A change in the DC Universe

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That area of the forest had been avoided for centuries by the inhabitants of the local villages and tribes. There were no particularly ferocious predators there, indeed it was probably the most lush area of the entire forest. A man could easily find trees laden with fruit if he looked hard enough and not worry about being attacked by any kind of insect.

Yet all the people of Zambezi avoided that place. The myths spoke of something hidden beneath it, which destroyed the minds of those who ventured there. Men and women were transformed, reduced to pink creatures who broke all the taboos and rules of their tribe in the name of something animal.

For centuries the locals had managed to keep any human being out of the area regardless of the era, regardless of who ruled them or invaded their nation. For millennia the clearing had remained untouched by men.

But now the planet lived in an extraordinary era, where magic, aliens and impossible technology ruled. Mysteries were no longer intimidating, but they were seen by some of these extraordinary new individuals as something to investigate to prevent possible threats.

This was the reason why after millenia without any contact, the isolation of the clearing was interrupted by the arrival of a small truck. Three people got out of it, two women and a man.

The man had a vaguely Middle Eastern appearance, with a slightly dark skin underneath which poorly concealed muscles could be seen. 
His short black hair framed a square face, typical of a man who had seen and fought a lot, over which two bright green eyes stood out.

 Although he wore a "Gotham University" shirt, the way he looked around and the visible scars on his arms made him look more like a soldier than a professor. That was Carter Hall, aka Hawkman.

The other two women had completely opposite looks. The first woman had long red hair that framed a face with a vaguely Greek appearance . Her blue eyes  seemed not only to ask but openly looking for trouble to get into. 

Although not as muscular as the man, a brief glance at her shirt-wrapped arms and at her legs protected by camouflage pants could confirm that she too was able to defend herself on her own. She was Shayera Hol, aka Hawkwoman.

The dark skin of the second woman confirmed that at least her family was originally from the area, but her unusually short hair testified that she was not familiar with the local culture.

The woman did not look like a scientist however, although it was written on a badge on her chest that she was a professor from Metropolis.

 The way she moved and her body suggested she was more familiar with walking the runway than teaching: her shorts showed long, tapered legs and her blouse could do little to hide the amplitude of her breasts. The third and final member of this trio was Mari Jiwe McCabe, aka Vixen.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Carter Hall asked to Mari.

For her part Mari just looked up and smiled at Carter.

"Well, all the surrounding villages told us to avoid this area, so I don't have much doubt." Mari replied, laughing.

“Well I was expecting grim ruins or at least a skull or two. This place feels safer than Gotham. Maybe we have misunderstood the myths? " Shayera said from behind her husband.

Mari just shrugged her shoulders.

Of course Mari was sure she understood the myth about the clearing correctly. All the sources she had consulted had agreed that the ground where they were now standing hid something that the ancient inhabitants of Zambezi considered extremely powerful and dangerous.

She had been  surprised by how this myth had remained almost unchanged starting almost from the prehistory of the Zambezi. For this reason she had contacted Carter and Shayera, two superheroes with an open passion for archeology. They had been thrilled to go on a secret mission to investigate this strange phenomenon, even though they had had to assume false identities so as not to alarm the local population.

'I'm definitely safe with these two.'  Mari thought, seeing husband and wife easily handle the heavy crates that were present on the truck, including those that contained their mechanical wings and iron clubs.

'Plus they're both sexy. '  Vixen shook her head to get rid of that sudden thought. 
Damn , the local legends had an unexpected effect on her.

It had since they had arrived that her libido had skyrocketed for no apparent reason. Her mind kept wandering towards the bodies of her companions, their muscles, legs, lips….

Every part of her body seemed more sensitive than usual to the point that  even the rubbing of her clothes on her skin seemed to generate small doses of pleasure inside her brain.
But she didn't feel bad or weird, she felt good. Really good.

If had been willing or able to inform Carter and Shayera about how she felt, she would have been surprised that the two of them felt the same way. Carter in particular hoped that neither his wife nor Vixen would notice his erection.

Their sudden horniness was due to the simple fact that the entity buried under their feet had awakenedthe moment they had arrived in her clearing. For thousands of years the entity had been closed in a sort of torpor, due to the absolute lack of believers and the way everyone avoided its ancient home.  The moment she sensed the arrival of three human beings, she freed herself from it, pushing herself to explore the minds of the newcomers.

The entity was surprised to learn how much time had passed since her temple was attacked and even more so to discover which extraordinary men and women had begun to populate the world. 

When her temple was still intact and frequented, the entity had heard of wizards and even of immortal men roaming the world.

But now it seemed that every city had a protector with extraordinary powers, who in turn had to fight against enemies with similar gifts. This depressed not a little the entity. 

She had failed to show her disciples how to live their lives without any pain or worry, and now the usual violence and unhappiness haunted that extraordinary world.

‘I know what to do this time.’  She said to comfort herself. Her original mistake had been to show her gifts too quickly and without any control, but now she saw in the minds of the three travelers the means and the people who would allow her gifts to be spread throughout the world.

She had to proceed with caution to show her truth to the three heroes who were now in her forest and persuade them to become her three new disciples.  It would have taken a while, of course, but she certainly wouldn’t have forced them.
Only after starting with these three, would she start looking for the right person to be his new high priest.

Meanwhile the three heroes had started venuring across the clearing with shovels on their shoulders in search of useful clues.

The closer they got to the spot where the statue was buried, the more the entity's influence grew. 

As the entity penetrated their minds to see every single detail it needed for her plan, Vixen, Hawkman and Hawkgirl felt a strong urge to dig somewhere not too far from them. There was no particular sign that distinguished the place but the strange excitement they felt since they had arrived seemed to increase as they got closer. 

Logic played no part in their decision.

Shayera swallowed, trying in vain to repel the mental image of her sticking her tongue between Vixen's legs, and began to dig there, soon followed by her companions.

An outsider might have believed that their sweat and grunts were caused only by the fatigue of the excavation. Perhaps he would have been surprised by how much Mari and Shayera had unbuttoned many of the buttons on their shirts or by Carter's decision to suddenly take off his shirt if he  had approached. However, at that point the influence of the entity would have persuaded the observer that it was all normal and logical or that it was appropriate to help with the excavations.

Vixen felt on the verge of an orgasm when the ground finally gave way completely and the entrance to an underground cave opened.

‘Tits’ was the thought that passed through the minds of the three heroes as they ventured into the cave. Dozens and dozens of boobs were depicted on the cave walls.

No, not a cave. Although it was primitive work, the walls had been worked and decorated by human hands. Various columns were placed at regular intervals to support the ceiling and it was still possible to recognize on the walls the points where torches had been placed centuries earlier to illuminate the corridor.

Vixen approached the walls to get a better look at the decorations. Whitout realizing it ,she bent down to observe them in such a way as to give the best possible view of her butt to Shayera and Carter.

‘It must have been a fertility temple’, Vixen thought. 

The walls depicted men and women as they venerated a strange figure surrounded by a pink aura and seemed to tell how this veneration had influenced the community. Mari was surprised at how obscene some of the images were. It seemed that as the veneration of the figure expanded, the same happened to the primitive artist's desire to represent erotic scenes. 

While the first images represented people in prayer, the following ones represented more and more sexual scenes. Strangely the bodies of the represented subjects in the most lewd parts seemed different in proportion compared to the previos scenes, getting bigger and bigger in each painting.

Vixen focuses on theimage in front of her.It showed a man holding some kind of pink light raised above his head, while two figures were bent before him as if in adoration.

 Suddenly Vixen pictured herself in the place of one of the two figures worshiping the mysterious man. Looking up, Vixen realised the man was Carter.

She pictured herself wearing a white ceremonial robe that wrapped around her breasts and hips, showing off her proportions. She imagined herself kneeling in front of Carter, himself half-naked wearing only a tunic that made it clear what was hidden under it.

Vixen pictured Carter going around spreading the truth about the pink light. About how she and the other women in the painting would become living proof of the greatness of Carter’s power. They would spread the truth and faithfully serve Carter with their bodies. 

She saw herself as she took off her robe and opened her mouth to accept Carter's reward for her devotion to him and the Pink Light...

Carter took his eyes off Vixen's ass as he noticed that the supermodel had strangely stopped to look at a completely bare spot in front of her. There was no painting on that part of the wall, just a few cracks, but Mari seemed completely enraptured.

She had bent even further, showing off her butt even more, and she was feeling the wall with her hands. Carter could have sworn that her butt was imperceptibly increasing in size.

At the same time in Mari’s vision, Carter had been replaced by the other woman, who had suddenly decided to kiss the supermodel. Mari realised that her and the other woman should have hated each other because they wanted the same man, but the Pink Light didn't allow this kind of rivalry.

Mari somehow simply knew that the Pink Light wanted her disciples to feel only unconditional love. The kisses of the other woman became even more passionate (Vixen could not see her face well but she thought she saw red hair) and Mari felt the hands of her new lover moving along her vagina.

Carter realized that Mari had started panting. She looked excited and he didn't understand why. He suddenly felt the urge to grab her from behind and give her a real reason to pant.

His wife had suddenly left shortly after Mari bent down and he was now alone with one of the most beautiful women he knew. Said woman seemed also strangely aroused, showing him hints of her butt-track.

 His cock insisted that it was the perfect opportunity to shove it in the nice ass Carter had in front of him. It didn't matter that his wife could hear them or how this could complicate his relationship with the other heroine.

No, insisted a small voice in his head, the only thing that mattered was to satisfy his impulse, especially given the temple where he was.

The entity was already working on the minds of Carter and Mari, but Shayera was the member of the group who was the most under  influence . Hawkgirl had in fact decided to leave the group, because a voice in her head had pointed out that the corridor certainly led to an important corner of the ancient temple

‘There must be something important here’, the woman thought, trying to convince herself that going down the hall was a decision she had made on her own.

The corridor ended in a broken door from which Shayera could see the main part of the temple. Upon entering, her torch showed her what must have been a circular room, in which the ancient builders had added even more columns to ensure its stability. The ceiling had collapsed in some places, allowing partial access of the sun even in that part of the temple.

The floor was covered with various mosaics, and Shayera could see the remains of ancient vases, pieces of old furniture (especially beds she suspected) and rotten fruits  scattered over it.

Moving her head  to see the rest of the room, Shayera saw her husband and Vixen fucking. The two were naked and stretched out on a triclinium that was somehow still intact and covered in immaculate white sheets, located near the center of the room.

Her husband was energetically inserting her penis into Vixen's pussy while the naked woman, already covered in cum in various spots on her body, turned her face towards Shayera and smiled at her.

"What the fuck ..." Shayera said , blinking. The vision in front of of her disappeared.

Hawkgirl suddenly realized what was happening. Vixen wanted to steal her husband.
It was clear that her mind had been influenced by the images along the corridor and it was now using them to warn her of the imminent danger to her marriage.

So Vixen wanted to use her nice tits and fuckable pussy to seduce her husband? Well Shayera wasn't going to let that bitch steal Carter’s dick from her.

She literally ripped her pants just above the center of her thigh and she knotted her  shirt sailor-style to show off her chest even more, removing her bra as well. She found the right corner of the room where she could wait for her husband (although it had nothing special, a little voice in her head claimed it was perfect) and she used her transmitter.

“Carter” She purred out. “I found something fascinating at the end of the corridor. Please join me. "

As soon as Carter heard his wife's voice on the radio, he rushed towards the corridor, ignoring his dick’s protests. He had decided to move away from Vixen (the last time he had faced her , the woman had turned and sat on the ground with her legs wide open, panting and sweating more and more) in the hope that his strange arousal might subside.

Unfortunately as he approached the circular room ,the visions started to assault his mind even more compared to what was happening to the two women who were with him.

He was literally seeing pink in the corners of his eyes and was starting to see glimpses of the life in the temple before it fell into disrepair. He could only glimpse them at the corners of his field of vision, but the men and women present on the murals had begun to materialize along the sides of the corridor, all busy with each other.

They weren't ghosts, they weren't appearances from the past or one of Carter's past life memories. He knew those men and women, even if they were without their usual uniforms, because he had fought against or together with them regularly in his current life.

Near one of the columns, the archaeologist saw Wally West on his knees, his head firmly buried between Linda Park's thighs, while the woman was passionately kissed by Artemis Crock. 

In front of the entrance to a side corridor he seemed to catch a glimse of Superman and Lois Lane delightedly watching Supergirl and Powergirl make out and caress each other's naked bodies. 

He saw near the entrance to the room where Shayera was, Nightwing naked while Barbara Gordon and Starfire kissed holding his cock between their mouths and Huntress sucked his balls.

He saw colleagues and enemies kissing and fucking in different positions at the corners of his view. He recognized them by their faces, but he saw that their naked or barely covered bodies in white robes were different. They had different proportions.

Like the figures depicted in the murals, their bodies were conspicuously larger. The men were taller and more muscular than Carter remembered them, communicating power. On the other hand the women looked like fertility goddesses with large breasts and asses, inviting lips and flawless skin that highlighted their shiny hair even more.

Carter should have been worried, but he was happy. The whole vision communicated happiness to him because he perceived that the figures were grateful to him.

He had freed them from the old conventions, from the old rules of good and evil, by showing them the truth (a truth illuminated by a pink light, a voice whispered in his mind). A truth of passion, where there were no more clashes between superheroes and supervillains but only peace brought by love (physical more than spiritual, but still love).

For a moment he realized that he wasn't sure Shayera was in the room opening in front of him, but Zatanna (or at least a naked woman who looked like a completely flawless version of Zatanna and who was having anal sex with a very muscular version of Aquaman) smilingly pointed to the door, almost promising pleasure beyond all reach. Carter smiled at her in turn, passing through the opening.

Shayera felt her husband arrive. He was definitely sweaty (she could smell it and a part of her brain that until recently had been totally supplanted by human evolution made her realize that her partner was aroused and she had to please him) and the woman licked her lips waiting for him.

While she had been waiting for her husband to arrive, Shayera had grown even wetter. 

After hallucinating Vixen and Carter, Shayera had seen even more visions.  While at first they showed her husband busy with other women (Carter licking Killer Frost’s pussy, Carter fucking Katana in the ass ...), at one point the husband had simply disappeared from her various visions. 

From that moment  she had seen only other familiar women and men engaged in various dirty positions.

At that precise moment Wonder Woman was smiling happily at her while Cheetah and Mera were busy licking her pussy and her ass respectively. Shayera was strangely happy with that vision.

These three women were  three old rivals who had put their old grudges aside, and decided to make better use of their time. 

‘God’, Shayera thought as she slipped her hand into her shorts, ‘autosuggestion has a nice effect on me.’

It was clear that what she was seeing was the result of her tiredness mixed with jealousy and the images evoked by local myths.

After all, all the visions she saw were surrounded by a strange pink aura and, well, all the women and men, including Carter’s version seen in his first vision, that he had seen so far were very different from the people he knew in real life.

 The Wonder Woman in front of her had much bigger breasts than the real Diana, to the point that she could slip her beautiful pink nipples into her mouth alone (Shayera had started drooling at that thought) and seemed leaner, as if a sculptor had taken steps to eliminate any trace of excessive fat or simple physical defect from the body of the amazon. 

Sayera had even noticed that none of the three women seemed to have any hair problems.Their bodies seemed to be completely devoid of hairs, even if there was no trace of hair removal. 

She had easily noticed their  lack of hair also becaue she was already in her knees. 
At first she had only been waiting for her husband, but as her visions began to increase she began to crawl towards the center of the room to observe them better. At that moment she was standing barely an arm's length away from Diana's vision.

She could almost smell the sweat and fluids produced by Diana and her three lovers, a pungent odor that reminded her of many moments of passion she had shared with Carter over the course of their lives. 

Shayera felt the strong urge to stick her tongue out too and lick every free corner of Wonder Woman's skin , not caring of the fact that she would most likely end up licking the floor.

"Your friend is a goddess of love, isn't she?"The vision’s  Wonder Woman suddenly asked. Her voice was different from that of the real Diana, far softer and sexier.

"Uh?" was the only response from Shayera that she had decided that this was a good moment to start masturbating.

“Diana or Wonder Woman, as you call her. From your memories it is clear that she is a warrior, but that she also loves peace. " The Wonder Woman of the vision smiled, somehow prompting Shayera to increase the pace of her masturbation.

"But that's not enough, is it?" The woman in the vision became sad for a moment. “She too has a limited concept of love. Too tied to the new rules and conventions you have created. So much sadness in the world simply because you have decided to establish a certain order rather than accept some chaos and freedom ... "
Shayera barely understood what that woman was saying too busy stimulating herself .Her interest in what the vision was saying ended when Carter finally walked into the room.

Shayera held her breath. Somehow her husband was still without his shirt and his body was slick with sweat, highlighting his muscles. His face looked strangely happy, as if he had attended a party or something similar as he walked down the hall.

Hawkgirl might have noticed how her husband had turned his gaze to where the fictional versions of Diana, Mera and Cheetah were or how he looked a little taller and more muscular than a few hours ago, but she had other priorities.

She stood up and threw herself in front of her husband, quickly fumbling with the belt of his pants with her hands already partially wet with vaginal fluid. She found herself drooling when her husband's thick, male veined cock came out in front of her eyes.

She pushed it into her mouth without hesitation. She got between Carter’s legs, standing with her left arm while using her right to masturbate his dick. In one smooth move, she was sucking and gasping at the same time. She was devouring about half of his cock with every movement of her head.

Carter wasn’t content and grabbed her hair to push his cock even deeper, while the images he'd seen outside the circular room continued to echo in his head.
Shayera was breathing heavily, a faint moan escaping her lips as she tried to keep up with her husband. She let her tongue move around her husband's shaft, licking his cock and already foretasting his cum.

That was the moment when another vision materialized before her eyes. Once again Vixen was making love with her husband, but they were busy doing anal sex. The Vixen of her vision smiled at her, leaning on her elbows and with a pair of tits and ass clearly wider than the ones of the real Mari.

 Shayera tried not to lose focus, finally managing to shove her husband's entire cock into her mouth, but strangely she no longer felt jealous of her vision.

She imagined her husband's cock coming out of the other woman's beautiful ass, making it vibrate.

"You see?" Vixen said in the same voice Wonder Woman had used in the previous vision. "It takes so little to embrace your true nature and break free of all those rules that have been set on you."

Carter had made his wife's mouth his personal fuckhole, taking more and more initiative and increasing the pace at which he let his cock enter his wife's mouth.

Shayera felt a mixture of saliva and semen run down her chin as her hands returned to her vagina. Her eyes were closed but she could still see the vision of Vixen and her husband , enveloped in a great pink light as they were surrounded by total darkness.

At the same time Vixen was furiously masturbating in the hallway. 

In her vision, she and the red-haired woman had undressed completely and were now kneeling facing each other while Carter was on their right with his cock sticking out. The two women had started kissing, making sure their mouths met right where Carter's cock was.

Vixen felt the taste of the other woman's saliva in her mouth and also Carter's sperm, probing the penis and the mouth of her two lovers with her tongue.

"You've been wanting it for a while, haven't you?" Carter said in a voice not his own. It was almost feminine, coming out sweetly and lovingly. “I am not deceiving you or forcing you. I'm just showing you the desires you kept hidden from everyone, including yourself. "

Vixen thought back to the first time she had met Shayera, while she felt the other woman stick a finger inside her vagina. They were both interested in John Stewart at the time and it was the first time they had wanted the same man. There had always been a kind of rivalry between the two, an intense desire to excel over the other.

‘How stupid’, Vixen thought, as the other woman in her vision slipped two more fingers inside her, ‘We could have shared him. Besides, Shayera propably knows how to use her fingers much better than Stewart does.’

In the circular room, Carter slowed down the pace at which he was fucking his wife's mouth, feeling on the verge of his orgasm. 

Unlike Shayera and Vixen, no one was talking to him in his vision.

He was bathed in pink light and he was clearly seeing how the circular room where he and his wife were fucking should have looked. The men and women he had seen in the corridor surrounded them in positions not very different from the one he and his wife were in.

He could see the figures around him more clearly now. Tim Drake and Superboy were pounding Wonder Girl to his right. To his left, Mary Marvel and Likewire were making out while their pussies were resting on Jaime Reyes' cock and mouth respectively.

Looking up he saw the source of the pink light, where the orgy seemed to be consuming itself the most. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Black Canary and many others were engaged in what seemed like another orgy within the orgy. 

Even at this distance Carter could see that their new proportions were extraordinary even compared to the new bodies that filled the rest of the room.

The women were naked , and seemed to sing hymns with their bodies and their movements to the one who held up the source of the Pink Light.

As Carter began to cum, Vixen finally screamed with pleasure in the empty hallway and Shayera excitedly noticed that she was starting to taste her husband's cum, the Pink Light started talking to all of them.

‘You will be my first disciples in this extraordinary world’ said a vaguely feminine voice, evoking pleasures beyond imagination. The same one who had talked to Vixen and Shayera in their visions.

‘I have shown you what awaits you if I am successful. Help me find the man who will be my high priest.’

Carter pulled his cock out of his wife's mouth, while a thin stream of saliva still connected the two parts of their bodies. Carter came like he hadn't come before, completely flooding his wife's face. 

Shayera felt the warmth of her husband's cum flooding her mouth, but also touching her cheeks, her closed eyes and part of her forehead as well.

Her husband laid her gently on the ground and Shayera set to work cleaning her face, making sure not a drop of that precious liquid was lost. She licked the area around her mouth and proceeded to remove the sperm from various areas of her face with her fingers, licking them to enjoy the taste of her husband's semen and her arousal fluids mixed on her hands. 

Carter on the other hand had started to head towards the area of the room from which a faint pink light was emanating from below a group of rocks.

"I found something," Carter told no one in particular. However he sensed his wife approaching him, leaning gently on his back to make him feel her still hard nipples, and he heard footsteps as Mari entered the room.

Of the two archaeologists, only Shayera turned to see the newcomer. The red-haired woman realized that she and her rival probably looked the same in that moment. They both had messy hair, eyes that didn't focus on anything unless it was Carter, and they were panting in the same way.

Shayera realized that she could see Mari's nipples pressing on her shirt and also a streak of cum down her right leg. Oddly this made Shayera wet again, especially after Mari ran her tongue over her lips a couple of times, as if she understood what she and her husband had just done.

Shayera then turned to see what her husband had found, making sure her lips brushed his right ear. 

It was a small grey statue representing a full-bodied woman lying on her left side. The base was decorated with seven small pink stones divided into four rows one above the other.

 Although the statue was not particularly big (Shayera imagined she could easily hold it with one hand) and her face was barely definited, it seemed that her small eyes were staring intently at the newcomers. The strange thing was that the statue shone with its own light, producing a little pink aura.

Normally Shayera and Carter would have suggested keeping the figurine in the cave for a couple of days to make sure bringing it to the surface would not damage it. At least they would have conducted all the necessary checks to make sure it wasn’t a magical or alien artifact before moving it from the cave.

They didn't care that day though. Even after their three respective orgasms, the bodies of the trio still demanded them to hurry up with that job so that they could finally vent the sexual arousal that had been devouring them all day.

Probably this was due to the fact that the entity inside the statuette was conditioning their thoughts to actually carry out what was necessary for her plan.

Dinner was quiet enough. 

None of the three wanted to talk about the visions they had had in the temple. It had all been strange and a they  wanted to convince themselves that it had all been a dream.

Unable to talk about what had happened, the three heroes just ate in silence while they felt the excitement that enveloped their bodies growing even more.

For most of the dinner Mari was too busy wondering if she could slip her hand into her pants without the others noticing ,while Shayera was too busy making sweet eyes at her husband to start a conversation.

As they were finishing the meal Carter suddenly started talking as if taken by a sudden thought .

"We should send the figurine to Gotham" after a second of hesitation "We don't know its exact origins but Gotham Central Museum has a good department related to culture of Zambesi and Batman can protect it from bad guys."

The only part of his short speech that had caught the attention of the two women was the brief reference to Batman, and only because the mention of Gotham’s protector had generated in them the inevitable mental image of his muscles. 

Neither of them cared what was going to happen to the statuette, the only thing that mattered in that moment was taking care of their needs

That night Mari kept tossing and turning in her sleeping bag inside her tent. She was wearing only a purple bra and panties, but she was sweating anyway. God, she longed to be in town right now. She could have put on a nice dress and gone looking for a man to ride all night.

But no, she was in the middle of nowhere devoured by the need to have sex with someone while her two companions were clearly consuming their relationship in the other tent. Her masturbation didn't help either, as her fingers in her pussy felt like just a meager replacement for a cock (obviously her mind reminded her that Carter clearly possessed a big one as his ill-concealed erection had shown her during their exploration of the hidden temple).

Yet even her costant horniness couldn't stop what remained of her rational mind as she asked herself a series of questions about what happened that day.

 How come since they had arrived in the forest both her and her companions seemed to be costantly horny? Why had they decided to extract the statuette from the cave almost immediately and not do the same with other artifacts that were in the abandoned temple? And above all why had Carter proposed almost immediately to send that statuette to Gotham?

Mari removes her hands from her pussy and mentally returned to the dinner they had eaten that evening. Carter's speech didn't make much sense.

For a moment her mind returned to the vision she had seen in the old temple. Even if she was desperately trying to forget it, she started wondering if it had been really the work of autosuggestion or if something more sinister had caused it.

The entity perceived Mari's doubts, but did not worry. She could easily erase part of Mari's memories but the entity chose to solve the whole problem with a little suggestion to the heroine's subconscious. 

Suddenly Mari thought it would be convenient to go to Carter and Shayera right away and talk to them about her suspicions. 

Immediately? But he and Shayera… no, Mari had to act now. She didn't even have to waste time changing from her bra, which for some reason was tighter than the day before.

She stepped boldly out of the tent confident that her intelligence was going to astound Carter. She imagined his face when he would find the sexy model in his tent. She had to be convincing in her argument, and she had to be sexy as she explained her suspicions in great detail.

She pictured herself resting her ass on Carter's travel desk, stretching her body back to give the man a better view of her legs and toned stomach. She would keep her eyes half closed as she looked at him and spoke in the sexiest tone of voice she had.

"Carter, honey," she pictured herself saying it in front of Carter, running her tongue over her lips and opening her legs slightly to let Carter see a glimpse of her perfectly shaved pussy  "There is something strange about that temple, don't you think? Maybe we should go look into those dark rooms you and I to make sure there is nothing suspicious. "

Would Carter be distracted by her lack of clothes? Well, she imagined so, but the idea of Carter watching her body distractedly while his wife could do nothing but waiting patiently alone in her bed excited her ...

The groans made her realise that while she was thinking about Carter she had arrived in front of her fellow travelers’ tent.

Part of her thought about stopping. She had to at least warn Carter and Shayera that she was coming, she certainly couldn't rush into their tent as those moans were coming out.

 Yet she kept coming closer, following that sweet voice in her little head that  insisted on seeing Carter (and his wife too, why not?) immediately, without hesitation.

She pulled back a flap of the curtain and any thoughts she had in mind went away (except the little voice that insisted she had to get closer and closer).

 She had fantasized about it but she wasn't expecting the sight she had in front of her.

What struck her was not the clutter in the tent (even the travel desk had ended up overturned) or the torn clothes scattered on the ground.

 No, it was the pungent smell that hit her nostrils and made her momentarily forget her name.

A smell at the same time sour and sweet produced by the interplay of Carter and Shayera. A smell that made her understand in what animal state the two must have been in even before she saw them.

Carter was lying on the ground as his wife rode him from above, moving her hips quickly. Shayera's hands were busy rubbing her breasts rhythmically while Carter's hands ensured her balance by gripping her backside firmly.

Suddenly Shayera screamed in pleasure and Carter turned quickly, reversing their positions.

Carter's expression was animalistic, completely focused on dominating the woman who was in front of him. Shayera on the other hand had the happiest expression Vixen had ever seen.

Carter grunted, pulled his cock out of his wife's pussy (he seemed to do it reluctantly, as if it  moved by an external factor rather than a natural instinct) and came all over on the woman who was under him.

Vixen squinted, completely forgetting her thoughts on the figurine. That was a lot of cum.

Carter's semen covered Shayera's belly, with a few drops reaching her hair. From the smell, Vixen knew it wasn't the first time Carter had come that night.

 ‘He's marking her territory’, Mari thought strangely excited. That was her last rational thought  for a couple of days, as Carter noticed her.

Carter on his part felt good. Fuckin good.

His entire body seemed to have become accustomed to the strange horniness that had devoured him in the previous hours and made it an integral part of himself. He had got used to his erection, and even to the pink cloud of pleasure that had enveloped his mind since that morning. 

At first it all seemed strange to him. His wife had thrown herself at him just as he was starting to realize that sending the figurine to Gotham was a bad idea.

His erection had increased even more after she had started kissing him passionately and putting her hands in his pants , making him realise that the question of the artefact could have waited.
And then the sex had gone wild and they had ended up overturning most of the objects in the tent, with the exception of the chair on which he had placed the artifact to be sent to Gotham.

While his mind was clouded with horniness, Carter had felt his body grow as the animal mating with his wife went on. He had felt his cock expand while it was in Shayera's vagina and he knew full well that his body hadn't always been this muscular.

He had even realized that compared to a few hours before his wife's breasts had become bigger, and that her face too had become somehow…. different.

He didn't care. He felt like a fucking god.

He came again on his wife (reluctantly, but a little voice in his head claimed that it was better to mark the territory) and he let her fall back on the the ground.

What was this? The third time he had come? Or the fifth? What did it matter when Vixen was there staring at him from outside the tent?

For a second the rational part of his brain noticed that Vixen also seemed to have changed like his wife, sporting a bigger pair of boobs than a few hours ago, barely contained by her bra.

 Unfortunately those little logical thoughts were interrupted when an internal voice pointed out that fresh pussy was in front of him.

He smiled at the supermodel, knowing perfectly well what to do. He left Shayera on the ground and walked over to Vixen, not bothering to put his clothes back on.

He didn't need to speak, as Mari's eyes were already focused on his cock. He strode over and took her in his arms.

He did not think for a moment about his wife, focusing only on the other woman. Their kiss was deep. Carter hugged the woman to make her feel his muscles and his cock, and stuck his tongue into her mouth.

He felt Vixen stiffen momentarily and then welcome his tongue. Carter could almost feel Vixen's resistance melt away as her mind surrendered to the pink cloud of pleasure as well. He felt Vixen's arms wrap around his back and her breasts pressed to his chest (he could almost feel them expanding).

They explored their mouths for a few seconds before Carter's cock reminded him it needed to be stuffed into someone. Mari stared at him in confusion for a second after the kiss was broken, but her eyes filled with understanding and excitement after she was lifted off the ground by his muscular arms.

Somehow the camp bed had ended up upside down in a corner of the tent. Carter turned it quickly with his left hand and threw Vixen on it. While she was still trying to take off her bra, Carter was quick to take off her panties and insert his penis in her wet pussy.

For a second he thought it wasn’t going to fi in the woman, but he was wrong. It slipped inside her like a glove.

Vixen began to blather on. Something about how the figurine now was glowing even more, how Carter’s cock was expanding inside her, and some other bullshit Carter's brain wasn't interested in hearing. 

He just pushed his cock even deeper, bending down until he started kissing Mari's inviting nipples.

This seemed to shut her up or at least shut off all her rational thinking, as Vixen pushed her head up and started moaning.

‘Don't come inside her.’ Said a voice not his, inside his mind. ‘You have to mark her as you did with the other.’

When Vixen realized that Carter had pulled out his penis and what he was about to do, there was a moment of uncertainty in her eyes. Perhaps the rational part of her brain was trying one last time to fight against the pink cloud of pleasure that had pushed her to throw herself into Carter's arms.

If she had used her powers, she could have run away and even contacted the Justice League about what was going on. She would have been a good heroine and put an end to that unspeakable strangeness that risked to consume the world.

Vixen made no sign of moving. Maybe Carter was wrong and the woman wasn't worried at all. Perhaps Vixen had decided that what was happening had to be shared with the rest of the world.

Carter came extensively on her, even more so than on his wife. Most of his spurt landed on Vixen’s chest, but Carter was prompted to aim for her face as well. Vixen opened her lips wide so she could favor the taste of Carter's cum.

Eventually Vixen ended up covered in cum on most of her tits .Even the lower part of her face was completely white , apart from the area around her lips where she was vigorously licking all the cum that was there.

Carter's admiration for a job well done was interrupted by the fact that Shayera decided that this was the right time to jump on Mari.

 Shayera had spent the last few minutes masturbating happily at the sight of her husband vigorously fucking another woman and she had just seen another opportunity to enjoy some more of her husband's sperm.

For a moment Mari thought she was back in her vision when she saw a head full of red hair slip between her tits. It took her a few seconds to realize that Shayera's tongue was really licking her tits and another couple to notice that the other woman's head was now approaching her vagina.

“I was stupid to be jealous of you in the temple." Shayera said in the most loving tone of voice Mari had ever heard. And then Carter’s wife started licking her pussy.

Carter saw her wife stick her tongue into Mari's pussy and at the same time lift her ass , moving it invitingly towards him. Carter, who had lost count of the number of times he had already come, proceeded to stick his cock into his wife's ass.

The man heard Shayera moan with pleasure. Carter pounded and thrusted, moving his hips faster and faster, but the contact between Shayera's mouth and Vixen's vagina was not interrupted.
The supermodel had decided to take the initiative, grabbing the back of Shayera's head and pushing her even further between her legs.

 If one of the three had been rational, they would have noticed that the pink light produced by the figurine continued to increase, enveloping the entire tent in a pink aura.

They didn't care. They had begun to see pink in the corners of their eyes and were now totally focused on fucking each other for the final time.

Carter didn't worry this time about  pulling his cock out of his wife's ass and he started cumming inside her just as Shayera's mouth filled with the taste of Mari's squirting fluids.

It was at that moment that the voice made itself heard once again in all three of their heads. 

'You have broken down your limits. Do you agree to help others bring down their own?' Said the entity’s voice inside their heads. 

A single answer ran through the minds of the three heroes while the Pink Light enveloped them completely: "Yes"

The next morning Carter woke up. ‘It was a beautiful dream’, he thought wearily.

He was surprised at the vividness with which his mind had produced that erotic dream. Sure, he and his wife had some experience in fucking thanks to all their past lives, and he'd spent a lot of time fantasizing about the calendar photos Vixen posed in, but that had been a pretty good dream.

He felt a little guilty for agreeing to free a strange sexual entity, but he told himself once again it had been just a dream.

Carter opened his eyes. He wasn't in his bed or on the JLA satellite.

He was in the same forest as his dream. Which meant it hadn't been a dream. At the same time, Carter knew perfectly well that the forest was different from how he remembered it. It was much more luxuriant, with many more trees than the day before and many of those that were already there when he had arrived were now much larger.

Carter also felt the grass and stones directly on his skin, which meant he was naked.

As Carter got up, he realized that, like the trees in the forest, he himself was bigger. For starters, he could now reach branches that he could only touch the day before by standing up on tiptoe, which meant he had grown at least eight inches.

Besides, he could clearly see that his arm had grown considerably more muscular. He bent both his arms and noted with some pleasure that they were now thick and full of muscle. 

Even when he simply held them to either side of his body, their muscles and veins were easily visible, just screaming how physically strong Carter was.

Remembering what had happened the day before, Carter lowered his head and looked between his legs. His penis had definitely grown.

Even flaccid it was at least twelve inches long, with purple veins running through it, culminating in a large mushroom head.

After bending over, Carter realised he wasn’t completely naked. Tied around his neck was a small silver chain that reaches about halfway up his chest. On the tip of the amulet was one of the pink stones that decorated the base of the mysterious statuette.

Carter smiled. He felt calm, completely forgetting the little guilt he'd felt when he had woken up.

His new body and his two mates were the reward for his service to the Pink Light. 

But where were Shayera, Vixen and the figurine?

He walked to his right, hearing his now well-known voice calling him. The statuette was now resting on a stone covered with vines full of flowers, near a stream that did not exist until the day before. Watching it, Carter realized that the statuette itself had grown.

Yesterday it was barely larger than the palm of his hand. It was now as long as his bicep, and the pink rocks at its base had increased , becoming ten stones spread across five rows.

 The face of the statue also seemed clearer, as Carter could now make out not only the eyes, but also a half-open mouth waiting for something.

He idly wondered what had happened to his equipment. He had seen the mechanical wings and the iron clubs of his and Shayera in a corner of the clearing, but there was no trace of the tent or the pickup truck with which they had arrived.

He shrugged, suddenly disinterested. He didn't want to wear clothes that hid his new body and he was realizing that the Pink Light had given him other priorities.

"Carter", Shayera purred behind him (Carter suspected that the women who were with him could only speak in sexy tones from now on).

The man turned and what he saw did not surprise him that much. His mates were carrying with their hands a series of fruits that Carter was sure could not grow in that geographic region.

 They smiled sweetly at him, with an expression that at the same time showed pure lust and devout love for him.

They were completely naked and like his their bodies had changed. Mari's breasts were a little wider than Shayera's, meaning they reminded Carter of two basketball balls placed side by side while the other woman's breasts reminded him more of two soccer balls (the European one, not the strange one of the Americans).

 Both pairs of breasts were crowned with large nipples, the tips of which were proudly erect (Carter was fully aware that it would be very easy to milk them).

 In the center of their breasts Carter saw the same pendant he was wearing at that moment around his neck.

There was no trace of hair on their limbs or vaginas. Any weight that might have been deemed superfluous had been eliminated or transferred to their asses (Carter knew his cock would fit perfectly inside them).

Even their faces were different. Their skin seemed rejuvenated thanks to the elimination of the few wrinkles that the two women had displayed until the day before, and had a rosy, almost glowing complexion.

 Their lips were much fuller than the day before, opening invitingly to reveal a set of perfect teeth.

Carter finally noticed their eyes. Their irises had taken on a pink glow, and Carter suspected his eyes were in the same condition.

"We would have woken you earlier," Vixen said softly

"But we've been busy." Shayera concluded, giggling.

Seeing the way they held their hands, Carter realized they had probably been busy with each other. 

He smiled, perfectly aware of the effect that the smile was going to have on his two mates.

He was not disappointed. The two women hurried to put down the fruit and kneel in front of him.

‘Remember your promise.’ Said the voice of the artifact in his head.

Carter nodded. The figurine would have been sent to Gotham. Before that, however, he wanted to fuck his two new mates in the ass.

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