Forbidden Desire

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The Start of It All

I absolutely, positively hated my life. Was it too much to ask to have that fairytale happy ending? I guess so; I thought that I had it but with a flip of a page, it was long over. How did the movies and stories make it seem so… easy and normal? I had started it out on the right track so I couldn’t help but to think how it could’ve went wrong.

We had married after a year of meeting each other. We struggled slightly in the beginning; I had decided that I was going to go to college in order to make our life together a bit better. But then the unexpected happened; the fertility drugs finally paid their dues: in mid-semester, I found out I was pregnant… with triplets. The nightmares that I had about our future, the obvious worried look that he carried for the entire pregnancy! When my three miracles were born, though… all of that was erased. Things worked out almost perfectly and the five of us were very happy.

I never knew that being the best friend of a Justice League member would shatter my world. I had learned the hard way that villains did not play fair; they didn’t care what they had to do to get under the skin of their arch rival. Even if that meant… especially if it meant to torture the ones that superhero was close to. And that’s exactly what happened. Me and my family were constant targets: my husband’s job was threatened, he had been beaten up a couple of times, my children were kidnapped and even I was forced to do things in order to lure Tabitha and her comrades out. I didn’t understand it. Not to wish ill will towards her natural family but I had never heard of any villain threatening her mother, father or her brothers; the Lindseys were the key to Tabitha Lyght’s heart.

My family had enough of it and I didn’t blame them. The first option was to cut off all ties with Tabitha and the Justice League. However, she was my friend, my best friend… my sister; it wasn’t her fault that she was a Metahuman. It was a lose-lose situation; even if we had cut off all ties, who was to say that we wouldn’t still become targeted: everyone knew where we stayed and where we worked. My husband made the decision to not have our children go through that turmoil ever again… and they left. He knew that I wanted to make the right choice and side with my family; I just couldn’t see myself breaking all ties with Tabs: she was family as well, now.

So, there I was, all alone in the house that we had made into a home so many years ago. I carried on numbly, day in and day out. Every day, I beat myself up, telling myself that I should’ve went with my family. But, the damage was already done… and I couldn’t bear to put them through anything like that ever again. I let them go.

Back to the present; because I decided to stay and because Tabs was fed up with the villains targeting me to rile her up, she talked the League into assigning me my own personal bodyguards. She meant well; she was only looking after my safety. But… it still didn’t make me feel any less than a child that needed to be watched! I was surprised that they had agreed to it. Then again… Martian Manhunter was Monitor, one of the top dogs… and Tabs’ boyfriend; he would do whatever it took to make sure that she was happy and that anyone she associated with was safe.

It was a bit surprising to see who was at my door for tonight; the Martian, himself! I knew that the League was taking turns as far as duty however I was used to… well, the other members, not anyone from the founding seven! I felt that something this small was beneath them; they had other things to worry about.

But, there he was, standing there with a small smile on his face; my earlier exasperation turned into warmth as I returned the smile, albeit a confused one.

“J’onn! What are you doing here?”

“… Reporting for duty…?” he tilted his head to the side slightly. It tickled me to see him act so human; he was around Tabs too much! I let him in the house.

“You… don’t have to do this. I know that this is tedious…”

“I don’t mind it at all. You’re her best friend which makes you a dear friend of mine; your safety is our number one priority.” I halfway paid attention to what he actually said; his deep and almost sultry voice damn near thundered through my hallway, making me slightly tingle. Damn, how does Tabs do it; I bet she had to constantly change her panties whenever he spoke to her! Dear Lord; why did he have to be the last Martian in existence?! What I wouldn’t give to be alone with a male relative of his…

I quickly sighed my thoughts away and nodded at his words; how many times did she have a canary about how he could read minds… and that he may or may not have been uncomfortable with my naughty thoughts he had come across? I moved aside as he made his way through the hallway, removing his cape. I couldn’t help it; the Martian was a lonely and horny woman’s dream come true: tall, muscular, very attractive and downright sexy! I stared almost wide-eyed as the massive cape left his shoulders; he was standing in the middle of my hallway in nothing but his red straps that intersected where the top of his rib cage should be (I say this because I have no idea if he shared the same organs and bones as humans did), his blue briefs and blue boots. Gah; he was doing this on purpose: there was NO reason for him to remove that cape!! Studying him, I realized that he was an anatomy student’s dream come true; every single muscle group was clearly defined on his body. Oh, if only I was in Tabs’ position! There would be no way anyone in the League wouldn’t know that we were together; I would be constantly all over that delightful body…

I cursed at myself for thinking the naughty thoughts yet again and immediately grabbed his cape from his hands. Yes; a distraction! He gave me a surprised yet warm look.

“Thank you…” he nodded. I shrugged as I made an attempt to fold the damn thing.

“It’s okay…” I mumbled; what the hell does he do with this thing when he ain’t wearing it, “Um… J’onn… why the hell is this cape so huge?!”

“I am a large Martian…” he answered. I willed myself to not glance straight at his crotch, where my pervy mind immediately thought of as soon as the words left his mouth! Instead, I looked up at him, his red eyes gleaming and a small smile on his face.

“… That you are…” I narrowed my eyes at him; I finally realized that he was trying to be a smart ass! He hung around that girl way too much! After fumbling with the cape, I decided to just try to hang it up in the coat closet!

“Are you… nervous around me, Jamila?” he suddenly asked. Nervous? No. Horny? Fuck, yeah…

“N-No. Why you ask that?”

“I can feel it. You’re not your normal self…” he looked at me. Shit; was I that obvious?! I gave him a slight smile.

“Well, to be honest with you, I’ve never had to… entertain you without Tabs here. Where is she, by the way?”

“She’s on a mission.” he said and I immediately widened my eyes at him.

“You let her go on a mission?!”

“The one thing the two of you have in common; that sardonic mouth…” he gave me a sly smile. Was it my imagination… or was he actually eyeing my mouth…? Oh… the thought of it…

I rolled my eyes at him and laughed.

“You don’t let her out of your sight and you know it!”

“I am slowly trying not to be so protective of her.” he told me, apologetically. I gave him a warm smile. For a Martian, he was so genuinely caring of others. He could’ve been menacing and hateful towards us but he wasn’t. He was a very loving person, “If it would make you feel better, we could go about as if she was here…”

“… Not gonna be the same. You do realize that this is the most you’ve spoken to me… right?” I smiled wider at him. The look on his face told me that he had never realized it until that moment, “Wait… you’re on duty.” I remembered the real reason why he was in my home.

“I would much rather attempt to act normal around you than play the role of bodyguard.” he confirmed with yet another warm smile. I don’t know why but the idea made me blush slightly.

“I… I think that’s the problem. I’m so used to you being a superhero; you and the others. I have no idea what’s normal for you.”

“I get that a lot. People assume that I’m a robot; that my only purpose is to make sure that justice is served. Did you know that there are many times where a mission doesn’t come up… maybe for a few days?” he asked. I slowly shook my head. Hmm; never realized that…

“So… what do you do when there’s nothing to do?”

“I enjoy quite a few human things… especially since your friend came into my life. Let’s see if we can settle this; what were you doing before I arrived?”

“Watching TV.”

“Then, we’ll watch TV.” he agreed. I smiled and nodded; before I could stop myself, I turned and started to head to the stairs.

“Oh!” I immediately blushed, “I guess… we can watch it down here…”

“Wherever you feel more comfortable.” a hint of laughter played on his voice. Fuck; he knew that the thought came across in my mind: having him in my bedroom was really tantalizing! I blushed even more; I really did feel more comfortable up in my bedroom.

I shouldn’t even have those thoughts in my head; regardless of how he looked, he was taken. He was my best friend’s boyfriend for crying out loud! I sighed and shrugged.

“Kinda like the idea of sprawling out on my bed, watching TV. Want something to snack on?”

“… Oreos, if you have them…”

“… Oreos…?”


“Um… I think I have some in the pantry…” before I could make a move, he was already in the kitchen, rummaging through my pantry.

“… You only have one package…”


“I guess it would have to do. What will you snack on?”

“Wait… you’re gonna eat the whole damn package?!” my eyes widened. He returned with the package of Oreos and a large glass of milk, already munching on one of the cookies. My heart melted; he looked like a child with their favorite thing in the world!

“You need more milk as well…”

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