Slaver's Prey

BY : FireDragon400
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Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, was investigating the disappearances of women around the country. There were few leads to go on, as the girls seem to completely disappear with no trace left behind. After months of searching, she managed to find a few bread crumbs that went off in different directions, so she enlisted the help of Donna Troy, a.k.a. Troia, and Cassie Sandmark, a.k.a. Wonder Girl to explore the other paths while Wonder Woman herself tackled the main lead.

Her investigation led her to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Diana peered inside and saw she had hit the jackpot. A few dozen men were rummaging about with well over 30 attractive women were bound in various positions. They were all scared and pleading for mercy through their gags, but their pleads fell on deaf ears as several were being loaded into crates which were moved into a nondescript tractor trailer. Diana had finally found the white slavers! She had to strike before they left.

Silently entering through a nearby skylight, Diana made her way inside the warehouse and snuck around behind the slavers. Knowing she would have to move quickly, Wonder Woman put together a quick plan before launching her first strike. She took out the two guards near her and moved like lightning towards two other men getting ready to load up another slave girl. After taking them out, the slavers realized they had an intruder and surrounded the superheroine. Two brought up pistols and attempted to fire upon her, but Wonder Woman easily deflected the bullets with her bracelets and continued her attack. Within minutes, over a dozen slavers crumpled to the ground unconscious.

Wonder Woman expected things to wrap up soon when another slaver launched a gas canister near her. It was tear gas. Having no protection against gas attacks, Diana coughed and stumbled back when another slaver ran up with a different kind of gun: A taser. His aim was true and the prongs connected with the mighty Amazon’s bare skin, sending hundreds of volts of electricity into her skin, causing her body to convulse in pain. However, as a superheroine and an Amazon, her body could withstand the pain more than normal humans and she was able to rip out the prongs soon enough. It had its intended effect, though, as Diana began to stumble around, her body weakened by the tear gas and the taser. Before she could fully recover, another slaver walked up with a steel pipe, wound up, and slammed it into her stomach. The air escaped Diana’s lungs as she went flying to the ground, right into a thick cloud of gas. Wonder Woman struggled for air as she got on her knees, only meet another pipe right to her face. She once again continued to hack away, attempting to breathe, but as she tried to get up, she felt a boot on her ass, sending her to the ground. Diana could hear the captive women screaming for her. If the Champion of All Women couldn’t defeat these regular men, these captured girls would lose all their spirit and would never be able to resist men ever again. Diana once again tried to rise when she felt several pipes slam down on her body. Even the Amazon’s mighty body could only handle so much and the heroine was eventually rendered unconscious.

Several hours later, Wonder Woman woke up to find herself in a precarious position. She was kneeling naked in a bare room, a wooden stock locked around her neck and her hands bound before her. Her clothes had been removed except for her boots, bracelets, and tiara, leaving the superheroine otherwise naked. After remembering what happened, Diana began to mildly panic. Without her golden belt or her lasso, she didn’t have her super strength or mystical abilities. And with her hands bound by man, her natural strength had been sapped. She wouldn’t be able to escape on her own now. She felt the ground underneath her moving and figured she was inside one of the trucks. It was then she heard muffled screams and looked forward. Further inside the truck were a dozen girls chained to the walls of the truck, helpless to do anything but wiggle slightly. The gagged women pleaded for their champion to help them. She could see it in their eyes that any hope of escape resided in her. Diana kept her weakness to herself and tried to assure the girls that they would escape. Then, the truck stopped.

A few minutes later, the door opened and several slavers walked in, gloating about their success. They easily unhooked the captive girls and moved them off of the truck, saving Diana for last. She demanded that they free her and the other girls again and again, but all the men ignored her. One got particularly annoyed by the constant whining and slapped Diana hard. Without her enhanced endurance, the slap left a big red mark on her cheek, forcing her to shut up. Eventually, the slavers came for her, unlocking the chains and leading the captive heroine out of the truck. Diana tried to resist them, but a swift kick to her bare pussy was more than enough to convince her to obey. The slavers led Wonder Woman to a padded bar in the middle of the room. She was bent over, with her bound hands fastened to one side of the bar, her spread legs chained to the other side, with one other strap locked around her waist. Diana attempted to break free, but even with her enhanced strength she had no leverage to break her bonds. As weak as she was, there was no chance of escape.

As Wonder Woman demanded to know what they were going to do to her, though she likely already knew, one of the slavers walked up to her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up painfully. He said they were going to teach the bitchy heroine a lesson and crush the spirits of their captives, making training them easier. All of the captive girls were seated around them, their ankles chained to the floor to prevent their escape, and were desperate for Wonder Woman to save them. The slaver then went full ham and shouted loudly that girls existed to be sex toys for men, and that these girls would learn that fact as their great hope, the Champion of All Women, was dominated and enslaved by proper men. Diana yelled at him that she would never yield, eliciting a cruel smile from her captor. That smile sent a shiver down Diana’s spine and, for the first time, the notion of being this man’s enslaved sex toy had a pinge of truth to her. Unfortunately for her, her body anticipated what was to come, which did not go unnoticed. One of the other henchmen began to finger her pussy and noted how wet she was getting, causing the men to laugh, the women to wail in despair, and Diana to feel humiliated.

Then, it was time for the main event to begin. The leader walked behind Diana and pulled out his massive cock. Though she couldn’t see it, the muffled gasps from the other captive women told her that he was indeed well equipped to accomplish his task. Another slaver stepped up and grabbed her head, putting it level with his cock, which was well over 8 inches and at least 2 inches thick. Diana intended to bite down as a way of rebellion, but her face was slapped hard and she was warned that if she did bite down, they wouldn’t hesitate to outright kill one of the girls. Fearing for their lives, Diana glumly accepted defeat and opened her mouth.

Both slavers soon plunged into her holes and Diana was in immediate pain. Both cocks stretched her holes to their very limit and even the lubricating provided by her pussy wasn’t enough to dull her pussy being stretched to the limit. She was no stranger to sex with men, but none of the men she had made love to could fill her anywhere near this much. Meanwhile, the man fucking her mouth was quickly causing the heroine’s neck and jaw to become sore, but there was little she could do to ease the pressure. The double penetration was entirely unfamiliar to the Amazon and her body was struggling to take the constant pounding. The lead slaver was especially brutal, pounding her pussy in a constant rhythm and managing to fit his cock all the way into her womb.

All the while, both slavers began to verbally degrade the heroine, calling her a slut or a whore, laughing at how her body was responding to their rape of her body. Indeed, Diana’s body had become flush with heat and her pussy was gushing at this point. Them calling her a slut, her fear of their words being true, and the thought of all the girls seeing her rape combined to fuel Diana’s humiliation, which merely made her body even hotter and her pussy even more aroused. After about twenty minutes, the man fucking her mouth began to explode in her mouth, jamming his cock down her throat and forcing her to swallow his seed. He pulled out after a few spurts and sent the rest of his seed splashing on her face, causing the helpless heroine further humiliation. As the lead slaver continued to pound her, the one fucking her mouth asked if she was ready to surrender yet. Defiant, Wonder Woman told him to go to hell, but she immediately moaned afterwards, signaling to everyone that she was breaking down extremely fast. All the men laughed at how pathetic she was.

The next slaver stepped up to Diana’s mouth and jammed his cock down her throat, while a few minutes later the lead slaver was ready to explode and rammed his cock as far as it could go, depositing all of his cum deep into Diana’s womb. The beaten heroine squealed as she felt the jizz deep into her body and began to cry around the cock in her mouth. The lead slaver pulled his cock out with a pop and stepped aside for another to take his place. He then stepped around and wiped off the excess juices in Diana’s hair, before bending down and started playing with her tits, slapping them or pulling her nipples, causing Diana’s body to grow hotter and hotter. He grinned as Diana continued to squeal and moan and looked around. All the girls were squirming in their bonds, but not in any attempt to escape. It was obvious all of them had become heavily aroused by the sight before them. A few of the other slavers fondled some of the captive girls’ boobs, causing them to moan loudly.

After every slaver was finished with her mouth, he would then offer Diana a chance to surrender to the inevitable and become a sex slave. The helpless heroine continued to put up a defiant front, but with each slaver ravishing her body, her tone became less and less defiant. After a few hours, Diana’s body was caked in cum, her pussy was oozing excess sperm, and her jaw was completely sore. After the 10th oral rape, Diana’s voice of defiance became desperate, as if she was trying to convince herself rather than her rapists. But even superheroines had their limits. Several hours since her brutal rape started, the mighty heroine had finally broken. With tears streaming down her face, Diana admitted defeat and accepted her fate as a sex slave, pleading for mercy. However, her voice was extremely hoarse by this point, so her submission could only be heard by the men immediately around her.

When the last slaver finished pumping her pussy, the weary woman was unlocked from her bondage and placed on the ground in a kneeling position. Her body was completely free, no stocks or chains. If Diana wanted to, she could leap to her feat and attempt to fight her way out. Before she could contemplate that, the lead slaver threw an iron collar on the ground. He told her to place the collar around her neck, cementing her new status, then to crawl to him and kiss his feet. This was Diana’s chance. Her last chance to escape or fight back. The final attempt at being the savior the girls around her wanted her to be. She could avoid the end of her superheroine career and restore her name. Diana stared at the hunk of metal. All she needed to do was stand up as a proud woman. As the Champion of All Women. As someone who fought against the tyranny of men.

Diana slowly reached forward and grabbed the iron collar. With tears in her eyes and her hands trembling, the mighty heroine opened the collar and fastened it around her neck. The metal click felt like an earthquake to the former heroine, signifying the end of her freedom. The battered heroine then slowly crawled over on her hands and knees towards her new Master. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see the girls wail in despair at their last hope of freedom surrendering before them. She couldn’t bear to look them in the eyes, her betrayal of their feelings too painful to endure. Instead, she focused on the lead slaver as she came upon him. Looking up, he had a huge, shit-eating grin across his face, causing Diana more humiliation as they both knew this was irreversible. Sobbing, Wonder Woman then bent down and kissed her new Master’s feet, knowing she would never symbolically rise from this position ever again.

After a few minutes, Diana sat back on her knees and offered up her wrists. She told the slaver that if her hands were bound with chains, what little Amazon strength Diana had left in her body would drain away, leaving her completely powerless before them. As the slaver roared back with laughter at Diana’s complete submission, he motioned for another slaver to bind Diana’s wrists with iron shackles, causing the heroine to feel even weaker than she did earlier. Around her, the captive girls sobbed as their idol and last hope fell before them. Most of them had cum from watching the brutal rape over the past few hours. Soon, each of the girls were ungagged. The slavers asked if they would submit, and each of the girls agreed to immediately. Every single girl submitted to their new lives as sex slaves and would no longer fight or resist the inevitable.

After all, if the Champion of All Women was now a sex slave, what chance did they have?

Several weeks later, Wonder Woman was enduring another day of casual rape. One of the other slavers that wasn’t a part of the initial group she tangled with was pounding her well worn pussy. She was again completely naked but for her tiara, her collar, and the metal shackles on her wrists and ankles. The shackles had short chains on them, limiting her movement and ensuring she would always remain powerless. Diana had no idea what eventually happened to her costume, but she did eventually tell her Master all about her belt and the Lasso of Truth, pleasing him greatly. All of the girls that had been captured had since been sold off to rich men around the world, all accepting of their fates. Diana had been dragged out during future batches to help convince the girls to give up and accept being sex slaves. She was quite good at her job, causing all the captive girls to moan in despair.

As the latest slaver pumped his seed into her well-worn pussy and pulled out, Diana thanked him for the privilege of being his fuck pet. He chuckled and pet her on the head, causing Diana to blush. Suddenly, the lead slaver opened the door and walked in. Grinning wildly, he told Wonder Whore that she had some new friends to help her in her new job and pulled two long chain leashes. Despite herself, Diana couldn’t help but gasp.

Donna and Cassie, naked and in chains, solemnly crawled into the room, the chain leashes leading to iron collars locked tight around their necks. The two broken heroines looked up and gasped at their mentor also naked and in chains. All three girls began to cry as the reality of the situation slammed upon them. There would be no rescue for them. For the rest of their long lives, they would remain as sex slaves to men, helpless to resist their might.

The slavers grinned as despair fell upon their slaves. They were allowed to crawl to each other and hug one another, sharing their pain and trauma as Diana tried to comfort her two younger proteges.

Diana looked down at Donna and Cassie. The three of them would remain together forevermore, even in slavery.

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