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“Best… idea… EVER!” Wally stretched out in the plastic chair. The sun beamed down on the beach goers as the waves beat the golden sand. The weather was perfect for a long-awaited vacation at the beach. Being a Justice League member had its obvious perks; one being able to take a trip to a secluded beach with no one but your team members.

Bruce had to finally agree with Wally: this was a perfect idea; instead of dealing with the cold weather, Wally had suggested that the members take their rare break somewhere nice and warm. There was no snow, no blizzards and definitely no holiday traffic: just sun, beach, drinks and friends. It had been a while since he had enjoyed a holiday.

J’onn wasn’t enjoying himself like the others; he was too close to the sun to be able to use the majority of his abilities. He didn’t understand how or why a lot of humans enjoyed that type of weather; he had preferred more comfortable temperatures. Martians didn’t have sweat glands so the heat just made him very uncomfortable; the only thing he wanted to do was go inside and be secluded from the others.

He had a change of heart when he so happened to look up and saw the women coming out of the changing room. Diana and Shayera, finally back friends, were talking to each other; their bathing suits were quite moderate. Even Dr. Lindsey was showing off her arms and legs in a moderate two piece. It was actually Tabitha who he had his eyes on; she had on the skimpiest… but sexiest bikini he had ever seen. They had been together for a while so he knew how her body looked; he just never paid any close detail until at that moment. The bikini itself was a basic red; the bra tied around her neck and back while the bottom was tied on the sides of her curvy hips. Tabitha had always complained that she had little to no curves while her best friend had enough for both of them; J’onn never saw it that way. It was true that Tabitha was the slimmest of the Justice League women as well as the shortest by only a couple of inches. But her curves were definitely there, the thought actually made him smile a little.

“Enjoying the view?” Bruce’s voice broke his train of thought. J’onn gave Bruce a surprised look.


“It’s okay to admire the ladies, J’onn…” Wally smiled at the Martian’s uneasiness. Bruce nodded towards the women who were approaching them.

“Especially the one in the bikini!” he winked. For a second, J’onn looked back at his girlfriend as she strolled towards them. Bruce had a point, J’onn thought; Tabitha did look amazing in her swimsuit! Her snow white hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail which put more emphasis on her long neck. J’onn’s eyes actually went from her neck to her stomach; he wasn’t what Wally had called a “breast man” so he could’ve cared less about them. What he loved was her stomach and the small indent that served as her navel; that area was where her curves were more evident and defined. It was also her most sensitive area; his smile widened as he remembered how she always tried to wiggle away from him whenever he kissed her tiny belly button.

Shayera and Diana walked in front of the two best friends and Jamila nudged Tabitha slightly.


“Someone’s watching you…” Jamila smiled at her friend. It made Tabitha stop in her tracks and put her hands on her exposed hips.

“It’s your fault, you know…”

“Quit your whining; you look fucking awesome… skinny bitch…” Jamila eyed her friend with a smirk. It was enough to make Tabitha laugh. Jamila suddenly grabbed one of the strings of Tabitha’s bikini bottom, making her look at the professor in awe.

“Doc; what the hell…”

“It’s too tight on this side.” she said and immediately bent down to undo the strings. J’onn’s smile grew even more.

“Wait… is Dr. Lindsey…” even Bruce had to sit up to get a better view. J’onn slightly shook his head.

Evil… wicked human woman; what are you doing?!” he channeled his thoughts to Jamila’s mind. She immediately laughed out loud.

“He just called me wicked…”

“Fucking whore…” Tabitha’s whole body felt flushed from embarrassment. Jamila finished adjusting the strings and poked Tabitha on the side, making her jump away. The movement made Jamila fall on the ground in laughter and Tabitha’s watchers look on with more interest.

“Quite the limber one…” Bruce tried to egg J’onn on. He knew about their secret relationship and the only thing he wanted was for J’onn to confess to it. J’onn realized that he was openly admiring her and took his gaze away. Yes… and I love her legs, he kept to himself. At first, he was in shock that she had worn such a skimpy outfit. However, the red thing made him take in all of her beauty… and he enjoyed every moment of it!

The two friends finally approached the group and sat down amongst the founding Justice League members. Diana looked at the clear blue water.

“I think it’s time for a dip…” she stretched. She switched glances from the water to the other members, “Who’s coming?” she asked. Everyone except for Tabitha and J’onn headed towards the water. She shyly looked at her boyfriend who couldn’t keep his eyes off her and that red bikini.

“Now, what?” she finally smiled. J’onn moved closer to her; he knew that the others were spying on them but he didn’t care. His nose slightly brushed against her earlobe and she slightly shuttered.

“Tonight, when we’re finally alone… keep that bikini on…” he couldn’t hide his smile as he playfully tugged at one of the bottom strings. Tabitha’s cheeks ached from the pure anticipation as J’onn headed towards the water.

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