House of Sex

BY : Tenudakin
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"Court! You're gonna be late!" Pat called out, knocking on the bathroom door. He heard his stepdaughter giggle and another, more masculine, muffled voice as well. "Wait... is Mike in there with you?" He had a feeling he already knew the answer to that.

The Dugan-Whitmore family didn't exactly have a conventional relationship. This was clear in the way that, unless needed, the children went around the house with no clothes on. It was even more apparent in the fact they all fucked each other. What originally started as a way to repair a damaged relationship after the patriarch and matriarch had caught each other sleeping with their respective stepchildren had evolved into something else entirely. It became something that would be considered taboo in the eyes of the society. A family that screws together stays together became their unofficial motto and sex would soon become a part of daily life for them.

It was a Monday morning, two days after that eventful night. Courtney had gone to clean her teeth and hadn't noticed her equally naked stepbrother slip in after her. The blonde was just about to start brushing her teeth when she noticed Mike behind her.

"Got room for second breakfast?" He gave his rapidly hardening cock a shake as he stood behind Courtney. She eyed up his erection hungrily. "I think I can manage." She said, licking her lips as she turned around and bent down, eyeing Mike's erect cock. "I hope there is enough protein shake in there for me. I am quite hungry." Courtney teased. On her knees she traced her slim fingers over the teenage length. The fingers then curled over the hardness and caressed the warm meat, gliding up and down. As her hand travelled the length, she leant over to drool onto it, spit shining the member.

Her tongue flicked out, tasting the head. The tip twitched over the pink head, teasing and tantalising at it. The wet muscle slithered along Mike's length, going past the head, along the shaft and then dipping down to his balls. It stayed there for a minute, flicking and licking them, before making the journey in reverse and giving the crown the same treatment. She quickly got bored of that and took the cock into her mouth.

Pat had been listening in and had fought not to get aroused, as a part of him wished he could be in there with them. Unlike his son and stepdaughter though, he was able to control his urges and banged on the door "Just hurry it up you two." He said resignedly, the kids were so going to be late for school if they kept this up. "The kids are doing it already?" Asked Barbara, chuckling as she passed by, ready to head to work. "Yup." Said Dugan, "And making themselves late in the process." This last bit was directed at the occupants of the bathroom. "Well… Not yet." Barbara pointed out as she eyed the clock hanging on the wall. "Well, they're gonna be if they don't hurry." Pat said.

“Mmm, Sounds like they're having fun.” Barbara commented as she also heard the lewd sounds coming from the closed bathroom. “Makes me wanna have a bit of fun now." She glanced at her watch and grimaced, "Too bad I have to get to work quick." Barbara said groaningly. “Don’t worry hon, we will have plenty of time after you get back.” Pat assured her. "Mwah. Love you." Barbara kissed Pat briefly before heading out.

Courtney had swallowed Mike's member and was bobbing her head, barely gagging as it slid to the base. "Ohh Yeaah!" Mike buried his fingers in the golden hair and bucked his hips, ramming his boner down his stepsister's throat. Dugan's groans grew as Whitmore brought her tongue back, slithering it along the hardness. She sucked on his junk like there was no tomorrow, slurping and swallowing, eager to get her prize. The brunette wondered how he'd ever coped starting the day without a morning blowjob and moaned as his stepsister sucked him off. Courtney’s mouth pursed tightly, she bobbed her head even faster and each time took the entire cock in a way that would put porn stars to shame. She barely gagged as she swallowed his hardness, even when Mike got rough and thrust his hips. Each time Courtney went forward he did the same. The bucks and thrusts of his hips met the bobs of his stepsister's head and both moaned. With the way the young blond went down on Mike’s shaft, it didn’t take long to bring Mike close to cumming.

“Mm~ Court~” Mike grunted groaningly as he thrusted his hips while shooting his load of spunk into his step-sis’s mouth, glazing it with cream. The young heroine saw the way Mike was reacting and had stopped her suction for a moment as the hot juice burst into her mouth. The load leaked and smeared around her lips which was quickly wiped away by an eager tongue. "Mmm delicious. Thanks Mike." She gave his length one more quick suck for good measure and to get the last few drops. “Holy fuck. Are you a pornstar or what?” asked Mike groaningly as he felt his step-sis suck him dry. "Well, lets just say that I had plenty of practice beforehand." Courtney said smirking before she got up. "We gotta do this every morning. And maybe in the evenings too." Mike said, refreshed as he opened the bathroom doors. "Yeah, definitely. We better get out of here before Pat starts shouting." Courtney said, jokingly nudging Mike.

"For God's sake Mike, at least put on some pants or something." Pat groaned, covering his eyes, as his son finally exited the bathroom, buck ass naked and his member still semi-hard and shiny with spit and cum. "What? Nothing you haven't seen before." Mike scoffed, absolutely shamelessly. "And besides we have all seen each other naked already, we literally fucked each other in front of each other... other than me and you of course. What's the point of even wearing clothes in this house except for obstructing ourselves from fucking each other?" asked Mike. Pat sighed "Damn teenage hormones. Just get ready for school." He gave his son a nudge, feeling a little jealous he didn't have that kind of stamina anymore, not that it stopped him from trying.

Then he remembered that he still needed to get Courtney to school. "Court! Can you please hurry up. You're really going to be late! What are you even doing now?" asked Pat groaningly as Courtney was still in the bathroom, the door wide open. "What's the rush? We always head to school early, so it's not really that late yet." Courtney shrugged as she came out naked, walking upstairs to get her clothes. "Really? You too?" Pat asked raising his eyebrow at the blonde, eyeing her body then at her hairy crotch. "Well, it feels more comfortable moving around the house naked, you should try it some time Daddy." Courtney teased sliding his hands on Pat's crotch. "Court, not now, really, you don't wanna be late." Pat said firmly as he pushed Courtney away from him. "We got all the time in the world to fuck after you get back from school." Pat said. "Aw~ Not even a quickie?" the blond teased. "Nope." Pat said, however his dick said otherwise. "Fine then, I guess." Courtney shrugged it off as she headed upstairs but she had an idea to get what she wanted anyway.

A few minutes later, Courtney came back down, wearing her usual school attire and headed out with Pat. Father and daughter were driving to school and At first the journey was no different than the usual one but then Courtney, not one for being denied, chose to spice things up a bit and wanted to have a little fun beforehand.

"Court? What are you doing?" asked Pat tensely as he drove, feeling Courtney's palm against his crotch. "Relax. No one will see me.” Courtney assured. She deftly undid his belt and pants and slid his underwear down. Dugan's shaft sprung out, already hard. "Mmm~ I see someone is turned on.” Courtney teased slyly as she leaned forward, stroking her step-father's hard length. "Court." Pat tried to sound reproachful, but it was tough with a boner standing tall. Courtney just giggled and squeezed his member. Leaning over she wrapped her lips around the big member. She knew time was of the essence so wasted none engulfing his member. She slathered and slurped Pat's rod and sank her mouth down. Pat had a few inches on his son, but Whitmore didn't let that slow her down as she plunged her mouth to the base. Pat barely manged to keep the car under control as the teen sucked him off. The blonde had begun bobbing her head up and down the older man’s length and her tongue coiled around it.

"Oh... Court~" Pat grunted as his step-daughter went down on his shaft. Her lips clamped over the meat as she sucked, ensuring as much friction as possible while she attempted to milk Pat as quick as possible. As much as the teen loved having a cock in her mouth she couldn't prolong the experience and did her best to get Pat to cum. Using every trick she knew (and some ones Barbara had taught her after the orgy) she sucked, bobbed, licked and generally worshipped the hardness. It was paying off as he groaned each time her head moved and his length tensed in preparation to blow. "Fuck!" He eventually burst. His thick load erupted like white lava and gave Courtney a midmorning snack, some leaking out from her mouth

"Mmm~ Thanks for the meal, Daddy." Courtney thanked teasingly as she scooped up her stepfather’s jizz from the corners of her mouth, licking it from her fingers, tasting it as Pat rested his head on the seat panting, the car stopped. Courtney’s blowjobs were certainly something else. “Uhm… Court… I think you should get going." Pat panted when he noticed the time on his flip-phone. "Oh relax, we've probably another ten minutes before-"

"Court. Your class starts in four minutes." Pat informed the young blond as he showed her his flip-phone. "Crap!" Courtney's eyes widened and quickly rushed out the car. Pat couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle as he watched the girl rush into the school. "Such a horny teenager." Hypocritically, he stared at her ass as she ran while adjusting his own attire. 'Well, gotta get to work.' Pat thought as he drove off towards the Pit Stop.

Yolanda looked around the class worryingly. Being late wasn’t like Courtney, unless she wasn’t coming to school. But then Courtney would usually tell her about that. Yolanda heard rapid footsteps coming from outside the class before she saw Courtney, making it into the class right as the bell rang. Yolanda couldn’t help but let out a smile after seeing the blond girl that literally changed her life. That smile turned into a subtly frown when she noticed certain details of Courtney’s appearances. "You aren't usually this late Court.” Yolanda said looking at Courtney who has just sat down panting heavily after racing into class and had arrived milliseconds before the bell. "Yeah I got caught up with some... stuff.” Courtney said sheepishly, hoping her friend would believe her. The Latina eyed the blonde's dishevelled appearance, her mussed hair, red face and rumpled clothes and had a pretty good idea of what she'd been doing. A drop of white by the corner of her mouth that she'd missed made it explicitly clear.

"Yeah, stuff. Sure... So... gonna tell me whose junk you just blew?" Asked Yolanda overly casually. "What? No-one!" The gymnast hotly protested. Yolanda didn't say anything but raised a sceptical eyebrow and tapped the side of her mouth, hinting at the glob on Courtney's. Stargirl quickly wiped the cum off the corner of the mouth, mentally scolding herself for not cleaning up properly before rushing into the school. "That's just... uhm... protein shake. I'm trying to stay in shape. You know, JSA and stuff, need to keep fit." She lied unconvincingly. The look on Wildcat's face didn't change and she was about to speak but was cut off by the teacher. "Miss Montez, Miss Whitmore, do you two have something to share with the entire class?" Their teacher asked threateningly. The girls apologised but Yolanda leaned over to whisper in her friend's ear "You're a terrible liar." Courtney just dismissed it as a playful tease, but as the class went on, Courtney could tell that Yolanda was in a very bad mood as she pretty much sulked through the entire day.

"So, you're really not going to tell me who was it?" asked Yolanda as she sat down at the usual 'JSA table' in the canteen. "Was it Cameron?" She needled. "Are you still going on about that? I told you, that was a protein shake." Courtney insisted groaningly as she sat down beside her. "And you know very well that that relationship isn't going anywhere, especially after what happened."

"What're you two talking about?" A deeper voice said, surprising Courtney. Rick had somehow snuck up on them, Beth by his side. "Courtney was just telling me about her 'protein shake'." Yolanda spoke before the blonde could, putting air quotes on the last two words.

"Ah. I see." Rick immediately understood. Beth didn't. "So what? You're on some kind of fitness regime?" She asked, puzzled. Rick facepalmed at the girl's pure mind, "No, Beth. What she means is Courtney was uh, addressing the staff." Beth still looked blank so he kept trying, listing terms on his fingers, "Bobbing for apples, giving a hummer gummer, tonsil teasing, cleaning a rifle, singing into the pink karaoke machine...", This went on for quite a while, "...Instigating a sword fight, making man soup, playing the rusty trombone-" "Alright! We get it!" Yolanda eventually stopped him annoyed.

Despite the long list of euphemisms, Beth still didn't get it and stared blankly at the group, "So what was she doing?" The Latina gave an exasperated sigh and made a gesture of sucking a cock with her hand and mouth. Chapel was still confused as ever, "She was... making weird faces?" It was Montez's turn to facepalm "No! Urgh... What I mean is she was giving someone, probably Cameron, a blowjob." At long last they got through to the innocent girl who's look of comprehension quickly turned into a blush. Ohhh!" She said, "Wait were you?" All eyes swivelled to their leader, whose face was now flushing red from the awkwardness. "No!" Courtney responded hotly. "Then what actually happened?" asked Rick curiously. Before Courtney could answer, Yolanda cut her off once again. "Oh nothing much, this girl just came running into the class last minute all scruffy looking and with cum around her mouth.

"Ooh, Court's been dating someone? Didn't know that." Rick said chuckling. "So, Cameron?" He teased and Courtney groaned  "I literally said that it was protein shake." She insisted. "What's with me and Cameron? You all know what happened with him! I'm over him."

"Like I was over Henry? Don't tell me you've forgotten what happened with us and to him?" Yolanda reminded flatly. "You can tell us the truth, seriously."

"What's up with you, Yolanda?" Courtney asked, puzzled at the Latina's moody behaviour. "Nothing." The Latina said defensively, "I'm just trying to look out for you, Court. I don't want happened with me and Henry to happen to you. For all we know something like that could happen with Cameron or he could turn out to be like his dad." Whitmore groaned "Look Yolanda, I get it I know you mean well, and you're upset but nothing's happening with me and Cameron. I liked him sure and his family came round for dinner one time but then the whole thing with his dad being Icicle and trying to mind control everyone happened so now we're just nothing." The others nodded and 'Mm-hmed', making it clear they didn't believe her. Beth humoured her though "So if it wasn't Cameron, who was it? Oh is it that guy from the football team that keeps looking at you." Stargirl gave an annoyed groan "I keep telling you, no-one.”

Their argument went round and round in circles, Courtney protesting that she hadn't been giving head and her friends not believing her. Yolanda was being more aggressive than the others for some reason. Rick and Beth was just teasing the blond, but Courtney felt that Yolanda was actually mad at her.

Barbara hummed as she worked in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron. She had the rest of the day off work and wanted to treat the family so began baking cookies. She baked away without a care in the world. She'd followed the kids' example and gotten naked once she'd gotten home and she understood the appeal, it was oddly liberating and free to be so scantily clad and, in some ways, it felt natural.

Suddenly, she felt someone grasp her waist tightly and a hard shaft pressing against her rear. Looking behind her, she smirked. "I thought you just did it with Courtney this morning?" asked Barbara smilingly as she turned around slightly to see Mike, still naked, his cock standing stiffly. "Well I couldn't help it Barb, you didn't need to wear nothing over your ass.” Mike chuckled. He groped said ass and brushed his fingers against her hairless opening. The blonde gave an amused sigh. "Go on then but be careful or these cookies will get an extra ingredient." Mike smirked "Would that be so bad?" He teased and Barbara laughed "Well if you want to eat cum cookies be my guest." Mike chuckled as well "Maybe not cookies but I can give you a fresh supply if you want." He continued to paw at his stepmother's ass and slipped a finger on his other hand into his mouth to suck on. The slick finger slid past her lower lips and wriggled and twitched inside her. A second finger came along and mirrored the first, the pair crooking and rubbing the inner walls.

"Mmm." Barbara couldn’t help but let out a moan as Mike stimulated her insides while she placed both her hands on the counter to support herself. She so needed this after a day of work. "Guess you’re already wet enough." Mike commented smilingly as he fingered the older woman slowly, continuing to tease her, sliding his fingers in and out before handling his shaft, pressing the head against Barbara’s pussy opening. "Gee, Barb. You’re really one to talk about controlling your urges." Mike joked as he slid his length into the woman, penetrating deep into her, making the blond let out a lengthy moan. "Shut up and just fuck me." Barbara purred. "As you wish." Mike said, smirking as he began to speed up his thrusts. His hips bucked, burying his length all the way before it was unsheathed again a long while later.

Later, after school, despite the fact that there wouldn’t be any training for the day, Courtney decided to walk over to the Pit Stop, intending to finish what she started in the morning and forget about the mediocre day she had. "Hey, Pat" Courtney called out teasingly as she entered the ‘JSA room’ of the Pit Stop. Pat was busy working on fixing S.T.R.I.P.E. Much to the blonde's delight, he was shirtless and sweating thanks to the hot sun. "Oh, Hey, Court. School’s over already?" Asked Pat as he climbed down the ladder. "Wait… where are the others?" asked Pat noticing the absence of the other team members. "Oh, uh, Rick and Beth are doing something, Yolanda is… uh… mad at me so she probably won’t be coming." Courtney said. It was the truth, Yolanda had barely talked to her for the rest of the day.

"So, I guess training is cancelled for today." Pat said. "Well, not necessarily." Courtney said, placing down her bag before walking over to Pat. "We can do some special training together." Courtney said smilingly as her palm massaged Dugan’s clothed crotch. "Really? Here and now?" asked Pat unsurely as he looked around. Stargirl tsked as she crouched in front of Pat, undoing his belt, fly and underpants in seconds. "You really do need to relax Pat, maybe I can help with that."

Dugan knew the blond girl wouldn't give up, so he gave another cautious look around before grabbing the petite girl. "Woo!" She cried as Pat bent her over a worktable. In seconds her pants were round her ankles and her stepdad's erect cock was sliding into her pussy. "Looks like someone's eager today." Courtney teased as Pat slid his length in. "That’s what happens when you tease me for entire day Court, deal with it." Pat grunted as his bucked his hips. "Oh? Taking the lead? I like it." Courtney giggled as Pat slowly thrusted his hips back and forth. "Fuck me, Daddy!"

The lewd sounds of moaning and flesh slapping soon filled the room as the older man fucked the blonde girl. "Ohh~ Yes~ Pat." Courtney moaned raspingly as Pat began to speed up his thrusts, letting out all the lust and urges that had been built up ever since morning when Courtney teased and blew him in the car on the way to school. “Mm~ Court.” Pat grunted as he thrusted his shaft into the teenager’s tight insides, feeling her pussy walls clench against his shaft as he fucked Whitmore. Courtney just relaxed as she let Pat do his job and pleasure her, she felt she so needed this after a long day of school. The older man and the blond teenager were at it for a while before Pat suddenly stopped.

"Hey, why'd you stop?" Complained Courtney as she felt Pat pull out of her, turning around to look at the man, who seemed worried. "I thought you said that no one was coming over?" asked Pat as he looked at the screen on the walls. "Yeah? Why?" asked Courtney, still frustrated that she couldn’t have her release yet. Pat gestured to the screen. "Cause Yolanda's here." Courtney turned to look at the screen. "Wait, since when do we have security cameras around here?" asked Courtney confused. "Just installed them last week." Pat said. Courtney looked at the screen, Pat was right. She could see Yolanda about to walk into the garage. Sighing, Courtney pulled her pants and panties up and quickly head out of the room to meet the Latina. "We’re not done Pat." Courtney reminded before she headed out, closing the doors.

"Hey Yolanda." Courtney greeted awkwardly and cautiously, knowing that she is probably still mad at her. "Hey Court." Yolanda responded. "How'd you know I was here?" Asked the brunette curiously. "Did you sense my presence something?" asked Yolanda in a tone so neutral that Courtney couldn’t tell if the boxer was serious or just being sarcastic.

"Uhm… Pat just installed security cameras around the place." Courtney said, pointing to one of the cams on the wall near them. "Ah I see. Well, that’s good." Yolanda said, then an awkward silence took over for a short while before Yolanda spoke. "You look… um… all worked up I see." Yolanda commented, eyeing the blond girl who was covered in sweat and her hair in a messy bunch. "Yeah, did a bit of combat training with Pat." Courtney lied, hoping that Yolanda wouldn’t see through it again. "Ah… well, I’m late to training after all." Yolanda said casually as she walked into the garage. " didn’t think you were going to show up actually." Courtney answered, frowning as she was still unsure of Yolanda’s motives.

"I know you’re probably still mad at me right now… but I wanted to... umm... apologize for earlier, I was really in a bad mood. I was just worried that a guy might hurt you, maybe not on purpose, but I don't want what happened with me and Henry to happen to anyone else, especially you." Yolanda apologized awkwardly. "Oh, it's fine, don't sweat it." Courtney answered as her frown turned into a warm smile. "Friends?" asked Yolanda. "Best friends." Affirmed Courtney, giving her friend a hug. As the girls embraced, they became acutely aware of their bodies pressing against each other. "You're not with anyone, right?" asked Yolanda. "Nope." Courtney answered. "That's good."

"So…wanna hang?" asked Yolanda after the two girls parted. Courtney was really tempted to join her best friend, but she knew she made a promise to Mike. “Sorry Yolanda, I would love to but… I promised my family I'd spend time with them tonight."

"Oh, yeah… sure. That’s fine." Yolanda answered. Courtney could hear the subtle disappointment in her voice. "Must be nice living with a family like that. You know my parents and what they’re like." Yolanda sighed. Whitmore placed a comforting hand on her bestie's shoulder "Hey I'm sure things will get better. And for what it's worth, you'll always be welcome with us." Courtney comforted warmly as it gave her an idea which she resolved to bring up with the family and wondered how they'd feel about bringing someone else into their activities. “Wanna ride home? Pat is closing up soon.” Courtney offered. “Sure.” Yolanda said smilingly.

Later that evening, the Whitmore-Dugans were having their daily family dinner. "So, how was your day?" asked Barbara casually at the dining table. The teens and Barbara were wearing nothing while Pat was wearing a pair of boxers, still not fully comfortable being an in-house nudist. As he saw the two nude blonds, he couldn’t help but feel his shaft stiffening again.

"Oh the usual" Pat shrugged. "Court here went down on me in the car on the way to school and was late-"

"Almost late, Pat. Almost." Courtney corrected. "Yes fine almost late. And she made me screw her at the workshop but then Yolanda almost walked in on us." Pat continued. “As if you didn’t want it.” Courtney scoffed. "I said no, Court." Pat recalled. "Well, if you really didn’t want me to do it, you should have pushed me away or something." Courtney shrugged. Pat sighed and pinched his nose "Look Court, I'm all for this but you gotta know there are times when we can't. No matter how horny any of us are. Got it?" The blonde nodded. "Good."

“Wow… In the car, Court? That sounds quite risky.” Barbara commented. Her daughter gave a dismissive flick of her hand "Eh. Pat could handle it. If not we would have definitely have gone out with a literal bang. So how was your day mom?” asked Courtney casually as she dug into her plate of food. “Oh, great, the American Dream is getting reorganized and we all got the rest of the afternoon off." Barbara said. " I made cookies for later and Mike helped me out so there might be a little something extra in them."

"Oh, Cum?" asked Courtney. "Well, maybe or maybe not." Barbara shrugged. "Wait… Mike, you just fucked my mom in the kitchen?" asked Courtney curiously. "An hour or two ago, why?" asked Mike. "Well, your cock is still hard considering you already came twice." Courtney commented. "Gee, can’t you two keep your hands off each other for even a minute?" Pat smiled bemusedly at the teenagers.

"So how're things with Cameron going?” asked Barbara casually, causing Courtney to groan. "Ugh. Why does everyone bringing him up today? Nothing. Is. Happening!" Barbara looked taken aback "Alright, I was only asking. I just thought the two of you liked each other." She said and her daughter groaned again "Maybe we did but after the whole ISA incident I can't face him, not knowing about Jordan." Her mother nodded "I understand but maybe you should try? You shouldn't judge him for what his father did. You shouldn't let that get in the way of you being happy." The motherly advice seemed to get through to the teen who considered her words. "I'll think about it."

“So, how was things with Yolanda? I thought you said that she was mad with you?” asked Pat casually. “Yeah, I didn’t expect her to come by.” Courtney said. "Yolanda's mad at you?" Asked Barbara curiously. "What actually happened?" asked Pat. Courtney sighed smilingly before telling the family of what happened in class then in the canteen. "Yolanda assumed that I blew some guy’s junk and was worried" Courtney finished. "Well, you did. Two guys as a matter of fact." Mike added. "Shut up." Courtney groaned. "And this is exactly the reason why I told you that there are times when we have to control our urges." Pat interjected. “Yeah, I know now. Apparently, she was in a bad mood as well.” Courtney added. "But all's fine with us now." "Ah, that’s good to hear." Barbara said. "She's had it rough, poor girl." As they were talking Courtney had been groping at her stepbrother's member underneath the table, sneaking naughty glances at each other as they ate, while Pat was talking about his day at work with Barbara.

After the dishes were done, the adults heard the sounds of groaning and giggling coming from the living room. It was no surprise to see Mike had mounted Courtney on the couch. "Seriously, you two, here?" asked Pat groaningly, feeling his shaft hard again for the third time that day. “And you couldn’t do it in the bed?” asked Pat. "Well, we could, but they are so many places we could do it, so many positions and possibilities." Courtney answered smiling.

"So… shall we join them?" asked Barbara teasingly as she palmed Pat’s tent, smirking at him. Pat turned to look at his wife then at the two teens and grinned, knowing that the family were in it for another long night.

"Why not?"

And that, was just another day in the unique life of the Whitmore-Dugan family.

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