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Teen Titans


One Shot

Disclaimer : The characters in this story belong to Time Warner/DC Comics & I make no claim to their ownership. This story is a work of erotic fan fiction and contains acts of bestiality. If such things bother you please do not continue.

“Beast Boy, where are you?” Raven's dry voice rose above the sound of insects chirping in the night. She floated low above the ground looking about for her missing teammate. The field she found herself in as she passed the last of woods didn't offer many hiding places, it was dark however so she couldn't see all that well. Scanning about she saw movement across the field and responded by picking up her pace and landing in front of it. Beast Boy had taken on the form of a horse.

“Come on Beast Boy, the others have got Fang and are taking him to the authorities now. We can head back.” BB reared back at the sudden obstruction of the pretty grey-skinned girl landing in his way. As he did Raven was awestruck to see his horse cock, it was huge, about 3' in length and easily 4 inches around, and it was fully erect. Raven fell to the ground landing on her barely covered ass. “By Azarath, the size!” She exclaimed. As she rubbed her ass from the fall she didn't notice BB's approach until he was standing over her and his erect cock brushed up against her forehead.

The tip of the cock was glistening with precum leaving a trail across the grey skin of her forehead and in her blue hair where it rubbed. Before she realized what she was doing Raven had taken hold of the shaft with both hands and begun stroking it. As it dawned on her Raven said, “But I don't even like you like this BB.” Then she took another look at that huge horse cock waiting for her, “Fuck it, let's do this.”

Rubbing her hands up and down the length of that magnificent shaft, Raven opened her mouth and leaned in towards the penis. Using her tongue she began to lick at the tip, tasting the precum and savoring it in her mouth. Slowly she continued her tongues attentions further down the shaft, cradling it's scrotum in her hands gently as she tasted the length of it's cock. BB whinnied approval as she kneaded his balls softly in her small hands. It's engorged cock resting upon Raven's face as she continued to lap at his shaft with her tongue, each moment getting it wetter.

Raven knew she had better get it as lubricated as possible as big as this cock was. She wanted to get it between her legs soo bad, but she also knew it was gonna hurt some and the more she readied it the better it would go. Working back to the head of the cock Raven continued to pump his shaft with one hand while her other had begun removing pieces of her uniform. First she threw her cloak aside leaving her clad in her purplish black skintight leotard. She then removed her jeweled belt. Next she slid the crotch of her leotard to the side and began to run the tips of her fingers across the smooth hairless grey skin of her slit. As she began to finger herself she also placed the horse cock against he lips and began to take it into her mouth.

It stretched her jaw some just to accommodate the thick cock head but Raven was able to get it into her hungry mouth. Her tongue danced across the tip tasting yet more precum before she began to push her mouth further down the cock. She pushed to deepthroat as much of it as she could, which wasn't much, but she forced onward anyway. Several times she gagged on the cock as she worked it as deep into her throat as she dared, but she just rode it out and kept going down on the monster penis. She hoped he wouldn't cum now because she was worried she couldn't take the load buried in her throat like this, and more importantly because she still wanted to get that big beautiful cock buried in her pussy more than anything. A small part of her wanted to just let it blow however and to take the sure to be massive load in her mouth.

As she weighed the pros and cons of taking the horse semen Raven continued to masturbate herself. She spread her pussy lips wide and had begun rubbing her clit between two fingers. She was very damp and the juices from her twat had begun to run out over her thighs and ass. Sliding a pair of fingers deep inside herself she wondered just how much of the cock she was about to take. Deciding it was time she disgorged the thick cock from her throat and got onto her hands and knees.

The horses cock rested on Raven's back and nestled right across her tight little ass crack. Raven stroked the cock, fucking it with her ass cheeks first. She tensed her back at the feeling of it's member stretched out across her. The anticipation was killing her and she realized she had better get it inside of her before all she got out of the deal was a back full of bukkake for all her work. Raven lifted one leg and slide it out of her leotard leaving her lower body fully exposed. Her puckered little ass hole and dripping wet pussy open to the night. Next Raven took the cock into her hands and began to lead it towards her.

The horse thrust suddenly and it's tip pushed into her tight and unready asshole. Raven gasped aloud and shouted, “Not there! Not There!” Gently she pulled it back out, it had startled her but hadn't gone deep. With a plop it popped right out of her ass. With a firmer grip she led it to her damp slit. She rubbed the head against her pussy lips and clit. The horse oozed more precum and satisfied this would be as ready as she could be, Raven bit down on her lip and closed her eyes as she let the cock go and pushed herself back onto it.

“Oh God! She shouted as she felt the massve member slide into her. It was so thick as it pushed her open. “BB I want you to fuck me good, but remember to be gentle, I don't know how much of you I can take” she pleaded hungrily. He responded gently but forcefully thrusting inside her. Each push filled her cunt deeper with the thick shaft and emptied her mind of anything but the waves of pleasure wracking her body. Her breasts heaved barely restrained at all by her leotard, her nipples stood out fully erect against the fabric.

For several minutes BB kept pumping in and out of Ravens increasingly less tight pussy. Raven let him control the flow just riding the cock like nothing else mattered. She had quit worrying about if he was tearing her up or how sore she would likely be afterward, none of it mattered. As she felt the cock begin to throb the only thing that did matter was she realized she didn't want to risk getting pregnant so she decided she had better disgorge before BB blew his load. Coaxing him out was difficult, obviously he didn't have a problem with filling her womb full of semen as he kept pumping away. “Stop BB, I know it feels good but I'm gonna make sure you're taken care of, I'll swallow as much of you as I can.” He slowed then allowed her to slide off his cock.

Raven wasted no time diving back onto his cock with her mouth again. It was throbbing strongly and she knew she was about to get a torrent of cum. She stopped with only the tip in her waiting mouth, eyes closed ready to receive her gift. But as he prepared to shoot, his cock suddenly pushed further in and Raven was unprepared. Thick streams of cum filled her mouth, her throat, it overran her and flooded out of both nostrils. Cum escaped past her lips and ran down her chin. She choked and coughed, eyes watering and her mascara running. She pulled back from the cock and felt the warm second helping as it continued to pump cum like a machine this time splashing against her face. It was warm against the cold night air and felt so good on her skin. Ravens eyes rolled back as she worked the cum still in her mouth with her tongue taking in the flavor.

She swallowed the rest of the cum still lodged in her throat and mouth and opened her eyes, cum was strung across her right eye, it soiled her blue hair, and covered much of her face. It was running down her body dripping onto her breasts and stomach and thighs. Raven gave an uncharacteristic giggle as she gathered up some semen on her fingers and licked it up with her tongue, “That was nice BB, I may even let you try another animal sometime. Why don't you change back and help me get cleaned up before the others come looking.” When he failed to change shape she slid out from under him and looked up at his face. At that point the beam of a flashlight illuminated the night and she heard someone not far away.

It quickly dawned on her that the horse wasn't green in color like all the other animals Beast Boy changed in to, she hadn't been able to tell in the dark. A farmer dressed in overalls, boots, and a cowboy hat came into view. Looking at the cum spattered beauty sitting half naked on the ground in front of him he said, “Well I guess I won't be breeding Felix tonight after all, well miss while you're down there do you think I might have a shot?” He shot her a goofy shit eating grin and laced his fingers behind his head. Raven blushed a deep red you could see past the cum and her grey skinned complexion and said, “Deal, but you have to swear to never say a word about this...ever.”

Author's Note : After my last work, my story Mount the Rider, I wanted to do something both shorter and lighthearted. This is that attempt. I have several more stories brewing on my notepad, I'll be writing up the one that makes the leap from notes to full inspiration soon. Thanks to all who read, vote, and write reviews, I appreciate the feedback. Hope you enjoy and as always I welcome all constructive feedback and tips, advice, and corrections.     

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