Gate Crashing Gotham City

BY : NightCreeper
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Gate Crashing Gotham City

A Crossover Story

"It was a great plan to send a scouting party to this city, sir. I doubt that Guile or Chun Li will ever imagine that we would come to a city like Gotham City."

"Gotham City," M. Bison muttered under his breath as he stared at the tall buildings along the city streets. A few minutes ago, Bison arrived in Gotham City in the belly of a freight ship, something that the dictator was not use to. A few days ago, he controlled one of the most powerful armies on Earth, but his entire base and his Psycho Drive were destroyed by a joint operation between the U.S. Air Force and Interpol. Not only did he lose his base but several of his high ranking Shadoloo fighters were captured. The rest all fled to various undisclosed areas of the world, which made contacting them impossible. Luckily for Bison, his network stretched several continents, so it wasn't hard to make contact with some of his soldiers in the United States. After a brief conversation with his soldiers, it was decided that a crime infested city like Gotham City would be perfect for Bison to set up a base and begin to amass his forces. Once he had built up his army, he would avenge his loss in Thailand. However, for the moment, he was riding in a stolen taxi cab and was in foul mood even though he had a lovely Gypsy and a Japanese schoolgirl as his prisoners in the trunk of the cab.

"Come on sir, it isn't that bad. We can easily rebuild Shadoloo here. Our scouts have already found an abandoned candy factory which can be a perfect place for us to rebuild. There's already a huge cache of weapons there and it appears that it has its own electrical power that could be a perfect source of energy for the Psycho Drive. Our operatives have informed me that Gotham City has a wide array of technology that we can steal. Besides . . . what the . . ."

"What now . . ." Bison said as he glanced at the scene on the driver side of the cab. On the sidewalk and moving into an alleyway, a comical scene was being played out. Bison could see what appeared to be two women dressed in body-hugging Halloween costumes with capes, chasing a man dressed in a totally black outfit with a red headband, into an alley. One woman was dressed purple outfit with a hood like a certain little girl wanting to visit grandma in the middle of the woods. Of course, this female had black gloves and black boots that went all the way to her knees, not to mention some sort of belt and a mask. The other woman was also dressed in a purple and black outfit, but unlike her partner, her mask only covered part of her face as her long black hair flowed freely. Almost in contrast to her partner, this woman was wearing purple gloves and purple boots, while the rest of her outfit minus a V on her suit and her cape, were completely black, but like her partner, she too had a belt of some kind around her waist. Bison could see that the women were very fine female specimens; very fine.

"Interesting. Cammy, stop the cab. I want to see this." Bison commanded as Cammy stopped the cab and turned off the lights right beside the entrance to the alley.

"There seems to be quite a number of people in that alley."

"Yes, I would say that there is a small gang about thirty teenagers in that alley. That white thing on his arm must be a purse. Looks like two women are trying to foil a purse snatching," Bison smiled as he absorbed the scene in the alleyway.

The woman in the hood was the first to strike an attacking thug. The thug swung wildly at her face, but she simply side-stepped him, fell to the ground, tripped him, and then kicked him in the side of the head. This was followed by a hard kick to the ribs of another attacker, followed by an uppercut to the hunched over attacker.

"Impressive," Bison said calmly as he watched her fluid movements.

"I guess," Cammy replied nonchalantly as she tightened her gloves.

Bison snickered a bit as he turned his attention to the other woman without the hood. He could see that her fighting style was much more refined and her punches and kicks seemed to have more velocity than her partner's. In fact, he could almost feel the blows raining down on her opponents as he watched the pained expression on their faces. The dictator could feel his member straining against his pants as he watched the raven haired woman's chest heave up and down in her tight outfit. In fact, he could see both women were getting quite a workout.

"There's about ten left," Cammy quickly counted.

Bison didn't hear a word that Cammy said since he was too busy imagining what it would be like to have the two feisty beauties servicing him, not only in his new army, but in private as well. He could imagine running his hands up and down their finely toned bodies, groping, fondling, and caressing every inch of their bodies. Bison even thought about what it would feel like to pump fiercely into their sexes as he gripped their hips, hearing them grunt and moan beneath him. Or better yet, his hands squeezing their voluptuous breasts, while they oscillated on his member. "Splendid," Bison said softly as he licked his lips.

"What sir?" Cammy asked.

"Engage them," Bison commanded as he saw that there were only about five thugs left.

"With pleasure, love," Cammy replied as she ran out of the cab and into the alleyway. The British woman tackled the woman without the hood, shoving her into a huge industrial trash bin.

"Huntress!" the woman wearing the hood cried out as she saw her partner fall to the ground.

"Huntress? What kind of name is that?" Cammy snickered as she delivered an Axel Spinning Knuckle to the other woman's face, sending her crashing to the ground too.

"Whoa!" one of the thugs yelled.

"Whose the new hottie?" another one yelled.

"I bet she wants to have a good time," a third one boasted.

"Actually . . . my name is Cammy."

"A British girl . . . sexy . . . sort like that chick that raids tombs or something. Hey honey, how would you like to ride my train?"

"Sorry love, but your train is the one that couldn't," Cammy growled as she delivered a fierce Axel Spinning Knuckle to the thug's face, breaking his nose and knocking him out at the same time.

"Holy shit!" a thug yelled as backed up and fell to the ground in fear.

"Pathetic. No wonder why those two Halloween rejects had such an easy time."

"We are not Halloween rejects," Huntress growled. "We're crime fighters!"

"Crime fighters? Is that what you two are? How quaint. I suppose I should teach you two a lesson about fighting then," Cammy boasted as she executed a Cannon Arrow.

"Yaoooo!" Helena screamed as she jumped into the air, dodging Cammy's attack. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know but that thug over there sure got what was coming to him," the woman with the hood said as she stood next to Huntress.

"Spoiler, do you know that British woman?"

"Let me get this straight . . . Little Red Riding Hood over there is named Spoiler? My, you two are worse than Halloween rejects! Where was the love when you two were born?" Cammy laughed as she got up and dusted herself up.

"Who the hell are you?" Spoiler growled.

"Like I said to those boys over there, my name is Cammy, and I am here to test your skills."

"Test this then!" Spoiler shouted as she threw a punch at Cammy.

"Come on!" the British woman shouted as she raised an arm and blocked the high attack. She then quickly counterattacked with a Cannon Spike that sent Spoiler crashing into the ground. The thugs were now virtually shaking in their boots and scrambled out of the alleyway as Bison continued to watch with sadistic glee as he felt himself getting more and more aroused.

"Take this then!" Huntress yelled as she delivered a series of kicks and punches.

"Argghh!" Cammy grunted as she tried to block the majority of the blows, but still took a few to the her lower legs that slowed her movements a bit.

"Don't worry Huntress! I'm coming to help!" Spoiler shouted as she two engaged Cammy, making it even more difficult for the British woman to block the flurry of punches and kicks.

Bison continued to watch the fight with a great deal of interest. He could see the two women's bodies strain against their tight outfits, which still paled in comparison to the strain in his pants, as the front of his pants attempted to keep his ever-growing member contained. The dictator paid special attention to their orbs and thighs as they flexed against the tight material of their outfits. Of course, he watched their butt sway with every movement, just begging for him to grab and squeeze them.

"YAAHH!!" Cammy screamed as she caught raised her arm and blocked both punches from Spoiler and Huntress. She then retaliated by hitting Huntress with Cannon Spike. As Spoiler attempted to compose herself, Cammy jumped up into the air, wrapped her legs around Spoiler's head, and executed an Frankensteiner, driving Spoiler into the ground.

"Owwww," Spoiler groaned as she felt her head being lifted off of the ground.

"Interesting," Cammy spoke as she ran her hands up and down Spoiler's body. "Your costume here is just that. The muscle tone and everything is real. How splendid."

"Hey bitch! Get your hands off her!" Huntress growled as she pulled out her crossbow and fired off a shot that exploded against Cammy's chest, sending her crashing into the ground after she turned around in surprise.

"You shouldn't have done that," a male voice growled behind Huntress.

"What the?" Huntress gasped as she turned around only to have her crossbow fly out of her hand. She then saw that a man dressed in red with a black cape was standing in front of her, his left hand had an eerie blue glow, as he seemed to hover a few inches off the ground. "Who are you?" she attempted to ask in a brave tone even though her voice quivered a bit.

"My name is M. Bison," the man replied. "You can call me Master Bison, however."

"Not in this lifetime!" Huntress growled as she delivered a punch into the man's stomach. The blow would have usually sent an enemy to his knees or at least the opponent would be sent reeling a few steps backwards, but Bison did none of that. The man simply held his ground, his smile never disappeared.

"That almost tickled," Bison laughed.

"YAAA!!" Huntress yelled as she delivered a hard kick to his ribs, but like her punch, the man brushed it aside.

"Huntress and Spoiler. You two will make a nice addition to my forces," Bison laughed.

"You heard the lady, not in this lifetime!" Spoiler shouted as she landed a jumping kick to Bison's shoulder.

"Annoying," Bison said calmly as he sent Spoiler crashing to the ground with a hard slap across her face.

"Bastard!" Huntress yelled as she charged him, only to be met by a Knee Press Nightmare at the hands or in this case, the feet of M. Bison.

"Uhhh . . ." Spoiler groaned as she tried to get to her feet. However, once she stood up, she would have been better served to stay down since Bison floated back a few steps before executing a Psycho Crusher that sent Spoiler crashing against the solid brick wall of the building, knocking her senseless.

"Now . . . where did Huntress go?" Bison mused once he landed.

"Right here!" Huntress shouted as she fired a shot from her trusty crossbow. Unfortunately for her, Bison's left hand began to glow and the arrow stopped in mid-flight. "What the hell is going on?" she asked in stunned disbelief.

"It's a skill that I acquired over the years," Bison laughed as his hand stopped glowing and the arrow fell harmlessly to the ground. "Now, if you don't mind, I like to acquire you and your friend."

"NNNOOOO!!" Huntress screamed in fear as she fired off a few more arrows in rapid succession.

Once again, Bison's hand began to glow, but the cocky dictator only used one of his hands, thus he was only able to stop two of the four arrows. The third one bounced off his boot and the fourth one stuck to his kneepad, right above the boot. "BAHHH!" Bison snarled as he pulled the arrow out with his right hand. However, by the time he looked up in disgust, Huntress had already fled the scene.

"Ahhhh . . ."

"Almost forgot. I guess you'll have to do for now," Bison spoke as he made his way to Spoiler, who was having problems getting to her feet. The dictator easily picked up the stunned girl by her throat. Spoiler's back was pressed tightly against Bison's chest as his left hand roamed up and down her body, much to her chagrin. Spoiler could feel his member pressing against her buttocks as his hand cupped her breasts and gave a forceful squeeze, causing her to scream in pain. "Yes, you'll do quite nicely for now," Bison laughed as Cammy, who had already recovered from the fight walked towards them.

"Please stop," Spoiler groaned weakly.

"Stop? We're only getting started," Bison laughed as Cammy pressed a gun into Spoiler's neck. The British woman then injected her with a chemical dart that instantly began to take effect in Spoiler's weakened condition.

"Help me Huntress. Help me," she slurred as her head began to bob.

A huge smile appeared on Bison's face as he slung Spoiler over his shoulder, making sure that his right hand was on her ass, squeezing and pinching it as he walked back towards the taxi.


"Good morning Barbara," Commissioner Gordon greeted his daughter. "I like you to meet one of Interpol's finest, Chun Li. Ms. Li came to Gotham City to inform us about quite an unsavory character."

"Well daddy, I'm sure that Ms. Li has heard about Gotham City's greatest crime fighters," Barbara Gordon replied as she took a good look at the Chinese woman standing in front of her father's desk. She could see that Ms. Li was dressed in a very conservative blue suit. Her skirt was just a few centimeters above her knees and her high heels didn't have much of a heel at all. In fact, the heels on Batgirl's boots would tower over the Chinese woman's heels easily. Barbara then took her gaze off of the woman's shoes and glanced at her face and hair. She could see that the woman was sort of like her, in the sense that both of them didn't wear a lot of makeup, nor did they have extravagant hairstyles. Although, Barbara almost chuckled when she saw the buns in Chun Li's hair.

"Greatest crime fighters?" Chun Li inquired.

"Yes. Gotham City is the home of Batman and Robin. I am sure that you have heard of them," Barbara replied.

"Sorry. I do not know of Batman and Robin."

"Come now. Batman and Robin . . . everyone has heard of them," Barbara replied, still trying to size up the Chinese woman.

"Now, now, Barbara. Ms. Li is new to Gotham City. I am sure if she visited our city before, she would know who Batman and Robin are . . ."

"Sorry to cut you off, Commissioner. But I would like to meet Batman and Robin. They might prove invaluable in apprehending M. Bison."

"I'm sure the Caped Crusaders would be quite beneficial to your investigation, but they are off chasing some of Gotham City's most sinister villains. You see, there was a jail break a few days ago and they're now quite busy trying to track them down."

"That's very unfortunate," Chun Li sighed. "Well Commissioner, it was a pleasure to meet you. And Barbara, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. If you're able to reach the Police Chief, please ask him if he's heard anything about M. Bison."

"I will ask Chief O'Hara personally tonight when he returns."

"Thank you. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to leave," Chun Li said as she headed out the door.

"Delightful girl."

"Daddy. Don't you find it odd that strange people show up in Gotham City whenever there is a huge prison break?"

"Barbara, she's an Interpol agent. Besides, she's chasing around a dictator. Not to mention that her area of expertise is Asia and she has never step foot in the United States until now. All of which would help explain why she hasn't kept up with events in the Western Hemisphere. So don't overreact. Besides, just because Batman and Robin are gone, Gotham City is hardly at the mercy of criminals. We still have a fine Police force and we still have Huntress, Spoiler, and Batgirl."

"Perhaps you're right daddy. Can I see those files that she left?"


"NOO!! PLEASE NO!!!" Spoiler screamed. Huge metal cuffs circled her wrists as they kept her arms chained to the cot and next to her head. Although she was still wearing her costume, the front of it had been torn open, revealing her breasts and sex. Basically, Bison tore a straight line from her collar all the way down to her sex. Spoiler had slept through the initial incision around the collar area, but the wild jerking that ripped her uniform had awakened her, and when her mind finally processed everything, the woman became a bundle of nerves and was squirming around like a worm caught on the wrong end of a fishing hook.

Bison watched the struggling girl with an evil gleam in his eye. The more the girl struggled, the sexier she became. Bison watched the horror engulf the girl's face as she realized that she had been unmasked. It was that split second that she began to toss her hair all about like a tornado whipping around debris. Bison could see tears roll down her eyes as she tossed her head about. Although, he was enjoying the water show, he couldn't help but admire how the girl's breasts were jiggling all about. "Struggle! Writhe! Squirm! Whatever you want my dear, just do it, my sexy little toy!" Bison teased as his hands gripped Spoiler's breasts and began to squeeze them violently.

"AAHHHHH!!!" Spoiler screamed in pain as Bison's hands kneaded her breasts. "Get off of me!" she screamed just as loudly while her legs, which weren't shackled, attempted to kick Bison off of her. Unfortunately for Spoiler, she was unable to place much force in her kicks. In fact, she was barely able to lift her legs off the bed and it didn't take very long for the girl to tire herself out either since every time she tried to lift her leg, it felt like she was trying to lift heavy weights. Thus within seconds, Spoiler's legs weren't even an option in terms of defense anymore.

"That's so depressing. I was hoping for more of a fight. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find a way to cheer myself up then," Bison snickered as he leaned forward and engulfed the girl's right nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked playfully at her nipple, causing the girl to moan loudly, unable to decide if she should scream in agony or pleasure. Once Bison's tongue made Spoiler's nipple stand at attention, he cupped her breast and glided his tongue from one side of her breast to the other, leaving a trail of saliva. The saliva trail glistened in the pale light of the room as it slowly slid down the sides of her breast.

"Ohhhhh!! GOD!! OHHH!!" Spoiler panted as she felt the breeze that Bison's body was making in the cold room. She could feel her skin crawl every time that the man touched her, yet the warmth of his body was almost intoxicating. However, the young woman's fighting spirit refused her to submit, thus she continued to struggle beneath Bison.

"That's right! Struggle!" Bison grinned as his fingers began to tickle the folds of her sex while he continued to run his mouth and tongue all over Spoiler's breasts. His tongue even explored the area above her breasts. It went slowly north, leaving a trail of saliva everywhere it went. Bison's tongue snaked over Spoiler's throat and eventually her face. When Bison stopped licking Spoiler, it looked like an army of slugs had crawled all over her upper body.

"Ohhhh . . . ahhhhh . . . please . . . arrrgggghhh . . . release me and I . . . and I . . . won't turn you. The police . . . they . . . ahhhhh . . . won't know about it . . . I . . . OHHHH GOD . . . I promise!" Spoiler grunted as her head was now past the bar that her wrists were chained to. In fact, if it wasn't for her hands being shackled to the bar, she probably would have fallen off by now.

"Tempting offer, but your body is much more tempting. Besides, when I'm done with you, you won't even think about reporting me," Bison laughed as he slid down her body and rested his cheeks between her thighs. His fingers had long stopped playing with her sex, but he could smell her between her legs. Bison knew that his attentions to her breasts and face had forced her own body to betray her. Thus, without any hesitation, Bison stuck his tongue into Spoiler's sex and began to lick at it madly as his fingers kept her lips pried open.

"NOOOOO!!" Spoiler groaned as she felt his tongue explore the inner parts of her sex before it whipped her clit violently about, sending the woman's body into an absolute frenzy. The young woman's breasts were now being whipped all over the place as her body thrashed about on the bed as Bison pressed her legs up so that her knees were almost next to her face.

"You will serve me well," Bison finally said as he raised his head from her sex and allowed her legs to fall back onto the bed. Then, he took his wrist and wiped away her juices from his lips and face. He wiped them on the bed sheets and then unzipped his pants.

"Ple . . . please . . . no . . ." Spoiler begged halfheartedly.

"You're such a sexy little slut, I don't see why not," Bison laughed as his hands pried open her pussy lips. "In the future, you will service me before I fuck you, but since your struggles have excited me so much, it's not needed right now."

"NOOOO!!!" Spoiler screamed through a mask of pain as Bison thrust his member into her sex. The young woman's eyes almost popped out of her eye sockets due to the force of Bison's initial thrust. Spoiler was now wailing like crazy as her body continued to thrash like a fish out of water as Bison slowly pumped in and out of her. Once again, Spoiler's head was well past the bar that restrained her hands even though Bison had repositioned her before he rammed inside her. And just like before, Bison's hands were assaulting her breasts while Spoiler's legs were pushed and bent against her torso.

"I've kept your boots on for tonight. From this night forth, you wear some higher heels to accentuate your tight body. From now on, you will advertise your body a little more. Am I going to have a lot of fun with you," Bison grunted as he savagely pumped in Spoiler.

"NOOO!! OH NO!!! GOD NO!!! PLEASE!!! AHHH!!! IT HURTS!!! STOP!! PLEASE!!" Spoiler screamed again and again until her throat was raw from screaming. Her entire body quaked beneath Bison's huge frame. The young woman could feel her tunnel grip Bison's member as it sawed in and out of her, splitting her in an attempt to fit properly. Spoiler was now in an a tremendous amount of pain, both mental and physical, as her mind tuned out everything and begin to focus only on the pain and the ever increasing pleasure going through her body. Spoiler's body was once again betraying her mind except this time, the mind was slowly succumbing to it.

"Cafffff! Excuse me. But I hate to interrupt you stranger, but you seem to be in the wrong house!" a voice snarled from the darkness. Bison's face quickly changed due to the interruption. The smile on his face was gone and a deep scowl replaced it. Within seconds, the evil man closed his eyes, and then suddenly disappeared, leaving a groaning Spoiler all alone on the bed. "What the fuck?!" the voice in the shadow said in shock.

"Who are you?" Bison's voice asked from the darkness.

"No fair! I asked you first! So answer me now or I . . . ACCCKKKKK!!"

"You'll what?!" Bison inquired with an angry look on his face as his hand squeezed the neck of the intruder while pushing him into the wall. The evil dictator didn't know what to make of the intruder with his white face and pointy nose. Bison wasn't very fond of the color purple, but his visitor apparently was since that was the color of choice for his clothing. "What we're you saying?" Bison asked again, releasing his grip just a bit so the man could breath.

"Acccckkk . . . please, there's no need for this. If you want to stay the night, by all means do so . . ." the man coughed.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Joker."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Bison growled as he squeezed again.

"Noooo . . . accckkkk . . . my acccckkk . . . my name is the Joker," Joker gasped.

"And you are here because?" Bison asked as he allowed the man to take another breath.

"This candy factory is my base."

"Funny. My operatives told me that this place was abandoned."

"It was abandoned because I was taken to prison."

"How did you get out? Better yet, how did you get in here?"

"I broke out of prison. This use to be my place, so I snuck in, past those two guards by the door. They were too busy enjoying themselves with some naked purple haired woman."

"Idiots! I knew they should have gotten more people for this operation."

"Look pal. Maybe we can strike up a deal here. I never seen you before and you have never seen me. Everybody in Gotham City knows me and I know every inch of this city. Since you have captured Spoiler over there, I have no doubt that you're someone that I shouldn't trifle with. So how about a deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

"I help you get what you want and you help me eliminate some of my enemies. Besides, it will only take me a few hours to assemble my old gang. If those two guards are the only ones helping you out, then my gang will easily have at least twenty members."

"Very well," Bison finally replied as he released his death grip on the Joker's neck. "Go assemble your troops. I'll finish my job with Spoiler over there. In the meanwhile, take a small parting gift." The Joker was too busy rubbing his neck, trying to get some sort of feeling back into it, and paid little attention to Spoiler's naked body, but when the Japanese schoolgirl entered the room, he was all ears. "This is Sakura. Enjoy her and if your men need an incentive to join, then by all means have them partake as well. The Gypsy woman that you saw earlier is also up for free use . . . just not yet."

"DEAL! Just point me to a room that I can use for a half an hour!" the Joker said enthusiastically.

"Very well Joker, use that room over there," Bison said as he pointed at the door and Sakura obediently walked towards the door with her head down.

"By the way, what's your name?" the Joker asked.

"My name is M. Bison."


"I don't know how to explain it, but he defied gravity," Huntress said with crestfallen eyes.

"It says here in his file that M. Bison is a dictator and he wants to take over the world. Chun Li and Guile were able to defeat him in Thailand and he has been in hiding ever since."

"That's great Batgirl, but I don't see any of those people here right now."

"On the contrary Huntress. Chun Li is in Gotham City. She supplied all this information this afternoon."

"How did you get it then?"

"I made my own copy."

"So how do we reach her?"

"I don't know. I didn't take her file or anything. I only made a copy of this one."

"Well, we can either split up and find her or we can try to find M. Bison ourselves."

"From what you've said and what this file says, we're going to need all the help we can muster."

"But we have to rescue Spoiler as soon as possible! It's my fault that she got captured!"

"Spoiler can take care of herself. She's probably safe and sound in a cell right now. All we need to do is figure out what Bison wants to do with Gotham City."

"Well, let's not stay here and figure things out. It's getting dark and when night falls, let's be patrolling the city."

"Not a problem, Huntress. Not a problem," Batgirl agreed as she continued to leaf through the dossier compiled by Chun Li.


"Ms. Li, welcome. What can I do for you?" Commissioner Gordon greeted the Chinese woman.

"I got a call from Chief O'Hara to pick up some Police reports," Chun Li replied courteously.

"Oh yes!" the Commissioner replied as he searched the top of his desk for the file. "From what the Chief informed me this morning . . . last night there were a number of burglaries. Some of them occurred in science and bio-labs last night. There were also a few guns shops that got hit. For the first time ever in Gotham City, a few furniture stores were burglarized as well. Entire sets of furniture for offices, bedrooms, and entertainment centers were lifted right out the of the store and the security cameras caught nothing. Then there was a porno place and a strip bar that were hit. I just don't understand. Usually it's just jewelry stores and banks."

"Do you know what was stolen from the labs?" Chun Li asked as she waited patiently.

"Some tubes . . . they were like chambers of some sort. A lot wires and chemicals were also stolen as well. I believe they even swiped a generator last night."

"He must be trying to rebuild the Psycho Drive."

"The Psycho what?"

"The Psycho Drive is the source of Bison's power. He's able to channel a dark force throughout his body and when he's charged, he's very dangerous. However, in his lust for power, he uses a lot of his Psycho Power and needs to recharge it every now and then. Over the years, the Psycho Drive has been used less and less since he has harnessed the power and has learned to use it more effectively, and has converted the Drive for something else."

"What nefarious use does he use it for now?"

"We're not really sure. Guile and I destroyed the last one before he could use it. Supposedly, the Drive can harness the power of whoever is inside like some sick battery, but like I said before, we're not sure what the modifications do."

"Well I hope he doesn't use it in my fine town of Gotham City."

"I hope he doesn't get to use it either."

"Ah! Here's the file. I must have placed Bison's file on top of it. Funny, I could have sworn I read the Bison file and then the report from last night. I wonder why it was underneath it. No matter," Commissioner Gordon said as he handed the report to Chun Li.

"Thank you sir."

"No, thank you. What you're doing is mighty dangerous. The Caped Crusaders do everything as a team. You my dear, are doing things by yourself. If only my daughter, Barbara was here . . . I'm sure she would love to hear some of your stories about crime fighting. She just loves stuff like that."

"She wants to be a cop?"

"A cop? No! She just likes to read. She's a librarian and she reads detective and mystery novels all the time, but Barbara would never get involve with crime fighting."

"I don't know about that. Your fiery redheaded daughter could have a thing for crime fighting."

"Red hair? She just recently dyed it. I think she did it because she wanted to be more like Batgirl or something."


"Yes. Batgirl is one of our crime fighters too. Here, let me give you this file," the Commissioner said as he grabbed a small folder from his desk. "Take this, it's a brief file about some of our greatest crime fighters here in Gotham City."

"Thanks again."

"You're welcome. I remind the Chief to call you if he finds out anything more about the burglaries last night," the Commissioner said as Chun Li shook his hand and exited out the door. "What a nice girl. But Barbara as a crime fighter, how preposterous!"


"Such a pretty little thing isn't she, Cackle?" Chuckle snickered as he threw a drenched and nude Sakura onto a regular mattress which was just inches off the cold, hard concrete floor of the factory. Both of Joker's henchmen, whom were both about five feet and seven inches high, were unaware that Sakura had just been used by the Joker and was allowed to shower herself before joining them in the room.

"Yes she is. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that Gypsy woman either," Cackle replied.

"I don't know man. That bitch has been totally broken. This one hasn't. And fuck, look at those knockers! That growth hormone must have worked some magic on this eighteen year old!"

"Please," Sakura begged meekly as she slowly stood up. "Release me . . . PLEASE!"

"Maybe later," Chuckle said angrily as he threw Sakura back onto the mattress. The schoolgirl tried to cover herself up as Chuckle pounced on her body. His hands mauled her left tit as Cackle began to molest her right one. Sakura's arms flailed about wildly only to be forced back onto the mattress by Chuckle incredibly strong hands. Once her hands were immobilized, Chuckle's mouth assaulted Sakura's left breast without mercy.

"Good idea," Cackle said as he too began to attack Sakura's other breast. Unlike Chuckle, Cackle was more controlled. His tongue purposely lapped Sakura's nipple like a cat cleaning its paw. In a matter of seconds, Sakura's nipple was pointing upwards like a needle of a high skyscraper, all the while, Cackle's hands were busy kneading her breast like it was dough.

"NOO!!! STOP!!!" Sakura cried, but her cries were soon muffled when Chuckle locked his lips over hers. At the same time, Cackle moved away from the schoolgirl's breast, and rested between her legs. His hands gripped the sides of her legs as Sakura screamed into Chuckle's mouth. In a matter of seconds, her legs were parted and Cackle was burying his tongue deep into her sex.

"Cry for us," Chuckle commanded once he lifted his mouth from Sakura's.

"Let's make her scream," Cackle said as he too removed his mouth from Sakura's body.

"OH GOD NO!!!" Sakura screamed as she felt both men stick their fingers into her sex. The schoolgirl could feel that both men had two fingers each pumping rapidly into her sex as Chuckle held her left leg against his body. Cackle was busy holding her right leg against the mattress. As for Sakura's hands, they were free to move about, but instead, her hands gripped the mattress as her body squirmed about.

"Listen to that sloshing! This little slut is so fucking horny that her body has already responded!" Chuckle laughed.

"It's not me! I am not a slut!" Sakura wailed. "Bison shot me full of hormones. My body reacts instantly!"

"If that's the case then why do you stay and serve him then? Why are you letting anyone fuck you and treat you as they please?" Cackle inquired.

"Because I need to have those hormones injected into my body or I will go insane!" Sakura cried.

"So basically, the hormones make your tits bigger and it increases your sex drive! And to top it off, you've become addicted to it, so you have to have it, thus making you into a bigger slut with each passing day! My god, this Bison is my idol! Pure fucking genius!"

"Fuck yeah!" Chuckle agreed. "Just think if Batgirl or any of those other women got an injection. My god, we would be in fucking heaven."

"This isn't too bad either," Cackle said as he pulled his finger out of Sakura's wet sex and inserted it into her waiting mouth. In mere seconds, Sakura was deep throating his finger while her tongue traced the sides of his fingers over and over again. "In fact, she's been trained rather well. I bet she gives good head too. Tell me little girl, who trained you?"

"Bison and Cammy trained me," Sakura panted as she felt Chuckle pull his fingers out of her sex. She then saw her knees being lifted into the air as Chuckle began to assault her hairless pussy with his tongue. "Oh god!! They forced me to suck on dildos and vibrators day and night. I have to even suck on them while Bison was fucking me. He even forced me to practice on Rose, the purple haired woman. It was only the way I could get my injections," Sakura sobbed, her head now resting between Cackle's thighs as Cackle molested her breasts.

"Rose? We saw Joker fucking the shit out of her! She didn't struggle one bit!" Cackle spoke calmly as drool dripped from his lips and landed on Sakura's teary face.

"Rose was abused by Bison repeatedly. Bison said all sorts of bad things to her when he fucked her and wanted her to repeat everything that he said. After a week or so, Rose was no more, Bison had changed her. Rose talked, dressed, and acted the way that Bison wanted her too. She was completely broken . . . Oh god!! Please . . . no more!" Sakura pleaded as she felt Cackle's hands squeezing the life out of her breasts.

"So how come he didn't break you then?" Cackle inquired as he nibbled on Sakura's earlobes.

"Bison's sadistic! He wants to torture me! He enjoys it! Please . . . it hurts! Not so hard!" Sakura pleaded, tears running down her face as her breasts ached. Not to mention the fact that Chuckles was busy alternating between swiping his tongue over her clit and nibbling on it with his teeth.

"Be quiet little girl or we're going to tell Bison how bad you were tonight," Chuckles threatened as he pulled his stained face from Sakura's sex. Without saying another word, Chuckles began to spread Sakura's legs even more as he repositioned himself. "Listening to you has made me all nice and hard. So unfortunately, I won't be able to use that pretty mouth of yours . . . yet, but there's another hole that needs to be filled."

"NOOO!!" Sakura shrieked as she felt Chuckles ram his huge member into her sex. Luckily for the teen, she was incredibly wet, although most of it was caused by the hormone injections and not what was happening at the moment. Sakura counted her blessings since it didn't feel like sandpaper was grinding away at her insides like the first time Bison took her. Instead, the friction actually caused her to moan in pleasure even though it still hurt.

"You know you like this so why fight it?" Chuckles mocked.

"The little slut is so hot and bothered right now that I can hear the sloshing of her pussy!" Cackle laughed as the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room.

"Yes! I love being treated this way! Ram your cock inside me! Rip me apart!" Sakura screamed as her hands wrapped around the back of Cackle's neck. Her tits were jiggling up and down as Cackle felt her rock hard nipples rub against his palms as he held his hand over them. "Clamp down on my tits! Squeeze the life out of them like before!"

"With pleasure!" Cackle said enthusiastically as he gripped Sakura's breasts, unable to determine if the Japanese schoolgirl was acting or just overwhelmed with lust. Then again, he could care less since he was enjoying himself and that was all that mattered to him. He could see that the girl was busy aiding them as she thrust her hips to meet Chuckles' thrusts as well as bending her body, so that she could kiss Cackle's neck and arms.

Chuckles was thrusting into Sakura's sex with reckless abandon as he gripped her hips for support. The skin around the area where he held her were a pale white. However, it was the only way that he could hold onto the girl. After a few minutes, the brute got tired, and shifted his weight so that he was now hovering over her as he rammed himself deeper and deeper into her unprotected sex. "Do you like be treated like slut?" Chuckles groaned.

"No," Sakura panted unable to keep her eyes open as her body stiffened. The girl knew what was coming next and tried her hardest to suppress it, but like all the times before, she was unable to do so, and in a matter of seconds, she blew up like a volcano. Her body shook violently as her screams filled the room. Sakura's drenched hair was sending beads of sweat all over the room as her head jerked from side to side. All the while, a string of obscenities escaped her lips between her own grunting and moaning.

"The little firecracker climaxed already!" Cackle said in astonishment.

"Don't worry. She will have even more opportunities in a matter of seconds," Chuckles laughed. Cackle joined in the laughter too. Both of the men's laughter were still unable to drown out the slapping of skin. Nor where they able to drown out Sakura's voice and the young girl knew that she would probably be hoarse from all her screaming before the night was out.


"You're sure that M. Bison is in Gotham City?" Chun Li spoke softly into the receiver.

"I'm positive," replied the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Alright then. I've only got a few minutes on this phone, so please tell me everything that you've learned so far."

"You don't like standing in a phone booth?"

"It's not that. I've only brought enough change for a few minutes. It's not like I have pockets in this outfit."

"Understood. Here's the deal. Bison is planning to rebuild the Psycho Drive. This time around, the Drive will harness the power of the occupant, then using it to charge the cells which will eventually be used to blow up major cities. According to the specs, the Drive is linked to a satellite in space. The satellite is the only thing that will redirect the blast and apparently there is only one satellite. That's the good news. The bad news is that Gotham City is overrun with criminals right now. I believe there was some sort of prison break a few days ago and the police are too busy trying to catch all of them. I'm afraid that they won't be much help."

"They aren't. I have a few Police reports of what was stolen, but it doesn't really tell me much. I already concluded that Bison was out to rebuild the Psycho Drive and since you've verified the fact that he's here, I suppose he wants to rebuild his forces amongst the chaos in this city. I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with the prison break."

"Bison's smart but the prison break was just a coincidence, Chun Li."

"Regardless of whether he had anything to do with it or not, when I get my hands on him, I am going to tear him apart!"

"Going to fuck him up?"

"Yea. I'm going to fuck him up," Chun Li snarled.

"Well Chun Li, this might be your lucky day. Give me another twenty-four hours and I will be able to locate Bison's new base of operations. Just give me a call tomorrow at this number and I will rendevous with you outside his base."

"Thanks Rose! You're a true friend. I will never forget this."

"Don't worry Chun Li, you won't forget this," Rose said softly after hearing the Chinese woman hang up her end of the phone before doing the same. "It's done. Chun Li said that she will call me tomorrow night. I'm ready to fuck now," Rose purred as her fingers dug into the green hair of man who was busy sucking on her nipples and breasts. The Gypsy woman's legs were spread as she knelt on the same chair that Joker, who was wearing an opened bathrobe, was seated upon.

"Then what's stopping you?" Joker asked as he stopped licking Rose's engorged nipple for few seconds before resuming in earnest.

"Thank you," Rose purred as her hands went between her legs, gripped Joker's rock hard dick, and guided it into her wet sex. The purple haired woman stuck it into her sex and impaled herself as she twisted her hips and slowly took more and more in. Once enough of Joker's tool was inside her, she began to oscillate in his lap as she slowly whipped her hips from side to side, taking even more of him. By the time she had taken the entire girth of Joker's penis, she was busy humping Joker for all she was worth while she tried to ram her tongue down his throat. The woman's sexual appetite was about as wild as her pumping at the moment. In fact, her cunt muscles clinched and relaxed in way that satisfied Joker in ways he never thought possible.

Joker's smile was wider than usual as he enjoyed the sensations given to him by Rose. His mouth had long left her tits, but unlike his mouth, his hands weren't occupied at the moment, so they had the luxury of roaming all over the wild woman. Joker could see the woman fling her hair about as she rode him for all she was worth. Her chest was heaving up and down like a wild roller coaster ride which gave the evil man an idea. Moving swiftly, Joker's hands slid past Rose's hips, and rested on her ass. Within seconds, Joker pried her cheeks apart, gripped them, and used them like handles to further slam Rose onto him.

"USE ME!!" Rose shouted as she pulled herself away from Joker's mouth, all the while slamming herself against him again and again, trying to take his member even deeper. "Fuck me good!" Rose howled as she washed Joker's face with her tongue.

"I will," Joker grunted. "Just tell me more about this Chun Li woman."

"Chun Li's a prude much like myself a few weeks ago! But she too will change . . . she will change for the better. I read her Tarot cards and you will possess her when the moon is high. She will surrender herself to you," Rose panted.

"Is that so? Then tell me Rose, how did Bison break you? Because if Chun Li looks half as good as she does in that picture that you gave me, I want her to be as obedient as you."

"Bison broke me physically and mentally. We fucked for hours at a time and he always made lewd comments about my sexy body . . . the same one that you're fucking now," Rose lustfully moaned as her head began to bob while her vision blurred.

"Go ahead Rose, climax for me."

"I'M CLIMAXING!! ORGASMING!! YESSS!!" Rose howled as her body twitched and writhed wildy like if she was going into a seizure. Even though, Rose was climaxing, her sex continued to squeeze and release Joker's member as she pumped, thus in a matter of seconds, Joker released a long, deep moan as he shot his load into her feverish pussy. And when that happened, Rose was like a firecracker. The Gypsy woman's sex gripped Joker's cock for dear life, almost convincing him that she was never going to let go. Then one orgasm after another pounded through Rose's beautiful, sweaty, thrashing body.

Joker was exhausted when Rose finally stopped moving on top of him. The Gypsy woman lost count how many times she climaxed in the last series, but she knew that she damn sure didn't have enough fingers to count them on. However, she still wanted more. Hence, she gripped her jugs and washed her tongue over her hot body. Rose then soaked her tits with her saliva as she trailed her tongue back and forth on them, desperately trying to get Joker nice and hard. The purple haired woman knew that she was succeeding when she felt his member begin to twitch inside her. Turning up the heat, Rose raised her right breast, licked her nipple with her tongue, and then bit down hard on it. Then she released her nipple and did the same with her left breast.

"Holy shit!" Joker panted, not expecting the depravity that the woman before him was capable of. "Chun Li . . . I want her to act exactly like you . . ." Joker groaned as he slowly began to thrust inside the woman before him.

"We'll break her like a twig, my love," Rose moaned as she released her breast and bent forward, driving Joker's face between her two mountains of flesh, covering his face with her saliva and slapping him silly.


Twenty-four hours ago, Chun Li had a conversation with Rose, now it was time for action. The Gypsy woman was able to track down the whereabouts of M. Bison, but was unable to wait for Chun Li to arrive, for she wanted to help Sakura, who was being thrashed by Cammy, at least that's what she said into the telephone at the time. The Chinese woman reacted out of instinct when she heard that Sakura was in danger. She didn't want an innocent girl like Sakura spending too much time in the same country with a madman like Bison, hence she quickly left her hotel room and raced to the abandoned toy factory in her rental car. Now, Chun Li was standing in a room with two females wearing masks, trying to figure what time of the year it was and whether or not she was suppose to bring candy.

"Who the hell are you?" the woman in purple carrying a crossbow asked as she pointed it at the Chinese woman.

"My name is Chun Li. I am an Interpol agent. I was called her to rescue a friend of mine from a foul villain named M. Bison," Chun Li replied, setting herself to strike in case the two women were hostile. Although, she wasn't really sure since with their aid, ten of Bison's troops laid on the ground unconscious. She knew full well that she would have been overwhelmed by the troops if it wasn't for the sudden appearance of the two masked women, but she had to be sure.

"It's okay Huntress. I know who she is. She told Commissioner Gordon about the madman a few days ago. Chun Li, my name is Batgirl, and my friend here is Huntress. We too are trying to rescue a friend from Bison."

"You know Gordon?" Chun Li asked Batgirl suspiciously.

"I know him very well. I believe he gave you a file about all the crime fighters here in Gotham City. His daughter, Barbara helped him put that together. There was a letter in the folder."

"How do you . . ."

"I know Barbara Gordon. She helps me out some times as does Gordon himself. You see, crime fighters have to stick together."

"Look! We don't have time for this! Spoiler has been captured by Bison for a couple of days now!" Huntress groaned impatiently.

"SHIT!" Chun Li cursed. "There's no telling what that sick bastard has done to her then. Our best bet is to split up and try to cover as much ground as possible."

"Fine by me!" Huntress shouted as she darted through a door. "If you find anything, contact me through the communicator."

"Here, take this," Batgirl said as she reached into her utility bet and tossed Chun Li a yellow box. "That's the communicator that Huntress was referring to. If you see anything, don't hesitate to call."

"Thanks!" Chun Li said as she gripped the communicator in her hand. "I know what Spoiler looks like. If you see a Japanese schoolgirl, that's Sakura."

"I'll give you a call if I see her," Batgirl said as she ran after Huntress, leaving Chun Li in the room.

Chun Li continued to search the room and glanced up at the skylight that the two heroines came down from. "Interesting costumers," Chun Li snickered to herself as searched the room. She knew that she didn't really have much to say since she was decked out in her old blue fighting outfit from her younger days when she competed in the Alpha Tournaments. As Chun Li thought about her newly found allies, her hand brushed against a jester's cap on a bookcase, which revealed a secret passage behind the case. "Bingo!" she said triumphantly before disappearing into the dark passageway.


"Can we trust that woman?" Huntress asked Batgirl as they both walked stealthily through the dimly lit hallway. There were no lights in the hallway, just the eerie glow of the moon, peaking through the cracks of the boarded up windows.

"Yes. My dad showed me her records and trust me, we can trust her," Batgirl whispered back.

"Still daddy's little girl."

"Whatever," Batgirl said as she rolled her eyes.

"Split up?"


"There are four doors here. Which one do you want?"

"I'll take this one," Batgirl said as she pointed at the ones directly in front of the two women.

"Sounds good. I'll take the one over here. Remember Batgirl, call if you find anything."

"I will. Just remember to do the same. None of your little tempers now," Batgirl warned but it was too late since Huntress was already marching down another hallway.


"What the hell is this?" Chun Li said aloud as she entered a brightly lit room filled with four men dressed as clowns. The clowns were moving wooden crates from a truck to a stage of some sort. Standing off to the side was a fifth person. The fifth man but he looked more like a court jester with a purple suit than a clown.

"Crap! It's the Chinese woman! Get her!" one of the clowns shouted.

"Got her . . ." one of the clowns tried to say before Chun Li delivered a hard standing high kick to his chin, sending him crashing to the ground.

"What the fuck?" one of the clowns shouted as he tried to grab Chun Li from behind only to have leap into the air. Before he could react, Chun Li drove her knee into the back of his neck, knocking him out.

Chun Li made quick work of the other two clowns and when the dust cleared, the court jester with his purple suit was the only other person standing and he was clapping his hands. "Bravo. Bravo," he said as he slowly made his way towards her.

"Who are you?" Chun Li asked, ready to pounce on him if he even looked at her the wrong way.

"I am Joker."

"You have to be kidding."

"I don't kid, I joke, hence the name, Joker."

"Like the card that no one wants."

"Yes . . . I guess you could say that. Although, looking at you . . . I bet everyone wants you."

"Sexist pig," Chun Li snarled as she grabbed the man by his throat. "I am only going to ask once. Where is Bison?"

"Bison? Who is Bison?"

"You don't know who he is?"

"I don't even know who you are?" Joker lied as his hands gripped Chun Li's, trying to get her to release his throat.

"The bastard wears a red uniform with a skull with wings as his insignia. He usually has a cape and a red hat," Chun Li said impatiently.

"I don't know who Bison is, but I do have a picture that matches that description. He gave me a pin to put on top of my flower."

Chun Li looked down at the purple flower just as a purple spray began to emit from it. The Chinese woman instinctively pulled away, but it was too late as her eyes blurred and her legs felt weak. The woman tried to keep her balance on her wobbly legs as she released Joker's throat, giving him ample time to plant his right hand on her neck while holding the back of her head with his left hand. Then Chun Li screamed in pain as Joker's joy-buzzer sent wave after of wave of electricity coursing through her body. In a matter of seconds, Chun Li collapsed in Joker's arms, unable to resist his evil plans.


Batgirl slowly walked through the shadows of a long hall that seemed to stretch for miles. The hall was dimly lit and various parts of the hall had light. In fact, lights were placed on top of various portraits of different people hanging on the wall. She recognized some of the people in the pictures for they were portraits of some of Gotham City's most wretched villains. Most of them were being pursued by Batman and Robin, although she was aware of reports that said Nightwing was also helping them, which meant that she and Huntress were on their own. Luckily, she met Chun Li earlier in the night, hence at least three people were now on Bison and Joker's trail. As Batgirl continued to glance at the pictures, she noticed that the further she went in the hall, the pictures' themes were changing. Instead of portraits, pictures of various women in different erotic poses began to appear. Some of the women were dressed, others were not, but the picture that caught her eye was one that had Spoiler, wearing her mask and nothing else, masturbating. "What the?" Batgirl mouthed in shock.

"Like that picture?" a voice boomed from the darkness.

Batgirl noticed that she had stepped into the lighted part of the hall while she was looking at the picture. "Whose there?" she asked, hoping that the owner of the voice would step out from the shadows. The crime fighter's eyes darted back and forth, trying to find the owner. However, instead of finding someone, she screamed and shut her eyes as the room was flooded with bright light.

"Did that hurt? I apologize if it did. However, I have other less comfortable ideas for you," Cammy laughed.

Batgirl removed her hands from her eyes as she blinked a couple of times. She was then greeted by a blonde woman wearing a body hugging green outfit with long pigtails. "Who are you?" Batgirl finally asked after her eyes had readjusted to the light.

"My name is Cammy," the British woman replied.

"My name is Batgirl," Batgirl replied with great confidence in her voice as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Yes. I know your name. Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner's daughter. You're a librarian by day and a crime fighter by night. However, it's time that we put a new job description: Bison's toy! Don't look all confused. Spoiler told us everything about you. Young Stephanie has been quite a help. By now, the Chinese cunt, Chun Li, should be in the clutches of Joker, and Huntress should be in the hands of Master Bison."

"You lie!" Barbara yelled.

"Lie? No. I'm merely telling the truth. However, I do have to say that you look quite lovely in that purple outfit. No if you'll excuse me, I need to get you out of that outfit before Master Bison can have his way with you."

"Fuck you!" Batgirl snarled as she went for her belt, but before she could get any weapon, Cammy slid towards her, clamped her own legs tightly around Barbara's, and brought the female crime fighter crashing to the ground.

"What is with you Gotham bitches? Always wanting to fight but barely able to," Cammy mocked as she leapt to her feet.

"Bitch!" Batgirl snapped back as she leapt to her feet.

"Impressive," Cammy said as she delivered a few punches that Batgirl blocked. After a few exchanges, both women decided to throw some kicks. Batgirl's kicks were a bit high and Cammy easily dodged them, but a plan had formed in Cammy's mind as she and Batgirl traded blows, landing some, but blocking most. All she had to do was wait for the perfect moment.

"Getting tired?" Batgirl asked as she broke through Cammy's block and hit her in the face with a backhand. Sensing that she had the British woman on the run, Batgirl prepared to deliver a running kick that any field goal kicker in the NFL would have been proud of. Instead of connecting, it was Cammy, who was feigning defeat that connected a mighty Cannon Spike to the chin of Batgirl, sending her crashing to the ground.

"Time for some fun," Cammy laughed as she dragged the unconscious Batgirl down the hall.


"Wake up Sleeping Beauty. Awake," Chun Li heard someone whisper into her ear. As the Chinese woman tried to regain her senses, she felt something running up and down her body while she was powerless to move and do anything about it. Instead, all she saw when she opened her eyes was pure darkness, and all she could hear was the rattling of chains. Unknown to Chun Li, she was chained and blindfolded in the middle of a lavishly decorated bedroom and the owner of the voice was none other than Joker, who was dressed in a bathrobe covered in smiley faces. The room that Chun Li was held in, had a huge four poster bed with canopy and several Victorian chairs as well as tables were scattered about the room. The walls were lined with red velvet while the floor was decorated with huge smiley faces. All of the furniture and decorations came from the places that Joker and his gang heisted, and he took great pride in his newly acquired goods. However, the only thing that mattered to Joker at the moment was his newest prize, Chun Li, whose wrists were secured to a chain that was connected to a huge hook hanging from the ceiling. The Chinese woman's legs were spread apart and her ankles were also bound to chains that were connected to the ground, keeping the woman totally unable to move, as she struggled and strained her body in vain against her bonds. She was still dressed in her blue spandex pants and her blue top although not for long if Joker had anything to say about it, for like the bathrobe that he wore, the man was all smiles.

"Who is there?" Chun Li asks in the bravest tone that she could muster at the moment even though she was scared.

"An admirer," the voice cooed in her ear. Chun Li shivered as the warm air of breath slammed against her eardrum. Of course, that was nothing compared to the thrashing of Chun Li's body when the Joker's hands cupped the underside of her breasts and began to fondle them through her tight outfit.

"Stop!" Chun Li screamed as her body thrashed about. "I'm an Interpol agent! Release me now!"

"Shhhh Chun Li," Joker reprimanded Chun Li as he chewed on her earlobe. His hands released Chun Li breasts and slid down her body. First, his hands slid down her bare stomach and then to her ribs. From there, his hands moved up and down against her sides before traveling to her hips, where he caressed her hips in slow circular movements. "Nice hips. I believe Asians believe hips like these are perfect for child bearing," Joker laughed. "You have a nice pair of hooters and a slim little waist. And what legs . . . excellent!"

"Stop! You can't do this!!" Chun Li screamed as felt her unknown assailant's hands roam up and down her thighs before cupping her crotch. "Please! Release me and I will be lenient! Don't make it hard for yourself!"

"No my dear, you're making me hard," Joker laughed as he pressed himself against Chun Li.

"Please!" Chun Li wailed as she felt a huge bulge press itself against her ass. The Chinese woman could also feel the hard kisses of her assailant as he kissed her neck. Actually, the kisses were more like bites as she could visualize herself applying a thick series of makeup that would be needed to cover up all the hickeys that he was leaving behind with his mouth. Of course, her begging increased greatly when the man's cupped her crotch and began to squeeze as well as pump his hand on top of it. Chun Li's body surged upward in her bonds as her breathing became ragged while soft little moans intermittently escaped her mouth.

"What a nice pussy you have here. Juice it up for me, please."

"No!! Please stop!! I'm an Interpol agent!! Stop!! You can't do this!!" Chun Li wailed.

"You've said that already and yet, I'm still doing whatever I want. But to be nice, I'll stop."

"Thank you," Chun Li finally panted as she felt his hands leave her body. "Now release me."

"You're not in the position to demand anything. But you are in the position for this," Joker laughed as his hands gripped her butt cheeks and squeezed. In a matter of seconds, his hands were making circles on her ass as he hands groped and fondled Chun Li's tight ass.

"OH GOD!! STOP THAT!!" Chun Li screamed as she struggled anew with little results. The Chinese woman could feel the assailant's hands paw at her ass with animalistic lust as his fingers dug into her skin as much as her tight pants would allow. In the back of Chun Li's mind, she was a bit happy that she had opted for this outfit instead of the one that she usually wore when she participated in tournaments since her legs would be exposed and as well as her underwear. At least, she was protected by the pants right now, which was her only comfort at the moment.

"So soft," Joker laughed as his hands left Chun Li's ass and began to play with her face. His fingers touched her skin and started to mash and make faces with her cheeks. His fingers even invaded the Chinese woman's mouth as she attempted to keep it close, but still to no avail since the Joker's digits tapped and glided over her pearly teeth, leaving a trail of her own saliva on her lips. Joker didn't stop there as his hands brushed her earlobes and began to twist her ears. "Nice earrings, but way too small. They should be big hooped earrings signaling to the world that you're a slut. A big titted slut with powerful legs, a firm waist, nice hips, and a great ass! So sexy with your clothes on, I would love to see all your glory when your clothes are off."

"Don't you dare!" Chun Li growled as she felt the unidentified assailant's voice coming directly behind her. In a matter of seconds, she could feel a large bulge pressing against her ass while his hands moved up and down on her ribs again. Chun Li began to struggle again as his hands moved up towards her shoulders. Instead of paying any attention to her breasts, Joker's hands caressed Chun Li's arms. His hands glided up and down her arms, from the shoulders to her elbows. Then suddenly and without warning, his hands moved to her breasts where he began to knead them through her outfit like a skilled baker kneading dough.

"So nice and firm. I wonder what kind of bra you're wearing underneath. I bet it's one of those that add a few sizes to your melons. Although, I am hoping that you're all natural. Let's say we take a peek," Joker cooed into Chun Li's ears as he pulled out a pair of scissors from his pocket.

"NOOO!!" Chun Li screamed as she felt him tug her outfit and then a snipping sound around the area covering her breasts.

"Stop moving! Don't make me cut you now!" Joker threatened.

Chun Li sobbed as she felt the cold metal against her body and her body instantly stiffened. The Chinese woman didn't know if it was instinct, but her body refused to let her move even though she wanted to. Instead, she found herself staying perfectly still and weeping as her assailant cut away the part of the outfit covering her breasts and then she felt the same tug and coldness of steel as the area around her sex were also cut. Not only that, but this time, the slicing also went behind as well. Then with a sob, she heard her sports bra and panties being cut. "Please," Chun Li finally spoke as her blindfold was now soaked with her tears while the cold air was now snapping at her private areas.

"A white sports bra and white panties, how unimaginative. I must change that, but look at your melons here! They are both staying up! Amazing! So firm and solid. Perfect for nursing. Not much is needed to make you into the perfect sex slave."

"I won't become . . . I won't . . . OH GOD NO!!!" Chun Li wailed as she felt his fingers invade her sex. She could feel them pawing at the walls of her tunnel as they made their way deeper and deeper. Her breath was now even more ragged as her chest heaved up and down. Chun Li was panting, moan, and gasping for air as Joker's fingers assaulted her sex. "No! Please, no! Please no! Please stop! STOP! Please no! Please!" Chun Li wailed as she felt his fingers sawing into her.

"Stop? Alright then. I will heed your request. You see Chun Li, I was going to put the scissors down, but since you want me to stop, let's get a better look at those hips of yours," Joker laughed as he left hand gripped Chun Li's left breast with all his might as his right hand began cutting the spandex around the Chinese woman's hips.

Once again, the cold steel against her body forced Chun Li to hold still as she felt her own juices being stroked into her pores on breasts while more and more cold air tickled her flesh. Chun Li couldn't see it but she could feel her pants being slowly cut. The Chinese woman could feel more and more goose bumps on her body as more and more of her body was exposed to the cold air of the factory. "If this keeps up, in a matter of seconds, my pants are going to be cut to shreds!" Chun Li's mind raced as the snipping sound of the scissors and the tearing of her spandex pants filled her mind, drowning out her own moans and replacing the images in her head.

"Nice, long legs," Joker cooed into Chun Li's ear as he put the scissors away. Joker had sliced and peeled away all of the material that was below Chun Li's waist to her knees. Other than the area below her knees, the only remnants of her pants was her elastic band that kept the top portion of her pants in place. "Muscular, yet nicely toned and tan too. I bet you can do some real damage with them," Joker whispered as he glided his hand up and down the Chinese woman's thighs. "They're going to feel so nice when they are wrapped around my waist. Not to mention when they are decorated by stockings, garters, thigh-high boots, and other assorted things that I'm sure that I will think of."

"In your dreams!" Chun Li spat back angrily as she twisted her head and attempted to hit him.

"Nice try, but you missed. I must say that for a sexy piece of ass like yourself, you really do have a poor sense of underwear. Your panties are laughable and so is your bra. From now on, only g-strings, thongs, or nothing at all. No more of this white stuff either. You're going to try different colors. Aren't you?" Joker asked as he rammed his fingers into Chun Li's sex and began stabbing them into her sex.

"AHHHHH!!! NO!!!" Chun Li wailed as Joker's other hand left her breast. That's when the cutting sound returned as she felt even more cold hair against her stomach and Chun Li knew that her top was going to suffer the same fate as her pants. The Chinese woman knew that she was going to be nude or close to it in front of her unknown assailant and she felt even more humiliated because of it.

"There we go. All done," Joker proclaimed as he tossed the scissors to the ground, leaving only parts of clothing below Chun Li's knees and above her shoulder blades. He admired the woman's heaving and jiggling breasts as he fingered her relentlessly. Her groans were music to his ears and her juices splattering against his fingers and hand only served to fuel his lust.

"Stop please!! Let me go!! I beg you to let me go!! Please!!"

"Nah. I rather have you as my pet," Joker laughed as he pulled his fingers from Chun Li's sex. An loud audible pop filled the room once he pulled out of her sex. Of course, the room was quickly filled with Chun Li's screams as he wiped his juice covered fingers all over her face. However, the screams didn't subside once he pulled his hand away from her face. Instead, it only increased as his hands mauled her breasts while his mouth clamped down on and began to suck on her nipples like a starving baby. Not only did he suck them but he slithered his tongue all over her nipples, slowly at first, causing the woman to groan, but then when he went faster, there was no doubt in his mind that the woman was enjoying his ministrations. He could feel her nipple harden as Chun Li became all flustered and her struggles had died down quite a bit.

"No more. No more," Chun Li panted as she felt him release her breasts.

"We're only getting started," Joker said softly as he stuck his tongue into Chun Li's ear, causing the woman to cringe and shake. Joker chuckled as he slid his hand down the Chinese woman's throat and then to her breast where he played with her nipple. His thumb and middle finger rubbed her nipple as if he was rubbing two sticks together and trying to start to a fire. However, he knew he was starting a fire since Chun Li's groans became pleasurable moans.

"OH GOD! Not like this!! Not like this!!" Chun Li's mind screamed as she succumbed to the Joker's ministrations.

"You like this?"

"No," Chun Li lied.

"Should I stop then?" Joker asked and waited for a reply but got none from the Chinese woman in over three minutes. Instead, Chun Li simply moaned and swayed in her bonds. By now, Joker knew he had her so he had his assistant, who was watching the entire scene unfold, continue with the next phase.

"ARRRGGHHH!!" Chun Li groaned as she felt something clamp down on her engorged nipples. She could feel something hard and forceful biting down on her tender flesh but she had no idea what it was. All she knew was that both her nipples were on fire. "OH GOD NOOOO!!" Chun Li wailed as she felt something huge being rammed into her sex. Luckily for her, her sex was nice and wet, or the entire experience would have been ever more painful, which was little comfort to Chun Li, who felt like she was being split apart by the huge intruder. Then she felt her butt cheeks being parted and then unbearable pain as stars flashed before her eyes. Once again, Chun Li let out a blood curdling scream, except this time it was something invading her anal passage and not her sex.

"You're such a sight right now," Joker laughed as he began to pump into Chun Li's ass. His right hand turned on the huge vibrator in Chun Li's pussy. The Chinese woman's body came to life and her struggles made her grip Joker's cock even harder. A huge smile appeared on Joker's face as his left hand gripped her hip while his right hand went pressed another button. Once again, Chun Li screamed as she felt electricity surge through her nipples and into her breasts. Not only that but she felt something like blocks or pins biting down on her nipples. "I guess I shouldn't be greedy here. You should get a look at yourself," Joker laughed as he tore off the blindfold.

It took a few seconds for Chun Li to get use to the light but when her eyes were adjusted, she wished she had never opened her eyes. Standing before her was Rose. The purple haired woman's face was visible, but the rest of her was not since it was covered up by a huge mirror, which she was holding. However, Chun Li could tell that something had happened for Rose's eyes were filled with lust and it was apparent that her purple flowing dress was no more. But the worse part wasn't Rose's betrayal. The worse part was Chun Li seeing herself chained with her legs spread as the man known as Joker, rammed his cock in and out of her ass. She could also see that the pain in her sex was caused by a huge vibrator and a pair of nipple clamps, which resembled Joker's face were busy turning and twisting on top of her nipples. Unfortunately for Chun Li, she had no idea that behind the pearly whites, there was a second roll of teeth made of metal cones, which were the things that were slamming down upon her nipples over and over again. Worse yet, Chun Li could see a stream of her own juices sliding down her thighs while some more of her juices dripped from the vibrator.

"Take a good look at yourself. Your pussy lips are parted and they look quite obscene with that huge vibrator stuck in your cunt. Your huge tits are being gnawed away. A man is raping your ass while you remain in bondage. Yet, you're getting off," Joker whispered into Chun Li's ear as he watched the mirror closely to gauge Chun Li's reaction.

"Bastard!!" Chun Li wailed.

"Not bastard! Master!"

"Fuck you! I'll . . . I'll . . . AHHHHHHH!!!" Chun Li screamed as her body flailed like a fish as the vibrator pounded her sex relentlessly, much like Joker's cock, while the nipple clamps bore down on her nipples and sent even more electricity shooting through her body.

"Cooperate and you'll be screaming with pleasure not pain."

"Fuc . . . AHHHHH!!!"

"Pain or pleasure?"

"AHHH!! You'll never win!!! I . . . I . . . OWWWW!!!"

"Pain or pleasure?"

"Bastard!!!" Chun Li growled through gritted teeth.

"You know my dear . . . while you decide, I have to comment on your wardrobe again. It's a bit drab but I have the perfect solution. So do you know what would look good on you? Do you want to know what would look good on you? I bet you're just dying to know. It must be eating you so much that your face is contorting. Don't strain yourself, my little sex nymph. Now, since I am such a nice guy, I'm going to tell you right now. You don't have to pick up the phone because operators aren't standing by at all. Nor do you have to pay any money for it either. I figure you'll be paying for it later anyway. So Chun Li, do you want to know what looks good on you? Drum roll please . . . dummmmmm . . . duuuummmmm . . . ME!!" Joker laughed manically.

"I rather die than have you on top of me!" Chun Li snarled.

"Honey, you're downright sexy when you're mad. Fuck, you're just plain sexy period," Joker chuckled as he gripped Chun Li's face and moved in for a kiss. However, instead of locking lips with the famous Interpol agent, Chun Li's lips and teeth, especially her teeth, locked with Joker's nose. The crime boss screamed and tried to pull away as Chun Li clamped down even harder. Joker's hands flailed wildly before they found the remote hanging off of Chun Li's body and within seconds, Joker turned the dial, increasing the electricity and the speed of the vibrator. The Chinese woman howled in anguish and released her bite on his nose.

"OHHHH GOOODDDD!!!" Chun Li wailed as her body strained in her bonds.

Joke wiped his nose and saw a small bit of blood on his hand. "You may me bleed!" Joker growled. "I suppose turnabout is fair play since I'm going to saw my cock into your ass and cunt and split you apart. I bet that cunt of yours is nice and tight. It's going to be the perfect home for Mr. Happy. And if Mr. Happy is happy then Joker will be happy too," Joker laughed as he turned the dial down a bit.

"Ahhhhhhhhh . . ." Chun Li's voice trailed as drool leaked down the sides of her lips. The Chinese woman was no longer struggling in her bonds. Instead, she just hung loosely and went wherever her body took her as she convulsed in pain.

"Such a feisty little sex kitten. I bet you're a real wildcat in bed! Get it, kitten, wildcat?" Joker chuckled to himself as he slapped his knee. "Oh god, I slay me. In fact, you can lay me out Chun Li, but not before you get laid!"

"Nnnnnnnaaaaaaa . . ." the Chinese woman panted weakly.

"Oh yes, breaking you will be so much fun. I'm going to enjoy this sexy body of yours," Joker snickered into Chun Li's ears as his hands roamed freely about her body. "So vulnerable. Pretty soon, you're mind will be just as susceptible as your body here. I'm going to have so much exploiting you. And you're going to beg for it and enjoy every second of it."

"Ahhhhhhhh . . . no . . ." Chun Li finally gasped.

"Oh trust me, you're going to find every way possible to utilize your body to satisfy my lust. Whether it's going to be with your perfect ass, your fat melons, or your tight cunt, you're going to do it. Of course, you're mouth is nice and warm too . . . so inviting. It too will squeeze my cock like a vice. However, I have another job for that pretty mouth of yours right now. SCREAM FOR ME!!" Joker roared in savage glee as he turned the dial as far as it would go.

"PLEASE!!" Chun Li begged as her face was now bright red with humiliation and her tears were constantly flowing. The Chinese woman watched her breasts jiggle obscenely in the mirror as the scene was just too much to pry herself away from. She could feel her body react lewdly to the sensations. Chun Li's mind was about as electric as the amps shooting through her. Her face was contorted with pain and pleasure and it was wearing down her exhausted psyche.

"You're watching your tits jiggle aren't you? They'll be doing that a lot more later when I fuck you on my bed. Like I said, you're legs will feel exquisite when they are wrapped around my body," Joker laughed. "Now tell me, are you watching your tits?"

"I am watching my breasts," Chun Li panted as her ears grew even redder while her eyes opened wide as saucers..

"Not breasts, tits! Call them tits! You're just a pair of huge tits, a cunt, and an incredible ass!" Joker corrected. "Now tell me, are you watching your tits?"

"Oh God Yes!!! I'm watching my tits!!" Chun Li screamed in defeat, her entire body shuddered at her submission.

"Tell me what you're going to he doing later."

"I'm going to wrap my legs . . . AHHH . . . wrap my legs around you while you fuck me," Chun Li sobbed.

"Why is that?"

"Because . . . OHHHH . . . because . . ."

"Because you're my slave. My toy! A slut! A whore! A worthless piece of tail! My newest fucktoy!!" Joker admonished. "Now! Why do I get to fuck you?"

"Because I'm a slut! I'm a whore! I'm a worthless piece of ass!! You own my tits, my ass, and my pussy! I'm nothing!! Fuck me!! Fuck me, master!!" Chun Li cried without even thinking about what they meant as her own words pushed her over the edge and her body quaked violently, her own juices hitting the floor like a the roar of waves hitting the shore.

"Oh yes! I am going to have so much fun with you!" Joker cackled as he turned the dial back to the lowest setting and then began to fondle Chun Li's body furiously. The Chinese woman's body continued to quiver as smaller orgasms rocked her body while she moaned in pleasure. Her mind was barely conscious as it recorded and processed the new sensations to her memory while Joker's mouth and tongue roamed over her face, neck, and tits. Chun Li was oblivious to everything as she sank deeper and deeper in the calm, dark void, while her body continued to react to Joker's assault.


"Stephanie!" Huntress mouthed as she entered a huge room. The walls of the room were lined with computers and lights of all colors and sizes. Monitors and other assorted video equipment also lined the ways. However, the one that caught Helena's eyes was none other than Stephanie Brown, the woman also known as Spoiler, for she was naked and hung spread eagle in some sort of crazy apparatus. Her arms were secured in huge metal cones that engulfed everything from her fingers to the tip of her elbow while two similar cones swallowed her feet to her knees. A silver cup, shaped like the an extension nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, was attached to the young woman's sex. A metal ring that matched the color of cup, wrapped around her waist and kept it on, while a huge silver tube ran out from the bottom of the apparatus and connected itself to the cup, where Huntress could see something being sucked down the small silver tube. A huge silver collar was wrapped around Spoiler's neck as two thick silver wires ran out from the front of the collar and were connected to two other cones which engulfed the woman's breasts. On top of the apparatus was a huge computer readout which had huge blinking letters that read:Maximum Stimulation Level. Huntress had no idea what was going on, but by listening to the faint moans of Spoiler and the anguished look on her face, Huntress knew she had to do something. The female crime fighter scanned the room and saw nothing that could impede from rescuing her friend. As she looked, she saw some machinery begin to move and a huge video wall covered with at least twenty smaller screens which showed Spoiler and the apparatus that she was in. Huntress zoomed in on each individual screen and could see her friend's pained expression and she blindly charged the machine.

"Wake up!! Wake up! We're getting out of here!" Huntress yelled as she ran up and tried to pry the cones off Spoiler's breasts.

"Wha . . . Huntress!" Spoiler groaned weakly as she opened her eyes.

"How do I get you out of this?" Huntress asked as she frantically pulled on the wires.

"I . . . I . . . I don't . . . know. It's stimulating me . . . it constantly stimulates me . . . help . . . you have to . . . you have to release me . . ." Spoiler begged through her teary eyes. "I can't take . . . take much more."

"I'm trying!" Huntress replied as she scanned the room. "There has to be a button or something that stops this."

"No . . . nothing in this room. Bison . . . the man we fought in the alley . . . he has a remote that controls this . . . you have to find him . . . OH GOD!! NOOO!! NO MORE!!" Spoiler screamed as her head tossed wildly from side to side. Her face was a mask of pain and anguish as her soaked hair flung her sweat all over the room.

"Where is he then? Do you know where he is? What's happening to you??"

Minutes passed before Spoiler stopped shaking and was allowed to reply, although the woman was greatly out of breath. "This . . . machine . . . stimulates me . . . it constantly stimulates me . . . I can't take much more . . . free me . . . please!" she panted.

"I'm so sorry Stephanie. I shouldn't have left you in that alleyway with that deranged man. I didn't know he was capable of something like this. I'm so sorry," Huntress sobbed as she pulled out one of her arrows from her crossbow and tried to cut the wire, but the wire wasn't even scathed.

"Please Huntress . . . I can't hold out much longer . . . the machine is . . . the machine is killing me . . ."

"Oh Stephanie. I'm so sorry," Huntress cried as she tug on the wires. "I shouldn't have left you. I should have gone back for you. I should be in this insane machine, not you! I'm so sorry!!"

"Yes! Excellent idea! You should be in this machine instead of me!" Spoiler snarled as her eyes turned slanted a bit and looked evilly at Huntress.

"Wha . . ." Huntress replied as her hands released the two silver wires. The female crime fighter was surprised by the turn of events. One second her friend was in agonizing pain and then the next, she was fine but with a hateful look in her eyes. Before Huntress could say or do anything, huge metal teeth appeared on the cones covering Spoiler's breasts. Huntress watched in total terror as the cone morphed into something that matched the contours of her breast and just as quickly, it popped off Spoiler's breasts and lashed onto hers. "AHHRRRGGG!!" Huntress screamed as her eyes almost popped out of their sockets as the pain began unbearable as the cone lashed onto her breasts.

"Enjoy," Spoiler sneered.

"WHAT!" Huntress howled as she pulled the cones off of her breasts only to find that they had torn her costume around her breasts and all that was there was her naked flesh. As Helena stared at her reddening breasts, the cones latched onto her breasts again, making the woman scream in agonizing pain yet again as she tugged on the wires. She could feel the teeth sinking into her flesh while little brushes spun and excited her. Pain and pleasure were melting into one as the cones tortured her breasts. "Ahhhhhh!!" Helena panted as her chest heaved up and down.

"You'll need this," Spoiler said as her feet and arms were released. The young woman took the collar of her neck and placed it onto Helena's neck. "Oh Helena, don't try to take it off. It looks positively stunning on you! Of course, the silver clashes a bit with your outfit, but you won't be wearing that for long anyway."

"Stephanie . . . help me," Huntress panted softly as she felt little tendrils and brushes began to attack her breasts while her chest heaved up and down, reacting to the stimulation. The older woman's hands were busy tugging on the wires connected to the cones on her breasts as she struggled valiantly against her metallic tormentor.

"But I am helping you," Spoiler said in a motherly voice as she glided her hands across the soft skin of Helena's face. The younger woman's hands trailed down Helena's face, down her throat, out to her shoulders, and down to her breasts, where she gripped Helena's gloved hands. With a sudden jerk, Stephanie pulled the older woman's hands off the wires and the two cones which encased Spoiler's hands earlier, clutched and engulfed the hands of the Huntress.

"Please . . . I thought we . . . we're friends," Huntress groaned as she struggled to tune out the mixed signals from her breasts. The older crime fighter tried real hard to push the thoughts of pleasure from her mind. Instead, she tried to concentrate on making sense of Spoiler's actions, but was having a hard time doing that as well. In fact, Huntress found it harder and harder to think as a warm yellow light bathed her body, and in a matter of seconds, Helena began to writhe and squirm, trying to subdue to the lustful thoughts in her mind.

"How many times do I have to say this? We are friends. That is why I am trying to help you out," Stephanie replied calmly as both of her hands gripped Helena's left thigh. Spoiler traced her hands up and down the thigh before parting it. Huntress groaned as shivers went up her spine and an empty feeling engulfed her when Spoiler took her hands off. However, the feeling returned when Stephanie wrapped her hands around Helena's right thigh, and parted it as well.

"Don't leave me," Huntress panted as Spoiler lifted her hands off her thighs.

"I'm not leaving. Someone is coming and I don't mean you," Spoiler replied playfully as she saw the cones engulf Helena's ankles and held the black haired woman in the same position that she was in earlier.

"Ah! Ms. Bertinelli! I'm honored that you have arrived at my humble home. I see that you've met my new Psycho Drive," a voice rang out from behind all the machinary.

"Psycho Drive?"

"Yes, Ms. Bertinelli . . . or should I call you, Helena Janice Bertinelli?"

"Who are you?!"

"The question is who are you? I know that you are Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of Guido Bertinelli, who use to be the head of the Bertinelli crime family. You're father passed away but before all that, you were sent to a private school. However, you've grew bitter and resentful about having a bodyguard, so you ditched him. Who knew that he would be the one to save you, to train you, and to prepare you for life. Once a scared girl, but now a strong woman, who fears no one. Not to mention the fact that you like to inflict pain on your enemies since the thought of using deadly force never really leaves your mind," the voice spoke calmly.

"Who are you?!?" Huntress asked as her heart pounded inside her chest.

"Ms. Helena Janice Bertinelli. I've heard that you're an excellent gymnast. I suppose you would have to be since you did escape the last time we met."

"No! It can't be!" Huntress yelled as she felt fear wash over her.

"A master hand-to-hand combat. I will find better uses for your hands in the future. By the way, that gymnast training will come in useful from now on. You're also a master of disguise. I can see that you're trying to disguise your fear right now. I can see the fear inside you. Don't hide it . . . let it out," Bison said as he emerged from behind some computers and approached the Psycho Drive.

"You!! What have you . . . Spoiler . . . free me, please!!" Huntress shouted as Bison approached.

"Free you? That's what I'm going to do," Bison smirked as he pulled a nozzle out from the floor of the chamber. He placed the nozzle on top of Helena's crotch and in a matter of seconds, Helena's outfit between her legs as well as whatever was under it, were torn from her body.

"NOOOO!!!" Huntress shouted as she realized that Bison had just bared her sex.

"Be quiet, Helena Bertinelli," Bison said calmly as he cupped her black bush. "When I saw you in the alleyway a few nights ago, I knew I had to possess you, and with Stephanie's help, I now possess you."

"AHHHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!" Huntress screamed as she writhed in pain when Bison thrust three of his fingers into her sex. Bison's right hand was busy groping her buttocks while his left twisted inside the woman. Helena, who considered herself a strong woman, couldn't help but cry as Bison violated her. She could feel the folds of her pussy lips being bent back as Bison pumped his fingers in and out. At first, Huntress felt the inner walls of her sex burn with friction, but the relaxing yellow light shining down on her face, relaxed her and made her juices flow. Huntress wasn't sure if the light was making her juices flow or Bison's fingers, but she did find the light to be very soothing.

"She's reacting," Bison whispered to Spoiler as he kneaded her buttocks like a hyper child.

"Helena. Helena. Look at me, Helena," Spoiler said softly as she gripped Helena's chin and turned her head towards her.

"Why . . . why are you doing this?" Helena asked weakly.

"I told you that I was helping you out. Besides, you said you wanted to be in my place. You see Helena, Bison, the man standing beside you, has shown me the world. He is my master and will be yours too. Not only that but he is my lover. Remember a while back when I was forced to give up my child for adoption? Bison has ensured me that I won't have to this time since he'll allow me to take care of the child while servicing him. You have no idea how much joy his words brought me. But you will know how much joy his sexual prowess brought me for he will share it with you soon. He told me that he admired our sexy bodies when we fought Cammy, the pigtailed woman in the alley, and how much he wanted us. As a wedding present of sorts, I'm offering you to him," Spoiler whispered into Helena's ear.

"Nooo!!" Helena groaned as her body reacted to both the beam of light and Bison's ministrations. Huntress was now bucking her hips forward and back, meeting Bison's thrusting fingers.

"Oh yes Helena. You have never enjoyed the emotion of giving birth, but trust me, you will," Spoiler whispered as she began to lick and nibble on the captive woman's ear. "I've watched the security cameras while I was in bonds earlier. The Psycho Drive was pleasuring me as I watched Barbara, Chun Li, and yourself enter the factory. Barbara and Chun Li will be taken care of in due time, but as for you, the Psycho Drive will prepare you for later."

"Please . . . please Ste . . . Stephanie please," Huntress sobbed.

"When Bison gives me the go-ahead, I will remove the silver cup on my cunt and place it on yours. It will pleasure your cunt as well as remove the disgusting patch of black hair. Not only that but I'm sure that your tits are getting properly fucked right now. The Psycho Drive will bring you to orgasm after orgasm, allowing the yellow light to alter your personality as well as destroying any inhibitions that you might have. So take a look at the huge screen before you," Spoiler said as she redirected Helena's eyes to a huge screen, just a few feet away from the Psycho Drive.

"NOOOOOO!!" Huntress wailed as she read some of the tasks that she would be trained to do for Bison and Stephanie. Memories of her life flashed before her eyes as she remembered all the training that she went through to get to where she was today, but all that was going to be rendered useless in a matter of hours. As her mind reeled in horror, her body was doing to the exact opposite. In fact, her body was almost embracing the pleasure growing inside her. Then in a second of ultimate betrayal, an orgasm shoot through her body as she flailed like a fish out of water.

"She's ready," Bison said as he pulled out of Helena's sex which was drenching his fingers with her juices.

Spoiler quickly took off the silver cup and fastened it on Helena's sex. After it was secured, she gave Huntress a kiss, and said, "Don't worry. The Psycho Drive won't make you into a mindless slave. It will just bring down your resistance level. The session that will cause you to completely submit to your new role in life in Bison's bedroom. Trust me, you'll really enjoy that session . . . I DID!"

"When next we meet Huntress, it will be in my bedroom," Bison said as he gave a mighty slap on Helena's ass.

"Baby time, master?"

"Baby time."

"OH GOD YES!!" Spoiler shouted as she jumped up and down. The blonde woman quickly gripped Bison's hand as he pulled her out of the room, leaving Huntress all alone inside the Psycho Drive with the video wall flashing words and scenes for her viewing pleasure, foreshadowing her what will happen to her. All the while, leaving the woman to her maddening thoughts as well as her body's guilty pleasures. The same pleasures that filled the room with her moaning while her body thrashed about.


"Bastard!" Chun Li growled as she squirmed in her bonds while watching her own nude, squirming body in the huge TV monitor inside a huge clown's mouth, hanging inches away from the Joker's bed. The Chinese woman could see herself kneeling on a regular wooden chair. Her legs were spread and her ankles secured to the arms and legs at the edge of the chair by thick ropes. Much like her ankles, her wrists were secured to the arms of the chair, except this time, it was the back of the armrest chair, while her breasts rested on the back of the chair, keeping them high on her chest. The Chinese woman's hair now cascaded down her shoulders as her buns were removed from her head. Not only did she see her own bond body, but she was also forced to watch her earlier encounter with the clown. In fact, Joker was nice enough to have recorded the whole thing onto a DVD with audio commentary from him that was being pumped through the earphones stuck in the Chinese woman's ears.

"You're such a lovely bitch," Joker said as his hands caressed Chun Li's face, shortly after removing the earphones and letting them fall to the ground.

"Screw you, bastard!!" Chun Li growled as she struggled in Joker's grasp.

"I believe I was screwing you, Chun Li," Joker laughed as he returned her gaze back to the TV.

Chun Li squirmed against Joker's grasp futilely as she was forced to watch the man's hands caressed body and groped her breasts while he pumped into her ass. The Chinese woman could see her own fluids trickle out of her sex and down her thighs as the Joker continued his assault. She couldn't believe that a man so vile could get her to react that way. Her face burned with anger as she watched. "DAMN IT!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" she snarled.

"Chun Li, a bitch like you, with your big tits, long sexy legs, and curvaceous ass, should use that slutty body to please as many men as possible! You should be on your back with your legs spread while someone pounds your cunt, filling it with sperm! Better yet, you should be on your knees taking it from behind while your fat tits flail all over the place! Taking it behind like a bitch in heat while on all fours!" Joker mocked as he squeezed Chun Li's face.

Chun Li's face was red with humiliation as she heard Joker's words while watching herself climax over and over again on the TV screen. She even heard those disgusting words coming from her own mouth as she described herself as a slut, a whore, a toy for Joker to play with. That's when the anger inside boiled over, but she collected herself, and began to mutter under her breath.

"What was that Chun Li?" Joker prodded.


"Why yes, you had a rather tight one, but I hope to stretch it some more. In fact, if you look at the TV screen, you'll see that you're climaxing over and over again. Hell, I'm even ramming my tongue down your lax throat there," Joker said as he directed Chun Li's attention to her unconscious form on the screen.

"Stop the tape! Stop it!" Chun Li sobbed.

"Don't cry," Joker said calmly as he stroked Chun Li's cheeks. The Chinese woman was no longer struggling as she watched the screen and allowed Joker to wipe away her tears. "You're just a fucking sexy bitch! You're hot when you're mad, when you're sad . . . fuck . . . you're just sexy!" Joker said as he tilted Chun Li's head. The Interpol agent said nothing as she felt Joker's hot breath on her face. Her reluctant mouth opened and her lips twitched as Joker opened his and leaned forward. "Such a sexy bitch."

"Yessss," Chun Li groaned as Joker's mouth was just millimeters away from hers. Then suddenly, the Chinese woman lunged forward and bit Joker on the nose again.

"AAAAHHHH!" Joker screamed in pain as he tried to pull away with little success, but then came a hard slap across Chun Li's face from Rose that rocked the Chinese woman, thus releasing Joker.

"Bastard!" Chun Li growled as she shook her head and stared coldly at Rose. However, her icy stare quickly faded when she saw Rose's outfit or lack thereof, for Rose was wearing a pair of knee-high boots which were over a pair of black hose. Other than that, her entire outfit was a total slap in the face to modesty. She had a pair of black panties on which would have been innocent enough, and so would the matching front-laced girdle that she wore, which would have been perfectly normal under some normal clothing. However, a series of chains encircled her torso, pushing her breasts together and outward, while the only clothing she wore to draw attention from the rest of her outfit was a buckled collar.

"Like my new outfit, Chun Li? It's the most amount of clothing that I have been allowed to wear in a long, long time," Rose said seductively as she ran her hands along Chun Li's cheeks before she moved beside her and clutched the Chinese woman's face, much like what Joker did before.

"You like it rough?!" Joker growled as he held his nose. "Well, I can give it to you rough! It's a shame that I won't get to hear you scream as much though."

Chun Li didn't know what Joker meant by that but within seconds, Joker secured a ball gag in her mouth, although not without a struggle. Rose had to hold Chun Li's head while Joker pinched the Chinese woman's nose shut. Thus, within a short amount of time, Chun Li began to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen and even though she didn't want to, she eventually opened her mouth, and the gag was put into place, much to her dismay.

"Scream for me!" Joker yelled as he picked up a riding crop and began to whip her bare ass with it repeatedly.

"Not going to scream! Not going to scream!" Chun Li's mind repeated again and again as her eyes slammed shut. "You're Chun Li, an Interpol agent! You've been trained to handle tough situations! Grin and bear it! Stay still! Don't give this sick, demented bastard any joy! Endure the pain! There! That's not too bad . . . not too bad . . . OH GOD!! It hurts!! OH GOD IT HURTS!!"

Joker could see Chun Li's body reacting to the whipping. Sure, it took a few minutes before the Chinese woman reacted, but her reaction was a sight to see, for Chun Li was now bawling as her body squirmed against the chair, trying to escape the blows.

Incoherent screams came from Chun Li's gagged mouth as her body quivered under the crop. Her breasts jiggled and swayed as she flung her hair about, writhing in pain. The pain continued to grow as her cheeks burned and the hits rained down over and over again. Sweat soon covered Chun Li's body as drool decorated her lips and chin as it oozed from the sides of the gag and through the small holes. Not only did drool cover the lower portion of her face, but mucus from her nose as well. The Chinese woman was racked with pain as her mind and body screamed for the pain to end.

"Scream for me, Chun Li! Don't pull your ass away from the strokes! Hold still! Beg me to whip you! Count the hits! Beg and count, and perhaps I will stop!!"

"MMMMMMPHHHTTT!!" Chun Li wailed as she flung her head from side to side.

"You've endured this for more than ten minutes now, Chun Li. Will you count and beg? Nod if you will. Come on Chun Li. Maybe you want Joker to whip you harder. You want that? Do . . . good . . . good little slut," Rose cooed into Chun Li's ear as the Chinese woman nodded in agreement. Within seconds, the gag was removed, and a huge stream of saliva poured out of Chun Li's mouth.

"Whip my ass! Please whip my ass!" Chun Li begged. The Chinese woman was now willing to do and say anything to get the pain to stop. She was sure that her ass was as red as the fires of hell since she was convinced that she was there now.

"Chun Li. Do you remember the comments I made while you watched the screen earlier? Beg me, Chun Li. Talk the way that I suggested earlier. Relive the last moments before you passed out. Do that and I will be merciful," Joker said softly into the Chinese woman's ear before wailing the crop as hard as he could on Chun Li's defenseless ass.

"Please whip me, sir!" a humiliated Chun Li cried as she remembered some of the things that she heard through the earphones.

"That was pathetic!" Joker admonished as he made sure that the blows would be harder across her defenseless ass. "Beg for it like a slut!"

Chun Li bit her lip, determined not beg like the women in the videos, but within a matter of seconds, she just couldn't endure any more blows. "Whip me, sir!! Teach this bitch a lesson! I'm such a slutty whore!! Whip me!" she cried.

"Much better," Joker commented. "For that, I will make sure the blows aren't as harsh. Also, call me by my name. I'm sure that a big titted cow like yourself, must be capable of remembering my name. So, if you cooperate, I'll give you twenty more blows. With each blow, I expect you to count it and to thank me. However, if I find that it is unacceptable, then we'll repeat it until you get it right. Let's begin."

"ONE! Thank you, Joker!" Chun Li screamed.

"Not good enough!" Joker screamed back as he rained four blows against her buttocks. "Talk to me, bitch!"

"One! Thank you Joker for whipping a slut like me!"

"Better, but needs improvement. I'll be lenient and let that one count just as long as you improve!" Joker laughed, but served more as a threat to Chun Li.

"TWO!! Thank you Joker! You know what a stupid slut like me needs! Whip me again! Whip my ass!"

"Doing better Chun Li!"

"THREE!! Thank you Joker! This whore needs to be whipped! Whip my slutty ass!" Chun Li cried as shame ran through her entire body. Never in her life did Chun Li think that a day like this would befall her. Yet, here she was, begging for a man to whip her, while degrading herself with her own words.

"Go ahead Rose and remember to record Ms. Li's words for me," Joker laughed.

"My pleasure," the purple haired woman said as she placed a two stands close to Chun Li's face. Each stand had a microphone on it with Joker's head serving as the head. Once the recording devices were in place, Rose knelt before Chun Li and began to grope and fondle the bound woman's breasts.

"FOUR! Thank you Joker!! Please whip me while Rose plays with huge melons!" Chun Li screamed as she found it easier and easier to describe herself with those vile words.

Blow after blow rained down upon Chun Li's defenseless ass while Rose played with the Chinese woman's breasts. Chun Li continued to degrade herself with her own words as she counted and thanked Joker for each blow. However, she found it incredibly difficult to appease Joker, especially when it came time for the twentieth blow. Thus, Joker repeated the blow over and over again until number twenty became number one hundred.


"Twenty it is," Joker laughed as he finally tossed the whip aside. It was a good thing too because the man's arm felt like jell-o. Joker glanced at the quivering body before him. He could see that Chun Li's ass was now an angry red as the Chinese woman panted for breath.

"Ready for more?" Rose asked the exhausted woman before her. Without waiting for a reply, Rose stood up and moved to Chun Li's side. From there, the Gypsy woman caressed Chun Li's throat with one hand while the other one reached around and grabbed one of the Chinese woman's breasts.

"N . . . no . . . mo . . . no more . . . please," Chun Li gasped.

Joker had no intention of giving the woman a break. Instead, he picked up a huge motorized dildo. "Open wide," Joker commanded as he held it next to Chun Li's face. The criminal chuckled to himself as he saw the look of revulsion on the Interpol agent's face as tried to turn away, but was stopped by Rose, who grasped her head.

"Please . . ." Chun Li begged.

"Open up and suck on this," Joker said as he pressed the dildo against Chun Li's lips. The Chinese woman clamped her lips together and tried to squirm free of Rose's grasp. Joker tried to force it between her lips, but made very little progress. The criminal mastermind was not mad or perplexed by the situation however. Instead, he smiled and chuckled to himself. Then his hand gripped the Chinese woman's nose and closed her nostrils. Within seconds, it was in her mouth.

"Mmmmpphhhttt!" Chun Li groaned as Joker pushed and twisted it in her mouth. Her nose was still clamped shut and the dildo filled her mouth, making it almost impossible for her to breath. Therefore, out of self-preservation, Chun Li began to lick the dildo with her tongue. Then, Rose began to slide Chun Li's head back and forth on the dildo.

"Get use to this Chun Li because you're going to a very accomplished cocksucker once I am done with you," Joker said as he finally pulled the dildo out of Chun Li's mouth. It came out with an audible pop that was soon eclipsed by the woman's gasps as she struggled to get more air into her lungs.

"Look at all that spit on the dildo," Rose commented. "I'm sure it's going to feel nice when you ram it into her cunt!"

"In due time. In due time," Joker replied nonchalantly as he turned on the dildo. The head of the dildo began slowly twist and twirl as he glided the dildo down Chun Li cheeks, throat, and chest, leaving a trail of saliva behind. "Now for some more attention to her fat tits," Joker chuckled as he allowed the twirling dildo to cover the Chinese woman's nipples with a sheen of saliva. He then cupped her breast and rammed the dildo into her tit, trying to make her breast engulf the dildo with little success. "So big and firm for a Chinese woman," Joker commented.

Chun Li blushed and her face was now as red as her ass, all because of Joker's comments and the fact that dildo working on her breasts was really turning her on. To make matters worse for Chun Li, Rose was busy stroking her cheeks and pulling her hair back while her other hand gently played with the lips of her womanhood. Much like the dildo, Rose was like a skilled masseuse, who excited Chun Li's body, bringing it to life, much to her dismay.

"Alright slut. You want me to put this dildo in your ass or do you want it in your cunt?" Joker asked as he pulled the dildo away from Chun Li's saliva covered breasts.

Looking dead in Joker's eyes, Chun Li's fight was still there as she tried to glare at him, but due to her weakened condition, she just couldn't manage. Instead, Chun Li let out a desperate moan as Rose's fingers were exciting her even more, while she continued to pant for breath. Her massive breasts heaved up and down as she knew what was now in store for her defenseless body.

"Time for you to be trained into the perfect sex slave," Joker said as he allowed the head of the dildo to twirl and coat Chun Li's cunt lips with her own saliva.

"Sex slave? NO!!" Chun Li screamed as the words woke her from her lust induced haze. "You bastard! I'm Chun Li, an Interpol agent! I am not a common whore!"

"Shut it!" Rose snarled as she slapped the back of Chun Li's head.

"You're not a common whore, Chun Li and you never will be. Whores don't possess bodies like yours. They may want it, but they never obtain it," Joker laughed as Rose pried open the Chinese woman's lips while Joker rammed the dildo into Chun Li's womanhood. The Clown Prince of Crime pumped the dildo in and out of Chun Li's sex and almost instantly, a sloshing sound began to fill the room.

"The slut is getting turned on," Rose cackled as her hands caressed Chun Li's face.

Chun Li sobbed in despair as she knew that Rose spoke the truth. The buzzing in her sex was a welcome sensation after the beating that her ass took and she knew it wouldn't be long before Joker had her climaxing over and over again while he pumped the dildo in and out of her sex. In fact, she knew that one was about to hit.

Sensing that Chun Li was almost there, Joker pulled the dildo out. Once the dildo was out, a stream of pussy juice poured out of her sex and onto the chair. "Magnificent," Joker said in astonishment as the stream continued to drip for a few more seconds. Finally it stopped and Joker waited a good five minutes before sticking it back into Chun Li's sex. The man continued to pull the dildo out as he watched Chun Li's body. Every time that her body tensed, he pulled the dildo out and waited. He repeated this process for almost a solid twenty minutes before Chun Li could take no more.

"DON'T PULL IT OUT THIS TIME!! LET ME CLIMAX!! PLEASE!!" Chun Li wailed as her body tensed.

"Not yet," Joker said as he pulled the dildo out of Chun Li's. "I have something to show you."

Chun Li had no idea what he was talking about, all she wanted to do was orgasm, since her brain and body were engulfed by lust. As Chun Li waited, the wall in front of her disappeared into the ground, revealing a glass wall. On the other side of the wall was at least eight of Joker's henchmen. "Please Joker, whatever you want. Just let me orgasm," Chun Li pleaded as she attempted to count the number of men.

"That's the question Chun Li. You said you didn't want to be a sex slave. You didn't want to be a toy. Because of that, you don't deserve to climax. But if you changed your mind, maybe you can climax. However, will it be at the hands of those men in that room, who will more than likely want to whip and torture you some more . . . and never let you orgasm . . . or you can stay here in this room, where I will fuck you senseless and you can climax all you want," Joker laughed.

"Just fuck me," Chun Li gasped.

"Only sex slaves and fuck-toys get to be fucked, bitch! Remember what you said earlier?"

"Oh God Yes!! I want to be a fuck-toy!! A slutty body like mine is useless unless men are using it for their pleasure!!" Chun Li sobbed in defeat.

"So you want me to fuck you?" Joker asked as Rose placed a black belt around Chun Li's hips.

"YES! I'm ready to be your toy!!"

"Alright then Chun Li. Since you'll be spending the evening with me, my men over there will be very disappointed. They were so looking forward to idea of being able to fuck your body all night long. However, a substitute is now in order," Joker said calmly as a door within the other room opened.

"NOOO!!" Chun Li wailed as she recognized the person entering the room. The Chinese woman could see a nude Japanese teenager standing at the doorway and even though she had bigger breasts, she knew it was Sakura.

"How bad do you want to climax? How bad do you want me to treat you like a whore? If you want to climax then Sakura spends the night with all eight of my men. If you don't, we can play this little game all night long."

"I want to climax," Chun Li groaned as she shook her head, knowing what she was about to do and hating herself for it. "I want to spend the night with you. Sakura can spend the night with those men. I don't care about her. Just fuck me!!"

"Good decision, my little sperm receptacle," Joker laughed as he gripped Chun Li's buttocks and spread them apart while Rose placed the juice covered dildo into Chun Li's rectum.

The Chinese woman moaned softly as she swayed her hips with the massaging effects of the twirling dildo. She knew that her anal walls would be lubricated, thus it wouldn't hurt as much as before, but she wanted him to fuck her sex instead, since that would bring her off the fastest, she rationalized. "Not in my ass. Fuck my sex!! Please, fuck my . . ."

"SHUT UP!!" Joker yelled as he slapped the back of Chun Li's head. "Fuck-toys don't talk unless given permission to! Sperm receptacles don't decide where they get it, they just care that they get it! So shut up Chun Li or Sakura and Rose will be the only ones to get off tonight . . . and you can watch them!"

"NOO!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!" Chun Li wailed apologetically as she felt Rose pull the dildo out of her ass.

"I'll let your transgression go this time since I like a spunky woman like you. Spunky!! Oh, I made it funny! Oh Bison was right! I am having a lot of fun!" Joker laughed as he gripped Chun Li's hips.

"Bison? I thought you said Bison was dead?"

"I was just kidding around. Bison is alive and well. He's taking care of those other two sluts that came with you tonight. They'll soon be good little slaves while you're going to be Shadoloo's personal fuck-toy," Joker proclaimed triumphantly as Rose parted his robe while he thrust his cock inside Chun Li's ass.

Chun Li cringed at the thought of serving the organization that she had sought to destroy for so long, but the mere fact that Joker's cock was pumping in her ass, all thoughts of Bison were pushed out of her head as she only concentrating on her own pleasure.

"Quite the little hottie, aren't you?" Joker grunted. "Perfect body, gorgeous face, and all you need are some new outfits to accentuate your features. Now, if you know what's good for you, you'll take a good look at Sakura and see how you're suppose to act from now on."

The groaning and grunting Chinese woman could barely keep her eyes opened, nor could she keep her head still. However, she wanted to comply with Joker's wishes since she knew if she didn't, she was never going to climax. Luckily for Chun Li, at least for the moment, Rose stepped in to help. The Gypsy woman held Chun Li's head and slowly stroked her face back, opening her eyes and kept it level for Chun Li to see what Sakura was doing.

The Japanese schoolgirl was acting like anything but a schoolgirl. She stood on an elevated mattress, giving Chun Li a perfect view of her, while she fondled her own body. Her hands roamed all over body, but lingered around her breasts and shaven sex the longest. She even blew little kisses towards the glass even though she couldn't see inside Joker's room, but nonetheless, she knew that Chun Li was watching. Audio was even being pumped into Joker's room and all three parties could hear the moans of young schoolgirl.

"I have such a lovely body," Sakura cooed as her fingers plunged into her sex. "It's such a sexy body. I can't believe that I am so horny!"

"Time for some fucking!" a man growled as he grabbed her shoulders from behind.

"NOOO!!" the schoolgirl screamed as even more hands gripped her shoulders. "Joker promised that all I had to was to play with myself and nothing bad would happen to me! He promised!!" Sakura screamed as she struggled vainly in their grasps.

"PLEASE NO!! Joker said he was going to send a real slut for you all to play with!! Please!! I can't!! You can't do this!! Joker promised!!"

"Sorry girl. A change of plans."

"No . . . please . . ." Sakura cried as she tried to choke back tears, but found very little success. "Joker said she had the perfect body. She has fat tits, long muscular legs, strong hips, a nicely toned ass, and pretty face! You know, a real fucking slut!!"

"She's talking about you," Joker grunted as he continued to thrust into Chun Li's ass.

Chun Li wanted to help the schoolgirl, but her body was reacting to Joker's assault, especially since he placed the tip of the dildo onto the chair. Every few seconds, the head of the dildo would twist about and glide across he sex, rubbing it but never penetrating, thus keeping the woman on edge.

Sakura was thrust down onto the mattress. Within seconds, four of the men pounced on top of her. One man laid on his back and pulled the teenage girl on top of him. He then placed his tool a few centimeters away from her hole, but a man behind Sakura pushed the teen down as his member entered her young sex. "Ohhh!! Aahhhhh!!!" Sakura groaned as the man gripped her hips and bounced her up and down.

"Shit man!" another man screamed as bent the schoolgirl forward just a tad. He then pressed himself against her back. Luckily, the man was short in height, so he could ram his cock into her ass. The man began pumping into the teenager's ass, causing her to scream in pain, filling both rooms with her voice. Due to the double penetration that the poor girl had to endure, her body flailed and jiggled about like she was experiencing a massive seizure. However, the men were down with her just yet.

"Fuck! I can't let you guys have all the fun!" a muscular man bellowed as he made his way towards the schoolgirl. The man stood over the man lying down on the mattress and gripped Sakura's breasts. With both hands, he sandwiched his member between the girl's breasts, and began to grind his member with them. He was pumping his meat between Sakura's two globes, creating a new hole that he could abuse.

A fourth and fifth man slowly made their way onto the mattress. Once on the mattress, they stood on each side of the defenseless schoolgirl. They each grabbed one of Sakura's arms and wrapped her small, delicate fingers around their tools. Both men then gripped her wrist and pumped her hand on their members. After a few seconds, they released her wrists and Sakura kept pumping her hands on their meat.

"Arrggghhhh!!" Sakura yelped as her tears flew all over the place. The girl shook her head madly about, crying out in pain, as the five men abused her with their bodies and their mouths as they shouted out degrading comments. Sakura wailed in pain and tried desperately to squash her crying, but none of her methods worked, not even when she tried to keep her mouth closed. Finally, the muscular man solved her problems. He simply yanked her hair and thrust her head into her chest. The teen's mouth was wide open although most people couldn't see her wide opened mouth since it was thrust onto the man's chest. There were several trails of saliva dripping down his chest as the schoolgirl's face continued to be combination of pain and anguish.

"She likes being treated that way," Joker grunted.

Chun Li wanted to scream out in despair, but her body betrayed her yet again. Instead of crying out and doing something to help the girl, Chun Li couldn't take her eyes off the scene in the other room as she became hotter and hotter. She felt something welling up deep inside her. It built second by second. The Chinese woman tried to suppress the feelings building inside her body. She fought it for so long even though she had begged the madman to bang her, but even still, she had fought the feelings. However, her fight was in vain as the feelings inside her welled up to a huge crescendo. "Oh shit!!" Chun Li screamed as her entire body shook violently.

"Isn't that cute? The little sex rocket is blasting off! Don't fade out this time!" Joker cackled as he continued to thrust into Chun Li's ass while she continued to shake and climax. A wide smile appeared on Joker's face as he held onto Chun Li's hip with one hand and the belt with the other, enjoying the show that the Chinese woman's body was putting on.


Barbara Gordon woke up to discover that she was chained to a wall. She figured she was in some sort of dungeon since there were bars and a cell door. Batgirl could see that manacles around her wrist that kept her secured to the wall and even though she couldn't see the shackles around her ankles, she knew they were there since she could hear them rattle when she tried to move. "I got to think of some way to get out of here," Batgirl's mind raced as she glanced around the room looking for a way out. "At least I still have my outfit and cowl."

"Hurry up lads," Batgirl heard a rough male's voice said as the long drawn out sound of a huge door being opened reverberated in the dungeon. Batgirl could hear the shuffling of feet and the low mumbles of men. In a matter of seconds, she saw three very rough looking men in red uniforms escort Helena, who was dressed in a purple robe, towards the cell.

"In you go," one of the men said as he unlocked the cell door and pushed Helena in.

"We'll be back later," another man said as he locked the cell and all three headed towards the exit.

Batgirl waited for the men's voices to fade before she spoke. "Huntress, get me out of here," Barbara whispered.

"I don't have a key, but I can open locked doors," Helena replied as she moved towards Barbara after throwing her mask to the floor.

"Try picking the lock then. We have to get out of here . . . Huntress?! Why are you looking at me like that? Huntress?"

"Shhh," Helena said softly as she licked her lips before falling to her knees before Batgirl.

"HELENA!! STOP!!" Batgirl screamed as she began to struggle in her bonds when she saw that Huntress was ripping the fabric between her legs.

"Be quiet Barbara. Our new master wants me to release some of your tension," Huntress replied as she traced her fingers along the edges of Barbara's panties. "White panties? You lack imagination Barbara dear."

"Huntress! Helena! Stop!" Batgirl pleaded as the rattling of chains filled the room.

"Don't worry Barbara. Be a doll and don't struggle. When everything is said and done, you'll be nothing more than a Barbara-Doll. A big breasted toy for our master," Huntress said as she ripped Barbara's underwear from her body.

"Master? What have they done to you? Oh god! Don't. Please don't. Nooo!" Barbara wailed as she felt Helena's fingers pry open her sex.

"Mmm, your pussy smells nice," Helena said before her tongue licked Barbara's sex.

"Please no!!" Barbara wailed as Helena buried her mouth in Barbara's hole.

Helena licked her tongue up and down, left and right, causing Batgirl to moan and thrash as she was assaulted by Helena's tongue. Both saliva and Barbara's juices were dripping down her chin as she licked. Helena's hands gripped Barbara's buttocks and squeezed them, forcing the woman to moan even more.

"No . . . this . . . this can't be . . ." Barbara sobbed as she thrashed about, trying to deny the pleasure that her body felt. As her mind attempted to reject what was going on, her body continued to react, and much to Barbara's chagrin, it made her even more excited. The crime fighter could feel her own juices flow out of her sex as her struggles diminished.

With each passing second, Helena's efforts increased. To facilitate things, Helena's hands pushed Barbara's body forward, so she could probe deeper with her tongue. Helena's tongue thrashed all over Barbara's clitoris, sending the woman into a frenzy. Barbara even went as far as thrust her sex into Helena's face, trying to increase the feelings flowing through her body. Helena was more than happy to oblige by licking faster, but before Barbara could explode, Helena wickedly pulled her tongue out of Barbara's sex and stood up.

"Barbara, you little slut. I bet you liked that," Huntress teased as she licked Barbara's juices off of her lips with her tongue. Then the woman used her fingers to scoop up the juices on her face and licked them clean.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Barbara panted weakly.

"I told you already. The master needs a doll to dress and fuck, so instead of a Barbie Doll, he's going to get a Barbara Doll," Huntress sneered as she rammed two of her digits into Batgirl's throbbing sex and began to pump them in and out. "I know you enjoy this, Barbara. However, you're never going to climax unless you submit to Bison."

"Bison!! He's that madman that you faced in the alley!! He's the man that Chun Li is here to apprehend!" Barbara cried as her chest heaved up and down while her lungs struggled to take in enough oxygen. The female crime fighter's body was already reacting to Helena's ministrations as she thrust her own sex onto her friend's fingers.

"Yes he is. When he captured Stephanie, he fucked her senseless. Stephanie has decided to have another go with motherhood, bearing his child. When I'm done with you, I will return his chamber where hopefully, I will receive the same fate as young Stephanie. You'll follow me to his chamber where he might honor you with his seed," Helena whispered into Barbara's cringing ears while her free hand groped Barbara's breasts.

"Helena . . . please . . . we have to get out . . . out of here," Barbara groaned through her own tears as she neared another climax, only to have Helena pull away from her again.

"No escape Barbara dear. Chun Li is being introduced to Joker as we speak. The Chinese cunt will now spend the rest of her life as a concubine, much like yourself," Helena whispered into Batgirl's ear. "You will bring endless pleasure to Bison and he will return the favor. All you have to do is surrender yourself to him."

"No!" Barbara panted defiantly.

"You'll change your mind," Helena growled as she began to pump her fingers in and out of Barbara's sex again.

Almost instantly, Barbara could feel her body react again, and she knew it would only be a matter of time before her need to climax would overtake her. Of course, unknown to Barbara Gordon, she wasn't in a cell, for she was actually nude and strapped into a chair, where Cammy was busy beaming all sorts of erotic visions into her brain while a vibrator whirled in her sex. The vibrator was always shut off just seconds before Barbara's orgasm and restarted after her body calmed down. The British woman kept track of Barbara's reactions and knew that with every interval, Barbara's body was reacting faster and faster, and pretty soon, Batgirl would be a broken woman. However, there was so much that she could beam into her head before then.


Sakura was panting for breath as her chest heaved up and down. The schoolgirl was kneeling in a pool of her own juices as well as the sperm of all the men in the room. In fact, the mattress was nothing more than one wet sponge. As she knelt on the soggy mattress, the men were busy jerking themselves off and wiping their seed on her face and body, making sure not to cover her eyes just yet. Sperm not only dripped from her cheeks and hair, but also from her arms and breasts. In fact, it looked like someone had painted the young girl's body with way too much Elmer's glue. However, the girl did nothing to fight the men off or even dodge their spurts. Instead, she just knelt there and accepted her fate.

"What a nice little girl," Joker chuckled as he entered the room, wearing his robe covered with smiling faces.

The schoolgirl opened her eyes and sobbed, "You said that I would be left alone. You said that they would be getting a big titted whore to play with all night long. I already suffered two of your henchmen . . . but . . ."

"But now you had serviced ten men in one night? I believe that's nowhere even close to your record. Of course, there are more than ten men in the room now, but most of them haven't even touched your body yet. They just smeared their members on your body. Just think what's going to happen when they decide to clean you up. From the looks on my watch, there are still quite a few hours before daylight."

Sakura said nothing as gulped and allowed more sperm to hit her body. She glanced around the room without turning her head and saw at least thirty men, staring at her hungrily as they pumped their members. "Please . . . you . . . you said . . . said that . . ." Sakura sobbed.

"I know what I said, but there was a change of plans. Turns out that the slut in question wanted to spend the night with me instead. Actually . . . I think I hear her clicking heels right now. Here Sakura, take a look," Joker said as he moved to the side, allowing Sakura to see the origin of the clicking sound that was now filling the room.

"Chun . . . Chun Li," Sakura gasped as she saw the nude Chinese woman being lead into the room by Rose, who was still wearing the same outfit as before. Chun Li had a black choker around her neck that was adorned in the front with Joker's smiling face. Her spiked bracelets were replaced by bracelets covered with Joker's face, much like her choker, but unlike the face on the choker, the bracelets were detachable. Two of the faces were missing from the bracelet as elastic bands stretched from the base of the bracelet and were connected to the two faces that bit down on her nipples. An set of faces were also missing. Much like the ones on her nipples, these two had elastic bands, but unlike the ones on her nipples, these two faces were totally unseen since they were linked together and pulsing deep inside Chun Li's womanhood, causing the woman to leave a slick trail of her own juices as the two bands ran into her sex. The Chinese woman's hair was put back into buns as she leaned against Rose for support since she wasn't use to walking in six inched black stiletto heels and the constant buzzing in her sex. Not only was Chun Li given new accessories, but she also had the words, Cock Hungry Whore written in huge red letters on her huge tits.

"Hello Sakura," Chun Li said softly as she tried not to cry, knowing full well what would happen to Sakura if she did. Rose was very emphatic about it when she cleaned her up after her session with Joker in the other room. Thus to keep herself from breaking down, she concentrated on the images of Rose pleasuring her while she cleaned her body in the shower. "I'm the cock hungry whore that Joker has been talking about. I am the big titted slut that was suppose to keep these boys company all night long, but after feeling Joker's magnificent cock in my ass, I just couldn't part ways with him."

"Shit boss! Why couldn't we have that Chinese slut instead of this little Japanese one?! Shit, how about now?" one of the men shouted.

"NOOO, You fools! I have to present her to Bison in a few minutes!!" Joker yelled as he saw all the men's members began to grow like Pinocchio's nose when he started fibbing. "Besides, it will take way too long to clean her up again. She spent so much time in the shower with Rose that it threw the whole schedule off. If it were up to me, the bitch would be in this room screaming her head off as all of you fucked her over and over again!" Joker lied, knowing full well that he had no intention of sharing her with them.

"See! I told you that the boss was thinking about us!" another man yelled.

"Yea!! Thanks boss!" a few shouted in unision.

"Alright boys, calm down. Continue to use Sakura here. She's all yours until daylight and then Bison has to prepare her. But until then, fuck her brains out," Joker proclaimed to a huge cheer from his men.

"I wish I was in your position, Sakura," Chun Li lied again as she slowly turned around, showing off her ass, where the words, I'm a slut and Take Me, were written on her ass cheeks, in the same lettering and color as the words on her breasts. "Sluts like us are only good for one thing; fucking!"

"N . . . no . . . no . . . this can't be," Sakura mouthed as she saw Chun Li face Rose and both women kissed each other as they swapped saliva and wiggled their tongues about. Then without missing a beat, Chun Li pulled away from Rose's embrace and gave Joker the same treatment.

"But it is, Sakura," Chun Li gasped as she pulled herself away from Joker. "I'm ready for my new calling in life. I am ready to be Shadoloo's whore! And if you like, you can join me!"

"NOOO!!" Sakura cried as she tried to get up but found that all the dried sperm on her body had glued her legs to her thighs, making it impossible to stand up. Instead, she topped over and a man instantly pounced on her ass and began ramming his cock savagely into her rear.

"Enjoy," Chun Li blew Sakura kiss as she was lead out of the room. Once Chun Li was out of the room, she couldn't help but break into tears about what she had done and what she had become.


"OH GOD!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!" Batgirl moaned as she was mashed into the cold wall of the cell. Unlike her previous session with just Huntress, her costume was torn to shreds, including her cowl, and both Chun Li and Spoiler were also in the cell as well as Cammy.

"Don't listen to her, slut!" Cammy lashed out as she kicked Chun Li solidly in her back.

"Sorry Mistress," Chun Li replied meekly as she pulled her face out from between Barbara's legs. The Chinese woman's face was covered in Barbara's juices as well as her own tears. "I'll be good! I'll be good! Please give me another chance!"

"You don't deserve it but I'll give you another one," Cammy snarled as she sat back down in her wooden chair.

"Thank you Mistress," Chun Li replied happily as she rattled her chains to get Barbara's attention.

"Please Chun Li," Barbara groaned weakly as she looked down between her legs and saw Chun Li's frightened eyes. Not only did she see fear on Chun Li's face, but she also saw a huge black metal collar around the Chinese woman's neck. It looked like something that alligator trappers would use. There was an O-ring in the front that had two separate chains connected to it Those chains were connected to manacles around Chun Li's wrists. The Chinese woman was wearing black open corset that bared her breasts but also managed to push them high onto her chest as well, where a huge tattoo of Joker's face rested.

"I'm sorry Barbara," Chun Li cried apologetically. "You can't climax until you surrender your soul to Bison. I've surrendered to Joker. He's going to take care of me. Bison will take care of you too. Women with bodies like ours shouldn't jeopardize them by fighting criminals, we should be locked up in the house, pleasing our masters instead."

"Nooooo!!" Barbara wailed as she shook her head, splashing her tears all over the place.

"Forgive me, Barbara," Chun Li said softly as she buried her face between Barbara's thighs and began to assault the woman's sex. Her teeth bit down and tugged on the woman's pussy lips before releasing them and jamming her tongue into the woman's heated sex. Not only was Chun Li busy giving Batgirl's pussy a workout, but her hands were busy thrusting a huge dildo soaked with her own saliva, into Batgirl's anus.

"Shut up tramp!" Huntress snarled as she slapped Chun Li on top of her head. "Barbara will learn her place in this world, even if we have to kill her."

"I think it's time for us to feast," Spoiler chuckled as she stood on Barbara's right side, leaving Huntress the left.

"Not yet!" Cammy shouted as she stood up from her chair and walked over to a panting Barbara Gordon. "Barbara . . . Helena and Stephanie although naked now will be allowed to wear clothing because they submitted. But for you . . . the longer you hold out, the less clothing that you'll be able to wear," Cammy warned as she gripped Barbara's chin. The British woman could see the stubborn look on the crime fighter's face. "Alright you two, begin!"

Huntress and Spoiler pounced onto Barbara's breasts. Their hands pawed and scratched at them like rabid animals while their teeth bit down and pulled on her erect nipples. To Barbara's horror, a warm sensation was flooding her breasts and slowly leaking out of her nipples. "OH MY GOD!! IT'S MILK!!" her mind screamed.

"Fat cow!" Cammy laughed as she relished the look of total anguish on the woman's face. Meanwhile, Huntress and Spoiler began to suckle on Barbara's tits like two hungry babies. Their mouths engulfed the front of the breast and sucked greedily as they pulled the breast towards their side.

"NOOO!!" Batgirl wailed.

"You know your struggles are futile! I'm sure that even a stupid bitch like yourself can see that there will be no escape. Why fight it? Surrender and enjoy the pleasure that has been bestowed upon your body," Cammy said as she grabbed Barbara's chin and held the woman's face still.

"I . . . I . . ."

Cammy could see the lackluster color in Batgirl's eyes. The burning fire of resistance that had inhabited her eyes were gone. "Give in and be the plaything that you know you crave!" Cammy commanded as she placed her free hand on Chun Li's head and forced the Chinese woman's face deeper into Barbara's sex. Chun Li knew what was expected out of her and she lapped at Barbara's clit with insane speed and ferocity.

Barbara could feel herself ready to explode. "Almost there," Barbara groaned through gritted teeth as she felt herself ready to explode. Much to her delight, she saw that neither one of her tormentors were going to stop this time. In fact, all three of them actually increased their assault. However, as the seconds ticked by and the sensation reached the apex, nothing happened. There was no explosion just the urge. In fact, Batgirl couldn't believe it when the sensation continued to increase to astronomic proportions even though she was unable to climax.

"Barbara dear. Look at my eyes. Good girl. You can't climax unless I allow you. I'm not going to allow you to climax. Unless . . ." Cammy trailed off.

"UNLESS WHAT?!?!" Barbara shouted as her eyes shot open with life.

"Unless you promise me that you will serve Bison! You also have to promise me that you will do whatever he asks of you for the rest of your life!" Cammy yelled back as she saw Barbara bite her lower lip.

"I promise!! I promise to serve Bison forever!!" Barbara screamed, hoping that she would climax but nothing happened.

"I'm sorry, but you took too long," Cammy replied coldly.



"Master!" Huntress and Spoiler yelled as they pulled their milk covered faces from Barbara's tits and fell to the floor.

"Barbara Gordon. The Commissioner's daughter. The prude little librarian. You're playing in the big leagues now," a man dressed in red spoke as he entered the cell.

"Bison," Barbara groaned.

"Very good. Perhaps you're not so stupid after all. I can't wait to violate your body, mind, and soul. I don't know if anyone has told you about it, but I have broken many females before you. They were much tougher than you too. However, just looking at your gorgeous body, I want you. I can't wait to have my member jammed into your cunt. I can't wait to fuck the shit out of your proud naked body. Do you want that? Tell me you want that, Barbara. TELL ME!!"

"Please Bison!! I'm yours!! Fuck the shit out of my helpless body!! Rape me!! Violate me!! Debase me!! Just please let me orgasm!!" Barbara screamed.

"Then by all means, do so," Bison replied as Barbara's body thrashed about violently.

Barbara's world quickly turned black as everything faded into oblivion. Unknown to the crime fighter, Cammy was done beaming things in her head. In fact the British woman was just about to pull the vibrator, the suction cups, and the dildo from her ass. However, Cammy couldn't resist the urge to watch Barbara's body continue to ride the wave of euphoria. "I'll wait for her to stop shaking," Cammy laughed to herself, knowing full well that it was going to be quite a wait while she watched Barbara's convulsing body.


Helena Janice Bertinelli, also known as Huntress, never thought that the day would come where she would naked and crawling on all fours, begging an unknown stranger to fuck her. Technically, the man awaiting her presence wasn't a total stranger since she had just watched about two hours worth of film where he basically humiliated and raped countless women. The ones that submitted to him were treated far better than the ones that didn't, for the ones that didn't submit willingly were eventually forced to, and that was something Helena wanted to avoid. She had watched how the madman had destroyed all vestiges of his prey. Once, the woman might have been proud and obstinate with high morales and ethics, but once he was done with them, they were nothing except living shells. Helena didn't know most of the women in the videos, but she did recognize Stephanie and Cammy. She had no idea who the Gypsy woman or the little Japanese schoolgirl, but she felt pity for them nonetheless. Not only did she feel pity, but she was downright frightened with her own fate. Of course, the scariest part was that she found herself routing the madman on as he raped the women. The reason for this was twofold. The first reason was that the implements of the chamber only pleasured her if she cooperated. She quickly found out that cooperation meant watching the video and interacting with it, in this case, cheering on M. Bison. The second reason was something that she didn't know and that reason was the chamber itself. The longer Helena stayed in the chamber, the more the yellow light corrupted her. Thus, Helena had been conditioned to react the way she did. And now, she was in the bedroom of the madman, ready to surrender herself to him much like Stephanie had done in the video.

"I told you she would cave," Stephanie proclaimed happily.

"Oh god! I can't believe I am doing this," Helena's mind sobbed. "He said the next time we met, it would be in the bedroom, and here I am, crawling on my hands and knees like some mutt, hoping to please him. What is wrong with me? I'm purposely trying to entice him with my breasts and ass. I'm jiggling my breasts and swaying my sexy ass as I crawl towards him. No wait, he prefers I use tits instead of breasts. I must remember that when he gives me permission to speak."

"Helena, my newest toy, you may use your tongue," Bison said as got out of bed. The man was naked since he and Stephanie had just finished their little romp.

Trepidation appeared on Helena's face as she knelt before Bison. She had seen plenty of women give the man before her blowjobs, but she didn't really want to become anything like those women. However, the scene of Rose and Cammy being torn down and broken by the Psycho Drive finally made Helena open her mouth.

"Go ahead Helena, embrace your future," Bison said as he patted the woman on her head.

Helena's hands gripped Bison's cock and swirled her tongue around the head. She remembered the various women in the videos and was going to make damn sure that her performance would far exceed theirs, hoping to never spend another second in the Psycho Drive. Her delicate lips were next to make contact with Bison's cock as she wrapped them around his meat. The woman's lips were locked around his member while her tongue stroked the bottom of his prick. Then she sucked on his member hungrily, cheeks puffing out and then concaving as she sucked. Her tongue continued to flick against the bottom and the sides of his prick while her hair swayed with the motion of her bobbing head.

"That's it," Bison commented as he gripped the woman's hair and began to pump his meat deeper into her mouth.

Helena's saliva covered Bison's tool as her fingernails scratched around his balls. Her nose brushed against the hairs of Bison's crotch and got a whiff of him and Stephanie as she continued to attempt to devour the man's shaft. Little moans escaped her throat as she bobbed up and down on Bison's member. Her cheeks expanded as she felt his cock began to grow in her mouth, much to her horror.

"Look at me," Bison shouted as he gripped Helena's hair even tighter and tilted her head up.

Helena saw the wicked look on Bison's face as a shiver of fear and pleasure shot through her body. Bison was now thrusting madly into her mouth as she kept a lock on his member with her lips. Her mouth was working much like a suction and the sounds coming from her lips sounded very much like a wet suction cup being dragged along dry glass. Helena's nostrils flared as she suddenly realized that her body was reacting to Bison's cruel thrusting and her eyes showed the horror that she felt inside.

"She knows her true self now," Stephanie whispered into Bison's ears, making sure that Helena could hear it, while she massaged his shoulders. "Explode in her mouth and fill her stomach with your potent seed. Then fill her womb with it too."

Helena moaned as she heard Stephanie's words. The female crime fighter was surprised to find herself getting wetter and not more humiliated by Stephanie's words. She found it odd and scary, but within seconds, her mind no longer cared about her new discovery, for all she wanted was for Bison to ejaculate in her mouth and claim her. The mere thought of serving the man, mind, body, and soul was causing the woman to wet herself in anticipation. In fact, when Bison finally shot his load into her mouth, instead of being disgusted, she actually loved it and Helena made sure that every last drop went down her throat. As she drank, a powerful rush of electricity shot through her body as she quivered in its wake.

"Come to bed and stop dribbling on my floor," Bison said as he pulled his member from Helena's mouth. Small drips of semen trickled down the sides of her mouth as Bison let Helena's head fall to her chest while her chest heaved up and down, trying to recover from her orgasm.

Helena slowly pulled herself off the floor and onto the bed. The coolness of the silk sheets was in direct contrast with the heat of her body. Within seconds, the sheets beneath Helena were as hot as she was. She fondled her own breasts as they heaved up and down. Her sex was virtually dripping wet as she knelt before Bison, who laid down on his back, watching the scene before him. "Please," Helena mouthed as moved on top of Bison's body.

Not wasting any time, Bison motioned for Helena to bend her head down, which she obediently did. The two then locked lips as their tongues darted back and forth between their own and each other's mouth. Helena moaned as the second ticked by. The woman felt her body becoming more and more excited with every passing second as their tongues fought each other. Helena's hands gripped Bison's shoulders while Bison's hands darted over her naked ass. Bison also rubbed her bare back as she plastered her breasts against his chest. Helena wanted to do everything in her power to get Bison to fuck her.

"Please Bison. Please make me into your slut," Helena panted as she pulled away from Bison's face. Her hands slowly moved down his sides and between his legs, where she began to rub her hands up and down his hard cock. "I'm going to put it inside me now. Let me prove my worth," she proclaimed as her delicate hands slowly inserted Bison's member into her dripping sex. The woman moaned as the head made contact with her entrance and only escalated when the sides of Bison's tool began to press and stretch her sex.

Bison said nothing as he watched the beauty bend her legs so that she was basically kneeling on top of him with his member going deeper and deeper inside her. The man's hands gripped her hips and caressed her skin as Helena began to oscillate on top of him. The first moment Bison laid eyes on Helena's sultry figure, he knew he had to dominate and break her, but the pace of her submission had exceeded all expectations. Even her hard body had exceeded his expectations.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Helena moaned as her hands dug into her own hair and tried to rip a few strands out. The female crime fighter was now pumping Bison's member in and out of her sex while her chest heaved and jiggled. Her labored breathing as well as her erotic display only increased Bison's arousal. Not only did it increase Bison's arousal, but it increased Helena's as well. The woman's mind now attributed pleasure to Bison's member as she bounced up and down on his cock like some rag doll.

"She's like a bitch in heat!" Stephanie exclaimed as she snuggled her head against Bison's.

"Yes!! I'm a bitch in heat!! Oh god!! This feels fucking great!!" Helena screamed at the top of her lungs as she increased her speed. "Bison don't ever stop fucking me!! NEVER STOP!!"

"Just wait until you meet your other new toy," Stephanie whispered into Bison's ear.

"I can't wait," Bison replied as he shot his load in Helena's sex. Helena cried out in ecstasy as she felt Bison's hot sperm inside her. She immediately convulsed and shook violently as she came. However, not wanting to give up the pleasure that had consumed her for so long, she continued to bounce, although a little slower than before, knowing full well that she was broken and her life as a crime fighter was over.


"Isn't she lovely?" Cammy asked as she blew into Bison's ear.

"Quite," Bison uttered as he sat on his black leather couch, totally in the buff and enjoying the sight before him. His back was engulfed by the soft leather around him while his shoulders rested just a hair above the back of the couch, which was perfect since Cammy was giving him a massage. The British woman buried her fingers into his skin, making her knuckles nice and white as she attempted to mold his skin like clay. Bison enjoyed the massage but it was the woman riding his cock that made the massage much more enjoyable.

"I am Bison's toy! I am a worthless tramp! I surrendered my body and soul to Master Bison! I am a big titted slut! My rightful place is riding Bison's magnificent cock! I will obey! I am Bison's slave!" Barbara repeated over and over like some ancient magical chant. The redheaded woman was covered in a sheen of sweat which was the only thing covering her naked flesh. Her right hand rested on the arm of couch while her left head rested on the back of the couch. Barbara's legs were spread out, taking Bison's cock into her dripping sex as she flung her hair from side to side. The broken woman was in heaven as she felt Bison's right middle finger run up and down the top of her hot pussy, playing with the short little stubs that once made up her nicely trimmed bush. His left hand groped and fondled her bouncing breasts and even pinched her fully erect pink nipples.

Huntress and Spoiler watched the pair with great excitement as they not only enjoyed the spectacle on the couch but the one on a huge TV screen as well. Cammy had recorded Batgirl's entire mind bending session and was now showing off her handiwork. The British woman had already shown Barbara Gordon the tape before she ever met Bison in his chamber and she was happy to report to Bison that the little bitch was nothing more than quivering piece of meat after she watched it. Also, Cammy really liked the fact that Bison's two other slaves were royally enjoying it as well. Huntress shifted her gaze between the TV and Bison's cock, the same one that she had licked prior to him inserting it into Barbara's pussy, which also happened to be the thing that she was licking on the screen. As Huntress continued to shift her gaze, the naked woman couldn't help but fondle her own breasts, wetting Bison's floor and gurgling his sperm in her mouth. Much like Huntress, Spoiler was doing the same thing, the only difference was that she was leaning her back against couch, hoping to keep Bison's sperm in her pussy, so that her womb could absorb his fertile seed.

"So Barbara, you seem to know Joker and Catwoman best. Can I trust any of them?" Bison asked as his left hand continued to molest her tits while his right hand gripped her stomach.

"Catwoman will never join you willingly. You must break her," Barbara moaned through gritted teeth. "Joker can't be trusted at all."

"Very well then. I have to inspect Joker's handiwork on Chun Li later tonight. After that, you'll provide Cammy with the information that she requires for Catwoman and any other one of Gotham's many villains that she may want. Perhaps I should have you spy on him for me."

"NOOOO!! Please don't take your magnificent cock away from me!! I need it inside me, filling me!!" Batgirl screamed as she thrust herself faster and harder on Bison's rod, hoping to convince him to keep her.

"Horny little bitch aren't you?" Bison asked.

"Arf! Arf!" Barbara barked in agreement.

"If you're a bitch, then I should fuck you like one," Bison spoke as he shifted on the couch. By the time Bison was in position, he was leaning against the arm of the chair while Cammy continued to massage his broad shoulders and plant little kisses on his neck.

"Fuck me like a bitch! I am a nothing except for a bitch in heat!!" Barbara howled like a wild animal as she shifted her legs under Bison. Her legs were bent at the knees and her legs were tucked between Bison's body and the couch. Barbara's hands made huge dents in the leather as she took a pummeling. Her hair was whipping around like an angry swarm of bees while her tits jiggled and bounced around a thousand times more than a bowlful of jell-o.

Bison's hands gripped the redhead's hips as he thrust into her sex. The man was pounding his cock into her pussy and she was pushing back just as hard. He could see the woman whipping her hair about, splattering sweat all over his leather couch. Not only did her sweat cover the couch, but her own honey was flowing and in some places, warping the leather due to her juices pooling on the material. Bison was enjoying the moment but he was still planning every one of his later conquests. "Helena and Stephanie have told me so much about your friend, Bruce Wayne. Why don't you tell me more?"

"Rowf! Rowf! Bruce has a shitload of money," Barbara panted as her breasts jiggled about.

"Yes, but who is he?"

"A millionaire?" Batgirl feigned trying to hold onto what was left of her humanity.

"No Barbara . . . if you want to serve me, you must betray your friend, Bruce. Be a good little slut and cooperate. Helena and Stephanie have and look how happy there are."

"Can't submit . . . must hold on . . . Bruce will save us . . . must hold on . . . pretended for so long . . ." Barbara's mind panted much like herself.

"Tell me, my fucking whore. Tell me."

"Batman will save me . . . he will save me . . . he must save me."

"If you ever want to orgasm then you will tell me who Bruce Wayne is."

"CLIMAX . . . ORGASM . . . pleasant thoughts. Need those things. Need Bison. Must obey to climax. Must obey to orgasm. Will then be happy. Obeying Bison will make me happy. Fucking makes me happy. Fucking Bison is . . . being fucked by Bison is my life!!" Batgirl's mind screamed as she felt something snap deep inside her.

"Now my little bitch, who is Bruce Wayne?"

"He is Batman!" Barbara screamed as her body exploded. The young woman's body shook violently as her pussy exploded, sending blast after blast of her juices onto the couch. Saliva trickled from the sides of her lips as she fell onto the couch, her body unable function as it enjoyed the sensations derived by her submission. All the while her mind wept, not out of sadness, but out of fiendish glee.



Chun Li quivered as she attempted to stay standing near the doorway of a huge laboratory. Her hands were pressed tightly against her side as Joker's toys still buzzed away in her sex. The Chinese woman still wore the choker and stiletto heels, not to mention the bracelets, and she still had to have some help when it came to standing up, but Rose was there for the assist. The Gypsy woman stood behind Chun Li while her hands pressed against the Chinese woman's shoulders, trying to keep her from swaying as the buzzing in the woman's sex kept her on edge. However, the sexy Interpol agent was entranced, much like the other people in the room, as all of them watched her previous ordeal in Joker's room.

Seated on a raised platform was Chun Li's sworn enemy, M. Bison. On his left was a chamber of yellow light which had a woman with blue eyes and black hair, dressed in a light yellow skin-tight, body hugging latex outfit. The woman seemed to hyperventilating as she stood in the light, chest thrust forward with her hands fondling herself as she moaned away, chest heaving up and down. On Bison's right was a nude woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. This woman was standing with Cammy, who was dressed in her tight blue outfit that most of Bison's dolls use to wear. Sandwiched between the nude woman and Cammy was a redhead hanging spread-eagle. Chun Li couldn't tell what her eyes were since they slammed shut as Cammy and the nude woman pumped their fingers into the redhead's womanhood.

"Do you know what kind of trouble you have caused me in the last few months, Chun Li?" Bison asked as the tape ended and he directed his attention to her.

"I can imagine, Master Bison," she replied with her head bowed. "I humbly apologize for my transgressions."

"You know Chun Li . . . Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Rolento, Sodom, Birdie, and the other various members of Shadoloo were all arrested. Freeing them is almost impossible. I don't care about them that much, but Poison, Juni, Juli, and Cammy's other sisters are all imprisoned as well, and that pisses me off!" Bison snarled as he stood up and made his way towards Chun Li.

"I'm sorry," Chun Li said meekly as she felt Bison's presence.

"I see Joker has taught you what a woman . . . I mean, slut, like yourself is good for," Bison chuckled as he glided his hands up and down her sides.

"Yes, he has. I am to be Shadoloo's private whore."

"Interesting. These markings are all written in lipstick. How cute. We'll have to see about making them permanent in the future, but they'll do for now," Bison said as he gave Chun Li's breasts a mighty squeeze, like if he was trying make lemonade with them. "I hope you like my new Psycho Drive. I think it will revolutionize the way I conduct business from now on."

"It's impressive. Who is the slut inside?" Chun Li inquired as Bison raised her head.

"Helena over there. She's the heroine who you met earlier tonight."


"No silly. That's Huntress! I can't believe that I called upon a few more of my men to come to Gotham and she single handedly took them all out with her damn crossbow. I bet that impressed you greatly earlier tonight. Her endurance much like her aim is excellent. Not only that, but she's a stubborn one as well. It took quite some time before she finally broke. I'm sure you remember the Psycho Drive, Chun Li. You did spend a few hours inside of it the last time we met, but unlike last time, Guile and Ryu aren't here to help. Besides, I've changed it a bit. It's no longer used for draining fighters' abilities and channeling them to me. It still does that, but it has been modified to help shape the minds of captives to better serve me."

"Huntress has a sexy body. You've made a good decision."

"Who would have ever thought that the great Chun Li would talk like a common whore?" Bison mused out loud as he continued to fondle Chun Li's tits. "By the way, the redhead is Batgirl and the blonde is Spoiler. You haven't had the chance to meet Spoiler until now since she was my first toy. I captured her when I first arrived in Gotham. She's quite a catch. Spoiler and Rose are the main reasons why you and those two are in this mess. Tell me, Chun Li, how many times have you orgasmed tonight?"

"Twenty-sex times," Chun Li moaned.

"Sex times? I'm not aware of such a number. I suppose Joker has your mind thinking about sex now. Since he did such a good job with you, it's only right to present you to him as a gift. No need for me to hog all the women. I already have two very fine slaves added to my collection tonight," Bison said as he patted Chun Li's ass.

"Master. Should we put Barbara Gordon in the Psycho Drive now?" Cammy asked.

"NOOOO!!! NOT AGAIN!! PLEASE NO!!!" Barbara shouted as she opened her eyes. Her face showed nothing but fear and dread.

"Barbara Gordon?"

"Yes Chun Li, Barbara Gordon. I thought it was quite funny that big cheese here in Gotham City would have his own daughter fighting crime. Turns out the old man knows nothing about it. However, it will be much easier to build a new empire here and Gotham with the local law enforcement in my back pocket. I have already decided to employ all of Gotham's super criminals to be Shadoloo members. The crime fighters will be reduced to slaves. I am reading up on some of them and I think that some of them will not only increase Shadoloo's manpower but also the financial aspects as well. Of course, we will also have Interpol's files as well. Won't we?"

"Yes! I'll get you the files!" Chun Li yelped as Bison pinched her butt.

"Excellent! Cammy, put Barbara into the Drive."


"Tell me Chun Li. Do you think I should place her in the Psycho Drive or not?"

"Sluts like myself don't offer advice. We just obey."

"Rose! You have done an excellent job with Chun Li."

"Joker played a major role."

"I knew keeping him alive would help us. Take Ms. Li back to him and inform him that she is my gift to him for his fine job. Also, have Joker's proposal for the villains ready for my inspection by tomorrow. Cammy! Forget about putting Ms. Gordon in the Psycho Drive. Instead follow Rose and Chun Li to Joker's quarters. Once Joker is done with Chun Li, make the final adjustments and come back. And when you do remind Ms. Gordon that she's never been placed into the Drive before."

"Yes Bison," Cammy nodded as she pulled her fingers out of Batgirl's sex. The British woman stuck her fingers into Batgirl's mouth and the female crime fighter licked them clean. Once her fingers were clean, Cammy picked up a suitcase, and slowly descended from the platform.

"What about Barbara?" Spoiler asked.

"We'll take her and Helena back to my room. If she fails to satisfy me, then we'll put her back into the Psycho Drive for a day or two."

"I'll be good!! I swear I will!!" Batgirl screamed.

"I love it when a plan comes together," Bison laughed. "Take Ms. Li back to Joker so she may start her life of servitude and see about adding more words to her body."

Chun Li cringed as she heard Bison's words, but was powerless to do anything. Instead, she sighed and accepted her fate as she was slowly being lead out of the room.


"Rose is a slave. Cammy is a slave. Chun Li is a slave. There's no one left . . . except you," Sakura's mind said calmly. Although, the voice inside Sakura's head was calm, the one that the men in the room were listening to was not. The voice that they heard was ragged and very high pitched, for the Japanese schoolgirl was busily riding one of Joker's henchman's cock. She was also boosting up her breasts to her mouth, where she ran her tongue across them, cleaning the man's sperm off of them, and taking it willingly into her parched mouth. Sakura swallowed, savory the composition since it was the only source of liquids for the young girl, other than her own sweat.

"You like drinking down other people's sperm, don't you?" the man asked as he stared up at the schoolgirl, taking in her beautiful features while his hands slammed her hips on his member.

"It's my only source of nourishment," Sakura gasped as she tried to keep her composure. The schoolgirl knew that Bison wasn't going to be coming for her since he had new toys to play with and Joker had Chun Li, so the only people who would even use her, let alone feed her, where Joker's henchmen.

"Hey boys! You heard the girl! Are you guys doing your part?" he grunted as he thrust his hips upward to meet hers on the downward thrusts.

"Shut your trap!" another henchman yelled as he and ten more were busy jacking off, squirting their seeds into plastic two gallon milk containers. Some of them were still empty, others were practically filled to the brim. The man looked at his partners and crime and could see some of their interests had waned just like their strength as some of them fell to the ground.

"Man! The little tramp sucked me dry! I don't have that much left!" another man yelled as he fell backwards and leaned his back against the wall, resting.

"What do you think the boss is doing with Chun Li and Rose right now?"

"Who knows."

"Did you see the rack on that Chinese girl. She gives a whole new meaning to Asian cuisine."

Sakura listened intently to the men's conversations as she bobbed up and down, her tits wobbling all over her chest. "Hopefully Ryu and Guile will come save us," her mind tried to offer some sort of hope to the schoolgirl. "Yes! That's it! Ryu and Guile will save us! If not . . . if not . . . if they don't, we'll be joining Chun Li and Rose shortly," her mind gulped as Sakura lost her concentration and was engulfed by the pleasure emitting from her thoroughly stuffed pussy.


"I'm a sexy whore! I'm nothing but a slut with big tits!" Chun Li moaned as her breasts bounced and jiggled while she rocked back and forth with Joker's manhood lodged in her sex. Her hands rested on the man's knees as she rocked back and forth. The Chinese woman's head tossed from side to side as her hair flailed about ever since they were freed from their buns. Chun Li was doing the best she could to please Joker, in hopes of avoiding whatever Cammy had in store for her. The broken Interpol agent had no idea what Cammy was doing in the room, just sitting in the darkness, watching her perform. All she knew was that Rose had put on quite an erotic show fucking Joker while Chun Li was forced to watch and treat it as a training session. However, even after Rose's performance, Cammy injected something into Rose's neck causing the woman to smile. It wasn't a regular smile, it was a sick, mockery of a smile that plastered a huge grin all over the face, taking up as much area as the skin would allow. The smile scared Chun Li and she was more than willing to submit to Joker's lusts to avoid it, even if it meant degrading herself both physically and verbally.

"What are you again, Chun Li?" Joker asked as he pinched and pulled her nipples while Chun Li groaned. The villain knew that she was excited and getting wetter by the second as he kneaded her tits. He knew that her pussy was getting wetter and that her clit was on fire. Chun Li's tits swelled as he massaged them giving him further proof that she wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Chun Li's head was cloudy and she was getting dizzy. It was getting harder and harder to think. All she knew was that she was disgusted with herself since she actually found herself enjoying the humiliating treatment. The Chinese woman's eyes fluttered as she became more and more aroused by her degradation. "My life is over. I belong to him. I am nothing more than a possession . . . a toy!" her mind screamed as a small tremor swept over her body, sending bolts of energy through her body, and her face was a mask of lust and need, as Chun Li came to realization that she had lost.

"What are you again, my little sex kitten?" Joker asked.

"I am a slut, a toy, a whore . . . your slave!" she sobbed. "My tits, my hips, my thighs, my nipples . . . my ass . . . my mouth . . . everything I have . . . it's all yours. I am yours to command. Make me fuck you again and again. Make you suck your dick like you made Rose earlier. Use my tits like a cunt and slide your meat between them. I am yours!" Chun Li moaned as she remembered what Rose had done earlier and tried to imagine herself in the Gypsy woman's place, which wasn't too hard since she was riding Joker's member at the moment.

"I can't believe my luck!" Joker's mind screamed. "First I stumble in on Bison fucking Rose and wishing how I was Bison fucking Rose. Next thing I know, I am fucking a hot Japanese schoolgirl and then Rose. After that, I get to play with my new Chinese toy, and now this toy is like my own private clay to mold and shape! What could be fucking better?!"

"Joker," a feminine voice with a thick British accent said calmly. "Are you going to blow your load in the bitch or what?"

"In . . . a . . . in a few . . . ahhhhh . . . seconds," Joker stammered.

"Hurry up then! I don't have all night!"

Chun Li couldn't believe that Cammy, her friend betrayed her, much like Rose. The Chinese woman had no idea why the British agent was helping Bison although she did hypothesize that Bison had tried out his new Psycho Drive out on Cammy before coming to Gotham City. However, she had no concrete proof, but then again, it mattered very little at the moment since the only thing on Chun Li's mind was the mad desire to climax yet again.

"Tell me, my Chinese slut, what are you again?"

"Your slave!" Chun Li panted.

"Yes you are!" Joker groaned as he tried to keep his soldiers from breaking through. "However, I love playing with my toys."

"I'm a fucktoy!" Chun Li screamed and felt something bubbling inside her as the words escaped her lips. The words made her hornier and she could tell by Joker's reaction that she had said the right thing. Suddenly, Chun Li's mind snapped, and she found herself saying all sorts of things that she never thought she would ever say. "I love you Joker! I can't live without you! I love being your big titted toy! I belong to you! My tits belong to you! My ass, my cunt! Do whatever you want with me! OH GOD!! I BELONG TO YOU!! MY RACK, MY WAIST, MY BALD CUNT . . . EVERYTHING BELONGS TO YOU!!" Chun Li screamed incoherently as her hands gripped her tits while she slammed herself onto Joker's cock again and again. The Chinese woman knew she was going to climax and soon.

"OH SHIT!!" Joker growled as he couldn't hold back anymore.

"OH YES!! OH YES!!" Chun Li screamed as she felt herself reaching the edge. In a matter of seconds, the Chinese woman screeched and howled as she climaxed . Her back arched and stuck her breasts forward while her hair flung wildly about like a weed trimmer. The Chinese woman became a bucking bull as she twisted and gyrated on top of Joker's cock, squeezing it like a vice, milking his cock for all it was worth. Sweat covered the female cop's body as she experienced orgasm after orgasm while screaming obscenities and grinding her sex onto Joker's prick.

"About fucking time!" Cammy snarled as she opened up the suitcase on her lap. "We can finally finish this up and I can go back and play with my new toy. By the way, when the bitch is able to talk coherently again, ask her about the locations of Juni and Juli."


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