Just A Facade

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"The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person." Vi Putnam

On the roof of Titans Tower, Raven was levitating in lotus position. She was enjoying the warmth of the sunrise on her skin and contemplating her thoughts. She sighed, completely at peace and feeling the cool breeze skimming across her face and through her hair. It was her favorite time of day.

Because at 6:00 AM, she knew Robin would wake up.

She had never dated anyone, until Robin. He challenged her. He saved her. Since the end of the world had nearly taken place, he saved her from her father and herself. They had grown closer and closer. She had once wondered about Beast Boy. Robin had her his heart. He managed to get her to go out on their first date together, which she shyly agreed to. Starfire was furious at first, but even she couldn't deny it.

They belonged together.

The two birds had picnics in the park, a few candlelight dinners in the common room, walks on the beach at night, they even went to Raven's favorite depressing cafe a few times. She let him teach her how to spar and trained her in more hand to hand. Pretty soon they were inseparable. They had the foundation of the bond even before Robin stole her first kiss. Long after their first kiss, Raven and Robin had their first time. Quite often, the two birds even slept in each others rooms. And she had never slept better. Their relationship gave her emotional freedom, she never knew she could have.

Raven had realized that she was able to fully feel emotions. The violet-haired girl was even able to love Robin. She now had control over her powers now for the most part. The dark bird had thought it was because of her father's demise, but it wasn't just that. Being with Robin, had sparked something in her. Raven was really in love for once in her life. In her eyes, their relationship was perfect.

Robin quietly opened the door to the roof, not wanting to disturb his girlfriend. He walked slowly over to her, admiring her form. 'I could watch her float all day...'

Sensing his presence she opened an eye.

"Good morning, Raven. How did you sleep?" Robin asked softly.

"It was okay, but I missed you last night." Raven lowered herself to the ground. She walked slowly over to him, Robin's eyes roamed her hourglass figure. Raven smiled coyly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"...Richard..." He inhaled her delicious vanilla and lavender scent, it was so...intoxicating to him, like everything about her. The dark girl began stroking his lips with her own. Robin pulled her tightly to him, kissing her, as his hands roamed her back. She nibbled softly on his plump bottom lip, seeking entrance. Robin moaned softly, opening his mouth for her and pulling her closer to him. She finally broke the kiss and placed a final peck on his lips.

"Raven, you seem to be in a particularly good mood, what's the occasion?"

"You're helping me make breakfast. I've finally decided I want to give cooking another try." Robin held the door politely open for his girlfriend and the two birds continued talking on the way to the kitchen.

"Well, that would be in your best interest since you somehow manage to burn salads. To this day, I still don't understand it." Robin chuckled.

"Fine, you're washing the dishes, I think I can handle those waffles."

"Alright, then. I'm here to step in at any time," said Robin. Raven walked over to the cabinet and got out the waffle mix and ingredients, poured them in the mixing bowl and began to stir them together with the whisk.

"My waffles will have you begging me to cook more," she smirked.

"You're something else..."

Robin grabbed her wrist, and spun her around into his arms. "I just want to hold you for a second Rae," he whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes. "You always make me realize how lucky I am, even though my parents died..."

Robin kissed the top of her head. Raven reached up and peeled his mask away for a moment. She was staring into stunning, grey-blue eyes. Robin kissed her forehead down to the side of her face, then trailed his lips from her chin to her eyelid. He gazed at her intensely at her as he nipped her bottom lip, Raven's breath was hitched in her throat.

'He doesn't know what he does to me...' He pressed her against the counter, about to continue his onslaught on her lips, when her elbow knocked over the mixing bowl, spilling the batter all over the counter.

"Oops... Sorry, Rae," he said sheepishly.

"Don't be," she said seductively. The dark bird smeared a bit of waffle batter on his nose and then stood her tiptoes to lick it off.

Robin shivered. "Raven..." he said putting his mask on again. He leaned closer to her so their noses were touching. "The things I want to do to you in this kitchen..."

"Let's wait until tonight." she murmured. She pinched his butt and smirked at his surprised reaction. "Then I will be all yours." Robin grinned.

They continued working quietly together, enjoying their silence-that is until everyone else woke up. "Good morning y'all!" Cyborg said smiling enthusiastically as he walked in. The cybernetic teen eyed the large piles of waffles on the counter with his eyes as large as saucers. "Alright! Waffles on the gourmet..." He began to help himself.

Starfire bolted into the kitchen quickly spotting the waffles. "Good Morning, Friend Robin and Friend Raven!" Starfire cheered. "You have constructed the round, grid-covered discs for consumption, yes?" She grabbed a bunch and began drowning them in mustard instead of syrup.

Beast Boy walked into the kitchen. "Hey guys."

He sniffed the air and looked exasperated. "I'm just going to assume you didn't make soy waffles like I always suggest..." She rolled her eyes at this. "I know waffles are technically vegetarian, but tofu is really a great source of protein. Also, dairy is really-"

Starfire shoved a tofu waffle directly into his mouth.

"You're lucky these are delicious." said Beast boy with his mouth completely full.

Later that crime free day...

Raven stripped herself of her leotard and tossed it into the laundry hamper near the bathroom. She sighed, and looked at herself in the mirror by her bookshelf. Raven self-consciously ran her fingers through her hair which was trailing well-past her shoulder blades.

'I forgot to cut my hair again... Robin hasn't said anything, maybe I'll just leave it a while.'

As she walked she took off her black bra and matching g-string, unaware of Slade watching from the shadows with his mouth agape and eyes wide. He had been coming to deliver another message, but he hadn't been expecting a show. 'Has she always looked...like that. Maybe I just didn't notice before...' Slade wondered. That creamy skin of her ample cleavage and her impossibly small waist. His gaze lingered for more than a few seconds on the wild little tuft of purple hair between her thighs and at her long, pale legs. 'As much as I enjoy this, it's time to deliver yet another message', thought Slade, smirking underneath his mask. The masked man slowly walked out of the shadows.

"Well hello, Raven, so nice to see you-well all of you really," he smirked. Raven was beyond shocked. Raven's eyes widened and she gasped. She stood there for a second, in stupor before she grabbed her towel, knotting it around herself.

"Slade, you sick bastard, how dare you come in my room?" she asked, her tone low and deadly, eyes flashing white in alarm.

She was too surprised that he was alive after two years that she could barely remember what to do. Quickly her emotionless mask returned. "I don't know how you came back, but dead or alive, I'm still going to take you out." She raised her hands opening her mouth up to say her famous three words, but Slade appeared behind her fast as lightning, and covered her mouth tightly.

"Ah ah, Raven."

The gothic girl gave him a powerful aura encased right hook to his jaw. She followed it up with a roundhouse. Slade stepped back, releasing her, holding his jaw for a second. 'My my, someone's gotten better in my absence.'

"You nearly bruised me there, my dear. Wouldn't want anything to break, now would we?" he drawled.

Her eyes narrowed. Before the black shadows she cast could reach him, he punched hard her in the gut and sent her flying smack into the wall near her bed. 'Damn he's fast.' She coughed in pain and struggled to get up. "It has been a nice visit. But sadly, beautiful bird, I think I will save the more formal introductions for when I see the rest of the titans," said Slade in his seductive and teasing tone.

'Hm', thought Slade sneaking another good look at her. 'That bird boy is lucky...but not for long...' Slade back flipped and landed on the large window ledge. Raven began to rise, wincing in pain, her hands were glowing with her dark energy, preparing to stop him.

"Raven..." he murmured turning to face her for the last time. "Daddy dearest may be dead, but that doesn't mean you won't be seeing me anymore... Remember, you owe me. "

And with that, Slade jumped out her window. Raven ran to it, hoping to catch before he hit on the ground below. To her dismay, Slade was gone. Raven sat down on her bed, confused and shocked by the strange encounter.

"He's back." She should have known. Every time she cooked, something terrible happened.

She wracked her brain for her next steps. 'I can't believe he's back, after more than a year missing... I...have to tell Robin-but he'll just drive himself crazy looking for Slade... I'll tell him, I just need to figure out how...'

Raven winced as she touched her bruised stomach, she used her powers to heal the angry red marks without leaving any traces of scars. Robin would just have more questions. She walked into the bathroom, grabbing her favorite lavender shampoo and body wash, a pair of black boy shorts, and one of Robin's white t-shirts that he was always leaving around in her room. The dark bird walked into the shower stall turning on the cool water, letting it run over her smooth, pale skin. Raven washed herself clean of sweat from training, and of the encounter with Slade. There was something else that she just couldn't push from her mind.

'Did I hallucinate or did Slade say I was beautiful? He's definitely playing his mind games again, toying with me...'

He could have easily won the fight while she was down, why didn't he? 'I don't know why I did not sense his presence before, he must be masking his aura somehow...' Raven let the water run over her for a few minutes and got out of the shower, toweling herself off. She pulled on the snug boy shorts and slipped the white t-shirt over her head.

Walking into her bedroom she smiled slightly when she saw Robin on her bed wearing only a pair of navy blue sweatpants. She loved it when she saw him in her bed, waiting for her. He was lying supine on the violet-colored, silk sheets, with his eyes closed and finally free of that black and white mask. Raven was one of the few people he had ever let see him without it.

He looked so peaceful and calm lying there without the stresses of the day burdening him. So it seemed like a shame to interrupt him. Raven walked noiselessly towards him. She climbed gently onto the bed and onto him and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Robin opened his delicately slanted, gray-blue eyes and sat up to see two huge purple orbs staring at him expectantly. He sat up slowly as he stretched. "Wow...you definitely look better in my shirt than I do," he admitted and kissed her lightly.

The purple-haired girl pushed him back onto the bed gently. Robin held her to him closely, like he didn't ever want to let her go. She stared into his beautiful eyes, as if trying to commit every inch of them to memory. I have to tell him...I could be putting him in danger by not doing so...and yet I can't bring myself to... Robin gazed at her lovingly. What was it about her that was so...unlike any other girl he had ever seen? The moonlight was shining through a sliver in the curtains of her enormous windows. Her face was illuminated by the silver light. It was as if the moon was shining through every pore on her skin. He sighed contently.

"Raven...you're an angel." he breathed.

"Robin, come on I'm the spawn of Satan practically..." she retorted. There she went again, downplaying how incredible she was.

"You are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Believe me, a half-demon trying to live life like a saint, well, that's the most holy thing I've ever heard of." Raven smiled, a genuine smile, Robin's special smile.

"Well I think the same thing about your eyes..." Raven murmured. "You hide them away...the same reason why I had to hide parts of myself. But...you could have gotten Kitten in jail quicker by just taking off your mask, you know..." she joked.

Robin laughed. "Oh really? Well, maybe if you flashed a few villains of the male variety a little thigh-" Robin was cut off by a teddy bear encased in black aura hitting him in the face. The bear turned brown once more and landed in his hands and he examined it, curiously.

"Wow, Rae...a teddy bear? I didn't think you were one to keep stuffed animals," he grinned. Robin had always thought she had a soft spot and found the fact that she kept a teddy bear to be rather cute. The thought of her cuddling with it at night was beyond adorable.

"I only keep it because it's the first thing you gave me, when you won it for me at the fair a long time ago..." she reminisced. Robin examined at it again in the dim light of Raven's candles.

"Ah, I remember. That was...so long ago. I can't believe you still have this..." Robin trailed off.

"I liked you even then..." she admitted, blushing. Robin's lips found hers and he began kissing her sweetly. She sighed. Those kisses.

"Rae...you're amazing..." said Robin. He smiled at her sleepily. He was so adorably sweet. She couldn't ruin this. Their lives together were practically perfect. 'Last time he drove himself crazy and nearly killed himself trying to get Slade...' Raven thought to herself.

"Raven, it seems like something is on your mind. Do you want to share it with me?" he asked.

"Yeah, my emotions are just acting up again. It's Lust, she just can't enough of you." Raven replied in a slightly breathy voice. Well it wasn't a total lie. Lust thoroughly enjoyed all the time she spent with her boyfriend.

"I drive you crazy, huh?" he whispered in a husky voice, moving closer to her. Raven knew she needed to tell him what transpired earlier in her room, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy their quality time. A part of her nagged that if she were a good, honest girlfriend, she would not be keeping secrets from the man she loved.

The half-naked hero stared at her intensely, slowly caressing her cheek. He leaned in slowly and she felt his breath on her lips the dark girl shivered in anticipation. Like she always did. He softly captured her lips once more. The petite girl shut her eyes and responded slowly, wrapping her arms around his neck. It was a pleasurable way to get her mind off of the ordeal with Slade.

She allowed her mind to grow blank as the kiss grew deeper and more passionate. Raven couldn't help but moan softly, opening her mouth for him. He was so skilled with his lips and tongue.

Robin explored every crevice in her mouth. He brushed over the roof of her mouth. He sucked on her tongue enjoying the muffled pleasured sounds she made. She nipped and licked his lips; Robin moaned and he pulled her closer as their lips devoured each other's. The empath loved the feeling of the heat of his body against hers. He moved his lips down to her cheek and her chin, planting butterfly kisses along the way.

The spiky haired teen began licking her neck and tugged his t-shirt away from her throat so he could have better access. Nibbling on the soft, pale skin and running his tongue over the sensitive spots. "Mmm..." Raven moaned. 'He feels so good.' Robin smirked. He knew just how to make her turn to jelly in his arms.

"Forever with that cocky smirk, Boy Wonder."

She grabbed his face and pulled him into another heated exchange. Then she slid her hands down his muscular back and grabbed his ass, pulling his body closer to hers. She began grinding her pelvis into his hardness slowly. Painstakingly slowly.

Robin through his head back at this, and grabbed her thighs. Raven pushed him back onto the bed. He groaned at the loss her warmth on him. He She started kissing, biting, and licking his neck, she kissed her way down to his nipples, licking them thoroughly. She curled her fingers through his hair as she kissed and nibbled at his chest. She paused to inhale the woodsy, smoky, and salty scent that was him. Delicious. She seemed to be enjoying every inch of him. Robin bit his lip. He watched as she continued to make love to his torso with her mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. The anticipation was killing him.

Down she went, over his sculpted abs, until she reached the waistband of his pants. Those would have to go. Now. She wanted him in pleasurable agony. With a simple flick of her wrist, his sweat pants were strewn across a random corner in the room.

"That's...cheating Rae." he stuttered as she began stroking the bulge in his underwear. She planted open mouthed kisses over the fabric. "Oh...Raven..." he moaned again. As if he cared how she got his clothes off. He was right where she wanted him. And she was dying to feel more of him. Before she could slip her hand into his boxers, the raven-haired teen flipped them over.

"Let me make you feel good..." were the words he breathed along her neck. She could feel her moist panties get even wetter.

He was straddling her waist. He pressed the petite form against the mattress, bracing himself with one arm for support. He covered her mouth with another heated exchange. He was taking his time to savor every second of this. He had all night to enjoy every inch of her.

He broke apart for a moment just to slip the t-shirt over her head and throw it on the floor. There was a wonderful sight before him. Raven's glassy purple eyes were burning over with intensity lust. Pink lips were parted as she panted after their heated make-out, her violet colored locks fanned out onto the bed, like a purple halo. On her full chest her hard dusty-pink nipples stood straight out, practically begging to be touched-and sucked.

She was truly a sight to be hold, laying there in only her black panties.

The only thing that could make it better was if she was wearing nothing at all. The less layers between them the better. He would have time for that later. For now he wanted to take his time with her. Building up the intensity until she was practically begging him to take her. Robin claimed her lips once more and gently caressed her breastbone, down to her stomach. He brushed his hands over her chest. She cried out as he tweaked her nipples. Her breasts were quite sensitive, and he loved it. Robin broke the kiss and began trailing his mouth down to her chest.

When touched them the right way, he could drive her crazy.

And he wanted her dripping.

The dark-haired teen hovered over her, his warm breath on her nipple, then attacked heaved and ran her fingers through his hair. Robin took her whole nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it, nibbling on it, and suckling it. She could feel his excitement between her legs. The heat between them was burning her up. "Oh...AZAR!" Raven yelled, moaning loudly. Robin switched breasts, sucking on her other pink-tinted nipple all the while squeezing and fondling her soft vanilla colored bosom. 'Fuck.' He continued his ministrations as he ran his fingers over her wetness through her panties.

"...ROBIN!" Raven groaned out even louder, grabbing fistfuls of his hair.

Knock Knock Knock

"WILL ya'll keep it..."All of a sudden, the door fell down-courtesy of Cyborg's fist. "Down..." The three super powered teens stood in the hallway in their pajamas looking extremely exhausted-and embarrassed. Cyborg stopped when he saw what they were doing.

They quickly covered their eyes, and turned their backs to give the couple some privacy and also to try to clear their minds of what they had just seen. Raven practically motor-boating Robin's face was definitely going to cause some mental scarring for Cyborg. He already knew his little sister had grown up, but he didn't need a constant reminder. But certainly not for Starfire, she still had yet to grasp the situation. And Beast Boy, he didn't need the reminder of their relationship again. He never showed it and often he hid his true feelings behind his mask of jokes, but he still harbored some feelings for a certain purple-haired teen.

"Sorry about the door, you two," said Cyborg, looking sheepish.

"Friend Cyborg, please, are Friends Raven and Robin engaging in the grebnaxthorging? asked Starfire innocently. Maybe she did understand.

"Whoa, Starfire, I don't know, but I can at least say they're definitely not in danger..." replied the cybernetic teen who had recently learned Tamaranean. Raven covered herself up with the sheet and Robin put his mask back on while their backs were turned.

"Yeah... Some danger..." mumbled Beast Boy.

"You guys can go now," muttered a very annoyed Raven.

"Guys, go get some rest, training practice at 8 am tomorrow," ordered Robin in his serious voice. Beast Boy and Cyborg groaned in unison.

"Good night friends, tomorrow I shall prepare the bars of energy for us all to consume!" Starfire smiled and jetted off to her room like a bullet.

"Starfire, you don't want to do that, we're all very very allergic!" Cyborg yelled and ran after her.

"I do not know the meaning of this word 'aller-gic'..." Starfire shouted back in a sing song voice.

"Sure you do, I'll say it for you in Tamaranean!" Cyborg called, running after her. Starfire's giggles echoed through the hall.

Beast Boy sulked away to his room not sparing either of them a glance. 'What's wrong with him?' wondered Raven. It had been an awkward time to walk in on them to say the least.

"Azarth Metrion Zinthos," she chanted as she guided the door back on its hinge with powers and locked it.

"Well, that was...awkward..." Robin began, removing his mask and placing it on her nightstand again. "Talk about killing the mood..."

"Would it help if I said your 'authoritative voice' is kind of...hot?" Raven removed the violet sheets from her body and covered both of them. Robin pulled her into his arms.

"That does turn me on. We do have training tomorrow and it's getting late, Rae."

She pouted a little. "Fine, but tomorrow you're all mine..."

"I will definitely be looking forward to that... Good night Raven, I love you."

"I love you too, Richard..." whispered Raven, feeling slightly guilty again.

"Raven...you seem like something's troubling you...is there anything you want to talk about?" 'What's going on with her?'

"No, I'm fine Robin, just tired..." He looked at her suspiciously, like he didn't quite believe her.

"Well I just want to remind you that you can talk to me about anything. Even girl talk, but that's more up Starfire's alley. You catch my drift..."

"Well aside from the fact that we need to soundproof this room... I just thought Beast Boy was acting a little strange, that's all," she answered. It was not entirely a lie...

"Oh, yeah. I thought so too. we really do have a bond. You read me like an open book..."

The blue-eyed boy gave a soft lingering peck, falling asleep almost instantly. Of course he knew something was bothering her. They still had a bond after all. It had evolved tremendously over the years. He could figure it out. So she would have to tell him the truth eventually. She hated that she lying to him, but she had to for his own good.

It seemed that Slade had come between them after all. Raven closed her eyes trying to sleep and not wonder if the worst had yet to come.

But it seemed like it already had.


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