Love in Shades of Green and Grey

BY : Lamont_Cranston
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans. I do not make any money from this fan fiction, which is presented fondly to fellow fans for their amusement.

Author’s notes:

Well, here it is – the missing first Lemon from Love In Shades of Green And Grey, as published on fanfiction dot net.  While explicit, I this piece wasn’t meant to be erotic, but to showcase what physical intimacy is like when there’s no feeling behind it.  

As Aqualad pulled the rental car up to his favorite spot on the beach near Titan Tower, she didn’t feel any butterflies.  Her hands did not shake.  She slid into the backseat without waiting for his invitation.  He shrugged out of his jacket and carefully balanced his Titan communicator on the back of the seat on Raven’s cloak. 

“No point in being coy,” she thought.

He leaned into her and they kissed.  She found his lips to be acceptably moist, neither dry nor sloppy.  His body temperature, so seemingly hot before was, she estimated, about 97.8.  Well within the normal band for a human, or a dolphin, come to think of that.  He kissed her jaw and his hands roamed her body.  She ran her fingers through his hair, but could only assess that it was clean, well maintained, and he didn’t seem to have any tangles or split ends.

He began to pull the collar of her leotard away from her neck.  She grasped his hand. He was about to sigh in exasperation when he heard her say, “The zipper is in the back.”

“Wait, what?” he said.

Utterly atonal, she repeated, “I said the zipper is in the back.”

Then he reached behind her and started pulling the zipper slowly down, waiting for a signal to stop when the zipper was past her neck, then her breasts, and then at the small of her back.  Then he sat back, startled, and Raven matter-of-factly skinned out her fighting leotard and draped it over the front seat back, joining her cloak there. She lay back on the rear bench seat, blue lace bra and panties against grey skin, and looked at him expectantly.  He slid between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her.  His hand roamed her body as she pulled at his clothes. 

“Strange,” the thought, “his hands aren’t warm this time.  They’re just . . . hands.  I’ll have to check the internet.  I’m sure somebody’s done this with the judicious application of temperature sensors.”

She pulled at the buttons of his shirt, exposing his chest.  His chest had thick slabs of muscled from hours and hours of swimming.  She ran her hands down his torso, feeling the ripples of his washboard stomach.  She slid her hand around him and back up his back to his broad shoulder blades.  His tongue touched her ear.  

And she felt – saliva. And nothing else.

He drew a single finger down her sternum between her breasts and rested it on the catch of her bra, looking into her eyes. Then he flicked his finger and open it, exposing her breasts to the cool night air.

Running his hands down her sides he thought, “The moment of truth.  Up to this point, it’s still my fault. She can still tell herself she’s being seduced.   But I can’t take her panties off unless she lifts her own ass up off of the seat.  

Both completely naked now they moved together, squeaking against the vinyl seat occasionally.  Eventually, he moved between her legs, and she spread and lifted her knees, then made the one decisive movement she’d made all night.

“Full-disclosure before intimacy.  Any child conceived of my body will be spiritually  and psychically linked to my father, Trigon the Terrible, called the Destroyer.  As such, they will be a potential portal of entry into our world for the Thane of Perdition and the destruction of all mankind.  You’re almost certainly going to want to use a condom.”

Aqualad’s eyes widened.

“Condom, right,” he said, and scrambled for his wallet, muttering “Thane of Perdition” as he hunted.

“Wallet?” Raven asked. “Really?   You know keeping them there will cause them to break down and lose efficiency due to body heat.  After begin carried for more than a day or so, it’s almost useless.”

“S’okay,” he muttered.  “Went in there tonight.”

“Ok,” said Raven, “As she leaned back, completely exposed.

Once again he kneeled between her legs, this time rubbing himself up and down the slit in her mons.  As the condom made contact with her outer lips, it felt at little clammy. 

“Just as well,” though Raven.  “My vaginal membranes are dryer than I expected them to be.”

He grunted and pushed.  Raven felt a minor tearing sensation, and then he was inside her.  His toned, muscular body rose and fell between Raven’s knees for a few minutes as he continued to kiss her lips and neck.  After a few more minutes, Raven spoke.

“Should I be . . . doing anything?”

He grunted, “Try rolling your hips and rising up to meet me.”

“Okay,” she said.

For another ten minutes they twisted together in the vinyl seat.  Raven watched the expressions on his face as he worked. And it looked like a lot of work for him.  He began to sweat.

“There,” she thought.  “Fish don’t sweat.  He’s a mammal.  Not sure where it will be appropriate to introduce this as evidence, though.  I’m pretty sure Robin and Cyborg would say, ‘to much info.’”

Shortly after that, he stiffened, gasped, and then collapsed on to of her.

“Weight, please,” she said, a little hoarsely.

“Huh,” he said, panting.

“Get your weight off of my chest, please.  I’m having trouble breathing.”

“Oh,” he replied. “Sorry.”

He put his weight up on his elbows and panted some more.

“So, how was it for you,” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” was her response.  “It was clinically interesting, but since it was my first time, I don’t really have a reference for comparison.  Okay, I guess.”

His fast twisted up like he’d bitten a lime.

“Okay, huh? Well, it will get better with practice.”

“I hope so,” she replied, somewhat lost in thought.

He frowned and opened his mouth to speak, but she interrupted him.

“Could you run me back to the tower?” she asked as she started putting on her under garments. “I should shower soon.”

“Um, sure,” he said, and reached for his pants.

“So,” said Aqualad as Raven grabbed the door handle, “Same time next week?”

“I guess so,” said Raven.

Shortly, Raven stood in the shower, carefully washing her pudenda inside and out.

“No point in getting a urinary tract infection over that,” she thought.  “I’ll try it again and see if it improves, but that certainly wasn’t worth the effort, or the trouble.  Something’s must be missing, because I do not understand what the big deal is.”

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