Stargirl: Fun With Max

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own DC's Stargirl, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Thanks to Acethegreat from AO3 for coming to me with this idea!

Warning: If you don't like reading about beastality sex, do not read this. And no hate please!



           Courtney was sleeping in her bed peacefully, snuggling against the body pillow. Just another usual night, before Courtney, felt that something was moving on her bed. Courtney opened her eyes dazedly and looked up at the ceiling. She could hear her bed moving and creaking as if something were pounding into the bed. Courtney, still tired, turned towards the part where she felt her bed was sinking in, and to her surprise. Even though it was dark, the blond could roughly make out the shape of the figure to be her pet dog, a golden retriever, Max which somehow got into her room and onto her bed for whatever reason.
           “Max? What are you doing here?” groaned Courtney sleepily as her hands moved to nudge him, and instead of feeling a furry body, she felt something slimy. “Ew… what the” Courtney mumbled as she rolled over and got up to turn on the lights, only to see her dog right on top of her favorite stuffed toy.
           “What the” Courtney mumbled rubbing her eyes to make sure that she wasn’t seeing things. Max was on top of her stuffed toy, humping it. Courtney’s eyes then trailed to her stuff toy underneath her pet, it was covered in white substance drooling from the dog’s erected member and slick with it. “Ew… what the fuck, Max, I sleep with this,” Courtney groaned as she got over to her dog and pulled him off her stuffed toy before picking it up. Courtney then noticed the dog’s member, it was erected and a huge, white, and transparent substance still dripping from it.
           Courtney wasn’t that innocent; she knew that her dog was ‘mating’ with her stuffed toy. She has just learned about sex not long ago and was pretty sure that was what she saw not even minutes ago. Then, memories of sex education came back to her, remembering what the teachers said about how sex was addicting and all. Courtney thought and out of pure curiosity, Courtney licked the white spunk off her hand, tasting it in her mouth. And surprisingly, although it was bitter, it tasted addicting for some reason. 
           “Hmm… maybe this doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would,” Courtney thought to herself as an idea came to her mind. “Hmm… I wonder if…” Courtney got down the bed, having naughty thoughts about the dog. The blond girl ever played with herself in the past with just her fingers, she never had a true cock up inside her yet, and Courtney didn’t want to let this chance slide. “Stay here boy, I got a surprise for you,” Courtney told the dog smilingly before rushing downstairs and towards the kitchen.
           It didn’t take long for Courtney to come back up, bringing Max's favorite treat of dog food, a jar of peanut butter which she knew Max loved, a huge pack of crackers for which just in case she got caught, butter and a plastic knife. Setting them on the table beside the bed, where Max was humping her pillow now. Courtney chuckled upon seeing her dog humping. “Mmm~ Come here Max,” Courtney cooed as she picked Max up and laid him on the bed, getting on the bed with it, and got closer to the dog’s member. 
           “Well, here goes,” Courtney muttered to herself. Courtney had watched porn before, imitating the pornstar she remembered watching, Courtney then began licking at Max’s member, tasting what was presumably Max’s cum, and like before, it somehow tasted addicting. Courtney began taking the length into her mouth, covering the dog’s member with a coat of slick saliva as she bopped up and down, leaving trails of fluid on his length. Max has begun to growl, but it wasn’t a growl of anger or fear, to Courtney it sounded more like a growl of pleasure.
           “Mmm~ Mm!” Courtney groaned as she realized something was banging against her lips, using her hand to stop it from going in her mouth,” Courtney soon felt something shooting into her mouth, quite like the white sticky ‘goo’ that Courtney tasted off her fingers earlier. 
           Courtney has begun to suck on Max’s member, twirling her tongue around his length as spunk continued to flow out of his shaft and into Courtney’s throat, some leaking from her mouth and drooling down her chin as Courtney bobbed her head. Courtney tried her best not to get anything on the bed as she knew that it would probably be a very awkward thing for her to explain to her parents. “Mmm~ Mmm~” Courtney moaned as she felt the dog slightly thrust his length deeper into her mouth, letting out a howl of pleasure as he did. Courtney was surprised at how much the dog was cumming and flooding her mouth white.
           After a while, Courtney lifted her head, with cum drooling down her mouth and her tongue glistening white with spunk. “Ah~ Good dog,” Courtney praised, patting and rubbing the dog’s head, who barked in a somewhat cheerful manner in response.
           “Mm~ What about I give you a treat?” asked Courtney smirkingly as she grabbed the box of dog treats from her table. Max sat up obediently in front of Courtney was she held up the box of treats, making Courtney laughed.
           “Such an eager boy” Courtney teased sensually as she got a naughty idea.
           The blonde soon lay back on the bed with her legs spread open. “Come Max~ Meal time~” Courtney teased as she poured a bit of treat on and around her womanhood, urging the canine to come close to her. Max looked at the blonde for a bit before scrambling towards her crotch, and very soon, Courtney let out a moan as Max began eating doggy treats from her body, not hurting Courtney’s womanhood in any way as it ate a snack that Courtney stuck up her wet and aroused sex.
           “Mm~ Yes, such a good boy,” Courtney chuckled as she got up and rubbed the dog’s head, bringing the dog close to her body, embracing the pet warmly. The dog gave her cheerful bark. “Ah, you like this huh?” asked Courtney teasingly. Very soon, Courtney felt the dog’s huge shaft hardening up and pressing against her stomach again. “Oh? Ready to go already?” chuckled Courtney, looking at the dog.
           The dog just yipped in confirmation, before moving back towards the stuffed toy on Courtney's bed.
           “Hey no, Max, bad boy, you’re not allowed to hump Duckie,” Courtney scolded as she grabbed the toy.  The golden retriever turned to look at his owner puzzled and crawled towards her.
           “Hmm, I wonder if,” Courtney smirked as she held Duckie, her stuffed toy as grabbed a jar of peanut butter and a plastic knife from the table. Setting the toy beside her, she opened the jar and dipped the knife into it, collecting a considerable amount of peanut butter, spreading them on the one place she always liked masturbating with, her tight anus. Courtney spread peanut butter around her ass crack and a bit in her tight insides. 
           Courtney got on her arms and knees, spreading her anal cheeks. “Come on Max~ I know you like peanut butter~” Courtney teased. And as she expected the dog began lapping at her asscrack hungrily, savoring the peanut butter.
           “Mmm~ That’s a good boy,” Courtney purred. “Oh!” Courtney let out a gasp as Max’s tongue dipped into her anal, licking the peanut butter inside as well. “Ah~ Mmm~ fuckk~” Courtney moaned as she felt the dog’s tongue probing her tight hole, she reached for Duckie, which Max had creamed not too long, and held tight to it, bring it to her face to muffle her moans. 
           Courtney moans as she felt the golden retriever’s tongue moving along her tight insides, touching her sensitive spot as he did. However, the process didn’t last as long as Courtney liked. Courtney felt the tongue leave her tight hole, not long after, the girl assumed that the dog either had no interest, or it had finished the peanut butter. Sighing in disappointment, the blondie was about to get up, and right at that moment, she felt something hard impaling her tight backdoor. 
           “AhmmmmMMM~” Courtney bit the stuffed toy in an attempt to cover her moans as Max penetrated her tight anus, yipping a bit too loud as it began mounting the girl. Courtney's eyes shot wide open as she felt Max’s shaft grow inside her as the dog began thrusting, fucking his owner roughly. Courtney could feel the shaft hardening inside her, stretching her insides.
           The blond girl felt pain at first, wanting to push the dog off her back, but as it went on, Courtney soon began enjoying as Max fucked her anus at a very quick pace, moaning sensually against her creamed stuff toy while tasting the spunk that her dog left on it.
           Courtney was overwhelmed by how well the dog was doing by thrusting and pounding her tight hole so fast. Warm pre-cum began filling her insides, lubing it to make the experience more pleasurable for his blonde ‘mate’.  Courtney had fingered and played around with her tight hole before, but she never felt anything like this before. Courtney let out another long and needy moan, muffled by the stuffed toy.
           “Oh yes~” Courtney moaned softly as the dog thrust his hard member inside her tight anus. “Mmm~ Good boy~ Ahh~ ah, ah, fuck~” Courtney was beginning to forget the fact that she wasn’t alone at home and began moaning louder and louder as Max’s thrust grew stronger and quicker every moment that passed. “Oh~ Mmmm~ MMM~ YMM~” Courtney muffled her mouth with the stuffed toy as she climaxed, squirting her juices as waves of indescribable pleasure traveled through her body.
          Max let out a howl of ecstasy as it felt Courtney’s anal wall tightened around his stiff phallus, as even more cum filled the blondie’s tight hole, creaming her insides. Courtney wasn’t even sure if it was possible as she felt the amount flowing about inside her. It was pleasure and arousal never-ending as the blondie was being fucked by her dog for what seemed to be hours as it cummed inside her again and again, making the blondie orgasm multiple times just from being fucked in the ass.
           After a while, Courtney was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of having her dog’s member up her tight ass, letting him ravage her as it like. She was moaning like a bitch, which in this case, she was really no different from one. The blonde girl has thrown out and forgets the need to stay quiet as she now just focused on the amazing sensation and pleasure she felt.
           “Oh~ yes yes yes Fuck~ FUCKKK~” Courtney let out a moan as she orgasmed once more, and this was the breaking point for her. The girl slumped onto her bed, exhausted but contented from the entire carnal experience with her pet. Max’s inflated member was still buried deep inside her as they stayed connected for a while before her dog slowly pulled out and laid down beside her, too exhausted from the mating.
           “Mmm~ Good boy,” Courtney said tiredly as she hugged Max passionately before getting up. Her butthole felt a bit full from all the spunk the canine unloaded inside her. Remembering how much she enjoyed the taste earlier, Courtney had an idea.
           Courtney took the packet of crackers and opened them, spreading her legs and sitting with her leg spread eagle, giving herself access as she moved the cracker towards her asscrack that was leaking with Max’s cum, scooping it up before moving the cum-drenched cracker to her mouth, devouring it hungrily.
           “Mmm~ delicious,” Courtney smiled. It was a bit salty and bitter, but for some reason, it just appeals to her.
           It didn’t take long for Courtney to finish the entire packet of crackers the exact same way she ate the first one. Now feeling tired, she laid down on the bed, not bothering to put her clothes back on. Looking at Max laying on her bed, already fast asleep. The blonde girl just snuggled up beside it, falling to deep sleep after a long night.


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