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By: Night Creeper

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By Night Creeper

Matt Moorehead, the billionaire magazine mogul, sat behind his desk with a huge smile. For months, he was busy concocting the biggest scheme of his life. The self-made businessman was a schemer at heart and had used various tricks to obtain his fortune. He never killed anyone nor hired anyone to kill someone, but he had killed numerous careers and companies. The man had a medium build and preferred to wear blue dress shirts and black slacks. He wore a gold belt, which was used more as a status symbol than anything else. The man had slick black hair and piercing blue eyes. And even though he was in his late thirties, he looked like someone in his mid-twenties. Yet, his looks, charm, and savvy were all going to help him ensure that his latest scheme would make him the most revered man in the world.

"Mr. Moorehead," the secretary's voice rang from the intercom.

"I'm busy right now," he replied calmly.

"The president of the biggest computer company in Seattle in on the phone and he wants to talk to you."

"Tell him I'm busy. Besides, I asked him if he wanted to participate and he refused. It's simply too late now. The only one getting a tax break from this is going to me. Not that I need it or anything."

"But sir . . ."

"Tell him I'm busy."

"Yes sir," the secretary spoke as she hung up the phone.

"Good help is hard to find," the man laughed.

"What about those men that you sent to seek me out for all those months?" a blonde woman, who was sitting across from his desk inquired.

"Those were my best talent scouts, agents, and photographers. I even sent my entire advertising and marketing department after you."

"And what makes you think that I will agree to you even though the offer from them has already been rejected. Last time I checked, every one of them was offering me the same thing, and now, the deal that you just presented, looks to be exactly the same."

"Look again."

"I don't need. to. My answer is still the same."

"You won't do it?"

"You're only doing this for a tax break."

"For me, I want a tax break. For you, you can help millions."

"I already do that."

"That is true. But this is something that nobody else has done before. Think about it! A whole calender devoted to you. It will sell millions and at fifty bucks a pop, the benefits would be outstanding!"

"You would get a tax break. That's all you care about it."

"And you should care about the children. God knows how many you saved over the years. So what makes you want to abandon them when an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself?"

"I'm not abandoning them. I just don't care to flaunt myself like a piece of meat," the blonde snapped back.

"Sacrifices will have to be made for prosperity. Besides, it would look so terribly bad if people found out that some like yourself refused to help underprivileged children."

"I don't see how this helps them. You're only donating part of the proceeds."

"Not true! If you looked at the offer, you would have seen some changes. At first, other people wanted in on this deal. They wanted to sell the calender and donate a small portion, but you kept on rejecting the offers. Now, I've changed it. All the proceeds except for the few dollars to cover the cost of materials and design will go a newly created foundation."


"No. The Supergirl Foundation for Underprivileged Children and Kids."

"What's with the extra word there?"

"Someone else had trademarked a few phrases in there so I had to change it a bit."

"So you're not making a dime from this?"

"I can have my accountants work with you to prove that I am not."

"I want an independent firm."

"Does that mean that you will accept?"

"That means I might accept, Mr. Moorehead," Supergirl spoke as she stood up.

"I'll show you out."

"No need," the woman replied as she flew out of his window.


Three Weeks Later

"These calenders are a huge success!" Matt Moorehead raved as he sat behind his desk. "They made millions and the entire calender is only for one month, the shortest one!"

"If you're interested Supergirl, the figures are all here," a bald man in his late fifties spoke as he handed the woman a computer print-out. "In a matter of days, stores were re-ordering because they were all sold out. It's unprecedented especially since the calendar was only for one month. This latest concept could really drive sells if it was used for all the months."

"I'm not sure if I want to appear in picture for every day of the month. I can only strike so many poses wearing this outfit," Supergirl blushed as she saw the numbers.

"We can always find you more outfits like bikinis, club wear . . ."

"Mr. Moorehead!" the bald man spoke in shock. "I don't really think that will be necessary. Supergirl can pose for some staged pictures like capturing criminals or something like that. But before I get off track here, I would like to reiterate that the foundation has made over twenty million dollars! It has singlehandedly revived the entire social services supply chain in the city! The hiring freeze is now over and several inspectors have been placed on the streets and several abused children have been saved. The negligent parents will face prosecution and if the money continues to roll in, I think this city can really help out all underprivileged children."

"The mayor already wants to have a parade for you, Supergirl. Hopefully, it doesn't mess up the city and have all those hardworking sanitation crews cleaning up the streets," Matt spoke.

"I don't want a parade. It was just something that I wanted to do to help the children."

"Don't be modest, Supergirl," the bald accountant spoke. "You didn't just help them, you saved them!"

"Mr. Moorehead, there's a call for Mr. Howard Lutz," the secretary announced over the intercom.

"I should get that. It's probably more numbers. Excuse me," the bald man spoke as he left the office.

"You helped the children," Matt Moorehead spoke.

"That was the deal was it not?"


"And you got your tax break for helping me set-up the foundation."

"Yes I did. However, I can get a bigger one if I help you actually build a place for it, so that people can visit and you can put people to work inside of it."

"That wasn't part of the original deal."

"I know. But the original deal was just one month. If you want to continue this concept, I suggest that we find a structure and hire some employees. You'll be helping out the local economy."

"What if I refuse?"

"Supergirl . . . the entire foundation depends on money. Money that you have to secure. Crime fighters don't make that much money. Besides, if you decide to cut me out of the deal, the contract that you originally signed although has been fulfilled by you, it does have a no-compete clause that states that you can't make another calender without my approval for the next five years. Hence, the foundation would be dead by then."

"It would be bad publicity if people found out that you killed the foundation."

"It would be worse if they found out that you could have saved it by merely posing in some staged pictures of you capturing criminals. In fact, that could fill out a full month. After that, we can do bikinis. Then another month of regular poses. The ideas and possibilities are endless. However, money to fund the foundation without a product, are not."

"Five years?" Supergirl inquired with a serious look on her face.

"Five years. And for someone with no hope, five years is a really long time," Matt spoke as Supergirl wanted to fry him then and there.


Three Weeks Later

"I don't understand how the first one made twenty million dollars, but this one did not," Supergirl spoke as she saw the sales figure for the latest sale.

"To be honest with you, the price of paper has increased, bills need to be paid, and the union wants money. The first time around, I paid for everything out of my own pocket. I had to pay the photographers, the lighting people, the caterers, and the makeup artists. It all adds up. Especially when you factor in the people who have to deliver them, the printing people, the marketers, and other assorted people," Matt Moorehead spoke calmly.

"You bankrolled the first shoot?"

"I bankrolled everything the first time, because there was a contract. On this reprint, there was no contract, so I didn't feel it necessary to foot the bill. By the way, the media has begun reporting that you're going to create a board to oversea how the money from your foundation is spent. Even if you don't, the media has already picked up on it. Word on the street is that the children are happy. I'm sure you've seen plenty of them in the last few weeks. The fan mail is costing me at least thirty employees a day just to sort them for you."

"Should I be thankful for that?"

"You can be whatever you like, Supergirl. My offer still stands. Sign the new contract, let the photographers take enough pictures for a full years worth, and I will help you set-up a company to help establish and maintain your foundation. Basically, it will be foundation. And just think, one day, you won't even need, because you'll be able to make your own money to help others."

"I do not want to sell my body like some tramp."

"You won't. Tasteful pictures for the calender only. And you will have to do bikinis."

"What about the no-compete clause?"

"I can knock it down to four years."


"Three years."

"It has to be none."

"Supergirl, I am investing my money into this. I am a businessman. If you want all my stuff to fail and send thousands of employees into the streets without jobs, that's fine. It won't happen on my watch, but I can see how selfish you are."

"I am not," Supergirl snarled.

"Yes you are. You refuse to help people. You want me to strike the clause, yet continue to foot the bill for everything. My company will be broke within months. And I don't mean bankrupt, I mean layoffs. I would have to put more people on unemployment, sucking the much needed funds of the city, depriving others of the essentials."

"Two years then."

"Agreed. Two years," the man said with a smile as Supergirl gritted her teeth.

"I'll think about it," the woman finally spoke as Matt nodded, knowing that he had her right where he wanted her.


Two Weeks Later

A red faced Supergirl stood before the cameras as several individuals tried to hide their arousal. Individuals holding the lights were having trouble standing still as Supergirl wore a red, white, and blue flag bodysuit. The top half of the outfit from her shoulders to her breasts was blue with white stars. The lower half was composed of vertical red and white stripes with one bright red with the area covering her shaved sex the brightest, marking and drawing everyone's attention to it. Unfortunately for the woman, the bodysuit did not cover her hips or buttocks, so Supergirl found herself placing her hands on her hips and buttocks a lot as the photographers snapped pictures of her over and over again. The poses were really bland as Supergirl had no idea how to act, nor did she get an instructions since most of the crew were shocked to have the blonde heroine standing before them.

Matt Moorehead on the other hand wasn't surprised to see Supergirl before them. In fact, he knew that she would be posing in front of them for many years to come. His plan was coming into fruition, especially since he took Supergirl on a tour of one of the orphanages a week ago. The place had been fixed up thanks to the money that the foundation provided, but it was grossly over budget. As the supervisor of the orphanage explained the money crunch and how the contractor found more and more deficiencies as the renovations took place, a slew of happy kids followed. The more Supergirl looked at them, the more she wanted to help. Thus, when the tour ended, Supergirl returned to his office and signed the contract then and there, making Matt Moorehead her agent and boss. Now, she was posing, just like he wanted, although not quite in the outfits that he wanted, but he had more tricks up his sleeves.

Supergirl composed herself and cautiously waved to the camera a few times. However, every time, she saw a flash from behind her, her hands slapped her buttocks in order to cover them up. The slap of skin simply sent some of the crew over the edge as some people slowly shuffled out of the room, waddling like wounded penguins. Others were simply too enthralled and couldn't move. Some photographers wasted all their film in matter of seconds as their cameras continued to flash, because they were just too taken away by it all.

"Next outfit," Matt spoke as he escorted Supergirl off the set and into the dressing room. The man quickly left the dressing room and slapped some of the photographers telling them to concentrate.

Twenty minutes passed before Supergirl slowly walked out of the dressing room wearing a purple tank bodysuit that was just a little tighter than the previous outfit. Once again, Supergirl was a bit nervous wearing it. Part of her still hated the fact that she had to demean herself in this fashion, but when she pictured the kids jumping up and down and thanking her, she quickly pushed it out of her mind. In fact, a little voice in the back of her mind told her to do a good job since the better the calendar sold, the better off the kids were, and she may not have to do this anymore. Thus, Supergirl stopped covering her hips and buttocks and began to strike more poses instead of trying cover herself up.

The next outfit was a silver Metallic Tank Thong Bodysuit. The uncertainty on the woman's face had now disappeared. She was more confident as she placed her left hand on her hip and leaned forward. Supergirl even stood and spread her legs a bit as her hands teased her blonde hair up toward the sky. As the woman got more and more comfortable, more and more of the crew members reluctantly had to leave or they would make a fool out of themselves. Some were even in pain as their pants struggled to fit. Supergirl was oblivious to it all as her mind kept reminding herself about the kids. "You're doing it for the kids. You're doing it for the kids. So do a good for the kids," it repeated over and over again.

Finally, the last outfit was a red Wet-Look Tank Style Thong Bodysuit that looked like it was painted on her. Much like the other outfits, her hips and buttocks were bare and she made no effort to cover them up. In fact, a tinge of excitement rushed through her body as she blew a kiss into the camera, causing Matt Moorehead to smile like the Cheshire Cat.


One Month Later

"I'm sorry, but the city has spent a lot of the funds already," the bald accountant was explaining to Supergirl.

"But how?"

"Apparently, the city thought this was going to be a long term deal. Most people who set up foundations continue to support the cause. So the city thought that twenty million was just a drop in the well. They overspent and within a few weeks, there won't be anymore. They will need to cut-back."

"What about the children?"

"That's the thing. The renovations at the orphanage will have to be halted and the free immunization shots will be halted as well. They are hoping that other private donors will step up to the plate."

"There's going to be a lot of unhappy kids."

"Don't worry. They'll understand. They always have in the past."

"I wanted to give them hope, something that they can always have, not something that is there for a day or two, and gone the next."

"I don't know what to say . . . my pager is going off. I'm needed back in the office. If it helps any, my firm has returned all the money that we made from this endeavor, in hopes that it will help your foundation out. We cannot continue to do this in the future though. The firm has bills to pay as well. So for this twenty million that you made, the audit trail and everything will be taken care by us for free, but if there's more money later, we will have to charge you. There's just nothing that I can do."

"I understand, Mr. Lutz. Thank you," Supergirl spoke as she glanced down at the numerous cards that various children had made, thanking her.

"No. Thank you for giving people hope," the man spoke as he left the office.

"Hope for a little while," Matt Moorehead laughed from behind his desk. "Of course, I can pay their fee as well."

"I thought you were going to have accountants keep track of everything for me."

"I offered my accountants. You wanted an independent firm. There's a difference. And don't look at me like that. You may be disgusted, but it's your own fault for wanting an external firm to begin with. If you wanted my department or an affiliated firm, the cost would have been minimal."

"If you want more bikini pictures, I'll do them," Supergirl finally relented.

"No. We have enough of that one piece number. If we were to add more, I'm afraid that we'll need at least some two pieces. And definitely no more bodysuits. If it's going to be a one piece, it has to be far more revealing," Matt smiled as Supergirl gritted her teeth. "I mean some of these kids are getting cancer treatment. That's a lot of money. However, we can do some more bodysuits for the regular crew," the man spoke as Supergirl placed the card that she was reading down and nodded her head.


One Week Later

"I don't want to do this," Supergirl spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

"You've already worn the bodysuits, so no more. We've taken a few shots of the basic top and bottom swimsuits. Men like g-strings and thongs however. I cannot put out a calender of just bodysuits," Matt Moorehead replied.

"I won't do it. I will not wear this," Supergirl spoke defiantly.

"Alright then. No skin off my nose. I've been paying these people triple overtime thanks to your diva tantrums. Remember, I only pay for things up to cost. That means standard costs, not crap like this. That's less money earned and if you keep this up, there won't be a calender. I spent all those days organizing and hiring those people to help you run things. Even got a cheaper deal from the accounting firm and now it's all going down the toilet. You won't be able to pay me back the loan that I gave the foundation to continue to pay for those immunization shots. God knows that payroll for service workers is going to be in the crapper after this week. Maybe it would be easier just to suck all those kids back to the orphanage, even if they aren't finished renovating. Screw this!" the man yelled as he through his hands up and made his way toward the crew.

"No . . ." Supergirl mouthed.

"Okay people! Go home! No more shooting tonight!" Matt yelled as the crew sighed and began to file out of the room. The man noticed that some of them were leaving with equipment, so he ran after them. By the time, he returned, he was almost floored.

"I was thinking," Supergirl spoke softly. "Since the others are gone, I guess it would be okay to wear this," the blonde spoke as she wore an American Flag Thong Bikini Set and forced a smile. "Besides, it is for charity," she told herself.

"So what? The crew has already left," Matt spoke.

"Then you can take the pictures," Supergirl forced herself to say.

"Good enough. You first," Matt spoke as he picked up and camera. Supergirl headed for the set, passing by Matt, when he slapped her on the ass. "This outfit will definitely sell." Supergirl's face was red with anger as she turned around and face the man. "It definitely will sell!," the man said proudly. "Don't get up in arms. That was a good luck pat, something that should be given every time you pose. Besides, it's not like I am asking you to pose nude. We can also easily call this off and go home."

Supergirl looked at the man for several long minutes, not sure if she should tear his arm off or not. Finally, the reluctant woman's facial expression changed. "I guess you're right," she spoke as she relaxed and turned, receiving another slap, but this time, she kept walking to the set for the pictures.


Two Days Later

"Mr. Lutz, I want to be able to help those children at the burn unit," Supergirl spoke as she sat in Matt Moorehead's office with the businessman behind his desk and the accountant shuffling papers.

"It's almost impossible, I'm afraid," the man spoke. "Your foundation has only a few million dollars left. There's payroll to think about as well as future projects. You can donate a few thousand dollars, but not enough to support the whole unit, let alone the needed surgery," the accountant spoke as he continued to glance down at various spreadsheets.

"How much would it cost?" Supergirl inquired as she saw Matt with a smug smile.

"It would cost as least a few hundred thousand dollars. The fire that hit a week ago has left resources tight. Oh great! There goes my pager again," the man spoke as he glanced at his pager. "I might have some more funds coming in. The firm will speak to a possible donar today. Hopefully, he can give us some needed money."

"There he goes again," Matt chuckled as the accountant left the office. "Always looking for money even though it's staring him in the face. He knows that he cannot get enough money to help. However, you have to admire his dedication."

"I suppose you know how to raise the needed money?" Supergirl inquired.

"It's more like how you can raise the money," Matt spoke as Supergirl closed her eyes, shook her head. "You do want to help them, don't you?" the man inquired as he saw the woman slump in her chair and nod her head in defeat.


Later that Night

"Very nice," Matt Moorehead spoke as he snapped another picture. Supergirl tried to smile as she ran her hands through her long blonde hair. The woman was wearing a blue triangle bikini top with a gold clasp holding the top together between her cleavage. She was also wearing a blue g-string that had the same clasp on the thin string around her hips. The woman had tried on various g-strings before, but she was told that this one would be the last, thus she put more effort into the current batch of pictures. She wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, and if it meant posing, then she was going to pose.

"Are we done?" Supergirl asked as she saw Matt put the camera down next to the nine other ones.

"We're done with the first batch. Now, I like to get to the last two batches."


"Don't look so surprised. You knew that we have to take enough pictures for at least three months. We're doing the longest months today. And it's a good thing that I sent all the crew home, because if they were here, they would be too busy adjusting their pants to be taking pictures," Matt spoke with a smile as he walked over to another bag and began to take some cameras out of it.

"But you said that I only need to pose in g-strings today," Supergirl spoke as her voice trembled ever so slightly.

"If you want to only pose in a g-string that is fine with me, but if not, you'll find your next outfit on the chair over there. Please hurry. I may not have to pay myself overtime, but my time is precious to me. The more time I spend here, the less money I'll be able to donate to the burn unit," the man spoke without even looking at Supergirl, who was totally dejected since she thought that she was done for the day.

"No," Supergirl mouthed as she saw the newest outfit on the chair. She shook her head again and again in disbelief as she held the outfit in one hard and stormed toward Matt.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"I am not wearing this!" Supergirl spoke forcefully.

"That's fine with me. I'll just pack up all the stuff, shut off the lights, and we can go home. You can go wherever you want, I'll go see my accountants about writing today off as a business expense, and those kids in the burn unit will just have to suffer then."

"Wait! You said if I agreed to pose for you, you would donate money to them!"

"Yes. I did promise that, but you're not exactly posing for me are you? You agreed to pose for me, but this doesn't look anything like posing," the man spoke as he watched Supergirl's eyes drop to the ground.

"I'll pose," Supergirl finally spoke reluctantly.

"I don't care if you pose or not. I don't have the time for this. If you want to throw temper tantrums, then go right ahead. I'll see about getting the crew back here tomorrow night and you can pose for them, but I have a company to run. Coming here tonight by myself was done out of professional courtesy since you said you didn't feel comfortable posing in front of the crew. But I have better things to do than to be threatened by some brat!" Matt Moorehead shot back as he turned and began to put the cameras back in the bag.

"Please!" Supergirl spoke as she placed her hand gently on the man's shoulder. "I don't want to pose in front of the crew wearing stuff like this. I know I was wrong to have blown up like that, but I want to help those kids, and I am grateful that you are here. Can you give me another chance?"

"I don't know."


"Fine, but that means no more of this crap."

"Promise. I'll wear the outfits and pose."

"I'm going to hate myself in the morning for this, but if get dressed in less than two minutes, I'll stay," the man sighed.

"Be back in one," Supergirl spoke as she went to change as Matt prepared the cameras.

Not even a minute had passed before Supergirl returned for more photos. The woman was now wearing a Micro Triangle Bikini Top and a matching G-string. The top fought to contain the woman's breasts in them as Matt fought to keep control of his body. "Run your hands up and down your body," Matt requested as he snapped away. Supergirl exuded sex appeal as she smacked her lips and struck a pose, the woman didn't like the outfit, but the memory of the kids kept her compliant. Her hands slid up and down her body as she bent backward, thrusting her chest outward for some shots.

"You're doing this for the kids. You're doing this for the kids," she reminded herself over and over again as she posed.

When one camera ran out of film, Matt went for another one. Slowly and slowly, Supergirl lost herself in the poses. It was like a bad dream as the woman simply listened to Matt's instructions and complied. Before she even knew it, she was wearing a blue Wet-Look Triangle Top that was even smaller than one that she wore earlier and a matching thong that was about an inch wide at the crotch and two inches wide at the waistband. And yet, Supergirl continued to pose for him. Eventually, Matt ran out of film and walked to the standing woman. "Good job. I knew you had it in you," he smiled as he slapped her on the ass and walked away.

The slap snapped Supergirl out of the haze and she would have clocked him right then and there out of anger if it wasn't for the voices in her head. She could hear some of the kids' voices thanking her. Supergirl released her fists and began to help Matt pack up the cameras. She was just happy that the shoot was over.


One Week Later

"I'm sorry that I wasn't able to obtain any additional funding," Mr. Lutz's voice came over the speaker phone. "It's just that most people don't have that much disposable income anymore. Some people are chipping in a few hundred, but nothing significant."

"It's okay, Mr. Lutz. Just tell me how short the projections are," Supergirl spoke as she tried to make sense of everything.

"They are about ten million short."

"How is that possible?"

"There was significant overtime fees paid to he crew a few weeks ago. Then you add up the studio costs. We also have the gifts that you sent to the doctors. Especially since you opened that new wing at the hospital to help burned victims. The doctors are now on salary and on the foundation's payroll even if they are contracted workers. I'm afraid we may need to lay some people off. Either that or give up on the burned victims. Then there's the immunization program. I mean there are so many things that can be cut."

"So ten million is it?"

"Yes. I'm afraid it's ten million."

"Thank you. I'll see what I can do," Supergirl spoke as she clicked off the phone and looked at Matt.

"You said you didn't trust me and wanted another studio. You wanted another accountant. You wanted all sorts of things. I simply complied with your wishes," the man spoke.

"How do I cut costs without laying people off?"

"Well . . ."

"Don't say it."

"Very well."

"Drive me to your own studio right now and I'll pose for you. Whatever it takes to get the money," Supergirl spoke as Matt smiled.


Later that Day

Supergirl adjusted the dental floss like straps on her shoulder as she glanced at herself in the mirror. She tried not to look at her body as she stared at the image of her face. The woman carefully applied red glossy lipstick to her lips before applying a thin layer of red eyeliner to her eyes. Her cheeks were red and rosy as she saw Matt Moorehead standing behind her. "I'm almost ready," the woman spoke.

"Baby, you're so hot, you can melt the camera," the man laughed as he slides his hands up and down the woman's bare thighs.

Supergirl wanted to kill the man, but she kept her smile and reminded herself why she was wearing such a ridiculous outfit. Supergirl was wearing a thin red V over her body. The tips of the V barely covered her nipples before turning into dental floss and running up to her shoulders while the bottom of the V was a thin g-string covering her shaved sex. Finally, the straps on shoulders circled around to the back of her neck where it connected to the thin line that was connected to the material around her crotch. It looked so flimsy that if Matt strummed it like a guitar string, the line would snap and the whole outfit would crumble. "Do you like me in this outfit?" Supergirl asked the man.

"You in this sideless g-string number is fantastic!" the man spoke as he pulled back from the woman. His hands slid from her thighs to her buttocks where he groped the buns of steel and patted them. "Ready for some fantastic pictures?" he asked.

"Whatever it takes to pay the bills," Supergirl replied as turned and followed Matt to the other room and began to pose.

After two long hours of posing, Matt Moorehead was down to his last camera. Supergirl was down to her last nerve in terms of listening to the man, but she knew if she wanted to finish the calender and help all those kids, she best listen. Thus, she listened to his orders and obeyed them to the letter for two hours. Although, her patience was growing thin, there was still one camera left, and the shoot wouldn't be over until they were done. Thus, she placed both her hands on the back of her head, fluffed her hair, spread her legs, and thrust her chest forward.

"Good! I like!" Matt spoke as he snapped a picture. "Now, keep the legs below the knees straight, put your hands on your knees, and bend forward," the man spoke as Supergirl's face burned red. "Keep your head straight. Higher. Higher. People want to see that neck of yours right before it connects to those two peaks of yours," the man spoke as Supergirl cringed. "Don't look like that. That will never sell!" the man admonished her.

"Please Matt. I don't want my calender to be like this. Erotic is fine, but nothing like this," she replied as her face was red. Part of the redness came from anger and the other from embarrassment.

"Fine. I'll keep these for myself. Consider it payment for myself then. Is that acceptable? If it is, blow me a kiss, beautiful."

Supergirl wanted to tell the man to stick the camera up where the sun doesn't shine. She had better stuff to do than to pose for pictures that he was going to keep for something. However, her mind reminded her of all the kids and how that Matt wasn't taking any money for his services at the moment. Eventually she relented and puckered her lips together.

"Good girl! Spread your legs, but keep your knees together. Good girl. Don't turn any redder than that! Now, move your arms closer. Don't take them off your knees. Just move them toward the middle of your body. Good girl. Don't be embarrassed. So your breasts are pressed tightly together. They only look like they are going to pop out, but they haven't. Besides, no one will see these pictures except me. That's better, less red in the face. These shots are great, Supergirl! Now, bend down more!"

"You're helping kids. You're helping kids," Supergirl reminded herself as she bent down even more, trying to fight off the embarrassment and anger.


Two Months Later

"Supergirl, rumors are growing rampant that in a few more weeks, your new foundation will own a building and it will takeover the job of taking care of underprivileged kids. Is this true?" a male reporter asked.

Supergirl blinked her eyes and tried to recover from all the flashing bulbs. She still couldn't believe the record number of reporters that came to the award ceremony. A few minutes ago, she had just received a key to the city thanks to her humanitarian work as a ring of children handed her flowers. The children were all off stage now, watching the their hero with admiration while the reporters swung in like vultures with their questions. Once Supergirl regained her bearings, she shyly addressed the question. "I'm hoping to streamline the process for helping the underprivileged children of this city. Not only that, but I want to help uninsured single mothers in caring for their children. However, nothing is carved in stone at the moment."

"Supergirl! Where is all this money coming from?" another reporter asked.

"It's coming from private donations right now. The money has gone straight into my foundation, which is distributing the money to various city agencies."

"Is that why you want to collect all those agencies under one roof?"

"I can't answer that question at this time."

"Folks, I think I can answer that question," the mayor spoke as he stepped up to the podium. "I am happy to announce that the Supergirl Foundation for Underprivileged Children and Kids will be assisting the city in caring for underprivileged children, single mothers, and all the citizens of our fine city. I have spoken to the City Council and they have approved a new initiative that will slowly, but surely combine all the numerous agencies into one. This will make it easier for everyone to get the assistance that is needed. There are still some minor details to hammer out, but we'll get to them."

"Does this mean a rise in taxes?"

"No. Taxes will not be increased. All of the new initiatives will be funded by private donations that have been guaranteed by Supergirl. Now if you all would excuse us, we have some more negotiations to make," the mayor spoke as Supergirl left the stage.

"Where are we going to get that kind of money?" Mr. Lutz asked the woman as she walked behind the curtain.

"Don't worry. I found a way," Supergirl replied as several kids hugged her and thanked her.


Three Weeks Later

"I'm doing this for the kids. I'm doing this for the kids," Supergirl's mind chanted as she cupped her breasts and stood in front of Matt Moorehead. Although the woman was topless, she was wearing a red g-string with matching red six inched heels. The man had promised her a guaranteed ten million dollars if she lost her top and posed for pictures, pictures that would not be released in the calender. At first Supergirl balked until Matt showed her the spreadsheets that Mr. Lutz had give to her earlier in the day. Basically, since the calender hadn't rolled off of the printing press, Supergirl's foundation had exhausted all of their available funds, and the loan that Matt had given her for the last few weeks have all ran out. This meant that there would be some major cuts and layoffs especially since she was now leasing a business building to house her foundation with numerous staff members. The woman had posed in very risque outfits in the past three weeks with the most recent one being nothing more but an S covering each of her nipples and one covering her sex. That one outfit got her three million dollars, and in the last three weeks, she made twelve million, making her still fifteen million short. However, she was now topless and just a mere five million short. In fact, the mere thought of helping the kids had made her bashfulness and reluctance melt away.

"Okay Supergirl, that's a wrap. Time for us to get out of here," Matt spoke as he put the camera done.

"Wait! I still need five million dollars," Supergirl spoke as she saw the man begin to pack.

"Helping you with all those loans in the past and using this studio is costing me an insane amount of money. These topless pictures are for me to remember you by since I have to cut ties. The calender is a few months off right now since you have been very picky about which shots I can release and which ones I can't. Basically, if I loan you any more money, I will basically have to layoff some of my own employees. And last time I checked, they had kids too," the man spoke as he continued to pack.

"But . . ."

"It's been fun, but I can't take a hit like this. I wanted to help you, but it's apparent that you don't want this project to succeed."

"I DO! I want this project to succeed!"

"Then how about I publish some of the outfits that were worn in the last three weeks?"

"I guess so," the woman agreed, hoping it would entice the man to loan her the remaining five million dollars.

"Well that would mean a small loss especially since we're still missing about three months of pictures. However, you may want to see about locating other sources of funding, because I can't do it anymore."

Supergirl remembered her conversation with Mr. Lutz a few days ago. She remembered that he was adamant about how stingy other businessmen were. For the last few weeks, not a single person wanted to donate any money to her cause. Basically, all of them heard rumors that Matt was financing the venture, so they saw no reason to throw their hats into the lot. Thus, if Matt cut ties with her, she was never going to make the needed money, and she needed a lot more, especially since her foundation was going to provide more services, but were getting rejected for grants due to her affiliation with Matt. "Please stay," she pouted as she sauntered up to the man.

"No. I'm afraid not. I am responsible to my employees and my stockholders, who also has kids."

"Please," the woman cooed as she pressed her naked breasts against the man. Her hands caressed his body as she kissed her shoulder while rubbing the inner part of her right thigh against him. "I'll make you worth your while if you stay especially since you've been so nice to me."

"I can't . . ." the man gulped.

"Please," the woman cooed as she backed up and stood in front of him. She grabbed his wrists, but not hard enough to hurt him. Supergirl placed the man's opened hands on her breasts. Matt almost had a heart-attack as he felt the woman's firm orbs. She could see the look on the man's face and she knew she had him. It was simply time to reel him in. "Help me finish the last two months and I'll wear any outfit that you want," he cooed.

"You . . . you're missing three months . . ." the man stammered.

"See how badly I need your help?"

"We cannot do it for a few days. Others are using this studio," the man spoke trying to compose himself.

"Then what about you feeling me up. That should be good for a cool five million right now."

"Uh . . . yes . . . it should . . . do," the man tried to speak coherently.

"I've got him!" Supergirl thought to herself triumphantly.


Three Days Later

Supergirl hadn't dressed in her uniform for quite some time now. However, she had just recently finished her latest shoot with Matt Moorehead and was prepared to leave. She wanted to fly out of the studio and enjoy herself for a little while as Matt processed the latest batch of pictures, cropped, and prepared them for the calender. Thus, as the man began to sort the pictures, Supergirl took to the air.

The woman flew high above the buildings, enjoying the freedom and movement that she had in the sky. She could see people on top of some of the skyscrapers waving at her so she waved back. The woman even flew a few times around certain buildings where workers brought their children to the windows to wave. "So cute," she thought to herself as she saw proud parents holding up their kids to see the crime fighter.

Eventually, Supergirl flew by the city's park and saw a group of children with a few counselors. The woman immediately recognized the group as her own since her foundation was sponsoring the outing. She descended from the sky and landed a few feet in front of all the starry-eyed children. Their mouths were all wide open in astonishment as the blonde stood before them.

"Supergirl! Supergirl!" they all shouted with glee as the children surrounded her and greeted her vociferously.

"Hi kids. Are you all having fun?" she asked with the sweetest tone of voice that she could get while kneeling down and greeting the children.

"YES!" the children all yelled back while jumping up and down.

"The children are having the time of their lives. We had ice cream and we're going to playground for a good two hours. Isn't that right?" one of the counselors spoke.

"YES!!" the kids chirped in agreement.

"Hey, don't let me stop all of you then," Supergirl spoke as some of the kids ran toward the playground that was only a few feet away. They immediately charged the swings and slides while others began chasing each other around as some of the counselors were quick to box off the area by standing and watching the kids, making sure that none of them left the playground.

"Thank you," a small girl spoke to Supergirl as she kissed the blonde on the cheek before running toward her friends.

"I never saw grass before this," another spoke as the kid hugged her and ran off. Slowly, one by one of the remaining kids thanked the woman and ran off to play with their friends, leaving the head counselor behind.

"Are they a handful?" Supergirl asked.

"Not really. These kids have never really left the orphanage in the middle of the city. They haven't had real pizza and ice cream from a diner in years. We even took them to see a movie at the theater a few hours ago. You've really changed their lives. They don't have to stay in the orphanage all day anymore. In fact, our orphanage is going to be moved away from the industrial sector and closer to this park. And it's all thanks to you!" the head counselor replied.

"I didn't do anything."

"I doubt that. There's a buzz on the street. Social workers are energized and the kids have new hope. Adoption is still a great reward for these kids, but their lives are not long dreary since they aren't cooped up in some rundown shack anymore with little supervision. They now have clothes, toys, books, and regular hot meals. And I haven't even got to the inner city children, who would have never been immunized or even received health care," the female counselor gushed.

"It's nothing."

"Hey. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Politicians may not be able to help, but thank god that you are. You've given a lot of people hope!" she said as she hugged Supergirl.

"Thanks," Supergirl spoke as she waved goodbye to the kids and flew into the air.

It didn't take long for the woman to return to the studio. She quickly made her way toward Matt Moorehead, who had set up everything on a table with the cameras and the negatives on the edges of the table. There weren't that many negatives since he had stored all of them on digital memory cards. However, he still didn't have enough space, so he even placed some of the film on top of a big coffee machine that was placed on the table. Supergirl could see the various months and really liked the swimsuits in the earlier months. Although, she was embarrassed by some of the outfits in the latter portions of the calender, she knew that they would raise sells, allowing her to fund her foundation without Matt's help, which is exactly what she wanted. However, her smile quickly disappeared as she saw that she was missing a month, December. "Where's December?" she asked.

"I was thinking. There aren't really that many pictures left. Everything has been placed already, so how about a new set of pictures. One with not so much clothing," Matt suggested with a smile.

"You must be kidding," Supergirl snapped as her smile disappeared.

"I was thinking about the topless ones."

"NO WAY!" the woman replied angrily.

"They're already done. Here take a look," the man spoke as he handed her a black cut-out with various pictures placed on it.

"NO WAY! You can keep these pictures for your private collection like we agreed, but you are not releasing them. You disgust me!" Supergirl spoke as she fumed.

"Look toots, I don't have time for this. There aren't enough pictures left for December. I don't have time to shoot more, so let's use what you have in your hand for December."


"Look! I have been very reasonable!"


"HEY! Where would you be without me?"


"I WANT THOSE!" the man yelled as he tried to grab the pictures from Supergirl's hand, but the woman moved. The man now stood between her and the table.

"NO!" Supergirl shouted as she took a few steps away from the man, trying to control her rage so she wouldn't kill him.


"YOU WANT THEM? CATCH!!" Supergirl shouted as she flung the pictures right at Matt. The man fell to the ground as the cut-out flew overhead and broke the coffee machine in half, sending hot coffee all over the pictures, negatives, and cameras.

"Holy shit!" the man screamed as he stood up and watched all the months of hard work covered in coffee. Some of the negatives curling up as the all the memory cards were soaking wet.

"No!" Supergirl yelled as she saw the mess.

"Oh forget this! I quit! You're on your own!" Matt said in disgust as he walked away from the table and was about to leave when Supergirl grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go. The woman was almost in tears. She wanted to help all the children and the city, but without the calendar and all the pictures, there was no way she could help. Not to mention that she would be heavily in debt without Matt's help. The woman was in a tough spot and she wasn't quite sure what to do, but she knew that Matt was her only hope. "Let go!"

"Please," the woman mouthed almost in tears.


"Help me," she begged.


"Psycho bitch! Get away from me!"

"Please help!"


"I'll do anything you want! Anything! You have to help me!" the woman asked frantically.

"Anything?" the man sneered as Supergirl tried to stop her crying.

Eventually, Supergirl composed herself long enough and released Matt's arm, took off her cape, and began to disrobe. She even took off her underwear, kicked off her boots, and stood nude in front of him. "Anything," she sobbed as she hung her head in shame.


A naked Supergirl knelt on the floor with her knees apart. Her hands clung to the back of her head as her body shook. The woman's face was flushed as she tried not to cry. Matt Moorehead was in heaven as he cupped the woman's breasts and licked her nipples over and over again. The man soon pulled his tongue into his mouth and bit down on the woman's nipple. Although, Supergirl didn't feel any pain, her ego took an incredible hit. Matt should have bit down and torn off her nipple, because Supergirl felt a part of her being ripped right out of her. The man tug on her nipple, making it erect as Supergirl fought to keep back the tears with little success. With each tug, the woman's self-esteem was taken down a notch. Supergirl knew that she could have stopped him whenever she wanted, but she felt totally powerless to do so. Instead, she continued to kneel as Matt Moorehead worked on her other nipple before finally pulling away. He then back up and began to snap pictures as Supergirl held her pose, the pose that he had told her to keep.

"Open your eyes, bitch!" Matt snarled.

"Sorry," Supergirl replied meekly as she opened her eyes. Under normal circumstances, she would have lunged at him and snapped the man's neck, but she was desperate. In a rage, she had destroyed months of hard work. Although, she had chastised herself, the woman still couldn't get over it. Thousands of children had counted on her and yet, she destroyed all her work. Now, she had to appease Matt just to get replacements, something that she was willing to do, and often.

"Don't be sorry! Be obedient!" Matt scolded as Supergirl nodded.

The woman leapt to her feet and almost scared Matt, but the man knew he had nothing to fear when Supergirl turned her back on him, spread her legs, and bent forward. Her hands reached back and smacked her ass a few times. "Bad Supergirl! Bad!" she admonished herself, driving her self-worth down into the ground.

"No matter how much you hit yourself, you're still not making yourself obedient," Matt spoke as he placed his camera down.

"You're right, Matt. Would you like to fuck me instead?" Supergirl asked as her hands grabbed her rear and parted her cheeks, revealing her pinkness.

"No. You're not worth it," Matt spoke as he approached her and smacked her bottom with his bare hand.

"You're right, Matt. You're always right," the woman sobbed, not believing that someone would refuse such a thing. The woman's self-respect crumbled as she realized that she couldn't help underprivileged kids even though she had the chance. Now, a regular human, a regular man, a man who wanted to see her nude from the first day in the studio, didn't want her body. Supergirl never felt so low or lost.

"You're not really worth my time or expertise. I think we should stop right here and now and end our relationship. Mr. Lutz, your accountant would never approve of the pictures that I want to release," Matt Moorehead spoke as he smacked Supergirl's rear with his right hand and cupped her breast with his left.

"I can fire him."

"I thought you wanted an independent accountant?"

"I did. Not anymore. I want to help others . . ." the woman sobbed like a lost child. "But I can't do that without you."

"Are you saying that you need me to be in charge of your affairs?"

"I . . ."

"I guess we call this off an . . ."

"I need your help," Supergirl sobbed.

"So you need me to be in charge of all your affairs?"

"Yes," the woman spoke as she swallowed her pride once and for all. "I need you in charge of all my affairs."

"Got her!" the man smiled as he patted her on head.


Two Months Later

Supergirl stood next to a posh armchair wearing a tight low cut black dress while standing over a tan rug. Although, it was black, there was no doubt that the woman was wearing black stockings connected to a black garter-belt and a black g-string underneath since the dress was a bit translucent. She also wore a golden necklace around her neck and a pair of five inched black heels that were secured to her ankles by a series of leather straps. The only thing that was red was her fiery red lips. "Matt!" she purred as she cupped her breasts through the dress, showing off her three inched pink talons as she bent forward, showing off the deep crevice between her firm globes. Then she stood up straight, undid the straps over her shoulders, and pulled the dress down to her waist, exposing her firm naked breasts.

"Continue," Matt ordered as Supergirl nodded.

The woman raised her arms and placed them behind her head as she fluffed her long blonde hair as she arched her back and thrust her breasts forward. As the dress continued to bunch around her waist. The woman placed both her legs together and began to gyrate her hips, making a small circle where she stood. This caused the dress to slowly slide down her hips and eventually, the dress just fell to the floor, revealing the stockings, garter-belt, and g-string. Supergirl slowly raised her right leg, bending it at the knee, before kicking it straight forward before planting it on the ground. She then repeated the process with her left leg as she stepped out of the dress and kicked it behind her. With the dress behind her, she brought her hands forward and cupped her breasts again. "Mr. Moorehead," she spoke as she licked her lips in anticipation.

"Continue," he replied as Supergirl nodded yet again.

Supergirl titled her body slightly to the left as her hands gripped the string and moved it down her hips. She slid it to her thighs and pushed it past them where it quickly dropped to the floor. The blonde then cupped her breasts and squatted, making sure that her knees were pointed to the side, so Matt could get a clear shot of her shaved sex. The woman placed both hands on her knees and began to open and close her legs repeatedly before finally she kept them open and slid both her hands to her inner thighs before placing them on each side of her sex. Then she pressed down and began to move them toward her thighs, parting her pussy lips in the process. "Can I?" she asked.

"Play with it," Matt replied as the woman nodded her head.

Supergirl's left hand cupped her sex and began to move up and down as she planted her right thigh against the floor. Her right arm fell backward and supported her as she bent her left leg and planted the heel firmly onto the rug. The woman's head arched backward as her chest heaved. Her breathing increased as she gulped down air and moaned. Her left hand moved rapidly as she inserted two fingers into her sex. The woman was now masturbating in front of the man and expressing no qualms about it. In fact, she was engrossed in it that she quickly fell onto her side, falling back on her right elbow as her head thrashed from side to side as her breathing became labored and her body was covered by a sheen of glistening sweat. "OH MATT!!" she screamed as she climaxed and fell on her back.

"Excellent Supergirl," the man laughed as he placed a stack of papers and a pen next to Supergirl's head as the woman laid on her back. She eventually rested on her elbows as raised her knees and bent them, planting the heels into the rug. The blonde then cupped her breasts as she continued to ride out her climax, smacking her lips and moaning the entire time with her eyes closed shut.

"Matt," she purred as opened her eyes and saw the man hovering over her.

"Flip over and sign the papers as agreed," he commanded.

Supergirl nodded and flipped over. Her breasts were now squashed against the rug as her right leg was straight and she bent her left leg to form a ninety-degree angle while her own honey dripped out of her sex and landed on the floor that wasn't covered by the rug. Supergirl took the pen and began to flip through the stack, signing various pages. When she was done, she placed the pen on top of the stack. "I've signed a lifetime contract with you now. I gave you power of attorney over my affairs. You now own me. In return you will ensure the life and productivity of my foundation's numerous goals and programs," Supergirl spoke calmly

"Very nice," the man spoke as he knelt down and perused the documents, checking for the signatures while he caressed Supergirl's face. Finally, when he satisfied, he looked at the woman and spoke, "Follow me. You need to take a shower and get dressed since we have a promotional tour to embark on. By the way, I really got some good shots during your performance. It has really improved since you moved in with me two weeks ago. I think we have enough for several calenders now."

"Yes Matt," was all Supergirl could say as she walked on all fours behind the man.


Two Years Later

Supergirl walked along the hallway and saw all the various humanitarian awards that she had won in the past two years. She saw her own pictures of some of the most popular glamor magazines as the cover girl, wearing various bikinis and dresses. Some of the dresses were flashier and sleeker than most actresses wore to awards shows, but when Supergirl became a model under Matt Moorehead's wing, the designers came barging down the door, trying to get her to wear her designs. At first, all of them were classy, but as the year progressed, Supergirl went with tighter and less material for the dresses. The blonde began to wear halter dresses, ring dresses, tube dresses, lace dresses, and plunge dresses. Some were fabric, some lycra, some lace, fishnet, seamless, spandex, leather, and some were even latex. Some were slit on the sides while others were barely kept together. The same could have been said for her swimsuits as well. At first, they were very vanilla, but as the year progressed, her outfits barely covered anything as she preferred to wear tight tops and g-strings. However, all that was her public image. As she continued to walk, she saw her private life, the life that she shared with Matt Moorehead ever since she moved in with him. She saw pictures of her nude and posing provocatively for the camera. Some times she was masturbating, other times she was just posing or even dancing for him. The woman hardly ever left the man's side unless instructed to. Most of the time, he kept her away from business meetings, but would summon her once they ended, which was the case now.

"Hurry up and get in here already," Matt spoke as he heard the woman's high heels clicking on the cold tile.

"Yes sir," Supergirl spoke as she opened the office door and quickly scurried inside. The blonde woman quickly moved behind his desk and got in front of him. With a smile, the naked woman turned and planted both hands on his desk as she bent forward. Matt stood up as she peered at the sheets of paper scattered on his desk. She pressed her bare ass against his crotch as he reached forward and grasped the woman's breasts. "What do these all mean?" she finally asked.

"They are the profit margins of your latest ventures," Matt replied.

"They all made money?"

"They made a ton of money. Enough to keep everyone on your payroll happy."

"So I should keep on doing it?"

"Yes. Superslut should keep on making more stripping videos," Matt spoke. "Eventually, you will have to lose that ridiculous mask though."

"But the mask keeps the public from knowing it's me," Supergirl whined as she wiggled her ass, making sure that Matt was titillated.

"They're going to know soon enough anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"You're conservative swimsuit calender sales are high, but they've been declining every year. The conservative lingerie ones are also declining. However, the risque ones are showing improvement. And need I say that Superslut's calender sales are through the roof."

Supergirl almost sobbed as she realized that calenders with pictures of her naked and masturbating were outselling her numerous clean calenders. She couldn't believe that in the last few months, Matt had her appear on every talk show and news show trying to discredit Superslut's image. The press bought it as Supergirl said she would never stoop as low as Superslut, who wore a mask, when it comes to selling merchandise. Yet, she was really both women. Worse yet, she even appeared as Superslut and denounced Supergirl's moral stance. She hated the stupid game, but she knew that her foundation was financially better and had quite the reserves thanks to the competition especially since Matt was the agent for both women. In fact, several customers lapped out all the merchandise from both Supergirl and Superslut, including the Superslut's stripping videos whereas Supergirl only sold exercise videos where she wore a bikini top and g-string. The woman hated herself for playing both roles, but she liked how the money poured in and helped everyone. And that's what kept her going. "So what do you suggest that we do next?" Supergirl asked.

"Superslut should engage in more hardcore stuff and Supergirl will try to keep up. When you're regular sales dip below a certain volume, you'll show more skin. You're already showing your nipples poking at your Supergirl outfits, it's only fitting to start showing a breast or two. >From there, topless pictures will be released and eventually your nude ones. Sales should go through the roof. And depending on what happens, we may need to unmask Superslut. Can you imagine the sales? However, that won't happen until a few years after we milk this cash cow dry," Matt laughed.

Supergirl didn't like being called a cash cow, but she said nothing. This was her life now and as long as it helped the less fortunate, she was willing to go through with it. She had already seen the lives that her work could affect and she wasn't about to let it stop. Supergirl was convinced that her new profession was a great help to underprivileged and she was willing to make sacrifices to continue the aid even if it was at her expense. The woman knew that even though Matt Moorehead hadn't fucked her yet, he had already fucked her professionally and mentally. For the pictures that she thought were destroyed a few years back by hot coffee still existed and had been released, but she remained with him nonetheless due to the money that it raised. However, she knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before they would completely consummate their relationship. Supergirl was already thinking about how much money a supposedly stolen sex tape of her honeymoon would make. "I can think of a few things that we can do if it does," she cooed in response.

"How about some videos of Superslut taking advantage of some of Supergirl's friends?"

"I . . ."

"Maybe not," Matt spoke as he released the woman's breasts and smacked her on the ass. "We can talk about it some other time. Get dressed, we have a party to attend."

"Yes sir," Supergirl spoke as she straightened up.

Within an hour, Supergirl wore a purple corset, black hot pants, and a pair of black thigh-high boots. She also wore a black collar with a leash that was in Matt's hands as he lead her around the room that housed his guests for a private party. Supergirl walked on her hands and knees as the world's most evil villains scribbled ideas of new foundations that Matt Moorehead could create. For Supergirl was now superfucked thanks to the Supergirl Foundation for Underprivileged Children and Kids.

The End


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