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Disclaimer: Birds of Prey and all related characters belong to DC Comics as do all characters included in this story. This is a non-profit series written by several individuals who gained no profit for writing the chapters for which they are credited nor any other.

A/N: This is a Round Robin format story, written by several writers who will be credited at the end of each chapter. The chapters that have been written so far and that I'll post here are all up. It is now possible for authors willing to add to the story to do so. Chapter numbering included in title to allow multiple writers to follow one chapter. Please read author's note at the end of chapter 21.


Dinah Lance shook her head groggily. She grimaced with the pain. It felt like an elephant had marched over it. She shook her head again, more cautiously. Possibly the elephant had stopped to do a small dance on her forehead. It wasn't like the rest of her didn't hurt too - her ankles ached horribly.

As she blinked to clear her eyes a grinning white face erupted into view. An upside-down face.

Harley Quinn!

Purely by instinct Dinah Lance - the Black Canary - tensed and moved to leap backwards into a fighting stance. The mad harlequinn's face moved away an inch or two and then swung back even closer. Dinah's dulled senses finally caught up with the situation. She was hanging by her ankles, her face level with that of the villainess.

"Awww, don't be a scaredy-birdie," Harley told her as she stroked the bound heroine's face, "I ain't gonna do anythin' bad to ya. I want us all to be friends!"

Harley executed a perfect backflip and came to a rest in a pose midway between offering a hug and, hands outstretched, presenting something to Dinah. The effect was ruined by the enormous wooden mallet in Harley's hand, until she noticed it with a comic take and tossed it aside.

Black Canary twisted a little and swore under her breath as she recognised Huntress hanging unconscious to her left. Huntress's mask was still on. There was someone to her right too, but the lights in the warehouse were too low and she couldn't make out who it was. Certainly a woman though.

"See, my bestie, Red, has a new lipstick. It works on everybody now! Even the super-hunks and gals with Krypton allergies. And 'cause we're besties she gave me a whole load to try."

Harley Quinn puckered her lips and Dinah saw how they glistened with a perfect scarlet sheen. Harley's voice dropped a little, making an aside for effect.

"But Red has plans of her own so she asked me to make a distraction. 'Harl', she said," and her voice back to full volume, Harley's impersonation of Poison Ivy's voice was uncannily good, "'Harl, you need to steal something spectacular or lots of spectaculars. Until every do-gooder and cape is so busy with you...'"

"You'll never get away with this," Black Canary told her fiercely.

Harley's eyes flashed briefly with insane anger at the interruption, and then she giggled.

"Hey, no interruptin'! It'll be much easier for you to stop my nefafar-- nefarimous-- nefeferous-- wicked plan if you know what it is."

Black Canary bit back an angry retort. The crazy clown was right, and Dinah realised she wasn't exactly in the ideal position to defend herself from an angry villainess. She needed to play for time. Even as Black Canary fought down her anger, Harley slipped into a new pose, looking thoughtful with her chin on a white gloved fist.

"But what to steal and from whom?" Harley enunciated the 'whom' with great pride, as if expecting congratulations for her education. "What to steal? Whom to steal from? Whom to steal and what from? And that's when the idea came to me!"

Harley jumped to enthusiastic attention. Dinah was shocked to see that an enormous glowing light-bulb was floating over Harley Quinn's head. Was she hallucinating? The Black Canary was far more shocked, however, when the apparition's source appeared. A familiar woman strutted into the circle of light surrounding Harley Quinn.

"I'm goin' to steal all you superheroines from bein' BORING! My greatest heist ever - every heroine on Earth."

Hips swaying like a stripper about to start her act, Zatanna strutted up to Harley Quinn and draped herself over the villainess. Zatanna's costume was different. One leg of her trademark black fishnets was now bright red, just like the opposite black boot was now red. The rest of her costume including her top-hat was checkered with large red and black squares. She wore a silver metal collar, though Dinah was too far away to read what was engraved on it. Only a single straining button of her tuxedo shirt was buttoned, revealing her generous cleavage which was better concealed by a racy red bra with black lacing.

Most disturbing was Zatanna's face which was painted with the same white and black make-up, and ruby red lipstick as Harley Quinn. Her eyes burned with manic energy and lust, the way she moved and dressed screaming sex.

"I stole Zatanna first with one kiss and she was my friend and much more fun. Just like Red!" and Harley Quinn crossed two fingers and waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"There were some spells too," giggled the enslaved Zatanna as she undid the button of her shirt. She bounced cheerily on her feet, setting her breasts swaying. "Annataz -- emoceb s'yelrah evol evals dna layol kcikedis" she gushed enthusiastically.

Dinah tensed, unable to follow the backward speech, but sure something terrible was about to happen. Nothing did until Zatanna put a hand to the side of her mouth and stage-whispered to Dinah, "That's 'Zatanna become Harley's love slave and loyal sidekick', in case you didn't catch it. But don't worry, the spell has no effect on me. At least not after the first forty-two times I cast it on myself." And she directed a happy wink at the captive superheroine.

Then the two women in the spotlight forgot about their captive, as their lips captured one another and two tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. Harley's hands found the clip of Zatanna's bra and as it fell to the ground Harley's hands were already groping Zatanna's big breasts. The ensorcelled magician didn't resist, instead her hands slipped behind her to grab Harley's ass and push her gyrating ass into the junction of the villainess's legs.

Black Canary couldn't believe what had happened Zatanna, or what Harley was doing with her. But this was the chance she had been waiting for. While the two were distracted she could test her knots and try to... Harley broke the kiss and looked straight at Dinah.

"Zee-Zee, I don't think our new friend is enjoying our show."

"Awww, that's a shame, Harl. Ooooooh". Harley's fingers pinched one of Zatanna's hard nipples before the hand slid down her bare belly. "Because now yreve manow si a naibsel tlus rof yelrah."

Black Canary grimaced and averted her eyes from the two grinding women, quickly averting the strange irresistible lust bubbling up inside her at the mere sight of Harley. She heard a moan from the woman beside her that she couldn't see, her voice low and confused. Canary had hoped they'd just ignore them and keep having sex but whomever was beside her waking up got their attention again. At least they were looking at the woman strung up behind her, giving her time to work at her bonds and escape. Being upside down didn't make it impossible, just a lot harder. 

"Ooh! Hold that thought, Zee-Zee! One of our other little toys just woke up for playtime!"

The giggling blonde flipped in a cartwheel over to the women, still clearly turned on from Zatanna's eager ministrations. The love slave that had once been Zatanna ran over after Harley adoringly, heels tapping across the concrete floor.

"Ungh . . . where . . . am I?" groaned the woman behind Canary. Canary's eyes widened as she recognized the voice.

"Power Girl?" she yelped in alarm. "How in the hell did you-"

"Magic, remember?" Harley said goosing Zatanna's ass making the woman giggle. "All she had to say was "Power Girl fall down!" and we had ourselves a booby prize! Isn't that right, Power Slut?"

"Harley Quinn?" muttered a groggy Power Girl as her powerful muscles strained against the ropes holding her in place. "I'm going to tear you apart, you . . . ugh, what are you doing to me?"

Canary could hear the powerful, busty blonde's breath start to catch in confused arousal.

"Welllll, for one thing, my little Zee-Zee here made it so you can't break those ropes! And she just made it so every gal who sees me wants to have me fuck 'em all night long!"

"Power Girl! Don't look at her! Shut your eyes or-" Canary started to yell.

"HEY! Do you MIND?" Harley sneered, turning on her. "I was talking to my new bust friend, Power Slut here! What are you, JEALOUS?"

"Ooh, I think she IS, Mistress!" giggled Zatanna. "She's totally jealous that you wanna make Power Girl fuck you first!"

Black Canary risked opening her eyes, locking them with Zatanna, desperately trying to reach her.

"Zatanna, fight this! I know you can! You've just got to-"

Harley's hand came down on Black Canary's mouth as she crouched next to the woman. Dinah tried not to feel her body respond to Harley's touch but the spell made her horny immediately.

"Ugh! And people say I talk too much! Zee-Zee, howsabout you make it so our little birdie's way less annoying?"

"Oh, I get to play?" Zatanna asked jumping up and down with glee. "I get to play with your dollies?"

"Sure, sweetie, go on - impress Mama Harley! Tenderize our Birdie while I play with Power Slut." Harley cooed as she walked away from Canary, slapping her ass as she did so, leaving Canary simultaneously disappointed and relieved. She heard a muffled noise as something happened to Power Girl behind her but she didn't dare focus on that right now. She frantically worked against her bonds.

Zatanna pouted and tapped her finger against her lips.

"Well, first you totally do talk too much and it so isn't FUNNY!" she giggled. "yranaC kcalB sah a yllis yhtearb obmib ecoiv dna ydobon nac ekat reh ylsuoires reve naiga!"

"Zatanna, please stop- wait, what? My VOICE!" squeaked Black Canary. Her cooly professional voice had been replaced by something that sounded like a breathy idiot on helium. 

"Wait! Stop! Zatanna, we're friends, don't do this to me!" she half-squeaked, half-cooed in a breathy bedroom voice.

The two women just laughed at her, covering the sound of something that sounded like . . . licking?

"Oh, that's RICH! HA! Bimbo Canary's more like it!" cackled Harley. "Keep goin', baby! This is hilarious!"

Zatanna cooed with joy at pleasing her mistress.

"Hmm, what else were we talkin' about?" Zatanna asked, still laughing. "Oh, right! Canary's jealous of Power Girl, huh? I KNOW how to fix that!"

"yranaC kcalB sah sieboob eciwt sa gib dna nuf ot yalp htiw sa rewoP s'lriG!"

"What?" squeaked Canary. "What did you just- ooh! Aah! My tits!"

Black Canary felt a strange swelling in her B-cup tits as the tight bustier pushed against them. Her tits felt so hot, like they were swelling up, nipples hardening and hardening even more against some imaginary touch. The fabric of the top of her costume ripped wide open to her navel as her perky B-cups swelled up like balloons, nipples increasing to the size of bottlecaps as her tits grew and grew, soaring past a D-cup to a DD-cup . . .

"Ooh!" squeaked Canary, humiliated to realize that the growth was making her hornier. Why did it feel so fucking good? "Aaaah, stop it! Stoooop . . . it . . ." 

Her tits soared up to Power Girl's size now, an aggressively perky E-Cup, pulling the ropes tighter with the wait of them as they moved inexorably toward her chin. She panted and moaned, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter just from the feeling of the growth. How good would it feel when somebody sucked on them? Touched them and squeezed them?

Canary thrashed and moaned as her tits swelled up to porn star proportions, throbbing with pleasure as they reached an F-cup size, so full and heavy that they now rested against her chin as she swung upside-down, blissed out from the pleasure. She could almost kiss her hot, big titties, she thought deliriously. If only she had her hands free to touch and squeeze them . . .

With a loud breathy cry, Canary climaxed hard as her breasts finished growing into an eye-popping set of preternaturally perky HH-cup tits that just screamed stripper or porn star. She woozily came back to her senses, dully realizing just how much trouble she was in but still feeling a powerful itch to squeeze her new gigantic titties or have them sucked on or played with. She bit her lip in frustration, trying to focus on her rage. This was insane! They were freakishly large and she sounded like a horny bimbo now! She had to stay focused or God knows what else they'd do to her next! With a grunt of annoyance she cut through the ropes, her massive new tits helping her to do so as the rope strained to keep up with all the new weight hanging from her chest.

"Wowza! Watermelons are in season!" giggled Harley Quinn, her breath catching as she neared an orgasm of her own. "If that voice wasn't gonna make sure nobody took her seriously ever again, those giant new gazongas will sure do the job!"

Zatanna laughed, pleased to have made her Mistress happy.


The beginning of this chapter and original series concept created by LesLes on the site superstories.net. The second half, starting after the lesbian slut spell was written by Wilder on superstories.

All credit goes to the appropriate writers for each chapter as I do not seek to gain any credit I do not deserve. I am posting the series here as another venue for the storyline with a few edits for general corrections and occasionally improve the flow of the story, though again I will never take credit for writing a chapter I did not. ~solddate

P.S. I've decided to combine several of chapters in order to cut the numbers down, plus some of them are definitely to have it done. I also might rename some of the chapters to provide a little guidance to the story progression.

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