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by sss979 and Tomoyo


"This has to be... one of the lamest music videos ever made."


Raphael half-grinned and shook his head. "I've seen much worse, babe."

She tossed a few pieces of popcorn at the TV. "I mean, there's no talent to it, they're just... cashing in on sex and skimpy clothes."

"What's wrong with that?"

She shot him a brief glare and turned her attention to Leonardo, curling into him with her head on his shoulder. "Nothing, but it's not talent. If I wanted to watch a threesome, I'd do it on a porn channel, not on VH1."

Leo arched an eyeridge, but chose to stay out of it. She nudged him. She'd been hoping for more of a reaction than that. He had a part in this conversation too... "Or have my own," she added, hoping at least that that would get a response.

Leonardo didn't react. She stuck out her lower lip in a pout and glanced at Raph to see a much more interested expression on his face. "Have yer own?" He chuckled. "I didn't know you two were into that sort of thing..."

The comment was aimed more at Leo than at her, and she knew it. "We're not," Leonardo answered, glaring at his brother.

"Yet," she teased.

He frowned, but didn't answer, turning his attention back to the TV. He would rather his brother didn't get a blow by blow description of his sex life. "Soooo... You want to, though?"

Leonardo growled slightly. "Raph? Drop it, okay? It's none of your business."

Kristie's eyes were locked on Raphael, a slight smirk on her face. "Maybe. At some point. Hell yeah."

Raphael was trying hard not to eye her like prey. "So if you want it... why haven't you done it?"

She shrugged, and glanced back at Leo, who had decided to ignore the two of them as best he could. He was distinctly uncomfortable with the current conversation. "I dunno. I guess the opportunity never came up..."

Raph grinned. "If it did come up, would you take it?"

She turned and shot a quiet, seductive smile at Leonardo. He couldn't ignore that one. He raised an eyeridge as he realized that she really was thinking what he thought she was thinking. He suddenly realized... what? She was "in the mood"? With Raph here? He wasn't terribly sure he was cool with that...

Raph stayed back. He was not in any way going to throw himself into a situation where he wasn't wanted. But he could tell just by the look in her eyes that he was very much wanted here. Leo was the problem. And Leo was very much a problem. He stared at her for a moment, knowing full well what her answer was to that question. Hell, she'd told him, long ago, what she'd like to do. But that she wouldn't do it behind his back. He'd been content with that, and pushed the idea aside. Right now... he wasn't sure what to think.

Out of thrnerrner of his eye, he saw Raph shoot him a sideways, challenging look, waiting to see what he was going to say. Kristie leaned into him slightly, puppy dog eyes pleading with him silently. "I promise to make it fun..."

Leo... stared, the full implication setting in. She was asking him to have a threesome? And with Raph of all people? Well... actually... Raph was probably the most logical person to go to for something like that. Not that Leo particularly liked the thought but... at least his brother wasn't dangerous like some random human might be... He shuddered at that thought. He wasn't sure he liked any of these thoughts.

His eyes turned to glance at the look on his girlfriend's face. No doubt that she wanted it. She always had wanted to be with two men, even though she'd been hesitant to tell him that. She'd thought he would look down on her, think her a slut or something. He knew that was what she'd thought, and she'd been wrong. But he was still a little hesitant. Actually, he was a lot hesitant. He didn't want Raph having anything to do with his relationship with her. He went to her in order to get away from Raph half the time. And if his brother had some kind of alterior motive... It was always a battle with him, and Leo didn't want to involve her in their competition.

He shook his head at that thought. What the hell was he thinking? Raph 't 't that much of an asshole. Yeah, he was a jerk, but he wouldn't purposely sabotage his brother's relationship for absolutely no reason. To think otherwise wasn't giving him any credit. And he didn't want to take her away from him. She wasn't even his type. Hell, she wasn't anything like him. He just wanted to get laid. And she wanted this. And he... "Yeah... I... guess..."

Kristie saw the uncertainty in his eyes. She moved closer to him, pressing her body tightly up against his. He felt the slight vibration as his fingers ran down the back of his shell, and her cheek rested on his shoulder. "You know it's you I adore..." she breathed, too quiet for his brother to hear. Her fingers curled under the lip of his carapace and stroked over his tail, so feather-lightly she was barely touching it.

Leo gulped as she touched him, and he felt himself sit up a little straighter. The touch made his nerves jump. "And you know nothing could ever change that..."

He gave another brief moment of consideration to the circumstances, then very hesitantly turned and reached for her, shooting his brother a look as he pulled her in and kissed her deeply. She moaned slightly as she relaxed against him, her lips parting. His eyes remained locked on the figure beyond her. He might be okay with this as long as they had one thing straight... Mine!

Raph almost laughed out loud at the look he got. He wasn't lookin' for a goddamn engagement here, or to "steal her away" somehow. He just needed to get off. And that was the extent of his planning. He moved behind her as Leo continued to kiss her, and his hands came to rest on her hips. She felt a jolt run through her body at his touch and she moaned as it slowly trailed up her sides. He stopped before he reached Leo's arms, which had wound around her, and moved back down, over the top of her shirt.

Her tongue snaked out, twining with her lover's as his arms pulled her more tightly to him, possessive. For a moment, she couldn't breathe. He needed to relax... One hand ran lightly over his shoulder, down from his neck to his hard bicep, and the other reached back behind her to grasp the back of Raphael's head. She pulled away gently from Leo, licking his lips one last time, then twisted herself to engage Raphael in a kiss.

Raphael groaned just slightly as his tongue ran alongside hers, tasting her deeply. He didn't care who she was. She was a woman, she was hot, and he was desperate. If she was willing, he was more than willing. He didn't give Leo a second thought. But as much as he wanted to, Leonardo couldn't hold back the hint of essiessive anger that flickered inside of him as he watched her kiss his brother. He calmed it as quickly as he could, but not before a quiet growl had escaped past his lips.

He knew she loved him. Nothing was going to change that. And if she wanted this... hell, he wanted to help her live out her fantasies. At least, he'd thought he did. And as much as he didn't relish the idea of her kissing Raph of all people... he'd be the safest and most sure bet if ever she was going to experience this. Leo knew there was no danger with him that there might be with a human friend of hers. Raph was all too willing. Leo was in control; as much of an ass as Raph was, he doubted even he would have the balls to step outta line when it was with Leo's girl. If he said no, Raphael damn well better stop what he was doing. But she wasn't saying no. And for now, very slowly, Leonardo forced himself to relax. It was okay. She was okay. She was enjoying this. His grip loosened gradually, giving her a little more room to breathe.

She felt Leonardo's grasp loosen and silently she praised her lover for having faith in her, and for understanding this desire even if he didn't necessarily share it himself. She'd wanted this moment, this picture since she had first discovered she even had sexual fanasties. For so long she had been afraid to even mention it to Leo. She knew his nature, and his morals, and she wasn't about to seriously ask him to sacrifice too many of them just to fulfill her passion. But he was doing it. And if she could only get him to edowndown...

Raphael's hands moved down, over her hips until he found the bottom edge of her skirt. He pulled up slightly, letting the air touch her for a moment before his warm hands came to rest on her even warmer thighs. Something inside of him sighed at Leo's hesitation, and he hoped he wasn't going to have to coach his brother through a threesome.

She gasped slightly as Raphael's hand slid around her leg and rubbed against her sensitive inner thigh. He didn't go any farther, and she wasn't sure if he was teasing her or... what? That he was reluctant? She'd never thought him to be the type to hesitate. He must be teasing. She groaned into the kiss, clearly frustarted. She wanted more.

Her hips were still facing Leonardo. He could feel her grinding against his lower plates and it nearly took his breath away. Blood rushed to his groin in a flood. He knew where his brother's hands were and he reminded himself that it was okay. His own hands slid up under her shirt and traced the bottom edge of her bra, around the full cups. Her skin was so soft... He felt desire begin to build somewhere deep inside of him and he leaned in, bringing his lips to the side of neckneck briefly.

Her hand raised to the back of his head, slender fingers brushing up and down the nape of his neck. She pulled away from Raphael somewhat reluctantly, and turned to watch her lover's expression. He was studying her, a hint of lust springing to life in his shadowed eyes. She could hear his breathing stagger as she kept grinding against him, allowing her hips to appeal to his instincts and tempt him. Her nipples hardened as he teased her beneath the shirt...

Raph's hand slid back to the outside of her thigh and ran up, all the way to her hip, raising the skirt as he went. He smiled as he ran his hand back behind her, and his free hand began to search the bunched fabric for a zipper.

Once it was unzipped, Raphael stood. He stroked her hair, gently trying to guide her to her feet. If they wanted her out of these clothes, she was going to have to get off of Leonardo's lap. She kissed her lover one last time as she stood. He followed her, hands not leaving her warm skin, and she smiled. As the skirt fell, Raphael knelt. He raised one foot, then the other, helping her out of it. His hands ran very slowly up the front of her legs as his lips and tongue ran up the back. He lingered at her knees, sucking and kissing gently as he petted up and down her shins, then slowly moved up, and back down again.

Leo's fingers traced over the swell of her breasts through her bra. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he realized that her skirt had fallen down her legs, but he wasn't too sure how to go that fast if he wanted to. He knew her, knew her body intimately, knew her thoughts and pleasure centers and what turned her on. But he had a feeling none of that was going to matter in a few minutes. The "go slow" technique she may have otherwise wanted him to use wasn't going to be terribly effective this time.

He watched eyeseyes as his fingers traced the top of her bra. "Are you... enjoying this?" His voice was very quiet, barely even a whisper.

She leaned in until her noss ags against his beak and smiled. "That's... a stupid... question." Leo smiled almost involuntarily. Her breath was coming in short ragged burst of arousal. She squirmed at the feeling of Raph moving up and down her legs.

Her eyes closed as he reached her pantyline and she shivered. He traced the very tip of his tongue along the edge of the fabric, his hands sliding between her thighs in the front and pulling gently until she parted them. The aching between her legs had become a dull insistant throb that was begging for attention. Now as the air hit her there - cool from the room around her and warm from Raphael's breath - she could barely stand it anymore. Raphael breathed deeply and churred under his breath. His shaft hardened instinctively at the scent of a woman.

She pulled Leonardo to her kissing him hard, trying to spend some of the frustartion she was feeling from not directly being touched by either of them. Leo blinked at the sudden kiss, but didn't pull away in the least. He met her with the same intensity, his arousal increasing as her scent hit him. He knew her scent, and it drove him wild. His tongue slipped into her mouth and he probed at her deeply, his hands gently massaging her breasts.

Raph curled his fingers under the top of her panties and pulled down, leaving her naked from the waist down as his lips moved over her hips and all over her thighs, as much as he could reach from behind her. He looked up, and wasn't entirely sure what to think about the fact that Leo still hadn't managed to get her shirt off yet. He pulled his arms around and ran his fingers lightly up the backs of her legs, then moved between them.

He smiled at her wetness as he brushed back and forth over her slick lips a few times, then thrust his finger deep inside of her. A loud, low groan of pleasure escaped her, and the kiss broke. She could feel her hips buck back against the figure behind her and she grasped both of Leonardo's shoulders tightly.

Leo stared at her as she tipped her head back and smiled. He could smell her arousal clearly in the air between them, and it was perfectly evident in her actions. She was really enjoying this... He leaned into her and licked lightly up the center of her throat, from her collar bone to her chin, letting himself relax a little more. He loved seeing her this way, loved knowing just how hot she was, and his body slowly processed the information being fed to it. She was turned on, and he was going to fill her. That thought, however subconscious, filled him with a sense of subdued urgency, his hands sliding around behind her and with only minimal difficulty, unclasping her bra.

Raphael continued to finger her as he rose up behind her and nipped gently at her ear. He shot a look somewhat akin to annoyance at his incredibly slow brother, and turned his attention to her again, his lips against her ear. His thick fingers continued to stroke in and out of her, his thumb massaging over her lips as het alt along the inside of her body. "Do you want that, baby?"

His voice was far too low in her ear for Leo to hear. The most he could catch was that Raph was, in fact talking. She had a death grip on his shoulders, her body screaming with lust. The warm, full feeling of Raphingeingers spreading her lips, thrusting inside of her, was making her insane.

Raphael smiled. He knew this game. And he knew one quick way to get her and Leo both caught up. "You want us to fuck you? Both of us? At the same time..." She felt him press against her, so close it almost frightened her. He was so smoldering, so dominating that she could almost forget Leonardo was there. "... deep inside of you... filling you... touching you everywhere..." His finger kept a slow, steady rhythm, driving her wild as he spoke to her. The low words in her ear were meant only for her, his breath warm on her neck. "You know you want it... Tell me you want it..."


Leo wasn't sure what his brother was telling her, but he could see it was ng hng her squirm. "Yes I want both of you to..." His hands ran around to her front and his thumbs brushed over her nipples, back and forth a few times as he watched her, waiting for her to finish.

She panted, and her eyes opened, falling squarely on his. "I want both of you to fuck me..."

He couldn't help the smile that crept across his face. He glanced over her shoulder at Raphael. He'd never in a million years actually admit it, but he had to wonder how his brother got her so hot and ready so damned fast. Raph shot him a "trust me" smirk, and continued to stroke in and out of her, slow enough as to keep her waiting and needful, not nearly enough to bring her close to climax. When he spoke again, it was loud enough for Leo to hear. "How 'bout we get you outta the rest of these clothes, huh?"

He leaned in to kiss her gently, his lips trailing up along her jaw to her earlobe. He licked at herhtlyhtly, nipping at her earlobe. Her head turned slightly to kiss him as her hands searched for her lover's, pulling him toward her. She laid his fingers on the bottom hem of her shirt, giving him the inviation to remove it. He had already started removing the clothesthe the upper half of her body with her bra and now she felt he should finish the job. > Le> Leo hesitated. He wasn't sure, but it almost vaguely had sounded like his brother was ordering him to get her clothes off. It might have offended him if not for the smouldering look in her eyes. He let it go though, and gripped the bottom edge of her shirt. Her hands felt warm against his, and he could feel the blood pooling between his legs. His shaft pressed up against the inside of his shell a little harder. He smiled slightly at her and lifted, interrupting Raphael's kissing and sucking along her neck.

Raph didn't mind the interruption. He was just glad to get the shirt off. He wasn't sure why, but he was almost surprised that Leo had actually managed to get her bra undone. It was a start, at least... She smiled at the tickling sensation of the fabric running over he body. Raph's warm lips came back down to her shoulder and he grabbed the bra strap in his teeth, slowly dragging it down off her shoulder. His fingers thrust inside of her, alternating deep and shallow strokes as his other hand held her hip.

Her body stifftened, leaning slightly into Raphael's solid grip as he thrust his fingers deep into her again. It almost seemed like it was with even more force than it had been before... She mewed pitifully, panting as Leonardo's hand came to her opposite shoulder. He rested his palm against her skin, guiding the strap down, off, away from her body. The bra fell and pooled on the floor between them. Leo's hand ran down her arm to her wrist, then slowly back up, calluses rasping over her soft skin. His eyes ran down slowly over her body, and he felt lust settle inside of him as his fingers travelled along her collarbone and down over the swell of her breast. What the hell was he doing? His girlfriend was standing naked in the living room, between him and his brother... and he wasn't protesting. He had a very definite feeling that he was going to regret this in the morning.

Raphael nuzzled his face in her hair, breathing in the sweet smell of her shampoo. He pressed his finger deep inside of her and felt carefully along her walls. "You want it?" he whispered again, right into her ear. He grinned, although he was sure she couldn't see it. "You know you do..." His words sent a shiver through her entire body. Rarely did she feel such intense hunger. She knew at that moment she'd do anything to feel the things he was promising her, even without stating them.

"You want something a lot bigger than my finger inside that wet cunt of yours, don't you?" he teased. "Hot... hard... long... filling you..." He moaned quietly as he felt his something very hard and long press up against the inside of his shell and nipped at her earlobe again, just a hint of teeth against her soft flesh. "But yer gonna do somethin' fer us first..."

Her eyes looked up to Leonardo. She felt totally at the mercy of these two men. She'd give anything... "Whatever you want," she moaned. "Please... anything..."

Leo knew Raph was talking to her again. He didn't interrupt. Whatever it was his brother was saying was making her scent even stronger, and he knew full well how hot she was getting. His hands slid under her breasts and cupped them, thumbs brushing back and forth over her hardened nipples. He teased her for just a moment before sliding his hands down further, over her pubic area. His fingers brushed Raph's, and he quickly acquainted himself with what Raphael was doing before he moved back up just slightly to brush gently over her clit.

Raphael felt his brother's fingers brush his own, then come to rest on her clitoris. He smiled. So Leo knew how to touch a woman after all... He exchanged glances with his brother, and for the first time, they shared sly grins at the sweet torture they were putting her through. She fell forward, hitting something that she assumed was Leo's shoulder. Her noises were more animal than she ever remembered them being, with absolutely no meaning behind them other then to express the absolutely astounding range of emotions coursing through her. She knew she would do aing ing they wanted. She had thought she had limits, but right now she knew in her heart all that mattered was the final release.

Leonardo grinned as her head came to his shoulder. His head was on the opposite side of Raph's now, and he turned to kiss her. He could hear his brother's breath, and knew it was directly in her other ear, along with whatever it was he was saying over there. He smiled faintly as he continued to stroke her, pinching and pulling gently at her sensitive clit, his fingers occasionally brushing his brother's. "I love you..." he whispered into her ear. "I want to make you feel good..." He repeated the words, or something similar, over and over again, teasing her mercilessly.

Raphael smiled. Leo was talking to her too now. Sensory overload... He loved it. "You want us to fuck you..." he breathed in her other ear. "Fill you... Stretch you wide open... Come deep inside of you... You know you want it..."

It was too much being pressed between the two strong, hard bodies of these men. One speaking to her pure lust the other speaking to her heart. It was driving her mad. She felt like she might explode in at least seven different ways. She threw her head back, panting, mewling, growling, and finally begging. Begging both of them in words that she wasn't even sure made sense to tell her what they wanted.

Raph's free arm slipped around her waist and he pulled her close as he moved in, squeezing her between himself and Leo. "I'm gonna tell you what I want you to do," he whispered. "Are you listening? I'm only gonna tell you once..."

Her eyes focused and she tried har con concentate on his words. It was so hard; everything felt so good. "What do you want? I'll... I'll do anything... I swear..."

Leonardo massaged her clit hard, then gently again as he kissed along her jaw. He could hear a quiet churring begin in the back of his throat, and his erection was painful inside of his shell. But he spent just a few more seconds concentrating on her...

"I want you to get on your knees..." The words rasped in her ear, barely audible. "... and I want you to suck his cock... and I want you to do it better than you ever have in yer life..." He licked along the outer rim of her ear, then pulled away slightly, smirking at her.

She stared at him. That was all? She had thought his demands would have been worse. She was relieved for a moment. Then she took in his challenge. Better then she had ever done it before. She smirked back at him and turned her face back to Leonardo.

Leo wasn't exactly sure what had been said, but he caught the look on his brother's face and his whispered words cao a o a gradual halt. He looked to Raph, then to her for some sort of explanation. She only smiled at him, lust burning in her eyes. His own eyes widened slightly as she knelt down, and he suddenly had a pretty good idea what she was doing.

A faint, involuntary smile crept across his face as he watched her. Ignoring his brother for the time being, he relaxed. His tail lengthened, his shaft dropping down between his legs as his hands moved toward her and he stroked her hair lightly.

Raphael raised his finger close to her, tracing her own juices along her lips, inviting her to taste herself. She turned her head for just a moment and drew it deep into her mouth, sucking hard. Leo could feel his erection grow as she simulated what she was about to do to him. Raph only grinned, enjoying the feel of her tongue swirling around his finger. He could handle this. She was damn fine to look at, and Leo needed to loosen up, and he wanted to see exactly what she could do, since he was very well aware that he'd be next.

She pulled away slowly from his finger and gave him one last grin before smiling up at Leonardo. Her fingers moved slowly to grasp him, lifting slightly to give her more access to his balls. Leo felt his breath hitch as she licked around both of them, enjoying the odd texture as they moved along her tongue. She took his right side into her mouth, sucking ever so gently on it before moving to the left.

Leo's eyes slid closed involuntarily at the feel of her warm, wet tongue against his sensitive skin. He groaned, his hands stroking her hair, tail extending just a little bit further as she teased him, getting him ready. She could feel his cock bobbing against her face, but diverted her attention away from it just for a moment, just to make him want it that little bit more.

Raphael watched her, his hands slowly starting to remove his pads, sliding them off of his arms and then very slowly working at his belt. His eyes never left her, and the slight grin never fell from his face. He studied her as she allowed the hand that was holding Leonardo to slowly start storking him. She kept a short, strong rhythm. She wasn't touching his entire length yet; just enough to feel him expand a bit farther.

She pulled her head back and raised her eyes to him. Her mouth was about a half inch from the head of his cock, and she licked her lips. Leo swallowed hard. He could feel his muscles tighten up in anticipation. Her mouth was so close... He held back the urge to grab her head and forced himself to just keep stroking her hair.

She smiled, her tongue darting out to lick his tip, tasting precum. His hands came to an abrupt stop as he felt her tongue flick against his sensitive head. His head tipped back just slightly, and he groaned. "Yeah..."

She smiled at the sound of his voice - she couldn't help herself - and lowered her face, nuzzling him with her nose. She breathed slow, taking in his scent, beautiful and male. Leo groaned as she toyed with his nerves. That felt amazing... His cock jumped every time she flicked her tongue over his sensitive head. She knew just how to touch him, just where to put her lips to make every nerve sing. He could feel his hips bucking just slightly as she began to work slightly faster with her hand, pumping him as her wet, hot tongue teased his tip. "God that... uhmmm... That feels great baby..."

Her tongue slid out of her mouth and she began to run it around the rim of his head, stopping to lick up any precum that she happened to notice. Her hand picked up its pace ever so slightly, moving all the way to the base of his shaft and back to her lips. His fingers buried in her hair and he stroked her scalp for a moment, with the same rhythm she was using on him. Very slowly, she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking first and then swirling her tongue around him. His body tensed and he nearly stood on tiptoes as she began to suck on the end of his cock, taking it into his mouth. "Mmm..."

Behind her, she could hear the quiet thump of Raphael's belt and weapons being lowered to the floor. She continued, ignoring him for the time being. Her eyes were locked on Leo, reading his expression, trying to gaudge what was giving him the most pleasure. Her attention was diverted as she felt Raphael nudge her legs together with his feet. A moment later, he knelt behind her, his plastron pressed up hardinstinst her back.

Raph's hands slipped around her, feeling along her smooth stomach and running slowly up to her breasts, cupping them. His breath was warm against her neck, and he kissed her lightly, knowing damn well she wanted to turn and look at him, but couldn't while she was sucking Leo off. "You like that, don't you, baby?" he whispered quietly, grinning. "You like it with his cock in your mouth." His lips traced the rim of her ear as he spoke, his thumbs brushing over her nipples.

She was becoming distracted. And she knew that was part of the game. She had been challenged, and she couldn't allow herself to fall flat. She shallowed more of Leo, his tip bumping the back of her throat. Her eyes remained open, waiting to see what Raph's next move was going to be. She had to admit that she didn't entirely trust him...

Raphael nipped at her earlobe and nuzzled her gently. His hands slowly pulled away from her. "Yeah, baby... suck him," he smirked. "Take it deep like a good girl..."

Leo's eyes opened as he felt Raph's hands brush his. He looked down just in time to see Raphael place his own bandana over her eyes, turned sideways so she couldn't see. For just a second, he felt a spark of irritation. But it quickly faded as her tongue hit a sensitive place on the underside of his shaft. He was lost in the sensations again, and he groaned.

She froze completely for a moment, blinded by soft red, fabric. She teetered somewhere between annoynace and excitment. Sightless, she had to trust her knowledge of her lover. His sounds, smells, subtle movements to make certain she was still exceeding expentations. Fine. She could do that. She dropped her hand lower, not wanting to prove to Raphael that he could throw her off with one little nuisance. She relaxed her throat to pull more of his cock inside of her.

Raphael smiled as his hands came down. One hand ran down to her thighs and parted them slightly. The other came up to her breasts, kneading gently. He breathed in her ear for a moment before speaking. "What do you think about that, huh?" He knew she couldn't answer, and that made it all the more satisfying. "Now you don't even know what's coming..."

His fingers moved up towards her heat. But he never touched her. His cock slid out from under his shell and sprang up between her legs since he was pressed so close. "You feel that?" he whispered. He didn't try to enter her, but he smiled at the realization that she didn't necessarily know if he was going to try or not. "That's my cock waiting to fill you, stretch you open."

He paused for a minute. She closed her eyes hard behind the blindfold, trying to regain her composure enough to continue. "Or maybe not," he grinned. "Maybe I'll just wait until yer done sucking him... and then let you do me..." He smiled as he touched the inside of her thighs. "You'd like that better, wouldn't you? Like a fuckin' assembly line... one right after the other..." A quiet, deep chuckle escaped him. "Is this getting you hot, you slut? You're getting wetter... Pay attention, now... you got a job to do on him..." His lips and tongue began to work on her ear, mimicking the movement of his hands, the rhythm of her mouth over Leo's cock. "Suck 'im baby... Lemme see how good you are..."

She had always known Raphael and Leonardo were different but it was jnow now hitting her the immensity of the diversity. While Leo always teased her and slowly coaxed her into submission of him, Raphael had opened her flood gates. She could feel her body responding to his every word. Her cunt was dripping at the feel of his cock pressing so tightly beneath her. She would barely be able to breath in a situtation like this one under normal cirumstances. And having Leornado's dick shoved deep into her throat wasn't helping her.

She had to relax and she had to do it quickly or else she wouldn't be able to continue. She tried to clear her mind. It was an act Leonardo often attempted to teach her. She would need to focus on him, on his body and try to ignore the heat Raphael was stirring with both his words and his actions... at least for the moment. She dropped the hand that had been stroking him and relaxing her throat opened herself up to accept the last few inches of him. She swallowed him completely.

Leonardo groaned as he felt her warmth encase him. Some distant part of him realized that Raphael was still running his mouth, and with as low as he was talking, Leo could guess he didn't want him hearing what he was saying. That bothered him, but only for about a second and a half. Whatever he was saying, whatever he was doing, it didn't seem to hinder her. His lips parted and he gasped as he felt her swallow him completely. "Damn... Oh yeahmmm..." His mouth was working on its own, and he could hear the words fade into a steady, rattling chur in the back of his throat.

She was actually becoming glad for the blindfold. Even though she was pretty certain it wasn't his intention, Raphael making her slightless was actually helping her to focus better. She wrapped her arms around both of Leo's thighs. It was getting more difficult to block out the steady heat rising in her cunt, her desire stemming not only from the feeling Raphael's cock pressed againt her, but his entire body. It was Leonardo's smell that kept drawing her back, keeping her on task. Using his legs as a minor form of leverage, she rocked her head. She felt him slide in and out of her mouth, and constricted both her throat and mouth at varying times and for different lenghts to keep her lover guessing.

Raphael smiled as he watched her. She'd actually taken him all the way in. That was pretty good. He'd been with a lot of girls who couldn't manage that... He watched her for a minute and found her rhythm, then began a different rhythm of his own, changing it every few seconds when she instinctively tried to match it. "That's it, baby..." His fingers moved to pinch and pull at her nipples gently. "Work him over real good... You wanna taste him, don't you?"

His hands slid down and parted her legs wider, his finger slipping up and inside of her, thrusting hard. "You're so we wan wanna fuck you so bad, you know that? Wanna hold you down and do you so good you scream for mercy." He smirked, even though he knew she couldn't see it. "You want that, don't you? You wanna scream and beg and plead like a little cunt..."

She was trying so hard to focus. To only feel Leonardo; to smother his cock with attention. She wanted to taste his cum; she wanted it badly. And she knew left to her own devices it wouldn't be too long until she did. But she wasn't alone. Raphael was here. And she had to remind herself that was one of the reasons she had a wanted this so badly. She wanted to rattle herself up, force herself to new heights. She just hadn't realized the exact scope that this was going to encompass, or the fact that it was going to be so difficult.

Raphael's hands felt like they were everywhere on her, and every time she would get comfortable, get ready to really work at Leo, Raph would change the rules and she would be lost. Maybe she could have even dealt with these actions; but his hands had found her heat again and he wackincking her hard with his thick finger. She could feel herself groaning and choking a little on Leo.

Leo didn't notice. He heard himself begin to pant. His hips were moving now against her face, and he wasn't sure when they had started. All the way inside of her warm mouth and down her throat, it felt so wet, so blessedly sweet... He could feel his body climb, sensation shooting up and down his cock. Her throat tightened, her lips sucked, and he groaned, his body shuddering slightly as he realized he was nearing the very end of his endurance. But god damn that felt good.

Her eyes began to fill with tears of frustration. She wasn't sure how much longer she was going to last before she went crazy, and shen'tn'tlly lly sure how close Leo was. Squeezing the tears away tightly into the blindfold, she took a deep breath through her nose and threw in her last ditch effort. She begain to hum, a very low vibration within her throat. She could actually feel it spreading to Leonardo's cock...

His hands gripped her, as gently as he could, holding her head as he thrust a few last times, enjoying the building sensations. He felt the vibration of a low hum against his nerves and groaned loudly, his balls tightening up. He panted, gasping air, and let go all at once, shooting into her mouth. The release washed over him and he cried out as he thrust over and over, something incoherent and filled with pleasure.

Raphael heard his brother cry out and knew he'd reached the end. He could see her trying to swallow, and he smiled as he thrust his finger deep inside of her and rotated it, feeling around her inner walls. "Good girl. Drink it all."

She tried in vain to swallow every drop that Leo was giving her, but she could feel his cum beginning to run down her chin. It was strange, but she too felt an odd form of release. It wasn't just sexual - although it was no secret that hearing him come made her very wet - but also mental. The pressure to prove herself was gone. She felt she had performed at leaatifatifactory, if not better.

Raphael smiled as he pulled his finger back and raised it to brush over the very tip of her nipple, teasing her with the moisture. She pulled back from Leonardo when she was fairly certain he was through. He was still gasping, still struggling to catch his breath. Raphael's voice dropped, suddenly laced with a dark lust that hadn't been there just moments before. "Now listen to me," he breathed. "Yer gonna do somethin' else now."

She let go of Leonardo's thighs and allowed herself to fall, both hands landing firmly in the floor. Her head lowered as she took in a breath and turned to "look" at him with her slightless eyes. "I'm almost afraid to ask."

Raphael chuckled quietly and leaned in to kiss up along her cheekbone, back toward her ear. "Oh, c'mon, that wasn't so bad, was it? I'm sure it ain't the first time he's fucked yer mouth..."

"No..." She had to chuckle at the wording, and the fact that Leo never would've said it that way. "But you made it a infinitely harder task to complete..." She smirked as she brushed her hair off her forehead. "Not that that was a bad thing..."

Leo looked down. He could see Raphael talking to her, but even if he'd been able to hear, he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to make any kind of coherence out of the words. He breathed slow, his shoulders rising and falling as his body slowly eased down from it's natural high.

Raph grinned and kissed her earlobe. "Ready you your next task?"

She smiled, and following both his voice and his own mouth on her face, she found his neck and began to place soft little bites along in a straight line. "Whenever your ready..."

His hands roamed over her breasts, thick fingers circling her nipples. When he spoke, his voice was a very quiet whisper. "I want you to stand... take three steps back..." He probed for a moment at her ear with the tip of his tongue, letting her picture herself doing that. He grinned sadistically. "And I want you to lay down, on yer back on the floor." He pressed up against her and rubbed his cock against her warm skin for a moment. "You're gonna spread yer legs wide... put yer arms out straight at yer sides... and don't move. Wait for us to touch you..."

She blinked a few times behind the blindfold, letting the implication of what Raphael was saying sink in. She stopped nibbling at his neck and turned to face him with her sightless eyes, more out of habit then anything. It wasn't so much that she distrusted him as that she had never done anything like this request. After a brief hesitation, she rose, unsteady without her sight, and reached out. One hand went to Raph's shoulder the other rested on what she assumed was one of Leo's chest plates. She wanted to make sure she didn't trip over anything.

Taking a hesitate step and finding the way clear she took another. Her head turned back listening for any sort of noise, but all she could hear was breathing. She took the final step and dropped down to her knees. She suddenly felt very alone. She couldn't see, hear, touch, or smell them. It was as if they had suddenly left her here. But she knew they hadn't. They were just a few feet away, watching her. She laid on her back as ordered, realizing as she did that now she was cold, because she had lost the body heat shared between herself and the two men.

Raphael watched her, and smiled. He remained very silent, very still for a moment. As she dropped to her knees, he rose up off of his. But he didn't make a sound, his eyes locked on her. He glanced toward Leo, and caught his blank stare.

Leonardo wasn't sure what this was. He could feel that he was slowly coming back to himself. He took a slow, deep breath, and let it out. His eyes locked with Raph's and they sd atd at each other. Raph had a cocky grin on his face, and he wasn't trying to hide it. He held his brother's gaze just long enough to establish that he was looking away because he wanted to see what she was doing, not because he was backing down in any way. readread 'em baby..."
Leo blinked at Raph's order. He opened his mouth as if to speak but no sound actually came out. He couldn't believe... no, he could believe... He could believe Raph had said that. He just couldn't believe... what? That he'd said it to her? He stared for a minute, not sure whether to be offended or... Out of the corner of his eye he caught the sight of her spread eagle on the floor, her sex dripping with her juices, legs wide open. He realized his jaw was dropped. Before he'd completely come down, he felt lust stir in his groin again, even if he didn't feel completely comfortable with that fact. Her t swt swirled around him, and he breathed in deep on instinct, drawing it in.

Raphael took a slight step toward his brother. "She ain't complainin' so I don't wanna hear it from you," he warned, his voice too quiet for her to hear. "I didn't fuck her... and if you want to, now's yer chance." He smirked. "If you think you still got the stamina for it..."

Leo wasn't quite sure what to say to that. He took the words in one at a time. No, she wasn't complaining, and he could see from the wetness between her legs why she wasn't complaining. Raph didn't fuck her; okay, that was good. He wasn't sure he wanted him doing that. She was really wanting it right about now, though... And he... good lord, he wasn't so sure he did have the stamina to go again at this very moment. But that was most definitely a challenge. He shook his head slightly to clear his thoughts and turned his eyes toward Raph. "So what, exactly, are you getting outta all this?" he challenged quietly. "'Cause there's no way in hell yer gonna convince me it's some kinda favor..."

Raph smirked and shrugged. "The best fuckin' porn I've ever seen in my life..." He chuckled as Leo's eyes widened slightly at the thought of being an impromptu porn star. "Other than that..." His eyes drifted to her and he licked his lips. "I'm sure she can do somethin' I'll like while yer fucking her brains out..."

It took Leo a few attempts at answering to realize he didn't really have anything to say back. Raph smirked, and hit his shoulder teasingly before turning back to look at the woman on the floor. "You might wanna think 'bout takin' off those weapons first though..."

Leo blinked, and realized he was still fully "dressed". His eyes followed Raph's to the woman who was spread out before them. He could feel excitement stir deep inside of him again as he slowly removed his pads and weapons. But he knew it was going to take him a few minutes to recover before he could even think of going again.

Blinded and cold...she lay staring at the red of the bandana and straining to hear what the two turtles were whispering between themselves...frusterated at her lack of sucess, she gave up and simply laid there... Waiting...

She shivered... she could feel goosepimples rising on her skin but didn't move to cross her arms and make herself wamer. She had been told exactly how to lay and she was going to stay that way. She had a feeling that if she didn't, her reward for doing so would be swiftly taken away. She strained her ears again, but still only heard whispering. She sighed. Leonardo's cum scent was still all over her and in the air. She could still taste him in her mouth. It just made her wetter, and she cried quietly in frustration.

There were new noises. She concentrated really hard, listening and trying to picture in her mind what the noises could be. She reconized the sounds after a moment. He was removing his weapons and pads. She thought for a second to just moments before when her and Raphael had been so close... no she hadn't felt his sais. His weapons were gone. That meant this movement had to be from...

"You cold?"

She jumped at the sudden, unexpected whisper against her cheek. She wanted to plea her freezing state, but she had a feeling her words might wat jut juhe ohe opposite. Instead she simply spoke as little as possible. "Nothing I can't handle..."

He lay on his side next to her, supporting hiad oad on his elbow. He wasn't really interested in whether or not she was cold. Her outstretched arm ran under his, and his other hand came to rest on her stomach, tracing a small circle around her navel. "So... Leo an' I talked it over... And we're thinkin' you did pretty good..." His hand slid lower, cupping her sex foromenoment before he slipped fingfinger into her heat. She bucked up against his hand without thinking sudden, naked desire flooding her rational thought.

Once again, Leo couldn't hear what was being said to her. His head shook slightly, in disbelief, as he watched her react. He dropped his mask to the floor and approached her quietly, more out of instinct than conscious thought, then knelt down at one of her feet and slipped his fingers under her heel, lifting her foot to his lips. He kissed her slowly, each one of her toes and along the ball, arch, and heel of her foot, careful to make his kisses firm enough so as not to tickle her. He worked up slowly to her ankle, and remained there for a moment, sucking and licking.

Raphael's thumb brushed back and forth over her clit as he smiled at her expression. "How 'bout we fill this hot, wet cunt of yers?" he teased quietly.

"Yes... please..." She swallowed hard, trying despertatly to keep her body still. "Yes... I... I need to be fucked... I need it bad..." The last of her words escaped in the form of a half moan. "Please... make it stop..."

Her words startled Leonardo. He'd not heard her talk that way before... He held her leg away from his lips for a moment and looked up at her face. "Make what stop?" Raph taunted, loud enough for him to hear this time.

"Mmmnnn..." She turned her head away from him, resting her cheek on the floor. "It hurts... I need it so bad... it hurts... Please..."

Raph's finger slid out of her, and he locked stares with Leo for a minute, nodding to the place where he knew she needed to be touched. At this point, he was well aware that it was more than simple desire. He brought his wet finger up and pressed it to her lips, not giving her much of a choice as he moved it into her mouth. She accepted it. She didn't mind her taste but would have much prefered the sour cum taste that had been there moments before.

"Well, looks like Leo wants to fuck you..." Raph smirked, whispering to her again. "You wanna tell 'im how you want it? Or you just wanna let him kiss and tease you for anothourhour before he really gets down to business?"

Leo caught the tail end of Raph's words and was surprised that he was actually more interested in her answer than he was offended by his brother's tone. She merely listened. There wasn't anything else she could do. She knew what she wanted. She wanted Leonardo. She wanted him so badly she coud feel herself shaking at the knowledge he was so near.

First thing she had to do was clear her ability to commincate. She nipped at the finger inside her mouth. She needed it removed before she could speak. She wasn't surprised to feel it pulled back. For a brief second she wondered if she should take and moment to collect her thoughts, try to think up something intelligent and/or eloquent to say. But before she could even truly pause, words starting rushing out, all in one breath. "Leo, I need you. I took care of you and now its only fair you return the favor to me. Look at me! My goddamn cunt is on fire! I need you to fuck me right now! I don't care what it fucking takes but you need to get your dick in my pussy because I am going to explode and die if I don't get release!"

Leo's eyes were as wide as saucers as she practically yelled at him. He'd never, ever heard her ask him for anything quite so bluntly. He opened his mouth to speak but once again, no sound came out. He did a quick check of his status, and realized that as much as he wanted to please her, he wasn't ready yet. As much as her words appealed to some small place of him he'd never wanted to admit existed - the place that got off on the badly acted porn he'd never admit to watching - he couldn't do it.

He glanced up and saw Raphael smirking at him. And suddenly, he got it. He understood why Raph was doing this, and why he was getting such a kick out of it. It wasn't a favor, it was a competition. If only to see Leo compete with himself. There was no way he was ready yet, and Raph knew that when he got her this hot. He could've easily gotten her off himself. And he could've done it without outright having sex with her. He didn't. And now Leo realized why. He growled slightly as his eyes narrowed. Raph only smirked back at him. Fine. Two could play at this game. Leo knew his girl. And he could make her orgasm even if he wasn't ready.

He moved up her legs quickly and came closer to her scent, allowing himself a moment to breathe in and savor her closeness and arousal. His tongue pressed in and licked hard up her slit in one long pull, stopping to suck and nibble at her clit as he reached the top.

Pent up sexual frustration left her body in the form of a half moan, half scream. She wasn't sure anything had ever felt as good as Leonardo's tongue felt the first moment it touched her. She squirmed, relieved that he knew each and every spot she needed to be ted ied in. She reached her hand down to stroke his head, trying to thank him. At that point, words - at least understandable ones - were not an option.

Raph chuckled quietly at the sudden determination het cot come from his brother. He didn't comment. Doing that would risk blowing his cover, and he was rather enjoying this. On many different levels. He glanced back at her, and watched her throw her shoulders back, her body arching. A faint smile crossed his face. "So." Raph nuzzled her ear gently with his beak. "I'm sure he'll take carea you real good..." He drew her earlobe in past his teeth and nibbled gently. "Whaddaya gonna do 'bout me, huh?"

He grinned, and left it to her to try and piece together an answer from incoherent thoughts. He was hard as a rock and he knew it damn well. But there was something so satisfying in the fact that he was able to control that. Or at least, it wasn't driving him. He knew he was a damn good lay. He prided himself on it. He wasn't even going to try and deny that he wanted to fuck her as hard and as fast as he could. But it was so much more satisfying to have this power over her. To make her beg for what she wanted, and to watch evey moment of her helpless desire.

She turned toward Raphael's voice. It took her brain a few moments to actually understand what he was saying. Her whole world at the moment was Leonardo's tongue, stroking her, driving her to sheer madness and back. Her hands were still on his head, pulling him in, egging him to work faster to release her from her hell of burning sexual frustration. He sucked gently on her clit, nibbling with just the edges of his teeth against her warm skin. He knew her body, what she needed and how she wanted it... But at the same time, he couldn't deny that he felt a bit... lost... at the urgency. He let his body take over, putting all attempts at coherent, rational thought to side. It was a damn good thing he knew her well enough to be able to do that without thinking...

"Wha…" The word came out as more of a pant then a question. Her back arched. She was really trying to focus. She knew that some how this was part of this test Raphael seemed to be putting her through. Somehow she had to control herself enough to pleasure him also. She laid her head back on the floor for a moment, taking in a deep breath and trying to regain minor control of her mental functions. But it was a difficult task. "I……" Her eyes closed for a moment. "I'll do whatever you desire..."

Raph grinned. "Whatever I desire, huh?" His hand came up over her breast and he teased her nipple lightly, fingers barely brushing her tip. "What do you think that is?" For the moment, he was more amused by her reactions to the teasing than he was interested in what she was going to do to him. He'd really enjoy listening to her scream later. Right now, there was other fun to be had.

Her back arched higher, into his hand. "Uhhhh…." Her mind was drawing blank; she wasn't sure how to answer him. "I….." She whimpered. "This isn't fair…"

Leo's fingers spread her lips and he ran the underside of his tongue down between them before coming back up and swallowing her essence. He moaned slightly, involvuntarily. He loved the taste of her, the warmth and wetness... Her fingertips tingled against his skin as she stroked the top of his head, and he smiled as he paused to place a few closed-mouth kisses on her sex. He loved this. He loved giving this to her just as much if not more than he loved receiving. He loved to hear her moan, and the desperate feel of her body's reactions.

Her hips rose to meet him, a small moan escaping her. "I... you..." She clearly looked confused - not a state she was use to being in - and it frustrated her.

Raph glanced down at his brother and smirked. "Hey Leo, ease off a bit, huh? The lady's havin' a hard time talkin' up here."

Leonardo's head raised long enough to see his brother half-laugh at the suggestion, and to take in her somewhat panicked reaction. He considered it for a moment, still smelling her scent all around him and her taste on his tongue. He could already feel his shaft hardening again and knew she was pretty close. He ignored Raphael for a moment and watched her, debating whether or not he wanted to put her over the edge, or tease her more. After a moment of debate, he went with what he would have chosen to do even if his brother hadn’t been involved. He backed away slowly until only the edges of his lips were touching her moist opening.

She let out a tiny cry of frustration. But as soon as he pulled back, she could feel her breathing slow ever so slightly. She stroked the side of his face, smiling for the briefest moment before turning to Raphael. She still couldn't see him, but she could feel his smile. "Happy?" she pouted. "You're now the center of attention again." Her voice had a teasing, playful quality. "And as for you..." Her free hand ran down his chestplates and over his thighs, hesitating at the lower edge of his plastron. "... I can think of a few things, you might enjoy."

Raphaelchedched her, sadistic grin still in place. "Well, why don't you tell me 'bout 'em..." He leaned in and kissed her deeply, his tongue mimicking the movements his brother's had been playing out against her lower lips just seconds before. His eyes were dark and lustful as he pulled back, watching her. "Tell me... exactly..." His voice was barely a whisper. "... what you want to do right now. An' if I like it... I'll make sure you come tonight... over and over again until you fuggin' pass out from exhaustion." He licked her lips lightly, pulling back from a full kiss. His voice dropped too low for Leo to hear as he pressed to her cheek. "You want our attention...? What're you gonna do with it, you horny slut?"

She blinked a few times behind the blindfold, momentarily caught off guard. This was completely out of the spectrum of what she was used to hearing when she teased Leonardo. Very slowly, she smiled. She got up on her elbow and leaned over to Raphael engaging him in a hard kiss this time. She pulled away after a very short period and pressing her nose very lightly against his beak spoke in a very low whisper. "Number one... I am going to get Leonardo's cock inside my cunt if it is the last thing I do." Raph smirked. The determination in her voice warned him to stay the fuck out of her way, and he decided it was about time to oblige. "And at the same time, I am going to give you the most mind numbing blow job you have ever had, you bastard," she continued quietly. "If you think what I did to Leonardo looked good... just wait."

Leo nuzzled against her hand as it came up against his cheek. He turned his head to kiss along the inside of her thigh, then blew a thin stream of cool air onto her sex. He'd looked up as she shifted positions, but caught almost nothing of what she said. Nevertheless, he saw her grinning, and knew everything was relatively okay.

Raph chuckled and shot her a cocky grin, even though he knew she couldn't see it. He relaxed the muscles beneath his plates and released the pressure from his erection. It sprang up between his legs, and he watched her, his eyes never faltering. "Well, get to it then."

The sudden intense smell of him alerted her as to what he'd just done. She licker lir lips a little in anticipation, but turned her attention to Leonardo briefly, pausing to touch his face one more time. She smiled at him; it was a much sweeter smile then the one she had shown Raph. Then she turned back to her new challenge. She ducked her head down and nuzzled his cock… adjusting to his scent. Her eyes closed as she opened her mouth just enough to allow the head past her lips. Very slowly, she swirled her tongue around, getting to know his taste. He was similar, and yet so different from his brother somehow...

Raphael sighed deeply, eyes sliding closed as he felt her warm mouth close over his tip. His hands came down to stroke her hair, but he didn't grip her. Not just yet, anyways. He let her get used to him, let her take her time. Leo's hands slid up the outsides of her thighs as he pressed in and nuzzled his beak against her wet folds. He breathed in deep and felt his blood heat up with the warm, inviting scent of her. His hands were massaging now, working gently at the muscles in her legs as his tongue began to lick lightly at her again. He could feel himself hardening at the thought of being buried deep inside of her tight, hot sheath. His tongue circled her clit, and one hand dropped down between his own legs, stroking himself back to fullness.

Her attention was drawn between two equally important situations for her and she was really beginning to enjoy this. She could feel Leonardo moving at her cunt and was hopeful he was getting ready to enter her. She was so hungry for his cock. To feel his length buried deep inside her filling her... It made her nipples harden at the thought. As she could feel his mouth touching her more lightly she took the chance to try to change her position. She started carefully twisting her hips to join the direction of her upper body. She was giving them both enough time to direct her differently if they wanted…

But they didn't. Raph's knees spread a little further, hands sliding down to her shoulders. He didn't hold her, just kind of directed her as she turned onto her hands and knees, keeping his cock in her mouth. It was easier to engage Raphael this way, but she didn't want to give him too much too soon. It would spoil the expectation of what was going to happen. She wanted to draw him out to whatever point he would allow her to.

The exciting thing was, she didn't know that point. She always had a pretty fair idea of what Leonardo was going to do in any given situation. But with Raphael…she hadn't a clue. He kept surprising her every time she thought she knew what he was planning.

Leo saw her motive, and pulled back, giving her a chance to turn around. His hand moved slowly up and down his shaft, massaging firmly as he watched her settle. He felt something detonate inside of him as her legs spread slightly. The scent of her that overwhelmed him... the taste still along his lips and tongue... but mostly, strangely, it was the sight of her. He'd never made love to her this way before...

That thought almost made him laugh. He could hardly call this lovemaking. Sure, he loved her, and he wanted to give her pleasure... but right now, and probably for the first time, he realized a raw, animalistic desire to just fuck her. She was wide open to him, her cunt dripping with evidence of her need. Something deep inside of him sang in a way it never had before. He wanted her now. And he wanted her as hard and as fast as she could take it. The thought frightened a small part of his brain still engaged in logical thought, but he silenced it. Right now... there was no logic. There was only... instinct.

She was aware of Leonardo's movements, both because of his light touches against her and simple consciousness of what was happening around her. She splayed her legs farther, finding a better balance and she was sure, giving him an eyeful. She grinned ever so slightlyund und Raphael's cock; it was almost like she could feel Leonardo's naked desire for her.

On her hands and knees now she still only teased the tip of Raphael's cock. But it was no longer a light, gentle movement. She began to suck on him hard, making a small vacuum inside her mouth to squeeze himm in. He groaned, the sound turning to a low hum. His hands lowered and massaged at her shoulders, squeezing and releasing her muscles as she sucked hard on the tip of his erection.

He glanced up, and noticed his brother's bewildered stare. He almost laughed, but caught himself. Leo was having a fuckin' revelation. He didn't want to put a stop to it. "Hey Leo..." He smirked as their eyes locked. Raph nodded to the woman between his legs. "You trained her pretty well. She always this good?"

Most of her attention at the moment was still at her task at hand. She continued her pressure control over the tip of Raphael's dick when she heard his words to his brother. They were a bit insulting, like there was no skill of her own in her actions. She growled a little around his cock feeling more challenged then before, if that was possible. She slowly started to slide Raphael's shaft down her throat, but ended when she was about half way down.

Leo only blinked at the suggestion that he had "trained" her. He shook it off as he saw that Raph wasn't really expecting an answer. Very slowly, he moved closer, spreading her legs with his and reaching down with gentle fingers to probe at her entrance, spreading her wetness all over her sex. His other hand dropped to his own shaft, and he stroked himself hard, bringing his erection back to fullness. He moaned quietly as he pressed close, guiding his tip to her entrance and teasing in small circles until his head was coated with her juices.

She froze for a moment, intense pleasure washing over her as she felt the tip of Leonardo's cock pressing against her hungry pussy. Testing the balance on her arms and finding it steady, she began to bob her head, allowing the top half of Raph's dick to slide in and out of her. He massaged her shoulders as she drew him in. She really was very good at this. Tight and hot and wet... not unlike another, equally pleasurable place of her body.

He sighed, eyes sliding closed as he squeezed and released her shoulders. It wasn't a gentle massage. It was deep and hard, forcing the tension from her muscles with expert ease. He worked up to her neck, and started down her back a few inches, giving subconscious attention to every knot his fingers came across until he felt it give way. He could feel his own tension building, his cock throbbing in her mouth.

She moaned around him, purring as she felt a strange contentment wash over her, even in the midst of the urgency. The vibration in her throat massaged Raphael, and he smiled, a quiet groan escaping him. That felt so good... His hands pressed a little more gently as he came back up to where he started. She was relaxed now, but he didn't want to stop touching her yet. Her skin was warm and smooth and it felt soft against his rough, callused palms. He ran his fingers up the sides of her neck, traced her jaw for a few inches, and moved backwards along the same path. He felt his own shoulders fall a little as he relaxed.

Somewhere in her mind she was surprised by how gentle Raphael's touch was against her. It is a side of him she hadn't expected, especially given his attitude so far tonight. Relaxing her throat, she slid the last of his cock down her throat, her nose bumping against the bottom of his plastron. She breathed deeply in through her nose, his rich scent making her hungry to taste more of him. Still she hesitated to pick up speed too quickly, choosing to keep a more steady pace.

Leonardo's fingers moved down to her clit as he very slowly pressed inside of her. He slid in easily; there wasn't the slightest bit of friction to hinder him. The tight warmth around his cock made him groan, and trained fingers flicked lightly over her clitoris one last time before he pulled them away. He couldn't touch her like that and get inside of her as deeply as he wanted to at the same time.

Her tight walls stretched, but gave no resistance to his girth. His hands moved to her hips and he held her still as he slowly pressed all the way inside of her, burying himself to the hilt. A slow, deep sigh escaped him as he held there for a long moment, just enjoying the feel of her around him. There was nothing else he knew on the face of the earth that could feel this good and this right.

She whimpered as she realize he was buried completely inside of her. It was bliss, the fire that had been burning sense this game was started was finally starting to be quenched. She moved her hips in tiny circles feeling him rotate inside of her. Very slowly, he began to grind against her, pulling her hips back to his. His lips parted and he breathed deeper. Lowering his head, he felt a growl form in the back of his throat. The heat, the smell, the pressure... it all jumped from nerve to nerve inside of him, building in intensity. He gripped her hips hard and pulled almost all the way out of her, then thrust back in all at once. The growl turned to a gasp of pleasure. Oh yeah... that's what his body wanted to do... He understood now...

She gasped in surprise as he thrust against her hard. Never in any of the numerous times they had made love had she ever felt this level of intensity from him. It was so different... and so erotic. She smiled around the cock in her mouth, hips thrusting back hard against her lovers, encouraging him to continue.

Raphael's fingers buried in her silky hair and he smiled. He wasn't holding her head, just massaging her scalp. For the moment, he was perfectly relaxed, but he could feel his breathing stagger as his lips parted and he drew in slightly deeper breaths. Her tongue flicked over sensitive pressure spots and the muscles in his legs jerked reflexively. He groaned, a half-sigh as he felt his chest rise and fall. He knew she had no idea how good that felt.

She could feel the heat rising within her again, demanding her attention. She'd been teased for too long, and this time, her body wasn't waiting for permission. The calm that had claimed her moments before was fading. She braced herself more firmly with her hands. Once she felt she had a decent balance, she picked up her speed, using her tongue to vary the sensations each time she lowered onto his shaft.

Raph rested his head to the side, almost on his shoulder, eyes closing again. A smile was permanently fixed on his lips, and he let it remain there as he gasped air. He let himself enjoy the pulsing excitement, and his hands slowly ran up the back of her skull until his fingers locked in his own bandana. "You've... been good," he man, hi, his voice quiet and a little staggered to the rhythm of her mouth moving over him. "I think... we can take this offa you now..."

She only half-heard his words, but she was pleased when the blindfold was removed. She glanced up and caught his lost, lustful expression, eyes closed, head tilted to the side. She mmmed in satisfaction and shifted her weight, putting all of her balance on one arm allowing the other one free range. It took a while to manage it given the speed at which Leonardo was thrusting into her from behind. But finally, she raised five gentle fingers to Raphael's balls, touching him just lightly. Raphael gasped audibly.

Leo could hear himself panting, a low, rattling chur thrumming in his vocal chords. He felt as if it were coming from somewhere deep inside of him, past his chest, down in the place where his very soul resided. He blinked as she thrust back against him, meeting his intensity. She liked this. He'd not been sure she would like this. Hell, he'd not been sure he would like this. But he did. And from her reaction... she did as well. He thrust deep into her, struggling to find a pace that was so much harder and faster than what he was normally comfortable with. Instincts he didn't know he had were touching the seemingly calm surface of his emotions and creating a sudden and unexpected tidal wave. Pent up tension and lust he'd never allowed out of the dark closets he hid them in. Things he was either ashamed of, or just plain frightened by.

She moved against Leonardo, growing more amazed by his feral power with each thrust. In one way, it was a frightening; he seemed almost like a different man. But she knew that was one of the reasons she'd wanted this in the first place. She wanted to see just how much it would change her, but she was surprised by how much it also seemed to be changing him. Emotions rushed into lust, and the flame of desire rose, she could feel herself starting to reach her peak. She had been pent up for too long, and she was searching for any chance to release. She could feel it coming closer...

Raphael panted as her fingers tickled back and forth over his balls. He knew he couldn't take much more of this. He was teetering on the edge, and more than ready to just let himself go. He'd been teasing himself as long as he'd been teasing her, and it was catching up with both of them. He groaned as he felt her teeth scrape lightly over his shaft, her tongue moving to massage away the sensation. His fingers tightened in her hair, and he held her head still as he gasped in one last breath and released, flooding her mouth with his hot essence.

She swallowed as fast as she could, opening her throat to welcome him. Something about this, feeling him come inside of her mouth and knowing it wasn't anywhere near over for her and her pleasure, gave her a step up she'd not known to expect. She whimpered as she drank the last of Raphael's cum, grinding back against Leo, begging silently for that one last thing she needed, even though she wasn't terribly sure what it was.

Leo thrust hard, growling and churring as he felt her heat slide back and forth over him. A wicked smile crossed his face as he pressed deep inside of her, held there, and brought his tail forward and probed gently at the very tip of her clit. He could feel the first ripples of orgasm stirring the surface and wanted more than anything to bring her to that breaking point right along with him.

She nearly fell forward onto Raphael's lap as she feel's Leonardo's tail snake down under her to tease her most sensitive spot. She regained her balance at the last moment to save herself from hurting Raphael, and cringed at the sudden electricity that seemed to shoot through her. It travelled all the way to her toes and back up, pooling in her womb. Her face contorted to a look of pure primal pleasure as waves of heat radiated up into her stomach and flushed her breasts with heat. She could feel her muscles tense around him, begging him to finish her.

Leo stroked her clit gently as he pulled back and thrust into her again. He could feel the pressure gather, heat intensifying until he knew he was burning from the inside out. His balls pulled up t aga against his body and he threw his head back as he released deep inside of her, the second time tonight. The rattling chur in his throat turned to a loud, animalistic cry of lust and passion, and he made no effort to quiet it.

She felt Leonardo's release inside of her, the twitching and jerking of his cock as he emptied his essence into her womb. She was so close… Raph smiled faintly, watching for the telltale signs of her own orgasm. He'd made a promise, and he intended to keep it. Very slowly, his hands slid underneath her to pinch and pull gently at her nipples.

She pulled back suddenly, off of his shaft, the front of her body collapsing onto the floor as she let out a half groan, half scream of incoherent words that all had to do with the amazing feelings that were coursing thought her. Never had she felt an orgasm this intense, it shook her entire body right down to her core.

Leo gasped air, grinding into her a fel felt his body untense. For just a moment, he smiled inwardly as he fully realized what was happening and how incredible it felt. He thrust into her, feeling her tense and release around him. Finally, he relaxed completely, sighing as he realized he was totally exhausted. He pulled out of her slowly and rocked back until he was sitting a few feet back, knees half pulled up to his chin in a loose, "I don't care how I look" pose.

Raphael grinned, and backway way slightly. He gave her a minute to recover, not quite long enough to fully come down, then brought his finger up under her chin, slowly raising her eyes to his. "Feel good?" he whispered.

She nodded slightly, eyes sliding closed. "I feel... amazing..." She smiled up at him, her body still throbbing with pleasure. She hazarded a glance back and Leonardo and couldn't hold back a giggle. It had been along time sense she had seen him reach this level of exhaustion. Slowly she managed to raise herself up on her arms, her eyes locked on Raphael. "Thank you."

Raph smirked and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up onto her knees. His eyes ran slowly down her body, over her chest and stomach to her thighs and the place that was still giving off her scent in massive quantities. His hands on her shoulders gripped harder as he pulled her in and kissed her deeply. Still on his knees, he backed up, pulling her with him as he leaned back. He turned and guided her down, onto her back, his lips still locked with hers as he pressed her shoulders down flat.

She gasped in surprise, not sure what to expect from him as he placed her head in the crook of his elbow. She was tired, almost too tired to return the kiss. She felt fabric on her legs, and it came up over her body slowly. Only half aware of her surroundings, she realized Leonardo was on her other side. His arms circled her beneath the blanket he'd dragged down from the couch, and she smiled, perfectly content to be pressed between the two of them.

"Thank you," she breathed. "I've... never felt anything like I have tonight."

Leo nuzzled her gently. "Shh. Relax." His lips trailed along her jaw and he licked gently at her earlobe. "Just go to sleep. I'll put you to bed in a few minutes." When I'm sure I won't die trying...

Raphael smiled and nipped gently at her neck, tilting his head up to whisper in her ear one last time. "Hey Kristie?" he breathed, toiet iet for Leonardo to hear.


"He really loves you."

She smiled. "I know."

He sighed, satisfied with that answer, and rested his head on her shoulder, letting his body cope with the aftereffects of what had just happened.

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