Stargirl: Hell

BY : Tenudakin
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            Cindy’s mouth broke into a twisted smile as Courtney chokingly told her the location of the JSA base while Yolanda was screaming for Courtney to stop, muffled by Paula hands as Larry grabbed her throat.

            “Are you telling the truth?” asked Cindy, she needed to be sure. Then again, it probably won’t matter.

            “Yes,” Courtney said in a choked and broken voice.

            Cindy released Courtney and stood up. “Swift,” Cindy said through the coms. “I got the coordinates.”

            “Really,” Richard answered surprised. “How can you be so sure that she isn’t lying?”

            “Well, first of all, it doesn’t really matter if she lies or not. Secondly, these heroes would do anything to protect their friends that are in danger,” Cindy said in a mocking tone.

            “I will send some eyes to check the area, good job, Shiv,” Swift said before hanging up.

            “Oh well, since you cooperated. I almost wanted to let you two go… almost,” Cindy said before slapping Courtney across the face letting her land on the floor.

            “Coortt! Mmm!” Yolanda screamed against Tigress’s palm.

            “Shut up, little kitty,” Paula said as she pressed a button, sending electrical pulses to shock Yolanda.

            Courtney groaned in pain as she tried to get up. Days or even weeks of torture had already worn the poor blondie out.

            “Aww~ Did you really think I was going to let you two go after I got the information I wanted?” Cindy asked mockingly as she grab Courtney by her hair.

            “Please… stop,” Courtney begged weakly, on the verge of tears.

            “Oh, so naïve,” Cindy mocked. “I had so much fun with you then. You enjoyed it too. Your screams of pain and crying, oh, music to my ears,” Cindy snarled. “But now, since there is no reason to hold back. The real fun begins.”

            “Please… hurt me if you want… don’t hurt her,” Courtney begged, tears streaming down her face.

            “Nah… you are in no position to demand anything bitch. Be grateful that we will keep our word and not kill her,” Cindy chuckled.

            Throughout this conversation, Yolanda’s screams of pain echoed throughout the cold prison. Yolanda felt her body shake from the pulses uncontrollably as she felt herself going dark.

            “Oh my, quite a vocal one, isn’t she?” Larry chuckled.

            “Oh agreed. Can’t wait to go down on her,” Paula agreed smirkingly.

            “But then again. We didn’t say anything about not torturing you two,” Cindy smiled.

            “No… no… stop,” Courtney whimpered as Cindy slowly choked the blondie.

            “Do you feel the emptiness and hopelessness now?” Cindy growled as she chokes Courtney. “The exact same thing I felt when daddy used to… ‘perfect’ me!” Cindy voice grew louder in rage before letting Courtney drop on the floor, hitting the ground hard. Cindy then kicked Courtney’s stomach, making Courtney grovel on the floor in pain.

            “Hmmph… Hey Paula, Crusher, you guys wanna play with Starbitch here for a while? I want to have some time with Slutcat over there,” Cindy said.

            “Hmm… sure, but after that we switch,” Paula said.

            “Well, we have the entire day to ourselves… why not?” Cindy said as the trio exchanged places.

            “Well… well, looks like some certain blondie is going to reunite with little Crusher, isn’t it?” Larry chuckled maniacally as she neared Courtney. Courtney, who was already scarred and traumatized by the appearances of the sadistic couple, backed away from them in fear.

            “Please… no… no… don’t come near me… don’t… please… don’t,” Courtney whimpered pitifully.

            “Well, looks like we made our mark on her yesterday, or was it just few hours ago?” Paula wondered aloud. “Doesn’t matter, playtime Starbitch,” Paula snickered.

            Yolanda felt the electrical current die down as the clamps and wires were removed from her, replaced by screams of her best friend. She opened her eyes and saw Larry and Paula surrounding Courtney, who was forced on her knees.

            “Stop! Don’t you guys dare land a single finger on-” Yolanda growled loudly as she tried to stand up. Only to be stomped in the stomach by Cindy, who chuckled at her pain.

            “Hurts doesn’t it?” Cindy asked as Yolanda lay on the floor. “Look at Courtney, slut,” Cindy said.

            “I’m not a slut!” Yolanda growled angrily.

            “Well, let’s get you disciplined first,” Cindy chuckled as she picked Yolanda up swiftly and carried her towards the one thing Yolanda hasn’t expected her to carry her to, the toilet bowl, the only useful functionable thing to them in this room. Cindy dropped Yolanda in front of the toilet bowl roughly. Meanwhile, Courtney was cornered by the sadistic couple who already began stripping, ignoring the fact that Courtney was already crying at the prospect being in the hands of them.

            “Aww~ a little too excited, aren’t you,” Larry mocked as he pulled his jeans down and tossed them aside.

            “She’s even crying in joy,” Paula added mockingly as she cupped the blondie’s chin before slapping her across her face.

            “No… Please… No more…”

            “Mmm~ The little one is excited for you too, blondie,” Larry chuckled was he slid off his boxer, revealing his penis.

            “No… No! Please… Stop!” Courtney begged as she tried to move away, only for Paula, who was now in her undergarments, to grab ahold her and prevent her from moving away.

            “Just like what we taught you yesterday, blondie,” Paula whispered into Courtney’s ear as she moved Courtney head towards Larry.

            “You fucking monsters…” Yolanda spat in rage as she couldn’t stand to watch her best friend being raped in front of her.

            “Oh, shut that dirty mouth of yours,” Cindy scoffed as she grab ahold of Yolanda’s hair and neck and forced her head into the toiled bowl, forcing her into the water. Letting her head drown in the water as she chokes her mercilessly.

            Yolanda struggles as her head as pushed into the bowl and underwater, she tried to hold her breath, but she only could do it for so long before losing control with Cindy putting pressure on her neck.

            “You didn’t think we were that kind to put a toilet bowl in this place, right?” Cindy chuckled as she flushed the toilet with Yolanda’s head still inside.

            Yolanda struggled against Cindy grip as she tries to lift her head as she felt water running down her head and into her nose. At that very moment that she thought that she was going to pass out, Cindy pulled her back out roughly, letting her hit the floor. Yolanda grasped for air the moment she was lifted and lay on the stone hard floor, panting.

            “That ought to wash your mouth,” Cindy chuckled as she moved Yolanda to look at the sadistic couple still ‘playing’ with Courtney.

            Courtney was now forced to let Larry insert his erected penis right into her mouth as Paula pushed Courtney’s head to gag on it. Yolanda didn’t need to see Courtney’s reddened face and teary eyes to know that she is dreading every moment of this.

            “Here is a little sneak peak of what is going to happen to you soon, maybe tomorrow,” Cindy said smiling.

            “Fuck off…”

            “Urgh… Your mouth needs a little more washing…” Cindy scoffed before picking Yolanda up by her hair and forced her head into the toilet bowl again, flushing again, ignoring Yolanda drowning.

            “Mmm~ You enjoy this don’t you?” Cindy chuckled as she spanked Yolanda’s ass while she choked.

            “Stop… I’m going to die…” Yolanda begged after Cindy pulled her out again. Her face and hair was totally drenched. Her eyes and nose were red.

            “Oh, you won’t die. That would be no fun,” Cindy answered cunningly as she cupped Yolanda’s chin, squeezing her face. “You will be alive as we have our fun with you. Don’t worry.”

            Yolanda coughed and wheezed, trying to get water out of her nose. “Please… if you want to torture, just torture me… leave Courtney… out of this,” Yolanda begged as she could barely stand to see what was Courtney being put through right now.

            “Oh… but why would we stop? She is obviously enjoying it,” Cindy gestured towards Courtney and the couple.

            Yolanda tried to look away from Courtney, but Cindy forced her head back in place and forcibly opened her eyes as she pressed a blade against her skin.

            “You are watching a free show now, watch,” Cindy said menacingly as she pressed harder. Yolanda whimpered in fear as she watches unwillingly while Cindy moved her closer towards them.

            Courtney was now being sexually assaulted by the sadistic couple, who were obviously enjoying it. Paula had her entire fist inside her vagina, thrusting in and out as Larry thrusted in and out of Courtney’s mouth roughly. Ignoring Courtney’s muffled screams and cries of pain.

            “Oh, she is still so tight inside,” Paula exclaimed as she fisted Courtney’s vagina roughly, causing the blondie to thrash around in pain.

            “Hmm~ Can’t wait to try it out again,” Larry chuckled. “Oh, an audience, how nice,” Larry exclaimed as he pulled out.

            “Continue on, Crusher, don’t bother about us,” Cindy said as her other hand moved to toy with Yolanda’s nipple, pinching and pulling it roughly.

            “Gladly,” Larry chuckled as his wife pulled her hand out.

            “Mmm~ tasty,” Paula chuckled as she licks her arm, wet from Courtney’s fluids. “I have an idea,” Paula said as she grabbed Courtney by her hair and forced her to face Yolanda, who was now being sexually assaulted by Cindy.

            “Now lets go with the first main course of the day,” Larry chuckled as he positioned himself behind Courtney. His penis pressing against the opening.

            “No… Not- Mmm!” Courtney whimpered only for Paula to cover Courtney’s mouth.

            “All ready for you, dear,” Paula said.

            “Mmm~ Oh! Still tight after all we did yesterday,” Larry exclaimed as he thrusted into Courtney roughly

            Yolanda tried to look away but was reminded by Cindy’s blade that was pressed on her skin. “Watch,” Cindy whispered as she continues to fondle her body roughly.

            “Mm! Stmm!”

            “The quicker you accept your condition, and embrace it, you would soon enjoy it blondie,” Paula said as she choked Courtney while Larry raped her.

            “You want to have some fun with blondie here Cin? I want to have some time with kitty now,” Paula requested.

            “Sure,” Cindy agreed, pushing Yolanda to the ground forcibly before moving over to Courtney.

            Paula removed her hands from Courtney mouth, who was now sobbing as Larry continuously thrusted in and out of her.

            Then, Yolanda heard a couple click and felt something surrounding her neck, something metallic while her handcuffs were removed. She looks up again and saw Paula, smiling somewhat scarily.

            “Something for our new kitty,” Paula said before pressing a button on the remote control in her hand.

            Yolanda felt a jolt of electricity course through her neck, making her lose her breath for a couple of second. “Arghh!” Yolanda screamed and choked.

            “Yelp, shock collar,” Paula confirmed as she pulled the leash roughly, forcing Yolanda to follow.

            Paula led Yolanda away from Courtney and towards the other side of the room, where a X shaped wooden furniture stood.

            “Stand up,” Paula ordered.

            Yolanda didn’t move. She was already too weak to stand.

            “I said, stand up!” Paula ordered again, rougher this time as she shocks Yolanda again.

            “Argh! Ple! Stop!” Yolanda screamed and writhed in pain as she clutched her neck in pain.

            “Oh I have to do everything myself huh?” Paula scoffed and grabbed Yolanda by her hair and forced her to stand against the cross and secured her hands and legs against the binds on the wooden planks.

            Yolanda knew the St. Andrew Cross from BDSM porn she watched, and immediately knew what was Tigress going to do to her.

            “Now… scream away,” Paula smiled as she took a whip from her belt and began whipping Yolanda.

            “Ahh! No! Arghh!” Yolanda cried from the pain of the whip hitting her, leaving red marks on her body. “It hurts! Ah! Stop!”

            “Yeah, and that is what make this so fun… so me anyway,” Paula chuckled before shocking Yolanda and whipping her again.

            “Mmm~ Oh~ I’m going to cum~ Inside!” Larry groaned as he shot his sperm into Courtney’s vagina, filling it.

            “No! Stop!” Courtney shouted and struggled while Cindy held her in place.

            Cindy chuckled as she took out two syringes, filled with green substance, she waved one in front of Courtney. “See this Starbitch? This will make this so much more fun,” Cindy chuckled. “Crusher, hold her for me would you?”

            “No prob,” Larry agreed as he held onto Courtney tight to keep her from struggling as Cindy moved to inject the green substance into the blondie.

            “So, what does this new medicine of yours do?” asked Larry curiously as he continues to thrust in and out of Courtney after Cindy injected the substance.

            “Well, to keep it simple. Did you ever watch those Harry Potter movies?” asked Cindy.

            “Yeah, why?”

            “Well, because it is literally Crucio,” Cindy said.

            At that moment, Courtney felt pain coursing through every part of her body, she never imagined pain so intense before. Courtney began to thrash around, moving against her own will.

            “Oh my goodness, she is suddenly so tight! Clenching so hard. Mmm~” Larry as taken surprise by the sudden movement of the blondie.

            “Seems like it is working,” Cindy chuckled.

            “Oh, you really create some of the most fun medicines,” Larry praised.

            “Thanks,” Cindy answered, “have your way with her, I will be back shortly.”

             Cindy moved towards Yolanda and Paula. Yolanda’s body was covered with red bruises and some purple ones, badly beaten by Paula.

            “Oh, you made your mark,” Cindy exclaimed.

            “Definitely,” Paula answered smiling. “New invention?” asked Paula gesturing towards the syringe in Cindy’s hand.

            “Somewhat like that,” Cindy said as she injected the substance into Yolanda’s body.

            “What does it do?” asked Paula curiously.

            “Well… It will stimulate the pain receptors in ones body, causing him or her, to feel extreme pain until the effects wear off,” Cindy explained.

            “And for how long?” Paula asked.

            “Umm… with this much? 12 hours at least,” Cindy answered.

            The two sadistic females were interrupted by a loud cry of pain from the brunette bounded to the cross. Yolanda was shaking from the sudden pain felt in her body that never seems to die down.

            “Oh you create some great stuff,” Paula praised.

            “I heard so,” Cindy smiled.

            “No… make it… ah! Stop!” Yolanda begged as she writhed in pain.

            “Stop? Oh no, playtime has only just begun,” Cindy chuckled as she moved away from Yolanda. “You can continue Paula.”

            “Gladly,” Paula smiled before continuing her work.

            Cindy smiled as she watched the scenario, Her look told it all that she was enjoying the suffering of her two enemies.


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