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Title: My Secret
Author: Dreamwind
Pairing: Robin & Superboy; aka Tim and Kon-el
Warning: Like the rating say this is a lemon NC-17 fic. It is also a slash fic, which means homosexual sex between two men. If that's not your thing,'ve been warned. *sigh* At first this was supposed to be a PWP but those damned plot bunnies just wouldn't leave me alone...
Disclaimer: The song is called "I Love You", it has been sung by many people. The latest versions are by Celine Dion and Faith Hill. C&C is welcome so let me know if you want more of this.

~song lyrics~

~ I must be crazy now
Maybe I dream too much
But when I think of you
I long to feel your touch~

Robin looked across the room to where Kon-el and Bart were playing their game of random question, random answer. Robin rested his head against his hand and stared at the two of them. He didn't really care if they noticed he was staring at them, he had been known as a brooder and he doubted they would think anything of it. Of course that meant Bart had to think anything of it in the first place. OK, so that was dissing on Bart. Bart was a smart young man when he managed to focus fore the than a second. Kon-el on the other hand he worried about. What if Kon thought something of how he was being stared at? Would he think back over the past few weeks and notice how much Robin had been staring at him lately. GOD, what if he did?

Robin felt his heart start to speed up as fear flashed through his thoughts. He didn't know what would happen if Kon figured out that he was watching him. He didn't even know at first, himself, why he had begun to watch Kon in a more-than-friendly manner. At first it had only be a need to understand his teammate and to know anything about him that might be important should Superboy ever turn against the rest of the team. But after everything they had been through he didn't like thinking the way he had been trained to. So he had tried not to think that way. It was then that he began to watch Kon in a different way. It had taken him a while to understand why he really watched Superboy. After that it took him even longer to come to terms with the realization.

~ To whisper in your ear
Words that are old as time
Words only you would hear
If only you were mine~

Kon-el leaned forward and laughed at something Bart said. Robin found himself feeling irrationally jealous suddenly. He wanted to be there with Kon, laughing and smiling. He wanted Kon to smile at him, to laugh with him. He wanted Kon. Robin sighed internally, and let his head roll back on the chair. Kon and Bart went on with their game, oblivious to Robin's hidden desire for his super-powered teammate. Robin unclenched his eyes and looked at Kon-eHe sHe swallowed hard and let his eyes roam up Superboy-s body. Taking in the sight of the well-muscled, spandex clad figure. His costume was amazing in showing off his body, but even it didn't do his body real justice. Ok, so he had sneaked a few glances at Superboy in the shower. What hot-blooded teen wouldn't? Well... there were probably a few but even they would have been amazed. His body was smooth and toned. The skin a soft golden cream that showed the gentle kiss of the Hawaiian sun.

God, Superboy was a wet dream come true. Especially wet, with all the soap running down his chest and into the dark curls that - okay, cut that thought there. Robin sat upright and tried to compose himself and get out of the room without making a scene. He suddenly felt the need for a long cold shower. He rushed from the room even as he heard Kon-el and Bart asking him what was wrong. He didn't trust his voice not to come out cracked or husky, and simply made his way to the men's shower as fast as possible.

~ I wish I could go back
to the very first day I saw you
Should've made my move
When you looked in my eyes
'Cause by now I know that
you'd feel the way I do
And you'd whisper these words
as you'd lie here by my side~

Robin undressed quickly and made his way into the shower stall. He knew he was letting his hormones get the better of him and that wasn't good. It wasn't good if Superboy found out and it especially wasn't good because of the stupid TV cameras hidden all throughout the base. He couldn't help it though. Every time Superboy moved Robin wanted to jump him and rip his clothes off. He wanted the hot rampant debauchery that was in all of Cassie's stupid romance novels. He wanted Superboy to tell him those three special words. Hell, he was ready to settle for a one-night fuck. Just as long as he didn't have to run and hide, and masturbate himself sore every twenty minutes.

Robin let the cold water run down his body. He shivered and his teeth chattered, but like every other time the ice-cold water never seemed to lessen his desires. Sighing Robin turned the water to warm and let it turn his skin back to a healthy pink shade. Robin leaned forward until his head rested against the wall and the water rolled down his back.
"Why can't I stop this? I shouldn't want this."

No answer came from the empty locker room. And Robin was left with nothing but his raging erection and a heart that was slowly breaking apart under the strain of unfulfilled longing. Sliding his hand down his chest Robin began to play with his body. He twisted his nipples and rubbed them with the palm of his hand. They perked up under his touch and he could feel his pulse begin to race. His hand slid down further, past the dark curls around his groin. His breath came out in gasps and he surrendered to the pattern of desire.

~ I love you, please say you love me too
These three words, they could
Change our lives forever
And I promise you that we
Will always be together
'Til the end of time~

The day passed like the day before had. Nothing seemed to change. He woke up, got dressed, snuck out of school and made it to the base, ate breakfast with Bart and Cassie, saved the world, ate lunch, stopped a bank robbery, and come back to the base and ogled Superboy. Yup, just another average day in the life of Robin, the boy wonder. Nothing strange here. Nope, not a thing. No freaky hormonal sexual longings for a fellow teammate, a male teammate at that. Nope all was fine in Wonder-boy land. Robin swallowed some aspirin and rested his head on the countertop. It was quiet for the time being and Robin wanted to take advantage of the fact. It wasn't easy running a triple life. First he had to be Tim Drake, who he was beginning to feel wasn't him anymore but just another character he had created. Then there was Robin, the boy wonder, and sidekick to Batman. Then there was Mr. Sarcastic, his latest persona that he had taken up for the stupid reality show they were all on now. Who was he really? What was he ? The only thing he was sure of now was that he was in love with Superboy.

~So today I finally find the courage
deep inside
Just to walk up to your door
But my body can't move
When I finally get to it
Like a thousand times before
Then without a word
You handed me this letter
Read I hope this finds the way
Into your heart, it said~

Robin opened his eyes and sat up stretching. He was ready now. He had spent the past several hours thinking over his plan of action and he had finally decided he just had to go through with it. He would get and tell Superboy everything. Maybe Superboy would be disgusted with him for having these perverted thoughts about him, but it was better than trying to repress them like he had been. It had been eating him alive and if didn't do something, Robin was sure he would go mad. Getting up Robin made his way out of the kitchen and through the rooms until he found Superboy in the rec wat watching TV. Great, now he would have to get him into the locker room where there weren't any cameras. Stepping up closer Robin leaned down, resting his elbows on the back of the couch.

"Anything interesting on Kon?"

Kon-el turned around to face Robin. "Not really. Something up?"

"Kinda'. Can we talk in private, no cameras?"


The two got up and made there way to the boys locker room. Once inside Robin locked the door and turned back to Kon-el who had sat down on one of the benches. Robin swallowed hard and felt sweat brout out all over his body and his heart start to beat a mile a minute. Fear swept through him and suddenly Robin wasn't sure he could do this. Darkness swam over his vision and suddenly the ground seemed to get a little closer. Robin gasped as a strong pair of arms caught him and set him down on the bench. When he opened his eyes again he saw Kon-el kneeling between his legs staring at him with a worried expression. There was something else in his eyes something Robin couldn't recognize.

~ I love you, please say you love me too
'Til the end of time~

"Tim, are you okay? You looked like you were going to pass out!"

Tim nodded and took a deep breath. "I'm...okay."

"Man, you scared me." Kon-el looked down at the ground for a moment before looking back up at Tim. Again that strange something passed in Kon-el's eyes. "You looked like death warmed over. You went red then white and your eyes rolled up into your head."


"Don't apologize man, just don't work yourself so hard. What would I....we do if you worked yourself to death?"

"Kon?" Tim looked Kon in the eyes trying to find proof of what he thought he had just heard. "You meant to say ' what would I do..' didn't you?"

Kon looked back at the ground for a long time and his fingers resting on Tim's legs tightened. "Yes. That is what I meant, damnit." Looking back at Tim Kon barred his heart to his friend. "I love you, asshole." The next words were nearly impossible to hear. "Please say you love me too."

"You love me? Really?" Tim couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. Slowly he reached his hand out to stroke Kon's cheek. "I love you too."

~Well maybe I, I need a little love
Maybe I, I need a little care
Maybe you, maybe you need somebody
Just to hold you
If you do, just reach out, I'll be there~

Kon looked shocked and surprised. Then he just looked elated. Before Tim knew whatpenepened, Kon had him in a bone-crushing bear hug. Robin gasped and felt Kon's hold on him loosen enough for him to lean back and look Tim in the eyes. Tim smiled and leaned forward, suddenly feeling daring. His lips touched Kon's in a soft kiss. For a long time Kon didn't respond and Tim suddenly felt like he had just ruined everything. He pulled away ad began to stammer an apology but Kon suddenly stop him. Kon's lips seeking out his was a surprise and a pleasure. His tongue darted out and ran across Tim's bottom lip causing Tim to groan and give Kon's tongue access. Their kiss quickly grew more and more heated and finally they were forced to break apart panting. Tim leaned his forehead against Kon's and just took in deep breaths trying to calm his racing heart.

"So was that okay then, little birdie?"

"Okay?" Tim looked back at Kon. "You have no idea how incredible that was."

Kon smiled and kissed Tim quickly on the lips. "Oh, I think I have a clue." Kon rubbed his leg against Tim's erection. "Is that a bat-a-rang in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"Oh God! Don't....don't stop!"

"Wasn't planning too."

~I love you, please say you love me
Please say you love me too
These three words, they could
Change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will
Always be together~

Tim suddenly found himself lying down on the tiled floor of the shower. How had Kon got him there so fast? Flight? Probably. Oh, who cares. Tim moaned loudly and clutched at Kon's spandex covered back. Kon's fingers traced Tims erection through the cloth of his costume. Then his hand pushed down and rubbed in slow circles around Tim crotch making the boy wonder moan louder still and cry out Kon's name. Tim felt like he was suddenly in a dream, a beautiful wet dream. He must be dreaming. Kon wouldn't really have said he loved him. He wouldn't be stripping and and foundling him. Right?

"Hey Tim, you in there?" Kon laughed softly.

"This isn't a dream is it?" God he sounded like a virgin girl.

"I hope it isn't, otherwise I'm gonna wake up in a foul temper." Kon was cut off as Tim kissed him, sucking in Kon's tongue. "Tim...this is okay, right? I mean, do you really wanna' do this?"

"Yes, god yes! I want you. I want to feel you inside me, filling me, stretching, fucking me!"

Kon growled low in his throat and tore off the last of his own cloths, giving Tim a generous view of his naked body. GOD, he was even sexier aroused! "I wasn't exactly expecting this, Tim. I have ta' get something to lubricate us or it'll hurt like all hell."

Tim barely got his sentence out through all his pouting. " stalls."

Kon smiled against Tim throat and suck hard on the flesh. Bringing up a large purple hickie om's m's throat just above his shoulders.

~Oh, I love you, please say you love me too
'Til the end of time
Oh baby, my baby, together forever
I love you
I will be your light
Shinning through your eyes~

Tim wanted to scream when Kon disappeared into the shower in search of liquid soap. It seemed to take forever and Tim was growing very impatient. Standing up Tim made his way into the showers where he found Kon just covering himself in the silly pink liquid soap. Leaning against the tiled wall Tim just watched Kon lather up hitherther impressive cock. Kon finally turned around and blinked as he caught sight of a naked, highly aroused Tim leaning against the wall. Tim just smiled at him and pushed off from the wall and sauntered over to where Kon was and wrapped his arms around Kon's shoulders. "Cm'ere and give me a kiss."

Kon chuckled. "You know, when you're aroused you don't act like your normal self."

"How do you know this isn't my normal self?"

Kon shrugged and ran his soapy hand down the cleft of Tim's ass, making him buck into Kon's crotch. "Somehow I don't think the normal Tim Drake is a steamy little sex-kitten. But this is definitely not a bad thing. I think I like you better this way."

Tim was withering against Kon, thrilling at the senstations of their two erections rubbing together. He was so engrossed in it that he barely noticed when Kon began to stretch him. Then Kon hit something inside him that made him cry to heaven in rapture. Kon's voice came in a husky whisper next to his ear. "Ready for me, my little birdie?"

"Yes." Tim's voice was breathless with anticipation.

Suddenly Kon was pushing slowly past the inner muscles of Tim's ass. Tim cried out and clenched his muscles down around the invading erection. Kon stopped moving and rubbed Kon's back humming softly until Tim relaxed and he could move deeper. The pain began to fade and was suddenly replaced by pleasure as Kon hit that spot again. Tim's vision swam with stars as Kon slowly began to move in and out of him, brushing that magical spot with each thrust. Tim's world slowly narrowed around the movements of their bodies as they spiraled towards bliss together. Tim sucked and licked at any part of Kon's body that he could reach. His hands clutched at Kon's buttocks and pulled Kon into him all the harder.

Kon's hands roamed across Tim's chest playing with nipples, even as his mouth left more hickies all over Tim barred throat. One hand left Tim chest and found it's way in between their bodies. Slowly it rolled up the length of Tims erection, sending added stimulation to Tim's nervous system making Tim call out Kon's name all the louder. Their movements quickly went from slow thrust to a wild rhythm that had both of them panting and screaming at the tops of their lungs. Faster and faster, deeper and harder their bodies thrust together. Kon's hand began to squeeze and stoke Tim in time with his thrusts. Kon's other hand left Tim's body to rest against the tiled wall that they had moved up to. A loud cracking sound was herd through the fog of unbridled lust Tim found himself in but he didn't care who or what it was. All he cared about was that last deep thrust to his prostrate that sent him over the edge and into the hardest orgasm of his life.

When Tim came to he was resting nestled in Kon's arms on the floor of the showers. His body was still sticky with sweat and cum, not to mention that damned pink soap. Life was good. "Hey."

"Hey yourself, birdie."

Tim smiled and kissed Kon. "You were incredible. Wherever did you learn how to do all that? I thought I was going to lose my mind."

Kon chuckled. "What do you think the inter-net is for? Those fanfic sites are just chock full of interesting ideas and information."

Tim blinked and shook his head. "My boyfriend the porn fan." Kon chuckled. "You broke the wall."

Kon ran his tongue up the side of Tim's ear. "Now whatever could have come over me?"

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