Hand of Curse

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Hand of Curse

Kid Flash brings a souvenir he shouldn't and brings down a curse upon the base, now no one can leave. Sequel to Hand of Poison

—– X —

Chap 1 The Story and Dreams

Robin and Superboy had hooked up quite often after the event with Ivan, but they were still keeping it from the rest of the team. When Robin stayed at base he stayed with Superboy they stayed in the same room and shared the same bed. One thing that Superboy loved during these times is on nights when they would cuddle and make out Robin would read to him.

The younger male thought it was cute how excited Superboy got over in essence a bed time story. "So which one are you gonna read today?" Superboy asked almost looking like an excited puppy. Robin chuckled and pulled out a book. Superboy in a flash had Robin in his lap hugging the boy close. Robin snuggled against him and opened the book.

-The Tale of the Heartless Prince-

In a kingdom lost in time there was a young prince who was very handsome but even with all his riches he wasn't happy he had his own servant who waited on him and saw to his every need and yet he still was not happy. Nothing he did or what he could buy could ease the loneliness in the prince's heart. The king and queen wanted to do something for their son. So they thought finding him someone to love would do the trick. However all the women brought to the prince only loved him for his looks or money which only plunged the prince deeper into his loneliness.

The prince decided he had, had enough. He spoke to the people of his land and told them he was going to have a masked ball, and he would dance with a dagger in hand, and that the one who could match his dance and save him before he plunged the knife into his heart would be the one who he would love forever. The kingdom could not believe what they heard. The king and queen tried to stop there son from doing this but he could not be deterred.

Servants got the party ready and guest arrived all wearing masks and cloaks. The prince stayed in the center of the dance floor. True to his word he had his knife. The prince began to dance his movements graceful and everyone could feel his emotions as he danced, the loneliness that had been inside him every doubt ever fear echoed in his movements. The king and queen cried as they watched their son.

Guests tried to get close to him but were quickly repelled by the moving knife. The music played began to pick up showing that the dance was almost over. People were terrified that the prince would soon end his life. People were so entrapped in the dance they did not see the prince's servant slip on a mask and make his way to the dance floor.

The masked servant began to move with the prince and before the prince could plunge the dagger into his heart the dagger was tossed aside. The prince lifted the mask and gasped seeing his servant. "My Prince I could not stand to see you do this to yourself, it may be selfish of me but I'd be lonely without you." The prince blushed and he couldn't stop himself he kissed his servant making everyone gasp. "I'm sorry for being so blind to not see what was right in front of me."

The prince and his former servant were together until the end of their days. The prince was not lonely anymore he was happy having his special someone by his side.

The End

Robin finish reading and Superboy held him closer. "I'm glad the prince found someone." Superboy said and nuzzled Robin's hair.

"Yeah this story is nice, much happier than the original." Robin said, and Superboy was stunned.

"What do you mean?"

"Well this book is called Happy Endings the writer took stories with sad endings gathered them together and with proper approval wrote new endings for them." Robin said and put the book away and kissed Conner's cheek. "Let's go to bed."

"Wait what happened to the prince in the original then?" He asked his curiosity getting the better of him.

"Conner it's just a story." Conner's look was adamant so Robin sighed. "Okay fine I'll tell you, The prince was so lonely he turned to a witch for help the witch gave him the dagger. The witch told him the one who saved him would be his true love. The party began and thanks to the witch's magic no one could get close to the prince stuck dancing with each other no one could reach the prince. His true love in the crowd cried as he could do nothing to save his destined one as he plunged the dagger into his heart."

Superboy frowned and hugged Robin close. "I will always save you from anything." Superboy said and Robin sighed.

"Conner relax we're super heroes now and I can handle myself to ya know, I can still flip ya when we spar in the training room." He said tapping Superboy's chest. "I love you Conner, so relax ok."

"I love you to." Superboy said and kissed Robin. "I still want to protect you though."

Robin chuckled and kissed his boyfriend/lover. "I know you do you're my cute and sexy over protective but still sweet lover." Conner smiled and was able to relax now. The two went to sleep but Conner had the weirdest of dreams.

He was in a land full of white, the sound of shuffling cards could be heard. "Who's there?"

"Asking who's there is silly since it's your dream is it not." In a flash he was in front of a fortune tellers table a deck of cards shuffling in the air. "Take three cards." A voice said Superboy did. "Lay them on the table." Superboy did again and the first card flipped over by itself. "Your past is a short one but it is full of mystery and darkness surrounded by light." Superboy glared as the card held a picture of the tube he was in. The second card flipped over. "You have found love that makes everything sane around you he is young but wise and he warms you deeply. There was trouble around you but by taking advice from a flower you have grown even closer to this beloved one." The second card held Robin's mask surrounded by flowers. The third card flipped over. "Death comes for those close to you and you will be unable to stop it. Die die die they will all die leaving you full of sorrow and regret." The third card made Superboy see red. Robin was in the picture he appeared to only be asleep but death had the scythe at his throat. Superboy slammed his fists destroying the table. "No need to get mad the cards do not lie."

"Shut up I won't let him die to hell with you and your cards." Superboy shouted and as he turned the table and cards were back in place. The cards flipped over to reveal the death card over and over. "The future is written no one can stop the flow of destiny. The hand of death grips the future you better prepare for it."

Superboy was about to smash the table when the hand of death reached out from the card shocking the boy awake. Connor bolted up covered in a layer of sweat. "Conner you ok?!" Robin said as the sudden jump snapped the boy wonder awake. "Did you have a nightmare?"

"Yeah I guess." Conner said. "Sorry for waking you up." He kissed Robin and was about to leave to get a quick shower when Robin pulled him down. "I have an idea let's try sleeping like this use that super hearing of yours and focus on my heart beat and let it sooth you to sleep." Robin said and Super boy obeyed he crawled onto the boy resting his head on his chest.

The steady full of life heart beat had Conner smiling as he fell back asleep.

To be continued

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