Raven's Dark Disire

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Raven Dark Desire. 
A.N.  This was done on a request to make a story out of this image http://img.rule34.xxx//samples/1183/sample_159eaa1cd99fe4ae79e32b42f03e77a0f0dc70ce.jpg?1208843.  I must say that this will be my last request for some time.  Hope you enjoy.

The Teen Titans had just stopped Control freak from attacking another from another video store.     

"Honestly, what is with you.  Attacking video stores just because that don't fill their shelves with science fiction movies," Raven said annoyed.    
"It's not that they didn't have enough Sci-Fi.  It's because they cut down their selection to ake room for the dime a dozen dreams," He said as he was being hauled off by the police. 

Thank you for saving my store.  In thanks feel free to take some of the videos for a bit," said the manager. 

"Hey check out the back room selection," Beastboy said.   
"Cheerleader Locker Room, Gangbang Island, Night of the Lesbians, Lesbians Gladiators.  Man what a selection," Cyborg said.  "Can we rent this." 

"Yes let's watch the earth mating practices," Starfire said as innocently as ever. 

"Um are we even allowed to watch this," Raven said with as little emotion as ever. 

"Well if the manager gives it the okay it should be fine," Robin said going along with them, after all, they were superheroes but they were also teenagers. 

"Well since you saved my shop I'll let you have them.  After all, I'm sure that at least on of you must be of age," the manager said.   
Later at the titans tower. 

It was late at night and Teen Titans were gathered around the big screen tv. 

"Well, lads and gentlemen let the frist night of the superhero porn fest begin. 

As they watched hours and hours of porn the titans got way to into it.  Beastboy had removed all of his clothes and started to jack off. "Man look at those lesbians go down on each other." 

"I'll say those two really want to win the title," Cyborg said.  He also got out his specialty dick attempt and put it on so he could have a cock as well.   

“This reminds me of my home planet,”  Starfire said, who was the most uninhibited of them all.  Having not only taken off her clothes and started to finger her dripping snatch but to get a closer view she was leaning over the coffee table shamelessly displaying her sexy ass and pussy before all of her teammates. 

“How does this remind you of home?” Robin asked who like his teammates had removed his pants and started to jerk off his usually large cock.  But truth be told he was paying much more attention to Starfires little show than the porno on the tv. 

“On my home planet making an opponent orgasm is a way to humiliate them.  It always a way for soldiers to establish the pecking order, as earthlings call it, without injuring themselves.  My sister and I did it a few time ourselves time ourselves,” Starfire said rubbing her pussy in front of everyone.

The thought of Starfire doing such a lewd acts was too much for Robin and he came right there.  The cum hit Starfire right on the butt. 
“Wait a minute are you telling me that sexual assault is legal on your planet,” Beast Boy said totally shocked. After all, he knew that Starfire's people had a different culture and set of values, but this was just too much. 

“Well both fighters have to agree to it before hand so it’s more like ritualistic combat. After all its better than beating people to a paste,” Star said shaking her ass a little as she felt Robins hot cup drip down her backside.  “Would one of you like to take me on.  Who knows I just might toss the fight,” she said winking at Robin.  

Raven just rolled her eyes.  Unlike the other titans she was fully clothed and not screwing herself in any way.  In fact, when she felt the need to rub her legs together she just spend them farther apart.  The night went on Like that with the boys jerking off and Starfire shaking her ass in front of all of them giving them all a personal porn show.  Beast Boy once tried to cum on Raven but she just used her magic to throw it in his face. 

Later that night when the party had ended Ravens was in her room trying to meditate.  However, she always came back to the image of Starfire’s ass shaking just a few feet from Her face.  "Azarath Metrion...ZINTHOS,” Raven kept repeating.  However much to her surprise, it seems like her shadow-self came alive and wrapped around her.  Raven looked like was enveloped in dark energy.  Raven tried to scream out but the dark energy formed a ball gag to silence her. 
Raven found herself walking through the tower to Starfire’s room. She reached her room without incident.  Raven wanted to scream out to Starfire to warren her but she couldn’t.   

Starfire noticed someone was in her room and began to stir.  "Raven is that you?" She said. 

Two shadow like arms sprang out of Raven and tied up Starfire with dark energy ropes.  A voice came out of Ravens mouth even though it was gagged.  "You little slut do you really think that you could just shake your ass in front of my face without consequence," the voice said. 
'What I don't care if Starfire is just fingering herself in front of me,' Raven thought.  To Raven's horror, her shadow like arms soon striped Starfire of her clothes leaving her naked.  Then the dark energy formed a strap on dildo. 

"Before I use this I think I should get you in the mood."  The two shadow hands began to group Starfires breasts.  'Why is this happing?  It's like my powers have gained a will of their own,' Raven thought as her shadow hands slowly fondled her soft breasts.  'Wait did I just think soft breasts,' Raven eyes widened in shock at her own thoughts.  As for Starfire Raven saw that she really didn’t have a look of horror on her face but more like confusion.  Raven could even hear muffled moans coming out of her mouth. 

The shadow hands then moved down to Starfire's pussy.  Raven realized that she could feel through the shadow hands as if they were her real ones.  She could feel her love juice flowing out her pussy.  "You want this your horny slut doesn't you.  That’s why you were so 
shameless in front of the boys, didn't you," the voice said.  Raven could feel one of the fingers slowly enter her dripping snatch, she could feel her warm folds clamping down on her hand and despite herself, it felt nice. 

'I think you're ready for the final for the main event,' the voice said as it forced Raven to thrust her strap-on into Star making the gagged girl cry out as best she could.  "Aww don't try to act like you haven't done this before," the voice said pinching Starfires nipple making the girl moan.   
"Now the best way to deal with you is a hard and mercilessly fucking," Raven then fucked Starfire with all her might.  'Star I'm so sorry I don’t know what's come over me, I hope you can forgive me.  Should Stars breasts jiggle like that," Raven thought as she was mesmerized by the way that Stars large breast were jiggling like they were made of Jello.  For some reason, Star tried to thrust her hips up to meet Ravens thrust as if she was enjoying herself, but Raven thought that would be impossible. 

Soon Starfire pussy clamped down on Ravens strap on as she came from the abuse.  "Good girl Star, but don't think we're done yet," the voice said as it continued raping Star. 

After Some time Raven sensed there was someone else in the room, she turned her head to see Robin standing in the doorway.  Raven look like a deer caught in the headlights of some car.  She was both scared and embarrass at being caught raping Starfire and it would get worse.  "Hey hot stuff way don't you come and join us studmuffin," the voice said. 
"Hmmm I think I better join in," Robin said much to Raven horror.  "I think contrast on you Raven, after all, you should have some fun too," Robin said as he rubbed Raven's lower lips. 

"MMMmmmm Raven said through her gag as Robin skilled fingers went into inner folds.  'Why is Robin doing this and why does this feel so good.'  "Ooohhh god," Raven thought as Robin pinched her clit. 
"Well now I think it's time to get things moving," Robin said as he rubbed Ravens love juices over his dick to lubricate it.  "I'll think I'll take the back door," Robin said as he lined his cock up to her ass. 

'What is he doing that’s my butt,' Raven thought as the impending loss of her anal virginity.  "Take it you bad boy," the Voice said much to Raven's dismay.  

Robin forced his cock into Raven's ass.  As his cock went farther and farther into Raven her body began to shake with pleasure.  'His cock is so big it feels like I'm being split open," Raven thought.  As the minutes passed Robin fucked Raven as hard as he could.   

'Every time he thrusts into me is balls hit my clit making go wild,' Raven thought as Robin drilled her.  Much to her surprise, Starfire reached up to embrace her.  "It's alright just let everything out," Star said making Raven realize that both of their gags and restraints had disappeared.   
"Star this feels amazing.  When Robin pounds me it feels like waves of pleasure shoot throughout my whole body," Raven screamed out in losing all control of herself. 

"That’s right Raven just let your true feeling out," Robin said.  After some time, both of them came and fell on the bed.  Robin was in the position of having two beautiful women on each side of him. 
"Um, Star I just want to say that I'm so sorry about tonight.  I have no idea what came over me," Raven said. 

"I have an idea," Robin said.  "It's just like the time we watch a scary movie and you're made the tower haunted.  You just held in your emotions too much until they took control of you.  In this case, it was your own sex drive that made you come seek out Star who's sexy butt was right in front of your face for most of the night," Robin said. 
"I see so this is my fault again. I really need to get a betting handle on myself," Raven said. 

"Actually, you need to get lied more often," Star said.  "I could help you with that, after all, we are friends and where I come it's normal for friends to pleasure each other." 

"Its laid more often not lied.  Wait are you saying that its normal for girls to sleep with each other," Raven asked. 

"No, boys do it too," Star said.

"Before we fall asleep why did you fuck my ass, Robin," Raven said very tried.

"Well, I could tell you weren't in control of yourself and that I need to fuck you to fix things.  But I thought taking your virginity was just too much so I took your ass instead," Robin said.

"You're a good guy Robin, just might let you take my virginity some time," Robin said as they fell asleep.


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