Reviews for Planar Overlay: Two Worlds, One Fate

BY : Dibbley777

  • From AgentGv01 on January 11, 2015

    I tried to give this story a shot but I just didn't like it. You didn't really explain why or even HOW this OC of yours got to this world and I wasn't sure if this world was a merged DC and Marvel one or just a DC one since worlds merged together is the usual DC world before and after the Flashpoint event. Also why in the world would an announcement actually say "welcome to Earth 17" that makes no sense.

    I really don't like this OC, he comes across as just very bland, his speech comes across as kind of wooden at times and a little lame I know he's from some kind of fantasy world but hell I can get with how Thor is written in the comics but not this guy for some reason. It's also kind of confusing at times in the story what's going on. I know you wanted some mystery but when you have nothing but OCs as the focus that gets hard to get a grip on what's going on as only you know fully. And they just seem like Gary Stu types and that's really hard to get into.

    Some of the story just goes on a little too long in some areas as you go on and on about stuff that I don't know about or don't fully understand and by the end I still don't fully understand. Not many people would have that kind of understanding of Magic the gathering (I think that's what this is from?) hell I haven't touched that in over a decade.

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