Lois Lane: Being Number One

BY : NightCreeper
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Lois Lane: Being Number One

By: Night Creeper

Disclaimer: Characters from the comic book are created by DC Comics are owned and created by DC Comics. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by DC Comics, they are still owned by Comics. Any resemblance to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: I would like to take the time to thank J.K. for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an outline and idea for the story, and I just expanded on it and wrote the scenes accordingly, which made things rather easy. Hopefully, I didn't screw up the characters too much. Additionally, in this story is in an universe with no Superman. Finally, even though there wasn't an editor for this story, he checked the time-line of the story, and made sure that it made sense.

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Lois Lane: Being Number One

By: Night Creeper

An angry Lois Lane stormed into the editor's office without even knocking. The man's secretary didn't even try to stop her. Instead, the woman quickly darted out of the area, looking for cover. Lois Lane was on a mission and she was infuriated. However, her anger turned to astonishment as she entered the editor's office. "Hi Ms. Lois, this is Jason Kirkland, our new editor," Jimmy Olsen spoke as he pointed at a slim and trim man in his late twenties with black hair, blue eyes, and a dark black suit.

"Ms. Lane. A pleasure to meet the great Lois Lane," Jason replied.

"Where is the . . ."

"Samantha Smith? She's gone. I'm the new editor now. She was just the interim editor. I know it was a great shock to learn that Perry White had died of a heart attack and his loss here at the Daily Planet will be felt for years to come, but I promise to do the best job that I can."

"I just want to know where those new reporters came from!" Lois spoke as she pounded her fist onto the man's desk. "They don't even know how to report, let alone type, and they have the front page." The woman had now totally recovered and was going to show the new editor a thing or two.

"Samantha promised them the front page and that was her call. The board of directors were very upset too. Hence, she has departed. I am taking her place now and I will do whatever is in my power to make sure that the Daily Planet and its star reporter gets what she deserves. As for those four Malibu Barbies, they all signed long term contracts and I can't fire them at the moment. However, I will make sure that all stories especially for the front page will be scrutinized for professionalism."

"Scrutinized for professionalism?" Lois cocked her eye.

"You have my word on it," Jason spoke as he raised his hand.


Two Months Later

"I must say Lois that the last month or so have been really great! I love your articles," Jason Kirkland spoke as he thumbed through a booklet of top stories from Daily Planet.

"That's what you get when you scrutinize professionalism," Lois spoke as she snapped her fingers in triumph.

The man couldn't help but admire the woman's beautiful features as she sat next to him behind his desk and helped flip the pages. "Your articles blow the other girls away. It's a damn shame that I even have to keep them on the payroll."

"You can't fire them?"

"Breach of contract. They would sue. Basically, they would have to be incompetent. However, they are not. They can write, except their articles are just fluff. Fluff doesn't get one fired."

"So you can't fire Bambi, Mandi, Candi, and the rest?"

"Not without a reason."

"Those woman would rather pop gum and do their nails than write an article. Can't you fire them for . . ."

"Lois. If they were all like you, the Daily Planet would be number one in this city," the man smiled.

"Please go on," Lois Lane giggled.

"If they were all like you, the Daily Planet would be number one! The city would turn to us for their news. You would receive accolades from far and wide. Our circulation would be through the roof!"

"Just give me the front page every day and we'll do that!"

"How about I see you every day?" Jason inquired as he placed his hand over the female reporter's.

"You're a nice guy, but no. It's getting late. I need to go," Lois said as she pulled her hand out from under Jason's and walked out of the room.


Three Months Later

"This is ridiculous!" Lois Lane snarled as she sat inside a news truck.

"I don't know Ms. Lane. It is a change of pace," Jimmy Olsen replied.

"Change of pace? It's almost a change of career. I'm a reporter and I should be reporting news. I shouldn't have to follow a TV crew around, chronicling their report on the importance of low branches for runaway cats!"

"Won't it run on the front page?"

"Jimmy, I haven't had an article on the front page since three months ago," Lois replied as she remembered the night in Jason's office. Anger seeped into her mind as she remembered every day since that day. The bimbos in the office had gotten the front page and she was being moved further and further back. Sooner or later, the obituaries would appear before her stories.

"I'm sure there's a reason. You had that two month run. Perhaps, the man is just trying to be fair."

"Fair," Lois scoffed. "I need a story that will knock people's socks off! I need to be able to reclaim the front page with an article that people would kill for."

"What about Lex Luthor?"

"What about Lex?"

"He usually sells papers."

"Yes . . . yes, he does!" Lois snapped her fingers. "Any news on him?"

"I've heard that he's getting into a joint a venture with someone named Big Jake. Something about a gentlemen's club in the office district of the city."

"Perhaps there's a story there. Knowing Luthor, there's always corruption. And this town loves a corruption story . . . especially if there's a scandal involved.


One Month Later

"Look at these pictures. I can see the mayor, the superintendent, the police chief, almost every body in office frequenting this new club. The women there are nothing but glorified strippers," Lois scoffed as she glanced at the pictures that Jimmy Olsen snapped with a hidden camera. "We definitely need more of these."

"I can't get them. I only got a one day pass from them. I have been getting some of my friends to go and they have snapped more of the pictures. The girls just serve drinks and talk to the men. They don't strip," the young photographer replied.

"Have you checked out the entire place?"

"The entire place that is opened to people with a guest pass."

"There's a private area?"

"There are a few. But I can't get in there. They know me."

"Do you have an out of town friend?"

"I have several."

"Get them to go."

"Can't. None of them have the money to get a membership card."

"How much?"

"At least ten thousand."

"There has to be something shady going on for that kind of money. Maybe I should go."

"You can't. Woman aren't allowed unless accompanied by a man. And if they recognized me the first night I was there, they are going to recognize you the second you show up at the door."

"Good point. Jimmy, call one of your friends. I'll pay for the membership. But first, I am going to talk to one of my contacts at the police department. I'm going undercover."


One Month Later

"I'm not printing such drivel," Jason Kirkland spoke as he slammed his fist onto his own desk. It was late and everyone else had left the building and returned home to sleep, leaving the editor and Lois Lane alone inside the building. "There aren't any concrete evidence against the club. If we print this, we will be laughing stock of the city."

"Look! I have been inside the club. These women are nothing but high paid strippers!" Lois snarled as she pointed at her story again.

"Have you seen them take their clothes off?"

"No! But . . ."

"But nothing! The first part of your article is decent. I'll give you that. But the rest is just speculation. Your work has dropped off Lois!"

"Fuck you, Jason! We both know the reason for your harsh criticism is that I slammed you when you tried to hit on me!"

"Is that what this is about? Lois, you may be an excellent reporter on Perry White's watch, but the man is dead. He died of a heart attack, remember? The man is no longer here. You haven't been on the front page because this is a newspaper. We report the news. We don't create it. In the last few months, you have speculated on certain things, and I can't publish speculation. The Daily Planet publishes news. We are not a tabloid!"

"My piece about corruption in the police office was not speculation!"

"Not a single cop commented in your article. You simply said that not a single officer answered your allegations."


"That's speculation. If you had a cop even if they're anonymous, I can run with the story since there's a source, but there was none. And since that was your major article, I had to go with fluff piece."

"That's just one article. I haven't been on the front page for . . ."

"You haven't written a piece without some speculation in it. I can't publish . . ."

"Look Jason," Lois sighed as she sauntered behind him. "Maybe you're right," she spoke as she massaged the man's shoulders. "I should dig deeper. I should get more facts. Maybe I am losing my touch."

"Not with the massage, you ain't. But yes, if you're able to get some concrete quotes, we can run your stories," the replied as he placed his right hand over the woman's left. "Just remember, the Daily Planet is not a tabloid."

"I understand," Lois Lane replied as she kept her hand on the man's shoulder, massaging it as his hand squeezed hers.


One Week Later

"Congratulations, Ms. Lane! You got back onto the front page!" Jimmy Olsen spoke as he checked his camera.

"A report about traffic congestion is not my idea of a good front page story," Lois Lane replied as she adjusted her grey suit and skirt while seated.

"Is that a new suit?"

"Got a few days yesterday," Lois replied as she was deep in thought. "Jimmy, can you get your friend to come back for a visit?"

"Which one?"

"The one that has a membership to the club."

"I can give him a call."

"See if he can come this weekend."

"Not a problem. I'll get right on it," the photographer spoke as he ran out of the office, almost running over Jason Kirkland in the process. "Sorry sir," he spoke as he continued to run.

"Do you have a new story?"

"Perhaps. Remember, you want the Daily Planet to be the number one paper in this city. And I want to write the best articles," Lois Lane spoke as she saw the man closed her door. The woman adjusted her long hair and stood up, revealing her new black laced stockings that covered her legs.

"Ready for a late night dinner?"


"We can talk about your latest scoop and front page article," the man replied.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," the woman thought to herself, but she a change from tan to black stockings wasn't too much of a change. Hanging around with a slime ball like him was a bit much, but Lois decided that the man was harmless. He was young and if she played her cards right, the man would be puddy in her fingers.

"So how about it?"

"Sure. Lead the way," Lois spoke as she saw the man open the door for her.


Three Days Later

Charles Robinson entered the club with Lois Lane hanging on his arm. He was dressed in black tuxedo and the female reporter was wearing a black dress that hugged her body and pair of two inched heels. She wore a bit more makeup than usual and a large pair of earrings that doubled as hidden cameras. Of course, the woman was wearing a fake blonde wig. The pair made their way through the club and sat down at a table. They ordered drinks as several scantily clad waitresses walked the floor of the club as a lounge singer sang to the audience. "There's that door," Lois whispered to Charles as she pointed at the door at the far end of the club.

"Do you want me to ask about it?" Charles replied.

"I . . ."

"Excuse me," a balding man spoke as he sat down at the table. "My name is Kurt Castor. You must be Mr. Robinson."

"Yes I am," Charles spoke as he shook the man's hand.

"You paid your membership in full with cash. Most of the members are using special plans to pay for their memberships. Although you're new, I've been appointed the task of trying to sign you up for a more exclusive membership. Please note that the membership does not kick in after the fees are paid. There is a screening process. After you pass then you're allowed in. However, if you fail, the fee is non-refundable."

"I don't know . . ."

"Will it give us better food?" Lois Lane inquired, pretending to be a airheaded bimbo.

"The food will be much better as well as the drinks."

"Well . . ."

"Go for it, Mr. Robinson," Lois giggled as she tug on his shoulder.

"Just how much are we talking here?"

"Thirty thousand," the man replied without missing a beat.

"Can I get a brochure of what is offered with this new membership?"

"No brochure sir. We simply don't allow that. However, we can describe it once you pass the screening process."

"Can I think about it?"

"That won't be a problem sir. I'll leave you two alone. And as a bonus for considering the upgrade, your meal and drinks are on the house. No need to tip either," the man spoke as he left the table.

"What do you think?" Charles asked Lois, who was busy snapping pictures of the man.


A Week Later

Lois Lane still with her blonde wig and garish makeup was dressed in a five piece bunny costume. The costume was a black nylon spandex teddy, which resembled a bathing suit, vinyl white ears on a blonde clip that clasped around the top of her head, a pair of black silk gloves that went past her elbows, a pair of white cuffs with a bunny rabbit button, a black bow tie, a white puffy tail, tan stockings for her legs, and a pair of two inched black heels. She served drinks to the patrons of the club as Charles sat with Kurt.

"I'm not comfortable with her working here. Especially dressed like that," Charles spoke as he tried to remember the script that Lois had written for him.

"She's wearing considerably more clothing than the rest of the girls," Kurt Castor shrugged. "Besides, that outfit is dropping the bulk of your payment. Instead of asking for the total now, we're allowing several installments. While you're starting to pay, the screeners are deliberating on your application, but we cannot give you an answer until your fee is paid in full."

Charles knew that he didn't have that kind of money handy and he knew Lois didn't either. However, he get on plugging away. "I really don't see how my agreement with you deemed it necessary for Lucy, my girlfriend to dress like that," Charles spoke as he pointed at Lois.

"Lucy?" the man replied as he sipped his drink. "Is that her name?"

"You've never heard me call her name before?" Charles inquired, thinking it was a bit weird that Kurt didn't even know her name.

"I've never cared. Women come and women go. What's the point of remembering their names. Besides, she's your girlfriend, not mine. She's Toots for all I care."

"So you haven't read my application?"

"I only made sure that you filled out every section and signed it. You could have used fake names on it for all I know. The screeners read the entire thing however. They are very meticulous. They are also very lenient. When they offer a contract that allows a member to drop certain parts of the payments, that's being generous. Paying your girlfriend to work here while dropping the overall price tag is even more generous. Allowing her to wear that outfit, is being fucking generous. They don't do that in a lot of cases."

"But . . ."

"Look pal. She's wearing that outfit. If she expects to work here, she needs to wear that outfit. It covers up more than what the other girls are wearing and trust me, there are some grumbling going about, but no one is going to say a thing to her face. Not since they know that the screeners offered you the deal."

"Can I meet with the screeners to discuss this?"

"No. You meet with me."

"Then did they say anything about wearing a different outfit?"

"She wears that outfit and we knock a hundred dollars off every month. She goes for the normal outfit, we knock off two hundred. She wants to wear other outfits, we knock off more money. It's as simple as that. If she wants to sing up there, that's even more money."

"Do you have a catalogue of the outfits?"

"No. She wants to change outfits, she goes to the back. She will need to sign an amendment to the contract and we'll proceed after that."

"Can you tell me about what happens when I upgrade my membership?"

"I believe I have already."

"You said there would be better food and . . ."

"The entertainment is better."

"Like how?"

"I am not going to ruin the surprise."

"Which famous people take part in the upgrade?"

"That's confidential. Once you pay and get in, then it's common knowledge. But not before then."

"Can I discuss the dress code with my girlfriend?"

"You can, but she has to go to the back and look at the outfits. By going back and taking a look, she is basically agreeing to change outfits. So don't be asking for a sneak peak."

"I understand," Charles spoke as he saw Lois, who was not looking very happy since she could hear everything that was being said thanks to the small earpiece in her ear.


One Week Later

Lois Lane, the star reporter of the Daily Planet, was dressed in another bunny outfit. The outfit was Marabou fur trimmed number with a skirt and halter top. The halter top was white with a boa of pink fur on the top and bottom, outlining the it. The skirt had small pink bows on top while the bottom of the skirt had the pink boa. Lois didn't mind the outfit as much since the skirt reached the top of her knees and she was allowed to wear regular panties underneath. She wasn't too crazy about the pink boa collar or the pink rabbit ears, but she was closer in obtaining access to the exclusive member's area of the club. Thus, she was willing to wear the outfit and serve drinks to the patrons as long as it knocked a few bucks off the initial fee and hurried the application along.

"I must say sir that you're girlfriend fits in our bunny outfits rather well. Additionally, I am happy to say that our patrons are quite taken with her. To them, she looks like a star, but they can't put their finger on it. However, the intrigue has kept several of them coming back. And for that, the club thanks you. We thank you so much that we are knocking an extra thousand off and you have passed the first step," Kurt spoke as he drank his shot of Vodka.

"I'm not sure if I am comfortable with my girlfriend parading around in that outfit," Charles spoke as he pointed at Lois, who slapped a man's hand away from her skirt.

"When people get drunk, they'll do that. Don't worry. As you can see, our bouncers are reprimanding the man as we speak. The outfit may be revealing, but that's all it's going to be. We're not going to ask her to do any more except serve drinks. She is an employee of the club and we protect our employees. But most importantly, we protect our exclusive members and their guests."

"Where are the bouncers taking that man?" Charles asked as two huge men yanked the drunk from his seat.

"They're just going to have a talk with him, away from the other patrons," Kurt replied, not even looking at the men. "However, I only sat down, because I have a very interesting question to ask you. I hope you don't mind."

"Should I?"

"It's up to you."

"Go ahead and ask."

"Your girlfriend wants to change outfits again. Except this time, she wants a different job as well. I told her she needed your consent to change. Which is why I'm asking you."

"She wants to change jobs?"

"Yes. She doesn't want to be a waitress anymore. She wants to be talking to the guests instead."

"You mean . . ."

"Yes. She wants to be able to sit and drink with the patrons."

"I'll have to discuss this with her."

"I understand that you want to protect your girlfriend, but you need to make a decision and soon. We need you to sign some papers before it can be effective. In fact, I'm sure your application process will be greatly reduced if you sign now."

"She's agreed to this?"

"She's the one that brought it up. You're probably looking at two months tops to getting approved if you agree," Kurt spoke as he took a sheet of paper out from his pocket, placed it on the table with a pen. The man then slid the contract to Charles.

"I guess so then," Charles spoke as he signed the contract.


A Week Later

Lois Lane staggered into the offices of the Daily Planet. The editor, Jason Kirkland was waiting for her in his office. "It's about time," the man huffed. "I have a lot to do to make sure that the paper gets printed in time. I can't be sitting here waiting for something that will not materialize! I've stopped the presses for a good hour now, which means that I will have to pay double when they start them again. So this better be good, Lois!"

"Fucking bastard! If he knew what I had to do to get these!" Lois fumed, remembering the countless drunken bastards that she had to sit and talk to, trying to entertain them. Most of the men reeked, and at times their body odor overrode the smell of alcohol.

"Well Lois! I'm waiting!"

"I have pictures and eyewitnesses' accounts of what happens at the new club. Some times, patrons have to pimp off their girlfriends in order to join an exclusive club," Lois smirked as she replied, thinking it would knock the man's socks off.

"Are they forced to become pimps or is it voluntary?" the man asked witha gleam in his eye.

"They are forced," Lois replied, knowing that she had him.

"How? Don't just stand there! Tell me!"

"The club willfully speeds up the application process and gives discounts for the membership fee if the female agrees to work at the club."

"You said, AGREE. I don't want to hear that. That doesn't sound like FORCED."

"What . . ."

"You said that the woman agrees to work at the club to knock down the price and speed up the application process. What if the woman doesn't agree?"

"Then the application may not be processed or it would cost a whole lot more money."

"THAT'S NOT A STORY!! There's no force. It's basically a favor from the club. We can't run with that. I think you have covered enough elections and appointments in the past to know that deals are made all the time. It's not like the club is kidnaping the woman! WAIT! Are they kidnaping people?"

"No," Lois replied.

"Then we don't have a story," the man spoke angrily as he pressed a button on his intercom.

"Max in printing," a gruff voice replied.

"Start the presses again! Keep the it as is!" Jason snarled as he released the button.

"It's a good story!"

"It's nothing! You need more! If the woman agrees to it, then so be it. If she flat out refuses and the club coerces her, then so be it. We might be able to do something with that. But if the club says that they'll do something if the couple agrees to do something than it sounds like a whole lot of back scratching and if we run with that, we'll be the laughing stock of the city!" the man spoke as he slumped into his chair.

Lois Lane quickly collected herself. She stepped behind the man and massaged his shoulders. The woman bent over so that her lips were close to his right ear. "What if I did a little more research then?" she spoke softly into the man's ear.

"You need more. That's definite."

"What if I can get more?"

"I've given you enough time already. I need a story. If you don't have one by now, I'm going to have to go with another . . ."

"Don't do that, Jason," Lois pouted as she reached over and sat down on his leg. "I can get the story. I just need more time."

"I don't think . . ."

"Yes Jason. You can give me more time," Lois spoke as she grabbed the man's legs and placed it on her stocking clad thigh. She moved his hand on her thigh as she played with his hair and blew kisses at him.

"Are you drunk?" the man asked.

"I only want another chance. I want an extension. You can do that Jason. You're the editor," Lois smiled as she released the man's hand and unbuttoned the top of her suit, revealing a lacy black bra underneath.

"Well . . . I guess . . . I guess I can give you a week or two . . ."

"Two weeks?"

"Uh . . . two weeks," the man spoke as he tried to pull his eyes away from bra.

"Works with the drunk patrons and works with the dumb editor," Lois congratulated herself.


Five Days Later

Three nights ago, Lois Lane stood in front of a large crowd of men and women, dressed in blue swimsuit. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. Just the night before her initial showing, Kurt had asked all the women working in the club if they wanted to participate in a swimsuit competition. They could refuse and there would be no repercussions, but if they participated, there would be some extra cash and other benefits. Lois knew what Kurt meant and she agreed. Thus, she stood in front of a large crowd with the spotlights zeroing down on her. She was walking around the stage, hearing the crowd applaud. She didn't mind the applause since everyone was being respectful of her. Lois Lane was a respectful woman and although they didn't know her real name, they treated her with class. Thus, Lois had no qualms about walking around the stage, but that was three nights ago.

Currently, Lois Lane was dressed in a two piece bikini. It wasn't something new to her since she often wore something like it during her swims at the aquatic center or the local pool. And she did like the looks from the guests at those areas. Thus, she wasn't too concerned about walking on the stage. And with the crowd solidly behind her, clapping and doing nothing else, Lois felt right at home on stage.

"Well folks, that's it. We would like to thank all the girls who participated tonight. Just remember if you want a better show, please sign up for exclusive membership," a man's voice blared over the speakers of the club.

"I knew it! There is something going on here," Lois thought triumphantly.

"Excuse me, toots," Kurt spoke as he approached her.

"The name isn't toots!" she corrected him.

"Lucy or Toots, who cares?"

"I care."

"Simmer down there. No need to get offended. I'm just here to tell you the good news. Since your boyfriend isn't here, you can tell him later. The board has read the application and believe you two will make a nice fit. However, there's just a few more technicalities, and then you're both in. It will probably take another two weeks. Congratulations!" Kurt spoke.

"Two weeks! Jason only gave me two weeks!" Lois thought to herself as she got a bit pale.

"You know, Lucy. Most people are happy to hear news like that. They don't turn pale."

Lois shook her head and snapped herself out of her trance. "Can I call my boyfriend and tell him the good news?" Lois asked, knowing that Charles was out of town at the moment.

"Sure. The phone is over there. Excuse me, I have to thank the other girls," Kurt spoke as he went to the next girl.

Lois made her way to the phone and called Jason Kirkland. The man picked up on the fourth ring. "This better be good! I don't know who you are, but you need to have a damn good reason for calling so late!" he snarled into the phone.

"Jason, it's me," Lois spoke in a soft, sexy voice.


"That bitch! I should known that blonde bimbo called him all the time! No wonder why she's on the front page so much!" Lois snarled to herself.


"No silly," Lois spoke softly again. "It's me, Lois."

"Sorry about that. Carlie called earlier because she thought she left something at the office and wanted Max to unlock the doors," Jason replied.

"I bet," Lois mumbled to herself.

"So why are you calling so late?"

"Can I get an extension?"

"No! No more extensions! You either have the story done by the agreed date or no story. Regardless of talent, at least the other reporters can write with a deadline! Now, if you don't have a story by the deadline, you can kiss the front page goodbye!"

"Jas . . ."

'No buts! We agreed on two weeks and that's what it will be. Goodnight!" Jason shouted as he slammed the phone.

"Shit!" Lois snarled as she hung up the phone. The woman thought about what she needed to do. For several minutes, she couldn't come up with a plan, but then she saw Kurt out of the corner of her eye. Then a plan formed. She was going to ask him if she could do something to knock a few days off to speed up the process.


The Next Day

Lois couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into. The woman was now wearing a black patchwork micro tri-top that barely covered her nipples and the area around it. And the black thong left nothing to the imagination. Yet, Lois knew that if she wore this outfit, it would grab the attention of the board members, who were somewhere watching from the crowd. However, she also knew that walking on stage wasn't the only thing that she had to do tonight for she had already discussed things with Kurt on the previous night. Thus, she slowly walked to the center of the stage and placed both hands on the microphone stand. She then stuck out her tongue and pretended to lick the microphone. Lois then looked at the crowd and in a high pitched voice, blurted out, "Oops! Wrong one." The woman then giggled and ran off the stage as the crowd roared with laughter and clapped.

A few minutes later, the Lois appeared on the stage again, wearing a blue spider top and thong set. The spider top had two circles covering her breasts with only three strands of cloth pretending to be webbing that connected the circle to the small circle covering her nipples. Although Lois felt apprehensive about wearing the outfit, she kept on telling herself that the adulation of the crowd was nothing compared to getting the front page all to herself and burying the bimbos at work. Thus, Lois paraded around the stage, letting everyone clap and whistle at her. Once again, she repeated the same thing with the microphone and the cheers were even louder this time.

"Yes," Lois said to herself as she exited the stage.

"That's great Lucy," Kurt spoke as he approached her. "The thong really sold the outfits. The board is willing to knock a day off."

"Only a day? Why not more?"

"Look. Some of the board members are on vacation. They value their time and I don't think they are going to come back and see how well you're doing unless they have some incentive. Anybody can wear a top and thong," Kurt spoke.

"Can I go out again?"

"Uh . . . I think so," Kurt spoke as he scratched his head, trying to figure out what Lucy was trying to do.

"Give me ten minutes!" Lois spoke as she ran down to the dressing area. Kurt shrugged and left.

Ten minutes later, Lois Lane was walking on the stage again. Except this time, she had pair of heart shaped flags covering her nipples, but left much of her breast flesh bared. There was a thin string of invisible stretch clear elastic keeping the top together and secured to her body. The lower section was nothing more than a thong with the same color scheme of the top. As Lois walked the length of the stage, she could see that she was receiving a standing ovation from the crowd as men clapped and whistled. She could also see the other women that participated in the show were giving her the stink eye. "Fucking jealous bitches!" Lois said to herself triumphantly.


Two Days Later

"Shit! Running out of time!" Lois thought to herself as she stared at Kurt, who was reading through his notes. Despite her work in the last two days, she had only knocked two days off, still making her four days over the limit, especially since she still needed to write the story.

"Alright Lucy. You're last show got the attention of some board members. Usually the female performers just wear thongs and consider that revealing. They don't use the top that you used. And I got to tell you, the board members are kind of pleased. Two of them are even cutting their vacation short to be here tonight. If you can do something to wow them, you might be able to get all of them to come back."

"How many are still on vacation?"

"About ten more. Is it really important to your boyfriend that you get into the club?"

"Yes. It would be such a joy to him," Lois giggled, trying to imitate the females at work.

"Well, you're down to your last appearance on stage."

"Can I borrow a microphone . . . one that I can clip onto cheek or something."

"Take my headset. I don't know what you're going to do, but you can try whatever you want then," Kurt spoke as he walked away.

"I got it!" Lois exclaimed as she ran down the hall to the dressing area again.

"I wonder what she's doing," Kurt thought as he shook his head.

"No more music!" Lois Lane giggled as she appeared on stage wearing a large white t-shirt and pair of four inched heels that clicked noisily as she walked. The woman was carrying a small bucket as well. "I have a surprise for all of you. I use to get confused with the microphone, so the dim lightbulb that is me decided not to confuse myself again. Hence this headset. Now, hopefully I don't hurt myself. And hopefully you don't hurt yourself either," Lois giggled, still trying to imitate the bimbos at work as she splashed water from the bucket onto the shirt. Within in seconds, the crowd rose to their feet and cheered as the woman's dark aureoles were clearly visible through the wet thin material while her erect nipples jutted out. Lois knew that the remaining board members would come running.


Two Days Later

Lois was beside herself. After her performance, she was still a day or two behind. She needed a few days to write the article after she gained membership. However, with the current pace, she was going to miss it altogether. Especially since some of the board members refused to end their vacations early. Thus, she decided for drastic action.

Ever since her wet t-shirt incident, Lois had taken a leave of absence from the club. The woman was still pretending to be Lucy as she went to their seedier side of town and hung out with strippers and prostitutes. Lois was trying to learn as many tricks for getting men interested as humanly possible. She paid the women up front in cash and they were quite willing to show the woman the ropes.

The women tutored Lois on makeup first. They suggested heavy amounts of lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and nail polish. Not to mention, long fluttering eyelashes. Over and over again, the women would plaster layer and layer of makeup on Lois's face, only to take it off again and start over. During the entire time, the women informed Lois what brands and colors to buy and which ones matched the best. In the end, Lois had red ruby lips, dark blue shaded eyes, and pink and reddish cheeks that enhanced her cheeks. The woman's fingernails were not painted a dull shade. Instead, they were painted in shiny metallic silver, clashing with Lois's sensibility and taste, but she went with it anyway. A smile even appeared on her face as the women took her shopping for clothes and Lois noticed the number of heads that she was turning.

The clothes came second. The outfits that the women helped Lois choose ranged from conservative, provocative in the sense that the outfit hugged her body and concealed certain attributes, sexy, and finally downright slutty. Since Lois had money, the woman helped her choose a wide assortment of clothing. In the end, Lois bought enough to start a brand new wardrobe for at least three women. She had bought all sorts of latex, lycra, vinyl, and leather skirts, dresses, corsets, and other assorted items including thongs. She also bought some garter-belts, silk stockings, body stockings, some new swimsuits, miniskirts, and boots with high heels ranging from four inches to six inches. Although Lois wasn't crazy about the new stuff, she knew that it would drive the men at the club crazy especially since she saw the salesmen in the store drool all over her outfits when she was modeling them for the women.

The woman also helped Lois sharpen her vocabulary skills. The famous reporter abhorred the words that came out of the women's mouth, but she mentally noted them regardless of her personal feelings. She couldn't believe that the women used words like tits and jugs without even batting an eyelash. Of course hearing the words cunt or pussy to describe her sex almost caused the woman to fume. However, she really hated being called slut, whore, and bitch. Yet, she never voiced her opposition to the speech of the women. Instead, she continued to soak in their teachings since she knew that it would be helpful to her.

Finally, the lessons ended and the women took their leave, all except one. The final remaining girl sauntered up to Lois and handed her a bag. "You'll need this Lucy," she spoke.


"We've only touched the tip of the iceberg in the last two days. Inside you'll find some magazines, videos, and catalogs. The catalogs will help you select more outfits and jewelry. Don't laugh, jewelry catches the attention of men all the time. And don't forget the perfume, just don't put too much on that it causes the men to gag. Experiment and you'll figure out the right dose to wear. The magazines offer you advice and tips in terms of acting, walking, or talking to a man. Study those. As for the videos, they offer a visual example of what the magazines talk about. Emulate them and you won't go wrong. In the end, if you make a lot of money, feel free to come back and share some with us. Although, after seeing how much money you spent in the last two days, I'm surprised that you need this profession at all," the woman giggled.

"It's mostly for my rich boyfriend," Lois replied trying to sound like beach girl as much as possible.

"Good luck!" the woman spoke as she walked away from Lois. Within seconds, the woman was leaning into a idling car, talking to a man, thrusting her cleavage into his view.

"I can't believe I spent the last two days with people like that," Lois muttered to herself as she took her leave.


Later that Night

Lois Lane, pretending to be Lucy, was still decked out in the same makeup as earlier in the day. The only real difference was that the woman was wearing a small gold g-string that hugged her sex. Her breasts were covered by the flags again as she danced on stage for a private gathering of board members. Lois wiggled her hips from side to side while she shook her shoulder. This made her breasts bounce and she could see that it was affecting the men. Encouraged by the leering looks, Lois jerked her body from side to side. The effect was tremendous. Her breasts shook wildly and several men cupped their crotches while their jaws dropped to the floor. "It's working! The front page of the Daily Planet will be mine! And those bimbos can't do a thing about!" the reporter's mind shouted triumphantly.

"You want to excite the crowd. If you have to simulate sex, do it!" the voice of one of the stripper's spoke inside the woman's head.

Lois ran her hands down the sides of her body. She caressed and rubbed her soft skin over and over again. Her hands then trailed to her flat stomach, where she slapped it again and again. Then she moved her hands to her hips and tug on the g-string a few times, teasing the crowd. Lois smiled as she saw the men's eyes follow every movement of her hands. The woman smiled as she squatted, then stood, squatted, and stood again. She was copying what one of the strippers showed her earlier in the day, remembering the stripper's words. Lois knew that she had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

The crowd was cheering and all the men were glued to their seats, their eyes zeroing on her luscious body. They watched as sweat dropped from her body and splashed onto the stage. The men hardly blinked as their hearts and pulses raced. Some were even sweating, getting a nice workout due to their view. Others wanted to clap, but their motor skills weren't operational. All they could do was stare and drool.

Lois continued to dance for the men. She repeated several things again and again, but the men didn't care. They were mesmerized by her swinging breasts, legs, arms, and head. Lois made certain that her wig wouldn't fly off, so she kept her head movements limited. Otherwise, she was pretty wild. Never in her mind did she ever think that she would dance for a bunch of leering men. Yet, Lois was lost in the music and the dance. She was enjoying the power that she had on the men. It was the power that fueled her. It was like the satisfaction of being on the front page where everyone can read and see her name. As she savored the feeling, her mind wandered back to the tutoring session. Thus without really thinking about, Lois gripped the elastic wire between the two flags and pulled them off, making some of the men fall out of their chairs. Lois knew she had succeeded.


Three Days Later

Lois Lane was steamed. All her hard work in the last few days and it seemed like it was going to be thrown out the window. Although the vast majority of board members returned early to watch her perform, some still refused to cut their vacations short. This meant that Lois had to something that would knock their socks off and she had to do it soon or she wouldn't make her deadline. Thus, needing time to think, Lois decided it was best to return to the Daily Planet and talk to Jimmy and see when Charles could come back to town since he had to return home some time ago. As Lois made her way to her office, she could Carlie, the blonde with big breasts, leading Jimmy by the hand toward her office. "How does Carlie get a bigger office than me?" Lois muttered as she tiptoed toward the office door.

"I'm not sure about this. It's late and there's nobody around. I should really get my pictures developed," Jimmy Olsen stuttered as Lois peeked through the crack of the door.

"Come on Jimmy. Don't be scared," the woman spoke as she placed his hand on her hips.

"That slut!" Lois muttered as she saw the woman take off her jacket, which use to be button all the way. Now, it was on the floor and Carlie was wearing nothing more on top than a black silk bra.

"You can tell me what Lois is planning can't you?" Carlie pouted as she placed his hands on her breasts.

"I . . . I . . . can't . . ."

"Loyalty. I like that in you, Jimmy. I've always had an eye on you."

"Give me a fucking break!" Lois snarled mentally.

"The first day I came into this office, I knew you were a good man. I wanted to get to know you. Perhaps we can work on my stories together. I have a whole lot of them coming up. Rumor has it that Lois is going to miss her deadline and Jason Kirkland, our esteemed editor, is not going to like that one bit."

"Ms. Lane never misses . . . misses a deadline," Jimmy stuttered.

"You like this. I know you do. If you tell me, we can become good friends, maybe even great friends, or better yet, lovers," Carlie spoke as she unclasped the bra. "Go ahead. Take it, it's yours."

"I . . ." Jimmy panted as the woman suddenly pulled away, leaving him with her black bra in his hands, baring her chest for him to see.

"Fuck!" Lois snarled as she saw that the woman's breasts were firm and didn't even sag. "Her damn floatation devices have gotten Jimmy! He better not sell me out!"

"I can't. Ms. Lane . . ."

"Never mind Jimmy. Let's not talk about Lois. Let's talk about us," Carlie spoke as she pulled herself close to Jimmy. "Let's talk about us getting better acquainted with each other," the woman giggled as she rammed Jimmy's face between her breasts.

"Shit," Lois mumbled as she rolled her eyes and left. She could tell that Carlie had Jimmy enthralled, for Jimmy didn't even try to pull his head out from her two pillows. Lois knew that she had to figure a way to get the membership approved.


Later that Night

It was late even by club standards, but Lois had been able to get the board members to stay at the club by staying in her Lucy persona. There were still some missing, but she was hoping that her performance would change things. So with the music blaring, Lois danced for the group wearing a leopard lingerie set containing nothing more than a spotted bra, thong, and black heels. She swayed to the music and gyrated her hips as she heard the bass thumping through the speakers. Lois remembered what the strippers had taught her about keeping the men's attention and she heeded every word of it. Thus, her hands dropped to the string that kept the thong in place. She reached under it and began to lift it off her skin, much to the delight of the crowd. Now it was time to make all the ones that were present regret it. "Fucking bastards! They'll come running and I'll show those tarts whose in charge at the Daily Planet!" Lois snarled as she ripped the thong off of her, revealing her shaved sex.

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!!" the men cheered in appreciation.

Lois smiled as she began to tug the top down. She pretended to take it down only to put it back up again. The star reporter teased the crowd again and again until she finally let it dropped. The men blew up and cheered right before she covered them up, only to receive a collective groan. However, they cheered even louder when she began to pinch and tug on her nipples. As she continued, the woman sauntered up to a pole that she had the stage manager install. She then wrapped one leg around it and began to slide up and down the pole, even going as far as licking it with her tongue. The crowd went nuts as Lois saw some of them pull out their cell phones.

"You have to come back!" Lois heard a man yell into his cell phone.

"Yo! Remember that Charles and Lucy! They need to get in! Get your ass back here and cast your fucking vote!" another one shouted into his cell phone.

Finally, the music stopped and Lois blew them all a kiss before sauntering off of stage. She swayed her hips from side to side like the strippers told her and she was rewarded by even more clapping and cheering. With a huge smile, the woman went to the changing area. It was there that she realized what she had done and was bit disgusted with herself. The woman glanced around and didn't see anybody. That's when she took off the wig and looked in the mirror. "Lois, you just got yourself into the club and back on the front page!" she laughed as she placed the wig back on and got dressed.


A Week Later

It was late at the Daily Planet. Earlier in the day, much of the staff celebrated as Carlie secured the front page for two months. The woman was so elated that she threw a big party. In the party, she announced to everybody that no one at work should hit on her since she was dating Jimmy Olsen. The staff cheered, not really paying attention as they drank and ate on the woman's dime. But as the party continued, Lois Lane was busy talking to Jason Kirkland, begging for an extension.

"Look sir. I can do it! Just give me another week," she begged.

"No way! Carlie's story is going to blow the roof of this building and the city will be clamoring for reprints of our paper. This is a goldmine and I'm not about to jeopardize it with a story that might not even materialize!" Jason shouted back.

"Sir. With all due respect, Perry White would have gave me the extension."

"Perry died of a heart attack. Hopefully, he wasn't waiting for you to call an ambulance, because if he were, that would explain quite a lot. As for your story, finish it, and I'll publish it. It just won't be on the front page."

"If I write it and if I can get my information, it will blow Carlie's story away!"

"Lois. Carlie's story is about the club. Your story is about the club. She has more information than you do."

"You don't know that."

"I do know that she has a draft that will be done in three days. You on the other hand still want at least a week to collect the information."

"I would have gotten it if it weren't for some stupid family vacations! Those fucking votes were mine!" Lois fumed to herself.

"Lois! Are you listening to me?"

"What?" Lois spoke as she was brought back to the conversation.

"I . . ."

"Maybe if you were to convince me," Jason spoke as he stood up.


"Oh, I'm sure you'll know what to do when you drop to your knees," the man spoke as he grabbed her hand.

When Jason first took over, Lois would have slapped him for touching her, but now she didn't even retract her hand. Instead the man pulled Lois to him. He stared at her as her eyes were cast onto the ground and he knew that Lois did not want to look him in the eyes. The famous reporter stood in front of him with her head lowered like a schoolgirl getting disciplined. After a long silence, Lois finally raised her head and looked Jason in the eye. "If I unbutton my shirt . . . will you reconsider?" she asked meekly.

"I don't know. I gave you a lot of chances, Lois. Most reporters don't miss deadlines. In fact, they don't miss extensions; ever!" he replied.

Lois Lane sighed and began to unbutton her shirt. The woman allowed some of the mid and lower buttons to remain, but the top was exposed. She then cupped her breasts that were still encased by her black bra and squeezed them. She ran her thumbs across her covered nipples until they pressed hard into the bra, extending part of the cloth. "Can I have an extension?" the woman spoke, trying hard not to cry.

"I . . ."

"Sir. Are you going to join us? The staff really wants to hear a few words from you," Carlie spoke as she opened the door without knocking. Jason nodded and left the office with a dejected Lois Lane inside his office while the party continued.

But that was earlier in the day. Now, it was late and almost everyone went home. Lois Lane on the other hand was still busy trying to locate Carlie's notes. The ace reporter was inside the woman's office, looking for it when the door opened. "Who is in here?" a stern voice spoke as the lights were flicked on.

"I . . ." Lois stammered as she picked herself up from behind the desk.

"Ms. Lane?"


"I don't know why . . ."

"Just cleaning up for Carlie. I see you two are doing quite well lately."

"I might . . . well . . . I . . . you could say . . ."

"I did say. So you're dating. Congratulations."

"Thank you. But wait. Why are you in here? Carlie would never ask you to be . . ."

Lois didn't say a word as she approached the photographer. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him close. Then in a deep, husky voice, Lois began to speak. "Since you two are close, tell me what she's writing about the club."

"I . . . can't . . . do . . ."

"Sure you can. We're old pals, Jimmy."

"She doesn't like you, Ms. Lane."

"But you do, right Jimmy?"

"I . . . I . . ."

"You can tell me," Lois breathed as she pressed her body against Jimmy's. The photographer backed off only to find that Lois pursued him until his back was pressed against the wall and Lois pressed against him. The woman twirled a few strands of his hair as her other hand roamed his body. Lois can feel him shaking as her hand found his zipper and began to pull the zipper down.

"Ms. Lane . . . I . . ."

"You don't have to say a thing," Lois replied as she pulled away and undid the buttons of her shirt. This time, she unbuttoned all of them. Her shirt dropped to the floor as Lois squatted in front of Jimmy Olsen, her photographer, and reached inside his pants and began to rub the fabric of his underwear, tickling his member.

"Ms. Lane . . . I . . . must prot . . ."

"Don't protest, Jimmy. Your little soldier isn't. He's saluting me. Let's give it a little kiss," Lois smiled as she shot her head forward and planted a kiss on Jimmy's underwear against the bulge.

"What the fuck!" Carlie growled as she entered the room and saw Jimmy and Lois together in her office.

"It's not what you think!" Jimmy spoke as he zipped up his pants.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!" an exacerbated Lois thought as she quickly found her dress and placed it on. Her fingers tried to button the buttons but she would miss the hole several times before getting it through. And when she was done with the buttons, most of them didn't even go into the right hole leaving her totally disheveled.

"I can explain," Jimmy stuttered as he stood in front of Lois, shielding her from an incensed Carlie.

"You don't need to explain anything, Jimmy! Apparently the old hag heard the good news and tried to seduce you. Well, fuck you, Lois!! This is my day! I'm going to have the front page! I'm going to get married! I'm going to be an ace report for the Daily Planet!! And if you want to seduce my fiance, you should drop your fucking clothes like that night at the club! I'll see you tomorrow in Jason's office with those photos. You hear me, bitch?!" Carlie shouted as she grabbed Jimmy's hand and pulled him out of the office, leaving a totally humiliated Lois Lane behind.


The Next Day

A totally dejected Lois Lane sat in a chair in front of Jason Kirkland. The woman was so distraught by the previous night that she didn't even go home and change. Instead, she remained in the same disheveled clothes. Also sitting in front of the editor was Carlie, who was beaming. Scattered on the man's desk were pictures of Lois Lane stripping at the club. Not only that, but there were pictures of her in the dressing room without the wig. And worse yet, there were several pictures of her trying to seduce Jimmy, including one that looked like she was giving him a blowjob when he didn't want one. "This is quite disturbing. I don't want a sexual harassment lawsuit. Is Jimmy planning on filing one? If he does, it could destroy the image of this paper," Jason said glumly at Carlie.

"Jimmy's not going to file a lawsuit. I convinced him that everything was okay and Lois Lane would seek the help that she needs," Carlie spoke confidently.

"That's great news then. I mean, I'm disappointed that Lois had to find a side job at the club when she wasn't writing articles anymore. I heard she was researching a big story and I gave her an extension when she missed her deadline, but I didn't know that she was doing this instead of working on a story," Jason spoke congenially to Carlie.

"I didn't either. I was just lucky to get those pictures. I knew if I came in here and told you how low Lois had fallen, you would laugh me out of the office. However, the pictures tell the tale and I must say that I can write a beautiful story on the front page about it."

"DON'T!" Jason pleaded as he almost leaped out of his chair.

"I would hate for a story to appear on a rival paper that deals with the actions of one very famous reporter from this reporter. I asked around and heard quite a tale. Something about paying certain women for lessons and stuff that most glamor magazines only dream of. I'm sure such things would not be taken too lightly in the eyes of the media. In fact, if the Daily Planet wants to be positioned above all other papers, such a story would hurt its image. Agreed?"

"I . . ."

"Here's a copy of what might be printed," Carlie spoke as she tossed a thick notebook onto the desk. Jason quickly thumbed through it and saw various quotes, extended interviews, and even some pictures from security cameras dealing with Lois Lane. "As you can see, the article can be extended to several articles. Maybe a month long expose."

"How do I make this go away?" Jason asked, not even bother to ask Lois since her eyes were glued to the floor.

"I want some changes around here."

"What kind of changes?" the man eyed Carlie with suspicion.

"You can't fire Lois Lane. Jimmy will think it's his fault. That young fiance of mine is a good kid. He'll fault himself. However, I don't think Lois should be a reporter anymore."

"I can see what I can do, but I was going to fire her," Jason spoke as Lois raised her red eyes from the floor and wanted to say something, but was too embarrassed to say anything before casting her eyes back onto the floor.

"And I want Lois to avoid him. I don't want to see her near him!"

"I can reassign him to you. I'll also make sure that she doesn't go near him ever!"

"Those are my conditions for the moment. I might have to add or modify them depending on your level of compliance."

"I don't know if I can agree to adding and modifying without any restrictions . . ."

"Just the ones that involve Lois. I want to protect my future husband and my career. I don't want her to be snooping around my office or trying to rape Jimmy."

"That I can definitely agree to."

"Excellent! I'll let you two handle the rest of the details," Carlie smiled as she left the room.

Jason Kirkland sat behind his desk and collected the pictures. He placed them all inside a large manilla envelop, sealed it, and then taped it shut. The man tossed it at Lois, who allowed it to fall onto the floor. Jason then stood up, walked behind the woman, and placed his hand on her shoulders. His hands massaged the woman's shoulders and then slowly slipped down the front of her shirt, where he undid some buttons. Once the buttons were out of the way, the man slipped his hands under her shirt, where he gripped her breasts and squeezed. Lois Lane didn't even fight him off. Instead, she just sat there and allowed the man's hands to grope and fondle her breasts. Shortly, Jason whispered something into the woman's ear and after several silent minutes, Lois nodded, knowing that one of the airheaded bimbos that she tried so hard to best had bested her and changed her life forever.


Later that Night

"You're home," Lois Lane spoke in a sultry voice as Jason Kirkland returned to his home after his day at the office. The man smiled as he glanced at Lois standing at the top of the eight steps of his foyer. The woman's long black hair covered her shoulders and the think straps of her vinyl corset. The corset was plastered against her breasts, squeezing them, giving the impression that they would burst out at any second. It also had four straps, two in the front and two in the back that connected the corset to the pair of tan translucent thigh-stockings that encased the woman's legs. This meant that the woman's shaved sex was very visible to the man as she stood in her five inched black stiletto heels with her hands on her hips.

"Did you miss me?" the man asked as he placed his briefcase on the marbled floor.

"Always," Lois spoke as she slowly sauntered down the stairs only to turn around and slowly walk up again, baring her buttocks for him to see. The woman even slapped her ass a few times as she made her way to the top of the steps. That's where she turned and ran her hands through her hair, down her sides, and to her sex. The woman moaned as she slowly descended two more steps, clutching her breasts.

"A very nice pair," Jason spoke as he licked his lips.

Lois Lane sat down on the steps and continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts, much to Jason's delight. The man could see her sex begin to moisten as she continued. "Oops!" Lois laughed sheepishly as her breasts popped out of the corset.

"Nice," the man uttered as he smacked his lips

Lois giggled and dropped to all fours and began to slink on the steps. With her left hand planted on the step itself, Lois raised her right arm, flung her hair back, and kicked her feet upward, resting on her knees. This allowed Jason to get an excellent view of her breasts as repositioned herself and crawled to the center of the steps. "Did Carlie sign?" Lois asked Jason.

"Carlie has signed the papers. She signed it quite happily after she saw your signature on your latest contract with the Daily Planet. The woman was so ecstatic that she tossed the draft of the article and the CD into my briefcase. Both items are in there now and I believe you have the pictures already. Therefore, I believe you owe me," the man smirked.

Lois tried not to cry, still unable to bear the thought of being outsmarted by the bimbo, Carlie. However, the woman was able to keep it together as she smiled seductively to Jason. She then spread her legs and laid back against the steps. Jason took his cue and bent down where he squeezed the reporter's breasts and twisted her nipples. Lois moaned as her hands ran through her hair, covering parts of her face. The woman's body was now covered in a sheen of sweat as her chest heaved. "Ohhhh," she purred.

"You haven't felt anything yet," the man smiled as he unzipped his pants and rammed his member into the woman's sex. Jason pushed his rock hard member into the woman again and again. Although Lois tried to fight it, the woman began to moan as her legs slowly wrapped themselves around the man's torso. Her breasts jiggled until they were crushed by his chest. Lois reached under him and tried to push him off her breasts to which she succeeded, but Jason was quick to attack her breasts with his mouth. Within seconds, the man left several bite marks on the woman's breasts as his hands reached behind her and pulled her up to him. That's when Lois wrapped her arms around the back of his head, pulled him close, allowing him to thrust even harder and deeper into her.

"Jason! Jason! Oh god!" she screamed as she climaxed under her boss. The woman knew that she would have several more soon since she basically signed on to be his personal security at the Daily Planet. Of course, that was for payroll. The real agreement that payroll would never see basically made Lois Jason's property. She signed it to gain control of all the damaging evidence that Carlie had on her. If Lois wasn't going to be able to be a reporter anymore, she wasn't about to have Carlie destroy her life. And even though Jason had total control of her life now, Lois reveled in the fact that Carlie wouldn't have the last laugh after all.


Two Months Later

Lois Lane smiled as stood under the hot lights of the club. Her nipples were erect and pointing through her wet t-shirt, but she didn't care that the t-shirt was the only piece of clothing that she had. Standing beside her were Samantha Smith and three of the bimbos that she hired. All four of them were also wearing wet t-shirts except unlike Lois, they were sobbing. In the course of two months, Jason Kirkland had turned things totally upside down at the Daily Planet. Lois Lane was his secretary instead of the hotshot reporter that everyone knew her as. She would often spend hours inside Jason's office and when she came out, she would be wearing a huge trench coat. The woman also wore tight clothing at the office and would let people grope and fondle her body. At night, the woman would follow Jason home where she would continue to serve them. The reason was simple, Lois was no longer able to be a reporter, but she used sex as a means to get Jason to listen to her ideas. In the end, Lois basically screwed the other females by getting them demoted. Lois felt that if she couldn't be a reporter, then every women at the newspaper was either going to be a secretary or lower. Thus, she fucked Jason in order to get him to accept her ideas. Of course, none of the men were against the idea and under Samantha Smith's watch, most of the women that had any will or brains had already left, so getting the bimbos to agree wasn't a big deal, but Lois was surprised to see the woman back at the company. Yet, Lois was quite happy that she was back since she always felt that Samantha always tried to keep her down and wanted to replace her with one of the bimbos. Which is why Lois liked seeing Samantha cry and better yet, Lois wanted to defeat all of them in the wet t-shirt contest that was currently occurring inside the Daily Planet.

"Did Lois Lane win?" Jimmy Olsen asked the crowd of horny male employees.

"YEA!" they all cheered in unison.

"Alright lads!" Jason Kirkland smiled as he stood up and pushed Jimmy back into his seat. "Since this is Jimmy's bachelor party, he gets to get a free dance from the winner of the wet t-shirt contest. As for the losers, I guess you can take them for some entertainment."

"Jason! Jason!" the men chanted as they yanked the girls off the stage and towards the back room.

"Lois! Help me!" Samantha shrieked.

"Bye-bye," Lois spoke like a flight attendant at the end of a long flight.

"Well . . . they are gone now, Jimmy. I'll leave you two alone," Jason spoke as he patted the photographer on the shoulder and left the room.

Lois watched as Jason left the room. Once he was gone, the woman's fingers yanked her own hair backwards and began to whip her long hair about, splashing water on the walls. She then placed her finger on her lips and then licked it as if she were licking a lollipop. The woman then twirled her finger as if she were playing with a stick chewed up bubble gum. Lois then released her finger with a long audible pop as she sauntered toward Jimmy clutching her breasts. Once in front of him, she leaned forward and pressed her arms against her body before sliding them forward toward Jimmy. As her arms slowly moved, her breasts like moving icebergs were being slowly being pressed together. Jimmy licked his lips as Lois pulled back and removed the wet t-shirt. She flung it to the floor where it landed with a heavy thud. "Ready?" the woman asked.

"I'm always ready," Jimmy replied.

Lois Lane then began to swing her hips from side to side. Her hands shot down to her sex and she bent her knees and squatted. With her hands on her thighs, she opened and closed her legs several times, watching the boy's eyes getting bigger every time she opened her legs. Lois smiled knowing what kind of power that she had over the young man. "I bet Carlie doesn't do this. That slut only knows how open her legs and take it," Lois snickered to herself as she fell to her knees and then planted her hands on the floor. The woman then moved on all fours toward Jimmy, who was trying to control his breathing. This caused Lois to smile as she quickly turned around, presented her ass to Jimmy and began to finger her slit with her fingers while her ass swung from side to side like pendulum.

"Holy shit," Jimmy panted as his member pressed tightly against his pants.

"Shit doesn't come out of my cunt," Lois sneered as she stood up and licked her wet fingers clean. Jimmy couldn't believe his ears nor his eyes as Lois sauntered towards him again. His eyes were literally glued to the trickle of pussy juice that dripped down the woman's thigh to her knee cap. However, he was able to tear them away when Lois plastered her sweat and water covered tits against his face. The young man inhaled, breathing the woman's scent, and almost passed out. Never in his wildest dreams did her ever think that such a day would occur. Especially when Lois jiggled her tits in his face.

Jimmy could hardly contain himself and was very disappointed when she pulled away from him. However, he couldn't believe his luck when Lois turned and pressed her firm butt cheeks against his crotch where she swayed her hips from side to side, grinding backwards and pressing even harder while her hands gripped his legs for support. Eventually, the young man couldn't take it anymore. The pressure of his member pressing against his pants, the warmth of the woman's butt against his pants, and the warmth from her hands gripping his legs was just too much. His hands shot forward and grabbed the woman's breasts and squeezed. "Yes! Always wanted to do this!" he yelled.

"Harder! Harder!" Lois screamed back.

"I'll give you hard!" Jimmy snarled as his hands quickly retracted and undid his pants. Then his hands shot forward as he rammed his member into the woman's sex and began to thrust into her from behind. The room was quickly filled with the sounds of the man's belt jiggling as Lois moaned. "Take it! Oh god! This is amazing! You're amazing Ms. Lane!" Jimmy screamed.

From the corner of her eye, Lois could see Jason holding Carlie's arms, making sure that she saw every second and heard every grunt. "Thought you could beat me, you fucking slut! By the reaction of your face, I bet Jimmy has never been this vocal. You can have him, I have Jason!" Lois said to herself triumphantly.


Nine Months Later

"Oh god!" Lois Lane moaned as she rode Jason Kirkland's member. The woman oscillated on his manhood as she clutched his wrists, making sure that his hands gripped her newly enhanced tits. For the past few months, Lois had been Jason's administrative assistance. She didn't wear much at the office and allowed the rest of the male staff to fondle and grope her body. In return for her compliance, Jason had demoted most of the female workers at the Daily Planet. The other women were either secretaries or held lesser positions such as copier girl. Additionally, Carlie's life at the paper wasn't very good either. The woman's days as a reporter ended months ago and she was now currently assigned to the supply room. Basically, the only reason that she had a job was because her husband, Jimmy Olsen, was on very good terms with Jason, the boss, especially since he would get some one-on-one time with Lois if he did a good job with his stories. Lois relished the fact that Jimmy lusted after her more than Carlie. To this day, Carlie was unable to get Jimmy to fuck her and scream out the obscenities that he did when he fucked Lois on the night of his bachelor party. Carlie had tried everything, but she could see an instant boner when Lois rubbed up against him at the office, and Carlie was incredibly scared of Lois since she didn't want to lose Jimmy. However, Jason was quite enthralled with Carlie's fake tits that she used in order to seduce him. Thus to make sure that Carlie couldn't seduce Jason, Lois asked Jason to take her to a plastic surgeon, where Lois had a few procedures performed on her and. The woman had her waist reduced so that she could have an hour glass body without having to make her corsets too tight. Of course, her breasts were now two sizes bigger due to the silicon while her lips had a permanent pout thanks the collagen. And ever since Lois gained her new body, she had Jason's attention all to herself, especially since she knew that the man was in the final stages of adding a television station to his holdings. Even though Lois was no longer a reporter for the newspaper, she now wanted to be an anchor for the evening news on Jason's television station. To ensure her hold on Jason, Lois was willing to do anything.

Jason Kirkland smiled as he watched Lois Lane's body glisten with sweat. The woman that had spurned his affection was now his and quite eager to please him. The man knew that Lois knew about the television station. He knew that the woman's ambition would keep her going, making her compliant in order to secure a job on the station. However, Jason wanted to know just how far she was willing to go. Thus with a smile on his face, he thrust into Lois, and began to talk. "Lois Lane. My sweet Lois Lane. Do you hate Lex Luthor?" he asked.

"Lex Luthor," Lois Lane growled, hating the mere mention of the name.

"Lex Luthor and I are old business partners. I've always tried to keep a low profile unlike him. With his help, he was able to influence the board. From there, they instilled Samantha Smith, a woman who I have blackmailed for years. Under my direct orders, she sabotaged her own career and tried to force you out," Jason spoke.

"That bitch!" Lois spat as she hated hearing Samantha's name. She loathed Samantha Smith more than Lex Luthor.

"So with sales down and Luthor's influence, the board finally ousted her and put me in charge of the Daily Planet. We couldn't have done all this without the unfortunate passing of Perry White. No one could have foreseen that, but the plan for a takeover had been created years ago. His passing was just a blessing," Jason continued.

"You see my dear, Lex Luthor and I were the last two remaining board members. There was no way in hell that we were going to vote. Jimmy didn't know a thing about it. In fact, he's still clueless. I told Carlie to visit the club on that faithful night though. That bimbo would have probably never blackmailed you if it wasn't for your need to have the front page and to best her. If you hadn't tried to seduce Jimmy, I don't think she would have handed me the pictures."

"Seduce Jimmy . . . Carlie doesn't like that," Lois moaned as she closed her eyes and smiled, savoring the win over Carlie.

Jason was a bit surprised that Lois didn't want to claw his eyes out after hearing the truth. The man wasn't sure if Lois would explode or not. However, he was quite pleased when the woman opened her eyes and looked lovingly at him. "You're not mad?" he asked.

"Mad?" Lois moaned as her eyelids fluttered. "I can't be mad at the person who is going to become a television station owner. A rich and powerful man deserves to have a woman like me," she purred.

"Do you want to be on television?" Jason inquired even though he already knew the woman's answer.

"Do you think I would be a good fit?" she inquired meekly.

"A body like that and your name recognition in this city, why wouldn't you be a good fit? Especially since I am going to make it into a regular local channel. It will have sitcoms, sports, movies, and of course news!"

"Got him," the woman's mind screamed in triumph. "Lois Lane, head anchor!"

"So how about it?"

"Jason, I accept! Now stop talking business and start fucking!" the woman encouraged the man as she humped him as if her career and life depended on it.


A Week Later

Lois Lane was beside herself with glee. She had just inked a five year exclusive iron-clad contract to work at the television station. Best yet, she saw Carlie Olsen dressed in a yellow string bikini, walking about on the set. "Suits her," Lois Lane giggled to herself as she adjusted her blue suit jacket and matching skirt. The woman quickly made her way to the anchor's seat when Jason Kirkland called out her name. Lois smiled at the man and quickly ran to his side, planting a passionate kiss on his lips while her tongue cleaned his teeth.

"Ready?" the man asked Lois after she released his mouth.

"I am," the woman spoke gleefully.

"Before we get started today. There are a few things that we need to do first. I think you should meet all the makeup people. That way they can make you beautiful for your appearances," the man smiled as he lead Lois toward the back. The woman gripped his arm tightly and leaned her head against him.

"What is she doing here?" Lois asked Jason as he saw Carlie seated on a chair getting her makeup touched up.

"Everybody is here. But Carlie is the new weather girl," Jason replied as he helped Lois into a seat.

"Mr. Kirkland," a short redheaded teenager spoke as he ran up to him. The boy was shorter than Jimmy Olsen and he looked like a high school kid. In fact, he was even dressed like one. He had simple blue jeans and a regular black t-shirt with the station logo on back. The teen was definitely intern material.

"What is it?"

"We're behind schedule. The broadcast won't be started on time."

"No worries, kid," Jason replied. "I'll see what I can do to get things back on schedule. Stay here and direct my lovely girlfriend to the set when we're ready."

"Yes sir," the teen nodded as the man left.

Lois Lane waited for several minutes, but the makeup person never arrived. In fact, most of the makeup people left already. Even Carlie left. After waiting for an additional half-hour, Lois became impatient. Right before she was going to ask the teenager about what was going on, the teenager got a ring on his cell phone. She could hear Jason's voice on the line and she knew it was time to get to work. "About time," she muttered.

"Follow me," the teenager spoke as he lead the way.

Within seconds, Lois realized that they were not going to the main set. "Where are we going?" she asked. "The main set is that way."

"The cameras don't work over there. That's just the rehearsal area. We're going to the main set, a bigger and better set," the teen spoke.

"That anchor desk was huge," Lois thought to herself. "If the real set is better than I've truly made it!"

"Okay. Here we go. We're here," the teen spoke as they approached a huge black curtain. "When we get outside, no microphones are needed. Mr. Kirkland has several microphones placed around the set. They'll pick up everything so there's no need to equip people with microphones. That way, nobody's outfit will be ruined by all the gear."

"Sounds smart. But then again, it came from Jason so it has to be," Lois replied with a huge smile, knowing that her man had thought of everything.

"Just remember, don't say anything unless you're given a cue."

"I know what I'm doing," Lois scoffed, not believing how a stupid teenager could dictate orders to her. Especially since she use to be the best reporter of the Daily Planet and now she was the head anchor at the newest television station.

"Alright. It's show time," the teenager spoke as he walked through the curtain with Lois Lane behind him.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome our station's very own Randy Wright, our weatherman and his silent assistant, Lois Lane, the weather girl!" Carlie giggled. Lois Lane's mouth dropped and hit the floor as she saw Jimmy Olsen seated at the anchor seat. Her eyes almost bulged out as Carlie sauntered up and handed her a yellow umbrella.



"And we have some wind coming from the West," Randy Wright spoke as he stood in front of a map of the United States. The teenager wore a blue suit and was pointing at some of the yellow arrows on the left side of the map. Rubbing his chest with her left hand was Carlie, who was wearing a yellow thong bikini as she pressed up against him. The weather report was always the most popular part of the TeleLex Evening News. "Unfortunately, it won't be bikini weather," the teen spoke as another buxom women wearing drab brown trench coat bounced into the picture and stood behind him, clasping her hands on the shoulders, and shaking. Randy didn't even turn around since he knew that Lois was standing behind him. Instead of turning around, he walked to the right side with Carlie and left Lois on the left side of the screen. With Randy and Carlie on the right, Lois stood sideways, bent forward, placed her hands on her knees, and began to blow. "As you can see, the winds from the West will come in and move the front away from us. Once the front is gone, high pressure will move in, and the sun will return," Randy spoke calmly as Lois stood straight up, faced the camera, and tore her trench coat off, revealing her a yellow thong bikini.

"And that means bikini weather," Carlie giggled as she bounced to Lois, holding a bottle of baby oil in her hand. She immediately opened the lid and began to pour it over Lois Lane's shoulders. She moved the bottle forward and aimed it at the top of her breasts as Lois slid her hands over her shoulders and slapped her flat stomach, leaving a layer of oil. Putting the bottle on the floor, Carlie stood behind Lois and began to fondle the woman's breasts, spreading the oil over them, making them glisten. As the seconds passed, Lois closed her eyes as she continued to spread the oil on her stomach. This allowed Carlie to slip her oil covered right hand under Lois Lane's thong where she massaged the woman's sex, making Lois moan while she licked her lips.

"As you can see, my assistant is very appreciative of my weather. Tune in tomorrow for more TeleLex Weather. This is Randy Wright hoping that you get outside," Randy spoke as the camera's red button turned off and Carlie retracted her hand. The woman turned Lois around allowing Randy to give the woman a hard smack on her buttocks.

"Thank you," the once fiery reporter spoke as she hung her head. It had been six months since she started working on television. At first, she hated the outfits and what she had to do, but her contract kept her in line. Especially since Jason Kirkland had all the pictures and numerous videos since Lois Lane still worked at the club. Although everyone in town now considered Lois Lane a bimbo, they had no idea how depraved she was when she was with the city's elite in the club. That was something that Lois definitely wanted to keep secret especially since most of the elite kept the criticism about her in check. Newspapers, television, and radio were very lenient on her even though the employees wanted to say more, but couldn't, all because she was cooperative. Lois Lane didn't want to comply, but she had no choice. It took her the longest time to realize that, often crying herself to sleep, but now that she did, the woman was now a hollow shell. She was meek and very pliable.

"Go to the back," Carlie spoke as Jimmy Olsen wrapped his arms around her hips and kissed the blonde woman on the neck.

Lois nodded and admired Carlie. There was once a time that Lois hated Carlie, but now she admired her. She admired Carlie because Jimmy loved and took care of her. Jason Kirkland on the other hand didn't love Lois. He simply loved the power that he had over her and treated her like property. The man used her as he saw fit and Lois had to thank him for it. If she ever talked back or disobeyed an order, the pictures and videos would be released, destroying her life forever. At least in her current role, she was seen as a bimbo, but she was Jason Kirkland's girl. That kept the commoners at away, but it did nothing for special people, people that she was about to meet.

"Hey guys! Look who is here," a production assistant laughed as a crowd of thirty men, most of them crew members waited for Lois.

"Hello cow," the others laughed.

Lois blew them a kiss and made her way to the center of the room. She then placed her hands on her the back of her head as the men pawed her body. The groped and pinched her skin as some others caressed and gently rubbed her smooth oily skin. Lois closed her eyes and even though she wanted to pull away, she stood still and allowed the men to continue. Within seconds, she could feel her top and thong being removed. Someone now had a souvenir as they groped her

nude body, the one that she begged Jason for, only to wish that she could give it back. Unfortunately for Lois, she was stuck with her artificial body. The body that she was once so proud of when she thought she had Carlie on the ropes was now her shame since it now defined her instead of her work. "Five more years of this," Lois groaned to herself as the circle tightened.

The End


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