Afraid to be Heard

BY : bebewrites
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"*God*, Connor...the way you feel," Roy is gasping against the young Green Arrow's neck, breathing hot air into the teen's space.

The man can't stop moving, won't stop moving behind Connor, pushing him further into the brick wall of the alley, pushing the teen's green tights further down his thighs.

"Roy, please stop!" The man's biting playfully at his neck the next moment, and it's Connor's turn to gasp. He writhes against the harsh surface of the bricks and tries to push Red Arrow at least a *bit* off of him. "Please not here!" Connor's voice picks up at the end as Roy grinds his penis between his buttocks.

Connor's back and legs are slick with sweat, giving the man better movement, making it easier to slide. The Buddhist almost cringes at the feel of pre-cum dribbling down his lower back. "Stop, *Roy*."

"This is what you wanted," Roy lets out in a husky voice, before biting the teen's earlobe. "Why are you fighting this?"


"Good a place as any." Roy stops his movement, and for a moment, Connor thinks he's won the argument until slick fingers are screwing their way into his anus, and he has to hold back a loud moan.


"Fuck…you're tight." He bites and sucks at the other archer's neck, and Connor can feel the grin along his skin. "So good--"

"Stop," he whimpers out when Roy gets deep enough to tickle his prostate.

"What are you worried about, Connor?"

"Too public--"

"You don't want to be heard?" Connor nods his head and looks over his shoulder at Roy.

"I promise we'll be alright." He wraps his hand around the dark teen's mouth and shoves his penis into the tight space of Connor's body. He whines against the red encased palm, still urging Roy to not go further, to let it drop until they're someplace private, someplace where Connor won't have to be afraid to hold back.

"You're beautiful...," Roy runs little kisses over the back of his neck, along his jawline, licks along his ear. Connor gasps and writhes against the brick, scrapes his hand, holding himself up. A silent moan is heard when Roy brushes hard along his prostate, the man echoes with his own. "Wonderful, wonderful," and Connor wants to close his eyes and make it stop, he wants to meet Roy on his hard thrusts, moan as loud as he wants, but his mind is holding him back.

Roy wraps his free hand at the base of Connor's (independently thinking) member who's already dripping clear pre-cum at the tip. The man uses it as lube to get the perfect rhythm along the silk soft penis as he bangs in repeatedly. Connor wants to scream as Red Arrow applies a wonderful amount of pressure, he bites down softly when two fingers enter his mouth.

"Shit, Connor...we...should have done this...*sooner*," Roy comes in the next second, orgasm shaking through him. Connor can feel the heat of the man's semen fill him between his legs, but he still doesn't release, even as Roy removes himself and tidies his uniform back up.

"Connor?" Roy gives him a concerned look behind the red domino. The teen can't stop shaking against the brick, his own fingers pushed into his mouth as Roy removed is. "What's wrong?" He grabs the young archer close, pulls him into a half embrace away from the alley wall. Connor's on the verge of tears, worried about what happened.

Roy brushes a hand through his light blonde hair and coos him until he isn't shaking so badly. He places his had back around the teen's blood dark penis and pumps gently and surely until Connor's writhing with pleasure instead of pain. "Roy...," The teen Buddhist kisses him shyly; Roy hardens the kiss, touches his tongue along Connor's, plays in the heat of his mouth.

Connor whimpers and comes on the next stroke up his shaft, falling forward into Roy's arms as the orgasm rips through his body. Roy is kissing him soothingly, rubbing his penis until his load is expelled, placing a hand around the teen's shoulders. "You're alright, Connor."


"'s alright."

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