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           Courtney groaned as her eyes fluttered open as she felt a stinging pain on the back of her head. “Where am I? How did I get here?” Courtney thought to herself as she looked around her, trying to make out where she was, but all she could see was darkness. Courtney groaned as she got up, her body sore for some reason as she tried to walk around, feeling for a wall or a switch. 

            It didn’t take too long for the blond superheroine’s eyes to get used to the darkness to make out a few things in front of her as she moved around what seems to be a room. And as far as she could tell the room was empty. Then, Courtney looked down on her body, feeling the fabric on her before realizing that she was wearing her Stargirl suit. Even more confused now, the blond tried to remember what happened to her that ended up with her being in this dark place. That was when she finally recalled what happened before everything blacked out for her.

            “Stargirl! Do you copy? Where are you?” asked Yolanda over the comms frantically as Courtney flew through the sky on her staff. “We are coming!”

            “Tracking the arsonist that set an entire block on fire to the northern woods, damn, he is fast,” Stargirl exclaimed as she tried to keep up on her staff. 

            “The rest of the JSA is on their way, don’t attack yet,” Wildcat said worryingly as she grabbed onto the back of Courtney’s stepfathers giant mech suit, S.T.R.I.P.E., holding onto the handles on the back tightly with Rick, Artemis and Beth as it took off into the skies.

            “Copy that,” their leader answered firmly. Courtney races through the trees trying to catch up to the hooded person that was somehow running at inhuman speed. Then suddenly, Courtney lost track of the person, as if he had suddenly disappeared, vanished into thin air. “Guys, I lost visual on him,” Courtney said through the comms. “Going down to take a look,” Courtney informed the others.

            “Copy that,” Hourman answered. “We’re almost reaching the woods, give us the signal when we say when.”

            “Got it, going in now,” Courtney said as she landed on the spot where she saw the person vanish. “I’m on the ground, no sign of anyone.” Courtney looked around puzzled, she was certain that the person she chased earlier was last seen here. 

            “Court, anytime now,” Rick reminded

            “I thought you are going to say when?” asked Courtney jokingly.

            “Haha, very funny Court,” Pat said sarcastically, remembering that particular time when his car broke down on while he was sending his stepdaughter to school.

            “Alright here is the- ARGH!” Courtney’s screams could be heard through the comms before it was replaced by a long static buzz.

            “Court? Court!” Wildcat called out. “Stargirl! Courtney? What is going on?” Nothing, just the sound of static buzzing. “Pat! We need to find Court. Quickly!” Yolanda said urgently.

            Little did the JSA know that it was already too late for Courtney Whitmore as all that was left on the spot where Stargirl fell was the Cosmic Staff, laying still on the ground, with its mistress nowhere in sight. A remainder of the poor girl left behind.

            “I was attacked. Someone hit me from behind, green…” Courtney recalled, trying to make sense of who her attacker was. Then, she heard a door open. Courtney turned towards the sound nervously as she heard the door close and a clicking sound of the door being locked.

            “W- Who are you?” asked the blond stuttering as she prepared to fight back.

            “Really? Courtney? You don’t remember me? Your good friend?” asked the voice. It was a female’s voice which sounded so familiar to Courtney that she instantly recognized the voice.

            “Cindy,” Stargirl growled as the lights turned on, revealing the brunette standing in the room, wearing her usual green attire that she used to go about her day with. There were two drones, standing beside her.

            “Nice to finally meet you again, Stargirl,” Cindy greeted in a cold, casual way as she walked closer towards the blond. “Do you miss me?”

            “What do you want?” asked Stargirl as she faced Cindy, not backing away, prepared to fight as she clenched her fists in anger. 

            “I want you,” Cindy answered overly casually, giving Courtney that sick grin she knew all too well.

            “Let me go,” Courtney growled as she raised her fist. Prepared to fight her arch enemy and win.

            “Now, Court. Do you really want to fight? You don’t have your fancy stuff with you. You don’t have your team to protect you-” Cindy warned in a dangerously sweet voice.

            “I can take you on myself, bitch,” Courtney spat angrily as she balled her fist. “Let me go,” Courtney growled threateningly

            “Oh? How confident you are,” Cindy chuckled. “You want a fight? I will give you one.” Cindy chuckled as she balled her fist and attempted to punch Courtney in the guts. The blond managed to block the attack swiftly.

            “You should’ve tied me up,” Courtney said, smirking at her small victory as she blocked Cindy’s fist. “At least I won’t fight back.”

            “Bitches that don’t move, where is the fun in that?” asked Cindy smirkingly before raising her legs, swiftly kicking the blond girl’s groin.

            “ARGH!” Courtney yelled in agony as Cindy’s feet smashed against her crotch. Courtney’s leg weakened and she fell onto the floor, clutching her crotch as she grovel on the ground in pain. Her body trembling slightly from the shock and pain. “Cin- What the fuck?” Courtney groaned in pain as she tried to get up while feeling the aftershocks of the kick.

            “Huh? I didn’t even use my full strength for that kick,” Cindy chuckled as she bent down, cupping Courtney’s cheeks, slapping her lightly. “Come on now, Stargirl. Get up and fight me,” Cindy challenged the blond mockingly. “Come on bitch, hit me, giving you a free shot,” Cindy mocked the blond girl, spitting on her face.

            Courtney tried her best to stand but the pain of being kicked in her groin was too overwhelming for the blondie to apprehend. “Aww~ Can’t stand?” asked Cindy, she was clearly enjoying Courtney’s suffering. “Let me help you,” Cindy offered as she grabbed a bunch of Stargirl’s bushy hair, pulling her up, ignoring her cries of pain. As Courtney’s clutched Cindy’s hands, attempting to pull her off.

            “Let me go!” Courtney grunted, struggling against Cindy’s grasp.

            “Oh, you bitch,” Cindy sighed mockingly before stomping on Courtney’s crotch again, laughing as she let go of Courtney’s hair, dropping her on the hard cold ground, letting her grovel in pain for a short while before punching her tits roughly, causing the blondie to suffer as she beat her up mercilessly. Courtney’s eyes widened as she watched as Cindy unleashed a blade from her right wrist. “Alright Stargirl, you better not move,” Cindy warned teasingly as she approached the beaten-up blondie, who was fearfully backing away from the brunette.

            “So, is this it? You’re going to kill me?” asked Courtney shakily as she backed away from Cindy, only for Cindy to respond with a cold and heartless laugh.

            “Kill you? You’re funny Courtney. If I wanted you dead, you would be dead ages ago,” Cindy snicked as she moved closer towards Courtney, backing her up against the wall as she pressed the flat side of the blade against the young heroine’s neck as Courtney whimpered in fear. Cindy then swiftly delved her blade into the small tight space between the blonde girl’s skin and her suit, tugging against it before ripping a cut through and across the fabric. “Mmm~ Thought the fabric would be a bit tougher,” Cindy grunted as she grabbed the cut and swiftly ripped Courtney’s top off her. Courtney let out a yelp of pain as she felt the rough fabric being pulled against her hard before it snapped, leaving only her bra to cover her top.

            “Mmm? Just a plain bra? I thought a bitch like you would wear something more colourful underneath,” Cindy chuckled as she grabbed Courtney’s shorts with her bare hands and pulled her up effortlessly. “Cin! AH!” Courtney shouted in pain when she felt the fabric of her Stargirl’s suit tugged and pulled against her crotch, feeling it burn as Cindy forcibly ripped her pants off her, kicking Stargirl in the groin once her panties were bare. Cindy sent Courtney flying a bit and crashing into the corner of the room.

            Courtney fell and hit the ground and wall hard, she was in so much pain that she couldn’t focus. Cindy just chuckled at the blonde’s misery. Cindy then grabbed Courtney’s hair into a bunch then delved her blades into the space between her tits and bra, making the poor blonde wince in fear.

            “Don’t worry Starbitch, I wouldn’t cut you, yet anyway,” Cindy said before letting out a maniac laugh as she snipped Courtney’s bra, letting it fall to the ground. Courtney’s hand naturally moved to cover her breast in shame. Being beaten up by Cindy was already humiliating enough, being stripped naked was just adding salt to the wound.

            “Oh? Are you shy Starbitch?” Cindy asked, pretending to be concerned as she crouch down, trailing her hands-on Courtney’s bruised body, moving over to her panties. “Mmm~ You’re panties are no fun either,” Cindy muttered before grabbed it and pull it off Courtney roughly. Courtney let out a howl of agony as she felt her panties tugged against her womanhood, which was unusually sensitive, and Courtney felt as if it was burning with heat.

            Courtney now laid on the floor, beaten, bruised and naked, she was forced into the corner of the room, she used one arm to cover her breasts as her other hand covered her unshaven and hairy crotch as Cindy looked at her, naked posture.

            “Mmm~ Now I have ‘calmed’ you down, how about a little… negotiation?” asked Cindy chuckling as she pressed a button on the remote in her hand. Courtney watched as the screen in front of her was turned on, and what it shows was shocking.

            “Is- Is that-” Courtney stuttered in disbelief as she looked at the screen being displayed in front of her.

            “Chapel,” Cindy gestured towards the screen pointing out the figures inside. “Your dear mom,” Cindy said as she pointed to a small portion of the video feed, showing Barbara in the kitchen. “Harris and your dad,” Cindy gestured to the portion of the screen that showed Rick and Pat working on S.T.R.I.P.E. “Crock.” Cindy gestured to the portion of the visuals that showed Artemis was punching a punching bag in her room. “Chapel,” Cindy said, showing Courtney a focused Beth with her googles. “And the slut and your bestie, Yolanda Montez,” Cindy finished as she gestured towards the screen, showing Yolanda in her room, pacing up and down.”

            “What are you going to do?” asked Courtney weakly, greatly in pain from the beating she just received and shock from the reveal.

            “See this remote in my hand?” asked Cindy waving the remote which had six buttons on it. “One wrong move or word from you, and I will detonate a bomb which will blow your friends up into oh so many pieces,” Cindy said, chuckling that made Courtney feel sick. “A bit of them there and there and way~ over there,” Cindy threatened in a sick and dangerously sweet voice.

            “You psychopath,” Courtney choked as she felt her nipples hardening, pressing against the arms covering them. They felt extremely sensitive for some reason, any movement her arm made seems to stimulate them easily.

            “But” Cindy interrupted. “I won’t have to kill them, if you do as I say,” Cindy promised, smiling as she placed her hand on Courtney’s head, caressing her bushy hair.

            “How can I trust you?” asked Courtney, unconvinced, moving her head away from the brunette.

            “Of course, you can’t. But I don’t think you would want to see your friends die, do you?” asked Cindy challengingly, a small smirk spread across her face. If Courtney was the girl she once knew, she would’ve done anything to protect her petty friends.

            “What do you want?” asked Courtney, glaring at her captor.

            “I told you Starbitch, I want you,” Cindy smirked, forcing Courtney to look at her. “To submit to me.”

            “What?” muttered Stargirl in surprise.

            “First I want to see how you fare with a cock,” Cindy said before turning towards one of her ‘minions’ which stood at the door since they followed Cindy into the room. “You, come here.” Courtney turned and looked at the dark red figure walking towards her. The blonde had totally forgotten about the two drones that were standing incredibly still at the two sides of the door. Courtney eyes turned back towards the screen, looking at her friends and family in fear, with Cindy’s warning ringing in her head like an alarm. Courtney didn’t move much when the drone stood in front of her, it’s crotch facing her face.

            “Now drop your pants,” Cindy ordered, wearing a sly smirk on her face as she wondered how the blonde would react.

            Courtney inched back a little as the drone did what Cindy had ordered it to and slid it’s pants down it’s leg, revealing a fully erected penis in front of her face, the size of the cock was literally monstrous. “Mmm~ Look it’s even hard for you,” Cindy mocked as it stroke the length slowly. “Come on now, service it,” Cindy said. “What are you waiting for?”

            Courtney looked at Cindy and then at the penis, truth be told, she has no clue what to do. Courtney just sat there silently, not sure how to respond to Cindy’s ‘request’.

            “Oh? You need some persuading?” asked Cindy smirkingly as she waved the remote in front of the blondie before holding it up, looking at it. “Hmm… so which one should I kill first? Chapel? Harris? Or Monte-”

            “Stop! Please! I’ll do anything! Don’t kill them Cindy! I beg of you! I just had no idea what to do!” Courtney screamed out in desperation and fear for her friends lives.

            “Oh? No idea? You never watched porn?” asked Cindy pretending to be sympathetic, looking at Courtney who was now sobbing silently, tears streaming down her face. “Of course, you never watched porn,” Cindy muttered. “Well, makes this more fun, come one, Starbitch, get up,” Cindy chuckled as she grabbed Courtney’s hair and pulled her up. “Let’s go to your new home and playroom.”

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