Dark Trio

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Dark Trio

Three strange people break into a museum and the team is sent after them. The team encounters dark powers and the team gets hurt. Robin takes the most damage. A power is called a power that knows the dark, can the team handle the changes.

Chap 1 Hand of Time Fang's of Darkness

A museum in Gotham city was premiering an ancient Egyptian item the young heroes were asked to guard the exhibit. According to Batman the main exhibit was a bracelet of unique power. It had to be guarded until the league deemed it a non hostile.

Kid Flash and Artemis were dressed in civilian clothes, their uniforms underneath. "Man this is so boring…" Kid Flash groaned and Artemis hit him on the arm. "Will you shut up where in a museum full of history show some respect." Megan was floating above invisible. 'This mission is important, you guys that means the league trusts us to handle it…' She spoke to them mentally.

Aqualad was in stealth mode watching over the others. Robin and Superboy were also in their street clothes. Superboy was looking at each exhibit with fascination. Robin explained things to him, to anyone else it looked like they were on a date.

It all happened so quick 3 cloaked figures entered the museum. All the lights went out and the young heroes felt a chill run down their spine. "I must get the treasure stop anyone who interferes…" An old raspy voice spoke from the center cloaked figure. "Yes…"

The center figure went towards the Egyptian artifact. Kid Flash was in his super hero suit in a matter of seconds. He ran at the center hooded figure only to get hit with a sonic attack. The hooded figure on the left removed his cloak to reveal a werewolf like body. His fur was pure black and his eyes were blood red. "Is that what I think it is…?" KF asked, and Artemis drew her bow. "Don't be silly it couldn't be…"

Aqualad drew on the other figure making a sword out of water. The cloaked figure dodged and dodged only to get cut by one of Robin's weapons. He hissed bearing vampire fangs. His face had been cut and it began to heal. "Your weapons cannot hurt me mortals…" He lunged at the 2.

Superboy caught him and threw him into the piller, but he didn't smash through it he hit the wall and sank into the shadows and he sprang out and hit Superboy hard and sent him flying. 'He's freaking strong…' He stopped himself from crashing into an exhibit.

Megan went to face off against the old one, she tried to pry into its mind but all she could see was a sarcophagus. "Stay out of my mind you vile thing…" A wave of gold energy knocked Megan out of the sky. "Stall them I need time to break the seal!" It shouted.

"No Problem…" The werewolf like creature spoke gruffly. 2 more heads grew from its neck and sent another sound attack at the two heroes. Kid Flash was waiting for it this time. Artemis shot her arrow, the creature dodged but Kid Flash was faster he raced around and grabbed the arrow and slammed it into the beast. The arrow released an electric shock through the beast. It was in a spot the beast couldn't reach. So the beast swung it's arm and hit Kid Flash hard sending him into a pillar. The red head was knocked unconscious.

"Superboy help KF he's down…" Robin said grappling with the Vampire like male. Superboy was unsure, but he obeyed and went to check on KF. Artemis kept battling with the beast the electricity wearing off. Her arrow did little against its claws. Robin had a special item Batman had given him. It generated the same intensity of light as the sun. "Aqualad do you think you can stop him…"

"I will try…" He turned the sword back to water and manipulated it. It circled the vampire like man, when it touched him the man hiss like he was burned. "You are no normal human, you are with those monsters that live beneath the sea hissssssss…" He flew up only for the water to follow it burned it him. "Blood I need blood…" He flew at Aqualad and hit him sending him flying. Robin drew the weapon and charged it.

The man grabbed Robin before he could use it. He sank his teeth into Robin's neck and began to drain him. His arm went lip and the device dropped from his hand. "Robin!" Superboy rushed and hit him sending him flying off Robin but he corrected himself mid air. Blood dripped from his mouth.

Superboy pulled Robin close to him and brought him over to Kid Flash. He waited for an attack but it never came. Golden light flooded the room and the 3rd cloaked person had its hands on the treasure. It was a golden bracelet. "It is mine!" The voice was now young. The cloak was blown away from the power of the item. The cloaked being was a woman covered in bandages, what was once old now young.

"This power will keep me young forever…" She cheered and laughed. "Oh no you don't you can't have it…" Artemis fired an arrow and it hit the bracelet and broke it. The light faded away and the woman grew old again. "You!" Her bandages reached out and grabbed Artemis. "I could have spared you pathetic humans but now you must pay…" She started draining away her youth she grew old in the mummy like woman's grasp. She grew younger as Artemis grew older.

"We leave now…" She spoke dropping the now old woman. The other two monsters joined the mummy like woman and she chanted something and the three vanished. "Aqualad to the cave we need medical assistance 3 down 2 in critical condition…" Aqualad said before passing out.

The team was brought back to the cave. Aqualad had regained consciousness by then, Superboy was worried about Robin, but when Batman saw his neck he locked the boy up, in a room no one had seen before. Batman pushed a button and silver bars came down and cut Robin off from the rest of the world. "What are you doing he's been hurt?"

"Settle down, there's nothing we can do for him yet." Batman said and led Superboy away. Kid Flash and Megan were easy to fix up, lucky for Megan the power used on her only knocked her out. KF had a few broken ribs which were being treated. Aqualad didn't have a concussion which was good. Now it came down to Robin and Artemis. Magic had no effect on her and Robin had yet to open his eyes. Batman left for a long time and returned with a vile of blood. "What is that?" Aqualad asked.

"A long time ago I fought with a monster named Dracula, he drained good people and bad people of their blood and turned them into monsters, his blood could be used to make an antidote, this is the last bit of it I saved it just in case something like that horrible incident ever happened again…"

"So Robin could be a…" Superboy began, but KF interrupted. "That's crazy things like that are just ghost stories not real…"

"You're wrong because we just got our butts handed to us by those monsters…" Aqualad spoke placing a hand on his shoulder. "We need to hope this is a cure…"

Batman entered the cell where Robin was laying motionless. He injected Robin with the cure. He waited outside of the cell and closed it. Robin's heart beat was faint but it was there.

Superman arrived a bit later to check on his friend. "Any change in either of their conditions…?"

"No he remains unresponsive." Batman said looking at the boy who had yet to move. "Superboy Aqualad and Kid Flash are worried about him, maybe you should talk to Superboy…"

Superman got quiet. "I don't know…"

"Aquaman and Flash are talking to them, you should speak to him Clark…" Superman growled at Batman's words. "And you should think of what you're going to do if he does turn…" He snapped at him. Batman remained emotionless. "If he turns I have one last option…" He said and pushed him aside. "I am willing to do anything to save him, why you can't face your pride and speak to a boy who's suffering is beyond me old friend…"

Superman walked away to and no one saw Robin move. He opened his mouth and licked one of his long white fangs.

To be continued…

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