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Chapter One: Girl School


"And that's why we do it - so young women like yourselves, your friends, your families and other decent citizens of the city can walk the streets without fear. Thank-you."


The Boy Wonder nodded to the audience and then slowly sat down. He couldn't help feel a thrill of satisfaction as the audience rose to their feet to give him a standing ovation. The 100 or so teenage girls whooped and hollered as they applauded his speech with vigour. Sitting next to him Domina - the principal of St Suprema's College and the one who hand-picked her most able, and to Robin's eyes undeniably most attractive, charges - squeezed his arm affectionately. "That was wonderful," she breathed with obvious admiration. "So passionate yet so informative. My girls will learn a lot from you."

Robin felt himself blush and was pleased Domina hadn't noticed but instead risen to her feet to talk. "Now girls," she said as the applause died down. "Robin has kindly offered to answer a few of your questions. But it will have to be brief as we don't want to wear him out. Well, not just yet!" There were giggles from the girls in the auditorium and then one rose from her seat and beamed at the young crimefighter. 

"Yes, Natasha," said Domina. "Robin," said the teenage girl. "Can I ask, do you have a girlfriend?" The Boy Wonder smiled. "IÕm afraid not," he replied.

"Unfortunately I don't really have the time for romance at the moment."

"I can keep hoping then," gushed Natasha before sitting down again. As she did so another girl stood up. "Attracta," said Domina. "Robin, we spend a lot of time here studying human behavior, emotions and the motivation behind certain actions. I wondered if you get a thrill from inflicting pain on your victims?"

The Boy Wonder was taken aback for a few seconds by the question. He looked over at Domina but she simply raised her eyebrows at him as though prompting an answer.

"Er, a thrill? I'm not sure what you mean. What sort of a thrill?"

Attracta fixed her eyes on the Boy Wonder and paused for a moment before continuing. "Perhaps sexual," she said with almost a smirk on her face. Before Robin could reply Domina had clapped her hands together fiercely and stood upright. "Girls, girls," she ordered. "If you cannot ask sensible questions then please refrain from speaking." There was an immediate hush and then another girl rose. "Robin," she said. "Do you think this city will ever be free of criminals?"

The Boy Wonder almost sighed with relief as he felt himself back on firmer ground. He spent the next 10 minutes answering similar queries before Domina drew the session to a close and added: "Now ladies. Can we show Robin our appreciation again as he takes his leave."

Thunderous applause broke out again as the principal guided Robin off stage and they headed to her office to say their goodbyes.


"A drink before you go, Robin?" asked Domina as she closed the office door behind them.

"Perhaps an orange juice," he replied. Domina nodded and sidled over to a drinks cabinet - pouring a juice for her guest and a large goblet of wine for herself. She clinked her glass against his and then motioned for him to take a chair behind a small coffee table before sitting opposite him.

"You,ve been a wonderful speaker Robin. So utterly captivating," she said fixing her big brown eyes on him. The Boy Wonder took a gulp of his orange and tried to hide his obvious pride at her compliments. It was only know that he realised just how attractive she was. Long auburn hair, a lithe body and those sparkling, shimmering eyes that seemed to hold him in a rapturous gaze.

"My pleasure," he said trying to appear nonchalant before taking another slug of his drink. Domina crossed one leg over the other and stretched herself in the chair before adding: "Would you consider another talk at some stage? I have a feeling my girls can't get enough of you."

The Boy Wonder felt his head swim slightly as she fixed him with an appreciative gaze. He took another slug to quench his rapidly-drying throat.

"Well, er, yes. I'd love to."

"And we'd love you too," replied Domina delightedly. "Maybe very soon."

Her gaze didn't leave his face as she placed her wine glass on the table and leaned forward. "Let's make that a date," she said in what was almost a breathless whisper. Robin nodded and then closed his eyes momentarily as he felt a strange shiver course through his body. He shook his head to try to clear his brain.

"I think, I think," he stammered. "I think I should be going."

"Of course," smiled his hostess. "Let me get my girls to show you out."

The Boy Wonder opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was a feeble grunt. For some reason the room was beginning to swim in front of him - Domina's face going in and out of focus. He concentrated hard, pushed the chair back and got unsteadily to his feet. As he stood swaying unsteadily he became aware of two figures on either side of him. He turned his head and took in the sight of a young girl dressed in a black halter-neck dress tied at the midriff with a loose, thick, red belt. His head slumped slightly to his chest and his eyes were filled with the sight of a pair of knee-length dark boots adorned with silver toe-caps.

He jerked his head up and then felt an arm slink round his shoulder and turn him towards the door. "Shall we go Robin," said a soft female voice in his ear. "Get you some rest." He tried to reply but his vocal chords seemed to have become detached from his brain. Before he knew it he was being ushered down a long, brightly-lit corridor towards an open door. He could feel himself stumbling and almost falling but another arm slid round his midriff and kept him aloft until they reached their destination. Then, without warning, he felt a hand on his back gently feeling his muscles before it contemptuously shoved him forward. He collapsed to the floor on all fours in a state of total disorientation.

"Sleep well babykins," came a soft, female voice from above. "Gather your strength."

The Boy Wonder's eyelids fluttered and then closed as he sank into a drug-induced sleep.

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