For Love of Death

BY : Spug
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For Love of Death
Chapter One
"Zombies and Tattoos”

The living were not allowed were he reigned. For miles and miles as far as the eye could see there was nothing but dead things. This was the way it was suppose to be.

But then again. The dead weren't suppose to be walking around either. Yet they did. Thousands.. no hundreds of thousands of Men women and children who were dead, rotting and pissed off. Swarming city to city. Killing. It seemed who ever died got up and killed. Who ever they killed got up and killed as well.

And that's how it went. Killing and killing and killing. They stormed forward. Guts exploded. Heads torn apart, limbs missing. On and On. The dead rose.. slaughtered and spread the psycho plague.

But why?

For Love. That was why.


Yes for the love of a women who was not even around anymore.

A lone figure stood atop a beat up tanker. The massive machine moved forward, but it did not topple the acute one's balance. One would note the odd green glow that seemed to center in the slender forms midsection.

All these dead. All this killing. It was his doing.

White opticals, vacant of pupils watched the bloody rampage with a sad distanced look. The killings brought him no pleasure today. For he was alone.

Bony forearms crossed over a bare chest. Scrunching the beat up leather jacket that clothed his compacted form. The wind from the moving vehicle blew strands of long messy raven curls around him like broken wings. On heavy leather boots he rode in silence.

This was the reason the world had to be dead.

This slender, still quite the boy, undead teenage psychopath was the Destroyer of Mankind.

This was "Evil" Ernie Fairchild.

Yes, the same boy who had murdered thirty five people back in New Jersey when he was just twelve. The same boy who had been thrown into ClearView Metal Asylum till he'd been sixteen. The same boy they had tried to cure with a new 'miracle' treatment known as "Nurotech."

The same skinny weirdo that had been supposedly killed when the machine failed.

But there had been a temptress in the young lad's mind. The Diva of Death. The Lady Death. Who promised him Love forever if he'd Only kill for her.

The same boy who had impossible risen from the dead. Able to raise and command anyone he killed to do he's bidding. To kill .. all for her.

But now.. as he stood alone upon the top of a slow moving tanker.. he was just that.. alone. She was not here.. she wasn't even in his mind.

Long nails tapped against his pale temple. The Green Energy Arcane swirled around his forehead. The dead responded. Picking up the pace. The moving mass of undead were like a swarm of ants.. hungry and ready to devour
They were heading towards the Mississippi. Where the living onez had built a wall. A wall to keep out the dead. They had to defeat this wall. Or his mission would fail.

"You seem out of it today, Boss" A voice asked the Evil one. Ernie jarred from his vacant stare to gaze down at his only friend in the world. A little Smiley pin, complete with crossbones, pinned on the lapel of his leather..

"'" The Evil one had a voice like none other. Dark yet still young. It hissed into the wind and chilled the hearts of the living. But there was sadness on that tone.

The button sighed and wiggled it's crossbones. " Don you worry, Buddy, We'll find her. Fuck! All we got to do is complete MegaDeath.. and then she'll be on earth with us."

Those Vacant forlorn hues looked up from the button, out to past he's swarm of dead onez. Only huh? Only MegaDeath. The complete Destruction of Life on earth. Past his army there was a town ahead. If MegaDeath had to happen.. he would continue it there. Once more the ring or supernatural energy swirled around the Evil Onez head.

The Dead switched direction and headed west.

"Maybe.. " He answered the button softly.

~ * ~

" You hear this shit?" Food was spluttered over the screen as a large hand turned up the Volume.

Experts believe that the Psycho Plague.. so named since it happen in that New Jersey town, is spreading like wildfire thorough the eastern half of the United States. The cause is still quite unknown. Yet, some are blaming the phenomena on the death of a certain boy, "Evil" Ernest Fairchild. Seen here leading a pack of reaniminmated dead. We are advising that you take your family and head to the gates on the Mississippi for passage into the West. Experts also advise that you burn your dead. We have not seen the end of this mysterious.. **

The Television was clicked off.

" Bull fucking crap I tell yah" Steward Copelli "Styi" snorted as he made his way back to the customer who was waiting for a touch-up.

Tattoo's were this big guys specialty.

" When there is no more room in hell.. the dead shall walk the earth.. haha." The little pug-nosed kid that sat with his arm stretched out, laughed.

" Yah.. The day I actually see a Zombie, be the day I fuck someone as ugly as you.." Silver strands of hair were brushed out of brooding black pools. Styi was a work of art himself. Dreamed of being a heavy metal singer, but stuck just doing tattoos.

But he was good at tat's He had a ton of them. Etched up and down his arms. Twin lines of snakes.. Over his back was a massive graveyard. On his chess ths the word “FAG“ Scrawled like someone had scratched it in with a nail. Styi was homosexual. No doubt about that. He proudly displayed it in such an obscure manner. Quite open about it. Forceful even.

" That's just gay.." The multi-colored haired boy in the seat just rolled his eyes.. " Comon and finish up I'm cramping."

The chair next to the youth creaked as the larger male sat down. Twenty five, single, and Gay yes.. he would not deny it. " Shut the Fuck up.." He picked up his needle and began working on the roses on the kids arm again. Digging in the needle really deep.

He ignored the kids whimpers as he continued to chat. " Man if I ever actually met this Evil Ernie guy, I'd kick his little rotten ass. I mean.. how hard could it be to take out a fucking dead guy? I heard they are suppose to be falling apart.."

" I dunno" The kid winced. " He looks pretty mean on the TV. And that green stuff.. maybe it's magic.."

" That reminds me.. gotta record The PowerPuff Girls.." The tattoo artist scuffed. Finishing up and flinging a rag at the other boy. " Twenty bucks.. and don't stiff on a tip.. little punk."

The boy flinched and rubbed his arm before pulling out his wallet. " Man.. I'mma stop coming to you.." He held out thirty to Styi.

The larger muscled young man swiped it up and stuck in his back pocket. " With the rate the Dead are killing everyone, I'm the only person that is gonna be left.. now get the fuck out of my shop.."

" Whatever.. Lemme just use your sink to wash my tat.."

" I should charou fou for that.." Styi sneered and sat back down, beginning to work on cleaning up his tools. The work paid well, but it was shit for what he could be making if he was rocking. But the big guys dreams were far fetched. He could scream.. but he had no band.. and no one seemed to play in bands anymore.

Stupid plague. Sure people were dying. But he wasn't gonna believe in fucking Zombies.

" Hey.. there's something going on outside.. People are running in the street." The kid was wiping his hands off, walking toward the door.. " Something must be up.. Imma go.. HOLY SHIT!"


Styi looked up to see some guy ..with a ax in his head.. jump through the window of his shop. The big guy stood.. gaping in shock as the .. zombie preceded to rip off his customers head.

" The FUCK?? Oh.. Fuck... OH FUCK!" He begin backing up. It couldn't be.. Glances were shot to the dead one in his pallor to the mass of fucking.. rotting.. pissed off corpses that were rampaging past his broken window.

It was true.. It was all true.

The psycho plague was real. Zombies were killing people.

What kind of fucked up shit is that?

The ax-headed undead one growled and lumbered forward at Styi. The big guy had to shake himself out of his shock. " Shit.."

He dodged an attack.. leaping behind his own counter. Hands curled around a metal bat there. Well.. if the dead where here, they weren't taking this big bad mother fucker out..

" Comer Fuck Face.." Styi was ready.. this time when the corpse leaped at him.. he bashed it hard across the cranium with the metal bat. And it slumped to the floor unmoving. Good.

Styi padded over slowly. Picking up one of his heavy steel toed boots and poked the thing in it's bloody side..

It grabbed his leg.

"FUCK!" The bat rained down heavy blows of the fucking things head till there was nothing left of it except a bloody mess.

"Now.. stay dead.." Styi let out a breath. Eyes going to the door. He wasn't really scared. Hell, Just a little freaked out.. Fuck. Something else was coming through the door now.

" Never been in a tat pallor before boss, you think they'll have a TV in here.."

"Dunno..gonna look."
Voices issued as the door flew open.

Styi's ebony eyes flew open.

There stood the Evil one himself.

Evil Ernie.

At first the dead king didn't seem to notice the living one. He was too busy thudding over to the TV, and turning it on. But Styi sure noticed him. Standing there.. with his metal bat clenched in his hands.

This.. long haired, glowing, skinny little bitch, was "Evil" Ernie Fairchild?

Razor like nails flipped on the TV. But they got nothing but Static.

" Fuck.."

A talking button? Styi cocked an eyebrow.

" Looks like the dead onez already took out the station."
"Too bad.. havta go to the next town then.."

Well no skinny little girl-haired Fag magnet was going to end Styi's career. He crept up slowly behind the leather cladded form as it continued to change channels.

Metal bat was raised in both hands.. " Night Night pretty boi.." Styi slammed the bat down.

But instead of denting into the evil one's head. It smashed the TV to bits. Shit the little fucker was fast.

" Holy shit boss... there's still a Livin’ one in this place.."

A growl issued from the Zombie youth. " Always one.. " He muttered as he sidestepped another blow.

" You little shit.. stand still so I can kill you."

“ Wastin’ time. Already dead.”

Well this living one was impressive. Big. Mean.. he'd make a good dead one. Ernie would be sure to keep him in one piece. Another swing.. and that slender glowing form hopped aside. The metal bat missing him by a inch.

"Dun have time to play wit you's, big boy. " The youth growled. Tilting his head to another blow, systematically lashing out with those razor like nails.


Styi snarled as nails gashed him in the chest. Fuck that hurt. The Zombie just grinned. "You's has bad Aim.. Time to die now.. Become a Dead One. Dead Onez are my friendz."


And this time, the bat was aimed for the undead boy's knees.

Ernie was not expecting that. There was a sickinack ack and the slender undead form slipped to the ground.


And that bat rained down again. Splattering the pallor with the Evil One'z blood and brains.

Styi kept slamming. Till he was sure, that the fucker was dead.

" Fuuuuccckkk..."

The big guy let the bat drop, and reach up to wipe his brow. Brooding black pools glinted and he smirked. " Some 'Destroyer' Hah.. If I'd been into Necrophillia I'd have given you a nice long ass raping before putting you down, pretty boi.."

Tho the Evil One wasn't so pretty anymore. He glanced outside.. all the dead were on the ground.

Smirk. Look at that. He'd ended the Psycho Plague. What a fucking world.

He turned away. Looking down at his dead customer. Shook his head. That kid still had some tat work to finish. Too bad. Now he would never get it done.

Styi picked up his keys. He was going home. Enough of this undead shit.

But as he turned around. Something grabbed his ankle.

"The Fuck?" Looking down, the Punker kid was grinning, eye's rolled up. Dead.. so dead.. but moving.


Those heavy boots slammed down on the kids head.

But wait, if the kid was still moving that meant..

He looked up too late. There was Fairchild. Standing not a foot away from him. Half destroyed face knitting itself back together, with the same green light that engulfed his midsection.

" Ass rape THIS!!" The button growled.

Those claws lashed out again. Ripping down to the bone. From the temple to his left knee. Styi was split open like a watermelon.

Fuck. He lost. As he fell forward, his hands slipped into the Evil Onbellbelly.

Ernie snorted as his face finished up the healing. Stepping back so that the body hit the fl Blo Blood splattering everywhere. Green Arcane dripping from those big fingers.

"He's was one.. weird .. liven one..Smiley, ol Buddy." The youth shook his head, as he stepped over the body and out the door.

" He was a faggot.. You should have ripped his dick off." The button spat. Etched brows forming a Vee.

"Dun know wha a Faggot is.. dun really care. Let's Go.. next town.. gotta get some love.. gotta kill everyone to get it."

"Yah Yah.. I know.."

"Evil" Ernie Fairchild sighed as he climbed back onto the tanker. As it began to move forward the beacon of green light swirled around his forehead. Commanding all the old dead..

..and the new dead. The entire town. To march forth in search of MegaDeath.

And they all did. Beaten, broken, gutted. They all answered the Evil Ones telepathically call.

All but one that was..

Inside the Pallor. Styi only opened his eyes.

End Chapter One

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