Batgirl - Worst Nightmare

BY : NightCreeper
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Notes from the Author: Over the years, I have started, stopped, restarted, and stopped several stories. Some times I just delete them. Other times, I keep excerpts and use them in future stories. This story is a basically a mash up of excerpts and I felt it was the proper send off for Batgirl. As most of you know, the Batgirl I use is the one that Yvonne Craig (1937 - 2015) portrayed in the 1960's show. So not a whole lot of sex in the story, but hopefully you can hear the talented actors, both male and female, throughout this fanfic.

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Batgirl - Worst Nightmare

By: Night Creeper

“Here you go, Commissioner Gordon,” Batman spoke as he presented the Scarecrow to man in charge of Gotham City’s Police Department. The Scarecrow’s hands were handcuffed behind his back while Batman held onto his right arm while Robin held onto his left arm. Batgirl was standing next to Commissioner Gordon.

“So Scarecrow, the warden will be happy to see you back in the halls of Gotham Penitentiary. The dark clouds that hovered above Gotham City have faded away just like your plans,” Commissioner Gordon spoke.

“You’re reign of terror is over!” Batgirl added as she beamed proudly at her father. He was the sole reason that Batman had captured Scarecrow. For he was the man who deciphered the evil man’s riddle.

“Gosh yes, Batgirl! We’ve recovered all the toxic gas as well,” Robin added.

“I just want to know how you were able to decipher my riddle. It’s not something that I would normally do. I even stole it from the Riddler a few months back,” the Scarecrow groaned.

“Commissioner Gordon solved it,” Batgirl chimed in proudly.

“Well Commissioner . . . I would shake your hands, but I am unable to at this moment,” the Scarecrow spoke as Batman and Robin started to march the man toward the police car behind Commissioner Gordon.

Commissioner Gordon watched the Scarecrow get closer and closer. However, he wasn’t scared. He never removed his eyes from the Scarecrow. “You can shake the bars when you’re locked up . . . AGHH!!” Commissioner Gordon coughed as a red mist poured out of the Scarecrow’s mask, engulfing both him and Batgirl.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!!” Chief O’Hara shouted as he tackled the man and pushed his face into a puddle. Batman and Robin quickly helped the police chief escort the man into the squad car before returning to the gassed pair.

“Are you okay?” Batman asked.

“I’m fine,” Commissioner Gordon replied before asking, “Are you okay, Batgirl?”

“Yes especially after you’ve saved me from myself earlier in the evening when he hit me with his nefarious spray. But this red gunk, it didn’t have any effect on me,” the female crime fighter replied.

“We should have you checked out,” a concerned Batgirl spoke.

“I’m okay. I’ll go see our doctor when I get back to the station,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he nodded to Chief O’Hara and walked away.

“Don’t worry, Batman. I’ll keep an eye on him. I don’t want anything to happen to the man during my watch. Gosh. I can’t wait to be retired in a matter of days. I can even go fishing,” Chief O’Hara spoke as he chased after Gordon.

“Are you okay, Batgirl?” Batman asked.

“Yes. I don’t know what he sprayed us with, but I feel fine. Now, let’s take him to jail so he can’t cause anymore trouble,” Batgirl spoke as the Dynamic Duo nodded in agreement.


Later that Night

“There you are,” Batgirl said to herself as she crouched down, waiting in the shadows on a rooftop, across the street from Gotham City’s Grand Museum. A few days ago, The Wayne Foundation had donated rare diamonds to the museum and Barbara knew that someone wouldn’t hesitate to steal them. Thus, she had camped outside of the museum, keeping an eye on the place. She didn’t have to wait long before she saw Catwoman, who is dressed in her sexy black catsuit that covered voluptuous body like a second skin. The skilled criminal cut a small hole with her claws into te skylight of the museum. With relative ease, she pulled the section of the glass and placed it on the roof. Without any hesitation, she descended into the museum. Batgirl decided it was time to move.

The plucky crime fighter waited for half an hour and Catwoman had not even made move out of the museum yet. Sensing something may have arisen, Batgirl slips on her night vision goggles and descends into the museum. She moves through a few corridors and felt a cold breeze that seemed to linger. Then she came upon an entire hallway frozen in ice. Along the way, she saw the frozen remains of several security guards. The crime fighter continued her search and gasped when she finally found Catwoman. The criminal’s arms and legs were spread and frozen to the wall. Her mouth was gagged and she was unconscious. “What happened?” Batgirl asked herself as she removed her heat laser from her utility belt so she could cut the feline free.

“Hold it right there!” a voice boomed behind Batgirl. Batgirl stopped and turned around to see Mr. Freeze pointing his ray gun at her chest. “Drop it and kick it over here,” he commanded.

“My pleasure,” Batgirl said as she placed the laser on the floor and kicked it toward Mr. Freeze. With the laser directly under the villain, Batgirl clicks a button on her wrist and the laser explodes sending Mr. Freeze flying through the air. The man hits the floor with a heavy a thud as Batgirl quickly sprang into action and kicked the stunned villain a few times. Luckily for her, Mr. Freeze wasn’t wearing the protective glass, thus she was able to knock him out with a few precise kicks to the head.

“Ungh,” Mr. Freeze mumbled before his lights dimmed.

Batgirl stood over him and gloated as she pulled the handcuffs from her belt. “That was ea . . . ARRGGG!” she screamed as she felt something prick the skin of her neck. The crime fighter whirled around and saw a woman wearing a black fur coat with a dart gun. Sensing that she was in trouble, Batgirl tried to get an antidote from her utility belt as she felt the drug begin to kick in. However, she didn’t have enough time, and quickly found herself on her back, struggling to stay awake. In a matter of seconds, the crime fighter succumbed to the darkness, as she felt the tip of the woman’s boot rubbing against her sex.

Hours later, Victor Freeze had a huge smile on his face as he watched the sleeping Batgirl inside a tube. The woman was surrounded by warm water and was totally nude except for her cowl, which was left on, mostly as courtesy. To ensure that she didn’t drown, a transparent mask was placed over her nose and mouth, making her cowl almost airtight in the process. Her ankles were chained to the bottom of the tube while her wrists were chained to the top of the tube. The woman’s natural red hair was floating in the water, giving the woman a tranquil look.

“Time for some very pleasant dreams,” he whispered as he pressed a button on the side of the tube. Suddenly, three small mechanical arms shot out of the tube’s bottom, each one with a transparent suction cup. Two of the cups latched onto her breasts while the third one latched onto her sex. Once in place, they whirled to life as they began to pleasure the sleeping woman’s body. Freeze watched with delight as he watched the woman moan in her sleep. Her chest heaved as her muscles tensed and pulled on her bounds. The villain wished that she could wake up, but he knew that she had too much of the drug in her blood stream at the moment, thus she would still be out for a few more hours.

Even though the woman was unconscious, she was still moaning into the mask, which had a small microphone that supplied Freeze with the audio. The man could hear everything as well as she everything. He especially liked it when Batgirl climaxed, twisting her head, and sending her hair flying all over the place, but the water slowed the thrashing down, and made her look like she was climaxing in slow motion, at least the hair anyway. The rest of her was still shaking quite violently, pulling on the chains. At times, Batgirl’s moans were incredibly loud, but as time passed, it was a steady pant until she climaxed. By the time, Batgirl had climaxed several times, her nipples were elongated and bent by the cups, while her own juices had filled the suction cup that was working her pussy over. The woman now had quite the glow on her face and body.

“It can’t be all fun and games,” Mr. Freeze said nonchalantly as he pressed another button. This time, the arms and the suction cups retracted while Batgirl’s body thrashed a bit in search of them. The warm water began to drain and when it was all gone, the villain watched as little specks of water slowly dripped off of her perfect form. Without thinking twice, Freeze pressed another button, which quickly filled the tube with a clear blue liquid. Mr. Freeze was quite familiar with the liquid since it was the reason why he could no longer tolerate heat. Instead, he was now banished from the outside world, forced to live in a cold, solitary life.

Once the tube was full, the liquid began to crystalize around Batgirl’s skin. A thin layer of what appeared to be jelly caked her body. As the seconds ticked by, Batgirl’s once peaceful face had changed into pure agony. Her body shuddered slowly at first, twitching as if something pricked her skin. Slowly, it escalated until her body was shaking like a violent earthquake while she screamed into the mask. The heroine continued to scream and shake uncontrollably for half an hour before it finally died down, but as it died, so did a little part of the woman. For now, she too would be resistant to cold and vulnerable to heat since the blue liquid had altered her genes, which was exactly what Victor Freeze wanted.

A few seconds later, a well known citizen of Gotham City screamed and realized that it was nothing more than a dream.


The Next Day

“You look exhausted, Barbara,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he sat on his daughter’s bed.

“I didn’t have a very good night sleep last night.” Barbara Gordon replied.

“Well you can sleep better knowing that the Scarecrow is behind bars again. He won’t be able to use that mind-altering gas of his anymore. I just hope that Batgirl is okay. She got hit by his gas last night before. She took out some of my men. No severe injuries, but I gave them all some time off to recover. He got me too, but it was a red mist . . .”

“ARE YOU OKAY?” an animated Barbara asked.

“I’m okay. The doctor checked me out last night and I am fine. Nothing to worry about. Besides, Chief O’Hara tackled the Scarecrow like a linebacker last night. I didn’t think that my old friend could move that fast anymore. I bet the Scarecrow didn’t either,” Commissioner Gordon laughed.

“I’m just glad you’re all right,” Barbara spoke as she gave her father a big hug.

“By the way, Barbara. I’ve been reading up on everyone at Gotham Penitentiary. The warden has been having some problems and I might have to take over for him. Been reading for weeks now. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to consult with you on keeping all the books and files straight. You are the expert,” the man smiled.

“Any time, daddy.”

“I’‘m so glad that you’re all right,” he replied as he gave her a kiss on the forehead.


A Few Nights Later

Everything was blurry. There was no doubt this was a dream, but the dreamer had no idea what was going on. There wasn’t any doubt that the dreamer was standing in a familiar bedroom. The dreamer stumbled and bumped into a bookshelf. The wall then moved and revealed a secret room, where the person quickly ran towards.

Once inside, the individual saw a large computer, a very familiar motorcycle, and multiple purple outfits with a matching cowl and ears. The individual tried to wake up from the dream, but one of the walls disappeared. The dreamer was now surrounded by Gotham’s greatest and most feared villains. Each one proclaimed that they would harm the individual’s family members if the individual didn’t retire. They all proclaimed to know where the individual lived and it would be just as easy to get to the family members as they found the secret room.

Within seconds, a well known citizen of Gotham City screamed and realized that it was nothing more than a dream; much like the previous nights.


The Next Day

“Are you sure you’re alright, Barbara?” Commissioner Gordon asked as he stood in the living room of his daughter’s apartment.

“I’m perfectly fine, daddy. It’s just some silly old nightmares,” Barbara Gordon replied as she stepped into the room, decked out in a conservative yellow dress, sensible yellow heels, and a red scarf. The woman also holding a small red purse in her hands.

“You look lovely, dear,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he held out a large box wrapped in purple.

“What is it?” Barbara asked.

“A gift,” Commissioner Gordon replied.

Barbara Gordon took the box and quickly unwrapped it. She then opened the box and found a beautiful yellow hat inside. “Thank you, daddy,” the woman spoke as she hugged her father before putting the hat on. “And it goes so well with this outfit,” she gushed.

“That’s why I bought you the entire set. I still remember our previous conversation. You’re the sunshine in my life, Barbara. I never want to see you hurt and I thought this might cheer you up,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he gave his daughter a peck on the cheek.

“It’s quite lovely.”

“Ready for lunch then?”


“Let’s go,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he held out his arm, which his daughter quickly took.


A Week Later

Barbara Gordon awoke, drenched in sweat. She just had a nightmare. It was the fifth one of the night. Her first nightmare involved the Penguin, the second had the Riddler, the third was Catwoman, the fourth was King Tut, and the last one involved the Joker shooting her father. The woman looked at the alarm clock and could see that it was only 4 AM. Barbara rubbed her forehead and fought back the tears. She knew she had to talk to Batman especially since she was averaging eight nightmares a night. The woman took a deep breath and tried to fall back asleep.


The Next Day

“Are you sure that I’m okay?” Barbara Gordon asked as she sat up and donned her Batgirl cowl.

“Everything checks out, Batgirl,” Batman replied.

“I don’t know what’s going. I’ve been having these horrible nightmares as of late. And every morning, my dad comes over and checks up on me. I’ve asked him why and he just tells me that he wanted to check up on me. When I press him, he tells me that it all has to do with the fact that I’ve been telling him that I’ve been having nightmares.”

“What about him?”

“I asked him, but he keeps telling me that the red mist from the Scarecrow did nothing and that Chief O’Hara moved like a linebacker when tackling him.”

“That is true.”

“Maybe the red mist only affects females?”

“According to these tests, they didn’t do anything to you.”

“I’ll continue to go on patrol with you and Robin every night.”

“What about the dreams?”

“I guess I’ll just have to sleep on it,” Batgirl spoke with a shudder.


That Night

Barbara Gordon slowly puts on a pair of tight blue beans, black boots, tight black top and a sexy black leather jacket. The woman then splashes on a little makeup and makes sure that her lips are completely red. “You look damn sexy,” Barbara said to herself as she glanced at the mirror. “My boyfriend should get a rise out of this,” she laughed as she headed toward her front door.

When she gets to the door, the lights suddenly go dead and the fire alarm starts to ring. Barbara places her hand on the door and does not feel any heat. She is about to open it when gas begins to enter the room through the cracks around the door. “I need another way out,” Barbara said to herself calmly as she strolled across the living room only to find that more gas was coming in through the vents. She quickly covers her nose as the gas engulfs her room. The woman felt her eyes watering up and realized that it was tear gas. She runs to the door and opens it, just in time to be pushed back into the room by a pair wearing gas masks. The two grab the kicking and struggling woman and force her to the ground. They turn her head so that she can see a man dressed in a purple suit and a woman in a red outfit standing at her door, both wearing gas masks. “Joker,” Barbara’s mind reeled as a damp cloth is placed over her nose and mouth.

Barbara weakens and is barely conscious when she feels herself being strapped into some sort of harness. Her arms are draped over the Joker’s shoulders and her legs are wrapped around his waist. She is then secured by several straps as a gas mask is secured over her face. The woman catches a quick glance in a mirror hanging on the wall and sees that she resembles a baby trapped in a sling. Those were her last thoughts as she passed out.

The Joker signaled to everyone as they headed over to the fire escape. He descended first and could feel his member getting hard as the woman’s bosom was pressed against his back. He could feel it rise and fall as she slept. The man was almost sad when he reached the pavement. Once on the ground, he entered a parked van. Within seconds, everyone boarded the van, and they drove out of the alleyway, leaving an apartment complex full of tear gas and several unconscious people inside.

Inside the van, Barbara’s hands were secured to a bar on the top of the van’s ceiling. She was completely stripped of her clothing. Her legs were spread and her ankles were secured to the floor of the van. The Joker and his henchmen were busy poking and groping every inch of her body. They did this for what seemed like hours before the Joker finally unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. The man wasted no time in ramming his dick into the woman’s defenseless pussy. “There will be no more fighting crime for you, Barbara Gordon. Unless you want a very pregnant Batgirl walking the streets of Gotham!” the Joker laughed.

Within seconds, a well known citizen of Gotham City screamed and realized that it was nothing more than a dream; much like the previous nights.


Weeks Later

“Mr. Wayne, I wanted to thank you for that very generous donation to Gotham Penitentiary,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he shook the hand of Bruce Wayne.

“It’s a pleasure to help a good cause. I had heard that Gotham Penitentiary had some budget problems,” Bruce Wayne replied.

“Ah yes. Warden Crichton spent a great deal of money and had to seek private donations with the City Council refused to offer bonds. The poor man almost went mad. He took a few days off and I’ve been put in charge of it in the interim. The poor warden hasn’t been seen for weeks now.”

“Is he having nightmares?”

“I don’t know, Mr. Wayne. The citizens of Gotham City should be sleeping a lot easier knowing that people like the Scarecrow are in prison. That man is what nightmares come from. He and the vile lot like the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, King Tut, and the rest of them. Thank goodness for Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo has saved this city hundreds of times over.”

“Batgirl has helped them greatly over the years as well.”

“True, Mr. Wayne. But Batman and Robin are the original saviors of this fine city. Without them, there wouldn’t be a Batgirl. Without them, there might not be a Gotham City. That’s why it is imperative to keep those criminals behind bars. And with this very generous donation, I think we can do just that.”

“Do you have any idea in what Warden Crichton spent the money on?”

“I’m still checking that part out, Mr. Wayne. However, I don’t want the press to get a wind of it, which is why it is now closed to all visitors. I can’t have the entire city turn against the place. It would be a madhouse both in and out of it then.”

“Right you are, Commissioner. By the way, please wish your daughter, Barbara, well for me.”

“I will, sir.”

“Have the doctors visited her?”

“Oh yes. Several doctors have visited her. She was complaining about nightmares for weeks. The nightmares have stopped though. She even retired from the library recently. I believe she wants to get married and be a stay at home mom, away from the hustle and bustle of the working world. I still can’t believe who she chose as a boyfriend though.”

“How did you take the news?”

“I was shocked at first. I talked to her for quite some time, Mr. Wayne. I wasn’t able to talk her out of it. The heart wants what the heart wants and I only want her to be happy. She should be returning to Gotham soon for the wedding. I’m sure you’ll receive an invitation. In fact, there was a time when I was trying to match her up with you.”

“Commissioner,” Bruce Wayne spoke as he blushed just slightly.

“But alas your playboy image was too much for her, I guess. She decided to choose someone who is more mature. But please don’t take that as an insult, Mr. Wayne. I hope you know what I mean. I just want the best for my daughter.”

“I do, Commissioner Gordon. Please give my well wishes to the bride and groom.”

“I will,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he released Bruce Wayne’s hand.



Barbara Gordon walked quietly through the dark corridors beneath the main floor of Gotham Penitentiary. The woman strolled up to a large door, opened it, and stepped inside. There, she was greeted by quite a sight.

“AUGHHH!” Catwoman sobbed as she pulled the straps binding her body. The woman wore a black garter belt, black thigh-high stockings, and six inched spiked heels. The brunette was on all fours as she was placed on small metal bench. Both her wrists and ankles were shackled to the bench. The bench also had a metal stock in the front that secured her neck and made her unable to move her head. A ring gag was placed inside her mouth while leather straps kept it secured around her head. The woman had a vibrator inside her throbbing pussy. Catwoman could do nothing as a man stood in front of her, stroking his dick. Within seconds, the man moved towards her and stuck his dick into the sobbing woman’s mouth.

Barbara Gordon watched as the man pumped his dick in and out of the woman’s mouth. She watched as Catwoman grunted as the dick slide past her lips and into her mouth. The man would push his dick down her throat and hold it there for a few seconds before pulling it out. All the while, holding onto two fistfuls of hair. Then he would push it back in. He repeated the process over and over again as Catwoman sobbed louder and louder with each instance. Finally, the man pulled out of the woman’s mouth completely. Catwoman gasped for breath as a long trail of saliva connected her lips to the man’s dick.

The man wasn’t finished though as he rammed his dick back into the sobbing woman’s mouth. Tears rolled down her eyes as the man’s balls pressed against her chin. The man then pumped his dick and out of her mouth. His balls would slap her chin again and again. Barbara could see the defeated look on Catwoman’s face. She felt her own pussy tingle as she placed her hands on her hips and stood there, watching. Eventually, she saw the man gasp as he shot his wad down the woman’s throat.

“GAWD UHHH!” Catwoman gagged in misery as the man kept his dick inside her mouth. Droplets escaped from the small cracks between her lips and his dick. With the man’s dick still stuffed inside her mouth, the woman couldn’t help but swallow his hot spunk.

When the man finally pulled out of her mouth, he also released her hair. The man also pulled the ball gag off her head and presented his dick by holding it just centimeters from her lips. Catwoman stuck out her tongue and began to lick the man’s cock. She ran her tongue up and down the sides of his dick. She had limited mobility, but she tried the best she could. The man would also move, which allowed her to reach places that she couldn’t have like his balls. But the man wasn’t satisfied so he released her from the metal stock.

With her head free, Catwoman kissed the man’s balls before she wrapped her lips around one. She gobbled the ball into her mouth and sucked on it as it were a piece of hard candy. The brunette worked on it for a few minutes before she released it and repeated the process with the other ball. Once she was done washing both balls, she proceeded to kiss the cock before sliding her tongue up and down, lathering it thick covering of her own spit.

The man nodded and rammed his dick back into her mouth. The woman wrapped her wet lips around his cock and began to suck. She slid up and down his member as she grunted again and again. Catwoman worked the dick deep into her mouth by spreading her lips in order to accommodate it. And once again, the man only pulled out once Catwoman had cleaned his cock after he had shot his load down her throat.

“Barbara, it’s so good that you can join us tonight,” the man spoke as he took Barbara’s hands and led her to the other side of the room as Catwoman’s shackles were released. Barbara walked by a mirror and saw herself still dressed in her Batgirl outfit, but without the cowl. She then stared at the man whose hand she was holding. The young woman was shocked by who it was. It was her own father, Commissioner Gordon. Before the woman could react, the man sat her down on a chair and quickly strapped her in. Once he was done, Catwoman stood by him holding her cowl.

“Daddy . . . what’s going on?” Barbara asked nervously.

“I’ve been having nightmares long before I received that mist from the Scarecrow. I always worried about you, Barbara. And once I was hit with the mist, the nightmares became more vivid and real. One night, I even saw your bedroom and removed a book. That led me to your Batgirl equipment. I knew it was just a dream and you’ve been complaining about nightmares and working long nights. So I went to your bedroom when you were out and I was stunned to learn that such a room existed. At first, I was going to keep it a secret and allow you to keep being Batgirl. Alas, the visions were too much. I would never want to see you harmed and I know the life as Batgirl was going to do just that. So I struck a deal with Warden Crichton. I built these rooms under Gotham and started experimenting on the very criminals who live here. I found that the Mad Hatter’s hat to be quite useful. That yellow hat that I gave you started the process. Then I changed your cowl. Every time that you placed on your yellow hat or cowl, they rewrote part of your brain. It’s been a slow process and I do apologize, but it has worked on the various criminals here. Just look at Catwoman. She’s completely reformed and will soon be your stepmother,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as Catwoman stood next to the man.

“The hat and cowl . . . that’s why Batman couldn’t find anything . . . we were looking for remnants of the gas . . .” Barbara stammered.

“Correct. For days now, you’ve been a guest at Gotham Penitentiary, kept away from the general population. You’ve worn your cowl and it has done it’s work. I was hoping that it would have prevented this moment, but some things are out of my control. In fact, I do apologize for some of the horrible nightmares. I guess it was a side effect from the Mad Hatter’s technology fighting with your subconscious. However, I won’t have to worry about your life anymore, not after tonight.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re getting married.”

“To who?”

“To the retiring Chief O’Hara. He’s a good man and he’ll be an even greater husband. He’ll keep you out of trouble. Since he’s retiring, he’ll be able to stay home with you, where it’s nice and safe. His retirement package and pension will ensure that you will have a safe and secure life. I would hate to have my grandchildren cry late at night and mommy is swinging from building to building on a wire. That just won’t do.”

“Daddy! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“No Barbara. I know exactly what I’m doing. My worst nightmare is to see you harmed in any way. And this way, you won’t come under any harm and you’ll always have the man who protected me, protecting you. That’s a life that I want for you.”

“Daddy! PLEASE!!” Barbara yelled as Catwoman positioned the cowl over Barbara’s head.

“Shhh . . . Barbara. I’ll see you when you wake. There won’t be any nightmares from here on out. I’ll never have to worry about you again. My worst nightmare has always been that the vile villains of Gotham would do you in. Now, they won’t have a chance and you’ll be safe,” Commissioner Gordon spoke as he kissed her on the forehead right before Catwoman placed the cowl over her head.


Five Years Later

Commissioner Gordon sat on his black executive leather chair in his private office. The man had been retired for five years now. Before he retired, he had subjected most of Gotham City criminals with the Mad Hatter’s technology. He made them all law abiding citizens while Chief O’Hara deputized them and had them join the police department temporarily. Within a few months, there were able to bring the mob bosses down. That allowed both Chief O’Hara and himself to retire with a hefty pension. Both men then moved far away from Gotham City. Currently, the man was reading the paper as a the soft clicking of heels soon filled the room.

“Do you want more Scotch?” a female voice spoke.

“Sure dear,” the former commissioner spoke as he lowered his newspaper and saw Catwoman dressed in black fishnet stockings, a pair of black pumps with five inched heels, a black corset, and black opera gloves. The woman poured him another drink and leaned forward and kissed the man passionately.

“It’s almost time to greet your guests,” Catwoman spoke as she broke the kiss.

“Is it five already?” the grey haired man spoke.

“Lost track of time eh,” Catwoman spoke, right as she saw a walkie-talkie with its red light flashing again and again.

“Go ahead dear,” the old man spoke as Catwoman nodded before leaving the room. Once the woman was gone, the doorbell rang. The former commissioner stood from his chair and walked toward the front door while sipping his Scotch.

“Begora,” Chief O’Hara spoke as the old man opened the front door.

“O’Hara! Come in! Come in!” the man happily spoke as his good friend entered the home.

“Don’t forget about my wife,” the former police chief replied as he stepped aside and allowed the old man to see his daughter, Barbara. The woman was dressed in a very conservative black dress that an Amish family would approve of. She was covered from her neck to her toes and wearing very sensible white sneakers. Not only did he see his daughter, but he saw his grandson happily sleeping in her arms while wrapped tightly in a blue blanket.

“Daddy!” Barbara O’Hara gushed as she gave her father a kiss on the cheek.

“My darling, Barbara. How is motherhood?”

“It’s amazing, daddy!”

“Welcome to our home!” Catwoman gushed as she entered the foyer. Everyone in the room turned and saw the woman, who was happily swaying from side to side as she too held a little male toddler in her arms, who was wrapped in a purple blanket.

“Isn’t he adorable?” old man Gordon asked as she stood next to Selina Gordon after kissing her on the cheek.

“Very cute!” O’Hara smiled.

“Congratulations!” Barbara gushed.

“And that’s not all! This little tyke is going to have a new brother!” Selina gushed.

“You too? I’m expecting as well!” Barbara gushed.

“That’s terrific!” Gordon smiled.

“I’m only two months in, but everything checks out so far,” Barbara spoke.

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” her father smiled as he kissed her on the forehead before shaking O’Hara’s hand.

“That’s amazing! I’m only two months in as well!” Selina smiled.

“Begora!” O’Hara laughed as he patted Gordon on the back.

“Do you two love motherhood?” Gordon asked.

“Of course! We couldn’t be happier being married and having your kids,” both women gushed as they kissed their respective husbands while the butler entered the room and closed the front door. The couples continued to congratulate each other as they all realized that their new lives were a dream come true, a direct polar opposite of their nightmarish lives in Gotham City. In fact, their old lives seemed like their worst nightmare. But now, everything was a dream come true. Even if it meant that the former Commissioner Gordon had to bend the law to obtain such a life. Of course, none of them were complaining about it these days especially the former Catwoman and Batgirl.

The End


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