Hand of Power

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I do not own young justice or it's characters nor do i make profit off this or any fanfiction

Chap 1 Omnious: The Child from the Dark

Savage was standing alone in the Light's base. "Are you here?" He spoke and looked around the room. The shadows moved and converged to one point and a cloaked figure rose from the ground.

"I am here. I am the Messenger. Why have you contacted us?" Messenger asked bringing his shadowy arms together.

"I was hoping to get some form of help. I'd like to ask for your assistance in distracting the justice league as well as this young justice team of brats."

"Why should we assist you, you who bear the weak name as the Light. Our leader's movements have gone unnoticed now you want us to take action and draw attention from your heroes towards us. You cannot be serious." Messenger spoke.

"You're so called organization, I wonder how your boss will feel if some information about you found its way into the hands of the justice league." Savage said with a smirk.

Messenger began to chuckle. "You think we fear your heroes, they are insignificant to us."

"Your plans whatever they are will be difficult if they become aware of you, even your leader will not be able to handle everything especially if they had help." Savage said his smirk growing.

"Are you threatening us Savage?" Messenger said and red glowing eyes appeared shining from the abyss of shadows. "All those who have learned of us have been silenced you are an exception. Being an immortal you have crossed our path from time to time and we have allowed you to pass only because you have not interfered with our plans." In a flash Messenger was in front of Savage.

'I never saw him move!' Savage thought as Messenger leaned towards him.

"You think you are safe, believing you cannot die, but let me tell you. Our leader has killed immortals before and if you interfere with him you will be just another head he can mount on his wall." Messenger whispered his voice full of killing intent, and for the first time since he became an immortal he felt true fear.

"That's enough Messenger." A dark voiced echoed across the room, in a flash Messenger was back in his original spot the red eyes gone and he had his head bowed.

"Yes sir!" Messenger said.

"Savage I have heard your request, as it turns out I have a spoiled child who has gotten bored. I will let him go play that will be enough distraction for you. You may ask of him what you will but as I said he is a child he may not obey you his desire is to have fun." The voice spoke.

"You have your answer I'll take my leave." In a flash his body dispersed into the shadows about the room.

"The Nightmares in the Dark, they are truly terrifying. I don't think I want to know what their goals are." Savage said and wiped sweat from his brow. "This Omnious, I wonder if those hero brats will be able to handle him."

Meanwhile at the Cave

Robin and Superboy were in the throws of passion. Robin was on his hands and knees with Superboy driving into him hungrily. The young clone had his hands on Robin's hips and with each thrust Robin cried out in pleasure. Both males were covered in a thin sheet of sweat and their hips met with a wet smack.

Superboy grit his teeth as he tried to control himself and not hurt his partner, but every moan of pleasure from Robin was driving Superboy wild. He gripped Robin tighter and the boy hissed in pain, but the clone's thrust to his sweet spot crushed the barrier between pain and pleasure.

Robin shook in pleasure with each thrust, he felt so full Conner's length was so big and it reached so deep inside him it felt amazing! "Conner more fuck me more!" Robin moaned and he felt his cock twitch.

Conner was quick to obey, he'd obey any command from Robin at this moment. He covered Robin's body with his own and thrust into him deeper and harder, as he did so he kissed the boys neck. "Conner I'm cumming!" Robin moaned as he came, his toes curling from the intensity of his release. The boy's inner muscles tightened around Superboy's cock and the clone grit his teeth as he lost control. He moaned Robin's name as he came gripping the boy's hips as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum into the boy's body.

Superboy quickly rolled off his lover as to not crush him with his spent weight. He let out a content sigh and took a look at his lover, his body tensed immediately as he saw the big hand shape bruises on Robin's hips. "Damn it I lost control again!"

"Conner relax." Robin said and cuddled up to Superboy.

"You're not mad?" He asked looking worried.

Robin chuckled and kissed Superboy's lips. "Conner I know you're worried but you have control. I think your body is learning to control itself on your own. I believe in you, and I know you won't hurt me, you've gained a lot of control." Robin said and nuzzled his neck a bit. "Besides it feels kinda good being marked by you."

Superboy blushed at the lustful tone. Superboy smiled and hugged Robin happy he wasn't mad at him. After a little rest and a shower the boys dressed in the city clothes and went out to the living room. They sat on the couch, well Conner sat on the couch Superboy had Robin sit in the lap. They turned on the TV watching nothing in particular.

"Hey Conner not that I mind but you seem to be on edge lately, it's like you don't want me out of sight or out of reach even." Dick asked very curious about it.

Conner blushed. "Umm well you see, I…I…I just want to protect you, that's all." He looked away from Dick's shaded gaze. The young male chuckled.

"You're adorable sometimes you know that." Robin leaned up and kissed Superboy on the cheek. Superboy relaxed but didn't let Robin leave his lap.

Wally came in and saw the two on the couch. "Oh man you guys look so lovey dovey on the couch there." Wally expected Robin turn around and tell him off, but instead Superboy turned around and glared at him. Wally ran for his life.



A young man with long brown hair that reached down to his feet appeared from the sky. The man was tall and very thin it looked like he didn't have a scrap of muscle on him, he has piercing purple eyes, he was a very handsome young man. He had long sharp nails his nails on the right side are painted white, the nails on the left were painted black. He wore a white open vest that showed off his slim figure and black baggy pants. He didn't wear shoes.

This is Omnious!

He landed on top of a parked car and smiled. "The boss said I could play as much as I want I'm so excited Omnious can't wait to play. Master has been cruel just cause Omnious tends to go a bit overboard doesn't mean I should get a time out, the last 400 years have been so boring!"

Omnious looked around as people began to stare at him. "Alright let's get started!" A microphone appeared in his hand. "Alright everyone I am Omnious and I'm here so let's get started." The microphone changed into a guitar, he struck the guitar!

Omnious let loose a power wave of strange energy from the guitar, the energy was drawn to cars and lights and anything electronic. The lights began to flash on and off like part lights, the cars stopped dead in their tracks and began to play a powerful musical beat. "Oh yeah let's party!" Tv's and radios began to play the similar music while the televisions showed images of Omnious. Omnious began to play the sound from the guitar coming out everywhere.

The Child from the darkness had arrived and heaven help those who try to stop him.

To be continued

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