Bottoming Out

BY : Gavinisanuisance
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Disclaimer: I do not own the series/fandom of Teen Titans and am not profiting from this work. This story is entirely fictitious. All persons featured in a lewd/sexual nature are 18 and up.

First up is BB and Raven. The two Titans were in the training bay, trying to spar with one another. Raven was doing her thing, using her very powerful levitating abilities to force large objects to be launched at Beast Boy, who was able to counter by transforming into a cougar and dodge the demon girl's onslaught.

Try as she might, Raven almost got a few close calls but it was all for nothing as cougar Beast Boy pounced and knocked Raven to the ground. She kneed him off of her and the cougar flipped and Beast Boy returned to human form, confident of his abilities.

"And that makes seven" he smugly said.

"What happened to going at seventy-five percent?" Raven asked in her usual monotone.

"That was seventy-five percent. Wanna go fifty? I can back off" Beast Boy said with a wink.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Well, it's gotta be good for something, I guess."

"Hey, our enemies aren't going seventy-five percent, they're going one hundred percent" he reminded her.

"Our enemies also can't just transform from a bird to a jungle cat on a dime."

"Ah, are you saying I have…special abilities?" Beast Boy asked with the raising of eyebrows.

"Yeah, you're special, alright" Raven sighed. "Besides, how do you know I'm not the one going easy on you?" she asked.

"Mmm-hmm, says the chick whose losing."

Then Beast Boy's wheels started turning. He was pretty good and sure of himself, and he was having a bang-up day against Raven. But he still wanted more. He thought he could win in any situation, and then had this thought.

"Hey, why don't we try something new?"

"Like what?" Raven asked, answering his question with another question.

"What if we did the oldest form of hand-to-hand grappling: Greco style wrestling?" He posited, getting in a wrestling ready stance.

Raven gave a half-hearted chuckle. "You're joking?"

"Nope, totally serious. No powers, no nothing, just our bare hands. We're about the same weight, right?"

"You're probably lighter than me" Raven gave a half smirk.

"Whatever, I can still win."

"Sure you can."

But then his wheels started to turn again. Beast Boy had always figured himself to be a smooth talker, not so much a romantic but definitely a smooth talker. He was a boy after all and what eighteen year old boy doesn't want gratuitous sex? Yes, I know that sentence is sort of a quantum leap from the other five hundred words of this story, but it certainly beats another three pages of exposition. Beast Boy had always sort of had a thing for Raven, they were a highly shipped couple, especially after Terra's departure. He thought it couldn't hurt to maybe attempt to make the question for some naked wrestling, hoping he could smooth talk his way to sex with the hot gray-skinned girl.

"Alright, let's get this over with" Raven sighed, getting in a half-assed stance, clearly wanting this charade to end.

"Wait-wait, what are you doing?"

"Doing your stupid Greco wrestling."

"That's not how they did it."

"Do I look like an expert on Ancient Greek melee sport, Beast Boy?"

"No-no-no, I mean, you're not dressed for the occasion."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"They used to wrestle in the buff" He explained, to some blush instantly coming over Raven's face.

"Get naked? You're definitely joking. Or you're a pervert."

"The second one" Beast Boy agreed with too much pride given to it.

"I'm not getting naked, for wrestling or anything else" Raven insisted.

"Aw, Come on, Rae, it'll be fun."

"No way."

"Please way?"

"You can't just expect me to undress and throw you over my shoulder…but something tells me, you're not entirely interested in the accuracy of this game, you want this to lead to getting laid?" Raven guessed.

"Noooooo, come on" Beast Boy nonchalantly dismissed her. "Come on Raven, you know me."

"Yeah, I do. And that's exactly why I had that thought."

"I just want us to do it the right way."

"And would you offer Robin the same accurate courtesy? Cyborg?"

"Uh, yeah, of course" Beast Boy stammered.

Raven crossed her arms. "Forget it."

"Okay-okay-okay, fine. I'll get naked first so you don't get so self-conscious."

"Cause that's gonna make me feel better" Raven pouted.

"Trust me."

Beast Boy quickly threw off his purple outfit and let it fall to the floor, and almost as quick as you can blink, Beast Boy was au natural in front of Raven. He put his hands on his hips as Raven raised an eyebrow looking the boy up and down, despite not wanting to. Beast Boy certainly had a spindly armed body, very skinny, something he made up for in his ability to shape shift into whatever animal he so chose. His legs were just as skinny as his arms, but he did possess a four pack abs on his gut to round out his skinny look. His dick, which flopped free was flaccid but rising as he stood mere feet from his clothed monotoned paramour.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked.

Raven chuckled at the sight. "You take a lot of stock in your dick size?" she asked. "It gets bigger, right?"

Beast Boy pouted and blushed. "Duh."

"Just asking. Cause I hope you can let that do the talking, your body is kinda…"

"Girls don't care about the bod."

"Yeah they do" Raven corrected him.

"Oh, you have experience, you say?" he asked.

"Definitely more than you" Raven chuckled. "Why don't you uh…" She trailed, making a turn-around motion with her fingers.

"Oh, you wanna see some Beast booty, huh?" he asked.

"Call it "Beast Booty" again, and I won't."

Beast Boy nodded and made a sexy turn around pose. Raven nodded and blushed when she got a good look at his green rear. It was certainly very bubbly given his flat and skinny frame. Raven approached and couldn't resist spreading his cheeks apart with her hands, which instantly made Beast Boy hard as a rock.

"Whoa. I mean, if you're into rimjobs, I'm no prude" he chuckled.

"Oh, I'm into more than that" Raven smirked. She took a step back. "You're not worried someone might come in and see us?"

"Nah, everyone's busy Netflix-ing it up. Cyborg and Robin are trying to explain streaming to Starfire, so that could take at least five hours."

Raven rolled her eyes as she got another good look at the naked Beast Boy. She had a few ideas in mind for them to do, and not that he was really convincing her that they were alone, she was still up for it.

"Fine, but don't get weirded out when you see me" Raven warned.

Beat Boy beamed his eyes. "Of course not!"

Raven then turned around making sure her back was to Beast Boy before she removed her cloak, letting it hit the floor. Beast Boy licked his lips, the two of them knowing this had nothing to do about wrestling. Raven then took off her one piece outfit and let that hit the floor as well. She was also now completely naked with her booty in Beast Boy's view. The green skinned boy licked his lips as he stared at Raven's tushy. It was certainly round and feminine and perfectly in shape, going nicely with her long legs.

"You're sure you can handle me?" Raven asked, back still to Beast Boy.

"Duh, let's do this, babe!"

"Okay" Raven sighed.

She made a quick about-face and was now staring at Beast Boy whose smile quickly went to surprise mode as he was staring down the barrel of Raven's genitals, which instead of a gray vagina swung a near-hard gray penis.

Beast Boy started to do the math in his head…and it wasn't hard math to do. Raven's constant warnings and apprehension made all the sense in the world to him now. He continued to lock eyes with Raven's thick member as the naked girl looked at him. Raven had a tight body, slender yet thick in all the right places, with D cup breasts and tight hips, and of course her cock which definitely seemed to be thicker than Beast Boy's and maybe about the same length.

"Dude! You have a dick?"


"Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"I don't remember needing to and I don't ever remember you asking."


"So, you still want this?" Raven asked, the very thought was making Beast Boy clench his ass cheeks in anticipation.

"So, no vagina?" Beast Boy asked, ignoring Raven's question.

"Nope" Raven turned around and bent over briefly spreading her ass apart revealing a puckered asshole and her dangling ball sack. She turned around again after Beast Boy was satisfied that there was no pussy to be had.

"Sooooo, you're a dickgirl?"

"Yes, I have a dick and it works. Not what you were expecting?" Raven asked.

"No, not really."

"Well, then I guess we're done here" Raven sighed, picking up her clothes.

"Wait-wait, uh, we can still wrestle, right?"

"Not if you're gonna make it awkward. Besides, we both know you wanted to have wrestling turn into sex, which clearly you're not interested in anymore."

"Noooooo, it just…took me off guard, that's all."

"So you want to have sex?" Raven asked.

"Yes. I wouldn't mind a little butt fucking."

"As in your butt?" Raven asked, eyebrow raised.

Beast Boy blushed. "Well, I mean, er…"

"Because there is no way I'm letting that dick near my hole before I can take yours, because I'm willing to bet you've never received anything before, right?" she asked.

"That is correct" Beast Boy nodded.

"Well I don't just let any dick inside of me, Beast Boy, it's gotta be someone with experience. Someone who understands the pain of being rammed by a hard cock" Raven explained.


"Either I fuck you first, or this isn't happening" Raven insisted.

Beast Boy was about to complain when he locked eyes again with Raven's hard schlong. Sure he had never done anything like this before, but Raven, whom he was infatuated with was propositioning herself to gratuitous sex and all he had to do in return was pay it forward…in his ass. He figured as Raven kept herself a secret it was a synch she wouldn't tell the other Titans that she took BB's anal virginity but the thought of that pain was a little too much for him to think about. Then again, he was super horny and did admit to not being a prude, so he basically had no choice…well, he did, but he didn't if he wanted more sex out of it. He shrugged, thinking how bad could it be?

"So, how does this work, do I like bend over and spread em or something?" Beast Boy nervously asked. Raven chuckled.

"No. I'm not just gonna ram you in the ass, you have to take it slow. Get on your knees" Raven ordered. Beast Boy slowly did as he was told. "Now crawl to me." Beast Boy gulped as he crawled his way closer and closer to Raven's hard throbbing cock. "You're gonna have to learn to suck cock before you can take it" Raven explained.

"Okay" Beast Boy gulped, now in front of Raven.

"Alright, now the trick is to loosen up and relax your jaw" she said.

Beast Boy nodded as he was now inches from Raven's member, his ass was resting against his heels. He looked up at Raven who had on what one would consider a smirk, but after all, Raven's version of a shit-eating-grin is a mild smirk at best.

Raven shook her body a little bit in order to entice Beat Boy, who gave Raven a pouty face, but finally rustled up some courage and gripped her shaft with his hand, causing some veins in Raven's dick to pop out. Raven gave a deep breath, something of a soft grunt.

He grew closer until his tongue met with the bottom of Raven's tip. He winced when his tongue touched skin, but eventually circled it around her tip. Raven liked this, and was quite surprised that Beast Boy wanted a little oral foreplay.

"I'm impressed" she nodded. "I didn't think you'd be a tease. You sure you've never sucked a cock before, Beast Boy?" she asked sarcastically.

The green skinned boy scowled as he continued to lick her tip. He finally closed his mouth on Raven's dick and slowly, ever so slowly moved the shaft through his mouth a millimeter at a time. He made some entrails with his spit as a few more inches were shoved into his face.

"That's not bad" Raven said with blush ensconcing her face.

Beast Boy chugged along, happy that he was making Raven content…this was probably the happiest he's ever seen her. His over-confidence got the better of him proving that Beast Boy's throat had limits. He took a big gulp of Raven's cock which went deep into the back of his throat and activated his gag reflex.

Beast Boy coughed out the dick, leaving a trail of saliva from the tip leading up to Beast Boy's lower lip. "Whoa, too much" he coughed.

"You'll get used to it. Come on, try again" Raven casually ordered.

Beast Boy nodded after a few more coughs, and shoved Raven's dick back into her mouth, he got better rhythm as his throat opened up and accommodated Raven's dick to get deeper and deeper inside of his mouth.

Super horny, he used his left hand to stroke his rock hard cock, sticking up beneath him while his free hand was stroking away at Raven's dick, now completely bedecked in a layer of Beast Boy's saliva. Raven was very pleased. She was even letting out louder grunts, but still muffled.

"That's good, keep sucking" she panted, rubbing the top of his head condescendingly.

Beast Boy got the hang of this whole sucking cock thing and finally had the stamina to shove his entire mouth into it, his lips making contact with Raven's crotch. He looked up at Raven who let out a louder moan with blush all over her face. Needing a breath, Beast Boy released from her dick, again leaving a trail of spit.

"Wow, okay, that was impressive."

"See, I told you."

Raven rolled her eyes. "Congratulations, you have skills in sucking cock. How about you make that tongue of yours useful, and play with my balls" Raven ordered, which there was no way she could have said that sentence without it sounding like her.


Beast Boy, now liking his new and obvious role as Raven's sissy sub lifted her dick up and tongued the bottom of her sack. Raven moaned once more. Beast Boy thrust his mouth into her testicles and slipped them both into her mouth, using his tongue to lick them both.

They were extremely tender and it made Raven moan even louder than before, until Beast Boy let them out of his mouth, and tongued her moistened sack again with his lips and tongue.

"Keep going" Raven huffed.

BB nodded and continued to lick her balls while stroking Raven's dick, still using his free hand to jerk himself off. He wasn't sure if he should jerk her off until she came…but then again, he didn't know what the warning signs were when you were on the business end of a dick. He didn't want to ruin the moment however, and continued licking Raven's balls. He could feel Raven's dick get super hard with each pump of his hand. Raven eventually pushed BB off of her.

"I gotta lay down" she panted.

Raven fell to her booty and laid on her back, with her dick now sticking up. She made a "come here" motion with her fingers. Beast Boy wasted no time once he was over Raven's cock again and slammed his face down onto it.

Raven smirked as she looked at Beast Boy's eyes as he chugged her cock and stroked her while he did it. She fantasized about all the things she wanted to do to Beast Boy after discovering this newly formed fetish that not even he knew about.

"Mmm" Raven did a moan and hiss. "So, you like sucking my dick?" she asked, Beast Boy nodded, cock still in mouth, and got right back to work. "I can see that."

She watched the green-skinned boy shove every inch into his throat while occasionally deepthroating her cock so much his lips would touch her crotch. Raven leaned up and played with her breasts a little.

"What was that thing you were saying earlier? About rimjobs?" she coyly asked.

Beast Boy's eyes went wide as he was mid suck. Raven smirked and pulled her cock out of his mouth, and Beast Boy wiped some spit away from his lips. Raven knelt up, and faced the boy.

"Um, yeah, sure."

"How about me sitting on your face?" Raven quizzically asked.

Beast boy blushed. "Ooh, taking charge, I see?"

"You're consenting to me fucking you in the ass, I took charge a long time ago" Raven reminded him. "Lay down."

Beast Boy nodded and laid down on his back while Raven moved her body to straddle his face. Beast Boy smiled when he was inches from raven's sexy rump. The demon girl slowly lowered herself onto BB's face, making sure her asshole was right over his mouth, forcing Beast Boy to lick her sphincter.

Raven smiled while she shook her ass over his face. She then got a glimpse of Beast Boy's dick, completely raised from being hard from all the submissive stimulation. She started to stroke it while smothering BB's face.

Raven released her ass from Beast Boy to give him a breath. "Had enough yet?" she asked

"Nope" he panted.

"Good answer" and she sat back down.

Raven continued to jerk off Beast Boy while he gave her asshole a tongue shower. Raven then got the idea to grab Beast Boy's ball sack and once she got a grip, gave his balls a slap with her hand, causing his entire body to wince, but his dick shot up like rocket, now leaking with tons of pre-cum.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" she asked, lifting her tushy up.

"Oh yeah!"

She then immediately sat back down and continue to abuse BB's balls by smacking them. They were light taps at first, but then increased. Raven could see the thin stream of cum leaking out of Beast Boy's dick.

But Raven didn't want Beast Boy to cum, not hardly. Her brain was going to some sexually evil places. She continued to shake her ass while stroking his dick in one breath, then slapping his testicles in the next. Raven was becoming satisfied making the confident Beast Boy her bitch, a perfect reversal of roles. But obviously she wanted more. Raven lifted her ass off of Beast Boy, satisfied with his service to her anus.

She moved her legs away and looked down at the satisfied though sexually frustrated shape-shifter. "I definitely want to cum all over your face."


Beast Boy knelt up while Raven stood up and started to jerk herself off while Beast Boy reached behind her and gripped her cheeks in his hands. Raven gave a few more moans and shoved BB's face onto her dick. She was getting very close, her veiny cock was throbbing with pre-cum.

"Oh God! I'm gonna—Azarath! Metrion! Zinthos!"

Raven's eyes glowed as she shouted her spellbinding catchphrase, and three shots of hot futa cum found its way into Beast Boy's mouth, coating the top of his throat as he sucked them down. The boy shed a slight tear. After a few more loads, Raven pulled out and a few more shots of cum hit his face.

Thick ropes of jizz landed all over Beast Boy's cheeks, lips, and forehead, until I was barely a trickle. Beast Boy let a small amount of cum leak onto his lips before swallowing the load. He looked up at Raven, thoroughly emasculated, satisfying the demon girl. Beast Boy wiped the cum from his face, and stood up.

"That was amazing! So, when do I get to, you know, take it?" Beast Boy asked very eager.

"You sure you want to get fucked?" Raven asked.

"Totally. I'm ready to get butt rammed."

Raven was about to just wait it out until she was hard again, but that was too easy. Beast Boy had spent the entire day proverbially kicking her butt and now he was the one who wanted to be "kicked" so to speak. It would have been too easy just to fuck Beast Boy in his current form, and it was pretty sexy watching him beg to be fucked by her. Raven figured she could go further with this and really make him her bitch.

"Actually Beast Boy, no."

"No?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, no."

"Why no? I'm the one who has to take it in the ass."

"Yeah, but I was expecting this to be a bit more humiliating, that sounds more fun to me. Besides, we can have a lot more fun than just fucking in here. Get dressed and met me in my room, we can weigh out your options there. And NO jerking off beforehand" Raven insisted, quickly getting dressed, leaving Beast Boy flaccid and confused. After she left, he got dressed too and wondered what ominous things Raven had planned for him. He was mostly disappointed that he didn't get to cum. He waited a few minutes and headed for Raven's room, where she was smirking and waiting for him on her bed.

Beast Boy approached Raven nervously. He saw on her bed were a couple of items, namely a pink cock cage and an equally pink butt plug, the colors of which he found very uncharacteristic for the gray and sarcastic Raven. She also had a pair of panties with a pair of cherries embroidered on the lower right cheek and in red SISSY was written on the back.

"So, we're not fucking?" Beast Boy asked.

"I said this'll be on my terms, and my terms have changed." Raven explained. "We can have sex, but I don't just like the idea of fucking you as you…I kinda want to fuck you as a girl."

Beast Boy raised an eyebrow. "Buuuuuuut I don't have the exact plumbing for that" he explained.

"I know that, I mean I'm going to do you in the ass, but I want you dressed in girls clothes" Raven elaborated.

Beast Boy's face blushed. "You want me to dress in drag?" he asked.

"Yup. I want you to look like a girl and then take my dick in your ass. I think it'll be more fitting, wouldn't you say?" Raven asked with a seductively raised eyebrow.

"Aw come on, Rae!" Beast Boy moaned. "I gotta take it up the butt and look like a girl while I do it?"

"Yeah. I said I want you to fully experience this, now you can see what a woman goes through when you want to assfuck her" Raven retorted. "Look, it's either that, or you can wear these and we don't have sex…yet." She pointed to her instruments of sexual torture behind her.

"Can I wear my clothes over them?"

"Of course."

"When will we have just regular sex then?"

"When I feel like it. Now, is that your decision?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess" Beast Boy shrugged, not having a ton of options if he wanted to get laid.

"Good. Now, take your clothes off again" Raven ordered, tapping her foot against the floor.

Beast Boy sighed. Raven grabbed onto his balls as he stripped away his uniform to help make his dick go limp once more. Once it was finally softened Raven took the cock cage and locked his green junk in place. Raven twirled the tiny gold key wrapped in a string around her finger.

"Bend over the bed."

Beast Boy nodded and blushed. He did as he was told, his tush sticking up slightly as he laid his body on the edge of Raven's bed. The demo girl coated the tip of the butt plug in some lube and swirled the tip of it against Beast Boy's sphincter, making him surely pucker. Beast Boy reached back to spread his cheeks as Raven slowly teased his hole with the plug. Finally, she gently pushed against his anus and with little resistance, she forced the plug inside of Beast Boy, his sphincter swallowing up the plastic toy. She stopped pushing once the base was touching his hole.

Beast Boy groaned as the pink plug was shoved inside his rectum. The blush on his face was too much and he wanted to cum desperately. But the cage around his cock prevented that from happening.

Finally, Raven grabbed the panties and slipped them over BB's feet and slowly pulled them up until they snugly fit around his hips. Raven stood up, satisfied. "There, we're done…for now" she ominously concluded.

"So like, when can I get all this off?" Beast Boy asked.

"You can have it off right away…if you go out and tell the others why it's all on you in the first place and show them" Raven smirked.

Beast Boy stood there slack-jawed, no way was that gonna happen. "Uh-uh, forget it! You know how embarrassing that will be?"

"Yeah, that's kinda the idea. If you don't go in that direction you can have it all off when I'm ready to fuck you, and I'm not ready yet" Raven insisted. "Or, third option, you can submit and dress like a girl."

"That's no fair."

"I never said I was fair. So, if there's anything else you want? No? Good, then get dressed, I'll call you when I'm ready" Raven smirked.

Beast Boy groaned and looked at himself in Raven's mirror. He sighed, and gathered up his clothes, getting dressed once more. Once he was fully dressed, he tried to adjust his new cage into his clothes, which was rather uncomfortable. Raven then shooed him away and Beast Boy hobbled out of Raven's room, and watched her smile as he did.

"And that is how I win" she smirked before the door closed behind him.

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