Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Courtney opened her eyes from what it seems to be a deep slumber. She looked around and realized she was in a room that she has never seen before. For some reason, she was in her Stargirl outfit. Courtney tried to get up but felt something restraining her arms and legs. Courtney sat up and realized her legs and hands were bound together. Then, the blondie finally remembered. She was captured.

            Earlier that day, the JSA were following Tigress into the woods when they were ambushed by the full might of the new ISA. The last thing Courtney could remember was fighting Shiv before she felt something pierce her neck before passing out cold.

            “I must be in the ISA new base,” Courtney thought was she struggled against her bounds, trying to get free. “If I can get free, I might be able to escape and tell them, we can finally take down the ISA base.”

            Then, Courtney heard the door clicked and opened. Courtney froze as a person walked into the room after closing the door.

            “Looks who is finally awake,” Courtney heard a familiar voice. Courtney was silent, she wasn’t in the mood to talk to the brunette who have her as captive.

            “I didn’t think that we would get to talk this soon though.” Courtney heard the voice said as footsteps got close to her. Then, Courtney felt a stinging sensation as her captor grasp her by her hair, making the blondie look at her captor. Cindy was wearing her usual civilian clothes.

            “I’ll admit. I have dreamt of this moment for a long time,” Cindy said chuckling softly as she brushed Courtney’s cheek.

            “Where are my friends?” demanded Courtney. She needed to know if the others were all right.

            “You mean the rest of the JSA? You’ll be relieved to know that your ‘friends’ escaped, abandoning you in the process,” Cindy revealed as she tightened her grasp on Courtney’s hair yanking it, making the blondie groan in pain.

            “You made a terrible mistake,” Courtney said after Cindy let go of her hair and let her drop to the cold hard floor.

            “Did I now? I have you where I want you to be. Your ‘friends’ have no idea where our base is. And you, my dear, are going to tell me the location of the JSA base,” Cindy said as she cupped Courtney’s chin.

            “Never,” Courtney growled after she spit on Cindy’s feet. Cindy chuckled upon seeing her captive resistance before landing a hard slap on Courtney’s cheek, causing Courtney to fall and hit the ground.

            “Yeah, I knew you are a loyal bitch,” Cindy said as Courtney groaned from the pain of her head hitting the ground and walked towards the blondie and pressed her foot on Courtney’s stomach and released a blade from her wrist, brandishing her blades in front of Courtney.

            “It would be so easy to kill you right now,” Cindy said, smirking evilly as she made a throat slitting gesture, making Courtney gulp. “But that would be no fun,” Cindy continued on as she pressed her leg harder against Courtney’s stomach. “I’m going to make sure you suffer so much that you will wish that you’re dead,” Cindy said menacingly before stomping on Courtney’s stomach. Courtney winced and shouted in pain as she curled up. Cindy circled the blondie, just chuckling.

            “You may do your worst to me, Cindy. But… I will never give up my friends,” Courtney growled as she felt the pain.

            “Ah… You heroes are always so loyal to each other,” Cindy sighed as she picked Courtney up as if she had no weight and threw her against the wall. “How annoying.” Courtney was now on the floor, still in pain from the previous impact.

            “Painful isn’t it?” asked Cindy chuckling as she kneeled down in front of Courtney and grasped her hair. ‘Let me ask you again, where is the JSA headquarters?”

            Courtney spitted on Cindy face, “I... will never tell you!” Courtney said angrily.

            “Well, we’ll see,” Cindy said smirking. She landed a punch to Courtney’s stomach and let Courtney grovelled in pain as she stood up.

            “And I haven’t even began with the real torture yet,” Cindy chuckled as she picked the blondie up and carried over towards the back of the room where there were chains hanging from the ceiling. Cindy secured Courtney’s hands to the chains and let her dangle from them. Courtney strained as she tried to stand on her toes to lessen the pain of having to hang from the chains by her hands.

            “You won’t need this anymore,” Cindy said smirking as she removed Courtney’s mask and threw it aside. “I have to say. It is satisfying to see you so helpless.”

            “We will see who is the helpless one,” Courtney growled as she struggled against the chains.

            “Oh yes,” Cindy said with amusement in her voice as she kicked Courtney’s crotch hard, making the blondie scream in pain. “We shall see,” Cindy whispered before punching Courtney’s face.

            “Ha… I’m so enjoying this,” Cindy chuckled as she watched Courtney yelp in pain. “I think I should use you as my punching bag more often,” Cindy said as she kicked Courtney’s stomach hard again. “Are you ready to speak now bitch?” asked Cindy demandingly.

            “N- Never,” Courtney growled.

            “Then you had asked of this,” Cindy said.

            Courtney heard sounds of Cindy’s blades coming out of her wrist. Courtney closed her eyes as she waited for Cindy to end her, but instead she felt the blade slice through her top. Courtney opened her eyes in surprise to see Cindy tore her top away, leaving only her bra covering her breasts.

            “What are you doing Cindy?” asked Courtney worryingly.

            “What do you think bitch?” asked Cindy as she groped Courtney’s breast. “I’ll say, seeing you in that costume has always had me thinking, but seeing you like this is unusually exciting,” Cindy admitted as she snickers as she cupped Courtney’s cheeks and squeezed her face.

            “Let me go!” Courtney growled.

            “Don’t even think about it, Court,” Cindy said smirkingly. “I’m going to beat you, torture you then I’m going to assault you until you reveal the location of the base,” Cindy revealed as she spat on Courtney’s face. “Payback.”

            Cindy then unleashed her blades and cut through Courtney’s pants, ripping them of her, leaving the poor girl now in her panties and bra. Courtney tried to look away from her captor in embarrassment of how exposed she was in front of her.

            “Oh, this is amusing,” Cindy chuckled as she stomped Courtney’s crotch again, making Courtney yell in pain.

            Cindy then began to land punches and kicks on Courtney continuous on her stomach, face and crotch. The room was filled with sounds of Courtney helps and shrieks as well as sounds of Cindy fists hitting Courtney as she tried to make the blondie talk.

            When Cindy finally stopped and took a break, Courtney was bruised. The blondie was panting as she felt the pain from the continuous beating that Cindy had given her.

            “Are you going to talk yet?” asked Cindy demandingly.

            Courtney shook her head, not speaking.

            “Hmm… I think I’m being a little too nice to you. How about I try this,” Cindy said as a blade sprouted out from her wrist and she drew a light cut on Courtney’s face.

            Courtney felt blood trickling down her cheeks where Cindy had slashed it. She whimpered and flinched as Cindy retracted her blades.

            “It… hurts,” Courtney whimpered in pain.

            “Yeah, that’s the idea,” Cindy said coldly before grasping Courtney’s throat hard.

            “Now, who is the helpless one, huh?” Cindy laughed as she gripped Courtney’s throat. “Tell me where is the JSA base!” Cindy ordered as she tightened her grip.

            Courtney was now struggling to get free as she tried to grasp for air. She felt Cindy’s grp on her throat was getting tighter and tighter. Just as the blondie thought that she was going to pass out, Cindy released her grasp, letting Courtney breath normally.

            “Please… stop,” Courtney begged between her pants.

            “I’ll stop when you tell me the location of the JSA base,” Cindy reminded Courtney. In her mind, Cindy knew that she probably wouldn’t stop, this was too much fun to her to stop.

            Courtney didn’t reply Cindy as she struggled to breath. Cindy then chuckled and released a blade from her wrist and waved it in front of Courtney, making her flinch from the sight of the blade.

            “I guess your answer is still no,” Cindy said as she was about to mark her.

            As Cindy was about to continue, somebody knocked on the door.

            “Come in,” Cindy said irritated that someone has interrupted her. The door opened; it was Artemis Crock.

            “I see you’re interrogating her,” Artemis said. “Do you need help?” asked Artemis.

            “No, Crock. I rather I have my fun with this bitch,” Cindy answered. “What is it?” asked Cindy as she turned around and face Artemis.

            “Swift wants us to meet with him in the meeting room, says that he has something to tell us,” Artemis revealed.

            “I’ll be there,” Cindy said as Artemis exited to room.

            “Well, seems like this session has come to an end,” Cindy sighed before turning towards Courtney. “Rest up Stargirl, I will be back, after I’m done with this meeting,” Cindy promised as she held Courtney, who was crying silently by her chin. “I’ll come back to make sure you scream.”

            Cindy turned around and walked out of the room, closing and locking the door behind her, smiling evilly as she followed Artemis.

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