Silver And Bronze

BY : JohnOConnor
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From Silver St. Cloud's Diary:

'When she goes away for any length of time, I do start to worry. Lyssa and Erin take care of my needs and wants; they are very, very good at satisfying a woman. But that can only deflect my thoughts from Talia and where she might be, what danger she might be in.

'My Talia loves her father, despite his...his misguided plans for our world. And she has never hesitated to go to him. But this last time...

'My darling Talia has become so much the focus of my life. Before, I thought she was the cause of all my misery. She had twisted and corrupted my life, or so I thought.

'Now her life is twisted and warped. By one of her father's insane ploys to defeat the Justice League and take the planet.

'Thanks to that, she is now scarred for the rest of her life.

'Oh my love, if I could only give you what you lost. Only take your pain to myself. Anything I have I would happily give to you.'

* * * * * *

Silver couldn't help but cry when Talia was returned to her. Her beautiful lover was covered with bruises, cuts, and various abrasions.

But the worst brought a thrill of horror to the former socialite. Talia had nearly lost one of her long, lovely legs. She had been shot at close range, then escaped before taking the time to treat the injury. The injury had become badly infected. She was close to death.

Talia lay in a drugged sleep for some time after being brought home. Every night, Silver slept with her, holding the comatose body close.

"If I ever find the one who did this to you, I will kill him!" Silver said as she cradled her unconscious lover gently.

Talia did not respond. Not that night, nor for several more days. When she did, it was apparent she was not cognizant.

"Molly? Shall we go skiing tomorrow? Or just stay here and make love by the fire," Talia said, her words somewhat slurred.

Silver recognized the name of one of Talia's former lovers, a world-class skiing champion. Jealousy flared briefly in her heart as she recalled Talia telling her of a very brief, very memorable, very torrid affair with Molly Post several years before, while they tried to help Bruce stop R'as in these very same Alps.

As much as Silver hated R'as Al-Ghul, apparently this Molly hated him even more for what he did to her fiancée. And Silver loathed the tyrannical criminal mastermind, as much as she loved his daughter.

Later, in another fever-induced delirium, Talia called out a warning, "Beloved! Look out! Father! Don't let Ubu hurt him! Please!"

Was this a recent event? Or one of the many other times Talia came between her father and the Batman? And why didn't she feel the same level of jealousy when it came to Bruce? Still later, "Thank you, Father, for not taking her from me. I love her. My darling Silver..."

This last brought naturally brought tears to Silver's eyes. And joy to her heart.

When Talia started spending more time awake than asleep, Silver sat with her. The silver-haired woman was constantly at Talia's beck and call. She even took over the chores the handmaidens usually performed.

The most important was at night, when Talia would wake screaming from one of her many remembered nightmares. Then Silver would hold her cold, quaking body, cooing reassuring noises into the bronzed ear until Talia could once again sleep peacefully.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, Talia was able to accept the brace she needed to support her damaged limb. And she finally knew that Silver was always going to be there for her.

* * * * * *

From Silver St. Cloud's Diary:

'I now know she kept me alive and free. Yes, free. All things considered, I am as free here in our estate near the Cote d'Azur as I was in Gotham. Possibly even freer, as I no longer have the shadow of Bruce and his other life hanging over me.

'I believe I gave as much to Talia, maybe more. But when you're in love, none of that matters. I would give everything I have, everything I am, for her.

'With Bruce, I don't know that it was love. Not like this. Ours was a bright flame quickly ignited and almost as quickly, the fire went out as I was forced to part from him. It just would've taken longer if I'd stayed in Gotham.

'As I helped keep my darling alive and sane through her recovery, we spent a lot of time in pain, hers physical and mine emotional with only our love for each other sustaining us. And, once she finally began to recover, so did I.

'We have a long way to go but we'll do it together.

'I know some part of Talia still loves Bruce. Some part of me does as well.

'But does that matter? No, not anymore. She loves and needs me. And I love my Talia. I always will.'

The End.


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