish her power, thus the criminals were careful about pumping their fingers into her pussy since her muscles could snap their fingers in two, but that didn't prevent them from exploring her body, which she did not try to prohibit. In fact, she was trying to accumulate them as she arched her body to give them more area.

Back on stage, Batgirl and Huntress were getting all worked up and wanted to desperately climax, but they had not received their daily dose of Martel's concoction, thus they couldn't climax if they wanted to. However, the music was crescendoing and Supergirl signaled to her customers before leaping off the table. She flew toward the side of the stage where she placed her red diamond collar on her neck and attached the leash to it. The music reached the top of the crescendo as Batgirl and Huntress fell to the ground, the pole was lifted off the stage, and Spencer Barnes appeared where the pole use to be. Supergirl flew onto the stage just as the song ended. Batgirl and Huntress then got to their knees and gripped Spencer's spread legs as Supergirl got on all fours and crawled between the man's legs. Then Spencer gripped the leash as the two heroines clutched tightly to his legs before he sat down on Supergirl's back. Once seated, Supergirl gripped the man's knees and flew off the stage, carrying the two performers and Spencer as they flew by the center table, where Martel sat. Within seconds, they left the club as the crowd cheered.

"Fuck man! That is one lucky dude!" a thug clapped.

"I've heard that he's fucking Helena Bertinelli and Barbara Gordon as well as all three super sluts!" another a thug spoke as his hands were red from all the clapping.

"No! He married Barbara Gordon hence he's got old Gordon in his back pocket."

"Fuck that. The Governor works for him now so Gordon can't touch him!"

"Man! I want to be like him!"

"Gentlemen," Martel spoke as he rose from the table. "I have to thank you all for keeping the streets of Gotham City safe for its citizens. I know that Supergirl, Batgirl, and Huntress are all out of your price ranges right now, but if the streets remain safe, the price will drop by ten percent per six months. Just think, if the streets remain safe for a certain period of time, they'll be free, and we'll all win in the end."

"How do we know there will be enough of them by that time?" a thug asked.

"Even if they can't cut it anymore, Gotham City has quite a crop of female crime fighters for us to recruit. With crime down, they won't have much of a career. Besides, there's a few female criminals that may need to be recruited in order for us to keep the streets safe. And for those, their just might be a discount," Martel spoke as jars appeared on the tables and the crooks quickly threw as much money in them as possible. The drug lord smile as he sat back down. He could feel his pants being unzipped as Montoya began to pleasure his member. A huge smile appeared on his face as his enemies were now nonexistent and he had found a way to protect his brother even if he weren't around. Life was good for all, not bad for a man who was abandoned by his real parents and barely acknowledged by his real ones in public. "Not bad at all," he mused as he caressed the chin on his pet and thought of the others that he could add. Besides, his brother shouldn't have all the fun even if he was the good one in the public eye.

The End


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